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  1. The results of the second round are in, and the winners are... Tommaso Ciampa 9-0 Adrian Neville 9-0 Adam Cole 9-0 Kevin Owens 6-3 No big surprises here, but it's interesting to see Balor's reign fall to Owens. I knew that would be the close one, but I didn't expect quite this result. Now, we're on to the semi-final matches, and the two matches this round are... Tommaso Ciampa VS Adam Cole Adrian Neville VS Kevin Owens As always, respond with your picks for the round. Remember, THIS IS JUDGING THEIR NXT TITLE REIGNS ONLY. Make your decisions with that and only that in mind. . My picks: Tommaso Ciampa, Adrian Neville
  2. Meko750 (Raven)


    The Royal Rumble PPV is soon approaching, but only a few hours before the event begins, a video would be posted on the BPZ Neccework. The area it's filmed in is pitch black, but there's a faint glow peeking out of the darkness. As the camera approaches, we can see that it's a fireplace, and seated near the flames is the face of Raven. Raven sits down and watches the cracking embers, lost entirely in thought, but as he sees the camera approaching, he snaps out of his trance-like state. He continues to stare at the flames, but he then begins to speak. Tomorrow's the night...The BPZ Rumble. I compete in three different matches, all with entirely different goals...I look to win back my United States championship...I look to tear through the entire BPZ roster in the Royal Rumble...But more importantly...I face a man of great importance to me one-on-one...Bob Sparks. Raven then pulls out a picture from his pocket, and he glimpses at it with faint remorse. Raven continues to stare at it for a few seconds before finally turning it to the camera, revealing the picture to be that of... BPZ Judgement Day. Raven holds his newly won NXT championship aloft, having won the gold in a brutal battle royal. Raven turns the image back to himself, lets a faint smile reach his lips...Then tosses the image into the fire. At the time, Judgement Day was the biggest night of my career. I finally won my first championship against all odds...But these past few months, all I've talked about was how I beat KENJI to win the gold. The reality is, the man who entered the bout with the hold around his waist was...Bob Sparks. It was our second encounter, and unlike the first...I emerged victorious on this night. For a while, this made my career... As Raven says this, he reaches into his pocket for another picture. He looks at the image and turns it back to the camera, revealing the image of... BPZ SummerSlam. Raven won his second NXT title on this night, becoming one of only a few men to do so. Raven turns the image back to himself and lets another grin loose, before once again throwing it into the fire. BPZ SummerSlam was actually not as big for me as most people think...I won my second NXT championship, but it was what happened after the show that made all the difference...I was approached by a man...A legend of BPZ Wrestling...And that man was Slim. Slim was finally back from his lengthy hiatus, and he was looking to take no prisoners...He approached me after the show and told me...I was the future. He said he'd help me hone my craft and become more than I ever was before...And he believed that I would be the man to fill his spot when he finally decided to call it a career. He offered me an invitation to be his right hand man...I told him I just need two months. Two months to win NXT again and cement myself in the record books. Slim respected that decision, but he told me that he couldn't wait any longer to start his takeover...So what did I tell him? "Hey, that Bob Sparks kid is insanely talented. Maybe he'd be worth recruiting?" Slim listened to me, and it turns out, I was right...He was worth recruiting. Bob betrayed Bailey without a second thought and joined Slim's ranks, and suddenly, he was the hottest star in the company all over again. Soon after that, Halloween Havoc was upon us, and I won my third and final NXT championship...Slim revealed that I was with Descent this whole time...And us three were unstoppable. Then came Survivor Series, a show centered around stable warfare, headlined by Creed and Bulletproof...But the three of us walked away with the spoils. Raven pauses one more time, and reaches into his pocket to pull out another picture. Raven turns this to the camera, and