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  2. Meko750 (Raven)


    One week before we see the qualifying matches for the North American championship match at SummerSlam, we see one of the eight men looking to earn a shot at the prestigious prize in Raven come out to the arena. Raven is decked out in a fancy suit, bright red sunglasses and a new entrance theme backing him to boot. As Raven enters the ring, he does a brief taunt to the crowd, mouths the word "Ichiban," and returns to the center of the ring with microphone in hand. Seven more days, everyone. Seven more days until we learn the field at SummerSlam. Seven more days until I see who I have to bowl through to claim the championship I've so eagerly craved for over a year. It may be current tag partners, former rivals, or the future of this very industry, but at SummerSlam, their status means nothing. They're just lambs to the slaughter, and the Meatcastle is ready to feast. That's getting ahead of myself, though...Next week, I'm set to face Buddy Ace in my qualifier, and I've already expressed my feelings on the man. I see a lot of talent in him, endless potential, and a similar hunger that I feel for the North American championship. We both had a chance to be the first ever North American champions, and we both failed. However, Buddy...That's not what people know us for. What people know me for is pretty obvious. Making history, being a three time NXT and US champion...And more recently, putting your tag partner on the shelf indefinitely. But you, Buddy...Your greatest moment is a bit more defined. The 2020 BPZ Rumble. It was you, Arius and Bailey as the final three, and you never looked out of place. Not for a moment. You had the crowd firmly behind you, egging you on, praying for that underdog victory...And even though it never came, that was the spark you needed to finally start putting things together. You won the US title from me the next month, and you were given the honor of competing for the North American championship at BPZ Mania...But what happened, Buddy? Where did the spark go? From what I can tell, since BPZ Mania, you've been desperately scratching for another moment to propel you forward...And from the looks of it, you want that moment to be next week in our Bar Room Brawl. People have asked me why I chose the Over the Top Rope Challenge, and it isn't just because I've been known as the "Battle Royal Master..." It's much deeper than that. Much more symbolic. You had your greatest moment six months ago in the BPZ Royal Rumble, and you came so close to making headlines and main eventing BPZ Mania...It didn't happen, but that was still a moment you can take pride in for the rest of your career. I didn't have such luck. I make no excuses, it was my fault for signing up to compete in three different matches that night and drawing the ire of Bulletproof...But I wanted to test something. I wanted to know if it was me in that situation, would I have fared better? That's why I wanted this Over the Top Rope Challenge. To take us back to your greatest moment, and to see if that's the spark you needed to get back on track, or if I should've been in that spot instead six months ago. But ultimately, it doesn't matter now. The fans voted for the Bar Room Brawl, and I can't say I blame them. When given the choice between beating someone with symbolism and beating them over the head with a beer bottle, I guess I can see why the second option is more enticing. But now, Buddy...There's no excuses. Your home field. Your advantage. A bar room brawl, the very same venue where you showed your true colors and aligned with the Death Riders...That's where we settle this dispute of ours once and for all. It's gonna be a hell of a fight, and I hope to god that you bring your best, because if you don't...There's a nice hospital bed sitting right next to Isaiah Carter. And I'm sure the two of you would just love the chance to catch up. (Reply Planned)
  3. United We Stand (May 17th, 2020) Suicide VS Johnny Swinger VS Chris Bey VS Trey VS Petey Williams VS Ace Austin (c) (Ultimate X Match, X-Division Championship) Kicking off United We Stand, we see the return of the Ultimate X match, with Ace Austin defending his X-Division championship against five other members of the X-Division. In a fantastic, high-energy match to start the show, we would see Trey make good on his recent streak of momentum, unlatching the X-Division championship and becoming X-Division champion for the first time in his career. TJP/Fallah Bahh VS Team XXXL (Street Fight) Next, we see a grudge match between Team XXXL against TJP and Fallah Bahh, with both teams looking to break out and establish themselves as threats to the IMPACT Tag Team championships. In a good match, TJP and Bahh would score the victory, with TJP drawing a submission from Larry D with a Kneebar. Taya VS Jordynne Grace (c) (Knockout's Championship) Next, we see the long awaited rematch between the longest reigning Knockout's champion, Taya, and the woman who dethroned her, Jordynne Grace. In another great match between these two, Grace would retain the gold, continuing her run as champion. After the match, we would see Rosemary stare down Grace and look at her Knockout's championship, making her intentions clear. Eddie Edwards VS Michael Elgin (Loser Leaves IMPACT) Next, we see the culmination of a heated feud, with both Eddie Edwards and Michael Elgin looking to end the other man's IMPACT careers. In a fantastic match, Edwards would make it 3-2 over Elgin, putting him away with the Boston Knee Party and scoring the decisive victory, ending Michael Elgin's IMPACT career in the process. The Rascalz VS Willie Mack/Rich Swann VS The North (c) (IMPACT Tag Team Championships) Next, we see The Rascalz, Rich Swann and Willie Mack, and The North, three of IMPACT's top tag teams, do battle for The North's tag team championships. In a fantastic match, The Rascalz would make good on their Feast or Fired cash-in, putting away Ethan Page and ending the longest tag team championship reign in IMPACT history. After the match, Trey would join his partners and all three Rascalz would celebrate with all of their newly won championship gold. Sami Callihan VS Ken Shamrock (Shamrock's Final Match) Next, we see the final match of Ken Shamrock's illustrious career, as he faces Sami Callihan in his official retirement. In an okay match, Callihan would put Shamrock away in incredibly decisive fashion, planting the MMA legend with a Cactus Driver and scoring the huge victory. The Hardcore Legends (RVD, Jake Crist and Madman Fulton) VS Tommy Dreamer/Rhino/??? Our final match before tonight's massive main event sees Crazzy Steve make his IMPACT return and joining Rhino and Tommy Dreamer as their mystery partner against RVD's "hardcore legends." However, during the match, we would see The Miracle Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis Bennett make their returns as well, distracting Steve and giving the Hardcore Legends the chance to capitalize, with RVD scoring the victory after a Five Star Frog Splash to Tommy Dreamer. Tessa Blanchard VS Moose (c) (IMPACT World Championship, Title VS Career) Finally, tonight's main event sees Moose defend his IMPACT World championship against Tessa Blanchard, and if Blanchard loses, she's fired from IMPACT Wrestling. In a fantastic match, Moose would keep hold of his title, putting Blanchard away with a Spear and ending her IMPACT career. United We Stand would end with Moose celebrating, as the reign of Moose has clearly just begun. Prediction Results @Echo Wilson - 4/10 @Austin Omega - 4/10 @BobdaBomb - 4/10 @Gwynfro - 4/10 @Eric Shun - 5/10 @Alex Costa - 7/10 @FDS - 7/10
