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  1. Sheridan

    ECW: Reborn

    This was a good PPV, Bubba. I like the roster for a start, Jon Moxley, Kurt Angle and Brian Cage all seem like wrestlers who would thrive in an ECW environment. I'm surprised at how poorly the tag team match did. I figured the Lucha Brothers would have a little higher performance than they did. Jon Moxley winning the belt makes sense, although I'm a little sad Kenny Omega had to lose for that to happen, though he is kept strong in a sense if the Big Show did interfere. For some Women you could get into the mix someone like Taryn Terrell or Zahra Schreiber would make for good managers or ring girls. I'm gonna keep tabs on this for I'm excited to see what you do!
  2. π‘Šπ‘€π‘€π΄ π‘Œπ‘’π‘Žπ‘Ÿ π‘‡π‘€π‘œ 𝑅𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑒𝑀. Part One of Two. Instead of having two ranking lists, I am instead going to split the reviews into unranked fighters and then a top ten list of the highest performing fighters over two parts. As you can imagine it gets tricky evaluating each fighter and putting them into a list when there's 20+ fighters to pick from. So, I'll be grouping the people below the top ten into one list and then picking out a top ten to look at in a little more depth. In the year three review they'll be 30 fighters so it just makes life for me much easier. Austin Mirage - 0-2 (0-2) Austin Mirage didn't have a great first year in Mixed Martial Arts. He was signed to TITAN Fighting Championship to compete in their Bantamweight division. Although finishing 0-2 isn't ideal he was placed against stiff competition, both fighters former competitors in the UFC. Jimmie Rivera at the time was the sixteenth best Bantamweight in the world. With a little experience against top tier fighters Austin will hope to find his first win in his second year. Dafydd Smith - 1-1 (1-1) Dafydd Smith found home with KSW early on into the 2021 year, the biggest promotion in Europe and fifth biggest in the world. He won his debut fight via unanimous decision but fell to the KSW Lightweight Champion in his second professional fight, rounding out the year with a 1-1 record. 'The Welsh Dragon' has plenty of time to correct his mistakes and will have a good chance of cementing himself as a top five Lightweight in the promotion in little time during his second year. Daria Berenato - 1-1 (1-3) Daria Berenato was capable of winning her first professional fight in the second year of simulating. She bested Amber Leibrock via submission in the first round. Later on in the year she was matched against Megan Anderson, the second best featherweight in the world at the time of the fight. Predictably, she was dominated within three minutes and was promptly released from Bellator following the fight. Daria will have a good chance to improve on the local scene in the third year, as she didn't really get the chance to do so with how quickly Bellator snapped her up. Gunner Daniels - 0-1 (0-1) Gunner Daniels was in a similar boat to Austin Mirage, he was instantly signed up by a large promotion and forced into a championship fight for their first ever professional fight. Gunner Daniels was swiftly defeated inside two minutes being TKO'd, being slapped with a five month medical suspension following the fight due to his injuries. The hope is that KSW will be a little more lenient with him heading into the third year, Gunner's second, and he'll be able to find a win. Ismael De Jesus looks like a good opportunity to do so. Harold Bigalow - 1-1 (2-2) 'Bam Bam' Bigalow had a stagnant second year into his professional career, winning and losing a fight via unanimous decision against average opposition. The only positive he has improved a fair bit due to this exposure, his skill improvement making the third year look somewhat bright for him. Cannon Pitt should be a comfortable win for Harold Bigalow and he should be able to build a good rapport from there. Jonathan Killebrew - 1-1 (2-2) 'Johnny Kills' had a comfortable but mundane second year. He received a championship fight he was not ready for and was swiftly knocked out inside two minutes. He faced Rafael Carvalho who is the tenth best middleweight on the planet. He then defeated Austin Vanderford via unanimous decision. The positives are his skills, like Harold Bigalow before him, have improved quite a lot, and his fight against Anatoly Tokov should be a good test of how far he has grown heading into 2022. Maryse Mizanin - 1-0 (2-1) Maryse Mizanin didn't have a bad year. She only fought once however, beating Aiza Terrones via submission in the first round. Due to not fighting much and therefore not being in a proper training camp she hasn't made much gains in terms of skills in the octagon. Maryse doesn't have a fight for 2022 as of the new year and the hope is she'll expand her rapport and begin to build up a credible streak while working for Invicta. Michael Seymour - 0-2 (1-3) Michael Seymour is one of few on this unranked list who have not been a victim of circumstance of fighting better opposition. He went 0-2 and his second professional year as a fighter and the truth is the opposition he faced were not better than him, he just got knocked out cold in both fights. With a -5 for heat and three losses at such a young career, the hope is Michael Seymour is released from ONE and can build up some momentum and name value on the local scene for 2022. Miroslav Banjeckovic - 1-0 (4-0) Our first fighter of the year finds himself unranked for the second year. He didn't necessarily step a foot wrong, but only fought once in the second year. He also moved promotion losing his RCC Heavyweight Championship in the process. 