reveals the sight of... The immediate aftermath of BPZ Survivor Series. Slim in the middle, fresh off his Survival Games victory...Bob Sparks behind him, Premium championship in hand...And Raven, the new United States champion. Raven looks at the image again, but crumples this one up into a ball and throws it in. The three of us...On top of the world. We entered Survivor Series an afterthought and ended the show with everyone talking about us. We were an unstoppable trio... Raven then stops talking, with his mouth slowly curling into a scowl. Raven reaches into his pocket one last time and pulls out an image, the most recent of all... Firing Squad. Led by Bob Sparks. Standing tall over Raven. Raven doesn't even turn this picture back to himself, instead tossing into the fire without hesitation. ...Then you betrayed us. Ever since Survivor Series, Slim knew you weren't loyal...But we desperately didn't want to believe it. We gave you a month to distance yourself from Bulletproof, end your scheming and rejoin your family, but you refused to take the opportunity...We had no choice. We had to put you down. Bob, we came up in this company together...We both debuted after BPZ Mania IV, we both took NXT by storm in different ways...We beat the living hell out of each other on multiple occasions. I even threatened to kill you...But through all of that...We formed a bond. A brotherhood. Make no mistake, that's what you were to me...A brother. And I know Slim said I was the future, but let's be honest...Slim always saw more in you. You drew the ire of one of the greatest legends in this company without hesitation you won every title you ever set out for...You were the hottest star in the company on multiple occasions. I may have been Slim's first pick...But you were his greatest. But that just wasn't enough for you, Bob. I know you lost your real family...But you finally had two men who looked at you like you were their own flesh and blood. Don Dada isn't just a nickname, Bob...That man was willing to give you everything to make you succeed. Instead, you managed to prove one thing...You always were a snake. You have no loyalties. You have no honor. You gave up the love and loyalty of two men for just another spot in a nameless sea of seven. You wanted the easy route...Four months ago, Bob, I stuck my neck out for you...And that's where you chose to plunge the knife. Raven then turns his gaze directly to the camera, the flames of the fireplace dancing in his intense eyes. Now, the task falls to me...Royal Rumble will be the hardest night of my career, not because I have three matches...But because I have to put down a man I once saw as a brother. A man who never knew the meaning of loyalty...Of family. Maybe I don't have a chance in hell of winning, maybe you really were always better than me, maybe I'm spreading myself too thin for some self-imposed feeling of obligation or revenge...But I don't care. Bring all your little Bulletproof buddies with you, bring the entire goddamn BPZ roster with you for all I care...I'm gonna beat the hell out of you. Even if I go down, I'll do down swinging...I'll give you scars that will never fade, just like you did to your former "family." I'll light the goddamn spark, alright...The spark that will send your career up in flames. At the Royal Rumble, you will die...Just like your wife died...Just like your children died...I don't care if I go down with you...I'm gonna do everything in my power to end your FUCKING LIFE! As Raven says this, the video feed cuts off, leaving the lasting image we see of the Messenger of Death, fire in his eyes and ready for his grudge match at the Royal Rumble.
  3. New Japan Pro Wrestling Best of the Super Juniors B Block: Yoshinobu Kanemaru VS Chase Owens The first edition of New Japan to kick off the new decade sees the first round of the Best of the Super Junior's B Block, as Suzuki-Gun's Yohsinobu Kanemaru faces Chase Owens, who makes his return to the Junior Heavyweight division. In a good opener filled with a lot of interference by both sides, Suzuki-Gun would come out on top, with Kanemaru catching Owens with Deep Impact and scoring his first two points in the 2020 Best of the Super Juniors. . Best of the Super Juniors B Block: Dezmond Xavier VS Alex Shelley Our next bout in the B Block sees one-half of the IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag team champions, Alex Shelley, do battle