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  1. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling 13 Week Two, January 2019 Aussant Aréna, Québec Show Rating: 44 Announcer: Joseph Sposto Segment One: The trio of Angel Williams, Ashley Lane and Beautiful Beaa open the show, each having a microphone in hand. Ashley Lane steps forward and reveals how happy she is to have finally joined her sister Angel Williams in Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, and expresses that the move should have happened a lot sooner. She reminds the fans of what happened at the most recent event, that she, alongside Angel and Beaa, defeated and then attacked Alexia Nicole and Courtney Rush, signalling the formation of The Beautiful People. Angel then follows, and states that the three of them are indeed beautiful, and it was only a matter of time before Alexia Nicole got what was coming to her. Beaa, receiving cheers due to being in her homeland of Québec, finishes the segment by insisting that the three shall make the rest of Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling realise their beauty, and soon the entire promotion shall bow at their feet. Rating: 12 Match One: [vs.] The first match of the new year to be held within Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling sees the debut of Ashley Lane, taking on a fellow Impact Wrestling compatriot Courtney Lane. At the last event Ashley helped her friends Angel and Beaa pick up a victory against Courtney and Alexia Nicole. Courtney had a lot of frustration built up, and controlled the opening few minutes of the bout, sending Ashley spiralling against the turnbuckle post shoulder first, leaving her to lick her wounds on the outside alongside Angel Williams. Ashley soon returned to the ring and evened the playing field, leading the match to be fairly open, with either woman having chances to win the bout. Ashley Lane looked the favourite, that was until Courtney Rush scooped her up and hit an F-5 out of nowhere! However as she went for the pin Angel Williams jumped onto the apron, hurling abuse at Courtney, to the point where she leapt up and knocked Angel down with a swift forearm! The havoc Angel had caused was enough for Ashley Lane to recover, however, hitting a guillotine drop on the unsuspecting Courtney, and wrapping up the bout ten minutes into the match. Winner: Ashley Lane Rating: 34 Segment Two: The television screen on the rampway opens up to Nicole Matthews backstage, the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling Championship sitting pretty on her shoulder. Nicole Matthews begins by saying she has little clue why Portia Perez interfered in her match, and why she ended up handing her the belt which now sits upon her shoulder. The evident smirk on Nicole's face gives the hint that she is lying. Nicole states that she deserved it regardless, she is after all, the best technical wrestler in the entirety of Canada, if not the world. Portia Perez or not, Nicole would have easily toppled Candice LeRae, and provide validation to her claims that she is the best, just as she did when she ended the career of Trish Stratus. Before Nicole can continue, however, her locker room door slams open to reveal.. Candice LeRae! Candice wastes little time in pouncing on the unsuspecting Matthews, and bawling into her with closed fists and stiff forearms. The pair jostle for a dominative position, however Candice quickly regains control of the situation. She tackles Matthews to the floor, and slams her into it, before delivering more punches to the face. Candice then picks Matthews up, and slams her into the wall. Matthews slumps, covering her face, but it doesn't stop Candice from picking her up and steadying her, before launching her across the room into the opposing wall. Candice pauses for a moment to regain her breath, as Nicole fails to move she walks over to the camera, and simply presses stop on the recording. Rating: 38 Match Two: [vs.] Mercedes Martinez is a woman who holds championship gold in both SHIMMER Athletes and SHINE Wrestling, however that doesn't stop her coming into this fight on even footing, against a younger, more competitive Mia Yim. Mercedes attempted to control the bout early, however she could not keep the more energetic Mia down! Mercedes continuously attempted to slow down the battle, and bring it to the ground, but Mia continued to counter, and eventually hit an inverted stomp facebreaker, but only managed to hold Mercedes for the two count! This clearly ignited a new approach for Mercedes, the veteran realising that her gameplan was out of the window! Late on into the bout, Mia managed to drop Mercedes to the knee with a vicious drop kick, however as she attempted another inverted stomp facebreaker, Mercedes reversed, held Mia close, and unleashed a fisherman's buster, Mia hit the deck hard and it was enough for Mercedes to gain the victory! Winner: Mercedes Martinez Rating: 71 [This match was rated on eye-candy.] Match Three: [&] [vs.] [&] Due to Candice's attack earlier in the night, and no Portia Perez to decide Nicole's fate, this match was essentially a handicap from the moment the bell rang. Cat Power started