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Meko750 (Raven)

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    Meko750 (Raven) reacted to Gary Green for a status update, BPZ Forum Championship Record UPDATE (And Correction) First the correction. Upon revi   
    BPZ Forum Championship Record UPDATE (And Correction)
    First the correction. Upon reviewing the records I noticed a mistake that means @Bart is now the second longest reigning NXT Champ ever and @I Can't Odd has the most cumulative days as NXT Champ, both at the expense of Julius
    @Meko750 (Raven) finishes as the 24th longest reigning NXT Champ, is 24th for cumulative days and he finishes at 9th for defences and 10th for combined defences
    Congrats to the 36th NXT Champion @mikey0619 I hope your reign is long and well never mind. You are the shortest reigning NXT Champion for days and combined days and have made the least defences and combined defences
    @Sameer finished as the 19th longest reigning Premium Champ and moved to 2nd for combined days. He extended his reign as having the most combined defences and the 13th most defences
    Congrats to the 20th ever Premium Champ @GeorgeAK
    @Julius finished as the 4th longest reigning IC Champ and he made the 6th most defences. For combined stats, he finished as 6th for combined days and 9th for combined defences
    Congrats to the 11th 2x IC Champ @Bashka

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