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  1. 0-2...This is what I came back to this company for...Busted my ass for years to get here, stepped up against Flynn when nobody else was man enough, became the man with the most NXT and US title reigns in history...All of that, just to be at the same level as Ark. Realistically, I'm already eliminated from Survival Games. I've done the math, and the odds aren't in my favor anymore...This tournament's out of my hands. The pressure was on, and just like SummerSlam, I cracked under it. Any other man might look at this and see who his next opponents are. KENJI and Alex left, two of my three br
  2. Meko750 (Raven)


    Just before the next round of the Survival Games tournament, we cut to Raven, currently 0-1 in his block. Raven and opponent Nate both enter in dire territory, as a loss here almost certainly spells elimination from Survival Games. Raven is seen sitting in the corner of a room, his head down, but his words come through clear as day. As good as you'll ever be, Nate... As good as you'll ever be... A man who rarely shows up to work is as good as he'll ever be? A man who was an alternate for Survival Games is as good as he'll ever be? A man who spends more time on the sidelines tha
  3. Tomando Vuelo Ilja Dragunov VS Tony Nese VS UltraMantis Black VS Crazzy Steve VS Chavo Guerrero VS Mascarita Sagrada VS Paul London VS Brian Kendrick (Ladder Match, PWE Cruiserweight Championship) Kicking off Tomando Vuelo, we see an eight man ladder match to determine the first ever PWE Cruiserweight champion. During the match, we would see Paul London and Brian Kendrick incapacitate Mascarita Sagrada, with London demanding Kendrick take Sagrada back to the sacrifice room, Kendrick abandoning the match in the process. We would also see the Night Shift interfere to try helping
  4. Year 2, Month 5, Episode 1 MJF Celebrates Retention Against Lashley After a successful Rey de Trios PPV event, we kick off the next edition of PWE with World Openweight champion, MJF, already in the ring. MJF is flanked by Grogan and Wardlow, and MJF starts by talking about how Lashley has no excuses now that MJF's beaten him one-on-one. MJF would continue showboating for a bit, but before he could contine, we would see the former PWE World Tag Team champions, Sheamus and Cesaro, engaging in a heated brawl throughout the arena. MJF would scream that they're ruining his celebrat
  5. Name (First And Last): Raven Regal Height: 5'8" Weight: 180 Lbs Age (20-24): 21 College: UNC Charlotte Jersey Number: 64 Defensive Linemen: Speed Rusher
  6. A few hours before Survival of the Fittest, we see the cameras catch sight of Raven, one of the six men in the Carnage side of the Survival Games bracket. This is the first time he's appeared in a BPZ arena since losing his chance at becoming North American champion at SummerSlam. However, the cameras can't keep up with him for too long, as he immediately ducks into a nearby bathroom. Interviewers and cameramen begin to furiously bang on the door, trying to ask him questions, but he refuses to open it. Instead, the only thing we hear is him dialing a phone number. As the person on the other en
  7. Before our go-home edition of Carnage, we see a video posted on the BPZ Neccework. The video catches sight of Raven, holding a plane ticket, with the destination marked "Leeds, England." Raven's wearing sunglasses and a hat, holding a briefcase and wearing a massive backpack, appearing to be incognito for this trip to his hometown. He's located in a downtrodden suburb, and his eyes catch sight of an old, run-down house. The windows are smashed out and it doesn't look like anyone's lived there in years, but Raven walks up to the front door regardless. Alright, Chef...It's been a whi
  8. Just like last week, glad I watched Impact tonight instead of NXT. Fantastic match between the Rascalz and the Guns for the tag titles, once again showing why the Guns are one of the all time greatest tag teams. Tommy Dreamer fighting to avenge Eddie Edwards was a great touch given their massive amount of history in Impact, and seeing Rich Swann return was nice. From the looks of it, it appears the leaked Bound for Glory card was accurate, and Young VS Swann for the world title should be a fantastic match. Also loved the Bey/TJP match, continuing the story of Rohit Raju being the master manipu
  9. All teams have been submitted, the tournament may now begin in earnest! The blocks for this season will be... Block A Gwyn (Dark) Sheridan (Fairy) Meko (Grass) Flynn (Ground) Arius (Water) Epic (Steel) Prince (Ice) Mecko (Psychic) Aaron (Fighting) Week 1 Flynn vs Sheridan Arius vs Meko Epic vs Fighting Prince vs Mecko Bye: Gwyn Week 2 Aaron vs Prince Meko vs Epic Sheridan vs Arius Gwyn vs Flynn Bye: Mecko Week 3 Arius vs Gwyn Epic vs Sheridan
  10. Whimsicott Shiftry Rillaboom Venusaur Ferrothorn Rotom-Mow Appletun Virizion
  11. After this week's edition of Carnage where Bailey scored a hard fought victory over Ace Arrow and the Survival Games blocks were announced, we see a video posted on the BPZ Neccework. The video sees a dimly lit room with a man sitting in the corner of it. His head is tilted downwards, but it's clear that the sight is that of Raven, who came up short at SummerSlam in his quest to become North American champion. Also in the room is the same mirror we saw in a promo of his before, a desk with a drawer on the opposite side of the room, and Raven's phone seated next to him. Finally, to break the si
  12. PWE Rey de Trios Ohio Versus Everything VS The Kingdom (c) (PWE Trios Championships) Kicking off this Rey de Trios PPV, we see the winners of the inaugural Rey de Trios tournament, Jake Crist, Madman Fulton and Leon Scott of oVe, do battle with Matt Taven, TK O'Ryan and Vinny Marseglia of The Kingdom. Conspicuous by their absence is Mike and Maria Kanellis Bennett, with both of them having been laid out by brutal attacks from oVe leader Sami Callihan. In a hot opener, oVe would make good on their tournament victory, putting TK O'Ryan away with an Irish Air Raid and scoring the
  13. Year 2, Month 4, Minor Episode 1 Los Parks VS Kowloon Krew (Rey de Trios Opening Round) The first minor show in PWE history sees the first two matches of the PWE Rey de Trios tournament. The first of these two matches sees the legendary Park family of LA Park, El Hijo de LA Park and LA Park Jr do battle with the debuting Kowloon Krew of Ho Ho Lun, Tian Bing and Yifeng, accompanied by Jimmy Yang. In a good bout, LA Park would score the victory for his family, putting Yifeng away with a Spear. With this victory, Los Parks will now face the winners of MexiSquad VS Desi Hit Squad i

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