  4. After the announcement of the returning North American championship and subsequent qualifying matches for the bout at SummerSlam, we see a video posted on the BPZ Neccework. The video begins with footage of the inaugural North American championship ladder match, with names like Buddy Ace, KENJI, Arius and Raven participating in the bout. As the match nears the conclusion, we see the camera pan out to show Raven sitting on the couch, a glass of champagne in his hand and watching the match intently. As Arius scales the ladder and unlatches the belt, Raven turns the TV off and turns his sights to the camera. History is...Painful. Sitting down with nothing except your thoughts, going over your failures in your mind, wishing you could've been better, thinking about how you could've changed things in the moment...It's a feeling every man knows. Especially as a wrestler. As a wrestler, you always want to get better at what you do, and you're always trying to move forward. These mistakes always stay with your mind, and they shape the type of person and the type of wrestler you end up becoming...But it never gets easier. No matter how much you improve, no matter how much you try to make things right, those moments stick with you. They either cloud your judgment and keep you up at night, or you learn to come to grips with them...But they never go away. That's what that North American championship is to me. It's a symbol of my failure. My first ever match in the company, and I'm given the opportunity of a lifetime. The chance to place my name as the first ever North American champion. An honor that no man can ever take away from me. A chance to beat future world champions like Arius and KENJI in my first ever match...I failed. I've become a better man and a better athlete because of it, but it doesn't change the fact that I failed. Arius scaled that ladder and unhooked the title, not me. Every night, I think about that failure. Every night, I think about how my debut would've turned heads and made everyone take notice, and every night, I'm reminded that I fumbled my greatest chance at glory. Since that night, I've tried to fill a hole in my heart. I've tried to create these fabricated "histories" to hold me over, to keep my mind occupied...But my first ever goal in this company that would've immediately made me a star is gone forever. I was given a shot at the North American title later, but guess what? I failed that chance too. And then, after BPZ Mania, Flynn decided to remove the title forever and take away the goal I set for myself from day one. I thought it was over at that point...I thought I'd never get to put my name in that history book. It's part of why there was so much anger directed at Flynn in our match at Last Resort...He took the title that I needed to feel whole and tossed it aside like it meant nothing. But now...It's back. A dream that I thought was gone forever...A ghost that I thought would haunt me for the rest of my life...I have a chance to finally make good on that goal. I can never be the first ever North American champion...But I'll be damned if I'm not gonna be the next. Now as for my opponent, Buddy Ace...Buddy, I've followed you very closely since I came into this company. You were one of those eight men in that match, and like me, you lost that night. But your immediate attachment to that title is more recently defined than mine. You had a shot at the gold at BPZ Mania, and then you beat the last real North American champion after the fact. I know that eats you alive. I know you feel every bit of anger and frustration I feel. I know that belt haunts you at night. I know you see the North American title every time you close your eyes. And now...I know you see this opportunity that I see. Buddy, I can't express how happy I am that it's you and me, one more time, before the North American title match at SummerSlam. I say that because I'm confident there aren't any two people in that match who could possibly want that gold as much as we do. Whoever wins between you and me...That's the man I'd place money on at SummerSlam. And I'm sorry, Buddy, but as much as you may need this gold...I need it that much more. I'm not stupid enough to look past you, because I know first hand how good you are...But you're not the destination for me. I have a ghost to exorcise at SummerSlam. You're just gonna have to wait a little longer to exorcise yours. As Raven says this, the footage cuts out, with Raven having sent a clear message to Buddy Ace ahead of their Bar Room Brawl. Raven and Buddy Ace is sure to be a heated match with a lot of history to fuel it, but which of these two talented competitors will come out on top?
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, before our next bracket, we will be holding a single-elimination Not Fully Evolved tournament. The playera have already signed up and the typings for each player have been decided: FDS (Dark) Yelich (Bug) Bob (Electric) Storm (Grass) Mecko (Ground) Echo (Poison) Prince (Ice) Addy (Fire) Epic (Steel) Aaron (Dragon) Meko (Fighting) Flynn (Normal) Blade (Water) Arius (Psychic) Alex (Fairy) Ropati (Rock) - Please Submit your team as they adhere to the following rules - The team should be made up of eight pokemon that fall under the NFE format - One Eviolite per team is allowed - One Pokemon per evolutionary line is allowed - No dynamax or gigantamax is allowed Good Luck Trainers and the full bracket will be announced once all teams are submitted
  6. Choque de Carnival Brit-Am Brawlers VS The Bar (c) (PWE Tag Team championships) Kicking off this Choque de Carnival card, we see The Bar defend against the Brit-Am Brawlers. In a fantastic, hard-hitting bout, The Bar would score the victory, putting Danny Burch away with an Assisted White Noise, making their first successful defense of the PWE Tag Team championships. Silas Young VS Nick Aldis (Loser Leaves PWE, May Valentine's Contract on the Line) Next, we see Silas Young look to finally remove Strictly Business from PWE, facing Nick Aldis in a Loser Leaves PWE match. In a good match filled with constant interference by Strictly Business, Young would be undeterred, putting away Aldis with Misery and officially ending Nick Aldis and Royce Isaacs' runs with PWE forever, and gaining ownership of May Valentine's managerial services in the process. Chris Hero VS Cody Rhodes Our next match sees Cody Rhodes look to finally get back on the winning ways against the recently debuting Chris Hero. Ultimately, despite Cody's best efforts, Hero would be just too much on this night, putting Cody away with a Rolling Elbow. After the match, we would see Cody Rhodes sit dejected in the ring. Dustin would attempt to console his brother, but Cody would push his arm away in a fit of rage and walk out of the arena. Los Psycho Circus VS The Kingdom (c) (Six-Man Tag Team championships, Psycho Circus Match) Next, we cut to the first cinematic match in PWE history, with The Kingdom defending their Six-Man championships against Los Psycho Circus. In a bizarre match located in a horrific funhouse, we would see Mike Bennett manage to find Maria Kanellis Bennett and free her, with his Kingdom allies picking up the victory by hitting the Climax on Psycho Clown. Drew McIntyre VS Matt Riddle Next, we see the former PWE World champion Drew McIntyre do battle with Matt Riddle, looking to rebound and get another shot at the championship. Ultimately, McIntyre would be upset by the Original Bro, with Riddle catching McIntyre in the Bro-Mission and forcing the submission. With this win, Matt Riddle has picked up the biggest victory of his PWE career by overcoming the former PWE world champion. MJF VS Ilja Dragunov (c) (North American championship) Next, we see Ilja Dragunov defend his North American championship against the Eddie Guerrero Memorial tournament winner, MJF, with Wardlow and Bad Luck Tunde banned from ringside. In a good match, Dragunov would keep hold of his title, putting away MJF after a Torpedo Moscow and making his third defense of the North American championship. Polo Promotions VS Drake Maverick/Tony Nese In tonight's final match before our main event, we see Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo do battle with Drake Maverick and Tony Nese. In a good match, Drake Maverick would score the win for his team, pinning Mark Coffey after a Running Kneese from his tag partner. Cain Velasquez VS Bobby Lashley (c) (World Heavyweight championship) Finally, tonight's main event sees UFC legend Cain Velasquez do battle with the Destroyer, Bobby Lashley. In a great main event, Lashley would make good on his word from last week, forcing Velasquez to submit after getting him in an Anaconda Vice after a brutal spear. Choque de Carnival ends with Lashley holding his championship high, the first big test of his title reign being cleared tonight.
