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  1. Welcome everyone to Ups and Downs, I'm that other host, Mr Joe Mama and today, we are counting the ups and downs for Winter Warfare, let's begin…. Up Hans Winning Premium Championship Let's start with an Up and we have a brand new Premium Champion in Hans, who has taken over as leader of Bulletproof, Hans made a brilliant debut in 2019 and he ends the year as Premium, it was a battle against Bob Sparks who has been in great form for the last couple of months, Hans is proving himself to be a worthy leader of Bulletproo
  2. These I feel will happen next year.... 1. Either Slim, Bailey or Arius is winning Rumble 2. I will be in the Top 5 next year 3. KENJI will eventually win IC
  3. After some horrible commercials about terrible foods you shouldn't be eating, we cut to our regular basis show of Carnage where it seems that a promo package is taking place. Our promo package takes place in a small room, it only filled with darkness, nothing more, nothing less, but suddenly, a small light begins to ignite, the orange-red colour begins to light up the room, it seems to be a small cabin, but the windows are closed and the curtains are shut, meaning that this person doesn't want to know where he is. Suddenly, a man in a mask appears in the room….
  4. Top 5 Wrestler Of 2020 I feel that this year from me was pretty poor by me, sure I won the Premium Championship at BPZMania, the biggest PPV of the year, but for me, that wasn't good enough for me, I felt that I could have done more. So next year, I'm gonna be better than I ever have been for these two years, I'm going to be in people's minds when they think about the Top 5 next year, I'm gonna make sure of it. Win Something Important What do I mean by this? I mean by winning a big title like the Intercontinental Championship or maybe a Tou
  5. Best Part Of The Day: Thinking about Killing Myself Worst Part Of The Day: Existing 😁
  6. We begin the segment with a small camera being set up by someone, you really can't see who it is since the room is very dark, however, we see the man sitting down on a chair, sipping some cider out of a small glass, he finishes it and puts the glass down, he looks at the camera, checking to see if it still working or maybe it was turned off and it wasn't. He began speaking to the camera... Well, well, well, guess I finally got that match I wanted on BPZ, you see ladies and gentlemen, the last time I had a match was 5 months, that was supposed to be a reboot
  7. In an exclusive interview on the BPZ Network just a couple of days later, we have MARKER on speaking about his actions on Carnage, on what changed about him, what could possibly be the answer to this. Hello, my name is Angelica Grace and tonight, I'm with MARKER, now MARKER, we saw a couple of days ago that you seem to betray the BPZ Universe, why did you do that and what was your intention? You just don't get it, Angelica, no one does, because you and they are idiots, nobody understands the pain I'm going through right now, I have been in this busine
  8. We begin this episode of Carnage with the audience chanting for several names of wrestlers such as Slim, Flynn and Julius. However, we see a man coming down to the ring and that's MARKER…. We hear no entrance music from him as MARKER is sporting a suit and tie down to the ring, he enters the ring and the audience seems bored at this point with MARKER coming down to the ring every couple of weeks to make some excuse about not appearing for a few weeks and says he'll come back, MARKER gets hold of the microphone and begin speaking. Fuck You All….
  9. We begin this hype package in the dark, in a busy street of a city where cars are beeping at other cars to get home from their day jobs, you see people walking, cycling or taking the local subway as millions of others are doing other stuff, maybe visiting relatives or friends… However that is not how it truly begins as we MARKER in normal attire as he his in a taxi around the city, the lights embraces his face as he looks out his window , the car stops at the traffic lights and that's when MARKER begins speaking…… You know, when I see these lights, I se
  10. I still feel that Mr RKO boy still takes my pick, Randy always seems to makes better as time progress, although I love Triple H a lot, sometimes he gets boring and he doesn't do much as he has the same gimmick as The Game
  11. Name: Mark Andrews Nationality: Irish Club: Chelsea Skin Tone: Caucasian Height: 5'10 Width: 125 lbs Position/Play Style: RW/LW Position
  12. Kenny Omega vs Kurt Angle (Semi Final matchup) PAC vs Jon Moxley (Semi Final Matchup) G.O.D vs Lucha Brothers (Ladder Match) Bully Ray vs Sami Callihan vs Brian Cage vs Low-Ki vs Adam Page vs Christopher Daniels Mance Warner vs Brody King Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley (ECW World Title Finals)
  13. What If Smith Beat Slim at BPZMania III For The World Title? Now this I feel could have changed a lot for BPZ as this point, Slim was on top of the world, he was the best BPZ Wrestler in 2018 at the start of the year and this was the match every one was talking about, Slim vs Smith, The Big Man vs The Little Underdog, who would win? Well we already know who won, it was of course Slim who picked up the victory that night. But that's not what we are here to talk about, I'm here to speak about what would have happened if Smith beat Slim at BPZMania III Fo
  14. Mark Andrews 19 Male Doctor Mark grew up in a small town in Minnesota where he had to face fight to live every day, his parents were always away on trips so he had to take care of his little sister and brother, he became a doctor because he wanted to help others just like he has for his sister, now he has arrived to Ravenwood
  15. What If? What If This Happened Or This Happened? You probably have thought about this a hundred times before about a certain event in your life that you wish might have happened instead of the true outcome. Well Ladies and Gentlemen, that is why I'm here today, I'm here to tell you these outcomes, what could have happened about these certain events that have taken place in BPZ over the last 4 years or so in BrendenPlayz Wrestling What I am going to do is that I'm gonna look through the last four years and go through and see what would have happen in those

BrendenPlayz Forums "PPV Events" 2020

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