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  1. Local As Domino starts his company, he realizes his most important goal right now is to create financial stability. As such, Domino starts by creating an alliance known as "The Uprising." Domino forms this alliance with every company from local to regional that will agree to join, where talent trades are allowed between all members and, most importantly, all money earned by the companies are distributed equally to each company, ensuring Domino will receive some sort of financial influx every month. . Roster Now with his finances a bit more secured, Domino opts to begin signing talent. He chooses to only hire four stars, as he only needs to have two matches in a show to appeal to his audience. Domino elects to hire the four youngest, cheapest wrestlers he can find, already based in Mexico. Though they are untested, they have enough talent to produce matches that will increase Lucha Underground's popularity, and they have all the potential in the world to be integral members of the brand for years to come. Martyr Samael the Accuser Screamer Velvet Suarez . For the next eight months, Lucha Underground would showcase matches only involving these four stars, with the referee duties filled by whatever competitor isn't competing that night. The two faces are Velvet and Samael, while Martyr and Screamer act as the heels. It's amateurish, but it's cheap and it gets the word out about the company little by little, increasing the popularity and ability of these four wrestlers with every passing show. Although Domino's months would start off in the red, after having Lucha Underground take a month-long hiatus in March, the company would begin to see profit, consistently making an income all the way up to Week 2 of August. Rather than running shows in front of a handful of people, Lucha Underground would consistently be able to fill Bar Juarez, an arena of 300 people. By Week 2 of August, Lucha Underground makes the first big leap, officially raising to Small. However, this increase comes with a small caveat. Now that Lucha Underground attracts a wider audience than ever before, Domino can't afford to only run shows with his four competitors. Not only that, but Lucha Underground must now face the threat of regional battles, which they will unquestionably lose each month and harm their popularity gains more. Furthermore, Lucha Underground will have to increase their production values, forcing them to pay even more money to maintain a proper image. How will Domino combat these new restrictions on his company?
  2. AJ Lesnar Rollins ??? (The Revival) Bayley Wyatt Ryder Paige Enzo and Cass The Miz Cesaro
  3. In 2016, wrestling in the CornellVerse is booming. Juggernaut companies such as United States Pro Wrestling, South of the Border Pro Wrestling and Pride Glory Honor Wrestling rule the roost, with wrestling never more prevalent and far-reaching than it is now. However, there is one man by the name of Domino who looks to shake the foundations of the wrestling industry to its very core. The man formerly known as Mr. MPWF, the company he once owned that was forced to shut down in 2014, looks to try once again at making a successful wrestling company, and at the beginning of 2016, Domino finally decided to open his new wrestling promotion: Lucha Underground. Will Domino succeed in his goal to create the largest wrestling promotion in the world, or will he taste the bitter taste of failure once more? . Domino . Note: The 0000 Challenge is where you begin with no money, no popularity, no prestige and no momentum, basically making it a harder version of a Local to Global. However, the best way to begin this challenge is basically the same, so I'll mostly refer to it as a Local to Global for simplicity's sake. I also won't give a rundown of every single show, as this will basically just be a highlight of the journey from Local to Global. I know the CornellVerse is one that many aren't familiar with, but I hope to make it entertaining for anyone who chooses to follow along. I'm also very open to suggestions with this, as it's basically a blank slate mod we can do pretty much anything with.
  4. Mono-Normal team: Lopunny-Mega Chansey Porygon2 Staraptor Meloetta Ditto Subs: Farfetch’d Smeargle
  5. Money in the Bank Elimination Chamber Hell in a Cell Ladder Last Man Standing TLC 2 out of 3 falls Steel Cage Singles Lumberjack Street Fight Buried Alive
  6. Steve Cloud Kasumi Ezio Sora Marth Kirby Jin Scorpion Ryu Samus Snake Ratchet Spyro Pac-Man Clementine Falcon Doomguy Simon Agent 47 Jill Dante Nathan Drake Banjo Sackboy Frank West Morrigan Mai Mario Link Marcus Fenix GLaDOS
  7. Flash. Speed like that is hard to beat.
  8. Rock Steenerico Christian Tenille Hooded Guy Edge
  9. It’s not comic Harley, so Oliver definitely takes it.
  10. Jinder Mahal is one of the funniest comedy guys WWE has ever employed. When he’s actually allowed to be funny, he’s such a delight.
  11. However, Maasa is greeted by a response he wasn't expecting. Mikey and Maasa stare each other down for a few seconds, but they both notice the sight of the NXT champion, Raven, enter the scene. The cameraman sees Raven and backs away a bit, both to get all three men in frame and because he's aware of what Raven does to cameramen. Raven clutches the NXT championship tightly in his grip, and both the other men's eyes are drawn to the allure of the gold. How adorable. The little wretches of the NXT division, desperately trying to prove their worth. Maasa acting like he has any right to criticize a man for being relevant, and Mikey acting like being on an even playing field with me will make any difference. First, Maasa, let me begin with you. Last time we interacted, you got a lucky shot in. I'm man enough to admit that, you caught me off guard and I suffered for it. But there will be no such luck at King of the Ring. While you toiled away in your little hovel after SSW Club, I rose to greater heights than ever before. I earned this championship by being the best in the division. I snuffed out the meteoric rise of Bob Sparks and broke KENJI's heart once more. You are merely a blip on my radar. Nobody has anything to prove to you, Maasa. You and Mikey have everything to prove to me. Raven then turns his sights to the man who initially called him out. And as for you, Mikey...I was supposed to be training for my tag team match alongside Alex, but I just couldn't help but see how the competition did against one of my demons in Julius. Turns out, you fared about as well as I did. You fell. Again. And you have the gall to believe that things will go any differently at King of the Ring? It's cute how you pretend to not know my name, but "Dikey," we both know you're fully aware of what I'm capable of. If I can beat Bob Sparks, what chance do you stand? Raven then backs up and addresses both men at once, as well as all his challengers. It's irritating, honestly...You two only challenge for NXT when I rule the roost. You two and James Hunter enter the scene because you see me as easy pickings, but I've toiled away in this company for months honing my craft, bettering myself, and proving that nobody deserves this championship more than me. I'm nobody's stepping stool, and at King of the Ring, you two wretches will become just another set of names in my list of victims. Raven then raises the NXT championship high above his head, right in the faces of his challengers, and he waits to see how they respond.
  12. Name: Raven “Birdman” Grayson Height: 5’8” Weight: 170 pounds Personality: Reserved, tries to hide general nerves Walk out music: Pentagon Dark Lucha Underground theme Fighting style: Primarily a striker, black belt in karate Appearance: Short black hair, blue eyes, short beard and mustache From: Dallas, North Carolina

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