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  1. Roman always has to "Reign" on the rumble's parade :cole1 

  2. I expected so much better. Second number 30 came out though I wanted to cry as it completely ruined what had up to that point been a pretty good rumble match. Reigns eliminating taker was vince giving everyone the middle finger. 

  3. Ive got quite a few friends so here I go @Natedog @Gill @Avan Wolfe @Danielle @Smith @FD @Devlin Rhodes @Sameer @Chris White even though he didn't put me on his
  4. Bic hitting 1000 posts? I think you mean 1000 status updates mate 

  5. Never in my life did I imagine Bo dallas being hit with a christmas tree by braun strowman.... 

  6. Merry Christmas Everyone. I hope you all have a fantastic day and get everything you guys want, 

  7. Seeing Rogue One Today... Can't Wait 

    1. Karico


      It is really good mate. 9/10 IMO

  8. I,ve gotten really into Modern warfare remastered. I'm actually really good at it and it might be the first Call of duty I commit to and try to get to the highest level possible. I'm also really into Infinite warfare zombies that i have not played in a while but can't seem to get into the multiplayer. Also just got bought GTA V so Ill be playing that for sure.
  9. Roadblock exceeded my expectations. I thought that it was really good 

  10.  Don't you love having to delete half your PS4 just to be able to start downloading a DLC... 

  11. Its my Two year anniversary tomorrow. How I survived that long on here I will never know.  

  12. Less than a week till my 2 year anniversary on here. Its gonna be lit BABY 

  13. Had to delete a 3rd of my PS4 storage just for MWR... Fuck sake

    1. Aidanator


      Dude. Get a hard drive.

  14. Traded in IW for IW with MWR... Thats a win right there 

  15. Out of every possible outcome to the main event that has to be the one I never thought would have happened.... but it was amazing


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