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  1. Who will win Block A?: Tatsunami Fujinama Who will come Runner Up in Block A?: Seiki Sakaguchi Who will Win Block B?: Antonio Inoki Who will come Runner Up in Block B: AndrΓ© the Giant Who will win the ENTIRE IWGP Series/Win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship?: Antonio Inoki
  2. Scene opens in a plentiful forest, covering much land while situated in a resort area of Germany. Groups of hills clumped together cover the vast background, while thin trees with thick pointing leaves are scattered closer to where the camera is set. Lake sits untouched, while array of fish perhaps thrive beneath the water there's no sign of life at the surface, the air is cool, the sound of nature filling audio. Looking out across the water sits a single bench, it looks stable, although the edges of the wooden seat are decayed. Scene sits undisturbed for some time, trees fluttering, before someone moves into the shot, sitting on the bench. "I'm just going to come out, and say it. There's no point sneaking around the point. Hans is a friend of mine and a trusted ally, a stablemate. But I want to beat him so bad. Not because I grow sick of him or Bob or the idea of the Cut-Throat Crew, those two men, and us as a collective, have done so well. We've survived the honeymoon period and despite this tournament throwing some curveballs, we still stand, united. I am fortunate and proud to be a member of the Cut-Throat Crew, to be called a threat, and known as someone who can go out there every night have have a chance of winning, of success, each and every time. I want to beat Hans because It'd mean so much. He is someone who has tasted success at the top, aligned himself with some of the best of all time, won multiple championships from Undisputed, to the historic Intercontinental to even the championship that I hold at the moment, representing the United States. To beat someone of his calibre, in my home country, would be so significant to me. Someone like me who hasn't tasted success at the top, hasn't been aligned with the greats. Hans has shown that he's capable of doing that and he's the favourite tonight, the favourite to beat me. To upset those odds, pin or submit Hans in that ring before people of my nation, my home country, it'd mean the world to me and more. I'd prove the doubters wrong and be the star of the show. I'd get to celebrate such a success with my comrades, men and women and children of my nationality, go home to my parents and tell them that I did it, I won a championship and I made some friends, and I won a match in this great nation, this proud nation of Germany. What a dream." "We've seen before that people can upset the odds, cement their legacies and really make a moment from this tournament. We've seen it from past winners and we've seen it in this tournament, we've seen it from one of my fellow stablemates in Bob Sparks, when he beat Bart in the fashion he did. Sure I was there to assist him a little bit and help smooth things over, but it wasn't like Bart came alone either. I know that I am capable of producing something on that level, producing such a moment. Be it climbing to the top rope and dropping an elbow on him, or grasping at his wrist and tugging it back, wrenching it back until he taps. I know that I have it in me to win this match, and stablemate or not, I am going to do my best to do so and cement my own legacy and be the better wrestler, the better fighter, in that match. Hans spoke about destiny when we sat along the rooftops of Munich, drew a perspective on how far we had come since joining this promotion and rising through the ranks, forming the Cut-Throat Crew. He spoke of destiny, that he would win the World Heavyweight Championship and be known as the best in the world, but I don't believe in that word. I don't believe that fate decides who is successful, who falls at the finish line and who never makes it to the race. Hard work and talent, a drive to improve and a passion for the sport, those make winners. Those elements are what makes champions, those with the intelligence and training, the studying of their opposition who care enough about wrestling to see a goal, and to chase it. I suppose we'll see, which idea triumphs over the other when he and I meet in the ring, but destiny, talent or not, I am going to try my hardest in this fight and I am going to do everything I can, anything plausible, to have my hand raised before thousands in that arena." Sitting up for a moment, Sheridan places an arm to lounge against the top of the bench. She emits a content sigh and looks out across the water, to the trees blowing in the wind, and to the large hills which sit behind them. She taps fingertips against the wood, humming while admiring the view. Hand moves with fingers coming to comb at her orange hair, placing strands behind her ear. She reflects on her monumental upcoming bout with Hans, and the repercussions of the King of the Ring tournament, it's prestige. Returning glare to focus on the camera, she pouts briefly, before continuing her speech. "Let's say that I do beat Hans, I beat him in the middle of that ring, and I advance. I advance and face off against Bob Sparks or Gunner. It's dawned on me that, the more matches I have in this tournament the less chance I'll have of defending my United States Championship, my baby. All that exhaustion and expended energy chasing this dream, of becoming King of the Ring, competing for that top gold belt. Sure you could say that it's just Austin Mirage, you've beaten him before, that he has just one, single win within this promotion but the truth is, it's not just Austin Mirage. Now don't get me wrong, I value Austin Mirage as a member of this promotion, I recognise his strengths, but the truth is I've beaten him twice now both in singles and tag team competition, I know him. I know what to expect and the truth is, I'm a more intelligent person and a more accomplished wrestler than him. But Yelich, here's there too. Someone who is more accomplished than me and someone who has more wins, more experience, than I do. Be that in championship matches or wrestling in general. He's unpredictable, fierce, someone who commands respect and someone who has achieved so much. From defeating Arius, to his subsequent reign with that North American Championship and his constant shocking angles, his prominence and persistence for the Evolve brand