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  1. Man, what an ending. Little backstory for myself, but I didn’t start watching NJPW until the BOSJ of last year, and from then to now, I’ve had a massive love-hate relationship with EVIL. He was my least favorite LIJ member this time last year, and I’ve grown to appreciate him so much as I’ve seen more of his work, to the point where he had become my favorite LIJ member, no question. Obviously, I was rooting for him to beat Okada hard here, and I know I wasn’t alone. A lot of NJPW fans saw this match as one Okada didn’t need to win and EVIL became the de facto face because of it. EVIL was hot, him beating SANADA was surprising, and the prospect of a Naito/EVIL match was fresh and enticing. The fact that EVIL turned at the height of his popularity and joined Bullet Club, despite being a founding member of LIJ, was always gonna be shocking, but the fact that the did it when NJPW did so much to heat him up during the NJC made it even more impactful. On the other hand, the turn makes so much sense. With White and KENTA stuck in America, Bullet Club needs a top heavyweight, and with LIJ basically being faces at this point, EVIL doesn’t really fit in anymore. With this turn, they’ve made EVIL a massive deal, made Bullet Club hot again and made a Naito/EVIL match way more interesting than it already was. Absolutely brilliant stuff.
  2. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs John Morrison Liv Morgan vs Ruby Riott Bobby Lashley vs Humberto Carillo WWE Championship Match: Drew Mcintyre (C) vs Randy Orton Women's MITB Ladder Match: Asuka vs Billie Kay vs Peyton Royce vs Lacey Evans vs Naomi vs Sasha Banks Sheamus vs Jeff Hardy Loser's Leave Smackdown Match: Otis & Mandy Rose vs Dolph Ziggler & Sonya Deville United States Championship Match: Andrade (C) vs Austin Theory Smackdown Womens Championship Match: Bayley (C) vs Dana Brooke Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens W/ Rey Mysterio Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: New Day (C) vs The Usos Intercontinental Championship Match: Sami Zayn (C) vs Chad Gable RAW Women's Championship Match: Becky Lynch (C) vs Kairi Sane Men's MITB Ladder Match: Angel Garza vs Cesaro vs Drew Gulak vs Apollo Crews vs The Miz vs Buddy Murphy Universal Title Match: Roman Reigns (C) vs Braun Strowman
  3. Name (with nickname is character has one): Meko (Nickname: Sailor) Gender (Male or Female): Female General Physical Description: Sailor Moon, basically Role (Camper or Staff): Camper If Camper how many years you been at camp (1-4): 1 Interests: Anime, video games, cosplay Biggest Fear: Loneliness Why are you coming to camp? (backstory): Meko's an awkward girl who struggles to fit in at every school she goes to. However, her parents saw how reclusive she's been and decided to send her to camp, with the intent on helping her break that shell. What should the name of the Summer Camp be? CampPlayz
  4. Friday Night SmackDown (April 16, 2010) With four weeks left to go before Judgment Day, tonight's SmackDown will see the remaining two quarter final matches in the tournament to decide Chris Jericho's next challenger, with Kane VS Christian set to kick off the show, and Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre VS the Undertaker set to main event. Kane VS Christian (WHC NOC Tournament Quarter-Finals) Kicking off this show, we see Kane and Christian face off, with both men looking to earn their first ever World Heavyweight championships by winning this tournament and going on to face Chris Jericho at Judgment Day. Ultimately, Christian would score the victory, putting away Kane with a Killswitch and moving on to the next round, now set to face Sheamus next week. Lance Archer Promises Destruction is Coming SmackDown then cuts backstage to the newly re-debuted Lance Archer, who gloats about his decisive victory over former World Heavyweight champion The Great Khali last week. Archer says that SmackDown made a big mistake in waiting to draft him last, because now, everyone on SmackDown will suffer his wrath for their lack of faith in the big man. World's Greatest Tag Team VS Goldust/The Great Khali Our next match sees the World Tag Team champions, the