  7. Year 2, Month 2, Episode 1 Bobby Lashley Celebration Kicking off the show, we see the new PWE World Heavyweight champion, Bobby Lashley, flanked by manager Mark Henry, fresh off of ending the year-long reign of Drew McIntyre at Guerra de Titanes. Mark Henry hypes up the new world champion, saying that a new era in PWE has officially begun, and Lashley is more than ready to lead the charge. However, before he can continue, we see Matt Riddle interrupt. Riddle congratulates Lashley on his victory, but says that he has unfinished business with The Destroyer. Riddle says he wants the first shot at Lashley's title. Before he can continue, we see the former world champion, Drew McIntyre, interrupt. McIntyre says that he is still the rightful champion, and Lashley is merely keeping it warm for him. Drew then warns Riddle to stay in his lane before he gets Claymored in the crossfire. Before anyone else can continue, we see the new PWE General Manager, Vickie Guerrero, come out. Guerrero says that both Riddle and Drew have claims to a title match, but they're not the only ones. She then announces that next week's main event will be a triple threat match between Matt Riddle, Drew McIntyre and Cain Velasquez, with the winner going on to face Bobby Lashley at the next PWE PPV, Choque de Carnival. Jinder Mahal VS ??? Tonight's first match sees Jinder Mahal take on another debuting talent. Jinder Mahal has made his displeasure known at not knowing who his opponents are ahead of time, but Tony Khan and Vickie Guerrero have clearly not given his protests any quarter. Jinder's opponent would then reveal himself to be... Chris Hero! Jinder Mahal would throw another fit at this revelation, knowing that the Knockout Artist has come to PWE. In a quick match, Hero would plow through Jinder Mahal in short order with a Rolling Elbow. MJF Celebrates Eddie Guerrero Memorial Cup Victory Next, we see the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Tournament winner and his lackeys, MJF, Wardlow and Bad Luck Tunde, come out to celebrate with his newly won trophy. MJF brags about how nobody is worthy of being associated with a wrestling legend like Eddie Guerrero than MJF. MJF then says that with his tournament win, he has earned a shot against Ilja Dragunov for the North American championship. MJF calls out Ilja Dragunov to join him in the ring, and soon, the North American champion complies. MJF tells Dragunov that he's confident the two of them will steal the shot at Choque de Carnival, but if Dragunov agrees to "do business" at the PPV, MJF can guarantee him a spot at his side. MJF offers Dragunov a handshake, but Dragunov immediately swats it away, saying that he holds loyalty to no man. MJF then orders Wardlow and Tunde to attack Dragunov, and though Dragunov tries to fight back, he's soon overcome by the numbers advantage of the Upper Class. Drake Maverick VS "The Miracle" Mike Bennett Our next match sees Drake Maverick do battle with The Kingdom's Mike Bennett, flanked by the new Six-Man Tag Team champions Matt Taven, TK O'Ryan and Vinny Marseglia. During the match, we would see Los Psycho Circus run out and attack the Six-Man champions, leaving Maria Kanellis alone at ringside. As this happens, we would see the new leader of Los Psycho Circus, Crazzy Steve, come out and talk to Maria. Maria would be creeped out by Steve, but this distraction would give Murder Clown, Monster Clown and Psycho Clown the opportunity to grab Maria from behind and run backstage with her. This would cause Bennett to chase after the clowns and abandon the match all together, giving Maverick the win by count-out. After the bell rings, we would see Mark Coffey hit the ring and attack Maverick after the match, screaming in his face that "This is for NEO." Silas Young Coaches May Valentine Before tonight's main event, we see Silas Young giving May Valentine some wrestling tips, showing her how to do a proper headlock. Unfortunately, Royce Isaacs would walk in during this and assume the worst, demanding that Young let go of his girlfriend. Young and Valentine try to explain that it's a misunderstanding, but Isaacs doesn't want to hear it, attacking Young and leading to a massive brawl between the two men. Young would get the upper hand, but the rest of Strictly Business would come in and attack Young. Rock 'n Roll Express VS Brit-Am Brawlers (Tag Team Championship Number One Contender's Match) Finally, tonight's main event to determine The Bar's next challengers sees the legendary Rock 'n Roll Express take on the Brit-Am Brawlers, who scored a massive victory over The Hardy's last week. Lorcan and Burch would score another massive victory, with Lorcan putting away Robert Gibson after a Half and Half Suplex. This edition of PWE ends with the Brit-Am Brawlers celebrating their victory, next in line to face The Bar at Choque de Carnival. Year 2, Month 2, Episode 2 The Bar and Brit-Am Brawlers Confrontation This edition of PWE kicks off with the PWE Tag Team champions, The Bar, making their first appearance since beating The Hardy's at Guerra de Titanes. The Bar says that The Hardy's have beaten everyone in PWE, until they came across Sheamus and Cesaro. Before they can continue, we see Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan come out, who earned their number one contendership last week. Burch and Lorcan say that The Bar may have beaten The Hardy's and won the tag titles, but it's only because the Brit-Am Brawlers softened them up and beat them first. Sheamus and Cesaro laugh this off before Sheamus levels Danny Burch with a Brogue Kick out of nowhere. Sheamus and Cesaro would then double team Oney Lorcan and lay him out before taunting with their tag team titles. Silas Young VS Royce Isaacs Next, we see Silas Young attempt to get revenge on Royce Isaacs for Strictly Business' attack on him last week. In a quick match, Young would run through Isaacs in extremely short order, putting away Isaacs with Misery in a shade over a minute. After the match, Young would be attacked and laid by Strictly Business again, but May Valentine would be noticeably distraught by the actions of her stablemates. Mark Coffey Explains His Actions PWE then cuts backstage to Mark Coffey, who attacked Drake Maverick last week. Coffey says that he's disgusted to see Maverick follow him to this company after the disrespect and unfair treatment he received in NEO. Coffey says that he wasn't given a spot in the inaugural world title tournament, he and his brother had to jump through hoops to even get a tag title shot and immediately lost it due to incompetent general management, and he wasn't even originally going to be offered a contract until his brother demanded Maverick sign Mark as well. Mark says that he could never give Maverick his just due in NEO, but now, Maverick is just another superstar. Coffey tells Maverick to find a partner, and Polo Promotions will be happy to show him the punishment he deserves at Choque de Carnival. Bad Luck Tunde VS Ilja Dragunov Next, we see the PWE North American champion Ilja Dragunov do battle with Upper Class member Bad Luck Tunde. In a decent bout, Dragunov would beat Tunde with Torpedo Moscow. However, after the match, MJF and Wardlow would attack the North American champion, and with the combination of the number's advantage and Dragunov's fatigue, he would succumb to their attack, with MJF yet again standing