with The Rascalz's Dezmond Xavier. In a fantastic bout, Shelley would score the victory, his first as apart of Daniel Bryan's new stable, putting away Dez with a Slicebread. . Best of the Super Juniors B Block: Robbie Eagles VS Buddy Murphy Our next bout sees one of CHAOS's leading Junior Heavyweights, Robbie Eagles, do battle with Buddy Murphy, who had a disappointing outing in Junior Tag League alongside Tony Nese. In a great bout, Eagles would score the victory, putting away Murphy with Warp 4.5 and scoring two points to kick off his Best of the Super Juniors. . Best of the Super Juniors B Block: Drew Gulak VS El Phantasmo Our second to last match of the Best of the Super Juniors opening round sees Suzuki-Gun member Drew Gulak do battle with Bullet Club's premier Junior Heavyweight, El Phantasmo. In a fantastic bout, ELP would pick up the victory, putting away Gulak with the CR II and earning two points. . Best of the Super Juniors B Block: Davey Richards VS Mustafa Ali The final match of the B Block's opening round sees one third of the NEVER six-man tag team champions, Davey Richards, do battle with Mustafa Ali. In a fantastic bout, Richards would put away Ali with a Shooting Star Press, earning an early two points and kicking off his BOSJ strong. . Suzuki-Gun (Matt Morgan, Lance Archer, Shelton X Benjamin) VS Taguchi-Japan (Ryusuke Taguchi, Toru Yano, Togi Makabe) Our next bout sees former NEVER Six-Man tag team champions, the current members of Taguchi-Japan, do battle with Lance Archer and the two newest additions to Suzuki-Gun's ranks, Matt Morgan and Shelton X Benjamin. In a good bout, Matt Morgan would score the victory for Suzuki-Gun, putting away Yano with the Hellevator. Now equipped with Morgan and Benjamin, Suzuki-Gun looks to be as terrifying as ever, and with the New Japan Cup starting next week, Suzuki-Gun might be on the prowl to take as much gold from Honor Rising as possible. . Tomohiro Ishii, David Finlay, Juice Robinson VS Caristico, Titan, Volador Jr. Our next bout sees CHAOS' Tomohiro Ishii join FinJuice against three of New Japan's newest stars, Caristico, Titan and Volador Jr. In a great bout, Ishii and FinJuice would score the victory, with Juice putting away Volador with Pulp Friction. After the match, the three men would celebrate together, but as FinJuice tried to leave the ring, Ishii would stop them. Ishii grabs a microphone and simply asks them "Are you CHAOS?" Both men consider the offer, and after a few seconds of deliberation, they accept Ishii's offer, now officially joining CHAOS's ranks. . AJ Styles VS Sami Callihan (Winner Takes Control of Bullet Club) With AJ Styles bursting back on the scene in NJPW at Wrestle Kingdom to help Sami Callihan win the United States championship, the question of who will be in charge of Bullet Club was raised. Both men would agree to settle the dispute in the ring, and tonight's main event will determine who leads the faction in the final week before the New Japan Cup begins. In a fantastic main event, AJ Styles would score the victory and reclaim his spot on top of Bullet Club, putting away Callihan with a Styles Clash. After the match, AJ Styles and Sami Callihan would be joined by the remaining members of Bullet Club. Jake Crist, Dave Crist, Madman Fulton, Taiji Ishimori, El Phantasmo, Chase Owens, Bad Luck Fale, Karl Anderson and DOC Gallows would all enter the ring, and the ten other men would stand behind their leader as he cuts a promo. AJ says that even though he took a brief trip to WWE and took over there alongside Gallows and Anderson, now that he's back, he's gonna bring New Japan back to where it was when he was on top. He knows that Daniel Bryan's little stable, "Honor Rising," holds all the gold in New Japan right now, but the New Japan Cup will begin next week, and AJ makes it clear that he's coming for Daniel Bryan and the IWGP World Heavyweight championship. As AJ says this, New Japan signs off for the night, and the current BOSJ 2020 standings are displayed. . Current Best of the Super Juniors standings: A Block: 2 points: Rocky Romero, Ryusuke Taguchi, Tony Nese, Eddie Edwards, TJP. 0 points: Will Ospreay, Chris Sabin, El Desperado, Caristico, Taiji Ishimori. B Block: 2 points: Davey Richards, El Phantasmo, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Robbie Eagles, Alex Shelley. 0 points: Buddy Murphy, Mustafa Ali, Drew Gulak, Chase Owens, Dezmond Xavier.