the match with the former champion Candice, who was riled up and motivated due to what happened earlier in the night. Candice was unusually cocky, she has had Cat's number a multitude of times since they both signed with Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, however LeRae must have believed Cat Power to be of no threat to her, she taunted and celebrated with each successful move, as Nicole Matthews looked on from the apron, clutching at her arm. If Cat's time with Candice was rough, it was about to get tougher, for after five or so minutes Ayako Hamada entered the bout to a large reception. Ayako unleashed her Japanese inspired arsenal of attacks on a weakened Cat, who has little chance to recover or tag in Nicole Matthews. The end of the bout would come some minutes later, after Cat had managed to even the playing field, she went to tag Nicole Matthews, only for the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling champion to hop down from the apron, and shake her head! Cat managed to avoid a spinning back elbow from Ayako, however the powerhouse was fatiguing, and the finish of the bout saw Ayako lock in her indian deathlock surfboard, forcing Cat Power to tap out and end what was pretty much a two on one mauling perpetrated by Ayako Hamada and Candice LeRae! Winners: Ayako Hamada & Candice LeRae Rating: 42
  2. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Predictions for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling: Montréal Week two, January 2019 Ashley Lane [vs.] Courtney Rush - Exhibition Match Mercedes Martinez [vs.] Mia Yim Ayako Hamada & Candice LeRae [vs.] Cat Power & Nicole Matthews
  3. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling to host Montréal event to mark one year anniversary Written by Allison Danger on December 27th, 2018 Montréal shall play host to Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling next month, as the promotion seeks to celebrate their first year in the Canadian wrestling business. It is expected that both Ashley Lane and Ayako Hamada, who appeared at their most recent show, shall be making their debuts at the event. Nicole Matthews defeated Candice LeRae for the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling Championship at the promotion's most recent event, with assistance from Portia Perez. Both Nicole and Candice are advertised for the Montréal show however those expecting to see Portia Perez are set to be disappointed, for she has not been announced as of yet. Two women who are scheduled to appear in Montréal next month are Angel Williams, and Québec native Beautiful Beaa, it has been highly speculated that the pairing have formed The Beautiful People with Ashley Lane, and the trio are expecting to explain their action at the upcoming show.
  4. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling personal review. Week Four, December 2018. Stories Completed: [&] [vs.] [&] [vs.] [vs.] Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling notes and thoughts: The initial plan was to put Alexia over Angel Williams, so that she could absorb some of Angel's veteran popularity and become a first challenger to Nicole's reign. Unfortunately both Allison and Portia pointed out to be that Chelsea Green aside, we have failed to add full time talent to our ranks since I purchased Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling alongside them. As a trio we are still keen on pushing Alexia Nicole, however felt it was important to establish Ashley Lane alongside Angel and Beaa, and to keep the three women strong heading into the new year. They shall form The Beautiful People, with Beaa the obvious replacement to Velvet Sky, who as a freelancer would serve little use to a heavily story line based product. I felt as if Portia was a little lazy with the Cat Power and Silvie Silver story. Aside from Silvie and Cat being in a tag match in October, the two had little confrontation and the match served as little other than to waste time. Furthermore with Nicole Matthews and The Beautiful People winning, the card we put out to end the year was heel dominated. Silvie has the worst momentum out of our girls so hopefully the following year is nicer to her, then again she has done little to justify a potential push. Cat Power and Ayako is a wrestling based feud we can depend on for now, whilst Alexia and Courtney's continued feud with The Beautiful People can compensate for our entertainment based product. Nicole Matthews beating me three months ago did a world of good for her. Before the victory Allison and even Portia, a close friend of Nicole's, felt she had done little to deserve the win. However her large boost in popularity, overtaking Candice as our star franchise player, as well as a large improvement in performance, shows that my decision was justified. It was inevitable that gifting Nicole such a win would lead to a championship match, and now we head into the new year in a new era of Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Nicole shall probably feud more with Candice over the next three months. The signing of Ayako Hamada instantly justifies what Allison has told me about her, she is ranked first in