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  1. Only if it follows Sam and it’s called Captain Falcon.
  2. Me and @Alex Costa will be forming a tag team.
  3. Smackdown Episode 8 SmackDown opens with SmackDown General Manager, Teddy Long, addressing the actions of the new World Heavyweight champion, Bobby Lashley. Teddy announces that although Lashley attacking an official is looked down upon here in WWE, he will not strip Lashley of his World Heavyweight championship, as the man earned it fair and square. However, he states that if Lashley acts out of line again, there will certainly be punishment forthcoming. He then follows up by stating that if Bobby Lashley doesn't want to be the King of the Ring, he will not force that title on the Destroyer. However, there must be a King of the Ring. Teddy then reluctantly states that if the World Heavyweight champion doesn't want the honor of being King of the Ring, it must go to the next best option, the United States champion. Teddy officially states that as of this moment, the King of the Ring this year is... However, before Teddy can finish his sentence, Chris Masters interrupts, stating that Booker doesn't deserve to be handed anything after cheating to win at Judgment Day. Masters pleads for a rematch with Booker for the United States championship. Teddy thinks this over, and he eventually agrees, stating that the winner of the rematch between Booker T and Chris Masters tonight will not only be the United States champion, but also the King of the Ring. Teddy then follows by stating this match will happen right now! . Chris Masters VS Booker T (United States championship/King of the Ring) As Masters is already in the ring, Booker T enters, still dressed in King of the Ring attire and demanding to be called "King Booker." However, unlike the last few times, this might actually be true if he can win tonight. As Booker enters, he puts a lot of focus on his United States championship, looking to get into the head of Chris Masters. The match begins, and Masters takes the fight to Booker, much like Judgment Day. They have a very similar match to that of last Sunday, but Masters is a bit more prepared tonight. Masters catches Booker T in the Masterlock, and it appears that the match is over. The referee keeps his distance, avoiding dirty tactics from Booker T, and Booker is entirely helpless. However, Booker manages to hold on and the injured ribs of Chris Masters finally give out on the Masterpiece, forcing him to release the hold. As this happens, Booker follows with a quick Scissors Kick and the pin, picking up the victory over Chris Masters. Your winner, and STILL United States champion, as well as your King of the Ring...King Booker! Booker celebrates his victory and the King of the Ring ceremony takes place, with the United States champion front and center. The crowd showers him with boos, believing he didn't deserve this win, but as of this moment, King Booker is the new King of the Ring, as well as United States champion. . SmackDown then cuts backstage to Johnny Nitro talking to Teddy Long, stating that he wants to use one of his title matches tonight. He follows up by stating he wants to challenge for the tag team titles alongside Marcus Cor Von, believing that MVP and Mr. Kennedy are the weakest champions right now and don't deserve their titles. Teddy agrees to Nitro's request, and he makes tonight's main event Johnny Nitro and Marcus Cor Von VS SmackDown's MVP's for the tag team titles. Nitro thanks him and leaves, but he's replaced by new Cruiserweight champion, CM Punk. Punk tells Teddy that he's unhappy with the match he's been placed in and wants to defend his title tonight. Teddy declines, stating that he can't just take away a match from his superstars like that. Punk pleads with Teddy, stating that he wants to have a feature match every week as SmackDown's Cruiserweight champion. Teddy then tells Punk that he'll make the four-way Cruiserweight match up next a number one contender's match, and Punk will be able to defend his title next week, on the condition that he competes in his tag team match he's been given tonight. Punk reluctantly agrees, still visibly upset about having to compete in the match he's been scheduled in tonight, and he leaves Teddy's office. . Rey Mysterio VS Gregory Helms VS Ric Flair VS Chavo Guerrero (Cruiserweight title number one contender's match) Though this was just an exhibition match a few minutes ago, this match between four of the best Cruiserweights on SmackDown now has the added caveat of a match with CM Punk for the Cruiserweight title next week, giving all four men incentive to push harder and try their best to win. However, the close, personal feud of Chavo Guerrero and Gregory Helms gets in the way of success for both men again, as they end up brawling to the back, leaving Ric Flair alone with Rey Mysterio. Though Flair puts up an impressive effort, Rey Mysterio is simply the better man tonight, picking up the victory and earning a rematch with CM Punk next week for the Cruiserweight championship. . Before the next match can begin, SmackDown cuts backstage to a brawl between World Heavyweight champion, Bobby Lashley, and the man he defeated for the title at Judgment Day, Elijah Burke. It is unclear what started this fight, but it's obvious that Lashley is intent on finishing it, tossing Burke around into every object he can find. Officials are able to break up the brawl before it can get too rowdy, but Burke clearly comes away worse for wear. . Snitsky/CM Punk VS The Hardy's The announcers state that this match came as a special request from Snitsky, claiming that he wanted to find a tag team partner that he could win actual championship gold with. He requested a match against the men who came up short this Sunday for the tag team titles, The Hardy's, and he told Teddy to find him a good partner he can find success with. The man that was chosen was CM Punk, and though Snitsky is happy with his partner, CM Punk is still clearly displeased. Though Snitsky and Punk do give a solid effort, The Hardy's show incredible determination to rectify their loss at Sunday, and they are simply too much for the makeshift tandem, with Snitsky falling to an Extreme Combination. Though they came up short Sunday, it's clear The Hardy's are still a cohesive unit and are dedicated to winning tag team gold. . After the match, Teddy Long enters one final time tonight, stating that The Hardy's impressed him once again tonight, running through two incredible superstars in CM Punk and Snitsky. Teddy announces that tonight, he gave Lashley a warning, and after Lashley brawled with Burke earlier tonight, he will receive his punishment, one that involves The Hardy's. In next week's main event, it will be The Hardy's