tall over the champion. Crazzy Steve Cites Frustrations Before tonight's main event, we see Crazzy Steve and Los Psycho Circus in some kind of funhouse. Steve says that he doesn't appreciate Mike Bennett coming into PWE and taking the Six-Man tag team championship match that is rightfully due to Steve's Psycho Circus. However, Steve says that he hopes they're even now, as Steve has taken something of The Kingdom's in response. as Steve says this, we see Maria Kanellis enter the frame, tied to a chair with her mouth duct taped. Steve tells Bennett that if he wishes to ever see his wife again, he will give Los Psycho Circus the Six-Man Tag Team title shot they're rightfully due at Choque de Carnival. Not only that, but Steve wants a match one on one with Mike Bennett in two weeks, with the winner of that match choosing the stipulation for the Six-Man championship match at the PPV. Matt Riddle VS Drew McIntyre VS Cain Velasquez (World Championship Number One Contender's Match) Finally, tonight's main event sees Matt Riddle, Cain Velasquez and Drew McIntyre do battle to determine Bobby Lashley's first challenger for his PWE World championship. In a fantastic match, Cain Velasquez would score the victory after forcing Matt Riddle to submit to the Kimura Lock. With this win, the main event of Choque de Carnival is set, as Cain Velasquez will face Bobby Lashley for the PWE World championship. Year 2, Month 2, Episode 3 Nick Aldis Issues a Challenge to Silas Young Kicking off this edition of PWE, we see Nick Aldis, flanked by Strictly Business, open the show. Aldis says that recently, Silas Young has been a thorn in the side of Royce Isaacs, and that's not good for Aldis when one of his stablemates is unhappy. However, Aldis says that now, Young can make himself useful for once in his career and act as a stepping stone for Nick Aldis on his way back to the North American championship. Aldis says that Vickie Guerrero has given him the green light to face Silas Young at Choque de Carnival. However, next week, Strictly Business will face Silas Young in a 4-on-4 tag team match, with the winner of that match able to choose any stipulation they want for Young VS Aldis at Choque de Carnival. Aldis says he can't wait to teach Young a lesson in two weeks before he goes on to reclaim his lost North American championship. Sheamus VS Danny Burch Next, we see one half of the PWE tag team champions, Sheamus, do battle with Danny Burch as a preview for the tag team title match at Choque de Carnival. In a stiff match, Sheamus would score the win with a Brogue Kick. After the match, he and Cesaro would attack Burch, but Oney Lorcan would run out with a steel chair in hand to chase them away. MJF Has a Message for Dragunov PWE then cuts backstage to the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Tournament winner, MJF, flanked by Wardlow and Bad Luck Tunde. MJF says that he's talked with the PWE General Manager Vickie Guerrero, and he's struck a deal with her. Next week, Ilja Dragunov will face Wardlow, and when Wardlow beats Dragunov, the North American championship match will become a 3-on-1 handicap match, with the Upper Class taking on Dragunov. However, if Dragunov somehow beats Wardlow, they will be banned from ringside, leaving only MJF and Dragunov to face each other one on one. Jinder Mahal VS Cody Rhodes Next, we see the leader of the Bollywood World Order Jinder Mahal do battle with Cody Rhodes, looking to rebound after another disappointing loss to MJF at Guerra de Titanes. In an okay match, Cody would pick up a decisive win over Jinder Mahal after a Cross Rhodes. After the match, we would see Chris Hero come out and taunt Cody about how long it took him to beat a nobody like Jinder Mahal. Hero says that Cody's lost his touch, but Hero's more than ready to put him down for good at Choque de Carnival. Drake Maverick Apologizes to Mark Coffey Before tonight's main event, we cut backstage to Drake Maverick, responding to Mark Coffey's attack two weeks ago. Maverick says that Coffey was right, and that Maverick underestimated how talented he was. However, when Mark won the tag team titles, Maverick knew he was wrong and he fought as hard as he could to give Mark the opportunities he deserved. Maverick apologizes to Coffey for not being the best general manager, but now, Maverick's a wrestler again and he needs to move forward with his career. As Maverick says this, he's approached by Tony Nese, who tells Maverick that he believes he was a good General Manager, and he's got Maverick's back at Choque de Carnival against Polo Promotions. Matt Riddle VS Cain Velasquez (If Riddle Wins, He's Added to World Title Match) Finally, tonight's main event sees Matt Riddle get a second chance at the PWE World championship, courtesy of his win over Velasquez at Guerra de Titanes. In another great match between these two men, Velasquez would score the victory with a Kimura Lock after interference from Drew McIntyre, blasting Riddle with a Claymore as he was stuck in the ropes. With this win, Velasquez guarantees that his world title match remains one on one, and Drew McIntyre has sent a very clear message to the Original Bro. Year 2, Month 2, Episode 4 Strictly Business VS Team Silas Young Kicking off this edition of PWE, we see Nick Aldis, PCO, Brody King and Royce Isaacs enter the arena, looking to guarantee Nick Aldis the right to choose his stipulation against Silas Young at Choque de Carnival. Next, we see Silas Young enter, and he's flanked by... The Bouncers and No Way Jose! Young has called on some old connections, getting the Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas to help him tonight, and finding a man who hates Strictly Business as much as anyone in No Way Jose. In a great, fast paced match, we would see Silas Young score the victory for his team, putting away Royce Isaacs with Misery. After the match, we would see Young get on the microphone and announce the stipulation for his and Aldis' match at Choque de Carnival. Aldis says that he wants there to be two stipulations, with the first of those being that the winner gets control of May Valentine's contract. The second stipulation is that if Aldis wins, Silas Young must leave PWE forever. However, if Young wins, both Aldis and Isaacs must leave PWE forever. Strictly Business is livid at this announcement, but there's nothing they can do about it, as they set to the terms of this match. Chris Hero Sends a Message to Cody Rhodes Next, we see PWE cut backstage to Chris Hero, cutting a promo on his upcoming match with Cody Rhodes. Hero says that in recent months, Cody's been a disappointment and hasn't lived up to his hype. However, now that the Knockout Artist has come to PWE, he's ready to put the Rhodes family to rest once and for all, and Cody will be a stepping stone for Hero on his way to stardom in the company. Crazzy Steve VS "The Miracle" Mike Bennett Our next match sees Crazzy Steve and Mike Bennett do battle, with the winner choosing the stipulation for the Six-Man championship match at Choque de Carnival. In a good match, Steve would score the victory after interference from Los Psycho Circus. The Kingdom would run out to make the save, causing Los Psycho Circus to retreat. However, Crazzy Steve would grab a microphone and say that the stipulation for their match at the PPV will be a special...Psycho Circus match. Drew McIntyre Promises