terms of show stopping ability, and she is also our best ring general. Ayako showcased her good promo abilities at our most recent show, however her poor popularity in Canada, as well as her age, might stop her from breaking headlines in the near future. Other notable news: Britani Knight, known as Paige to most, asked for her release from the WWE, and was gifted it. It is thought she was upset over her lack of use in the second half of the year. She feuded with Bayley, even having a match at WrestleMania, but had only wrestled twice for the company since then, in losing efforts to Mickie James and Dana Brooke respectively. She is thought to have a negative attitude in the locker-room, which probably explains why no company is yet to offer her a contract. Speaking of WWE, they had a multitude of championships change hands at their Clash Of Champions event. Cesaro managed to topple figurehead John Cena in the main event for the Universal Championship, whilst Japanese sensation Kairi Sane defeated Tamina to win the SmackDown Women's Championship. Jinder Mahal also had a championship match, however failed at cashing in his Money In The Bank against Dolph Ziggler, who has been WWE Champion since WrestleMania. Ashley Flair became the latest women's wrestler to sign a written deal with Ring Of Honor, she joins Tenille Dashwood in their ranks, however the promotion has yet to create a championship for their new acquisitions to fight over. OOC notes and thoughts: Thanks all for the support! I find it very warming that some of you are still interested after a whole year of shows! Thanks to @Bart, @Julius01 and @JoshsNow especially for their continued support. I posted the past three months in a little over a week, just because I am so excited about the direction of which this dynasty is going! I will take a week or so to play through the next couple of months, I also might slightly change how I deliver news and predictions formatting wise. Thanks again!
  5. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling 12 Week Two, December 2018 Benson Centre, Ontario Show Rating: 46 Announcer: Joseph Sposto Match One: [&] [vs.] [&] This was an exceptionally crazy match, a culmination of a six month feud between Alexia Nicole and Angel Williams. Alexia and Courtney have teamed before, however Angel and Beaa are the most experienced team going into this bout. In spite of that, the former pairing seemed to take control of the bout for the majority, with Courtney engaging Angel whenever she attempted to goad Alexia into action. Eventually, Beaa managed to coax Alexia into action, and she exploded into the ring! She hit a big boot to Beaa, before throwing a vicious forearm into Angel, knocking her off the apron. Alexia had just hit Beaa with her finishing manoeuvre, the wheelbarrow stunner, when a mysterious woman, her face concealed by a motorcycle helmet, hopped up onto the apron, distracting the young lion! This allowed Beautiful Beaa to recover, before hitting Alexia with a leg trap sunset bomb, before pinning the dazed woman and picking up the win for herself and Angel Williams, much to Courtney's frustration on the apron! Winners: Angel Williams & Beautiful Beaa Rating: 31 Segment One: As Courtney Rush stares down the mysterious woman who cost herself and Alexia Nicole the victory tonight, Beaa, on instinct, begins to beat down on Alexia despite picking up the victory. Angel Williams soon joins her, as she slides beneath the bottom rope, picking Alexia's carcass from the mat and hitting a lifting reverse STO! Courtney Rush storms through the middle rope, dropping Angel with a stiff forearm to the back of the head, before taking down Beaa with a spear. However, the woman clad in leather on the outside soon joins the four women in the ring, taking Courtney by surprise and hitting a guillotine drop, plummeting Courtney to the mat! She then works at her helmet, sliding it off to reveal.. Ashley Lane! Also known as Madison Rayne, Ashley Lane has long been an ally of Angel Williams'. She laughs at the crowd, before picking Alexia Nicole up and hitting another guillotine drop! Angel has risen to her feet, and realising that an old friend has come to help her. Smiles. Beaa is recovering in the corner, however Ashley walks over and offers the young lion a hand up. The three women celebrate over the fallen bodies of Alexia Nicole and Angel Williams, and the possibility that The Beautiful People has hit Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, is shown by the success of Angel Williams and Beautiful Beaa tonight. Match Two: [vs.] Cat Power and Silvie Silver are no strangers to one another, the two women have crossed paths briefly during their first years within Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, but in the times that they have, the two dominant women have not been shy to let one another know of their superior strength! Cat Power controlled the match, seemingly determined to pick up a victory after losing more matches than she would have liked over the past few months, most notably a championship match featuring Courtney Rush and Candice LeRae! Silvie Silver, despite being of similar stature to Cat and matching her at