and Elijah Burke against Bobby Lashley and the tag team champions, whoever they may be after tonight's main event. If The Hardy's and Burke win, they will receive another shot at the titles they couldn't win at Judgment Day, and as an added caveat, they will be able to choose the stipulation of the title match. The Hardy's, as well as the audience, are ecstatic at the news, and Teddy wishes them luck. . Johnny Nitro/Marcus Cor Von VS SmackDown's MVP's (Tag team titles) In tonight's main event, a title match with added importance after Teddy Long's last announcement, Johnny Nitro uses one of the four title matches he earned at Judgment Day alongside new friend, Marcus Cor Von, to take the surprising tag team champions, MVP and Mr. Kennedy. Though everyone expected The Hardy's to walk out with the gold, SmackDown's MVP's walked away the victors, and they will now have to defend these titles only five days later. Nitro and Cor Von display an incredible effort, but the surprising chemistry and continuity of the tag team champions in only their fourth ever match is simply too much to overcome, with MVP and Mr. Kennedy picking up the win off of a Player's Boot/Kenton Bomb combination. After their victory, Mr. Kennedy makes the announcement... Your winners of the match, and still the tag team champions...The greatest tag team in the world...SmackDown's MVP's...Montel Vontavious Porter and MIIIIIIIIIIIIIISTAAAAAAAAAAAH KENNEDY! ...Kennedy. As MVP and Kennedy celebrate their victory, they leave the ring and start walking up the entrance ramp, leaving the unsuccessful challengers distraught in the ring. Nitro places his hand on Cor Von's shoulder to offer some encouragement, but Cor Von pushes it away. Nitro tries to calm down his partner again, and he's repaid with a massive spear! Cor Von then pounds the hell out of Nitro while he's down on the mat, ripping into his tag team partner. Cor Von continues the assault until officials are able to enter the ring and break the two men apart. SmackDown closes with Cor Von eyeing the fallen Nitro, his former friend, in satisfaction.
  4. RAW Episode 10 This RAW takes place the night after Extreme Rules, a PPV that saw three new champions crowned, two titles retained, and three vicious Extreme Rules matches. This episode of RAW begins with one of the men who lost an Extreme Rules match, Seth Rollins, in the middle of the ring. Rollins states that his loss at Extreme Rules to Samoa Joe was eye-opening, because it made him realize that he can't simply put his past behind him the way he thought when he beat Triple H at WrestleMania. Rollins states that he has many demons of his past that he needs to overcome, and the first of those is the Money in the Bank ladder match, a match he was unable to win on his own three years prior. He vows to win the match this year on his own and prove that the ladder match he won that earned him his first WWE title was no mere fluke. However, his first step to winning the Money in the Bank is to qualify for the match, which he plans to do against Kevin Owens in tonight's main event. . Alexa Bliss VS Mickie James (Women's Money in the Bank qualifying match) The first match of the evening is an MITB qualifying match between old friends turned rivals in Mickie James and Alexa Bliss. Both women have had a streak of bad luck since coming to RAW, failing to qualify for a women's title and women's tag team title match, but they have an incredible opportunity to turn this fortune around and qualify for the inaugural women's Money in the Bank match, which has been known to completely turn around careers. A bit surprisingly, Alexa Bliss comes up short tonight against the veteran, Mickie James, and Mickie James is the first woman from RAW to qualify for Money in the Bank. . RAW General Manager, Stephanie McMahon, enters next, and she congratulates all the superstars that won their matches at Extreme Rules. She in particular focuses on the victories of the superstars who competed in Extreme Rules matches, stating that Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman and Finn Balor all displayed incredible performances. However, she then somberly follows by stating that Braun Strowman is not cleared to compete for the next few weeks, and very well could miss Money in the Bank, meaning that her original idea of a number one contender's match between him and Samoa Joe will be scrapped. Instead, she officially names Samoa Joe the number one contender for Finn Balor's World Heavyweight championship, and their title match will take place at Money in the Bank. Stephanie then concludes by stating that next week, the RAW tag team champions, The Good Brothers, will learn who their opponents are at Money in the Bank, as all other teams on RAW will compete in a tag team battle royal match for number one contendership. . American Alpha VS No Way Jose/Elias In a bit of a preview for next week's ten-team battle royal, we see American Alpha take on the relatively new duo of Elias and No Way Jose. American Alpha is notable accompanied by Shelton Benjamin, who coaches them and gives them encouragement on the outside as the match plays out. With Benjamin's support, American Alpha is able to run through Jose and Elias, picking up a decisive victory ahead of the number one contender's battle royal next week. . Absolution is seen backstage, celebrating their newly won RAW women's and RAW women's tag team titles. Paige tells Mandy and Sonya that she's counting on them to win the Money in the Bank briefcase so she doesn't have to worry about a surprise cash-in. Before Mandy and Sonya can respond, though, Stephanie McMahon pops in, stating that after Absolution's attack at Extreme Rules, Tamina is not cleared to compete. Stephanie tells them that since they took away her chance at becoming Ms. Money in the Bank, she's taking their opportunity away, too, as Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville will not be given the chance to qualify for Money in the Bank. Absolution is livid at this news, but Stephanie is unwavering, telling them this is what happens when they mess with her plans. . Seth Rollins VS Kevin Owens (Men's Money in the Bank qualifier) Finally, in tonight's main event, we see two of the men who lost their Extreme Rules matches compete for the chance to become Mr. Money in the Bank. Both men are clearly banged up, with Seth having a noticeable limp, and that much is obvious throughout their match. Though both men are slower than usual, they still fight with fire, carried by the prospect of winning the Money in the Bank briefcase. On this night, Seth Rollins would be the better man, picking up the victory over a long-time rival of his. RAW closes with Seth Rollins celebrating, the first man to qualify on the RAW side of Money in the Bank.