World's Greatest Tag Team, take on the newly formed duo of Goldust and The Great Khali, coming together in response to Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas' pleas for some proper competition in the tag team division. In a decent match, the tag champs would score the victory after a Paydirt to Goldust. After the match, Shelton and Haas would thank Khali and Goldust, and he hopes that more men will follow their lead and help Shelton and Haas bring the tag division back to life on SmackDown. The Undertaker Promo on Tonight's Main Event Next, we see the Undertaker, discussing what he will do to Drew McIntyre in tonight's main event. Taker says that McIntyre is an incredible specimen of a man, but no man is above death, or The Undertaker, as he proved against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania. Taker then says that he will take back his position as the top guy in the WWE after he puts Drew down and takes his championship back from Chris Jericho. LayCool VS Naomi/Aksana Next, we see the debuts of Naomi and Aksana, taking on Women's champion Michelle McCool and Layla. In a decent showing from the newbies, the experienced tandem would score the victory, with Michelle McCool putting Naomi away with a Faith Breaker. After the match, we would see LayCool attack the newbies, but they would be run off by Beth Phoenix. Drew McIntyre Promises to Slay the Deadman Finally, before tonight's main event, we see the Intercontinental champion, Drew McIntyre. Drew says that he's spent years hearing about how The Undertaker is some unstoppable force, but he has no fear against a fake mortician with eye liner. McIntyre promises that he will bury the Deadman tonight and become double champion at Judgment Day. The Undertaker VS Drew McIntyre (WHC NOC Tournament Quarter-Finals) Tonight's main event sees The Undertaker do battle with the Intercontinental champion, Drew McIntyre. In a great match, Drew would give an impressive showing, but Taker would just be too much for the rookie, putting away The Chosen One with a Tombstone Piledriver. With this, The Undertaker will face Edge next week in the semi-finals of the tournament to decide Chris Jericho's challenger at Judgment Day. SmackDown ends with The Undertaker celebrating, with his sights set firmly on getting back to the top of the mountain. Backlash Card Batista VS John Cena (c) (WWE Championship, I Quit match) Cryme Tyme VS The Straight Edge Society (c) (WWE Tag Team championships) The Miz VS Big Show (c) (United States championship) Mickie James VS Maryse (c) (Divas championship) John Morrison/R-Truth VS The Colons Rey Mysterio VS Randy Orton The Bella Twins/Serena/Melina VS AJ Lee/Kaitlyn/Eve Torres/Kelly Kelly Kofi Kingston VS Evan Bourne VS William Regal VS Vladimir Kozlov VS Chris Masters VS Zack Ryder VS Trent Barreta VS Caylen Croft VS Santino Marella VS Yoshi Tatsu (WWE Championship number one contender's battle royal)
  5. NWA Powerrr (August 18, 2020) Matt Cardona VS Zicky Dice This edition of Powerrr kicks off with former NWA Television champion, Zicky Dice, facing Matt Cardona. In a good bout, Cardona would score the victory, putting away Dice with a Rough Rider. After the match, Cardona would be attacked by DOC Gallows and Karl Anderson, but the Good Brothers would be run off by the returning Eddie Kingston and Homicide, the first appearance of Outlaw Inc since the Crockett Cup. Aron Stevens Renounces his Black Belt NWA then sees a video package of National champion Aron Stevens, who claims that he will be returning to his prior career as a thespian. He says that he wasted enough time on the sham that was Mongrovian Karate, and he only bought into it as a way to get The Question Mark on his side. Now, The Question Mark has outlived his usefulness, and Stevens is ready to move forward with his career as a thespian and as the NWA National champion. However, if The Question Mark really wants to take Stevens on, he will face him at Great Balls of Fire, but only with the stipulation that the match be Mask VS Title. Rockstar Spud/Ethan Carter III VS The Wasteland Our next match sees The Wasteland do battle with Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III, making their NWA Powerrr debuts. In a good