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  1. Akki goes on to become a priest and is always on his knees praying to Jesus.
  2. Intro: The first song on the Fuck Life and in my opinion, it good for a intro, but if it was a stand out song, I wouldn't enjoy it that much. 4/10 Light Up: This song I enjoy a bit better, it was very good to hear the first time, but after a couple of listens, it starts to get repetitive, so it does lower it down from the rest of the songs. 4.5/10 Strict: This is where Akki starts to pick it up a bit. This is about Akki and his life of poverty and the household he was living, he realized that he is grateful for the things he has right now, also GeorgeAK is always good to have. 5.5/10 Suicidal: The song is good, but I only have one problem with this song and it is the god damn autotune, in my opinion that nearly killed the song for me, not a good look on Akki so far. 5/10 Keep Your Head To The Sky: This song was very good, the choir was very shocking to me and Akki did very well on his part as well, definitely one of his best ones so far. 6.5/10 Rehab: Wow, just wow, this song is very good, I feel it better than Keep Your Head To The Sky, this song shows that Akki has can produce a little bit of storytelling and about that hard times he been through, great stuff. 7/10 Destination Pain: Already listened to that song, It was fine, but doesn't show what Akki truly capable of. 5/10 Demons: This song was good as well, Demons is about the feeling inside that Akki has within him, George also helped as well on this track. 5.5/10 Wear Me Down: It good, I enjoy George's part of the song and Akki's part is good as well and the message is well received. 5.5/10 Black Heart: The song was decent, wasn't the best Akki song I ever heard but it wasn't bad either, however it didn't have that much Akki in it. 5/10 Hell & Back: This song was very good, especially with that MGK feature on it. 7.5/10 Sobbing (Interlude): This is in my opinion the worst song on the mixtape, I feel Akki with the autotune is not good and I kinda switch it off, not really the best. 2/10 Mission: It a good song to comeback from the Interlude and with George to help, it boost the song as well. 5.5/10 Answers & Truth: This also a very good track, Akki speaks about the government and how kids are sended off to the military for 5 years, it sad to hear about that. 6.5/10 Life & Gold: Akki speaks about his life with the riches he has made in the Rap game, he sounds good on this track. 5.5/10 Tech Support: This part was very funny with Nate in it, glad he made it on a track for once. 5/10 Revive: This is the final song on the track and it very good, Akki showing his quick lyrics on this track. 6/10 Best Songs: Hell & Back, Rehab, Keep Your Head To The Sky, Revive and Answer & Truths Worst Songs: Intro, Sobbing, Light Up .
  3. Welcome everyone to Andrew Walsh's Interview, my name is Andrew Walsh and today, we have a very special guest, today we have multiple time champ and the man who been inducted into the HOF ANGELO! "Thanks Andrew glad to be on the show." Thank you very much, let's begin with your career, at the beginning of the year you had a fierce battle against Julius in which you sadly lost and had to retire, how do you feel currently about that? Have you moved on from it? "I'm fine. Am I thrilled? No because I was born to wrestle. But things in the management office about my age came up and I was asked to. Have I moved on? Well, somewhat. I still train daily. I still do everything I did as a wrestler, except wrestle. It does hurt, ya know, seeing all these new things coming in and I can't be apart of it because of retirement, but I learned to accept it and move on with my days" As I said before, you have been inducted into the HOF alongside FDS, Jonathan , Poidust and Flynn, do you feel grateful being alongside them on the red carpet? "Of course. Those guys are some of the men who I rode down the roads with from 2015 and gotten to know more throughout the years. Despite everything between me and management, I am honored and privileged to be in the Hall Of Fame." Currently, there are many different talent that has arrived in NXT and out of all of them, you chose Aaron North, why did you decide to pick Aaron and where do you see him in the coming years? "I watched everyone, and I paid attention to two things. Someone who has talent but doesn't know how to use it and someone who can take the advice I give and make gold. Aaron fit that. I worked with him for a bit before hand and he has limitless potential that he is close to showing. He went from being some class clown to a perfect machine. He will be the United States, Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Champion in years to come." Last time we saw Angelo Caito, he was being kicked out of the building by security guards when you were trashing the company, what do you think about this? "Ah security guards, they try to do their job which is dandy, but never succeed. BPZ wants my mouth shut because I am showing the world what this company is, and why people shouldn't join unless you're already butt buddies with top guys, cause then you wouldn't make it. It's funny they try so so hard but still give me time on the microphone to trash the company more." Why do you think so? Do you think that the show gives them more of a boost in the ratings because of you or is it a different purpose? "I ain't never been into Wrestling for views. What I say is what I feel. This is for those who been discarded by top guys, who've been trashed by top guys. This is for guys like Yelich, Zombie, Jake, Blade, and everyone else who busted their ass here and was forced to be a joke." Do the people at the top think that they are not good enough to be in the Main Event unlike people like Flynn and Slim? "They depend on names who have big history behind them to main event. Let's take this. Necce was the Universal Champion, biggest dog on Carnage. How many main events was he in as Champ? None, not even on Carnage events. Who know who were? Flynn and Bailey for both. They went over a world championship, no one is bigger than no title period and no one is valuable anymore when these people are tired of the same people in the main event every show." Bailey and Flynn has been here for years in the company, paying their dues like all of the wrestlers in BPZ, I feel that they deserve to be booked at the top of the cards due to their creditable, look at BPZMania this year, Bailey and Flynn were the ones everyone was talking about due to their names on the card because they worked harder than most people. "Fans had to. Rumble winner vs Champion should be talked about i won't deny that. But I've been here for years, put my heart and soul in this place for four years straight, no month off like them, every day I've been here, and where is my opportunities like them? Because I'm not one of the boys that sit at the little meetings and so on like them." Interesting, well last question Angelo before we go off, where do you see yourself at the end of 2019? "At this point, how things are going, probably fired. Probably still employed, possibly back in the ring when BPZ decides they need me. Who knows? Just got to wait and see." Thank You For Your Time Angelo. "Thanks Andrew. Got a nice little thing going here, keep it up."