  5. After the conclusion of his match with Josh, the cameras are able to catch Raven exiting the arena. Although he has just scored his first ever victory in BPZ, Raven's demeanor is unchanged since the last time the audience has seen him, with his cold, steely-eyed gaze unwavering. Though he is certainly banged up from his match with Josh, he refuses to show any sign of wear and tear. The cameraman pleads with Raven to talk to them, but the enigma ignores them and continues exiting the arena. However, the cameraman is relentless, begging Raven to tell the audience about his next step here in BPZ. "...My next step?" Raven stops dead in his tracks, and turns his haunting gaze directly on the cameraman. He then yanks the camera out of the cameraman's hands, placing his face directly in the lens. The cameraman backs away in fear, leaving Raven to talk directly to the BPZ Universe. "The next step, BPZ Universe, is quite simple! Out there, I dismantled, humiliated, and victimized Josh. Former NXT champion, former Intercontinental champion, world champion contender...He may have been worthy of those accolades years ago, but now, he's no more than a warm body for me to run through. Josh represents everything I can't stand in this company. Men who are complacent with being mediocre, and who only stick around this company because they have tenure. Men who receive opportunities over younger, hungrier talent like myself because they've been here longer. Because they're part of the 'furniture.' The next step, BPZ Universe, is for the enigma of BPZ to throw out some of that old furniture in this disgraceful company. Josh was only the beginning, because BPZ Universe, the next step..." Raven then stops, as his eyes meet with one Alex Costa. Raven gives the cameraman his hardware back and urges him to leave. The cameraman stays for a second, but he catches another glimpse of Raven's eyes and he quickly retreats, leaving the two men in private.
  6. Extreme Rules Match Card Seth Rollins VS Samoa Joe (Extreme Rules match) Extreme Rules kicks off in style with a massive blood match between two rivals, hell-bent on taking each other out for good here on RAW. Seth Rollins enters first to a thunderous pop from the capacity crowd, eyeing the weapons surrounding the ring as he does. Second in is Samoa Joe, the man looking to avenge Triple H's honor by destroying his former protégé. The action starts off hot before the bell can even ring, because while Joe makes his entrance... Suicide Dive from Seth Rollins! Rollins is wasting no time trying to end this rivalry once and for all. As Joe is down, Rollins immediately grabs a kendo stick from ringside and starts wailing on the Samoan Submission Machine. Shot after shot rains down on Joe, with Rollins only stopping with the kendo stick breaking in half over Joe's back. As Joe's back is covered in welts and traces of blood, Rollins begins thinking of what he can do next. His eye then catches sight of a table, and he places the table inside of the ring, looking to use it for later. Unfortunately for Seth, he takes too long with the table, and when he turns his sights back to Joe, he's met with... A steel chair right to the right leg! Though Rollins has managed to recover mostly from his prior knee injury, this chair shot seems to bring all that pain back, and Rollins crumbles to the floor. Joe wastes no time following up, slamming Rollins' leg on the steel steps a few times. Then, while Rollins' leg is still on the steps, Joe grabs the chair and slams it on Rollins' leg again, sandwiching it between the chair and the steel steps. With Rollins writhing in agony, Joe takes a moment to taunt the crowd a bit. As Joe comes back to Rollins, he's hit by an enziguri, but Joe shrugs it off, the move doing much more damage to Seth than Joe. Joe then lifts Rollins on the apron and gives him a massive chop, then rolling the Kingslayer into the ring. Once again, Joe takes a moment to taunt the crowd, giving Rollins the tiniest of windows to recover. As Joe rolls in, though, Rollins blasts him with a desperation... Blackout! Rollins crumbles to the mat in agony after the move, unable to make the cover, and both men are down. However, this gives Rollins just enough time to get some life back into his right leg, and while Joe is down, Rollins takes the opportunity to set up the table in the middle of the ring. As Rollins sets it up, Joe is finally starting to get back up, and Rollins then follows by superkicking Joe, causing Joe to stumble on top of the set-up table. Rollins sees this opportunity and begins to climb the ropes, though the pain in his knee does considerably slow him down. As Rollins reaches the top, Joe is still down on the table, and Rollins attempts an incredible... Phoenix Splash, but Joe rolls out of the way! Rollins crashes and burns right through the table! Joe wastes no time, immediately grabbing Rollins with the Coquina Clutch. Rollins tries to fight, but he's too worn down from the failed Phoenix Splash. Rollins passes out quickly in the hold, forcing the referee to call for the stoppage. The winner of the match, Samoa Joe! Samoa Joe picks up an incredible victory, much to the chagrin of the audience, and Joe celebrates over his fallen foe. Rollins' demons come back to haunt him yet again, and it appears that Samoa Joe has gotten the revenge that Triple H wanted. . Paige VS Bayley VS Sasha Banks (RAW women's title) In the first of five title matches tonight on Extreme Rules, we see three of the best women in the WWE face off for the chance to be RAW women's