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  1. The Marker

    My Universe Mode storylines

    Good Stuff Arrow!
  2. The Marker

    How Long Till Member Retires: BPZ Edition

    Jason Ryan - Mid 2019 Johnny Kills - This 2019
  3. The Marker

    Brendenplayz Top 5

    Currently 1- Flynn 2- Bailey 3- Bart 4- Echo Wilson 5- Arius
  4. The Marker

    Best Part Of Forums (Your Opinion)

    Kayfabe is one of the best things on the forums, it brings out creativity, different styles and overall enjoyment to it
  5. The Marker

    A Nice Little Chat

    {14:25pm, MARKER is meeting up with Jeese Walters, the host of Punch Out podcast for an interview about his current injury, what he will do after and how his life has been since then.} {He arrives there and Jesse greets him by shaking MARKER hand, right after, Jesse walks him in the studio where he does his podcast, after a couple of minutes relaxing, they both sit down on chairs and Jesse tells him that he will be doing the intro and then will talk from there.} {INTRO BEGINS} LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MY NAME IS JESSE WALTERS AND WELCOME TO THE PUNCH OUT PODCAST Today, with me is a special guest, well then again everyone is a special guest for me, anyways everyone give it up for MARKER {Everyone who there cheer for MARKER as he sit there with a smile on his face} Thanks for having me mate No problem man, so MARKER, you have been out for a month now with an injury, how are you feeling with that injury?. Well, so far it been healing very well then I expected it to be, the doctor said to me that I would be gone for longer, but now I'm nearly ready to compete again just in time for BPZMania, that our biggest show of the year and now I'm hoping to win that Wait, are you on the card?. Not yet, but I want to announce myself here because I'll be back by March and I can't wait any longer. Sure go ahead! Alright, I'm letting the people know right now that I, MARKER will be challenging for the Premium Championship at BPZMania. Now, the champ Emperor Nate, now I've beaten him before and I know he not that strong enough to beat me, when people see him now, they see him as a hero, a man that has been in the company for years finally having a title with him, but how I see it, I see a man trying to recapture the days of when he was good, when I beated him, I put out his flame and he trying to ignite it again, but I won't let that happen again, I'm going to end the Emperor and once I do, everyone will be seeing me as "The Emperor of Premium". Now Hollow The Madman, it funny to me that he could try and win Premium from Nate, let alone me, he speaks nonsense about stupid things and lose, I feel bad for his butler that has to deal with him. Hollow, your not scaring anyone, your only making a fool out of yourself, but that fine, once I kick your ass all over the ring and I win, you'll see that you should never mess with men like me and once I hold the title, you'll never go after it again. {The interview continues, however that the end for now.}
  6. The Marker

    Is WWE overusing the "iron man" concept?

    Yeah, it definitely an overused term, but it necessary to have an interesting Rumble as those "Iron Man" does most of the things in the Rumble and is the one that is the most enjoyable in the Rumble, that how I feel about it
  7. The Marker

    WWE Hall of Fame Classes Prediction and Discussion

    Alright so Mania around the corner and I want to predict who will be in it so let's go Hall Of Fame Headliner: The Undertaker I feel that this Mania will be Undertaker last match so I feel that he might aswell have a HOF ring to his collection as he has done so much for WWE over his career and I feel it is well deserved Christian: I feel that should get this especially since Edge has one and I feel that now will be the perfect time to do it instead of later when people won't care enough Chyna: Now I know WWE and Chyna have their differences, but I feel that she should get this, she was one of the main women to start a "revolution" and this is well deserved Hardy Boyz: These guys absolutely deserve a HOF ring for their work in the WWE, they put their bodies on the line each and every week to entertain us and they are one of the best tag teams in Wrestling history Shaquille O' Neill: I mean, he has been on WWE for a bit, hell he was in the Andre The Giant battle so I feel absolutely deserve to get in this
  8. I will count this as Becky vs Ronda vs Charlotte and I feel that Becky will get the victory over both of them to finally have that Mania moment, Ronda wants to leave after Mania so she will be dropping that title
  9. Brock vs Seth is a match we got before, however it was interrupted by The Undertaker last time, now we can have a regular one on one match and I will that Seth Rollins gets the victory as Brock contract, I feel will come to an end after Mania and we need the Universal Championship back on RAW if it wants to stay alive.
  10. The Marker

    Music Discussion

    Juice WRLD newest single Robbery is very enjoyable to listen to, it about a person losing everything and even in the music video, you can see him being strip away of these things.
  11. The Marker

    What TV Series do you watch?

    I've been watching POWER, it so good and the characters are well developed, my favorite would probably be Tommy, he absolutely hilarious to watch every episode. I've also been watching Suite Life on Deck, I only watch a few episodes of Season, but I'm back onto watching it again
  12. The Marker

    What's on your mind?

    What currently on my mind is should I watch Elimination Chamber or not even though I know who gonna win or lose.
  13. This is gonna be interesting because you don't know who is gonna win this, but if I had to pick I would probably go for a team that has been together for a bit and I feel that Boss N Hug Connection are winning this, they are right choice here as they are former Champs and hopefully this can start up the revival of Sasha and Bayley
  14. Buddy is winning this, there is no chance of Akira winning this, the only person I see Buddy losing the title to is Lio Rush as he has been pretty good and in my opinion is the right man to lose to before Buddy moves up to main roster
  15. Bit of an interesting match here, but I see Lashley getting the win with Rush due to Rush distracting Balor enough to beat him, but who will face Lashley, in my opinion I see Braun taking the title off Lashley since he has nothing to do for Mania