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  1. The Marker

    You Are Nothing

    {Evolve begins by Marker already in the ring, pacing around, ready to go, ready to talk and ready for Judgement Day, fans begin chanting "Marker" around the arena, he smirks, but immediately stopped as begins his promo} Alright Ladies and Gentlemen , let's get straight to the point here, for the last couple of weeks Buddy Ace keeps spouting on bullcrap after bullcrap after bullcrap about me and my partner Jason Ryan. I was gonna wait until Judgement Day to kick your ass into oblivion, but with the amount of words that came out of your annoying mouth these past couple of weeks, I have decide to come to grace everyone with my appearance today. So Buddy, what I've seen from your promos so far, you speak alot of the same things, things like "I'm the greatest thing to walk in NXT", "Your just a placeholder", "Your devaluing the belt" and to that I laugh, I am a fighting champion, I am a Prizefighter and reasons why you say these things is because I haven't got the chance yet and now I officially will be doing so at Judgement Day, but listen Buddy. {Marker takes out notebook and a pen and shows it off to the fans around the arena} Here a notebook and pen and what do you do with these?, You write in them of course, but what will you write in this?. Well I'll give you something to write, how about your career?. Well what can you write about that when you haven't got much of a career to begin with. Hmm what else?, Oh I know, how about your promo style and how gonna word them because it seems like you act like a robot then an actual human being most of the time. {The fans "OOOOO" out of the arena as fans weren't except this much brutality from Marker, soon enough he threw the notebook and pen away} I have worked so hard to get to the top of NXT Championship ladder and finally I climbed and grabbed it and now it's in my hands and I'm not gonna let some egotistical and selfish person come here and take it away from me, I'll honor the people like Bart and Julius who made the NXT Championship what it is and I'm not gonna fade into the shadows like the rest who couldn't hold it for long. I have accomplished so much already like winning the NXT Championship in my first five months, I was in the first ever Inferno match and I have won it, so tell me this, what has Buddy done?. {Marker puts out his microphone to the crowd and he moves around the ring, but no fans says a word as it is so quiet you could probably hear a raindrop} That right, nothing, so Buddy come Judgement Day, I'll walk into the ring, feeling great as ever and I'll pummel you and beat the ever living daylights out of you and I feel Jason would love to destroy you more than I would and it's your fault, you wanted this, you spoken trash about me, you spoken trash about Jason which made him enter into this little feud of ours and Jason, I apologise for this, for you to get involved in this situation, but for some reason, I don't think you really mind this, I think you want to destroy Buddy, so it doesn't matter what happens I'll win either way possible, so for the people who attend this show, Goodbye and good night.
  2. This match was pretty solid, Ronda is definitely the MVP of the match, she has put my doubts to rest after her great performances again Nia, and she can properly sell so good, I hope maybe one day she'll become Women's Champion. Poor Nia, she absolutely deserves way more than this, instead she was a transitional just so Alexa could take the title off of her, I think WWE has found a pair of safe hands in Alexa Bliss
  3. The Marker

    Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

    Yeah, I feel Braun shouldn't have won the match, I feel Miz was gonna be the decisive Victor in this, but I guess that maybe Braun might pull a RVD and cashes it in at SummerSlam and with probably Roman winning at Extreme Rules, it can definitely be a Triple Threat Match which would be very interesting to see.
  4. The Marker

    My Summerslam 2018 PPV Card

    WWE Championship: AJ Styles vs Daniel Byran Universal Championship: Brock vs Seth vs Braun vs Roman Intercontinental Championship: Ziggler vs Elias vs Balor RAW Women's Championship: Alexa vs Nia vs Ronda SD Women's Championship: Carmella vs Becky Lynch United States Championship: Jeff Hardy vs Rusev RAW Tag Team Championship: Revival vs Authors of Pain vs Eaters Of Worlds SD Tag Team Championship: Bludgeon Brothers vs Sanity
  5. The Marker