champion. First in is Bayley to a modest pop from the crowd, looking to reclaim a title she never truly lost. Out next is Sasha Banks, who receives the quietest reaction of the match, and she's looking to not only win the RAW women's title back, but to finally hold it for a considerable length of time. Then, finally, is the recently returned Paige, notably without the rest of Absolution following her, who looks to win a proper women's title on the main roster. The match begins, with Bayley and Sasha immediately working together to go after Paige and eliminate her from the equation. With both other women attacking her, Paige opts to roll out of the ring. However, she's met with a suicide dive from Sasha Banks, causing Paige to tumble into and over the announce tables, taking Paige out of the equation for a bit. After the dive, Bayley rolls Sasha in the ring and goes for a quick pin, which Sasha immediately kicks out of. Sasha stares Bayley down in surprise at her tactic, but Bayley just shrugs. Bayley and Sasha then square off with each other for a bit, now that the third party has been seemingly neutralized. However, they do keep an eye on the announce area, and when Paige recovers, both women immediately go after her again, throwing her into the timekeeper's area. It's clear they want to keep this bout between one another with as few outside distractions as possible. Bayley and Sasha put on a great bout in front of the audience, with Paige seemingly taken out of the equation entirely. However, just as it seems that Sasha Banks has the victory in her sights, taking down Bayley with a Meteora, she's caught by surprise with a... Bayley to Belly! Before Bayley can make the cover, though, Paige runs in and decks her with a massive running knee. Bayley rolls away, and Paige goes for the cover on the downed Sasha Banks, scoring the pinfall. The winner of the match, and NEW RAW Women's champion, Paige! Paige celebrates her victory as Bayley sits on the outside of the ring, dejected at being outsmarted by the Anti-Diva. Paige has capped off an amazing return with a true women's championship now in her grasp, and she looks forward to later tonight, hoping Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville can achieve similar success. . The Bar VS The Good Brothers (RAW tag team titles) Extreme Rules then continues with the two teams that made it to the finals of the RAW tag team titles tournament facing off, as The Bar and The Good Brothers rekindle their feud from earlier this year, where Gallows and Anderson won the RAW tag team titles from Sheamus and Cesaro at Royal Rumble. The match begins hot, with Cesaro kicking things off against Anderson. The two more technically savvy members of the teams put on an impressive display, dazzling the audience early, though as always, they're firmly behind the Swiss Superman. Cesaro and Anderson wrestle for a few minutes before both agreeing to tag in their larger partners, leaving the bruisers of the teams to go at it. Sheamus and Gallows go blow for blow for a bit, but Gallows is able to get the advantage off a distraction from Anderson. As The Good Brothers wear down Sheamus, the crowd surprisingly begins to get behind the former WWE champion. Sheamus fights back against his two opponents, and is able to score enough of an opening to tag in the Swiss Cyborg, Cesaro. Cesaro comes in hot, going after both men with incredible fire and fury, with the audience reacting strongly to the seemingly limitless athlete. Cesaro levels the legal man, Anderson, with a flurry of uppercuts. However, just as Cesaro has him in position for a Neutralizer, Gallows levels Cesaro with a big boot. Sheamus dives in to stop Gallows and takes him out in the process. However, this distracts the referee, who's watching Sheamus and Gallows go after one another. While the referee is distracted, Anderson takes the opportunity to blast Cesaro with a low blow, drawing the ire of the entire WWE universe. Anderson rolls up Cesaro, the referee not seeing the dirty tactic, and he scores the pin. Your winners, and NEW RAW tag team champions, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, the Good Brothers! Gallows and Anderson celebrate their second set of RAW tag team titles, the audience displeased by this outcome. Sheamus and Cesaro sit on the outside of the ring, dissatisfied by the outcome, but they leave together, still unified. Although the Good Brothers came away on top this time, I doubt their issues with The Bar are over quite yet. . Roman Reigns VS Braun Strowman (Extreme Rules match) Up next is the second of three Extreme Rules matches of the evening, as Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman collide in a bout that the arena might not even be able to contain. Braun enters first to a thunderous reaction from the audience, his general destructive habits making him a clear favorite of the crowd. Next up is Roman, who couldn't possibly receive a more opposite reaction, the crowd firmly against the Big Dog. The match begins hot, with Braun ramming into Roman as he's entering the ropes. the bell rings and Braun exits the ring, immediately slamming Roman into the ring post. As Roman lies prone on the ring post, Braun then grabs a chair from under the ring. He tries to hit Roman with the chair, but Roman moves at the last second, causing the chair to collide with the ring post. Braun then turns back to Roman, looking to hit him with the chair again, but Roman punches the chair and hits the chair into Braun's face. Braun drops the chair and is groggy, leaning