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  1. TEW 2016: Ring Of Honor 2018 - New Horizons

    Will Ospreay Matt Taven Jay Lethal So Cal Uncensored as Mystery Tag Team and Winners Motor City Machinegun and Cheeseburger Bullet Club Okada Lita
  2. The Final Touch

    (The Marker goes right up to the portray and rips them apart one by one, into tiny little pieces) Marker: Hhahahahah, Johnny..... You think your mind games mean anything, oh yeah let's be those scary girls in the those horror films where she sings those play schools song. Johnny you are not scaring anyone buddy, play all the mind games as you please, nobody is afraid of you, they pity you for what you doing and FDS, you complain about facing when this your first time defending those titles and you guys think your God's well at Backlash me and Emperor are going to proves yous wrong, come on Jason (Marker and Jason goes upstairs and Marker happens to see matches and a oil container, he asked Jason to put it all over the cabin, so he did and then Marker light it up in flames)
  3. The Final Touch

    (Jason and Marker arrived at Jason's Farm, both smoking a cigarette walking through the grass as the night sky dawned.) https://goo.gl/images/x6tHFu Marker: Is this the place, Jason? Jason: Yeah, this is definitely the place (Both men start moving forwards and Jason reach the handle and takes a peek inside. He goes in and Marker follows, Jason turns on some lights,recembling Christmas lights. Jason goes up a ladder and there he finds lots of Beer and he gives one to The Marker and both of the men chat away while drinking.) A COUPLE HOURS LATER........ (Both men are asleep, knock out from how many drinks they had. Then wind starts blowing heavily and opens the doors with a bang, both men wakes up from there sleep to see a dark figure and starts moving away from. Marker and Jason follows suit after him..... It seems like there running for hours, days on end until up ahead they see a cabin. The dark figure goes inside and locks it, Marker busts in and the dark figure is no where to be seen, Marker and Jason look around to see for him, both men confused, until accidentally Jason pushed a hidden door that had stairs and Jason went down and Marker followed, the stairs went down to somewhat of a cult praying to the Tag Team Championship) https://goo.gl/images/kGkSSA https://goo.gl/images/g8eWtj
  4. TEW 2016: WWE | A New Chapter

    Jason Jordan Kassius Ohno Sami and Kevin Nia Jax The Usos Seth Rollins Brock Lesnar=8 mins Roman Reigns Heel Turn: Randy Orton Returns: Dean Ambrose
  5. TEW 2016: WWE | A New Chapter

    Wondering what going to happen on the PPV?
  6. TEW 2016: Ring Of Honor 2018 - New Horizons

    Savoy King Tenile and Leon So Cal Uncensored So Cal Uncensored
  7. Superstar ShakeUp Predictions

    RAW: Becky Lynch The Usos Ziggler Riott Squad Baron Corbin Smackdown: The Club(and Balor) Bayley Absolution The Miz NXT Call Up: Kassius Ohno Lars Sullivan
  8. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Angel Williams & Courtney Rush Silvie Sliver Candice LeRae
  9. TEW 2016: Ring Of Honor 2018 - New Horizons

    This looks very promising so far Summer, with Bully Ray being Head Booker of ROH instead of Delirious, but I think Bully can definitely do it since he been in the business for a long time Hope this becomes great!
  10. The Warehouse

    (The Marker starts Laughing his ass off over this and now he begins talking) Marker: HAHAAHAHAH, that so funny, these Jobbers think that they can stand up on their two feet and come out and disrespect us, that not how it works. Storm, Storm, Storm we have only face once in a Triple Threat Match at BPZMania. I think you lose some brain cells when you fell from the Hell in a Cell man, but seriously what makes you think that you and your buddy can win this match?. I mean your only matches I can remember is losing to Julius for The NXT title, granted I lose against him, but I realize that I need a partner to help me. When you saw this happening you decided to jump on the band wagon and find yourself a partner. I have to feel pity for your partner for getting him into this mess in the first place because when the time comes we are going to beat the soul out of both of yous to the point you can't get back into your bodies. So when Backlash rolls around you guys and Ruin will be laying on the floor, knock out and you guys get in the Back Storm and your buddy and will start crying over it and try to get another shot and we will beat again, again and again. (The Video cut off completely)
  11. Bart's PPV reviews

    Extreme Rules 2009 NXT Takeover New Orleans Royal Rumble 2010
  12. TEW 2016: Career Simulator Version 2.0

    Drago "Fuego" Alamando 7/8/1997 Andrade Cien Almas Male Mexico English,Spanish Base in: Any Tone Super Lightweight 5,10 Moveset: Andrade Cien Almas Heel Luchador, Finisher: Shining Wizard, Full Nelson Facebuster Mask
  13. If that the true, that would be cool for Lesnar to have a challenge Since Goldberg A two years ago and I think he needs it badly
  14. Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday man, hope you have a good day with your family
  15. BPZ Predictions League

    WOKEN Matt Hardy Bayley Alexander Reigns RUSEV DAY Nia Jax Seth Rollins Kurt and Rounda Nakamura Asuka Braun Strowman and ??? The Bludgeon Brothers Owens and Zayn Braun's partner: Elias How long Universal: 13mins No Yes No Yes Taker

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