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  1. Welcome everyone to Ups and Downs, I'm that other host, Mr Joe Mama and today, we are counting the ups and downs for Winter Warfare, let's begin…. Up Hans Winning Premium Championship Let's start with an Up and we have a brand new Premium Champion in Hans, who has taken over as leader of Bulletproof, Hans made a brilliant debut in 2019 and he ends the year as Premium, it was a battle against Bob Sparks who has been in great form for the last couple of months, Hans is proving himself to be a worthy leader of Bulletproof, now the question on everyone's mind is how long will this man be able to hold the title for? The majority of people held the title for 2 months at best, can Hans hold the title for longer or will the cycle continue? Also, how well will he perform under pressure as leader of Bulletproof? Down The Finals Lost Of Firing Squad Now I'm not discrediting Firing Squad for making it all the way, they have been one of the best Tag Team and we're the underdogs going into this, they were always, but they prove them wrong, so wrong that they are now involved with Bulletproof, not bad for a team with barely any experience in the Tag Team Division, anyways, it was very sad to see them lose to the winners, Invictus, another team with barely any experience in the Tag Team division, but with this momentum behind them, you think they would win, but I guess not, but they're still a chance for them to make it big, they just need the right moment to strike. Up The Dominance Of Arius Continues What can I actually say about that hasn't been said already, this man came into BPZ this year and made his mark already, he has dominant nearly everyone in his path, he has proven everyone wrong and he is seriously a main event contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, I honestly believe he can do it, he defeated Father Georgemas of all people to retain his Intercontinental Championship and won the tag-team tournament with KENJI to go on and face the Tag Team Champions at Night Of Legends in January. Brilliant Stuff Down Meko Losing The US Title Early Sadly, we end this episode on a down and that belongs to Meko who lost to Aaron North, a man who was on great form this month became the United States Champion, now I don't like when a man loses his title early, it could have shown just how great he can be when holding it and show the raw potential they have been building up for a long time, but Meko didn't have what it took on that night, maybe he can win it back or go on to pastures new, we'll see soon. This has been Mr Joe Mama signing off, piece.
  2. These I feel will happen next year.... 1. Either Slim, Bailey or Arius is winning Rumble 2. I will be in the Top 5 next year 3. KENJI will eventually win IC
  3. After some horrible commercials about terrible foods you shouldn't be eating, we cut to our regular basis show of Carnage where it seems that a promo package is taking place. Our promo package takes place in a small room, it only filled with darkness, nothing more, nothing less, but suddenly, a small light begins to ignite, the orange-red colour begins to light up the room, it seems to be a small cabin, but the windows are closed and the curtains are shut, meaning that this person doesn't want to know where he is. Suddenly, a man in a mask appears in the room…. The man stares intensely into the camera, gazing at it from afar, he begins walking to the fridge, opening it to see the context inside, all there is left is some meats, vegetables, water and a little bit of alcohol, preferably some Jack Daniels which the masked man takes out, he begins speaking…. Egotistical: Excessively conceited or absorbed in oneself; self-centred. He grabs a glass from the counter and pours himself the drinks, he continues talking. Desperate: Feeling or showing a hopeless sense that a situation is so bad as to be impossible to deal with. He sits down and puts his glass down on the wooden table, he relaxes on the chair that he is sitting, he takes off the mask and begins grinning, he puts the mask on the table and takes the glass and sips it, he begins speaking. These words describe one man…. Buddy Ace. You see, I hate when men lie to themselves, you can see in their eyes, their body motions and by their voice… Buddy doesn't believe in himself, he became delusional, scared at what he has become, a sad man who nobody takes seriously anymore. Buddy Ace is all bark and no bite, his ego gets in the way of him becoming a star in BPZ, he has talents, but he can't back it up. You don't call us "brothers" anymore, fine I really don't care, I've let go of my former self, but you haven't, it seems that you still have that anger, even now. Don't lie, Buddy, you needed The Flock more than I did, your NXT reign was poor, nobody cared about it, nobody took you as a threat as NXT Champion, but there one thing your right about Buddy, it was hell last year, people gunned for anything or anyone and you needed some partners behind you. The difference is, it took Jason some convincing to join The Frontier which would be The Flock later on, however you said yes immediately, you jumped at the chance to join because you wanted to stand out from the audience, you were an attention seeker Buddy, always was, always will be… We see MARKER stand up from his chair