against the ring post to gather his senses, leading to Roman hitting him with a Superman Punch! As Braun's face collides with the ring post, Roman sees his opportunity, hops on the apron and runs at Braun, leaping off and leveling him with a second Superman Punch! As Braun is down, Roman grabs the chair Braun used earlier and starts leveling him right in the back with the chair. Braun tries to get away, moving over to the ringside barricade. As Braun tries to recover in front of the timekeepers area, Roman backs off. However, he then runs the length of the ring and goes for a spear right into Braun, looking to put him through the barricade! Unfortunately, Braun moves and Roman charges head-first into the barricade, his speed working against him and nearly knocking him out. Braun then lifts Roman's limp body into the ring, following up with a... Running Powerslam! Braun follows with a cover and picks up the quick, but not particularly decisive, victory. The winner of the match, Braun Strowman! However, as Braun celebrates his win, Roman blasts Braun with a steel chair yet again! Roman absolutely decimates the monster among men as the boos rain down upon him, with him soaking the jeers up. Roman knocks Braun out of the ring, and Braun again moves towards the outside ring post to recover. Roman sees this opportunity, wraps Braun's arm around the post, and begins bashing it with a steel chair! Officials come out to break it up, but they can't stop the crazed Samoan. Braun tries to escape again, but he's caught at the ringside steps by a huge dropkick from Roman. Roman then grabs Braun's arm, places it on the steel step, and crushes it with the chair yet again! More officials rush the ring, as well as other RAW superstars, and finally, Roman decides he's satisfied, leaving the arena. Medical personnel tell Braun to come with them, but Braun pushes them away with his functioning arm. Braun leaves the arena, clutching his limp arm, but refusing to accept any help from anyone on his way out, getting an incredibly positive reaction from the crowd in the process. . Dean Ambrose VS Sami Zayn (United States championship) In the simplest match on the card, a title match between a champion wanting to establish himself and a challenger wanting to prove himself, two of the most beloved stars on the roster in Dean Ambrose and Sami Zayn compete, with Ambrose's US title on the line. Sami Zayn enters first, his infectious charisma transferring easily to the capacity crowd. However, his pop is dwarfed by the former WWE champion, Dean Ambrose, the member of the shield who desperately wants to prove himself as the best member of the popular faction. The bout starts off hot, with the two scrappy fighters take no time to size each other up, leveling each other with strikes immediately. Ambrose gets the upper hand, being the bigger man, but Sami is able to use his speed to catch Dean off guard. Zayn catches Ambrose with an arm-drag, causing Dean to roll to the outside. Zayn then follows by trying to hit Dean with a suicide dive, but Ambrose side-steps. Though Zayn recovers, Ambrose levels him with a monstrous clothesline. Ambrose then rolls Zayn into the ring, and Dean goes to the top rope, coming down on Zayn with his signature elbow drop. Ambrose goes for the pin, but Zayn kicks out. Ambrose then pushes Zayn into the turnbuckle, laying into him with strikes and chops. He then runs the length of the ring, looking to hit Zayn with a huge clothesline, but Zayn recovers and counters with a Blue Thunder Bomb! Zayn covers him, but only gets a two. Zayn doesn't stop there, though, using this adrenaline boost to lift the champion and place him in the corner. Zayn then looks to go for a Helluva Kick, but Ambrose sidesteps at the last second. Zayn's kick totally misses and stretches his hamstring, causing him to hold the injured leg. As he does this, Ambrose catches him with a... Dirty Deeds! Ambrose makes the cover, and he gets the victory! The winner of the match, and STILL United States champion, Dean Ambrose! Ambrose celebrates his victory, but he turns his attention to his downed foe, Sami Zayn. He attempts to shake Sami's hand, but Sami pushes it away, walking away in anger. Ambrose shrugs it off and continues celebrating, but the crowd seems concerned about Sami Zayn and how he'll handle yet another huge loss. . Mandy Rose/Sonya Deville VS Nia Jax/Tamina (RAW women's tag team titles) In the second of two women's matches and tag team matches, we see Absolution take on the team of Nia Jax and Tamina. Absolution enters first, this time with Paige in tow, holding her newly won RAW women's championship. Second out is Nia Jax and Tamina, with Nia immediately setting her sights on Paige. Tamina is able to hold her back and tell her to focus on the task, but Nia doesn't take her eyes off Paige throughout their entire entrance. The match begins with Tamina and Mandy Rose, and though Mandy tries to take the fight to Tamina, she's immediately batted away. Mandy tags in Sonya quickly, who fares much better, as though Tamina has the strength advantage, Sonya uses her speed and striking ability to catch her off guard. However, Sonya isn't able to maintain the advantage for long, with Tamina's strength finally catching Sonya, leveling her with a massive shoulder tackle. As this happens, Paige begins to tease Nia Jax some more. Though Nia refuses to take the bait this time, this does catch the referee off guard, who warns Paige to stop or she'll be thrown out. As the referee is distracted, Mandy Rose runs into the ring and