'Monster' looks like a great prospect but he has to either fight more or move to a larger promotion, such as KSW or M-1 to break into the top ten for the third year. A decent year but not good enough. Oliver Jones - 1-1 (3-1) Oliver Jones is an interesting case. He is the first fighter to compete against the same fighter twice on our list, he beat Amir Khan in the first year but loses to him this time around. Oliver Jones then faced Eric da Silva, also winning via unanimous decision. 'The Beast' will hopefully build some momentum heading into the third year although he stands as a slight underdog against Alex Torres, his next opponent. Rin Akane - 0-2 (2-2) Rin was our first competitor to move to the UFC, the biggest promotion in the world, but as you can see things haven't gone well for the Japanese Bantamweight. She lost in her first fight against Macy Chiasson, who was the huge favourite to be fair and ended 2021 as one of the best in the world. But even as a favourite against Zarah Fairn Dos Santos she was knocked out in the second round. 0-2 isn't a good look for any fighter, hopefully Rin does better heading into 2022. Xena Kelsey - 1-1 (1-1) The final fighter of our unranked portion of the review is Xena Kelsey, who didn't necessarily have a bad year at all. She, like Austin Mirage and Dafydd Smith before her, was placed into a Championship fight within their debut match. Of course, she lost in quick fashion. But, she managed to pick up a head kick knockout in her second fight. Xena Kelsey looks like a great bet to continue winning and improving heading into the third season. This brings a closing to the first half of the review and to the unranked portion of fighters. The top ten is where things begin to get serious with one fighter even winning a UFC Championship in their second year of fighting. I'll upload that in a few days time. Let me know what you think about your fighters if they have appeared on this list!
  3. I believe both CM Punk and WWE would be open to it, but it is a case of egotistical sides I think. If CM Punk appeared on WWE Backstage and didn't end up transitioning into wrestling it'd be a huge missed opportunity. I'd love to see him return in a Royal Rumble match. Not seeing CM Punk mix with this modern, huge roster would be a massive waste as he's definitely one of the biggest stars in wrestling in spite of not actually wrestling for a long time. A lot of people have mentioned the names that would be awesome to see. The likes of AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins going off against CM Punk would be great. I'd really like to see CM Punk and Triple H go at it too. Could you imagine the heat?
  4. Week 3, January 1998 | Tri State | 280,000 Buys | 90 Show Rating The camera crew are situated backstage as Bret Hart arrives into the venue. He steps out of his car and greets a couple of production workers and other backstage staff. The camera crew follows Bret Hart down a corridor where he greets a few wrestlers hanging out backstage. Bret Hart then opens the door to his dressing room and closes it behind him as he goes to begin preparing for his match against Ric Flair tonight. Eric Bischoff is backstage with the senior members of the New World Order. These names include Curt Hennig, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. They're talking about the main event match tonight between Nash, The Giant and WCW Heavyweight Championship holder, Sting. WCW Nitro General Manager Roddy Piper interrupts. He warns Eric Bischoff and the New World Order he doesn't want any funny business happening in the main event. He wishes Kevin Nash luck, who now look disgruntled. A pre-taped interview with Ric Flair airs in the venue. He is being interviewed about the past month or so in World Championship Wrestling, how the likes of himself, The Giant and Sting were all successful at WCW Starrcade and how "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan took a hiatus from the promotion. He is asked about the arrival of Bret Hart and how it will take WCW to the next level. Ric Flair makes some generalised comments about his match with Hart tonight, saying that he'll beat him. [ This match scored the highest rating of the show. ] The Giant is preparing for his main event match tonight, where he'll be competing for the WCW Heavyweight Championship. There is a knock at his door and he invites the person to come in. We see The Giant visibly smiling as Booker T has returned to World Championship Wrestling after some time off. The Giant asks Booker T what he's doing here and Booker T responds he wanted to wish The Giant luck. The two shake hands as the camera transitions elsewhere. [ Sting attained the highest individual performance of the show. ]
  5. I don't care about this match as much as other people do. I think the women's triple threat or Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt will probably "steal the show" ahead of these three. AJ Styles I am hoping comes out of this with a win, maybe pinning Nakamura who I am really not invested in. Nakamura has been champion for a while now but I couldn't rattle off who he has defended against or what he has done. Depending on match placement perhaps the rest of the Undisputed Era could get involved and help Roddy. But to summarise, this is meh.