and shows. He's an interesting, unique character, one that adds so much to this upcoming bout." "But I know a secret, I know what Yelich did, for Evolve. I saw him and he saw me, and I saw the expression on his face change, from that goofy accomplished smirk, to one of fear, as if he had seen a ghost. As if he had plotted to steal from Valor, its values, and transfer them to Evolve. It's funny, isn't it. Of course I am just jesting here, Yelich would never do something like that. It'd go against his character, it'd be a crime. Whatever of Yelich's outside-the-ring escapades, who am I to judge, who am I to comment on if he managed to outsmart my own general manager. It isn't for me to say. Regardless of all that, that mess. I am looking forward to seeing how fluid he is, how he acts, when he and Austin Mirage step into the ring with the queen of the suplex and the future King of the Ring. Let me assert something here, if I do lose to Hans, or I do lose to the winner of Bob and Gunner's match-up, then oh well, dream over, but it was never something that'd transpire to reality I am sure. But what I will say, is I won't fall further than that, if I fall out of this tournament the decline will stop there, I'll turn up to the King of the Ring event, wrists taped, hair tied back and ready and willing, to kick, punch and suplex whatever fuck I have to, to retain my darling championship." "Hans, I am excited, but make no mistake I'm coming to win. I'm not coming to be another name in your rise to the World Heavyweight Championship, a continence of your apparent destiny. I don't care if it's written in the scriptures or your childhood diary, I don't believe in it, and it's a shoddy attempt of declaring yourself something that has barely begun. You may be a leader, a revolutionist, but one thing you shall be off of my name is a king, and I'll make certain of that when you and I meet in that ring this weekend. Our friendship and our Cut-Throat Crew has started off so strong, winning the United States Championship and our three victories in the first round of this tournament, but this success, it'll falter for one of us, it'll stop. I hope that you can accept losing to me, accept having the spotlight on me for one night, for we all know what happened the moment yourself and Isaiah Carter began to part. I just want you to know, I respect you more so than the other people in this promotion, you're a true leader, but when it comes to wrestling, prowess and technical talents within that ring, I'm not sure you're the leader in that regard, and I'll validate that when we're in there and the bell rings, when your groaning on the ground, as I stand above you, vanquisher and king." From there, Sheridan picks up the camera, adjusting visage, while soft smirk falls on her lips. Confidence radiates from the German woman, as she offers a short and sweet nod to the camera. Placing it back down she stands, adjusts her faux leather jacket, and begins to recede from the area. The camera is left in the same position as it began, looking at those mountainous hills in the background, with leaves rustling on the thin trees across the lake, and species of fish prominent in the waters, colours of orange and green and white creating an array within the subtle waves. Sheridan's footsteps fall quieter and quieter, before silence finds the video for some time, settling on that gorgeous view before the camera fades to black.
  3. 𝖴π–₯𝖒 π—ˆπ—‡ 𝖀𝖲𝖯𝖭+ π–₯𝗂𝗀𝗁𝗍 𝖭𝗂𝗀𝗁𝗍: π–‘π—…π–Ίπ—’π–½π–Ύπ—Œ π—π—Œ. π–Άπ–Ύπ—‹π–½π—Žπ—† π—‹π–Ύπ—Œπ—Žπ—…π—π—Œ Featherweight prospects Hakeem Dawodu and Bryce Mitchell squared off to open the main show. I wanted to give these two some spotlight on the main show. I don't think either of them become a super talented fighter in the distant future, but, I think it's worth investing in the winner here and giving them a platform to gain momentum from. Giving them the chance to get on the main card and gain some popularity is a plus. Bryce Mitchell won via submission to open the show. It was an open enough fight to gain a good rating, due to their lack of skills I suppose that's a decent rating to get. Mitchell becomes a ranked fighter with this won so hopefully, we can continue to book him in favourable fights and continue to build on this. The next fight of the show saw an upset, with Cortney Casey beating Marina Rodriguez through unanimous decision. I was expecting Rodriguez to win this one, but it's not the end of the world that she didn't as I guess both these women are 'midcard' fighters of the Strawweight division. It's just that Rodriguez is the more skilled of the two women and could of made a sustainable run in the top ten rankings I believe, but with this loss goes her momentum. The fight got a great rating, which is a plus I suppose. There's just not much to say about the longevity or the future plans for either of these women. Light Heavyweight action followed, as did another upset. Ankalaev is the younger of these two fighters and was the favourite coming into this one so I am stunned that he lost in the fashion he did, getting lit up and then submitted before even the first minute mark. Despite that I do have to get props to Cirkunov for this feat. Dominating the more skillful fighter and being able to win in such quick fashion. With this win, Cirkunov just manages to squeeze into the top ten rankings of the Light Heavyweight division. Really good stuff from him. Top ten Middleweight action took over the co-main event, with Brazilian Ronaldo Souza mixing it up with Jared Cannonier, who was on a three fight win-streak coming into this one but wasn't able to sustain that. Ronaldo Souza is able to get the knee-bar submission in late into the first round, tapping Cannonier out. I was expecting this one to be honest with Souza being the favourite coming into this one. I think that Souza is in a position to get one last championship shot at Middleweight before entering retirement so I wanted to establish him in a prominent position to get that. Cannonier, despite not having good skills, was somehow ranked as the fifth best Middleweight in the world. I think this was a necessary sacrifice as Adesanya or Paulo Costa beating Souza would do a world of good for their popularity. Really good fight from these two. Ronaldo Souza slips into championship contention while Cannonier falls to the lower rungs of the top ten. The main event of this show featured the skilled wrestler Curtis Blaydes