  4. Womens Battle Royal (Marti Belle, Jamie Hayer, Zoe Lucas, Velvet Sky, Kiera Hogan, Jenny Rose) Velvet Brian Milonas vs Jay Lethal Lethal 4 Way Tag Team Match: The New Heavenly Bodies vs The Boys vs Rhett Titus and Vincent vs Tyler Bateman and Ryan Nova The Boys Main Show The Briscoe Brothers (c) vs The Colons - ROH Tag Team Titles Briscoes Bully Ray vs Cabana Bully Cass w/ Summer (c) vs Dalton Castle - ROH Television Title Castle Lucha Style (c) vs Villain Enterprises - ROH Six Man Tag Team Titles VE Mayu Iwatani (c) vs Angelina Love - ROH Women of Honor Title Mayu Marty Scrull (c) vs Matt Sydal - ROH World Heavyweight Title Scurll Bonus Questions Who will be the new 4th member of Villain Enterprises? ZSJ What will be the highest rated match on the card? Scurll/Sydal Who will get the most eliminations in the Womens Battle Royal? Velvet Sky
  5. NXT Episode 39 Heroes Eventually Die VS Noam Dar/Ariya Daivari Our next bout sees the NXT tag team champions, Kassius Ohno and Aleister Black, take on Noam Dar in Ariya Daivari. In a quick bout, Heroes Eventually Die would score the victory, putting away Daivari with the Black Mass. No matter who wins tonight between DIY 2.0 and the Street Profits, they're certain to be in for a rough night against Heroes Eventually Die at TakeOver: Philadelphia. After the match, Kassius Ohno and Aleister Black cut a promo on the number one contender's match for their tag team titles later tonight. Ohno says he respects DIY 2.0 for putting their title shot on the line, but it doesn't matter if it's DIY 2.0 or the Street Profits, Heroes Eventually Die has no plans on dropping these titles. However, before they can continue, they're attacked by the former champions, the Authors of Pain! Luckily for Heroes Eventually Die, Red Dragon runs out to make the save, and Ohno, Black, Fish and O'Reilly are able to run off the two behemoths. . NXT then cuts backstage to the NXT champion, Mustafa Ali, and Cruiserweight champion, Cedric Alexander. The two men reminisce on their memories of 205 Live, and they say they're proud of how far the Cruiserweight division has come since being integrated into NXT. Ali says he looks forward to finding out his Philadelphia challenger next week, but Cedric tells him that he already knows the answer, because he's standing right in front of him. The two men laugh and shake hands, and Ali wishes Cedric luck in his number one contender's match next week. . Street Profits VS DIY 2.0 (NXT Tag Team title number one contender's match) Next, we see DIY 2.0 take on the Street Profits for the right to face Heroes Eventually Die at TakeOver: Philadelphia, a match that happened after DIY 2.0 won the fatal four-way ladder match, but Oney Lorcan granted the Profits' request at a rematch. In a hard hitting clash, DIY 2.0 would score the victory and keep hold of their title match, putting away Angelo Dawkins with a Superkick/Kneestrike combination. DIY 2.0 have secured their place at TakeOver: Philadelphia against Heroes Eventually Die, and with wins like this, they very well could be the team to sethrone the hard-hitting champions. . NXT then cuts to another of the number one contender's fatal four way participants, as Roderick Strong is seen backstage, expressing his joy at picking up the biggest win of his career so far last week. Strong says he's been in NXT for a while, but he's never managed to put everything together well enough to earn championship gold. Now, he has the biggest opportunity of his career to do so, and he won't waste it next week. . Just before tonight's main event, we see TJP join Triple H in his office. TJP says he wants another match with Akira Tozawa, as he feels the man is an impressive and gifted competitor and he wants another match with him. Triple H agrees to this request, knowing that TJP and Tozawa can always be counted on to have a good match, and the rematch is made official for next week. . Shane Thorne VS Gran Metalik VS Adam Cole VS Bobby Roode (NXT championship number one contender's qualifying match) Our main event sees Shane Thorne, Gran Metalik, Adam Cole and former NXT champion Bobby Roode do battle to earn the final spot in next week's number one contender's match for the NXT championship. In a fantastic main event, Adam Cole would pick up the victory, hitting Bobby Roode with a superkick after he hit Gran Metalik with a Glorious DDT. Adam Cole picks up the biggest victory of his NXT career, and next week, the match is set, as Adam Cole will face Roderick Strong, Lars Sullivan and Cedric Alexander. Only one of these four men can win and go on to face Mustafa Ali for the NXT championship at TakeOver: Philadelphia, and NXT closes with Adam Cole celebrating.
