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  1. Hello everyone, Due to some things that went down after KOTR, I feel it's in my best interest to take a break from the forums. I really don't want to get into things but for a number of reasons, something happened following the votings which I can't be a part of and I can't deal with. Both the discord and the forums are something that I love, and this is very much an isolated issue, involving myself and another member. Being both a member and a moderator is something I am prideful of and I like being apart of this community so much. Because of this issue, if or when I come back I won't be apart of the Cut-Throat Crew anymore. This saddens me because I felt I could have achieved so much in that group alongside the other members, and we could have become an integral part of Valor with a few more months of build. I wish the Cut-Throat Crew nothing but the best. First and foremost, I want to thank Bart, and the rest of the moderators. I genuinely believe they have the forums and its interests at heart and they are some of the nicest and most thoughtful people I have worked with. I have always tried to be the best moderator I can be and I'd like to think I am caring when it comes to issues and drama and what is best for each and every member of the forums. I'm not sure where I'll land should I come back but I would love to continue serving as a moderator for this forums, and this incident doesn't sway that in the slightest. I've made some really awesome friends on this forums and want to shout out Arius, Bob, FDS, Jonathan, Sameer and more. During COVID-19 and because of the lock down I've almost become dependent on discord as a way to communicate, and I'm almost glad in a sense, this forums has some really awesome people. Apologies to those I am currently writing, or had planned to write a diary with. This extends to both Industry Downturn (with Arius and Hans) and the BrendenPlayz Got Talent (Bob) diaries I had in the works, as well as the Road to Rank One (FDS) diary. Those diaries could still continue without me hypothetically but that isn't my decision to make. I'm especially saddened by the former of those three, I believe Industry Downturn could of become iconic with the right work and momentum put into it. I also want to apologise to the servers and group chats I'll no longer be in, from the ACE Podcast server to the Valor server and obviously, the main discord server. As I've said before I adore speaking to my friends but I have to prioritise my own anxieties and health and as gutting as that is, I need to remove myself from these servers and this forums. To put whatever speculation this might cause to rest, I don't think I don't believe I am in the wrong, or have done anything wrong. I've told a select few people what have happened just to clear up my position on the forums. But, for the sake of myself and the other individual involved in this I would hope this post doesn't create rumours or discussion. I feel awful about dropping everything but I'll be around to talk on discord about life and other things, I shouldn't be too hard to reach. I do intend to be back but I'm unsure when that will be, I think this is just a thing that might or might not heal with time but I do feel genuinely hurt by what has happened, enough to the point where I am going to remove myself from the situation. I feel like some horrible situations have been made light of, or have been used to manipulate me, and there are some things which can be made jokes of there are also some things which are disgusting to be made jokes of. I felt this post was necessary to make, in order to inform you all of what's happening to me and to hopefully break through to the person in question that it's not okay to do what they're doing. Thank you all again for the memories and good times, hopefully when I'm feeling better and things have changed for the better I'll be capable of coming back and contributing to this amazing community. Feel free to contact me via discord or e-mail if you want to remain in contact with me and I wish you all nothing but the best, have a great summer and I love you all, from Sheridan. โ™ก
  2. Bart Gunn, Big Boss Man, Bob Holly, Bradshaw, Chris Candido, Christian, Edge, Henry Godwinn, Jeff Hardy, Kane, Mabel, Mark Henry, Matt Hardy, Mo, Phineas Godwinn, Tatanka, Val Venis, X-Pac Alundra Blayze, Bull Nakano, Heidi Morgan, Ivory, Jacqueline, Leilani Kai, Lori Lynn, Sable Chyna, Marlena, Paul Bearer, Shane McMahon, Sunny, Vince McMahon Jerry Lawler, Jesse Ventura, Jim Ross ๐‘๐ž๐ฌ๐ญ ๐จ๐Ÿ ๐ญ๐ก๐ž ๐‘๐จ๐ฌ๐ญ๐ž๐ซ [Blue indicates face disposition, red indicates heel disposition.]