being matched against the popular grappler and former world champion of the division, Fabricio Werdum. With how this show was going I was fearing that Werdum would get the upset win but thankfully, not. Blaydes is the much younger fighter and will more likely than not become a future world champion, and he needed the popularity that Werdum has to advance to that level, of being a future face of the division. Werdum winning I think would of been a cool alternative, maybe he gets one more shot at the belt before retiring, but Blaydes winning was definitely my preferred option of the two. Good fight overall and another submission win, taking the main show to have four of five fights to end by submission. Blaydes didn't benefit much from this win in terms of ranking, but when it comes to popularity gained he was a big winner for this one. A critical rating of 73% is good enough, anything over 70% is a positive so we were just over the marker here. A 90% commercial rating is excellent though, thanks to Ronaldo Souza and Fabricio Werdum for that. π–£π—‹π—Žπ—€π—Œ, π–½π—‹π—Žπ—€π—Œ, π–½π—‹π—Žπ—€π—Œ. Kelvin Gastelum and Ronaldo Souza, two of the best Middleweight fighters in the world, both getting popped is horrid for our Middleweight division. While it's sustainable at the moment with the rise of Darren Till, and the already booked fight between Adesanya and Costa, in six or so months we'll be struggling to make fights. Having two of our top ten ranking spots occupied by people who, essentially cannot fight for the next year, sucks. Gastelum can't be matched up against a Whittaker or a Cannonier now, while Ronaldo Souza's shot at Adesanya with his win over Cannonier can be forgotten. Really disappointing stuff for the Middleweight division. They're also two of the more popular fighters so we won't be able to build them or shift popularity onto lesser names like Kevin Holland, or Jack Hermansson. I felt it was necessary to include this for two reasons, one to show that this is an actual feature in the game and that people can get popped for drugs, catching year-long suspensions from the sport while doing so, and two to explain why they won't feature on shows for some time. Both of them have a history, Gastelum with weed and Souza with steroids so I mean, it's not out of the blue. But both getting popped within weeks of one another just sucks and will create a void in the Middleweight division. We might have to call up some fighters from Welterweight to deal with the imbalance. 𝖴π–₯𝖒 π—ˆπ—‡ 𝖀𝖲𝖯𝖭 π–₯𝗂𝗀𝗁𝗍 𝖭𝗂𝗀𝗁𝗍: 𝖳𝗂𝗅𝗅 π—π—Œ. 𝖢𝗁𝗂𝗍𝗍𝖺𝗄𝖾𝗋 π—‹π–Ύπ—Œπ—Žπ—…π—π—Œ Women's Strawweight action opened on this England-based show. Virna Jandiroba facing off Amanda Ribas in good action. Neither of them are English, in fact both are Brazilian but I felt this was a good match to throw together. Jandiroba is so skillful while Ribas is the future of the division, so I think both of them benefit from being on the main card despite the obvious pitfall that only one of them can win, in this case it was Virna Jandiroba. She was able to get the submission here to open the show, to a good rating. I could potentially see Jandiroba becoming a top ten, or even a top five ranked fighter in the division. But it's so packed! With Zhang, Namajunas, Suarez, Esparza. The Women's Strawweight division is stupidly talented and anyone could succeed to be truthful. Ribas will recover from this loss, she's so young and has so much potential this loss won't stunt her. The second fight on the show featured Featherweight action, Kattar and Allen fighting off for a space in the top ten rankings. Both of these fighters were dead even, literally -110 to -110 in the odds coming into this one and I think that showed, getting a fantastic fight rating, and going to decision. Allen losing on his home turf sucks, but it wasn't like I put him at a disadvantage. Calvin Kattar is a really good fighter and sails up to tenth in the Featherweight rankings. There isn't much more to say about this one. Both have a future ahead of them, but I don't know if either of them ever become champions in the UFC. I booked the third fight on this show, Pennington vs. Kianzad, to get the former a win. She was in a bit of a rut but I believe she's skillful enough to bounce back and be a constant in the top five rankings of the Women's Bantamweight division. Clearly, I know nothing. Pannie Kianzad won unanimously to send Pennington spiralling down the rankings. I'm pretty pissed about this one, to be honest. Not at Kianzad for winning, but because I put a lot of hype into Pennington and she's zero for two since the beginning of this diary and that just blows. I'm either going to have to put some work into her, get her a win or two against jobbers, or look at the prospect of releasing her. Kianzad gets a performance bonus for upsetting Pennington, but yeah, I'm not too thrilled about this one. Marc Diakiese did what Marc Diakiese does coming into this one. Firing off strikes at his opponent until they drop. For whatever reason Diakiese has really good stats in this mod and has done in prior iterations of it, despite being a pretty average fighter in real life. I'm not complaining though, he does wonders for our demographics being English and it adds another interesting fighter to the bolstered Lightweight division. Davi Ramos, while barely an underdog on paper, played sacrificial lamb here. Diakiese is able to sit his opponent down before the first minute mark and make an impact in his home nation, in the co-main event of the show no less. Davi Ramos is a capable fighter, but with how stacked the Lightweight division is he'll probably remain unranked or, should he string a win or two together, become a ranked fighter. Diakiese in truth will rise to the top, the top five rankings within the next three years of the save and I would be shocked if he didn't pick up the Lightweight Championship. I've had him knock out McGregor and Poirier in saves prior to this one, so don't be surprised if he continues this hot streak. The main event featured top-tier Middleweight action. Darren Till, fresh off a win against Gastelum, coming up against Whittaker, the fallen former champion looking to bounce back. Well, he didn't. In great action Till was able to beat Whittaker with strikes in the second round, securing a win in front of his home country crowd and probably securing himself a future Middleweight Championship shot, now that Souza is suspended. Whittaker coming