bout, The Wasteland would score the victory with a Fall of Man over Spud, continuing their recent streak of momentum. May Valentine Attempts to Talk Sense into Royce Isaacs Next, we see another update from May Valentine, who talks about her recent issues with Royce Isaacs and Sal Rinauro. Valentine talks about begging Isaacs to get past his issues with Rinauro, because Valentine promises that he's just a friend, but May claims that Isaacs simply won't listen to her. Valentine says she's scared of what Royce is gonna do to Sal if he doesn't come to his senses. Alexander Rusev VS CW Anderson Next, we see Alexander Rusev do battle with CW Anderson. In an incredibly quick and decisive match, Rusev would score the win, forcing Anderson to submit to the Camel Clutch. After the match, Rusev would refuse to let go of the hold, keeping Anderson locked in the Camel Clutch. Anderson's tag partner, Caleb Konley, would run out to make the save, but he would be leveled by a Superkick for his troubles. Rusev would then stack Konley on top of Anderson and lock both of them in a Camel Clutch at the same time. Finally, Tim Storm would run out with a steel chair in hand to make the save, and this is enough to chase away the monster that is Alexander Rusev. The Revolt Sends a Message Before tonight's main event, we see the NWA World Tag Team champions, James Storm and Eli Drake. Storm and Drake talk about the Crockett Cup and The Revolt's impressive victory, but they claim that The Revolt only won that tournament because Storm and Drake weren't involved. Before they could continue, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler would attack both men from behind, and after leveling Drake with a Shatter Machine, they would target James Storm two on one. The assault would end with a vicious chop block to Storm's knee, and an inverted figure four on the injured knee of the former National champion. Drake would finally recover enough to chase off The Revolt, but the damage would already be done, and Drake would have to help walk Storm to the back. Strictly Business VS Heath Miller/???/??? Finally, tonight's main event sees Heath Miller take on Strictly Business, with the caveat that if his team wins, he will receive an opportunity at the NWA Worlds Heavyweight championship. After Strictly Business and Heath Miller make their respective entrances, Miller's tag partners would reveal themselves to be... Matt Cross and Joe Hennig! We see the return of Matt Cross and the NWA Powerrr debut of the son of Curt Hennig! In a fantastic main event, we would see Heath Miller's team score the victory, with Joe Hennig putting away Thom Latimer after a Perfect-Plex and earning his Crockett Cup tag partner an NWA Worlds Heavyweight championship opportunity. Powerrr would end with Miller, Hennig and Cross celebrating their victory, with Miller now having a Worlds Championship match set for Great Balls of Fire.
  6. Monday Night RAW (April 12, 2010) Tonight, we see the go-home show for RAW before Backlash, with one final push to the PPV set for tonight. The Backlash card is set to be finalized tonight, but kicking off the show, we see Yoshi Tatsu look to get revenge on The Miz for his attack last week. The Miz VS Yoshi Tatsu In a decent match, The Miz would pick up the victory over Yoshi Tatsu after a Skull Crushing Finale. After the match, he would wait for Yoshi Tatsu to slowly stand up before leveling him with a stiff right hand, a clear message sent to Miz's former partner, the Big Show, ahead of Backlash. Rey Mysterio Responds to Randy Orton After Orton's attack on Rey Mysterio following their tag match with Legacy two weeks ago, Orton laid down a challenge to Rey Mysterio last week to face him in a grudge match at Backlash. Rey Mysterio would respond tonight, stating that he was hoping to help Orton deal with his issues against Legacy in hopes that Orton would help him take care of the Straight Edge Society in return, but Rey came up short and he accepts responsibility for that. However, Orton crossed a line by taking out his anger on a man who was merely trying to put their past behind them and help him. Now, Rey Mysterio's ready to channel that dormant anger he's felt at Orton one more time and let it out