rams her full body weight directly into the back of Tamina's knee, felling the much larger athlete. Mandy rolls out before the referee can notice anything, and Sonya follows on this opening her partner has given her, targeting Tamina's leg with strikes and submissions. Sonya and Mandy then use old-fashioned tag team tactics to wear down Tamina, specifically targeting her leg, and Nia Jax is unable to do anything to save her partner. However, an opening arises when the legal participant, Mandy Rose, is pushed into her partner as a desperation move from Tamina. The two members of Absolution are groggy as their heads collide, and this gives Tamina the chance to tag in Nia Jax, who is an absolute house of fire. Nia tosses around Mandy like she weighs nothing, and every time Sonya tries to make the save, she's batted away by Nia. Soon, Nia is able to lay out Mandy with a huge... Leg drop! Nia goes for the pin, but Mandy is barely able to peel her shoulder off the mat at the last second. Nia then sees her partner, Tamina, who is begging to get into the match. Nia obliges and tags her in, with Tamina scaling the turnbuckle, looking for a Superfly Splash. However, Sonya tries to enter the ring, catching both the referee and Nia Jax's attention, and Paige then attacks Tamina's injured leg, weakening her enough for her to fall off the top turnbuckle. Nia sees what Paige is doing and immediately charges after the woman that cost her an opportunity to become RAW women's champion. Paige runs away up the entrance ramp, causing Nia to follow. Unfortunately, this leaves Tamina by herself, and Mandy is able to make the tag to Sonya Deville. Sonya then places Tamina in a heel-hook, and with no partner to make the tag to and no way to escape this move, as well as the excruciating pain her leg has already suffered in this match, Tamina is forced to submit. The winners of the match, and NEW RAW women's tag team champions, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, Absolution! Mandy Rose celebrates for a second, but Sonya keeps her submission locked in. Sonya tells Mandy to get two steel chairs, which she obliges to. Mandy gets the two chairs and re-enters the ring, handing one to Sonya, who has now released the submission. Both women begin utterly destroying Tamina's leg with repeated chair shots. Sonya then tells Mandy to put her chair under Tamina's leg, which Mandy does, and Sonya begins smashing Tamina's leg again, sandwiching her leg between the two steel chairs. Finally, Nia Jax returns to the arena to save her tag team partner, and when she does, Absolution finaly exits the ring. As Nia tries to console her partner, writhing in pain, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are joined again by RAW women's champion, Paige, with all three women celebrating and holding their titles in the air. . Kevin Owens VS Finn Balor (World Heavyweight championship, Extreme Rules match) Finally, in tonight's main event, the third Extreme Rules match and the fifth title match of the night, we see Kevin Owens look to overcome a long-standing rival in the form of Finn Balor. Their issues with one another date all the way back to NXT, as it was Finn Balor who beat Kevin Owens for the NXT title, but they were rekindled two months ago in a fatal four way for the World Heavyweight championship. Finn Balor was able to win that match by pinning Goldberg, in a match that also included Kevin Owens and Brock Lesnar, retiring the WCW legend and being the first World Heavyweight champion in years. Owens blames Balor for that loss, believing he should've been the first World Heavyweight champion of the New Era, but he vows to become the second. Balor believes that Owens was never worthy of being Universal champion in the first place, as he was never able to beat Balor for the title, only winning it due to an injury and subsequent vacation. Owens enters first, fired up and ready to take the fight to the man he could never seem to topple. Out second is Balor, but as expected... Out comes the demon, Finn Balor's alter ego that he only breaks out for necessary and massive occasions. Balor eyes up Owens as he enters, raising the World Heavyweight championship above his head, inciting more anger in the Prizefighter. As Balor enters, Owens chooses to back off and let the champion get his entrance, the first Extreme Rules match of the night to have a proper beginning. The announcer introduces both men, with the audience heavily behind the World Heavyweight champion, though Owens has his fair share of support, as well. The match starts uncharacteristically slow, especially for an Extreme Rules match, as both men take the opportunity to size each other up and do some basic wrestling, looking to gain an early advantage. However, Owens stops this tactic quickly, resorting back to his typical strategy of rolling to the outside, hoping to get into his opponents head. Balor doesn't take the bait, though, as there's no getting into the head of the Demon. Owens realizes this and simply grabs the World Heavyweight title. Owens then decides to try to leave the arena, but as he heads towards the entrance ramp, Balor hits him with a suicide dive! Owens holds onto the title, and as Balor tosses Owens into the ring and enters afterwards, Owens blasts him in the face with his own championship. Owens goes for an early cover, but Balor kicks out, not going to be felled so easily. Owens now has the advantage, and seeing his downed opponent, he exits the ring again. He then pulls out as many steel chairs as he possibly can, throwing