    AJ Styles Revealed As WWE 2K19 Cover Star

    I think Styles absolutely deserve to be the cover star of WWE 2K19, he has done so much in the WWE in the last two years and became WWE Champion twice in a row, which we all thought it was impossible because he was apart of TNA, anyways congrats on AJ being the cover star
  6. The Marker

    BPZ Predictions League

    Bludgeon Brothers Elias Reigns Carmella Ronda Lashley Byran Natalya Miz Styles
  7. 5. New Rivalry or Good Continuation after MITB: For the last couple of weeks or months we have seen many feuds that happen after Wrestlemania with the likes of AJ vs Nakamura as an example. The Feuds leading up to MITB have been terrible with really Ronda vs Nia as the sub-par feud that has lead up to MITB. What I would like to see are New feuds and good continuation, one example of a new feud would be AJ Styles vs Daniel Byran as AJ vs Nakamura has been really lacking and hasn't gotten much better as the rivalry gone on, Daniel and AJ would be a breath of fresh air and could put on some great matches with each other, for Nakamura I'm not sure, maybe a feud with Joe could get the ground running for his career and I'll get on to continuation in a bit. 4. A Challenger For Brock Lesnar's Universal Championship: Since Brock Lesnar won't be back in WWE until SummerSlam, let's try and find out who could be Number One Contender. Now obviously it could easily be Roman Reigns as there a story already set up as Roman got screwed over he was the first man to get out of the Steel Cage, but Lesnar won it instead, so the feud already there, but I would also like to see maybe Braun Strowman or Seth Rollins (if he loses the IC Championship), hell maybe a Fatal 4 Way, that in my opinion would be very interesting to watch and with rumors saying Lesnar contract is up by SummerSlam, we could see a new champion on Monday Night Raw. 3. Natalya to win the Women's MITB match. Now this is in line with number 5 as if would be an interesting continuation for the Ronda vs Nia feud with Natalya being in the middle, her winning the MITB would play mind games with both Nia and Ronda as she could at anytime cash it in would make a good dynamic to feud. If she were to cash in at any point I would like to see her at maybe SummerSlam as it is a big stage to win the Championship and also there isn't much people I could see winning. Maybe Sasha Banks could win it?. 2. Don't treat Roman vs Jinder as a big deal. Well WWE will probably treat this as a big deal, but this is my list of things I want to happen OK?. People are still talking about Dominion as people say it was one of the best shows this year and with Kenny Omega vs Kazuchika Okada getting Seven Stars by the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer. With that match, when you see Roman vs Jinder, people will boo the hell out of that so don't treat like a huge match because otherwise people won't care for it and WWE doesn't want that at all. 1. The Miz to win Men's MITB match. When you think about it, it easy why The Miz deserves to win this. In this match, there is Braun, Miz, Roode, Rusev, Joe, Owens and one of the New Day Members. In my opinion Braun nor Joe needs the Briefcase as I feel they can win on their own and rest WWE doesn't want or trust to win like Balor, Roode or Rusev so in the end, the only person I see winning is The Miz and why not give him it as he has improved so much in the last two years as he put the IC title on notice, put some good matches with other guys and is an incredible talker and just imagine if he wins and Byran wins the WWE Title and he cashes in, everyone would be so piss and he would get some much heat for this and could have a good feud between him and Byran. Those are my predictions, what your predictions and what you want to happen?. Feel free to write in this topic what you want to happen at MITB.
  8. The Marker