at Backlash. JTG VS CM Punk Next, we see a preview match for Cryme Tyme VS the Straight Edge Society at Backlash, as JTG does battle with former World champion, CM Punk. In a good match, Punk would score a decisive victory, putting away JTG with a Go To Sleep. After the match, Punk and Gallows would double team JTG, but Shad would grab a chair from under the ring and chase off the WWE Tag Team champions. Batista Challenges Cena to One More Match Next, we cut backstage to Batista, who announces that he will be using his rematch clause against Cena at Backlash. However, Batista doesn't merely want another match. Batista wants the opportunity to make Cena squeal. Batista wants to break Cena apart and force him to do the one thing he's sworn to never do. Give up. Batista officially lays down the challenge to an I Quit match at Backlash for the WWE Championship. The Colons VS The Dudebusters Our next match sees Carlito and Primo do battle with Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft. Ultimately, The Colons would score a decisive victory, with Carlito putting away Croft after a Backstabber. After the match, we would see The Colons taunt John Morrison and R-Truth for their loss at WrestleMania, claiming that they could never have the success of a real tag team like The Colons. Roddy Piper Makes Massive Announcements Finally, before tonight's main event, we see RAW GM Roddy Piper, who announces the rest of the Backlash card, making the I Quit match between Batista and John Cena for the WWE championship official, announcing The Colons VS R-Truth and John Morrison, and adding an eight-woman tag match between the eight women not competing for the WWE Divas Championship. Piper also announces that the next RAW PPV will be a co-brand effort at the first ever Money in the Bank PPV event, and he wants a completely new and fresh match at the event. As such, he announces that no matter who wins, this Batista VS John Cena match will not happen again at Money in the Bank, and Piper declares that there will be a 10 man battle royal at Backlash to determine the next challenger. Batista VS Kofi Kingston Finally, tonight's main event sees the former WWE champion, Batista, take on Kofi Kingston, one of the 10 men involved in the WWE championship number one contender's battle royal at Backlash. In a great match, Kofi would come close to victory, but Batista would just be too much for him, putting away Kofi with a Batista Bomb. RAW ends with Batista celebrating his victory, getting one last burst of momentum before his final WWE championship match with John Cena at Backlash.
  7. I took a hiatus from the forums for a few months after BPZ Mania V, and figuring out how to justify it in kayfabe took some time, but I’m so proud of how this promo turned out. It expressed the new direction my character would be taking, it justified why Raven walked out and came back, and it justified why I was given a Universal title match. Definitely my best work so far.
  8. NXT Semi-Finals/Finals South Wales Subculture VS Imperium Our first match sees who will go to the NXT finals representing NXT UK, as the former NXT UK Tag Team champions South Wales Subculture do battle with Imperium. In a great match, Imperium would score the victory, putting away Flash Morgan Webster with a Powerbomb/European Uppercut combination and punching their ticket to the finals. Undisputed Era VS Broserweights Next, we see the newly formed tandem of the Broserweights do battle with Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly of the Undisputed Era. In a fantastic match, Pete Dunne would make it two for two, putting away Bobby Fish with the Bitter End and bringing the unlikely duo of Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne to the NXT finals, representing NXT against NXT UK's Imperium. Imperium VS Broserweights Finally, we have NXT VS NXT UK in the finals of the NXT bracket, as the Broserweights do battle with Imperium. Ultimately, Riddle and Dunne's Cinderella story would end here, with Riddle falling to a Powerbomb/European Uppercut combination. Imperium has won the NXT bracket, and they will now face the winners of the WWE bracket in the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Classic finals.