to Humble Matt Riddle PWE then cuts backstage to former PWE world champion Drew McIntyre, who cost Matt Riddle his shot at being inserted into the world championship match last week. McIntyre says that three weeks ago, Riddle disrespected him, and two weeks ago, Riddle cost him his chance to reclaim the title that is rightfully his. Now, Drew has the chance to humble Riddle on his way to taking back the gold that is rightfully his. Ilja Dragunov VS Wardlow Next, we see the PWE North American champion, Ilja Dragunov, take on MJF's right hand man, Wardlow. If Dragunov wins this match, the Upper Class will be banned from ringside, but if Wardlow wins, Dragunov must face all three members in a handicap match at Choque de Carnival. In a good match rife with interference, Dragunov would score the victory with a Torpedo Moscow to Wardlow, securing his championship defense against the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Cup winner as a one on one affair. Bobby Lashley and Cain Velasquez Contract Signing Finally, we see Lashley and Velasquez meet face to face ahead of their world championship match at Choque de Carnival. Lashley would sign the contract first as Mark Henry says on behalf of Lashley that last month, Lashley proved himself as the top competitor in the world today, but he's chomping at the bit to prove he's better than a former UFC champion in Cain Velasquez. Henry says that Lashley doesn't just plan on beating Velasquez, but he's fully intent on making Velasquez tap out to his Anaconda Vice. As Henry says this, Velasquez would lock Lashley in a Kimura Lock. Lashley would struggle for a bit, but Velasquez would release the world champion, his message having been sent loud and clear. Velasquez would then sign the contract as the go-home show of PWE draws to a close. Choque de Carnival Match Card Cain Velasquez VS Bobby Lashley (c) (World Heavyweight championship) Silas Young VS Nick Aldis (Loser Leaves PWE, May Valentine’s contract on the line) MJF VS Ilja Dragunov (c) (North American championship) Matt Riddle VS Drew McIntyre Brit-Am Brawlers VS The Bar (c) (Tag Team championships) Los Psycho Circus VS The Kingdom (c) (Six-Man Tag Team championships, Psycho Circus Match) Polo Promotions VS Drake Maverick/Tony Nese Chris Hero VS Cody Rhodes
  8. IMPACT Wrestling (May 12th, 2020) Taya Valkyrie/Rosemary VS Tenille Dashwood/Jordynne Grace Kicking off the go-home edition of IMPACT before United we Stand, we see former Knockout's champion Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary take on Tenille Dashwoon and Knockout's champion Jordynne Grace. In a great match, Rosemary would score the victory for her team, putting Grace away with a Red Wedding and giving Taya the mental edge going into her match against Jordynne Grace at United we Stand. The Hardcore Legends Taunt Dreamer and Rhino Next, IMPACT cuts backstage to the newly formed trio of Rob Van Dam, Jake Crist and Madman Fulton, who have dubbed themselves the "Hardcore Legends." RVD says that now oVe and Cancel Culture have dissolved and the best member of both groups have come together, they're unstoppable. RVD says he isn't worried about whoever this "third man" Dreamer and Rhino talk about is, because at United We Stand, they're gonna get their asses smoked by Rob Van Dam all the same. Ace Austin/Chris Bey/Johnny Swinger VS Trey/Petey Williams/Suicide Next, we see a preview of the Ultimate X match at United We Stand, with champion Ace Austin teaming with Chris Bey and Johnny Swinger against IMPACT legend Petey Williams, Feast or Fired holder Suicide, and Trey, coming off of a massive win over Michael Elgin last week. In a great match, Trey would keep up his streak of momentum, putting away Johnny Swinger and scoring the win for his team. Konnan Discusses the New LAX Next, we see an interview with Konnan, Daga and Hernandez, the newest incarnation of LAX. Konnan says that every time LAX has come to IMPACT, no matter who is was in the group, they were the focal point of the tag division, and this time isn't gonna be any different. Konnan says it doesn't matter who wins at United We Stand, because LAX is coming for their heads the next chance they get. Team XXXL VS TJP/Fallah Bahh Next, we see a rematch from the Tag Team championship number one contender's tournament, as Team XXXL seek revenge on TJP and Fallah Bahh. In a decent match, the bout would end in disqualification after Larry D intentionally hit Fallah Bahh with a steel chair. After the match, the two big men would assault TJP, letting out their recent frustrations over their failures in the tag division. Though they lost the match, Team XXXL have made a huge statement tonight at the expense of TJP and Fallah Bahh. The North and Willie Mack/Rich Swann Hype Tag Title Match Before tonight's main event, we see the IMPACT Tag Team champions, The North, and Rich Swann and Willie Mack have one final face-off before their tag team title match at United We Stand. The North state that they're proven to be the best tag team in IMPACT wrestling history, having held the tag titles for over a year and overcoming the threat of over 20 different challengers. However, Swann and Mack say that The North only have those titles right now because Swann wasn't medically cleared for their last encounter. Before either team can continue, though, they would be interrupted by The Rascalz! Dez and Wentz would hit the scene with Dez's Feast or Fired briefcase, and the two men immediately announce that they're cashing in their shot at United We Stand, officially making the tag team championship bout a triple threat match between these three incredible tag teams. Eddie Edwards VS Tessa Blanchard Finally, tonight's main event sees former tag partners Tessa Blanchard and Eddie Edwards compete in one final warm-up match before their career threatening matches at United We Stand, with both participants having put their careers on the line in their respective matches at the PPV. In a fantastic main event, Eddie Edwards would score the win over the former World Champion, putting Blanchard away with a Boston Knee Party. After the match, both participants would shake hands, but the IMPACT World champion, Moose, wouldn't stand idly by, hitting the ring and laying out both of them with a massive spear. The go-home show for United We Stand sees Moose stand tall, and if this is the image we see at the PPV, Tessa Blanchard's IMPACT career could very well be over.
  9. Finally, the tyrannical reign of Creed will meet its proper end.
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, Week 8 Of the Sixth Season of the Pokemon Showdown Tournament has concluded! With the B Block finished, we will only detail A Block standings here: Gwyn (Bug): 7-0 Alex (Grass): 6-1 Blade (Dragon): 5-2 Flynn (Ground): 4-3 Prince (Normal): 3-4 FD (Rock): 3-4 Arius (Electric): 2-6 Addy (Steel): 1-6 Ropati (Fire): 1-6 With this, the final regulation round of this season before the finals will see these following matches: Week 9 FDS (Rock) vs Gwyn (Bug) Ropati (Fire) vs Alex (Grass) Flynn (Ground) vs Addy (Steel) Prince (Normal) vs Blade (Dragon) Bye: Arius (Electric) If it wasn't obvious, Gwyn cannot be eliminated at this point, so the finals will be Gwyn VS Mikey to decide the winner of season 6, but this final week will still affect win/loss record, which will be crucially important for next season. Good luck, trainers!
