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Status Updates posted by CPE

  1. Roman always has to "Reign" on the rumble's parade :cole1 

  2. I expected so much better. Second number 30 came out though I wanted to cry as it completely ruined what had up to that point been a pretty good rumble match. Reigns eliminating taker was vince giving everyone the middle finger. 

  3. Bic hitting 1000 posts? I think you mean 1000 status updates mate 

  4. Never in my life did I imagine Bo dallas being hit with a christmas tree by braun strowman.... 

  5. Merry Christmas Everyone. I hope you all have a fantastic day and get everything you guys want, 

  6. Seeing Rogue One Today... Can't Wait 

    1. Karico


      It is really good mate. 9/10 IMO

  7. Roadblock exceeded my expectations. I thought that it was really good 

  8.  Don't you love having to delete half your PS4 just to be able to start downloading a DLC... 

  9. Its my Two year anniversary tomorrow. How I survived that long on here I will never know.  

  10. Less than a week till my 2 year anniversary on here. Its gonna be lit BABY 

    1. Natedog


      Who are you again?

  11. Had to delete a 3rd of my PS4 storage just for MWR... Fuck sake

    1. Aidanator


      Dude. Get a hard drive.

  12. Traded in IW for IW with MWR... Thats a win right there 

  13. Out of every possible outcome to the main event that has to be the one I never thought would have happened.... but it was amazing


  14. I spend so much time in chat alone I guess that means technically I own chat.

  15. Is it worth buying Infinite Warfare again just for MWR? 

    1. Bizzy


      The game is actual fun to play, Modern Warfare looks beast as well. I personally enjoy playing both games..

  16. If two vegans don't like eachover is it still considered beef? 

    1. Bizzy


      That's funny :mj 

    2. FDS


      Nah Fam its Tofu 

    3. gill


      no its a vegan chip on the shoulder

  17. After playing IW zombies for 3 hours non stop I have never felt more disappointed in myself

    1. BrendenPlayz


      why? its pretty good

    2. CPE


      Brenden, I was in the same game for 3 hours, We only made it to like round 23 before I left, I didnt know where double tap was so all my guns were weak even thought they were pack a punched and to make things just a bit worse My teammates sucked... Plus when you have been playing for 3 hours you kinda get a bit bored 

  18. So I played infinite warfare for the first time. The zombies is great and addictive. Plus im really good at it. Multiplayer can fuck off though... absolute shite

  19. What had my life become? Sitting here waiting for Infinite Warfare to download... Probably won't even play it after today 

  20. Trump Won, Canada's immigration website crashed because so many people tried leaving america and now mexico needs to start building a wall... What a night 

  21. When Infinate Warfare comes out I give it a week before everyone stops playing it and goes back to battlefield

  22. The battlefield one beta map was bad enough but when you have to play on it while it desides to be a sandstorm it makes it even more unenjoyable. 

  23. Apparently my PS4 is now fixed. That gives me the excuse to play battlefield for the rest of my half term. 

  24. Happy Birthday Man

    1. Reeves


      Thanks, Cpe! You da best!

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