them all into the ring. he then grabs a ladder, but as he slides the ladder into the ring, he's met by a baseball slide from Balor. Owens is left a bit groggy, and Balor uses this time to pull the ladder in and grab a steel chair. However, as Balor grabs this chair, Owens enters with a huge superkick, kicking the chair right into Balor's face. Owens covers Balor, but again gets a two-count. Owens then grabs the ladder he brought in earlier and sets it up on the turnbuckle. He turns his attention to Balor, but he's caught by surprise with a slingblade from Balor! Owens is groggy and right in front of the ladder, leading to a shotgun dropkick from Balor, launching Owens into the ladder! Balor goes for the pin, but Owens kicks out. Balor then takes this opportunity to scale the turnbuckle, but the pain he's taken thus far slows him down. Owens goes for the coup de gras off the top, but Owens rolls away. Balor recovers and transitions his momentum into running the ropes, but as he runs towards Owens, he's caught by... A Pop-Up Powerbomb on the mountain of steel chairs Owens set up earlier! Owens goes for the cover, but miraculously, the Demon is able to survive, kicking out at the last possible moment. Owens screams in a fit of rage as Balor refuses to go down. Owens then sees Balor's prone body, lying on a mountain of chairs, and his attention shifts to the ladder he brought in earlier. Owens sets up the ladder right next to Balor's body, and he begins scaling it, looking for something that will certainly end the match. Owens looks down at Balor from the top of the ladder, and he finally leaps off, attempting a frog splash. However, Balor moves at the last second, causing Owens to collide with the mountain of steel. Balor and Owens are both down, but Balor is able to recover first. He notices what Owens was attempting to do and the wheels begin turning in his head. He sets Owens on the mass of steel chairs, placing his body face-up, and he begins to scale the ladder. Balor looks down at Owens, the slightest hesitation on his face, but the audience urges him on. Balor obliges, and he flies off the ladder with an incredible... Coup de gras! Balor covers Owens, his body nearly buried in the pile of steel chairs, and he finally picks up the victory after this hellacious match. The winner of the match, and STILL World Heavyweight champion, Finn Balor! Balor then grabs his championship and scales the ladder once again, looking down at his fallen foe, his body nearly lost in the pile of steel chairs. Extreme Rules closes with Balor on top of the ladder, his championship raised high above his head, and the reign of the demon continuing.
  7. WWW February 2010 results: Week 1: Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: PPV: Finance: Popularity: Medical:
  8. Aladdin Pinocchio Winnie the Pooh Lilo & Stitch Peter Pan Wreck-It Ralph 101 Dalmatians Big Hero 6 Nightmare Before Christmas (Rip Lion King 2 ;( ) Mulan Beauty and the Beast The Lion King Tangled A Goofy Movie Zootopia Saludos Amigos (Never actually seen it, but it can’t be worse than Peter Pan 2…)
  9. Name: Raven Nickname: The Enigma Gimmick: The Crow Figurehead: Sting Alignment: Face Backstory: Former British indie wrestling legend, "Birdman," he entered BPZ as a member of SSW Club, playing the role of a gentlemanly technician, talking down to the simpler American masses. Unfortunately, this gimmick found no success, and with every subsequent loss he suffered, he became more and more unstable, even reverting back to his "Birdman" persona in hopes of it giving him a victory. Since then, he's left SSW Club and has embraced his lack of stability, now painting his face like a crow and carrying around a baseball bat to get in his opponent's heads and cause general mayhem in BPZ. Moveset: Fighting Style: British strong style, aerial. Regular Moves: Hard chops, general strikes. Signatures: Superkick, 21-Plex. Finisher: Bird Bomb (Frog Splash) Taunt: Throat-slit into pointing at the opponent, his hand shaped like a gun. Theme:
  10. Pretty cool, honestly. I was just thinking about how I haven’t seen Chavo doing much lately. But Sexy Star? Really? Ugh…
  11. Raven stares down Josh, his faced flushed with surprise and a glimpse of fear. They stand watching one another for a second, Josh's utter astonishment contrasting with Raven's calm, dead demeanor. Josh realizes he's alone, with Gary nowhere to be found and his SSW Club allies still in the back, and he decides to take the fight to his younger foe. Josh attempts to take out Raven's knee with a chop block, but Raven sidesteps and blasts Josh in the back with his baseball bat. As Josh screams in pain, Raven looks down at him and simply says this. "I could finish you now...But I'd rather save your punishment for PTC." Raven's voice is nearly unrecognizable, with his heavy, posh British accent almost entirely replaced by a deep, gruff growl, only a twinge of his accent remaining. He continues, still looking down at Josh. "June 14th...The day I bury your career once and for all. I sincerely hope you enjoy the time you have left...The time until I erase this cancer from wrestling once and for all." As he says this, the lights once again go out, and when they return, the only thing left in the ring is Josh, holding his back from the baseball bat shot earlier, and the returning Gary, concerned over what just occurred. However, just before the segment appears to end, the thunderous sound of a raven's caw blasts throughout the arena, scaring both men in the ring, as well as the audience watching.