  11. Surprised nobody’s said 2012 yet. Lesnar’s return in a killer match with Cena, Punk and Jericho’s street fight, Bryan and Sheamus stealing the show in their two out of three falls match…One of those shows that makes me wish I was a fan at the time so I could witness it live.
  12. PWE: Guerra de Titanes ??? VS Artistas Asesinos (c) (Six-Man Tag Team championships) Kicking off the Guerra de Titanes PPV, we see Artistas Asesinos enter first, awaiting their mystery opponents promised to them by Mike Bennett. After the champions enter, we see The Miracle Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis Bennett enter. Mike says that the PWE audience has waited long enough, and it's time to unveil their miracle. As Bennett says this, we see the PWE debut of... The Kingdom! Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia and TK O'Ryan have reunited The Kingdom in PWE! Ultimately, Artistas Asesinos would be unable to recover from the surprise, with Ortiz falling to a Climax. Taven, Marseglia, O'Ryan, Bennett and Kanellis would all celebrate after the match, having made a huge statement in The Kingdom's PWE debut. Aron Stevens VS Silas Young Next, we see a grudge match between former NEO Six-Man Tag Team champions, as Aron Stevens does battle with Silas Young. In a quick match, Young would steamroll through Stevens, putting him away with Misery in decisive fashion. Nick Aldis VS Ilja Dragunov (c) (North American championship, Submission match) Next, we see former North American champion Nick Aldis look to reclaim his gold in a submission match against Ilja Dragunov. In a great match, Dragunov would pull out the victory, forcing Aldis to submit after repeated Torpedo Moscow's, followed up by a Crossface. Dragunov would make his second successful defense of the North American championship, and this time, Aldis has no excuse about Dragunov not beating the "rightful champion" to do it. Matt Riddle VS Cain Velasquez Next, we see a match between former MMA standouts, as Matt Riddle does battle with Cain Velasquez. In a fantastic match, Riddle would score a massive victory, putting away Velasquez with a flash Knee Strike and picking up the biggest victory of his PWE career thus far. Cody Rhodes VS MJF (Eddie Guerrero Memorial Tournament Finals) Next, we see a massive rematch between rivals Cody Rhodes and MJF, this time with the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Cup on the line. In a match rife with interference from Wardlow, Bad Luck Tunde and Dustin Rhodes, MJF would score another victory over his longtime rival, putting Cody away with the Double Cross. MJF would celebrate with the Eddie Guerrero Cup after the match, much to the chagrin of the capacity crowd. The Bar VS The Hardy's (c) (PWE Tag Team championship) Next, we see The Hardy's defend their PWE Tag Team championships against the recently debuting tandem of Sheamus and Cesaro. In a stiff match, The Bar would score the victory, as Cesaro would put away Matt Hardy with a Neutralizer. With this victory, The Bar have become the new PWE Tag Team champions in extremely short order. Crazzy Steve VS Pagano (Loser Leaves PWE) In our last match before tonight's massive main event, we see a battle of the clowns as Crazzy Steve takes on Pagano, with the loser leaving PWE. Ultimately, Steve would score the victory, putting Pagano away with the King Kill 33. After the match, Los Psycho Circus would appear to help Pagano exit the arena, but they would all turn on their former leader and attack him before swearing allegiance to Crazzy Steve. Bobby Lashley VS Drew McIntyre (c) (PWE World championship, BloodSport) Finally, tonight's main event sees Drew McIntyre defend his PWE World championship against Bobby Lashley in the first ever BloodSport match. No ropes, no turnbuckles, and victory can only be achieved by submission or countout. During the match, we would see Drew attempt to leave the ring and get weapons to help him against the Destroyer, but Lashley's new manager, Mark Henry, would stop him at every attempt. Ultimately, Lashley would manage to finally end Drew McIntyre's reign of terror, forcing the Scottish Psychopath to submit to an Anaconda Vice. Lashley would celebrate with Mark Henry and his newly won World championship as Guerra de Titanes closes, having finally ended the year long reign of Drew McIntyre.
  13. Year 2, Month 1, Episode 1 Tony Khan Kicks off the Show Kicking off the show, we see the owner of PWE, Tony Khan, in the middle of the ring. Khan thanks the fans for helping PWE have such a successful first year, and he especially congratulates Drew McIntyre on being voted the champion of the year across all companies. However, Khan says that for how much PWE is growing, the workload he takes on grows greater and greater, so to help ease the burden, he is handing the duties of a General Manager over to the newest PWE signee...Vickie Guerrero. As Khan does this, Vickie gives a typical "EXCUSE ME" before she makes her first huge announcement: Starting tonight, we will see the return of the Eddie Guerrero Memorial tournament, with the winner of that tournament being given a North American championship match at next month's PWE PPV. Jinder Mahal VS ??? (Eddie Guerrero Memorial Tournament Opening Round) The first match of the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Tournament sees Jinder Mahal, lead by the Bollywood World Order, waiting in the ring for his mystery opponent. Mahal would be surprised to learn that the man facing him tonight is none other than... The debuting Rey Horus! Jinder Mahal is livid at having to face yet another debuting star with no warning, but Rey Horus is ready to make a huge impression in his PWE debut. In a decent match, Horus would beat Jinder in decisive fashion, putting away the Maharaja with a 450 Splash and punching his ticket to the semi-finals of the Eddie Guerrero Memorial tournament. Artistas Asesinos Brags About Title Win PWE then cuts backstage to Low Ki, Santana and Ortiz, celebrating their Six-Man Tag Team championship victory. However, they would be cut off my Mike and Maria Kanellis Bennett, who talk about how long Artistas Asesinos have been the top stable in PWE. They claim that they've had an impressive run, but it wasn't impressive enough to earn PWE the stable of the year award. Mike and Maria then says that it's okay, because soon, a true Miracle is coming to PWE to take those Six-Man Tag Team championships. Pagano VS Ilja Dragunov (c) (North American championship) Next, we see the new North American champion, Ilja Dragunov, defend his North American championship against the man who won the Lights Out Goodbye to Hardcore Wrestling match at End of the Line, Pagano. In a good match, Dragunov would score the win, putting Pagano away with Torpedo Moscow and earning his first successful title defense. After the match, Dragunov would celebrate, but he would be attacked by former North American champion, Nick Aldis, followed by PCO and Brody King. PCO and King would hold Dragunov up and force him to watch as Aldis celebrates with Dragunov's North American championship, before Aldis decks Dragunov across the face with the title. Drew McIntyre Celebrates Successful Year Before tonight's main event, we cut backstage to an interview with Drew McIntyre. McIntyre says that the last year saw a lot of changes, from directions the company wished to take, to the men running the shit behind the scenes. What hasn't changed, however, has been that Drew McIntyre has been the top champion of the company, and that he's beaten anyone who has