  6. Name: Raven Which wrestler do you want to look like?: Lance Archer Birth Date: April 21, 1990 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: American What Languages do you speak?: English Based in/What Promotion are you in: Based in Britain, can work anywhere Body Type: Toned Size: Heavyweight Maximum Size: Super Heavyweight Moveset: Lance Archer Face or Heel: Heel Finisher: Raven Claw (EBD Claw), Brainbuster Style of Wrestling: Brawler Any other things we should know?: None
  7. NEW ERA OFFENSE: REVOLUTION A Block: Joe Coffey VS Sami Callihan On the first ever edition of NEO's monthly PPV event, Revolution, we will see the third round for both Blocks in the tournament to crown the first ever NEO World champion. Our first match of the tournament's third round sees the A Block in action, as Joe Coffey takes on Sami Callihan. In a good bout, Callihan would put Coffey away with the Cactus Driver, earning another win and moving up to a so-far perfect six points. . B Block: Danny Burch VS Silas Young Our next bout sees two men currently without a victory in the B Block do action, as Danny Burch faces Silas Young. Young would manage to put away Burch, earning his first two points and potentially marking the beginning of a late-tournament comeback. . A Block: Jack Gallagher VS David Finlay Our next A Block match sees Gentleman Jack Gallagher do battle with David Finlay, with both men currently winless so far. In a great bout, Gallagher picks up a crucial victory, putting away Finlay with the Gentleman's Headbutt and scoring his first two points of the tournament. . B Block: Ilja Dragunov VS Wolfgang B Block action carries on as Ilja Dragunov looks to continue his so-far undefeated streak in NEO against Wolfgang, who still doesn't have a point to his name. Unfortunately, Wolfie's woes wouldn't change, as Dragunov picks up another impressive victory, moving up to six points in the B Block. . A Block: Kenny King VS Christopher Daniels We continue with A Block action next, as Christopher Daniels does battle with Kenny King, with both men currently seated at a perfect four points. Ultimately, Daniels would score the victory, ending King's undefeated streak and picking up a perfect score of six points so far. . B Block: Pete Dunne VS Eddie Dennis The B Block rolls on with the Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne, doing battle with Eddie Dennis. Dunne would score the decisive victory, putting Dennis away with the Bitter End and moving to a currently perfect six points, joining Ilja Dragunov at the top of the block. . A Block: Zack Gibson VS Roderick Strong The final match of the A Block's third round sees Zack Gibson do battle with Roderick Strong, who doesn't have a win to his name so far. Strong's woes would finally come to an end here, as he puts away Zack Gibson with the End of Heartache and gains his first two points of the tournament. . B Block: Adam Cole VS Austin Aries Tonight's main event, and the final match of the B Block's third round, sees the so-far undefeated Austin Aries do battle with Adam Cole, who currently sits at two points after an upset loss to Ilja Dragunov. In a fantastic main event, Cole would score the victory, putting away Aries with the Last Shot and moving up to a strong four points. NEO's first ever Revolution PPV closes with Adam Cole celebrating his win. . Current standings: A Block: 6 points: Sami Callihan, Christopher Daniels. 4 points: Kenny King. 2 points: Zack Gibson, Roderick Strong, Joe Coffey, Jack Gallagher. 0 points: David Finlay. . B Block: 6 points: Ilja Dragunov, Pete Dunne. 4 points: Adam Cole, Austin Aries. 2 points: Eddie Dennis, Silas Young. 0 points: Danny Burch, Wolfgang.