    TEW 2016: RevPro | Changing The Path

    Omega ZSJ Cody Ospreay Dunne Finals: Ospreay
  9. The Marker

    World Cup Sweepstake

    I'm in
  10. The Marker

    Smackdown LIVE Discussion: June 5th 2018

    . Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch should be a interesting match, if they are let to, get could 100% be a very good match, what I really hope is that Becky finally turns heel as she haven't done much since she won the Smackdown Women's championship, she is very underrated as a wrestler and I feel a heel turn against Charlotte would do wonders for Becky's future. . Is it me or Aiden English is one of the best hype men in WWE right now?. His skills on the microphone are absolutely incredible and has gotten Rusev Day and Lana Day over as hell, anyways back to the match, I don't think it gonna be to special, maybe some high spots here and there, but in the end it just gonna be a normal Mixed Tag Match. . The contract signing is probably not gonna be too much at all, I really hope this feud ends at Money in The Bank because this rivalry has gotten too stale and very boring, especially when they started bringing in DQ finishes which really started to annoy me, I say, the only thing I liked about this feud was the Nakamura heel turn as now he more interesting and more funny to watch on Smackdown, hopefully he stays away from the WWE title picture and move on to different and interesting feuds, people will care about. . Carmella "unmasking" Asuka will probably be decent as Carmella good on the microphone and could easily annoy the crowd and play them into her hands, Asuka probably not say much, probably like "Your not ready for Asuka" or something like that, anyways I hope this SD will be good as RAW this week was terrible and I dislike it very much.
  11. The Marker

    Attention Seeker

    { We are live at EVOLVE, Dallas, Texas as we see now, The Marker come outs, once again, smirking and being cocky as ever, the fans loves The King Of NXT. Marker slowly walks up the steel steps and into the ring, Marker asks the announcer to tell the official to give him a microphone and so that happens and the announcer gives The King Of NXT a microphone, Marker begins to speak, but just he about to, the crowd start chanting “Marker” as he keeps on smiling, the crowd begins to calm down a bit and now he is able to speak} So Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is The Marker and I am currently, EVOLVE'S NXT Champion and if you are new fans that are tuning in on your smart phones, television or in the crowd tonight, you better pay attention to me because I am one of Evolves brightest stars and gonna make sure it stays that way for a good while. {The fans in Dallas were esthetic to see so much spirit in The King Of NXT, as they cheered and clapped along for the NXT Champion} So, for the people that knows who I am and what I am currently doing, you know exactly why I am out here tonight, but for the people who don't know why I am out here tonight, please let me explain. Tonight I am out here to speak about one guy, the person that thinks that he can take the throne and my procession away from me. That man's name is Buddy Ace, when we spoken for the first time ever, this child disrespected me and my man Jason Ryan and tried to make some fake news so that he can get some attention and that he can become more popular and news outlets can get more money with some terrible title to make that easy buck. Well I immediately came out to ring and I put his false allergations to rest and then I spoken more that he a little coward who wants nothing more than to be a attention seeker, he dodge one of the biggest opportunities he could have in his career. This title I have around my waist and he decided not to go ahead and try to take the title, but now he wants to after other competiton have gone away or in other feuds, so he chosen the perfect time to face me ,when nobody else is going after it. Well let me tell you something, EVOLVE, I got something special to tell each and everyone of you tonight you see, after that promo with Buddy, I went through and there I saw Jason, we spoken a little bit, caught up with things, but then I asked him a favor, I asked him to attack Buddy for me and he happily agreed after the stuff he said to him and so that what happened. {We see footage of a Jason Ryan beating the living daylights out of Buddy, making him battered and bruise and with little bits of blood tripping from his head,but it shows Buddy face covered up that happens to him,} Ladies and Gentlemen is what will happen to Buddy Ace when we will meet and I will destroy him five time worse than Jason did and I'll celebate and then I'll truely become the King Of NXT.......
  12. The Beautiful Womens [Ashley Lane & Beautiful Beaa] [vs.] Courtney Rush & Silvie Silver Alexia Nicole [vs.] Angel Williams Ayako Hamada, Candice LeRae & Trish Stratus [vs.] Cat Power & The Canadian NINJAS [Nicole Matthews & Portia Perez]
  13. The Marker

    Smith's Graphics

    If you wouldn't mind, could you make a sig for my character Bobby Roode {Glorious gimmick}, maybe have the colours, black and yellow together,also could add the NXT championship with like my pic here
  14. The Marker

    EVOLVE Grand Championship Qualifying Matches

    I voted myself because I did way more things than Alyx did as I feel he didn't contribute as much to the feud as I did, I hope everyone respects my choices and I am happy to be in a feud with the IC champion

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