and moves towards the fireplace he has, he turns it on and the place begins to warm up… MARKER goes back to his chair and sits down, he begins drinking his drink and puts it back down. He talks once again. It's getting a little chilly out there, of course, it's the most wonderful time of the year after all. Now, what I was about to say? Ah yes, your business with The Flock, you see Buddy, I don't believe that for a second, you always talked about how much you loved this "brotherhood" and how much you "cared" for it. If you wanted to betray us, why didn't you do it at the match Kingdom vs Flock, the Tag Team match, that was a perfect time, you could have made yourself a star bigger than when you betrayed us, but you didn't, you did when the group was our last legs. Which means, you still love The Flock deep down and you don't want to admit it… I never ran away from you Buddy, it quite the opposite actually, you were running away from me, at that time, I was angry, fueled with rage and sure I lost the US championship match, but I still wanted you, however, in that match, I sustained an injury, you know how badly I wanted you? But I couldn't because of that injury? After that month, I decided to move on, the past is the past and I went to BPZMania and won Premium while you were in the back doing nothing at all… Let's not forget Buddy, you wanted to face me one on one, I only wanted a match on Carnage, but you wanted it badly, you want me and I'm happy to accept it, your time is running out Buddy, it time to face your demons, it time for the movie to finish… This is the final act and the battle scene is set. MARKER VS BUDDY ACE I can't wait to wipe the floor with you once and for all until then, enjoy yourself, it's the holiday season…. MARKER stares at the fireplace, drinking the last liquids of the drink as the camera points outside where the snow keeps falling down, what's going to happen between MARKER vs Buddy Ace…. Stay Tune….
  4. Top 5 Wrestler Of 2020 I feel that this year from me was pretty poor by me, sure I won the Premium Championship at BPZMania, the biggest PPV of the year, but for me, that wasn't good enough for me, I felt that I could have done more. So next year, I'm gonna be better than I ever have been for these two years, I'm going to be in people's minds when they think about the Top 5 next year, I'm gonna make sure of it. Win Something Important What do I mean by this? I mean by winning a big title like the Intercontinental Championship or maybe a Tournament like King Of The Ring, or the Tag Team Tournament or something that is big in BPZ that can carve my name down as one of the 🐐 's Become A Moderator This is probably the least to happen, but somebody can dream OK, last time I tried out for mod, it didn't go so well as I hope, I was facing Arius and if you know him well, he very ambitious and determined and that why he got mod over me, but if I had another chance on becoming a moderator, I feel that I can improve and do better than before and then I feel that I can become a great moderator for the forums
  5. Best Part Of The Day: Thinking about Killing Myself Worst Part Of The Day: Existing 😁
  6. We begin the segment with a small camera being set up by someone, you really can't see who it is since the room is very dark, however, we see the man sitting down on a chair, sipping some cider out of a small glass, he finishes it and puts the glass down, he looks at the camera, checking to see if it still working or maybe it was turned off and it wasn't. He began speaking to the camera... Well, well, well, guess I finally got that match I wanted on BPZ, you see ladies and gentlemen, the last time I had a match was 5 months, that was supposed to be a reboot of MARKER, a man that was able to put his anxiety to the side and become Premium Champion. But sadly, that didn't turn the way I liked and so didn't the fans as I lost in the Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match at SummerSlam, but that's enough of that PPV, that's the past, this is the future. For me to move on towards the future, your gonna have to let go of the past and destroy it for good. Buddy Ace, my former brother in arms, the man I thought I could trust, the man I believed had a good future in BPZ and to be one of the best talents in BPZ, but you had to go betray me and The Flock because one man had to big you up so much that your ego got in the way so much that he used you to get to me. Now looked what happened, you have barely been relevant this entire 2019, no one hasn't spoken your name in a long time, all because of Julius hyping up your ego, you stupid idiot. You see this is why I despise men like you all buddy, buddy until a better opportunity arises and then they stabbed you in the back… He used you to get to me, that all and you fell for it, you idiot… We never had our blow-off match against each other, we never settled the score me and you, but now we can finally do it and better yet, it a Miracle On 34th Street Fight, just the match I wanted because I will send you Buddy, I'm going to crush and break limb by limb until you can't move, then I'm gonna pin 1.2.3 for the win. MARKER sits up and takes the chair and smashes the camera hard, we see MARKER standing over it as he stomps his foot on it to end the segment, this is gonna be an exciting match between these men.
