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  1. Smith's Graphics

    I would like an Kenny Omega avi and sig if you don't mind my dude
  2. Evolve Last Stand: Marker v WWE234

    COMMENTATOR: What an exciting match between Prince and Sameer, we are now on the third match as newly talent The Marker faces against WWE234 in a Contract match to see if The Marker can get on the best roster, Evolve. The Marker comes out to the ring. Soon he heard an theme,but soon enough it stop. ANNOUNCER: Due to Bart's attacks on the recent Evolve show, the winner due to injury: The Marker {The Marker grabs a microphone and gets back in the ring} MARKER: Thank you so much Bart for basically putting me on Evolve, you know sooner or later i will come after you if you win that title at BPZMania III, but my target will be the NXT Championship. Red Arrow, Julius I'm coming after both of you at Saint's Valentine's Day Massacre and you guys should be ready for "The Once in a Lifetime Talent". And as for the other men in the locker you guys should watch your backs because I will be the best on Evolve and I'm making that happen. {The Marker leaves the ring and go to back}
  3. Only One Man is On Top

    Announcer: The Marker is coming out to the ring, is he going to cut a promo? Marker: At St Valentines Day Massacre I'm facing against three other men to determine who will walk out with the Championship. Those men are Julius, Storm and The NXT Championship Red Arrow, now listen up boys I know I can defeat all of you idiots in this match or even a straight one on one match. Because they don't understand who I am. Let me Introduce myself. I am The Marker "The Once in a Lifetim-" The Marker was cut off to from an familiar theme song.
  4. Dream Kayfabe Feuds

    My Dream matches are limited to two First up Bart I feel we can put on a hell of a match together. And the Second one is Nate, we have that Irish thing together and we would torn the house down
  5. Welcome to the Kayfabe Talkshow

    Hello, I'm your host The Marker and today I am debuting a new little segment called The Kayfabe Talkshow. Where we will talk about Promos, Matches and PPV's that will be happening in BPZ.
  6. WWE 205 Live Official Discussion

    As We saw on 205 Live, we saw a brand new GM name Drake Maverick (aka Former TNA Wrestler Rockstar Spud). Can Maverick get 205 Live to where it should be or will it be a flop?
  7. Seth Rollins gets a new tag team partner

    I think Rollins doesn't need a Partner anymore, He has enough partners getting injured from Ambrose and Jordan. In my opinion I think he should finish the Rivalry he has with The Bar and try to get in a match at Mania. Maybe an IC title match with Miz?
  8. Football (Soccer) Discussion

    4-2-3-1 GK Courtois LB Alonso CB: Luiz Azpilicueta RB: Moses CDM: Bakayoko, Kante CAM: Fabregas, Harzard, Barkley ST: Morata
  9. Where Are You 234

    Announcer: Marker comes out, but he not in a match tonight is he going to make a promo? Marker: Tonight, the reason why I came out here is talk about the match that I'm am having on Evolve: Last Stand against WWE234 in Chicago. 234, I heard a lot about you from the guys in the back. I heard you had a Rivalry for 3 years against Akki, the longest rivalry in all of BPZ. Another thing I heard about is that you were a former IC Champion. So let me tell you this crowd, where is WWE234?. Well I think I know the answer, nobody cares, you my friend are a wash up has been for have been gone for nearly a Year, but ever since our match was announced at Last Stand, all I hear is WWE234 this, WWE234 that and making me angry. Nobody should be focus on him, focus on me, this is going to be my first match in BPZ and nobody is talking about that, instead their talking about him. Well I'm gonna prove to everyone that I'm a better man than he is, a better wrestler than him and going to get that Contract no matter what it takes.
  10. BPZPedia

    Beautiful 10/10
  11. A Man Who Walk Alone

    The Marker walks down a lonely street in the night have thoughts in his head Marker: It incredible you know. First I'm facing off against WWE234 for a contract at Evolve: Last Stand in United Center in Chicago,Illinois and then I'm facing Julius, Storm and finally our champion RedArrow in a 4 way match. But I'm not focusing on those other opponents I'm talking about you Red. (The Marker sits down on a bench) Marker: You see Red I have seen your matches and I have to say, you were my favorite guy in NXT you were having great matches with everyone and I thought you can win the NXT Championship, but you left. Soon enough you decide to come back and win the NXT Championship, but what annoyed me about this. You were a coward, you decided to come back when nobody like Bart and others because you knew that would never win the Championship, so you decided to hide in the sand and wait for the opportunity to arrive and guess what you won. Hhahahaahah (Marker immediately stop laughing and looks straight at the camera) At St.Valentine's Massacre there will be a massacre like Romeo And Juliet where Romeo,Juliet and Paris died, but that will you and the others and will be walking out as the champion of NXT. (Marker gets up from the bench and turns around and leaves into the night)
  12. EVOLVE TakeOver: The Last Stand | February 13th 2018

    It's obvious who winning and of course it your truely "The Once in a Lifetime Talent"
  13. Kayfabe Moveset Thread

    Regular Moves: Chops Dropkick Slaps Snapmare Takedown Knees Kicks Signature Moves: Kinshasa (God's Burden) Detanation Kick (The Good Old Days) Finisher Moves: King's Landing (Nail in the Coffin) Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker (Reaper) Special Move: RKO (Mona Lisa) Style: Strong Style with a bit of a Brawler
  14. Marker Promo Kayfabe 2

    Marker: Nate, you got yourself a deal (Marker and Nate shakes hands)
  15. The Challenge Has Been Made

    Great stuff Prince, very good

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