  8. NEW ERA OFFENSE EPISODE 1 The first ever episode of New Era Offense kicks off with the general manager, Drake Maverick, in the middle of the ring. Maverick wastes no time, announcing that the inaugural NEO World Champion will be decided in three months at NEO's monthly event, NEO: Revolution. To determine the first ever champion, sixteen of NEO's best athletes will compete in a two-block, round robin tournament, with the winners of each block facing each other in three months at NEO: Revolution to determine the first ever NEO World champion. Points will be awarded with two points going to a winner, one point going to both men in a draw, and no points awarded to the loser. Maverick announces that the first round of the A Block will start tonight, with the B Block beginning next week, and the first match will happen right now. . A Block: Joe Coffey VS David Finlay The first match in the A Block in the tournament to decide the first ever NEO World champion kicks off, and we see Joe Coffey do battle with David Finlay. In a good opener, Coffey would pick up the victory, putting Finlay away with All That's Best For the Bells, earning an early two points in the tournament. . A Block: Kenny King VS Jack Gallagher Our next match in the A Block sees Kenny King do battle with the Extraordinary Gentleman, Jack Gallagher. King would score the victory over Gallagher, picking up an early two points in a bit of an upset to kick off his tournament. . A Block: Zack Gibson VS Sami Callihan Next, we see Liverpool's number one, Zack Gibson, take on The Draw of NEO, Sami Callihan. In a clash of styles, Callihan would win out, putting away Gibson with a Cactus Driver and scoring an early two points. . A Block: Roderick Strong VS Christopher Daniels Finally, tonight's main event sees two veterans of their craft do battle, as Christopher Daniels takes on Roderick Strong. In a fantastic main event, Daniels would score the victory, putting Strong away with the Best Moonsault Ever and earning two points in the main event of the very first episode of NEO. . NEW ERA OFFENSE EPISODE 2 B Block: Eddie Dennis VS Wolfgang Episode 2 of NEO kicks off with the first match of the B Block to determine the first ever NEO World champion, as Eddie Dennis takes on Wolfgang. In a good match, Dennis would put away the big man, scoring an early two points. . B Block: Pete Dunne VS Silas Young Our next match sees the Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne, do battle with the last real man, Silas Young. In a great bout, Dunne would score the win over his bigger opponent, putting him away with a Bitter End and scoring two points in the process. . B Block: Danny Burch VS Austin Aries Our semi-main event sees the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, Austin Aries, do battle with Danny Burch. In a good bout, Aries would force the submission from Burch with Last Chancery, scoring an early two points for one of NEO's biggest stars. . B Block: Adam Cole VS Ilja Dragunov Finally, tonight's main event sees Adam Cole do battle with Ilja Dragunov. In a shocking upset, Dragunov would score the victory over Cole, catching him off guard with a roll-up and scoring two points in the main event. . NEW ERA OFFENSE EPISODE 3 A Block: Kenny King VS David Finlay Episode 3 sees the second round of A Block action, as Kenny King does battle with David Finlay. In a good bout, King would score yet another victory, moving up to an early four points in the A Block. . A Block: Zack Gibson VS Jack Gallagher The next match sees two men who couldn't score a win last week do battle, as Zack Gibson takes on Jack Gallagher. In a great match, Gibson would score the victory, drawing a submission with Shankley Gates and picking up two points in the process. . A Block: Joe Coffey VS Christopher Daniels From two men who lost last week to two men who both scores victory last week, our next match sees Joe Coffey take on Christopher Daniels. Daniels would manage to eke out the victory over Coffey, moving to an impressive early four points. . A Block: Sami Callihan VS Roderick Strong Tonight's man event sees Sami Callihan do battle with the Messiah of the Backbreaker, Roderick Strong. In a great match, Callihan would score another two points, putting Roddy away with the Cactus Driver. Callihan, Coffey and King now lead the A Block at four points as episode three comes to a close. . NEW ERA OFFENSE EPISODE 4 B Block: Silas Young VS Ilja Dragunov Episode 4 of NEO begins with Ilja Dragunov taking on Silas Young. Dragunov would put Young away, scoring another two points and leading the B Block early after last week's upset over Adam Cole. . B Block: Austin Aries VS Eddie Dennis Next, we see two men look to gain another two points and move up to four, as Austin Aries takes on Eddie Dennis. Aries would pick up another victory, forcing Dennis to submit to Last Chancery and moving to four points in the B Block. . B Block: Wolfgang VS Pete Dunne Our next bout sees two of the UK's finest do battle, as Pete Dunne faces Wolfgang. Dunne would pick up another victory, also moving to four points in the process, by putting away Wolfie with the Bitter End. . B Block: Adam Cole VS Ilja Dragunov Finally, tonight's main event sees Adam Cole look for redemption after last week's shocking upset, this time facing Danny Burch. In a fantastic main event, Cole would score the victory, putting away Burch with the Last Shot and getting back on the winning track as episode 4 draws to a close.