stepped up to challenge his reign. McIntyre brags about being voted the champion of the year across all companies, but before he can continue, he's joined by new PWE General Manager Vickie Guerrero. Guerrero says that Drew may have been champion for a year, but he still has yet to impress her. However, Vickie knows how McIntyre can prove himself. At the next PWE PPV, Guerra de Titanes, Drew McIntyre will defend his championship against the winner of next week's main event, Matt Riddle VS Bobby Lashley, who will have a number one contender's match next week. Low Ki VS Cody Rhodes (Eddie Guerrero Memorial Tournament Opening Round) Finally, tonight's main event sees Cody Rhodes do battle with current Six-Man champion, Low Ki, with the winner of the match earning a spot in the semi-finals of the Eddie Guerrero Memorial tournament. In a great match, Santana and Ortiz would attempt to interrupt and distract Cody enough to give Ki the victory, but their interference would be in vain, as Mike Bennett and Dustin Rhodes would run them off, giving Cody the chance to hit Ki with Cross Rhodes and score the pinfall. PWE ends with Cody Rhodes celebrating his victory, pointing at the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Cup as the show comes to a close. Year 2, Month 1, Episode 2 Nick Aldis Explains his Actions This edition of PWE starts with former North American champion, Nick Aldis, explaining why he attacked Dragunov last week. Aldis says that the North American championship has suffered ever since it left his grasp, and now, Dragunov won the championship that is rightfully his by climbing a ladder. Aldis says he was initially slotted in for the Eddie Guerrero Memorial tournament, but he gave up his spot to Rey Horus, because he wants to get his hands back on his title as soon as possible. Aldis then tells Dragunov what he wants. In two weeks, an eight-man tag match between Dragunov and three men of his choosing against Strictly Business. If Dragunov wins, Aldis never gets another North American title match again, but if Aldis wins, Dragunov faces Aldis in a match of his choosing at Guerra de Titanes. Aldis tells Dragunov he expects an answer next week, but if he declines, Aldis guarantees that he, PCO and Brody King will do everything in their power to make Dragunov's life a living hell. Mike Bennett VS Aron Stevens (Eddie Guerrero Memorial Tournament Opening Round) Next, we see the third match of the Eddie Guerrero Memorial tournament, with two men who debuted at End of the Line facing each other in Aron Stevens VS Mike Bennett. In a decent match, Bennett would score the victory, putting away Stevens with a Miracle in Progress and punching his ticket to the semi-finals, with a match against Cody Rhodes awaiting him next week. Pagano Apologizes to Los Psycho Circus PWE then cuts backstage to Pagano, talking to Los Psycho Circus. Pagano says last week was his chance to finally bring gold to the Psycho Circus, and he failed. Pagano attempts to apologize, but he's attacked from behind by Crazzy Steve, leveling him with a steel chair shot. Steve quickly escapes before the rest of Los Psycho Circus can get to him, but the message is sent loud and clear. MJF VS Dustin Rhodes (Eddie Guerrero Memorial Tournament Opening Round) Next, we see the final match in the opening round of the Eddie Guerrero Memorial tournament, with Dustin Rhodes taking on MJF. In a good match, MJF would score the victory, capitalizing on a distraction from Wardlow to score the pin and secure his spot against Rey Horus in two weeks. After the match, MJF would get on the microphone, claiming that Bad Luck Fale was a failed investment for the Upper Class, and he has since been replaced by a man far more worthy of his time. MJF then announces the newest member of the Upper Class...Bad Luck Tunde! As he says this, the man formerly known as Babatunde would come out, wearing sunglasses and holding a cigar in his mouth, clearly copying the outfit of Bad Luck Fale. Bad Luck Tunde would then leave alongside Wardlow and MJF, the new hired gun of the Upper Class. Vickie Guerrero Attempts to Announce Tag Team Championship NOC Next Week, Interrupted PWE then cuts backstage to Vickie Guerrero, who says that she has decided four teams that will compete against each other to decide who will face The Hardy's at Guerra de Titanes. Vickie announces the Rock 'n Roll Express and Polo Promotions, but before she can say the final two teams, she's interrupted by Jinder Mahal, livid about last week's match. Jinder says he was expecting to face Nick Aldis and was taken completely by surprise, but before he can continue, Aron Stevens barges in and demands a rematch with Mike Bennett. Both men would then begin arguing with each other, but Vickie Guerrero would cut them off with a screeching "EXCUSE ME!" Guerrero then says that if they want to make fools of themselves, they can do so next week in the first ever Disqualifications only match, where the only way to win is to get your opponent disqualified. Guerrero says that the winner of that match will earn a PPV match at Guerra de Titanes. However, Guerrero then says that the Bollywood World Order is banned from ringside, so both men will have to earn this opportunity by channeling the spirit of her husband. Matt Riddle VS Bobby Lashley (World Championship Number One Contender's Match) Finally, tonight's main event sees Matt Riddle face Bobby Lashley, with the winner set to face Drew McIntyre at Guerra de Titanes. In a great match, Lashley would pull out the victory, putting away Riddle with a Spear and earning one more chance at McIntyre's World championship. Before Lashley can celebrate, he's attacked from behind by Drew McIntyre, but surprisingly, McIntyre would be run off by Mark Henry, making the save for Lashley. PWE would end with Henry raising Lashley's hand, with a massive rematch now set to headline Guerra de Titanes in two weeks. Year 2, Month 1, Episode 3 Matt Riddle Rebounds Kicking off this episode of PWE, we see Matt Riddle, who had a heartbreaking loss to Bobby Lashley last week in his world championship number one contender's match. Riddle says that it sucks he won't get to challenge for the world title this month, but it's okay, because Riddle knows that you always have to keep moving forward in this business. Riddle then says that his next order of business is to make a challenge against a man he's always wanted to face, both in the ring and in the octagon. Riddle challenges Cain Velasquez to a match at Guerra de Titanes, claiming it's always been a dream match of his and stating that he's never had a better chance to have it than now. Cody Rhodes VS Mike Bennett (Eddie Guerrero Memorial Tournament Semi-Finals) The first match of tonight's episode sees Cody Rhodes and Mike Bennett do battle, with the winner set to compete in the finals of the Eddie Guerrero Memorial tournament at Guerra de Titanes. In a good match, Cody would score the victory with a Cross Rhodes, punching his ticket to the PPV. After the match, we would see Cody shake Bennett's hand and thank him, but he would then be attacked by MJF, Wardlow and the newly renamed Bad Luck Tunde. With Cody isolated, Bennett would then be jumped by Artistas Asesinos, with Santana and Ortiz laying him out after a Street Sweeper. Low Ki, Santana and Ortiz would raise their Six-Man Tag Team titles above their heads as the segment ends. Ilja Dragunov Responds to Strictly Business PWE then cuts backstage to the North American champion, Ilja Dragunov. Dragunov says that if Nick Aldis wanted to challenge