  6. I am really interested to see who WWE decide to win from this. Team RAW has some big big names, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Kevin Owens, while SmackDown has Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman. Furthermore as Bart above me pointed out, it'd be a waste to add NXT to the mix just to have them come off as not credible. I'll probably predict NXT to win this one even though not much has been announced. I'd imagine the likes of Cole, Ciampa, BΓ‘lor. Seeing WALTER would be awesome too.
  7. RAW Women's division takes this for me, despite having no members announced to this point. Charlotte Flair, Natalya, The Kabuki Warriors.. They have a lot of strong women who should be picking up wins here. SmackDown's team so far looks weak. Carmella and Dana Brooke won't do much. It'll be fun to see Charlotte and Sasha mix it up as it always is. But as some people before me have said, it is more likely than not going to be a clusterfest and it probably won't get the time it needs.
  8. This doesn't go over ten minutes, which is a shame as Bart pointed out if this was on an NXT pay-per-view it'd do really well. I believe that Viking Raiders might take the pinfall here. They're the least credible of the three teams and in truth their run has put me off the RAW tag team division. It sucks how poorly WWE treat tag teams and that's something which I think AEW thrives at so far. Undisputed Era should win.
  9. This is without a shadow of a doubt going to be match of the year. Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series is a menace, refer to his matches with AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan of the past couple of years. He is great working against smaller guys. It'd be a shame if they made this a traditional squash match because Rey deserves better in truth. I'm pleased to see Brock defending the title instead of doing a championship vs. championship match. The Fiend can't afford to take an L so early in his run.
  10. I think Shayna pins/submits Bayley in this situation, leading to a singles match between her and Becky down the line. Their promo a few weeks back was really good and it'd be a shame if Shayna didn't win considering she only debuted so recently. A lot of people before me have said Bayley should win but to be honest it seems inevitable that Bayley is dropping the title as WrestleMania season rolls around, where as Becky and Shayna would benefit more from the momentum boost. I'd be alright with any of them winning, but Shayna winning here via beating Bayley not only establishes her as a winner but it keeps Becky credible also.
  11. BPZ World Heavyweight Championship Julius (c) vs. Bart vs. Smith Comments: I feel like Julius will cash-in the month before BPZ Mania. Bart is my pick to win the Royal Rumble. Smith will be there as he's a top dog. BPZ Undisputed Championship Flynn (c) vs. Bailey vs. Slim Comments: Flynn is holding until at the LEAST Mania. I feel like Bailey and Slim's rivalry will bleed into this match. Two triple threat matches seems like overkill though. BiC vs. Hans Comments: This seems inevitable to me. Just a personal shot in the dark prediction. If they don't win the upcoming tournament that's where tension might show. BrendenPlayz vs. Sameer Comments: Another match I'd love to see. Brenden could 'pass the torch' in a sense. Which is odd to say as Sameer has much more accomplishments. BPZ Intercontinental Championship Arius (c) vs Necce Comments: SPOOKY SPOOK MATCH. I'd love to see these two go at it. I need it in my veins.