  12. As Carnage returns from commercial break, a vignette is aired, showcasing a dark room with only two windows. Under the natural light of these windows is the silhouette of a man, his head down and face hidden. The audience is unsure what to make of this strange scene, until they're greeted by the familiar sound of ravens cawing from outside the window. As the birds' piercing cries break the silence, their voices are followed by the familiar one of Sir Raven, his face still down, hidden from view. "You know, ladies and gentlemen...I don't believe I've ever truly explained myself. I speak of being a British wrestling legend, and icon of the independent scene...But I must confess...I'm just a man." "I haven't really told this to anyone, but the reason I donned my iconic mask wasn't because it stood out or looked cool...It was because, for my entire life, I was told I have the most generic face. One that would never be remembered. I looked more like an audience member than a wrestler...The mask was my way of hiding...My way of escaping. And it worked like a charm, but...When I was offered the chance to come to BPZ, I opted against being the Birdman. I knew that the success I wanted wasn't just to make money...I desperately needed to get my face known. For people to look at me and know I'm the best damn wrestler in the world. Not the 'Birdman,' but me." "When I left my homeland, my adoring family, friends and fans, with nothing more than a dream of success in the biggest wrestling company in the world, it was...Terrifying, if I'm being frank...Absolutely terrifying. The knowledge that my destiny is in my hands and I've nobody to rely on in this strange, foreign land. I was passed over backstage, even missing out on BPZ Mania, with nobody looking to me as though I was anything special. Yet again, the nameless face in a sea of the true athletes." Sir Raven shakes his head a bit and catches his breath, then continues. "Then a kid with similar aspirations named 'Bulldozer' came up to me. Wished to recruit me to something he called 'SSW Club.' A group that would make their names known in BPZ in a very short amount of time. It sounded perfect, us two young upstarts looking to shake the foundations of this company to its very core." "Then...Mave Deltzer happened. Maasa happened. JOSH happened...And yet again, I was nothing more than a face in a nameless sea of them. SSW Club became the exact torture that I tried to escape from...A group of men that would overshadow me. A group of men that would bring me down to their level and tarnish whatever reputation I might've had...Really, SSW Club costing me my chance against Julius was merely the final straw. By the time Josh had joined, I knew this was a dead end for my career. It became clear that I must spread my wings and fly away from this 'unstoppable force.'" Sir Raven chuckles a bit, thinking about his exit from SSW Club. "It's funny, my former SSW Club allies were mostly accepting of this...Bulldozer understood why I did what I did, Maasa respected my decision, Mave...Well, I'm not totally sure he understood it, if I'm being honest...But one man just couldn't let go. He couldn't accept that his fellow countryman wouldn't merely stand down and be his lackey. And now, he's managed to get a match with me at the Powertrip Cup Finals." "Josh, you and I truly aren't that different, when you think about it...Both of us are incredible British wrestlers, both of us have all the talent and ability a person could hope for...Both of us have an embarrassing win/loss record...But Josh, let's make this clear. We're not the same. When you lose a match, you brush it aside. You choose to fight with the same strategy every single time, no matter how little success you gather with it." "Then, you look at me...Every loss in BPZ I've suffered has eaten me up inside...My unsuccessful debut, losing to Julius, failing to claim the NXT title...And every single time...I've grown. I've adapted. For every loss I suffer, I become a better competitor. And with every loss, this tiny, unsuspecting little twit who wasn't even good enough to make the BPZ Mania card becomes that much more dangerous, and most unfortunately for you, Joshua...You're not facing 'Sir Raven' at PTC. You're not facing 'Birdman.' You're facing BPZ's newest enigma...The man soon to be known as the most dangerous man in wrestling." As Sir Raven says this, a light flashes on in front of his face, causing him to finally look up at the camera. The audience is stunned by what they see. Sir Raven's face is covered in black and white paint, and his visage details a visibly angry and broken man. His eyes look entirely void of life, focused intensely on the camera. "Josh, you will be but the first of many...The first victim of the man simply known as...Raven." Raven then gets in close, his face nearly filling the camera, with his dead, haunting eyes piercing through. "And I promise you...This is a face that nobody will forget." The screen then cuts to black, with the audience of Carnage flabbergasted by what they've just witnessed.
  13. Aladdin Moana Cinderella Pinocchio Bambi The Sword in the Stone The Aristocats Lilo & Stitch Sleeping Beauty Meet the Robinsons Brother Bear Wreck-It Ralph An Extremely Goofy Movie Hercules Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Big Hero 6 The Nightmare Before Christmas The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride The Hunchback of Notre Dame Mulan Beauty and the Beast Fantasia 2000 Alice in Wonderland The Emperor's New Groove Atlantis: The Lost Empire Tangled A Goofy Movie The Princess and the Frog Zootopia Bolt The Black Cauldron The Fox and the Hound

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