  7. In an exclusive interview on the BPZ Network just a couple of days later, we have MARKER on speaking about his actions on Carnage, on what changed about him, what could possibly be the answer to this. Hello, my name is Angelica Grace and tonight, I'm with MARKER, now MARKER, we saw a couple of days ago that you seem to betray the BPZ Universe, why did you do that and what was your intention? You just don't get it, Angelica, no one does, because you and they are idiots, nobody understands the pain I'm going through right now, I have been in this business for a long time and when you are like me, people somehow pushes your buttons and that happy person turns into a violent, angry people who can't be controlled by anyone. When I arrived here in BPZ, I was treated like an outcast by everyone, while everyone else was being praised, I wasn't, it grew a fire beneath me, the man that was smiling on the outside wasn't on the inside, I was a shell, a man that waiting to crack wide open and break out as a star, however, that hasn't happened. You wanna know why Angelica? Angelica leans in closer to hear what MARKER has to say... It because I'm not good enough they say, THEY SAY I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEIR COMPANY! MARKER begins to throw stuff around the room like his chair, throwing vases, Angelica leaves the interview as fast as she could. MARKER begins to calm down and looks around his shrouding, seeing the carnage he has done to the room, he sees the camera still working. He walks towards it and speaks to it. I'll prove to you all that I am worthy in this company, that I am a man that can do anything with a strategy because I am one of the best that this company has to offer. MARKER turns off the camera as the interview concludes...
  8. We begin this episode of Carnage with the audience chanting for several names of wrestlers such as Slim, Flynn and Julius. However, we see a man coming down to the ring and that's MARKER…. We hear no entrance music from him as MARKER is sporting a suit and tie down to the ring, he enters the ring and the audience seems bored at this point with MARKER coming down to the ring every couple of weeks to make some excuse about not appearing for a few weeks and says he'll come back, MARKER gets hold of the microphone and begin speaking. Fuck You All….. The fans are shocked, this isn't what they expected from MARKER whatsoever, but after the sudden shock, they begin to boo, mocking him for taking breaks every couple of weeks. After all, I have given this company and you the fans, this is what I get? I should be a hero for this company, I have given it life, I made changes and this is what I get? You people talk so much shit out of your asses, that you think that you know better than everyone else? I'm sorry that I can't handle my depression the way you want it to be and for me to keep fighting forever in this business, you people are the reason why I left for these weeks and so as the people in the locker room, these people don't know what my problem is, they don't ask me, "Hey MARKER, are you OK?" "MARKER, is there something wrong?" NONE OF THAT, that locker room is full of men with agendas for themselves and no one else and you all are the same, you disgusting gorillas, you all hide yourselves from your true selves and that disgusting, why can't humans be together as one, why are there always war happening around the world? Because of their own idiotic agendas that they think is right, that they know better and people disagreed a lot, especially with this day and age of the internet where everyone has an opinion on something, they think they know better, but really, they don't know a damn thing. So think about this, when it only one or two people talking shit about you, it doesn't matter because who cares, it only them, but when it millions of people talking about you in a negative light, that gets to you, it sadly does, but do those people care? No, they hide away in their mother's basement slaving their days away. Me, I'm just a man trying to get through day by day no matter how bad it really is, but no one cares about you or your feelings and that a world I'm not going be in any longer because BPZ Universe, I'm back this time, for real and I don't care who gets in my way, they will be destroyed……. MARKER leaves the ring as the fans boo, saying mean things just like MARKER predicted, how will MARKER this time around, who knows.