times, never seemed to have a chance. She was off her game and it showed. Cat Power won the bout a little more than eight minutes into it. With a stunning inverted superplex which she has apparently added to her already powerful arsenal. Winner: Cat Power Rating: 57 [This match was rated on eye-candy.] Segment Two: Cat Power celebrates over her fallen foe, she has failed to gain a large amount of momentum since beginning in Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, however the resident monster seemingly believes that her fortunes have changed with this dominative showing over Silvie Silver, a woman who is no amateur in terms of wrestling experience! Cat slides beneath the bottom rope, and begins to make her way up the ramp, until a loud static fills the arena, and all eyes turn to the television monitors stationed at the top of the ramp.. That's Ayako Hamada! Ayako begins by saying she has been impressed with Cat Power over the course of the year, and whilst she has not won any accolades her powerful performances have caught her eye. Ayako says Cat has the potential to be a dominant force in Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, unfortunately for her, now that Ayako has signed with the promotion, there's no chance of that happening. Ayako mentions she has won championships on four different continents, she is a veteran of the ring, and she is as dominant, if not more, than Cat shall ever be. Ayako says that she shall see Cat Power soon, and that she shall be at the first Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling event of 2019! Rating: 34 Match Three: [C] [vs.] Candice LeRae and Nicole Matthews have only met once in singles action in their careers, despite sharing a home in many promotions over the course of their ten year plus careers! This was a brilliant match, and continued a night of incredible performances. Nicole Matthews took control of the bout early on, she was innovative in the ring, and managed to slow the pace of which Candice usually worked right down. Nicole was evidently still on a high after beating Trish Stratus three months ago, and it showed in her dominant performance for the few opening minutes of the bout. She methodically worked Candice's right leg over, a smart strategy considering Candice's primary finisher, the springboard reverse frankensteiner, required strength from the base of her body! Nicole showed a sadistic side, but Candice soon found her way back into the match, picking up Nicole Matthews, and dropping her to the mat with a quick scoop slam! Candice LeRae soon took flight after working Nicole over for two minutes, hitting an impressive moonsault, amazingly however, Nicole Matthews kicked out at two! Candice LeRae worked off of her momentum, she threw Matthews off of the rope, dropping her with a single knee facebreaker, however as the referee went to count the pin, Portia Perez had emerged at ringside to pull him out! Candice LeRae couldn't believe it, Portia had pulled the referee out of the ring, for seemingly no reason! Portia held her hands up and apologised, however Candice turned into a rolling cutter as the referee climbed through the ropes once more, and with interim general manager smirking, he counted to three and Nicole Matthews had become the new Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling Champion! Winner: Nicole Matthews Rating: 52 [Nicole Matthews wins the GLOW Championship.]
  6. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Predictions for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling Week two, December 2018 Alexia Nicole & Courtney Rush [vs.] Angel Williams & Beautiful Beaa Cat Power [vs.] Silvie Silver - GLOW Championship match Candice LeRae (c) [vs.] Nicole Matthews
  7. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Ayako Hamada signs with Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, expected to appear at next event. With Canadian based promotion Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling closing in on a fairly mediocre inaugural year in the wrestling business, it would appear as if Trish Stratus is open to taking the company product in a more modern direction. The events which Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling have hosted have mainly focused on entertainment angles and stipulation matches, ahead of general wrestling ability however that appears to be changing, beginning with the signing of Ayako Hamada. It is believed that both Portia Perez and Trish Stratus believed following a sports entertainment product would lead the promotion to a successful first year, however with the company expecting as many fans at their next event, than what attended their first event since Trish Stratus bought the promotion, it would appear in terms of popularity, the company has remained stagnant over the course of the year. Ayako Hamada signing with the promotion is assumed to be the work of Allison Danger, who has previously worked alongside her with fellow women's promotion SHIMMER. Ayako, a former TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion, is expected to appear at Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling's final event of the year.