  9. Meko750 (Raven)


    After hearing Alex's words, Raven takes the stand, and he removes his sunglasses before he begins speaking his piece. You know, leaving the company wasn't an easy decision for me. Turning my back on the people who saw the obvious talent and potential I had and stepping away...It felt like a piece of me was taken. But the reality is, all my years of being a wrestler, I've had pieces taken from me. I've had my passion slowly whittled down. Whether it's being told that I wasn't good enough to build a company around, I was too old to get behind, I didn't have the right look, I didn't connect with the fans...In only a year with this company, I've proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that none of it was true. But that still wasn't good enough. When I walked out, I did so with full intentions on never entering a wrestling ring again. But one man approached me. One man saw that I was at my lowest point, and he talked some sense into me. He assured me that I wasn't alone. That man stands right beside me in Alex Costa. As Raven says this, he smacks his stablemate on the shoulder before continuing. Alex was the first person to approach me after things fell out. Even after our war last year, even after I cost him his chance at becoming United States champion...Alex was there for me. Because that's what a friend does. That's what a brother does. And a real brotherhood isn't merely forged in battling side by side. A real brotherhood comes from being pitted against each other, being forced to hurt each other, and coming out of it stronger than before. Alex told me that he was in talks with FD after the dissolution of Bulletproof, and he gave me a pitch. A group of men, with all the love and support of the crowd, but none of the backing of the machine behind the curtain. Men with nothing left to prove, but with everything to take. And in reality, all the benefits that Brenden gave me when I re-signed were merely the cherries on top. Standing side by side with two men as talented, as capable and as dangerous as FD and Alex...That's the spark I needed to rekindle my dying passion. Now, after me and Alex embarrass Buddy Ace and Prince in King of the Ring, we're set to have a collision course. But FD-Gun is different than other stables. We know the value of testing ourselves. We know the value of facing the best the industry has to offer. We're different because we know what other groups who are scared to enter the battlefield against one another seem to forget. Iron sharpens iron. In our battle last year, FD brought out the vigor I needed to become the Meatcastle you see today. And I have no issues doing it one more time against my greatest pupil, Alex. Ichiban means number one, and the only was we can truly achieve Ichiban is by testing ourselves against the best wrestlers in the goddamn world. And as far as I'm concerned, that's these three men you see before you. After Raven says this, he backs away and gives FD the stand one more time.
  10. IMPACT Wrestling (May 5th, 2020) LAX VS Desi Hit Squad Kicking off this show, we see the newest incarnation of LAX, Daga and Hernandez, do battle with Rohit Raju and Raj Singh of the Desi Hit Squad. In a good match, Hernandez would score the win with a Border Toss to Raj, giving this version of LAX a win in their debut. Tommy Dreamer and Rhino Regroup Next, we cut backstage to Tommy Dreamer and Rhino, discussing the new "Hardcore Legends" that have invaded Impact. Dreamer and Rhino say that if they want to take care of this threat, they need to even the odds, and the segment ends with Dreamer telling Rhino that he thinks he might know a guy. Michael Elgin VS Trey Our next match sees Michael Elgin take on 1/3 of the Rascalz, Trey. In a great match, Trey would pick up the surprising victory, catchig Elgin with a roll-up after Eddie Edwards distracted Elgin with a kendo stick. After the match, an angry Michael Elgin would accept Edwards' terms to a Loser Leaves Impact match at United We Stand. Ace Austin's Challengers are Revealed Next, we cut to a pre-taped promo with Madison Rayne, announcing who will face Ace Austin in an Ultimate X Match at United We Stand. First, it's announced that Madison Rayne's Locker Room Talk co-host, Johnny Swinger, will face Austin. Then, it's revealed that Chris Bey will be involved. Next, it's revealed that the Impact Wrestling legend Petey Williams will also be involved. The hits would keep coming, as the man who just beat Michael Elgin and Ace Austin's longtime rival, Trey, is revealed to be the fourth challenger. Finally, Rayne announces that the Feast or Fired X-Division championship briefcase holder, Suicide, will be involved as well. With this, the field is set for United We Stand, with Ace Austin VS Johnny Swinger VS Chris Bey VS Petey Williams VS Trey VS Suicide in an Ultimate X Match now made official. Taya Valkyrie VS Tenille Dashwood Next, we see Taya Valkyrie do battle with Tenille Dashwood, with the former looking to build momentum for her match with Jordynne Grace for the Knockout's championship at United We Stand. In a great match, Dashwood would look to have the bout won, but an interference by Rosemary would give Valkyrie the chance to capitalize, hitting Dashwood with the Road to Valhalla and scoring the win. After the match, Rosemary and Taya would attack Dashwood, but Jordynne Grace would run out to make the save. Moose Addresses Tessa Blanchard Before tonight's main event, we see the Impact World champion, Moose, still holding the old TNA World Heavyweight championship. Moose says that if Tessa wants to put her career on the line just for a chance to get destroyed by Moose, that's her decision, and he's more than happy to oblige, because he has no plans on losing this championship any time soon. Willie Mack/Rich Swann VS TJP/Fallah Bahh (Tag Team Championship NOC) Finally, we reach the finals of the tag team championship number one contender's tournament, as Rich Swann and Willie Mack do battle with TJP and Fallah Bahh. In a great match, Swann would score the win for his team, putting away TJP with a 450 Splash. With this, Rich Swann and Willie Mack will face The North at United We Stand for the Impact Tag Team championships.