  9. We begin this hype package in the dark, in a busy street of a city where cars are beeping at other cars to get home from their day jobs, you see people walking, cycling or taking the local subway as millions of others are doing other stuff, maybe visiting relatives or friends… However that is not how it truly begins as we MARKER in normal attire as he his in a taxi around the city, the lights embraces his face as he looks out his window , the car stops at the traffic lights and that's when MARKER begins speaking…… You know, when I see these lights, I see as a sign of hope, that these bright lights of these cities will lead to a brighter future, that maybe there a path that will lead to happiness in life, that's why people come to the big city, to have a better life for themselves and their future significant other. But these last couple of months, there hasn't been much luck for me, there have been ups and downs for some people, including me, but for some reason I haven't been my best, my anxiety got the best of me, but ever since I have come back and did that documentary, I feel like a new man. The lights turn green and the taxi continues moving, the sky begins to change as now it a dark black colour instead of the dark blue that it was before, MARKER tells the taxi driver to stop and gets out and pays the taxi driver, the taxi driver drives off and MARKER begins walking, continuing on from what he was saying. I feel that now I left everything out, I feel different like I finally began changing as a person, I see the world more differently that I once did, my eyes has finally opened the truth to me and I'm happy that I have left the past be the past because now I have to worry about the future, what good for me? What good for my family? But I take everything one step at a time. I'm ready for the new ventures that await for me, like the CPE and Maestro Tag Team Tournament, that tournament is very prestigious, it is known as that because of two men who joined forces to become one of the best Tag Team in company history and I want to carve myself into that history, I feel if I do this, it another thing off the checklist that I want to do here in BPZ…… SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOUR SO ANNOYING WITH YOUR BICKERING, JUST FOR YOU BEING A NUSANCE , I'M GOING TO KILL YOU! The drunk comes towards MARKER with a knife, ready to kill him, suddenly, a shadowy figure comes behind MARKER and punches the drunk right in the face, the shadowy figure stands over the drunk and he looks him dead in the eyes with a terrifying mask……
  10. I still feel that Mr RKO boy still takes my pick, Randy always seems to makes better as time progress, although I love Triple H a lot, sometimes he gets boring and he doesn't do much as he has the same gimmick as The Game
  11. Name: Mark Andrews Nationality: Irish Club: Chelsea Skin Tone: Caucasian Height: 5'10 Width: 125 lbs Position/Play Style: RW/LW Position
  12. Kenny Omega vs Kurt Angle (Semi Final matchup) PAC vs Jon Moxley (Semi Final Matchup) G.O.D vs Lucha Brothers (Ladder Match) Bully Ray vs Sami Callihan vs Brian Cage vs Low-Ki vs Adam Page vs Christopher Daniels Mance Warner vs Brody King Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley (ECW World Title Finals)
  13. What If Smith Beat Slim at BPZMania III For The World Title? Now this I feel could have changed a lot for BPZ as this point, Slim was on top of the world, he was the best BPZ Wrestler in 2018 at the start of the year and this was the match every one was talking about, Slim vs Smith, The Big Man vs The Little Underdog, who would win? Well we already know who won, it was of course Slim who picked up the victory that night. But that's not what we are here to talk about, I'm here to speak about what would have happened if Smith beat Slim at BPZMania III For The World Title, so let's begin… How Long Would Have The Reign Last? This is my opinion and you are entitled to have your own opinions, but I feel that Smith would have had a short or long reign depending on the timeline with the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, Smith was a monster when it came to BPZ and every time he cut a promo, everyone always listened to what Smith had to say, plus he was super active. on the forums and always doing his thing. Now through the events and time, I feel that Smith would probably lose at around KOTR, so that give him about a 4 month reign as World Heavyweight Champion which wouldn't be bad at all. Let's start at the first PPV after BPZMania III, Backlash. The first opponent that Smith would have faced is Mal Hades since I'm basing on what opponents Slim had when he was World Champion. I have to say, I feel that Smith would have beat Mal, since Smith would have 100% wanted to keep that title firmly in his hands for the first match with the championship. Even though BIC would have grind a lot for this match. The Two Different Timelines Now here where things get confusing, remember this, Flynn won the Money In The Bank at BPZMania III where he beat 5 other guys to win the Money In The Bank, I have spoken