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  1. The Marker

    I Earned This

    {Marker comes out, on the stage with a microphone ready in hand already and looks like he ready to talk.} HAHAHAHAAHA, ahh Buddy you never cease to amazed me with the amount of shit that comes out of your mouth every single time you come out to the ring, You keep on repeating on the same things over and over again, no wonder nobody likes you at all. FACE IT, this crowd is bored of you already, with your "first draft pick" and the "best" NXT Champion of all time, let me shoot those facts down for you Buddy. {Marker comes walking down the ramp very slowly and keeps on speaking} Your "first draft pick" doesn't mean anything what so ever, the only reason why you were the "first draft pick" because for some reason, Bailey saw something in you and Ross knew that, so he immediately snatched you to weaken Bailey just a bit more and I don't blame him at all for that, because sometimes you have to take something that benefits you in the grand scheme of things and to make the other weaker, simple facts Buddy. Also the "greatest" NXT champion of all time, that just sad that you think that at all because I can think of other people that were ten times better that what are having right now. {Marker finally gets in the ring and slowly walks up to the Buddy and gets right in his face} I hate when you say I'm a coward because that is far from the truth, once I hold this title you have right in your hands, I'm gonna keep it for a very long time and I'm gonna beat 89 days reign of Bart and Julius and truly carve my name in the book of the NXT championship. {Then for some reason, Marker starts pacing around the ring and he starts yelling out for a bit} JASON... JASON JASON JASON, that wasn't nice of you to say that to your partner, now is it, why you lying to everyone here, when it was you who really wanted to leave me, you see I wanted to tag more with him, but he decide to tell me "I think we should split for a bit and try to make ourselves stronger as singles", you know I felt sadden by this, but I thought maybe, this is for the best and OOOOO BOY WAS IT FOR THE BEST!. I became better than I once was, I was winning often and making myself stronger while you decide to leave for a bit and now that you see where I am, you realized that this wasn't a good idea because you got jealous of me and for that, you spoken negatively about me and for that, it fine, let it all out and and then I'll beat you up a bit just to take it out of your system a bit more. {Marker looks at Buddy and then looks at the audience and gets up to his face once again} So at Summerslam, it gonna be me taking the title away from you and I'll will be the man to make this title great again, that is all I need to say to you for now........ {Marker drops the microphone and gets out of the ring and laughing hard and taunts at Buddy and leaves, making the end of this segment.}
  2. The Marker

    Slammy Award Nominations Help

    OMG Moment Of The Year: Roman Reigns winning the WWE Championship, every single time, he got pushed back and back by GM Edge and when he won against him, he finally got his chance and he took it with two hands and after so long, THE BIG DAWG IS ONCE AGAIN THE TOP MAN IN THE COMPANY
  3. The Marker

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: August 13th 2018

    B-Team will win Young should be good Finally, they are doing different matches with Corbin and Finn IC Contract Signing should be decent Why Paul would you leave us hanging Hope So.
  4. The Marker

    Wasted No Longer

    {The Marker comes out, the last time we saw him was at EVOLVE Takeover: Fallout, where he took on Najico in a brutal one on one that see Marker getting the victory over him, since then, nobody has seen this man for quite a while, now that all of NXT is on EVOLVE, he sees the challenge that is the NXT champion Buddy Ace right in front of him, Marker looks seriously, his new attitude makes people hate him, but it doesn't matter to him. With his new song "ICON", Marker immediately gets in the ring, microphone ready in hand, gets right in front of the NXT champion and begins to speak,} Look what we got here, hahahaha, THE NXT CHAMPION, right in front of me, how are you doing?. In fact I don't want to know, because I really don't care at all. Listen I'm gonna go straight to the point Buddy, and I think you want to hear this one and I'll speak very slowly just for you and the mindless idiots in the audience. I...WANT...MY...TITLE....REMATCH. {The audience get excited for only a couple of minutes, just as Marker again, begins to speak, the crowd quickly boos him, but Marker doesn't care, it not letting him get to him, instead he laughs and laughs maniacally} Look at this audience, bunch of stupids idiots that don't know what even going on at all, you see Buddy, they don't like you either, you just came from the sad brand known as Carnage and because of that everyone hates you and doesn't give you a chance, that what happened to me, I NEVER GOT THE CHANCES I DESERVED AND WHEN I DID, IT WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM ME!. You won't understand because you haven't been in this company for long, like I have for the past 7 months, busting my ass off to get where I belong and I still don't get the recognition I deserve. I'll give you something though, you are a very smart man, alright, it was right of the best GM Ross Haslam to get more talents instead of getting 5 top guys and the rest, just a bunch of empty space to try and make the Carnage brand more successful. However, your in the big boys yard now and this where you end, you see I'm a different man now then I once was back when I was NXT champion, I'm stronger, better, more smarter than ever before and I don't care if Jason or Sheridan gets involve, I'll destroy them and I'll stop at nothing to get that and MAKE IT RELEVANT AGAIN. You see ever since I lost the title, YOU HAVE DESTROYED THE TITLE REPUTATION AND MADE IT WORTHLESS EVER SINCE. AND I BID YOU FAREWELL OR AM I??? {Marker attacks Buddy, punching the living crap out of him, he gets him up and his the Nail in the Coffin on Buddy, but he wasn't done yet and went out of the ring and got a chair, Buddy slowly getting back up to his feet, but immediately Marker hit him with a chair shot. Marker keeps brutality hitting him more and more, finally some security stops Marker from hitting any more chair shots, Marker let's go of the chair and grabs the microphone once and says this..... WELCOME TO EVOLVE BUDDY ACE! Marker drops the microphone and is walked to the locker room by the security, while that happening, the doctors quickly come out to check on Buddy Ace, Marker sented a message loud and clear that he wants the title that he had before, What will happen to Buddy?, Will Marker get any punishment for this?, who knows.........
  5. The Marker