  11. Important Update First off, this is not dead. Yay. Second, I've decided that with how much harder it is to gain popularity in 2020, a 0000 Challenge is simply not viable in India, or if it is, I'm just not good enough at the game to do it. So as of this moment, I am nixing the 0000 Challenge idea and will be returning to a standard Insignificant to Titanic. This doesn't solve most of the issues (like there still being no referees), but having that 2,500 dollar safety net and starting with popularity is gonna help tremendously. With that being said, it's officially time for attempt number two. Starting off Not gonna go into much detail, basically everything is the same starting off. Still using Kishan Tahil, and I will be signing the same roster as before, since I have the money to afford it in this run. Only thing of difference is the lucky dip I received this time, which looked like this. Very solid Lucky Dip this time, can't complain about this one. First event was pretty decent, hitting a 21, and despite rolling with the AI booking, Kashmir opted to put over Parvin, which I didn't expect at all. Last bit of news for this update, a new signee in the form of Muragan, raising our active roster to 11. First person on the roster to have no experience, but hopefully he's someone worth investing in. In terms of money, only lost 149 dollars this month, which is very nice. If I leave off Kumar Kong for one show, it'll be a money gain instead, so we're in a much better position right now. I think I'll end this update for now, but a standard Insignificant to Titanic is seeming far more viable now, which is very nice.
  12. NXT First Round South Wales Subculture VS Breezango South Wales Subculture VS Breezango: In a fantastic match between two fan favorites, it would be the former NXT UK Tag Team champions pulling out the victory, with Mark Andrews scoring the win after hitting Fandango with Fall to Pieces. Imperium VS Brit-Am Brawlers Our next match is a stiff, hard hitting clash between two teams who are on the cusp of championship success. In a great match, Imperium would score the win after a Powerbomb/European Uppercut combination to Danny Burch. Broserweights VS Grizzled Young Veterans Next, we see the unlikely duo of Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne take on the inaugural NXT Tag Team champions, the Grizzled Young Veterans. In a great match, Dunne would once again get one over on Zack Gibson, putting James Drake away with the Bitter End and scoring the win for the unlikely tandem. Undisputed Era VS Mustache Mountain Finally, we see a rekindling of Undisputed Era and Mustache Mountain's legendary feud, but this time, with Bobby Fish back to team with his partner. In another fantastic match, Undisputed Era would score the victory yet again, putting away Trent Seven with a High-Low and closing out the NXT bracket's opening round.
  13. Men's Superstar of the Year: This one's a toss-up, but I think Moose has really come into his own lately. I'd be surprised if he doesn't get a legitimate world title run in the near future. Women's Superstar of the Year: Feel like Tessa Blanchard's the only option here. Men's Match of the Year: Gonna go with an underrated pick here, Ace Austin VS Willie Mack for the X-Division championship. Mack winning the belt was a legitimate surprise, and it was a great, back and forth match that ended Austin's great title run. Women's Match of the Year: Taya Valkyrie VS Jordynne Grace. Men's Rising Star: Ace Austin for sure. A heavy favorite to become Impact world champion, and only at 23 years old. Women's Rising Star: I know she just joined the company, but Deonna Purrazzo's been getting a lot of love in an extremely short amount of time, and I'll be surprised if she isn't women's champion soon. Best Pay-Per-View: As the only PPV of the year so far, can't really argue against Hard to Kill. Most Memorable Moment: Can't really argue against Tessa Blanchard being the world champion. Best Feud: Ken Shamrock VS Sami Callihan, surprisingly. Best Heel/Face Turn: Rosemary turning and joining Taya's the only one I can think of. Most Extreme Moment: Sami Callihan setting Ken Shamrock on fire. Best Promo: Sami Callihan Biggest Surprise: Willie Mack beating Ace Austin for the X-Division title.