with Flynn and asked whether or not he would have cash in or not and he said he would have since he wanted to be champ going into Judgement Day, also considering that the title was stripped at Judgement Day make things get complicated, so here what I'm gonna do. I'm doing two Timelines, one where Flynn does cash in on Smith and one where Flynn doesn't cash in. Let's Begin with the one where he doed cash in. So Flynn beats Smith for the World Title at Mayhem, Flynn goes on to face Angelo Caito and Slim and without any of the stripping, Flynn wins the match, he continues on, KOTR goes by where he probably wins a match for the Title, but also remember that the KOTR gets a shot at the World Title and that man who it that year was Julius. I also need to remember that Julius betrayed Slim to become the leader of The Kingdom and they had a match at Summerslam for the Title, so happens here? Well, I think it would become a Triple Threat Match between all three men for the World Title at Summerslam which would have been a sick match to see. Now, the timeline where Flynn doesn't cash in, Smith continues his run with the title until KOTR, where he goes one on one with Julius where I feel that Julius would have picked up the win over Smith ending the reign there, not only that Flynn is still MITB, which means he would have cash it in for Summerslam and with the betrayal of Slim would lead to the Triple Threat Match at Summerslam. What Would Happen To Smith Afterwards? Honestly, I think he would have done what he did for a bit and leave the company for a bit, mostly likely because he would have been tired of dealing with the grinding and posting that involves with Kayfabe, but who knows, maybe Smith would have continued on and would have won a couple more titles? What I do know is that you can't change the past, but you can change the future and what you want to do in life, but sometimes it fun looking into the past and seeing what would happen in these different scenarios.
  14. Mark Andrews 19 Male Doctor Mark grew up in a small town in Minnesota where he had to face fight to live every day, his parents were always away on trips so he had to take care of his little sister and brother, he became a doctor because he wanted to help others just like he has for his sister, now he has arrived to Ravenwood
  15. What If? What If This Happened Or This Happened? You probably have thought about this a hundred times before about a certain event in your life that you wish might have happened instead of the true outcome. Well Ladies and Gentlemen, that is why I'm here today, I'm here to tell you these outcomes, what could have happened about these certain events that have taken place in BPZ over the last 4 years or so in BrendenPlayz Wrestling What I am going to do is that I'm gonna look through the last four years and go through and see what would have happen in those timelines.
  16. 10 - Asuka 9 - Sasha Banks 8 - Adrian Neville 7 - The Revival 6 - Sami Zayn 5 - Undisputed Era 4 - Johnny Gargano 3 - Kevin Owens 2 - Tommaso Ciampa 1 - Finn Balor
  17. War Games always provides great matches and I feel this year will be no different, I'm excited to see all the other wrestlers doing their stuff, maybe this time we can have the wrestlers from SD and RAW come to WarGames and beat some of the others up, I'll be good and it would be a decent reason why to watch Survivor Series which is shaping up very nicely, anyways can't wait for the show!
  18. This was a nice appearance from The OC and maybe Balor joining The OC? Anyways, I'm a little disappointed that none of the other people from different shows didn't come and attack the NXT guys, it could have been sick and shows that the other brands do care about NXT and them being the third brand. Anyways besides that rant, the show was good, I like that they are still continuing their booking of WarGames while also still actually doing the feud between Ciampa, Balor and Finn. Great Episode
  19. I feel that PC will eventually beat PS and Xbox with them being always technically more advance than Xbox and PS by the day, if they can make big computers that are able to keep up with the graphics and stuff there, I feel that the console Era will be gone for good.
  20. The PS5 looks really good and I feel it will beat out whatever the Xbox is planning up, also the main games that will come out are gonna be interesting like maybe Bully 2? Who knows, all I know is that I'm gonna get myself a PS5 when it releases
  21. 1- Unova 2 - Sinnoh 3 - Kanto 4 - Hoenn 5 - Johto 6- Alola 7 - Kalos
  22. I feel the build up to Slim vs Smith at BPZ Mania was amazing and well done by both of them, they put a lot of time into this and it shows with the amount of stuff they have done. Another one being Flynn vs Necce, another great feud that has always been great throughout the matches, but the recent one was one of the best in terms of booking and the stuff they did. Honorable Mention: ROPATI VS JULIUS BECAUSE IT BEEN BUILDING FOR A YEAR
  23. 5. Neb 4. Smith 3. Flynn 2. Slim 1. Bailey

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