into this one, was ranked as the second best Middleweight on the planet so beating him is no small deal. Till was able to do so and surges up the rankings. I think that Till, facing Adesanya or Costa, would be a great match. The Middleweight division is blessed with variety with fighters of all races being from a ton of different countries. Costa being Brazilian, Adesanya being born in Nigeria but growing up in New Zealand. It's just such a cool division. Whittaker, with two losses on his resume in a row, will need to bounce back. A fight against a Jared Cannonier or Uriah Hall will do the trick. I still have big plans for Whittaker and will be building him back up. A critical rating of 81% is obviously superb, with a fantastic fight and great main event on the show helping out. Considering we were in England the commercial rating was rightfully a little lower than normal, with these fighters, save for Till and Diakiese, not having as much popularity over here as in America. It was essentially a great main event surrounded by nobodies fighting. But still, a really great card. Next time on Sheridan's UFC Save, we'll see the king fight his next contender, as Jon Jones faces off against the Polish mauler, Jan Blachowitz. The semi-main will also see the popular Brian Ortega face off against, the even-more popular Korean Zombie, in Chan Sung Jung. Both those two fights alone should be great, because of how brutal of fighters Ortega and Zombie are, and the hype of Jon Jones, arguably the best fighter to ever fight. The veteran Mauricio 'Shogan' Rua also contends against Thiago Santos while Women's Flyweight and Welterweight action also appear on the show. Will Jon Jones be able to defend his Light Heavyweight Championship? Answers at UFC 253. Let me know your thoughts on the presentation of the diary as I know long paragraphs aren't for everyone. Thank you for reading! Below I will post the stats and changes of both fighters and rankings. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Curtis Blaydes moved from 5th to 4th in the Heavyweight rankings. FabrΓ­cio Werdum dropped from 17th to 19th in the Heavyweight rankings. Jared Cannonier vs. Ronaldo Souza won Fight of the Night. Ronaldo Souza won Submission of the Night. Ronaldo Souza moved from 6th to 2nd in the Middleweight rankings. Jared Cannonier dropped from 4th to 8th in the Middleweight rankings. Misha Cirkunov won a Performance Bonus. Misha Cirkunov moved from 14th to 10th in the Light Heavyweight rankings. Magomed Ankalaev dropped from 22nd to 25th in the Light Heavyweight rankings. Cortney Casey won a Performance Bonus. Cortney Casey stayed 13th in the Women's Strawweight rankings. Marina Rodriguez dropped from 16th to 18th in the Women's Strawweight rankings. Bryce Mitchell moved from unranked to 24th in the Featherweight rankings. Hakeem Dawodu stayed unranked in the Featherweight rankings. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Darren Till vs. Robert Whittaker won Fight of the Night. Darren Till moved from 6th to 2nd in the Middleweight rankings. Robert Whittaker dropped from 2nd to 7th in the Middleweight rankings. Marc Diakiese won Knockout of the Night. Marc Diakiese moved from unranked to 23rd in the Lightweight rankings. Davi Ramos stayed unranked in the Lightweight rankings. Pannie Kianzad won a Performance Bonus. Pannie Kianzad moved from 16th to 14th in the Women's Bantamweight rankings. Raquel Pennington dropped from 4th to 11th in the Women's Bantamweight rankings. Calvin Kattar won a Performance Bonus. Calvin Kattar moved from 11th to 10th in the Featherweight rankings. Arnold Allen dropped from 16th to 18th in the Featherweight rankings. Virna Jandiroba won Submission of the Night. Virna Jandiroba moved from 17th to 14th in the Women's Strawweight rankings. Amanda Ribas dropped from 23rd to 25th in the Women's Strawweight rankings. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  4. I am one of the few exceptions, time and time again I'll stress that I loved this reign. From his unexpected rise to the top, and I don't mean just winning the six-pack challenge on SmackDown and beating Randy Orton for the championship. I mean coming back to feud with Heath Slater on RAW, looking like he did, and in the space of so few months going from a scrawny physique to one befitting a champion. I think you said it best when you said SmackDown was the land of opportunity, that this was so unexpected and out of the blue pardon the pun. I really did enjoy Jinder Mahal winning the six-pack challenge, and creating an iconic and shocking moment at Backlash. Orton had literally just got the belt, so I don't think many people were expecting Jinder to win in the fashion he did. The following matches with Orton were fucking funny. But I was admittedly hyped for the Punjabi Prison match. Sure the matches were a little boring but we'd of had with if Orton beat Jinder anyway and remained champion. I think promo wise Jinder improved immensely, and even though his matches were shit he was booked so strong and had the aura and look of a world champion. Now I do think that Jinder's reign went a little long. Having three opponents in a six month reign, Orton, Nakamura and Styles, probably didn't help to the idea that all his matches are the same and I did dislike some of the things implemented towards the end of his reign, such as the racist comments to Nakamura, and Corbin and Cena crossing over into the feud briefly so that Corbin could fail to cash-in. But oh my god I was excited for Jinder Mahal to face Brock Lesnar. I was so excited. Imagine Lesnar chucking the Singh Brothers from the ring and doing double suplexes and shit. I would of killed to see that match, though in hindsight Lesnar and Styles had a fucking awesome match. I think that Jinder's matches with Styles were his best as you mentioned Hans, and it showed that he could at least hang with someone of Styles' calibre. I don't think Mahal's reign was great. It did have some low points but people exaggerate how bad it was so much. SmackDown was still hella fun during this time period to tune into, and Jinder's promos and growth during this championship reign barely get spoken about and I think that's unfair to Jinder. Anyway, awesome piece Hans. I enjoyed reading it a lot. Though I think it'd be cool for the future to group these pieces into a singular thread. The Seth Rollins piece like this was really good, and I'm excited for what you do next!