    BPZ Commentaries

    Wow, it like Cultaholic vs WrestleTalk but even better than, it gonna the best feud of the year, Meltzer gonna give 10 stars out of 5
  6. The Marker

    What Music To Listen?

    So I had a little idea that could benefit alot of people and myself include. I love music, it what I listen to all the time and especially Rap. This year especially has been incredibly exciting and good for the rap scene and these people like Travis Scott, Kendrick, Gambino, Chance The Rapper has been tearing it up and I thought to myself, why not listen to more different people that I haven't listened and expand my horizons just a bit more and let other people give their own opinions about it. So I'm asking you to give a track of your favorite artists and I'll rate them to see how well it will hold up, from which to listen, more underrated parts of the track, my personal thoughts on them, etc, etc. So Leave whoever you want and I'll listen to them and I'll see how much I like them.
  7. The Marker

    Five Members You Would Run A Forum With

    Julius: One of the nicest people on the forums, helps out with people and can be a good helper Bart: Super Reliable, know mostly the information you need, also one of the nicest guys on the forums aswell Smith: Very Chill and relaxed, Good Writer and reliable Nate: Also Chill, one of the cooler guys on the forums, when he needed, he needed the most Ropati: Very Nice Dude, he is Welcoming and helpful as the same time, one of the nicest guys on the forums Honorable Mention: SummerGamz (Echo Wilson) Super Nice Guy, very likable person and very helpful
  8. The Marker

    Frustration Unleashed

    {After an ad break, Interviewer Jordan Tye announces that his guest tonight was Slimer, one of the brightest stars of EVOLVE, but he is nowhere to be seen, people started looking around for him until they went into locker room and everything is destroyed all around his locker room, then the camera cuts back to Tye getting beaten up by Marker, Marker grabs Tye and throws to a TV and he completely knock out, he grabs his microphone and begins to speak} Guess this is my interview now... Now where to begin?. Hmm how about that match at King of The Ring against Echo Wilson shall we?. You all saw that match right, the match I should have won the Premium Championship, that match where I mostly dominate that entire match, I had Echo on the ropes, I had him laying on the GOD DAMN MAT... His shoulders were down and I had him beat, but that music came on and it all fell to pieces, that stupid idiotic referee decided not to pin the final count, and decided to look for Julius, I told to pin again, BUT THAT MASSIVE IDIOT DIDN'T LISTEN AND THAT HOW I LOST THE MATCH, NOT ONLY THAT BUT HE FAST COUNTED ASWELL.... That why I attacked, did I regret it?. No, far from it, I felt great, I let all my anger out on him and I felt something inside me that told me that it was the right thing to do. But enough about Echo, I'm moving towards the future and that EVOLVE Takeover: Fallout. Where I set my eyes on one man, Najico, THE RETURN OF THE MACKER, THEY SAY. A big marquee match-up between me and him, but I don't see it that way, I see it as a way to destroy someone, let my frustration unleashed and become one of the biggest talents on EVOLVE that I should have been ages ago. People doubt me alot and I'm not that surprised whatsoever, WELL NO MORE, FROM THIS DAY ON, I PLAN ON BEING ONE OF THE GREATEST MEN ON EVOLVE AND OF ALL TIME AND THAT STARTS WITH NAJICO. One last thing before I head off, The NXT division just hasn't been the same without me, ever since I decide to go for Premium, the division lost it fire, it passion to fight for there place and it all gone, now we have a champion who really doesn't care about the title and just brings everything downhill and a girl who really is a nobody trying to work things out, your partner left you because he knew you weren't worth his time and decide to leave you behind to fend off against the wolves and failed to win, I heard that they were having a match at Cyber Sunday, whoever wins, I'll come back and at Summerslam, I will take the title straight off your hands and put you to the ground where you belong.... MARKER OUT! {Marker drops the microphone and leaves the place that he destroyed, Tye beaten down and brutalized and also Slimer, what will Marker do next?.}
  9. The Marker