  8. Gotham Official Discussion

    The main plot at the moment is really good, Jerome is a really riveting and entertaining character, and his eccentricity is really fun. It's upsetting that he dies at the end of the episode, but thankfully his brother is played by the same actor. I really like the concept of The Joker being an idea, and Jerome talking about how his idea and madness shall live through another person, meaning his brother, so The Joker is more of a prophecy, not a character. I like how they show Penguin and Jerome's differences, it's amazing how the two are the main villains of the series, yet their ambitions are so different. Penguin is a more money and power type of villain, whilst Jerome, the Mad Hatter and Scarecrow enjoy pure lunacy. The side stories at the moment are boring for me. Barbara as Ra's Al Ghul does nothing for me, I liked her way better as a crime boss and rival to Penguin, I think Tabitha would make a better heiress to Al Ghul and hopefully they take the storyline there. I think Bruce's storyline is boring too, there's a nice moment where the batmobile, assuming, is introduced, but apart from that he's helpless in the Jerome situation for all the episode. Jeremiah taking on The Joker persona is exciting, but the side stories with Bruce, Barbara and even The Riddler are just meh. Hopefully they turn those up a notch but keep a main focus on Jeremiah, as Gotham builds closer to the end of season finale.
  9. Ascension

    Sheridan is shown intensely training ahead of her first match in BPZ, a match that potentially could be the most groundbreaking in the history of the promotion. However such a thought does not seem to weigh on the woman's mind. She expertly works through her excruciating regime, her strikes becoming more aggressive and skin glistening as she does so. The fact that she is the first ever woman to compete under the banner of this company does not slow her movements, neither does the fact that she shall be competing for the Universal Championship seem to lessen the impact of her strikes. Her fluidity is mechanical, ever so efficient, honed to perfection. Having finished her session, Sheridan walks over to the camera, sitting down in front of it. Her skin is a cinnamon tan, highlighted due to the sweat, and she wears a sports bra, tight workout shorts and Adidas running trainers. She adjusts her caramel blonde hair, rolls her head upon her shoulders, and lets out a content sigh, a sigh screaming of confidence, yet one that floats in the air as if it is nothing. '' Whilst Brad has been in hiding with his wife, lurking in silence and accomplishing practically everything but addressing and preparing for the fight he has ahead of him, I have been training. Whilst Necce works on perfecting the right aesthetic, spending the majority of his time smoking a cigarette and recording thin air instead of stating anything relevant or impactful about me, I have been training, for that is what I do. I am a machine, an efficient being superior to both the men that I shall face in days time. I also am a woman who does not dance around the truth, I circulate straight to the point, unlike Necce who speaks about the importance of his championship, and connotes absolute nonsense as to what it stands for and how much he appreciates it. I'd like to think of myself as a woman who prides herself on professionalism, but I have to be truthful, I almost fell asleep listening to Necce repeat the same points he has over the past week. I actually had to use lip balm at one point because his entire speech was so dry and humid. I felt dehydrated and tired listening to him say that I'm a woman, and stating the obvious like Brad loses a lot of matches, something that he has highlighted a multitude of times over the past week. Apparently he holds pity for me, but I highly doubt that. In the little time that I have known Necce, he is as two-faced as he is egotistical, I actually consider if I should be addressing him as a man, or as a little boy at this point. He states that if I am to win the Universal Championship from him, that I would not deserve it, but I truthfully cannot see how that is so. The better athlete wins the matches, the superior talent can stay physically and mentally in the competition, and better those around them in order to rise to the top. If I were to win the championship in my first match, I would be deserving of it, over men who have failed to do so despite being here longer than I have, men who therefore evidently have not worked harder than I, and have fallen over their own two feet whilst I claimed victory in my first match. '' '' I belong in this promotion, and I shall vanquish all those who stand before my inevitable ascension to the peak