  5. Dope work as always friend! These graphics add even more hype to King of the Ring in my own opinion. I'm really excited for round two. Awesome job again Arius!
  6. I'd wanna team with Meko. Sheridan and Sailor Meko would be a dope team. First ever women's tag champs? I'd also want to team with the GOAT of kayfabe, Flynn. But right now my main goal is to get some tag matches with Bob and Hans fired off. Creed? We comin' for you.
  7. WWF Championship From where we left off in the last championship review, Shawn Michaels won a sixty minute iron man match, against Bret Hart, to secure his second reign with the most prestigeous championship in the business. He had a lengthy half-year reign before dropping to Vader, who subsequently lost it to The Undertaker. From there, The Undertaker had a nice run with the strap defending it at WrestleMania XIII against Yokozuna. We had Owen Hart claim the WWF Championship for the first time and be the one to beat The Undertaker at the following Survivor Series show before Bret Hart defeated Owen Hart at the inaugural Armageddon event, in the first ever hell in a cell match. Bret Hart would defend the belt against Ric Flair and then Owen Hart before retaining against Steve Austin in the main event of WrestleMania XIV. I think the plan from here is to capitalise on Scott Steiner's momentum and have him be the one to beat Bret Hart for the strap. It'd be Steiner's first reign with the top belt, and maybe we have him have a lengthy run to establish himself and the Mr. McMahon character as the two biggest heels in the business. I'd be open to giving someone like Shawn Michaels or Yokozuna a brief reign in between, but making Scott Steiner a two-time WWF Champion so soon into his main event run isn't something I am keen to do. The locked-in match for WrestleMania XV is Steve Austin beating Scott Steiner to become the WWF Champion. Following that it'd be the signalling of the attitude era, albeit a few years late, and characters like Mankind, The Rock and Triple H will begin to get their time in the main event with Steve Austin getting multiple reigns as the new figurehead of the promotion. WWF Intercontinental Championship Razor Ramon, a two-time champion was the man who held the second belt in the WWF, the last time we reviewed the championship lineages. He dropped the Intercontinental Championship to Goldust, who had a decent upper-midcard reign as champion before passing the belt to Steve Austin. Austin had a much longer reign but managed only to make the same defences as the previous champion did. Steve Austin defended the belt at WrestleMania XIII, and lost it to Lex Luger soon after. Lex Luger's reign would prove to be transitional at best as he lost the belt a mere three months later to Rocky Maivia, who is the sitting champion at this time. The plan is to shift the belt from Rocky Maivia to Ken Shamrock pretty soon giving Shamrock a dominant, career-making reign while letting Rocky go away and return as The Rock. Naturally I have big plans for The Rock character but for those plans to come to fruition him losing this belt soon makes sense. Ken Shamrock will be a constant in the Intercontinental division. In a similar fashion to the WWF Championship scene if Scott Steiner has a long reign I could see Yokozuna or Shawn Michaels getting a run with the second belt. Michaels becoming a two-time champion and beating Ken Shamrock would be a good move I think though it'd work with Triple H also. We also have names like Ahmed Johnson and Jeff Jarrett to consider for this division. They're yet to gain their first championships in the promotion and they're a pretty key part of the midcard around this time. Maybe Owen Hart could involve himself and get a second reign as Intercontinental Champion too but after Shamrock establishes himself I do see a lot of people getting the belt, and becoming multiple-time champions. WWF European Championship Unlike with the first two entrants, there's not much to talk about here, mostly because the European Championship has been around for a year! Davey Boy Smith as the actual only European wrestler on our roster, was the inaugural winner of the belt. In six months he managed to make four defences of the belt, against names like Marc Mero and Goldust before he dropped it to Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Helmsley had a meek run with the belt and to be truthful it was purely to begin his legacy and give him a belt for the sake of boosting his credibility before we had Vader be the one to dethrone Helmsley, essentially changing him to Triple H in the process. Vader will get a big run with the belt. I could see him making eight to ten defences of the belt and fending off against older superstars or constants of the lower-midcard. I think that Mankind will be the one to dethrone him. I could see Mankind being able to topple someone like Vader and cement himself. Plus as Mankind is one of the faces of this era it'd be good to give him a championship reign. Another name to consider would be someone like Mark Henry who could get that career-making win over someone like Vader. While Mankind is already established and had that great match at WrestleMania with The Undertaker I've barely debuted the Mark Henry character. So building him up alongside the Nation of Domination would be cool. I like giving stables titles as often as plausible to establish them as a threat. Mark Henry holding the European or Tag Team Championships as The Rock has his star-making year would be cool. But as I said for now Vader will get a long reign with the belt, maybe even hold it until WrestleMania XV. WWF Tag Team Championships These belts have had a couple of strange years. The last time we visited the championship reviews, The Steiner Brothers held the straps. Since then we've established a new force in the division and seen the fall of the old guard, as well as get a brief reign with two super singles stars. Earthzuna, consisting of Earthquake and Yokozuna were the ones who beat The Steiner Brothers for the belts, although their reign was brief, losing the straps to Legion of Doom who become the first tag team to gain four reigns with the belts. They're probably the best team ever at this point, beating out Demolition and The British Bulldogs for that honour. Bret Hart and Ric Flair would be the two men to beat Legion of Doom giving Ric Flair another accolade to add to his so so close Hall of Immortals career. It was also nice to give Bret Hart something to do as he hadn't been involved with the World Championship picture for a while at this point. A heel turn and subsequent match gained The Fabulous Freebirds a long title reign. They've been such stalwarts of