    Smackdown LIVE Discussion: July 24th 2018

    Joe Yes Sanity Title Shot at SummerSlam Yes why they attack each other in the first place
  10. The Marker

    The BPZ Forums Fortnite Tournament

    I'm in
  11. The Marker

    Biggest OMG or shocking moments to happen

    Julius winning the World Heavyweight Championship in that short amount of time Congratulations to the new World Champion
  12. After a brutal match for the Intercontinental Championship, it was time for the Premium Championship match between Echo Wilson of Kingdom vs The Marker. Echo Wilson comes out with the Premium Championship around his waist and he looking cool, calm and collective about it, fans are mixed with him as a ray of cheers and boos from the crowd of King Of The Ring, Echo Wilson keeps moving on to ring and he loves every single minute of this. Echo does his signature pose. He gets off the corner of the ring and moves to his corner, the music stops and he takes off his jacket, but keeps his Premium Championship around his waist, eagerly waiting for his opponent of tonight The Marker. The fans chants his theme song while Echo is waiting for him. The Marker comes out and the fans are going wild, everyone is singing his tune, Marker is excite because this his big chance and doesn't want to ruin this opportunity at a big championship, he looks around the arena and thinks to himself on how he made it this far in. He turns around and poses once more. He turns around and gets to the ring, he takes off his coat, fans stop singing. The announcer gets in and begins to speak. THE FALLING CONTEST IS SCHEDULE FOR ONE FALL, FIRST THE CHALLENGER, FROM DUBLIN, IRELAND, WEIGHT IN AT 265 POUNDS, HE IS THE GLORIOUS ONE ,THE MARKER! AND NOW THE CHAMPION, FROM DETROIT, AMERICA, WEIGHT IN AT 215 POUNDS, HE IS THE PREMIUM CHAMPION, ECHO WILSON! The announcer left the ring and the wrestler stare eye to eye with one another, the referee rings the bell and the match officially begins, the fans chanting Marker's and Echo's names as they started moving towards each other and lock up for a collar elbow tie up, Marker locks Echo's head, but Echo able to release the hold by using the ropes and throwing him to the other ropes, Echo ducks and leapfrog Marker into a dropkick. Marker immediately gets out of the ring and collects himself, the fans are sorta into Echo favour at the moment, Echo lets Marker get back into and Marker gets in. They once again go for an collar elbow tie up, this time Echo locks Marker head and he gets out of it this time and he duck and leapfrogs, but he shoulder blocks Echo. Echo gets up and Marker tells Echo to "bring it on" and Echo fire with rapid forearms to Marker and Echo goes to the ropes and try to hit and massive forearm, but Marker quickly stops him by Clothslining Echo outside the ring, Echo lands on his feet, but Marker confidence in himself and it shows here, he does his pose and everyone shouts "GLORIOUS" Echo smirks at him and gets back into ring and stare at him and so does he and they start running at each other and begin brawling. Marker knee Echo in the gut and brings him in the corner and starts chopping him in the corner, Marker was about to do his last chop, when Echo block him and put him in the corner and started hitting with forearms, Marker was in the sitting position, then Echo did a big run up into the Shotgun Dropkick into the corner Marker is in the perfect position and Echo can set up his Moonstomp finisher, he gets in the top rope, he turns himself around and does, but Marker moves out of the way. Echo roll through and runs towards Marker and, but out of nowhere, HE'S HITS GOD'S BURDEN FROM OUT OF NOWHERE! Marker makes the first cover of the match 1..2.. OHH HE KICKS AT 2.5, Marker is in shock, he thought he was gonna win, it turns out that Echo tougher than he thought, he needed to calm down and think of a something, Marker getting Echo up, then Echo springs up and hit Marker with a Hurricanrana He bridge in and makes the cover 1..2.. OHH 2.3, Echo seems to be getting desperate at the moment, Marker gets out of the ring, winded by this, Marker stays out of it, but Echo not giving him time as he immediately GOES FOR A TOPE SUICIDA Echo brings Marker back inside the ring and immediately hits The Fisherman Suplex and bridged and makes the cover 1..2...OH KICKS OUT AT 2.6, Echo was so close in beating Marker, he now realized this is the perfect time to hit his Moonstomp, he goes to the top rope and turns himself around and hits it? WAIT, HE DIDN'T HIT HIM, HE CAUGHT HIS LEG AND NOW HE TURNING IT INTO A ACHILLES LOCK Echo is screaming in pain, he wasn't excepting something like this before, he moving trying to get to the ropes, but Marker keeps locking it in tighter and tighter, but eventually Echo made it to the ropes. His right leg hurt, Marker immediately goes straight after that leg and the ref pulls him off, but he goes straight back after it, the fans started booing against Marker for this, but it didn't matter to the him, the only thing that matters is the Premium Championship, this is what he building up for. The Ref pulled him off once more and he does it, Echo crawling back up to his feet using the ropes, Marker run towards Echo, but he spits in his face and immediately Schoolboys him into the cover. 1..2..KICKOUT AT 2.8!, Marker trys to hit a Clothesline, by missed, he catch his arm and try to go for a Wristlock Lariat, but Marker duck under and HITS THE NAIL IN THE COFFIN OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS OMG 1...2..... The song of Kingdom member Julius is heared around the arena, the ref stops the count, Marker tells the ref to begin the count again, but he doesn't listen and looks to see if Julius is there, Marker stop pinning and looks for Julius, after a while nobody saw Julius, but out of nowhere Echo does a O'Connor Roll and the ref does the pin. 1...2....3 ECHO WINS THE MATCH, Echo immediately gets out of the ring and gets the Premium Title and runs out of here, Marker got angry and hit the ref and started beating the crap out of him more and more, the crowd started booing him, Marker didn't care what so ever and hits him with the Nail in the Coffin, Marker leaves frustrated and angry, he didn't deserve to lose this match.
  13. The Marker