  9. The results of the first round are in, and the winners are... Tommaso Ciampa 9-0 Adrian Neville 9-0 Finn Balor 7-2 Adam Cole 8-1 Big E 5-4 Kevin Owens 8-1 Shinsuke Nakamura 5-4 Aleister Black 6-3 Ciampa, Neville, Balor, Cole and Owens winning weren't unexpected, but Big E, Nakamura and Black pulling out surprising victories I wasn't expecting in the first round. Let's see if they can keep up the momentum in round two, and the matches are... Tommaso Ciampa VS Big E Adrian Neville VS Aleister Black Adam Cole VS Shinsuke Nakamura Kevin Owens VS Finn Balor As always, respond with your picks for the round. Remember, THIS IS JUDGING THEIR NXT TITLE REIGNS ONLY. Make your decisions with that and only that in mind. . My picks: Tommaso Ciampa, Adrian Neville, Adam Cole, Kevin Owens
  10. SmackDown Episode 39 The Ascension VS Breezango SmackDown kicks off with two teams who desperately need a win after recent stagnation in the tag division, with The Ascension taking on Breezango. In a good bout, The Ascension would score the much needed win, putting away Fandango with the Fall of Man and picking up some momentum in this recently tumultuous tag division. . SmackDown then cuts backstage to Shane McMahon, who announces that next week, the number one contender to the WWE title, Shinsuke Nakamura, will team with old friends Tye Dillinger and Dolph Ziggler against British Strong Style in a huge Summer Slam rematch. Shane also announces that next week, Randy Orton will face Bray Wyatt, giving Wyatt a chance at revenge against his former friend. . Rusev VS Kofi Kingston Our next match sees Rusev do battle with New Day member Kofi Kingston, with both men picking up huge victories at Battleground, only to fall in last week's number one contender's match. In a good bout, Rusev would pick up the victory, putting Kofi away with the Accolade. After the match, Rusev would grab a microphone and demand that he get a match against AJ Styles for the United States championship. Rusev claims that AJ's been in his way constantly, and if he can get AJ one-on-one, he knows that he will come out on top. Shane doesn't answer, causing Rusev to attack Kofi again, but he leaves as Big E and Xavier Woods quickly make the save. . Naomi/Lana VS Asuka/Kairi Sane VS Dana Brooke/Maryse VS The Riott Squad (SmackDown Women's tag team titles number one contender's match) SmackDown's main event sees four teams do battle in hopes of dethroning The IIconics in two weeks for the SmackDown women's tag team titles. Asuka would impress in only her second main roster match, this time alongside newly healthy Kairi Sane, but a cowardly attack by Naomi and Lana on Kairi would lead to Asuka running after them, with Kairi joining her soon after. This distraction would give the Riott Squad an opening, and Liv Morgan would put away Dana Brooke due to the distraction, earning former championsThe Riott Squad another chance at the SmackDown women's tag team titles. SmackDown ends with The Riott Squad celebrating, looking forward to a championship match in two weeks.