for his North American championship, all he had to do was ask, because Dragunov is more than happy to oblige. Dragunov says that he doesn't have many friends backstage, and the few he does are currently occupied, but he's sure he can find three other men who want to kick Nick Aldis' ass as much as he does. Aron Stevens VS Jinder Mahal (Disqualifications-Only match) Next, we see the first ever Disqualifcations-Only match in PWE history between Aron Stevens and Jinder Mahal, with a spot on the PWE Guerra de Titanes card on the line. Though both men would attempt to fake being hit by a steel chair and other tactics to get their opponent disqualified, each attempt would fail, and after a few minutes, the audience would get restless. However, before they could turn on the match entirely, we would see... Silas Young, who levels Aron Stevens with a clothesline and draws the disqualification! Young would then blast Mahal with Misery, drawing a huge reaction from the crowd for stopping this match. As he recovers, Stevens would shake Young's hand, thanking his former NEO Six-Man Tag Team partner for giving him the win, but asking him to be less stiff with the clothesline next time. Young would initially shake his hand back, but he would then level Stevens with Misery, drawing another huge reaction. Young would then leave the ring, leaving a path of destruction in his wake. Crazzy Steve Lays Down the Challenge Before tonight's main event, we would see a promo from Crazzy Steve, who attacked Pagano last week. Steve says that Pagano embarrassed the clowns of the wrestling world two weeks ago, and he doesn't believe Pagano is worthy of leading Los Psycho Circus. Steve then challenges Pagano to a Loser Leaves PWE match at Guerra de Titanes, because he refuses to leave Los Psycho Circus in the hands of a failure like Pagano. Polo Promotions VS Rock 'n Roll Express VS ??? VS ??? (Tag Team Championship NOC) Finally, tonight's main event sees a four-way tag team match, with the winners set to face The Hardy's for the PWE Tag Team championships at Guerra de Titanes. The first two teams confirmed last week, Polo Promotions and the Rock 'n Roll Express, enter first. As Mark Coffey, Jackie Polo, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson wait in the ring, they would be greeted by the first of two mystery teams... The Brit-Am Brawlers! Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan are here, and they're looking to skyrocket to the top of the PWE tag division. Finally, as three teams wait for the final team, we would see two massive additions to the PWE roster make their debut... The Bar! Sheamus and Cesaro are in PWE! With all four teams revealed, the match begins, and in a fantastic, high-energy clash, the debuting Bar would score the victory, with Sheamus putting away Robert Gibson after a brutal Brogue Kick. The Bar have made their PWE debuts, and have immediately earned a shot at The Hardy's at Guerra de Titanes. Year 2, Month 1, Episode 4 Strictly Business VS Team Dragunov (If Aldis wins, He Gets North American Title Match at Guerra de Titanes and Chooses Stipulation, if Dragunov Wins, Aldis Never Competes for North American Title Again) The go-home edition of PWE kicks off with Strictly Business taking on Team Dragunov, the members of which who are still a surprise. As Aldis, PCO and Brody King enter, we would see the PWE return of Royce Isaacs, accompanied by girlfriend May Valentine. Aldis then grabs a microphone and says that now the dead weight of Strictly Business has been dealt with, he's willing to give Isaacs another shot to earn a spot with the group, but if he fails them tonight, he won't live to regret it. Next, we see North American champion Ilja Dragunov, who reveals his tag team partners for tonight... The Colons! Carlito, Primo and Epico will be joining Ilja Dragunov in tonight's tag team match. However, despite getting the legendary Colon family on his side, it wouldn't be enough to topple the new Strictly Business, with Nick Aldis forcing Epico to submit to a Cloverleaf. After the match, Aldis would announce that he wants to face Dragunov in a Submission match, knowing that he's far more technically proficient than the mad Russian. Cain Velasquez Responds to Matt Riddle's Challenge PWE then cuts backstage to Cain Velasquez, who responds to Matt Riddle's challenge. Velasquez says that Riddle is an incredible success story of a guy who was once an MMA competitor making the jump to pro wrestling, and Velasquez hopes to be able add his name to that list. Velasquez then says he accepts Riddle's challenge, knowing how talented Riddle is and expecting a great match from the Original Bro. MJF VS Rey Horus (Eddie Guerrero Memorial Tournament Semi-Finals) Next, we see the finals of the Eddie Guerrero Memorial tournament, with MJF and Rey Horus looking to punch their ticket to a match with Cody Rhodes in the finals at Guerra de Titanes. In a good match, MJF would pick up the victory with a Double Cutter, earning a massive rematch with Cody Rhodes at Guerra de Titanes, this time with the Eddie Guerrero Cup and a North American championship match on the line. Silas Young Explains Actions Last Week PWE then cuts backstage to Silas Young, who made a huge statement in his attack on Aron Stevens and Jinder Mahal last week. Stevens says as embarrassing as their match was, he was involved in something even more embarrassing when he carried Stevens to championship glory in NEO. Now, Young is ready to prove how far above Stevens he is, and courtesy of Aron's "victory" last week, he has a guaranteed PPV match at Guerra de Titanes. Young says he's talked to Vickie Guerrero, and he can announce that Stevens will face The Last Real Man himself at the PPV, and Young is ready to break Stevens in half. Brit-Am Brawlers VS The Hardy's Tonight's main event sees The Hardy's face the recently debuting Brit-Am Brawlers, with The Bar sitting in on commentary. In a huge upset, the Brit-Am Brawlers would score the shock victory, with Oney Lorcan putting away Jeff Hardy after a Half and Half Suplex. After the match, we would see The Bar taunting the PWE Tag Team champions ahead of their PPV title match. Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley Face-Off Finally, we see the last confrontation between PWE World champion Drew McIntyre and challenger Bobby Lashley ahead of their rematch at Guerra de Titanes. McIntyre begins by saying he's already beaten Lashley once, and just because he has Mark Henry in his corner now, it's not gonna make a difference. Henry then grabs a microphone and says Drew only won because he used illegal leverage from the ropes. Henry then says that if Drew wants to prove he's a real man, he'll face Lashley in a BloodSport match. No ropes, no turnbuckles, and the only way to win is by submission or knockout. Drew accepts Henry's challenge, promising that he will embarrass Lashley once and for all at Guerra de Titanes. The go-home show of PWE ends with Lashley and McIntyre staring each other down one final time ahead of their massive rematch. PWE Guerra de Titanes Card Bobby Lashley VS Drew McIntyre (c) (BloodSport match, PWE World championship) The Bar VS The Hardy's (c) (PWE Tag Team championship) Nick Aldis VS Ilja Dragunov (c) (PWE North American championship) ??? VS Artistas Asesinos (c) (PWE Six-Man Tag Team championships) MJF VS Cody Rhodes (Eddie Guerrero Memorial tournament finals) Crazzy Steve VS Pagano (Loser Leaves PWE) Matt Riddle VS Cain Velasquez Silas Young VS Aron Stevens

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