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  1. Julius Smith Ropati Arius Brenden

    BPZ Dream Matches

    Smith vs Slim 2 or 3 Julius vs Arius 2 Me vs Anyone because I'm that good

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    Ezio Master Chief Scorpion Spyro Agent 47 Banjo and Kazooie Sonic Mario
  4. Booker T and The Street Profits sounds like money right there, they could have amazing chemistry together and also they could start wrestling again and have them win the Tag Titles.
  5. Shinsuke Nakamura needs the face turn more than anyone else and maybe have him feud with Zayn for the Title, remember when they faced at NXT Takeover, that match was amazing and they need to do that again, they could be so over with each other and the fans would care about them again.
  6. Lesnar as champ is best for business, he has lost to Seth twice in a row, cleanly aswell, Brock ain't losing another match for a long time here, also I feel Kofi run has come to an end, maybe he should be chasing after the title when he loses it, everyone loves him still and the fans would get angry if he didn't.
  7. Ruthless Aggression, it was good time then when we saw new stars being borned like Randy, John and Batista, also so many good memories with everyone of them, also RVD became WWE Champion aswell made me happy.
  8. What Up Man, hope you enjoy your time here on forums.

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday White
  10. I see Nyla taking the title over Rhio, if they want to have that monster women in the division, Nyla fits the bill perfectly and she could become one of the best in the division and tbh she is the better version of Nia Jax in every single way.
  11. I could see the Dark Order becoming the Tag Team Championships since it seems they are pushing that team a lot right now and why not have them win the entire tournament and make a that team seem like a real threat to the division, if not then my other choice would be The Lucha Bros as they would be great aswell for the division as Tag Champs
  12. This is show is looking good right now with the six man Tag Team between The Elite and Jericho and his mystery partners, also Sammy and Cody are looking pretty good right now Imo, night be an underrated match right there. Riho and Nyla for the Women's Title looks pretty good aswell as it feels like a David and Goliath match right there. Can't wait to see it.
  13. NBA: Blake Griffin PL: Tomori
  14. Steph Curry LeBron James Kawhi Leonard

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