of this business, to the summit of this company. The fact that I have been added to a championship match on my first night, highlights the talent and ambition that I possess. This is neither about gender, or proving that I belong, for neither of those have any relevancy to the match that I shall be competing in, and hold no sort of justification in relation to the things that do matter, determination, strength, talent. I shall rationalise all I have said, when I efficiently eradicate the two men that I shall be competing against. I am a once in a lifetime athlete, a woman who has already broken history despite never stepping into the ring with this promotion. I have shattered the ground and I shall now ascend to the sky, crowning myself in my inaugural match, as the champion, the efficient, the vanquisher. Brad and Necce, judging from their lack of words, clearly show no appreciation to my work, and severely undervalue me in doing so. How I long to prove them wrong, to showcase in this spectacle that I am the phantom, she who shall value their opinions as irrelevant, submitting them at their rightful place, under my boot, as the night falls on a changed world, a world with me as champion. ''
  10. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling 11 Week Two, November 2018 Benson Centre, Ontario Show Rating: 46 Announcer: Joseph Sposto Segment One: Alexia Nicole and Courtney Rush begin the event, both having microphones in their hands. Alexia Nicole says that she is sick of the bullying mentality that Angel Williams has displayed throughout the entire year, that she has targeted herself and Silvie Silver over the past six months, and the attack Angel attempted to orchestrate on her at the last event shows that. Alexia then thanks Courtney for saving her from Angel, before Courtney interrupts her, stating that it was her pleasure. Courtney expresses that she too has grown sick of Angel Willians and Beautiful Beaa believing they run Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, when the fact is there is nobody beneath them. Courtney announces that Portia Perez has given her and Alexia a match against Angel and Beaa next month, to truly settle this feud and to bring an end to Angel's beliefs that she is the best wrestler in GLOW. Rating: 28 Match One: [vs.] Both Alexia and Cat are coming off of losses at the previous event, so both shall be trying to gain some momentum heading into the final Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling event of the year. Alexia begins the match by attempting to take Cat down, only to realise that she is incapable of doing so. Instead, she stalls the physically superior woman with kicks to the mid-section and legs. Cat eventually takes control of the match, throwing Alexia into the corner and working her over for a minute, hitting a barrage of punches and elbows before the referee tells her to let go. Cat instead throws Alexia into the other corner, and proceeds to kick and stomp the living daylight out of the candy princess, she then hits a nasty sidewalk slam on the young lion. Cat attempts to throw Alexia into the ropes, however Alexia bounces off, jumps and hits a DDT that sends Cat crashing to the mat. Alexia attempts her finisher, the wheelbarrow stunner, however Cat reverses, before hitting a ruthless STO to pick up a victory. Winner: Cat Power Rating: 32 Match Two: [vs.] Angel Williams and Silvie Silver have faced twice before in Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling singles action, which each woman gaining a victory over the other, so this match is a grudge match in that respect. Silvie especially has a lot to prove tonight, for she and Alexia Nicole lost in tag team action against Angel and Beautiful Beaa two months ago. To start, Angel instantly gains the advantage, hitting Silvie with a combination of punches and kicks, mainly aimed to the ribs and back. Angel then throws Silvie to the ropes, hitting an impressive back body drop. Angel goes to the second rope and attempts an elbow drop, however Silvie kicks at her, before gaining the advantage, working Angel over for a minute, focusing on the back, to clearly set up for the backbreaker. Angel manages to reverse an attempted bulldog from Silvie, working it into the lifting reverse STO, however Silvie kicks out at two! This infuriates Angel, who begins to lock the other woman into a camel clutch, but Alexia Nicole emerges at ringside! Alexia Nicole hops up onto the apron, distracting Angel, who drops Silvie to the back, only to be shattered by a strong backbreaker from Silvie seconds later! Winner: Silvie Silver Rating: 52 [This match was rated on eye-candy.] Segment Two: Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling champion Candice