  11. Cole Owens Lynch Team RAW Rollins UE Ricochet ??? (Baszler) Zayn Bonus: Andrade, Lee No NXT debuts
  12. Steve Austin The Undertaker Triple H Ken Shamrock Steve Blackman Christopher/Jannetty No contest Cactus Jack New Age Outlaws Bonus Questions One of these matches will end in a No Contest, which match will that be? Christopher/Jannetty Which Superstar will get the highest in-ring performance? Michaels How many title changes will occur during the show? Two
  13. RAW Episode 39 3MB VS The Bar (RAW Tag League Sixth Round) RAW kicks off with the semi-final round of RAW Tag League, and we see 3MB, who currently co-lead the tournament at three points, do battle with The Bar, current at two points and making the comeback. In a hot opener, The Bar would score the victory, with Sheamus putting away Jinder Mahal with the Brogue Kick. Both 3MB and The Bar now sit at three points each, with the final week of round robin action set for next week. . As RAW returns from commercial, we see the ring set up for a contract signing between Dean Ambrose and Finn Balor. Balor enters first, flanked by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Out next, we see the World Heavyweight champion, Dean Ambrose, who enters to a raucous reaction. The contract signing goes well at first, with both men signing the contract and speaking their peace, but just as Ambrose is about to leave, he's attacked by Gallows and Anderson. Balor doesn't lay a hand on Balor, letting his underlings do the dirty work, and the two men are soon able to put Ambrose down with a Magic Killer through the table. Balor then grabs the World Heavyweight championship and holds it high above the downed champion's head as the segment closes. . Bludgeon Brothers VS The Colons (RAW Tag League Sixth Round) Our next RAW Tag League match sees the Bludgeon Brothers, currently at three points, do battle with The Colons, who have scored two points so far. In a good bout, The Colons would score what has to be considered an upset, as Primo is able to roll-up Luke Harper. With this, both teams will go to the final week of round robin play with three points each. . RAW then cuts backstage to Seth Rollins, who says that Brock Lesnar has made him an immediate target since his return, and Rollins understands exactly why. Lesnar was the victim of Rollins' cash-in at WrestleMania 31, and he never received a fair shot at the title since. Now, Lesnar gets his chance to face Rollins one-on-one, with no distractions. Rollins says that this is the exact opportunity he needs to reach the next step of his redemption story. Brock Lesnar is one of his biggest victims, and now he has a chance to prove that he can beat The Beast on his own. . No Way Drifters VS SAnitY (RAW Tag League Sixth Round) Our next match in RAW Tag League sees the duo of No Way Jose and Elias, currently seated at three points, do battle with the trio of SAnitY, currently at two. In a good bout, SAnitY would score the much needed victory, with Killian Dain putting away Jose with a Vader Bomb. SAnitY now moves up to three points, now leaving seven teams tied atop the block at three points. . RAW then cuts backstage to Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, who were last seen nearly killing each other at TLC in a tables match. Both men say that the match was cathartic for them, as they were able to let out years of pent up aggression with no restrictions. Sami says that he's still not sure if he can forgive Kevin, but he knows that as a duo, the two men are nearly unstoppable, and he's willing to put aside their differences if it means their success. Owens says that he and Sami will both be in the Royal Rumble, and there isn't anyone who is gonna be able to stop them. . American Alpha VS Balor Club (RAW Tag League Sixth Round) Our main event sees the final round six match of RAW Tag League, as two former RAW tag team champions do battle. American Alpha, led by Shelton Benjamin, enter this match at two points against Balor Club's three. In a fantastic main event, American Alpha would pick up the massive win, putting away Karl Anderson with Grand Amplitude. With this victory, every single team in RAW Tag League now sits at three points each, and with only the top four teams moving on to the final round, this makes every match next week do or die for every team in RAW Tag League. RAW ends with American Alpha celebrating, having mounted an incredible comeback in the final hour of the tournament.

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