  14. Introductions (NXT/NXT UK side) Undisputed Era: The only ever three-time NXT Tag Team champions, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly say that Undisputed Era needs to win this and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are the top team in wrestling today. Fish and O'Reilly recall how Mustache Mountain beat Strong and O'Reilly for the NXT Tag Team titles, but then they won the titles back and successfully defended in the rematch, and that was when it was Strong and not Fish. Fish and O'Reilly say that they're the favorites to win this because they deserve to be, as no other team in the tournament is worthy of being in the discussion. Mustache Mountain: Trent Seven and Tyler Bate recall their too-brief NXT Tag Team title reign, and they talk about how it was won against the Undisputed Era, and how they lost it to the Undisputed Era, as well as how the team has stagnated since that loss. Now, they finally have a chance for proper redemption, and they need to use this opportunity to become the winners of the Dusty Rhodes Classic. Broserweights: The tossed together team of Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle, Dunne and Riddle claim they came together due to a shared demeanor. Riddle and Dunne don't get nervous, or tense, or stressed out, and that's what puts them above the pack of the other teams in this tournament. the Broserweights promise that they will become the winners of the Dusty Rhodes Classic, and nobody's gonna expect it when they do. Grizzled Young Veterans: Zack Gibson and James Drake claim that as the first ever NXT UK Tag Team champions and as the team that carried the division for months, they have already proven themselves as the best tag team in the world, but now, Gibson has a chance to get some sweet revenge on Pete Dunne, who kept him from becoming United Kingdom champion. Imperium: Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner lament their lack of championship success in WWE so far, but they vow that it changes in this tournament, as this is the perfect chance to prove that Imperium is the top faction in the WWE, and once Barthel and Aichner win the Dusty Rhodes Classic, championship glory awaits them. Brit-Am Brawlers: Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan discuss how they came together as a team, with a shared respect and bond growing from their wars against one another. Burch and Lorcan claim that they've been on the cusp of greatness so many times, and this is their chance to finally make good on it and give themselves the push that they need. South Wales Subculture: Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster recall their NXT UK Tag Team championship victory in Cardiff, becoming the first Welsh champions in WWE history. Andrews and Webster may have plateaued a bit since then, but now, they're ready to finally prove that they are a top level tag team and that their tag title run was more than merely a fluke. Breezango: Finally, we see Tyler Breeze and Fandango. Breeze and Dango discuss their time on the main roster, talking about how they didn't live up to their expectations and as a team, they know they're capable of more. Breeze and Dango see the Dusty Rhodes Classic as a chance to finally establish themselves as the top level tag team they know they are, and they're not gonna let this opportunity get away so easily.
  15. This feud irritates me because it was so good for years, but that last match feels like they threw it away at the finish line. A heated grudge match between two former friends turned bitter enemies, and it ends with Johnny Gargano's wife low-blowing Ciampa. Not only that, but Gargano being a heel and Ciampa being a face by the end of it felt so forced because Ciampa clearly the bad guy for the entire feud. There was the chance of a great, shades of grey story between two men who just can't stop getting in each other's way, and it ended with Gargano being a cartoony heel, Ciampa being a face despite acting the exact same as he did when he was a heel, and Candice LeRae low-blowing Ciampa in what was supposed to be the blowoff of a THREE YEAR FEUD. I was into this rivalry for so long, and they truly jumped the shark when Gargano hit Ciampa with that belt against Cole.

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