  12. The scene opens into realisation, camera positioned in a lit room. The camera sits upon a table alongside a charcoal stem, holding up three individual candles. Abruptly the protagonist walks into the shot, attired in faux leather combat boots and accentuating olive military pants. Her hands are slithered inside of an archaic bomber jacket. Her facial features become more prominent as she sits down upon a couch centralised in the camera frame. Her skin is tan and healthy, a lack of make-up other than basic foundation and concealer, a brief flicker of mascara draws attention to her eyes. Red hair sits upon each shoulder, articulating her jawline. "Regardless of the Championships I am allowed to compete for, or a lack of consistency in how often I grace the ring, do not misinterpret my stature in this promotion for youth. Though I compete in a division intended for rookies I am anything but. I have faced the crème de la crème of talents while competing for top tier titles, I'll remind you that in my debut match I was placed into a literal battlefield, against a now Hall of Fame talent and one of the most menacing men this industry has ever taken notice of. Since then, I have competed against the likes of Julius, Sameer and Flynn. The latter of those names on two occasions. Despite the majority labelling me a rookie, I have scars and injuries from competing under the BrendenPlayz banner which nobody in my division can rival, few NXT athletes I see on a daily basis can point in my direction and state they've done the things that I have. I've formed an established tag team, beaten foes in singles action, stood toe to toe with the owner of this company. I am a warrior who has seen the sun set often, but the day comes in a militant's life where they must settle their gun down with knowledge they might never again pick it back up." "I am seriously considering a second hiatus from this sport, contemplating being that person who has seen one fight too many. Management and those who have wrestled for a longer time than I will probably point and laugh, it might seem a little pointless as I don't compete often as it is, but the truth is there is nothing that excites me anymore. Individuals differ from one to another, we have different ambitions and dreams and quite frankly I have no motivation to be around. Though I've never held a title or beaten a legend of the game I do not possess the hunger to do so. I wake up in the morning and I ask myself, if I have it in me to continue this routine, a routine of practising on the mat, thinking of new adventures I could partake on but ultimately not coming to a conclusion. The flame within me has been stifled. Perhaps I have reached my ceiling in this sport. I can reflect on my run as an in-ring talent and be proud. I was just a little girl from Germany, a clueless recruit who stumbled into the BrendenPlayz machine. I've come across mentors who have taught me so much about the business and friends I will keep in contact with after my life in this sport is finished. The bottom line is I have no hunger to step betwixt the ropes once more, be it to be thrown out of another battle royal or compete in the tag team division. Maybe I am being brutal on myself. But the reality is I was nothing more than a ghost drifting in the wind, a spec on the history books of this business which will be forgotten once the ink runs dry." "Perhaps I'll have another run at this life in the future. Maybe the passion will return to my system and I'll grasp the full understanding of this sport. But I have always felt a disconnect that I've been incapable of bridging. Talents like Meko, Mikey, people who have breezed in and out of the NXT division, winning the title four times between them, while I've fallen into a stagnant puddle which I've struggled to unclasp myself from. There's this feeling of resentment inside of me that I haven't been able to find success, although I've tried so hard to make it work. I really have tried and that won't be reflected which is unfortunate. From the culinary staff to the management who believed in me regardless of the continued losses. Even to Nathan Sawyer for allowing me to have a moment, in defiance of how small it might be on a worldwide scale. For the past eighteen or so months it has been a pleasure. But the Golden Girl is bowing out of the sport for now, she has executed her last hurrah for the moment. I am unsure of where I go from here. But all I am confident in is I am officially announcing my hiatus from BrendenPlayz Wrestling."
  13. So to my understanding CM Punk is a FOX employee, not a WWE employee, so it isn't likely he'll return to actual wrestling as of yet. Regardless I think it is really cool that CM Punk is back and will be giving his thoughts on WWE related stuff. He's creative and will definitely offer a more blunt and different opinion on a lot of things. What do you guys think?
  14. I feel like this is the best Becky Lynch has looked in a while. Her promo this week and last week were great. I also like the underlying storyline that Asuka has now pinned/submitted Becky Lynch twice within three or so weeks. The Kabuki Warriors looked good also. Should Becky Lynch feud with Asuka or Shayna Baszler post-Survivor Series I'll be happy. Seth Rollins vs. WALTER was good! My only complaint is that Imperium as a unit have taken back-to-back losses on the main roster. WALTER especially deserves better than this I feel like an he could have really done with a big win over an established main roster star. I'm not going to bother addressing the Bobby Lashley / Rusev storyline. It is straight trash. I'm not invested in it whatsoever. The fact I'm more interesting in Erick Rowan carrying a bag to the ring than this speaks volumes. The main event was fine. I'm invested in a potential Randy Orton / Ricochet storyline. It seems Orton is playing the long game in terms of a potential feud. I like that he's willing to beat heels as well as faces. Orton countering Ricochet's finisher into an RKO excites me a lot.

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