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  1. Natedog George AK Arius KENJI Julius Jones MARKER Bart Hans
  2. I want Brock to win instead of Seth Rollins, that's all needed to be said.
  3. I'm happy that Ember Moon is facing Bayley for the Women's championship, it needs to be different and that what it doing, but I feel that Bayley is going to win. Mostly because Ember has barely been book well.
  4. This is just a match for Natalya to lose, they need to start building that is an actual threat to Becky because if they don't, we will have to wait until Ronda or Shayna or Sasha to beat Becky for the title, definitely Becky getting the dub.
  5. Killian Dain returning was a nice reintroduction back into NXT, hopefully Riddle can get the victory over Killian in their potential feud. Kushida beating Apollo Crews was sad for me since I love Apollo Crews a lot, but I felt this was necessary if Kushida is needed to look strong in NXT. I SERIOUSLY WANT KEITH LEE TO DO SOMETHING, GIVE HIM SOMETHING TO DO NXT, GIVE HIM A TITLE MATCH, SOMETHING FOR HIM TO DO.

    A New Slate

    {We open up with MARKER in his circus, still bruised and pained from the battle against Julius, he holds his ribs as it has been hurt the most. We see MARKER losing control of himself, getting angry at himself.} HOW, HOW COULD I LOSE TO JULIUS AGAIN, THIS IS FUTILE, HREHHERHHRHEHRHEHEHRH You have lost sight of what you wanted…. WHO SAID THAT? Me…… YOU…. {The man who was talking is MARKER, but his old self, the man that was before he was taken over by his dark side.} It was so funny seeing you lose to Julius, I had myself crying myself into tears. SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP! Don't you see, you talk so much crap, I finally see what I really was, this darkness that dwelling inside me was nothing but hatred and lies to keep myself at bay, this isn't a "better" me. This is false hope. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE SAYING, YOU FOOL, THIS IS THE BETTER VERSION OF YOU. NO IT NOT….. This is all the hatred and emotions coming out of me. This mask, this persona you have upon yourself is nothing, just empty threats, you can't handle yourself, you had to blow a town just to make yourself look better, like seriously come on. It time to end this once and for all. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I'm bringing back "me" {Suddenly, MARKER puts his hand through the shadow body and the energy is starting to come into MARKER body returning him to his normal state, the clown is gone…. MARKER has a lighter in his hands and some Jerry Oil laying around, MARKER had an idea, he puts it oil all over the circus and he got out there, saying his last words to this circus.} Goodbye…. {The circus begins the burn as MARKER doesn't turn back, he ends this chapter on a high, what's next for MARKER, stay tuned.}
  7. I'm very excited for a Bournemouth career mode, I've played with them before and they have a great team's of players including Wilson, King and Brookes, I hope this goes well for you.
  8. Hmm I would probably give to the man Anthony Davis, he LeBron James's partner in crime, he can amazing in this movie along the legend, plus this could be a way to popularize him aswell.
  9. I'm getting back into The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air starting from episode 1 of Season 1, might just binge the entire show.
  10. Yeah I'm not surprised they are doing this, as of right now they need ratings desperately, what they need to do is keep a feud interesting for the next show so that people will get interested and actually start watching more.
  11. Brock winning the Universal Championship was probably the best thing for this title right now, never have I ever seen such a dead champ as Seth Rollins, he hasn't done anything with the title besides being in feuds with Baron Corbin and AJ Styles with Corbin taking the majority. AJ Styles also winning the US title was good aswell because it makes The Club look like a credible force, now we need Gallows and Anderson to win the RAW Tag Team Championships and then we have a full house. Also with Braun, Miz and Cesaro going after it, it seems that the division looks good now. Nikki Cross should be on her own, she doesn't need Alexa, if they are going to feud, then I wouldn't mind only if Nikki gets the win and becomes a monster within the feud
  12. Ketchup on just normal bread and just eating it without anything, it just very nice.

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