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  1. The Marker


    {We start off EVOLVE with the Tag Team Champions MARKER and Jason Ryan. It is confirmed that Big Ballers are going to be taking on The Flock for the titles at DTD, these men doesn't look intimidated by the team of Sameer and Brenden Playz, instead they smile to the audience as they boo them hard.} {The men are in the ring with their microphones, what they have to say about their opponents in a couple of days time.} THE FLOCK IS HERE BABY!!!!!! Now as everybody knows by now, The Flock, the greatest group in the world today is taking on the owner of the company Brenden Playz and Sameer. Now, this right here is probably the biggest of challenge The Flock has ever faced to date and for once I'm excited for a match, an opponent that really tests our skills and I'm talking about Brenden, you see, in my opinion and most other people as well, I don't see Sameer as a threat, I see Sameer as a wash up veteran that comes for time to time to steal other peoples spotlight and I feel everyone else is sick and tired of his moaning while Brenden has to do the work for him, it no wonder why he lost his IC title. {The fans are in shock right now, Marker now has the fans off their seats and he speaks again.} Oh, you didn't know?. Yeah, the owner himself told Sameer to lay down for Bart because he knew that he could one day become the face of the company and he liked Bart because of how good he promos and his ring style is so unnatural, so on that one faithful BPZ Summerslam, your new INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION...... BART!. So why is Brenden tagging with Sameer?. Simple, Brenden doesn't need Sameer, Sameer needs Brenden, because can easily do it by himself, I mean why isn't ROA taking on Bizzy and Hollow since they drew?. Easy, Brenden didn't want another tag team facing against his team and us, it would be too much of a hassle so he decide to cut the match and BOOM, our confirmed Tag Team Title match between us and Big Ballers has come to life, so Brenden, Sameer, I don't care if you call us weaklings, I don't care if you have the power and I don't care about your title accomplishments, it all happens here and now and I think that The Flock is gonna win even though the audience doesn't want, it gonna happen. {Marker waits for Jason to respond.}
  2. The Marker

    A Big Announcement......

    {A countdown begins..... After a couple of seconds it stopped, it turned pitch black and then everything turns white, but once again, it turned dark, however we hear footsteps and slowly but surely it keeps getting closer and closer and we see "The Psychopath" walking out from the dark.} Hello again....... {Suddenly, Marker isn't there anymore, he vanishes, but we hear his laughter echoing through the halls. Marker comes out of nowhere and grabs the video camera, he begins to speak.} Finally, MARKER is finally speaking to the EVOLVE audience once again, now you are wondering, where was I for the last couple of weeks?. Well you don't need to know that, anyways why am I need to talk about you imbeciles once again, well...... I have a little announcement to make. Now I got your attention right?. What could MARKER possibly say that would interest you?. Now I'll explain, since I have been signed to BPZ, there a little division called NXT and you know, I had my fun for the better part of 2018, winning the NXT Championship, not once, but twice in a row and you know what?. I think it about time I get out of that hellhole that is the NXT division, it doesn't show what I am truly capable of. So whoever signs to NXT, have fun in that little good for nothing place because now....... I AM OFFICIALLY PART OF THE US DIVISION!. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. I know, isn't it exciting that finally, the US division has a true competitor that can slay "The Beast" once and for all and take his title away and I know that he doesn't need that title because I feel it inside of him that he doesn't want it, but I do...... Let's get facts straight, Julius has done nothing with The US Championship, however I can bring relevancy to that title, just like I did with the NXT Championship. So whoever wins, either Julius, Echo Wilson, Kieron Black or Yelich, it doesn't matter who wins the title because after DTD, I'm gonna make your life miserable, I'm gonna make sure that you experiences the worst pains for those four weeks and then at the Royal Rumble we fight in an epic battle to determine the Champion, for "you" to crumble and for me to walk out as the US Champion. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHA. {The lights cut out for a couple of seconds, then the lights come back and Marker is nowhere to be seen.}
  3. The Marker

    who are your favorite youtubers ?

    Has of right now, my favorite is David Dobrik
  4. The Marker

    Football (Soccer) Discussion

    Liverpool wins Brighton wins Fulham wins Arsenal wins Southampton wins West Ham wins Chelsea wins Spurs wins
  5. The Marker

    Favorite Horror Movie

    I thought the new Halloween was pretty good and that surprising considering the fact I dislike Horror films
  6. The Marker

    BPZ Dream Matches

    Me vs Brenden
  7. The Marker

    Funny pictures

  8. The Marker

    Your Posting Milestones

    This is my 495 post now, I'm very close to US #RoadtoUS
  9. I felt Joker trailer was really good because nobody really see these coming what so ever and that's why i love Smash, any character can come and everyone will surprise by it, also MK 11 should be really good to see
  10. The Marker

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    Great stuff Legends!
  11. The Marker

    BPZ Universe Mode Recaps

    Clash of Champions: The Hardy Boyz won a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match Finn Balor beat Randy Orton Ruby Riott beat Sasha Banks John Cena beat Braun Strowman Alexa Bliss beat Becky Lynch Samoa Joe beat Nakamura Episode 10: Rising Stars Showcase Ali and Alexander beat Gallagher and Tony Nese Drake Maverick beat Daivari Aleister Black beat Lorcan Heavy Machinery beat TM-61 Dream beat No Way Jose
  12. The Marker

    BPZ Universe Mode Recaps

    Episode 6: Champion vs Champion Sanity beat Hardy Boyz The Usos beat Ohno and Strong Chad Gable beat R-Truth Naomi beat Nikki Bella Bobby and Elias beat Drew and Dolph DQ between Samoa Joe and Braun Episode 7: Faction Warfare Brock beat Heath Harper beat Viktor Cesaro beat Kane Many and Sonya beat Dana and Lana Bray beat Zack Ryder AJ beat Rhyno