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  1. The Marker

    What TV Series do you watch?

    Still watching Gotham, on the fourth season of it, I might start watching Power as it seems good
  2. The Marker

    What game are you currently playing?

    Just been playing FIFA 19 mostly, actually having fun with the game (which is surprising), but mostly will run out in a couple of months
  3. The Marker

    BPZ Football (Soccer) Predictions League

    What's Up Boys, I'm gonna tell you what games there are and you gonna predict. Chelsea vs Manchester United Barcelona Vs Sevilla Wolfsburg vs Bayern Juventus vs Genoa
  4. The Marker

    BPZ Universe Mode Recaps

    Episode 1: Universal Championship Match - Universal Title Match on the line, Joe defeated Balor - Baron Corbin defeated Chad Gable - Sanity beated Usos - Ruby Riott defeated Mickie James - Strong Knockout defeated The Revival - Cena defeated Drew, Ziggler and Roode for a NOC match against The IC Championship Braun - Episode 2: The Shield Returns - Shelton defeated Metalik - New Day defeated Rusev Day - Nia Jax defeated Lana - The Bar defeat Bludgeon Brothers - Asuka beated Mandy Rose - Seth defeated Jericho Episode 3: First Time Ever - 6 Man Cruiserweight Battle Royal Dorado won - Oney defeated Shane Thorne - Bianca Belair defeated Sonya Deville - Tyler Bate defeated Pete Dunne - Undisputed Era defeated Street Profits and Heavy Machinery
  5. Me: US, Global Emperor: Premium, Global Odd: US, Global Julius: Universal, IC
  6. The Marker

    Most Improved Member?

    Storm: He has really impressed everyone with his shocking victory for the US title and he has up the promos a lot which is good to see Jason: Definitely improved and He is in the finals of the Global Series, just shows how much he has improved
  7. The Marker

    Brendenplayz Top 5

    1. Julius 2. Bart 3. Jason Ryan 4. Echo Wilson 5. Me (Currently)
  8. The Marker

    Best Rivalry on the forums?

    Jason Ryan vs Echo Wilson has been amazingly done with high stakes in the match and the stuff that has happened in the feud
  9. The Marker

    Favorite Match Write Up YOU Have Done?

    Probably The NXT Triple Threat because it was a shocking moment and rejuvenate me, Odd and Emperor
  10. The Marker

    What Are Your Ultimate BPZ Goals?

    Things have changed since I used this let's see if somethings changed. - Win a Major Title - Get 1,000 reps (at least) - Be better than Sameer at every game
  11. The Marker

    SmackDown 1000 Discussion

    This is gonna be a fun show and I definitely see this being better than RAW 1000 couple of years back, Evolution is great to see, especially Batista, Rey Mysterio vs Nakamura is a Dream match of sorts so that will be fun. Undertaker probably gonna talk about HHH and maybe Evolution might come out and assault him. Hopefully there will be some good matches there while also some good surprise guests on the show.
  12. The Marker

    EVOLVE Global Series: 12th October (Votings)

    Sad that I didn't make it through, but I did prove people wrong that I wasn't going to be last place in the group
  13. DX vs The Brothers of Destruction is a very huge match with Shawn Michaels returning after a 7 or 8 long years retired, but if I suggest who would win, I say the Brothers of Destruction since HHH won at SSD
  14. I see this match being really good for what it is, Lesnar probably gonna be suplexing everyone, Reigns with the spears and Strowman with the Powerslam, if I had to guess who would win, I would say Reigns as I don't see Strowman getting the title and Lesnar planning on the UFC
  15. The Marker

    NXT October 10th 2018 Discussion

    This NXT is gonna be good, with who attacked Aleister Black, a North American championship on the line, KEITH LEE on the Show and Dream vs Ciampa will be great. P. S I think it was Gargano or Lars who attacked Black

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