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  1. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling 01 Week Two, January 2018 Fight Factory, Ontario Show Rating: 35 Announce Team: Portia Perez Segment One: The inaugural episode of Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling kicks off with chairwoman and CEO, Trish Stratus, in the ring. She firstly thanks Portia Perez, referee Martin Tremblay, as well as Allison Danger for providing their services for the inaugural Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling show. She speaks about the women's revolution currently taking place in the wrestling business. She mentions names such as Amy Dumas and Mickie James, stating how they initiated and started a change which showcased that women can perform and draw just as well as men, a change which the likes of Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks are continuing in the WWE, whilst names such as Mercedes Martinez, Candice LeRae and Toni Storm do so similar in the indie promotions. She states Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling is the next step in that revolution, she hopes for a promotion that will break boundaries and make history for females in the wrestling profession. She finishes by thanking the fans in attendance tonight, and reminds them that they are apart of history. Rating: 77 Match One: [vs.] The first match of the night, and of the revived promotion's history, pitted young lion Alexia Nicole against the much more experienced, former SHIMMER Champion Nicole Matthews. The match was open, Alexia Nicole could have secured the win with a perfect wheelbarrow stunner early on, however Nicole Matthews kicked out of the resulting cover. Twelve minutes into the bout, Nicole Matthews dropkicked Alexia onto a previously exposed middle turnbuckle, with Alexia hitting the steel face first. Seconds later, the match was finished as Nicole Matthews hit a rolling cutter, declaring herself the winner through tainted methods. Winner: Nicole Matthews Rating: 26 Match Two: [vs.] A rather slow match between two inexperienced wrestlers, as Quebec naive Beautiful Beaa took on fitness model Silvie Silver, it was less chaotic than the previous, and finished three minutes quicker as Silvie Silver hit a devastating backbreaker, picking up a great victory at the inaugural event of the revived Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Winner: Silvie Silver Rating: 30 [This match was rated on eye candy.] Segment Two: Courtney Rush appears before her match, gesturing for a microphone. She praises the athletes that have competed tonight, before exclaiming how proud she is to be on the first episode of the revived Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. She thanks Trish Stratus and Allison Danger for investing in women's wrestling, before going on to list her achievements in promotions such as Impact and SHIMMER, she states she hopes to continue her successes and momentum within GLOW, but before she can continue... Cat Power interrupts her, coming out from the back with a microphone in hand. She slates the fans for cheering inferior wrestlers such as Alexia Nicole and Silvie Silver, before stating that nobody cares what Courtney Rush has accomplished. She says those in attendance are here to see what Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling will always be known for, sex appeal. However she states, that doesn't apply to Courtney Rush. She finishes by insisting she will bring physical dominance to the GLOW roster, and win the first main event to ever be put on under Trish Stratus' reign! Rating: 38 Match Three: & [vs.] & This match was a hard hitting affair, mainly contested between Cat Power and Courtney Rush! It lasted fourteen minutes, however the moment Candice LeRae was tagged in she dominated a tiring Cat Power. Angel Williams barely got time in the ring, and was knocked to the outside by her own partner by mistake. Cat Power barely had time to react, as Candice hit a beautiful springboard reverse frankensteiner, unleashing great strength, whilst also picking up the win for her team! The show ended with Candice and Courtney celebrating their main event win, whilst Angel and Cat recovered at ringside. Winners: Candice LeRae & Courtney Rush Rating: 32
  2. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Predictions for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling Week two, January 2018 Alexia Nicole [vs.] Nicole Matthews Beautiful Beaa [vs.] Silvie Silver Angel Williams & Cat Power [vs.] Candice LeRae & Courtney Rush Bonus Question: Who will the inaugural announcer for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling be?
  3. Trish Stratus purchases the rights to Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling! Following the success of Netflix series GLOW, it was only inevitable that the former wrestling promotion would be revived and now that has happened. Announced on www.trishstratus.com, the former seven time WWE Women's Champion stated that she has successfully purchased the rights to the eighties promotion from Ursula Hayden. Referencing the current women's revolution thriving throughout the business, most notably in the company she made her name within, she stated she wishes to continue that momentum through Gorgeous Ladies Of Wresting, whilst remaining to the originality that made the women's promotion a success in the time that it lasted. Names such as Angel Williams and Courtney Rush, known to most as Angelina Love and Rosemary respectively, are being heavily rumoured to have signed pay-per-appearance deals with the promotion. Running out of Ontario, Canada, news on more signings, as well as the inaugural event under Stratus' reign, should be expected in the days to come.
  4. Introduction

    Hello everyone! My name is Danielle but you can call me Sheridan. I've watched Brenden's Total Extreme Wrestling videos for six months now, I very much like them, and I like to watch WWE and Lucha Underground. Charlotte Flair and Brock Lesnar are my favourite wrestlers. Outside of wrestling I adore animals, I am vegan and volunteer at my local animal shelter weekly. I am currently studying aeronautical engineering, and one day would like to go to space. I like to talk about wrestling very much, so if you see me on Discord don't hesitate to speak to me! Sheridan Müller.

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