the division and have put on good matches so I wanted to reward them with a reign. Earthzuna would win the titles at the Royal Rumble event and defend them at WrestleMania XIV. As for future plans I see the tag titles going between the three power stables of the new era. You have the Nation of Domination with Faarooq, Kama Mustafa and Mark Henry all ready to play tag duty, and you also have the emergence of the New Age Outlaws who'll soon be joining D-Generation X. I'd also imagine we'll throw together a stable headed by Vince McMahon and Scott Steiner. Imagine a team of Shane McMahon and someone like Ken Shamrock, or an Owen Hart getting a tag reign? I think we have time to have some fun with these titles. So I'd expect them to bounce around the three stables while we build teams like Edge and Christian and The Hardy Boyz. WWF Women's Championship Where we left off, Bull Nakano was sitting as champion and as you can see from the screenshot, that continued for some time. As a matter of fact, I took the title of Bull Nakano purely so that I could put it back on her, and give her the honour of being a two-time champion. Bull Nakano is without a doubt the most talented woman we've had ever in this save and her match ratings validate that. Sable was the one to upset her and dethrone her for the belt. Due to Sable's star quality she benefited so much from that win although she held the belt for a mere two months before Bull Nakano seized if from her. Bull Nakano didn't see much action in the six months she held the belt making only three defences. A returning Lisa Moretti under the alias of Ivory won the WWF Women's Championship at the most recent WrestleMania, becoming a three-time champion in the process. As for the future of this title we have some time to really venture out on our own. Giving Bull Nakano a third reign will be a priority but I'd also like to give Sable a second run with the belt, due to how popular she has become because of her immense on-screen stats. It'd also be good to validate Chyna as a threat to the women's division. She was such a trend setter in real life and I'd like to replicate that. After the likes of Sable and Chyna have had their fun, it'd pass over to women like Jacqueline and an emerging Lita and Trish Stratus. Maybe during that period Bull Nakano would become the first ever four-time Women's Champion too, I'd like that a lot for her. WWF Royal Rumble Shawn Michaels won the 1996 Royal Rumble, defeating Bret Hart at WrestleMania XII for the WWF Championship. Since then two men won their first Royal Rumble matches but failed to capitalise on that honour and gain the WWF Championship on the grandest stage of them all. Yokozuna won the 1997 Royal Rumble match, and went on to face The Undertaker on the second night of WrestleMania XIII. I gave Yokozuna the honour purely to recognise him as a main event guy throughout the time period. He was up there with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels in terms of popularity but when it came to accolades, didn't match up. The Undertaker beat him, for obvious reasons, but since then he's become a two-time champion alongside Earthquake. Steve Austin won the 1998 Royal Rumble, although he fell to Bret Hart at WrestleMania. Austin winning was essential to mould him into a main event talent and while he didn't beat Bret Hart, the exposure will help him a ton. I plan on building Austin up really well between now and the next WrestleMania event. As I said Scott Steiner will be the champion heading into WrestleMania XV so Austin will become a two-time winner of the Royal Rumble. As for the 2000 Royal Rumble? I have no clue. The Rock won it in 2000 but I don't want to do Austin vs. Rock until the following year. So I'm thinking of a lot of options for the 2000 Royal Rumble match, which would be going into WrestleMania XVI. We could do something like Austin going against Yokozuna? Or Austin facing off with Ken Shamrock. I'm honestly not sure, so if you've read this far give me your thoughts please but the immediate future of this match will be Steve Austin winning a second time. WWF King Of The Ring Bret Hart become a two-time WWF Champion following his 1995 King Of The Ring victory. In a similar fashion to the Royal Rumble match however, the two men that have won this tournament since WrestleMania XII didn't capitalise on their momentum. Steve Austin won the 1996 version of the tournament, and faced off against the champion at the time in Shawn Michaels with Michaels retaining. I'm unsure if Austin vs. Michaels ever happens at WrestleMania in this save. I think the emergence of Scott Steiner and his beefed up stats means that he's the Shawn Michaels, the heel to get Steve Austin over in this little scenario. So I went ahead and did the match here and it did well enough. Speaking of Scott Steiner he was able to win the 1997 version of the event, and went on to fight The Undertaker over the WWF Championship. This was a face vs. face match so it didn't do well, off the top of my head it might have done a 92 or a 93. But it was important to establish Scott Steiner as a singles dude following WrestleMania XIII. Now of course he's beaten Shawn Michaels at the show of shows and will go on to win the WWF Championship. I actually don't have a clue who wins the 1998 version of this event. They'd probably go on to face a heel Scott Steiner in a losing effort so really it doesn't matter if it's a face or heel because it won't be that significant of a match. Someone like The Rock would be good, but I wouldn't want The Rock losing after the win so we would have to find a way around that. In a similar sense would be Triple H, who I'd like to give the accolade to. Outside options would be Owen Hart, as he really is the personification of what the tournament stands for. Maybe giving Mankind the win would be fun too, as he's been losing a lot. So to summarise, this diary is back although it'll be at a slower rate. I enjoy TEW2016 much more than TEW2020, and of course the end goal is to reach WrestleMania 35 within this diary and maybe beyond. We have a good mix of champions at the moment, with Bret Hart, Vader and Ivory being faces while Rocky Maivia and Earthzuna are heels. I have the championships well planned out at this point, but I'm struggling to plan Royal Rumble winners and King Of The Ring winners for the near future. So with that in mind tell me who you believe should win the 1998 King Of The Ring? Some names for consideration are The Rock, Mankind, Triple H, Owen Hart and Sid Vicious. Thank you so much for the support on this diary to this point! I hope that we can resume some of the momentum we had and make this one of the best diaries on the Forums.