    What game are you currently playing?

    GTA Vice City and Infamous Second Son, one for nostalgia and one for 100% completion
  14. The Marker

    Your Unpopular Wrestling Opinions!

    1. Apollo Crews should be one of the brightest stars in WWE, the only reason in why he isn't is because of not being able to develop his character enough to the point where he can get cheer or boo from the crowd. 2. 205 Live is the second best show in WWE at the moment, they should move it to a different day because the crowd are too tired after Smackdown Live and they can have more development. 3. Aiden English is the only reason why Rusev Day is over as hell, his microphone skills are very underrated and the fans listen to every word he says, he also did Lana Day which was sorta over I guess, but the fact is that without Aiden, this wouldn't be over.
  15. The Marker

    Your True Self

    {EVOLVE begins with the music of Glorious Domination which means only person, "The Glorious One" The Marker. Marker comes out of the curtains with a aura of confidence around him and the crowd is electric for him, the audience sing his song and The Marker is pleased by this as he makes his way to the ring, he gets in and asks for a microphone and his wish was granted, he gets it and he begins to speaks.} Ladies and Gentlemen, I AM HERE!. Now everyone knows why I'm out here today in this very ring here and it's to talk about one man and one man only, the Premium Champion Echo Wilson. Now as everyone knows in a day or so at KOTR, it will be The Marker vs Echo Wilson for The Premium Championship. Now this match is the most important match of my career so far here and I want make statement at KOTR. If I can win this championship, this will lead into the right direction of my career, but I have to worry about other things like The Kingdom for instant. For the last month, The Kingdom have been running wild, taking championship gold where they are and I don't mind on how they go on with their business, infact, I like their philosophy, it shows how much they work together as a unit. {The fans boo for the faction known as "The Kingdom", the fans depises that group and are very annoy at Marker for saying that.} But, I still I don't think that The Kingdom won't attack me considering, that most Kingdom members are taking part in different matches or some are not on the card. So me and Echo Wilson will have a fair one on one match against each other. I don't think Echo is fine with that, because now that he lost to Josh, he is thinking to himself that he needs backup, he needs to keep these titles in Kingdom because he doesn't want to disappoint the leader of the faction, like I said before, his "Killer Instinct" means nothing, it just a bunch of lies to deceive you from the truth that is he worry, actually afraid of me. Now I know what your thinking, isn't Marker getting ahead of himself?. Is Marker getting cocky for his own shoes?. The answer is yes, I am getting a bit cocky, but can't you blame me?. It just shows that I can be true to myself, that I believe in myself unlike Echo Wilson himself, it separates us from each other because I'm Hunter and he is being Hunted and at King of The Ring, you'll be hunted down, you will be shot and I will be taking my award, THE PREMIUM CHAMPIONSHIP. And I will held it up high and I will claim it, it will be a new era for this championship and fight for my life for it. {Glorious Domination plays on and Marker leaves the ring, walking towards the ramp, he does his signature pose and leaves through the curtains}

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