LeRae is in the ring, and she begins to talk about the situation between Nicole Matthews and Trish Stratus. She starts by first saying she is proud to be the inaugural champion, and that thankfully so far none of her opponents have tried to cheat their way to victory against her. She expresses that she is well aware that will change with Nicole Matthews, who cheated and taunted to the point of making Trish Stratus return to in-ring action, only to injure her and win against her via stoppage. Candice LeRae states that she doesn't understand how brutalising the general manager results in her being awarded a number one contendership match. She questions of Portia Perez is a good replacement as general manager, as if Trish was not injured in her match with Nicole Matthews, it is very unlikely that she as a champion would be defending against Nicole Matthews at the next event. Before Candice can continue, however.. Nicole Matthews interrupts! She states that Candice has no right to question her methods, and then adds to this by saying Candice cheated her way to becoming the inaugural Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling champion! Nicole asserts that everybody in Ontario tonight knows she should have been the inaugural champion, and that the tournament setting in which the champion was decided, was rigged. Nicole boasts about putting Trish Stratus on the shelf, and warns Candice LeRae that if she doesn't shut up and mind her own business, that the same might happen to her. Nicole finishes by saying she won the number one contendership match fair and square, and that at next months event, she shall put an end to Candice's laughable reign, and crown herself as the rightful champion, to give the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wresting fans a very merry Christmas indeed. Rating: 61 Match Three: [&] [vs.] [&] Candice and Nicole Matthews start the match, staring each other down after their confrontation. Candice attempts to hit first, but Nicole locks her into an intense collar and elbow tie-up, one which she eventually wins, hitting Candice LeRae with a belly to belly suplex. Nicole controls the match, sending Candice to the corner and working her over, hitting a combination of forearms and punches. Nicole then throws Candice out of the corner, grounding her with her slow, technical style, hitting a forearm whenever she can, deliberately making sure Candice cannot gain an advantage. Nicole attempts another belly to belly, but Candice amazingly lands on her feet, and as Nicole turns Candice blasts her with a sharp superkick! Candice covers Nicole, but only manages to gain a two count. Candice then tags out to Courtney, who hits Nicole with an enzuigiri. Courtney then attempts an Olympic slam, but Nicole wiggles free, kicking Courtney down to the mat before barely managing to tag Beautiful Beaa in. Beaa hits Courtney with a lariat, she manages to somehow dominate the much more experienced Courtney, who is seemingly having an off night. Beaa attempts to hit her finisher, the leg trap sunset bomb, but Courtney easily manages to pick the young lion up, hitting a standard F-5 and picking up the win for her and Candice. Winners: Candice LeRae & Courtney Rush Rating: 42
  11. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Predictions for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wresting Week two, November 2018 Alexia Nicole [vs.] Cat Power Angel Williams [vs.] Silvie Silver Beautiful Beaa & Nicole Matthews [vs.] Candice LeRae & Courtney Rush
  12. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Chelsea Green signs written deal with Impact, ends affiliation with GLOW. Canadian wrestler Chelsea Green, known primarily for playing psychotic bride Laurel Van Ness, has signed a written deal with Impact Wrestling, ending her affiliation with women promotions SHIMMER Athletes, as well as Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Impact Wrestling moved their headquarters from Nashville, Tennessee to Toronto, Ontario at the ending period of last year, putting them in direct competition with GLOW, as well as with SMASH Wrestling and Alpha-1 Wrestling too. The company has seen a stark rise in popularity, mostly due to the ongoing rivalry between stars Bobby Lashley and Johnny Impact, to the point where they can attract wrestlers to sign written deals once more. Chelsea Green, portraying Laurel Van Ness with Impact Wrestling, is the current Knockouts Champion, having defended her championship five times, most recently against Sienna. It is unknown weather this is a business move or if Impact are attempting to weaken GLOW, however the promotion may not miss her too much considering she has failed to appear on the card in the past three months.