    WWE: 2019

    Tournaments are always interesting to see, there are many participants that deserve a chance for a World Title, also it a good way to build a new star in the process and the choice is there.


    {Day 5} {It begins with Chris finally getting out of his imprisonment after beating "GOD" up to near death, Chris looks at his surroundings and notices a man in a suit, that man was the boss of this Prison, Juan Hérnandez…} So your the Chris Black I've heard so much about, the man who started a fight in my prison. Yeah, what is it to you? You see Chris, I am the owner of this Prison and I would like to make a deal with you in exchange of getting out of here. I'm listening There are two men in my prison that I am worry about, they seem to be the people that causes the most trouble out of all my prisoners, their names are Sameer and Bailey, when they are together, they are unstoppable and I have a feeling that they will trying and escape my prison… So what does this have to do with me? I want you to be a spy, my "friend" with them, you will tell me all their plans and once we do, we will put them down and for your reward, you will be set free…. You have a deal Mr…? Hérnandez. {Both men shake their hands to officially confirmed the deal between them, how will this play out?.}
  6. This is just annoying, like it done we know that Ambrose is going to leave, you had Fastlane like come on
  7. Name: Alexander Wise Age: 28 Weight (Please use pounds/lbs) 225 lbs Wrestling Style: Brawler and Strong Style Gimmick (Please be as elaborate as possible, I will book people with well thought out and interesting gimmicks): The Saviour Of The Masses Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to): {Wisey Wiser Suplex} German Suplex Signature Moves (Up to 3): Big Boot, Tiger Bomb and Poke To The Eyes Finishing Moves (Up to 3): Low Blow, Burning Hammer, Straight Jacket DDT Tag Team (List name and who it is with, not required. Everyone will be eligible to be in a tag team at some point, and tag team wrestlers will also be booked as single stars sometimes) : Alexander Wise is independent man that doesn't need no man Stable (Again, list name and who it is with, also not required. Everyone will also be eligible to join a stable at some point, but it is not a guarantee):...... Additional Information: He likes to sit on thrones in promos because it makes him feel cool, he also like to start his promos with Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm The Saviour to show that he a very nice person….

    The Young Lions

    {The promo begins… The bright lights of the city glistens as the camera moves to a building, a tall building, up that high top is a man sitting on a chair with a cold beverage in his hand and his title on his shoulder, his wears a shirt that is unbuttoned a little and his wrist is unbuttoned, he takes in the site in front of him.} I started a year ago in BPZ Wrestling, I was the young lion, a man that was excited to wrestle for the biggest company, but I face major roadblocks along the way. {The memories flood back as we see MARKER defeated in confidence against many different opponents that MARKER has face that he lost.} I promise myself that this year is different, that this year is a new me, that I will take on anyone and be victorious, it didn't start well with Julius, however that changed at BPZMania….. {NAIL IN THE COFFIN, IS IT OVER?... 1..2..3! MARKER IS THE NEW PREMIUM CHAMPION, WHAT A MOMENT FOR THE YOUNG MAN….} I became Premium Champion and that when it changed, I am a different man, a man that will take on anyone who dare challenged me for the Premium Championship, that why I ask if anyone wanted to come out and face me for the Premium Championship…. Who step up? A young lion by the name of Maasa who thinks that he has the whole world in his hands, that by winning his first match that he can beat anyone he pleases, I find that funny because that how I felt until I realized, I wasn't invincible as I losted a couple of matches, but the annoying part is his arrogant, that arrogant will be the downfall of this young lion, just like everyone else who come and gone through NXT thinking that he unstoppable. The reason why I attack him is because I wanted to put respect into him, that I am a man not to be mess with… I did my job, until he attack me later on, you see the difference is, I never attack from behind, while Maasa did, showing his true colours that he is cracking from the inside, that I have gotten to him…. {MARKER pauses and sips on his cold beverage…} A couple weeks later, a new challenger arrive, by the name of Wall Ace, now I barely know this man, heck I don't think anyone knows who he is, all we know is that he has a big ego the size of Mount Everest and that he wants my title just like everyone else and I will battle, however don't be angry when I win. If you want to win, you better bring all the tricks you have in your bag because no one is going to stop me, no one is going to take what I deserve for the last year I've been here, I've work too hard for this and I am not going to let this slip, I am going to take control and end it right there and then. {MARKER sits up and takes his title with him and his beer.} I'm keeping this title for a while and I'm not letting anyone touch this…. {The camera fades to black.}
  9. Scurll will be a great signing once he signs to AEW, he has all the talent in the world to success in AEW, also he in The Elite, of course he getting pushed
  10. The title scene got more exciting as Roman is officially on SD which can be great, imagine a match between Kofi and Roman, that would be amazing, also Bryan vs Roman would be great aswell, I hope for the best.
  11. Hopefully a good starting feud with Drew can start elevating the title and I feel this match can be absolutely amazing, both competitors can put a show with each other easily.
  12. At least now the RAW Tag Team Division is actually looking good with The Usos, AOP, The Revival on it, hopefully they could get Sanity along with it so that they could really make it great again.
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