  8. An AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan match-up, but not the one you were expecting. This match happened right after the culmination of Styles' feud with Samoa Joe and it was really really good. It was babyface and babyface going against one another and it delivered big time. I remember thinking it was so cool how invested the WWE were in making Styles their top champion by getting him this win over Daniel Bryan. Obviously, this lead to the great Bryan and Styles feud that we got to witness across the next few months. But it was a class match for free television and you really didn't know who was winning until the final few seconds of the match.
  9. Name (with nickname is character has one): Sheridan MΓΌller Gender (Male or Female): Female General Physical Description: 5'3'', toned, dark blonde hair and green eyes (if you make me ginger i'll report you) Role (Camper or Staff): Camper If Camper how many years you been at camp (1-4): 2 Interests: Sheridan likes books and marine biology, she's a little anti-social Biggest Fear: Heights Why are you coming to camp? (backstory): Nature and shit idk What should the name of the Summer Camp be? Camp Playz
  10. In no particular order Alex Costa has been killing it for Carnage recently, I think over the last two weeks when it comes to "general contribution" outside of promos and diaries he's the undisputed king. Bart and Bob have also done really good at this. But I just see Alex all over these discussions and threads and it's great to see. I think he's long been underrated and, even if he doesn't win KOTR or make it to the finals he could declare for a championship and have a good shot of winning. Ropati is probably the other "aggressor" on Carnage for me. No disrespect to Echo Wilson or Meko, I love those guys too, but over the past two weeks it's like a switch has been flicked in Ropati's head. The dude has released more promos in the last two-to-three weeks than he has the rest of the year. Maybe it's a little bias because Echo and Meko are more consistent grinders outside of KOTR territory but Ropati has been putting in some good work lately. But I love Echo and Meko too. FDS has been on a drive since early June, for me. He's out here posting write-ups and promos and forming stables and shit. His promos have been some of the best on the Forums and alongside that he has that Calamities Analysis thing which is cool too aside from the sexism. But I like it. I don't know why he's grinding. When I asked him he said "I'm just bored I guess" but to be honest I don't believe that for a second. WHAT'S UR ANGLE FD? IK UR READING THIS. Bob da Bomb is my dude. But you know what he is aside from my dude? A GOOD GRINDER. He's been posting Pizza Place and Bob-Japan Pro Wrestling and putting out some great content as of late. He's the bracket buster and eliminated Bart, who again I'll stress also did really great work I love you Bart you're my favourite mod. Like Ropati in a similar sense you get your normal Bob and then you get Bob da Grinder who is out here posting fifteen diaries and forty discussions topics a day. I think that the leaderboards and his Pizza Place diary reflects the sheer quality of work my good friend Bob is putting out. Hans, Sameer or Slim can take this last spot, but for recency sake and who has posted the most in the last month I'll go with Hans. Hans does some great graphics work for the Forums and it a promoing machine. He had a super close match-up with my friend Slim. I think Hans isn't slacking at all this King of the Ring tournament, he did good to get past Addy who probably had his best week in contribution on the Forums. I don't know if he beats that Sheridan girl but he's been putting out some good content recently.
  11. Flynn, Julius and Arius are all great, really phenomenal talents, but it's a bit disrespectful to leave Nardie out of this conversation.
  12. Probably the triple threat with Mikey and Arrow, I put the work in and grinded my ass off, more than I ever had in my two years on this Forums, and being rewarded with my first championship was a really special moment to me. Mikey putting in a grind too made it even cooler, I think he and I worked the hardest out of the Forums that month.