  13. TEW 2016: Career Simulator Version 2.0

    Name: Sheridan Müller Picture base: Charlotte Flair Date of birth: March 6th, 1999 Gender: Female Race: White Nationality: German Languages: Fluent English, Central European. Basic Japanese. Based in: Central Europe, Japan, UK Body type: Toned Size: Small Maximum size: Small Moveset: Alberto El Patron Face or heel: Heel Finishers: Cross Armbreaker, German Suplex Style Of Wrestling: Technician
  14. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling 10 Week Two, October 2018 Benson Centre, Ontario Show Rating: 37 Announcer: Joseph Sposto Match One: [vs.] A rematch from the previous event, only with Silvie Silver and Beautiful Beaa taken out of the equation. The tension between Alexia Nicole and Angel Williams is noticeable. Alexia begins the match by tackling Angel to the ground, knocking her down with a spear. The young lion surprisingly has the better of a fairly even match, however an attempted wheelbarrow stunner is reversed into a lifting reverse STO, which Angel transitions into a camel clutch. Alexia resists, but unfortunately has no choice but to eventually tap out! Winner: Angel Williams Rating: 29 Segment One: Angel waits until the last moment to release the submission hold. She celebrates as Alexia struggles to her feet, however turns and crashes her to the mat once more with a vicious bicycle kick! Angel, frustrated still despite picking up the victory, begins to slam Alexa's head into the mat multiple times before diving in with a stiff forearm, before she can do any more damage to the young lion.. Courtney Rush rushes, no pun intended, to the ring, sliding beneath and taking down Angel with an F-5! Courtney Rush has teamed with Alexia Nicole before, against Cat Power and Nicole Matthews no less, and is clearly having none of Angel's continued bullying of her! Courtney rolls Alexia over and helps her to her feet, and the pair leave the ring, whist Angel sits up, realising what has happened! Rating: 19 Match Two: [&] [vs.] [&] Candice LeRae and Cat Power last met at the most recent event, where the former defended her Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling championship in a lovely triple threat match, also involving Courtney Rush! The same situation applies for Silvie Silver and Beautiful Beaa, they were the partners of the women who we witnessed in a match earlier in the night. Sivie and Cat begin the match, with Silvie managing to rock Cat with a big german suplex! She then throws Cat to the ropes, hitting her with a back body drop. Silvie tags in Candice to a large pop, who attempts to end the match early with a springboard reverse frankensteiner, only for Cat to reverse into a facebuster! Cat dominates for a minute before tagging out to Beaa, who attempts to hit her finisher, the leg trap sunset bomb, only for Candice to slide free and hit a belly to belly suplex. As Beaa pulls herself up via the ropes, Candice attempts another springboard reverse frankensteiner, this time hitting the move, and securing the victory for herself and Silvie Silver. Winners: Candice LeRae & Silvie Silver Rating: 65 [This match was rated on eye-candy.] Segment Two: Portia Perez is stood in the middle of the ring, and announces that due to Trish Stratus being injured during her match with Nicole Matthews, she is not here tonight. She states that for the foreseeable future, Joseph Sposto shall be the interim announcer, with her taking over general manager duties whilst Stratus heals from her injuries. Portia Perez announces that Nicole Matthews shall be taking on Courtney Rush in the main event of tonight's show, with that match determining who shall be the next number one contender for Candice LeRae's championship. Portia exclaims that she was impressed with Courtney's performance in the triple threat for the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling championship at the previous show, and considering that she was not pinned in the match, a potential rematch is something that could be on the cards. Portia then exclaims that whilst she is Nicole Matthews' friend, she does not approve of her actions against general manager Trish Stratus, but she feels her performance in the match was admirable, and is worthy of an opportunity to face Candice LeRae at a later stage. Rating: 30 Match Three: [vs.] Nicole Matthews is coming off an impressive victory over general manager Trish Stratus, whilst Courtney Rush lost against Candice LeRae at the previous event, however was not pinned. Rush and Matthews begin the match with a collar and elbow tie-up, in with Matthews gains the advantage before hitting a suplex. Matthews throws Rush into the corner and hits an impressive handspring back elbow. Matthews shows an impressive feat of strength, picking Rush up from the corner, attempting to hit Courtney's own finisher, the F-5, however Courtney wiggles free and hits Matthews with a german suplex. Courtney throws her opponent off the ropes, hitting a lovely olympic slam. Courtney picks Nicole up for the F-5, however Beautiful Beaa emerges at ringside, seemingly working with Angel Williams, distracting her long enough for Matthews to squirm free, hit the rolling cutter, and declare herself the number one contender! Winner: Nicole Matthews Rating: 38
  15. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Predictions for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling Week two, October 2018 Alexia Nicole [vs.] Angel Williams Beautiful Beaa & Cat Power [vs.] Candice LeRae & Silvie Silver Courtney Rush [vs.] Nicole Matthews

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