  13. Sheridan

    Your Destiny

    Sheridan had been on the rooftop for some time before Hans arrived, recollecting thoughts, thoughts on how her wrestling career had shifted in momentum. She had gone from the part-time girl teaming with past-it Hall of Fame talents, the gorgeous General Manager who could speak, but not wrestle, to a new breed. Something on the next level entirely. Winning the United States Championship, being the first individual to defend it throughout the present year, it was an accomplishment, and she had not accomplished much throughout her two year tenure in the promotion. This idea of Sheridan being a fallen prospect, of an enhancement talent who comes around a few times a year, shattered. She was a champion, in a prominent position on her brand. If her championship win hadn't sealed that, beating Mikey at King of the Ring certainly had. "Hans, first and foremost, I appreciate you, how you've revitalised my career. I don't believe that I'd be in this position had it not been for your vision, your boldness in approaching me. I am the United States Champion thanks to you, I am in the King of the Ring tournament due to you. In spite of that, you don't get to come up here and speak about destiny, tell me what I'm thinking or how I am acting. Because the truth is, while you're the leader of the Cut-Throat Crew, while you've racked up the most accolades and wins out of us, you do not own me and you do not own Bob. So this idea that you could understand how I feel, what I yearn for, it's not true. The things you said that coincide with that statement, sure, I could go for. I've been on a roll winning the United States Championship and defending it, the first woman to win a championship, to advance in the King of the Ring tournament. It's a great achievement. You might have been in this position, sitting on a chair some time ago in this tournament with that championship around your waist, but let's not act like your career has been the same as mine for that's nothing but a lie. You were hand-picked by one of the all time greats to be the face of this hot new stable and given the ambitions, the momentum with that move. Be it gender, be it experience or be it the friends you and I have made within this business, but if there's one thing you don't get to do when we speak, it patronise me and act like you've struggled like I have, been in a fleeting, cold position or such a worthwhile time before finally catching a break, igniting. You have always been the golden boy, Hans, the one painted alongside Arius as the future of this promotion. A change in attitude and clash with someone like Slim doesn't change the fact that you were once in a position of such privilege, so don't get it twisted, we are nothing alike you and I." "This talk about destiny, I don't buy into it. I don't believe in imaginary plans, that despite our actions we are destined to turn out one way or another, driven to championship gold or international acclaim. I'm not in a position to call someone out who has had much more success than I, but wrestling has nothing to do with destiny or scribbles on the wall. It's about talent, mental warfare, ambition. The fact is most of the time results and fame are down to hard-work and talent, who trained the hardest. I said that I respect you Hans but to come up here in my home country and talk to me about destiny and what's magically decided for you, it's no wonder Bob and I held up our end of the deal at Judgement Day while you got your ass handed to you. It's an attitude like that which we disagree on. I'm not going to beat you at King of the Ring because of some fable, because it's written in my destiny to do so. I'm going to beat you because I'll be the better wrestler, with more heart and more ambition when you and I step between those ropes. Now you speak a big game about becoming the World Heavyweight Champion within your tenure, that's the end goal, and that's fine. I truthfully believe that some day soon you're going to reach that goal, Hans. But, I hate to break it to you, your so-called destiny won't be achieved against me, and I refuse to play a role in your apparent rise to the top. I'm not saying this is all definitive and you're definitely going to lose to me, Hans, I'm not trying to come across as an antagonist, as you and Bob and I have stated time and time again, this tournament won't come between us. But if you do beat me in this country in that ring, at that time, it won't be because of destiny, it'll be because you wanted it more, and I'd love to see that." From her coat pocket, Sheridan retrieves a grey, knitted beret. Due to their position on the rooftop, as well as the weather in Munich taking a sharp turn, the conditions atop the building had become chilly. With wind blowing through her straightened flame tresses, she places beret tightly upon her head and releases a frustrated sigh while turning attention to Hans. She knew that, despite her harsh words they would be capable of agreeing to disagree, it was the Cut-Throat way. Things like implosions and stresses wouldn't lead to their failures and smite their group. The fact of the matter was, she wanted this as much as Hans did and only one of them could succeed when entering that ring, be it down to talent, destiny or other impactful factors. "When it comes down to it, Hans, I'd like for you to go on, on and win this tournament. I think you're one of the best wrestlers in this promotion, it's partially why I aligned with you. But you're not going to win this tournament with this kind of mentality, a mentality that it's written for you to win, regardless of who or what you might face throughout this tournament. You're going to win it because you're ruthless. As you put it you're a killer and we've witnessed that time and time again. When you won that Undisputed Championship, beating the likes of Bailey and Sameer and we saw it when you beat down your former best friend, former tag team partner on the biggest stage of them all to retain that belt. But you're not the only killer in this tournament, you're not the only person looking to forge a legacy and become a great. There's me, there's Bob, there's names like Alex Costa and Echo Wilson all with grudges to settle and something to prove. I think when you're on the ball you're one of the best in the world but if you walk into our match with this mentality, one that you're bound to win because of some out there prophecy tying you to the World Heavyweight Championship? I will tear you limb from limb." "Anyway, you spoke about guilt, about me feeling guilty, but I don't. I know that I have a nation behind me who will support whatever I do, win or lose. They're proud of that timid little girl, sailing to America and seeking out the need of veterans, the skills to thrive in this business. They've seen me work and work and grow better as time moves on and they've seen the fights I have had, be it against Flynn, or against the Big Ballers alongside Jonathan and they've now seen me come into my own, into this new dawn as another element. You spoke about carving our own paths in this sport, I couldn't agree more, and it'll come down to who has the sharper skills and the lack of hesitation to hurt their friend when you and I wrestle this weekend. I'll make no hesitation about doing so and stating that, if I have to run through you on the way to achieving my goals, then so be it. If I have to beat you into a pulp to advance in this tournament, secure the chance of fighting for the biggest belt in the game and becoming the new figurehead, the Queen of the Ring, then so be it. I'll always be your friend, Hans. I'll always have your back in most matters, we are the Cut-Throat Crew before, during and after this tournament but I will be putting alliances aside for a brief moment, for one night in Germany, to kick your ass without a second glance." Taking in the views of Munich for another moment, Sheridan sighs, patting her thigh before pushing from the lawn chair into a standing position. The words exchanged between herself and Hans on this rooftop would never be forgotten, their intentions stated, desires out there for the world to see. She places a firm hand onto the shoulder of Hans, almost to reassure him, tell him she's still a friend, in the Cut-Throat Crew. Patting his shoulder Sheridan then slides hand into the pocket of her jeans, sauntering towards the door that Hans entered from some time ago, disappearing to leave the former Undisputed Champion to the views of Munich.

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