  3. ๐–ฒ๐—†๐–บ๐–ผ๐—„๐–ฃ๐—ˆ๐—๐—‡ ๐—ˆ๐—‡ ๐–ฅ๐–ฎ๐–ท: ๐–ค๐—‰๐—‚๐—Œ๐—ˆ๐–ฝ๐–พ ๐Ÿฃ (๐–ถ๐–พ๐–พ๐—„ ๐Ÿฃ ๐—ˆ๐–ฟ ๐–ฉ๐—Ž๐—‡๐–พ) After a curious SmackDown pre-show, one where Sonya Deville picked up a win, as did the duo of Dominick Dijakovic and Jinder Mahal, the show opened with the revelation of who would be leading the Blue Brand as its new General Manager. That man turned out to be no other than Bill Goldberg (86), who thanked the WWE, and the broadcasters of SmackDown for handing him this momentous opportunity. Goldberg immediately went to work in his new role as he looked to solve the vacating of all championships. He announced a tournament to determine a challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship (78), revealing that the winner of this tournament would go on to face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. He also told us that the tournament would being next week, and culminate at the first SmackDown branded pay-per-view event in five weeks time. The first match on the show featured well-established wrestler Seth Rollins, fighting 'The Bruiserweight' Pete Dunne. While not one-sided, it was obvious for a while who was the more accomplished and skillful of these two. Seth Rollins defeated Pete Dunne (73) in a little over eleven minutes, which would turn out to be the best match on the show. Post-match Seth Rollins grabbed a microphone, calling out Rey Mysterio (80) and stating that their business isn't finished, he also scolded Bill Goldberg for giving into the demands of Brock Lesnar, but didn't sound all too surprised. Cutting backstage we learned that Seth Rollins' gripe with Rey Mysterio wasn't the only ongoing feud on this show, as Sasha Banks and Lacey Evans were brawling backstage (49) with their actions eventually split up via security, cameras cutting back to the ring as Sasha and Lacey shout expletives at each other hold security continue to hold them back. The mismatched duo of Dakota Kai and Io Shirai defeated The IIconics (49) in the second match of the evening. There didn't seem to be much storyline to this one with the tandem picking up a win in a little over seven minutes. Backstage Kofi Kingston and Big E Langston were talking between them, Bill Goldberg walked past and the three struck up a conversation with Goldberg revealing that only one of them could enter the World Heavyweight Championship tournament. In the end, Big E Langston revealed that Kofi Kingston would be entering the tournament (72) and Big E Langston wished Kofi Kingston luck. Heavy Machinery defeated The Mighty Don't Kneel (54) in a one-sided affair. The duo of Otis and Tucker never looked like losing and sealed a dominant performance in just short if eight minutes. Following the bout, Roodolph stood on the entrance ramp, and congratulated Heavy Machinery on the win in a sarcastic manner. Roodolph proceeded to insult Heavy Machinery (74) and mock their lack of success as a tag team. Following this, a video package played hyping up the first match of the announced tournament. Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins will face next week (72) with the winner advancing in the tournament, from this the show returns to the ring for the co-main event of the evening. Mandy Rose and Sasha Banks would wrestle in the co-main event. It was an open match, that was until Sonya Deville distracted the bombshell. Sasha Banks was able to defeat Mandy Rose (53) following a distraction from Sonya Deville. Sonya Deville beat down Mandy Rose following the match (44), shouting expletives and mocking her. Sasha Banks didn't seem to care all too much, rolling out and allowing Deville the satisfaction of beating down the defenceless Rose. Cutting backstage we saw Dakota Kai alongside an interviewer. Dakota Kai called out Lacey Evans and Sasha Banks (46) saying that their feud is pathetic. Dakota Kai revealed she didn't know when the SmackDown Women's Championship would first be on the line but she assured the WWE Universe that she would be the first champion of this new era. The main event of SmackDown featured a six-man tag team match. This pitted Tomasso Ciampa alongside The New Day, facing off against Andrade Almas, Baron Corbin and Robert Roode, the latter two working well together. In the end, The New Day and Tomasso Ciampa defeated Andrade Almas, Baron Corbin and Robert Roode (70) in fifteen minutes of action. This was a solid main event, and from those competing we can only assume that Andrade Almas, Tomasso Ciampa and Baron Corbin will be in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament also. A brawl threatened to ignite following the match, Corbin and Ciampa shouting in each others faces but the situation defused. Braun Strowman would come out to help the winning team intimidate the heels. The winners of the main event celebrated alongside Braun Strowman (73) to close the show.
  4. Sheridan has a poison type team going into the first week, her typing was chosen by FDS. FDS has an electric type team going into the first week, his typing was chosen by Hans. Hans has a steel type team going into the first week, his typing was chosen by Icon. Icon has a dragon type team going into the first week, his typing was chosen by Sheridan.
  5. ๐–ด๐–ฅ๐–ข ๐Ÿค๐Ÿง๐Ÿฆ: ๐– ๐–ฝ๐–พ๐—Œ๐–บ๐—‡๐—’๐–บ ๐—๐—Œ. ๐–ข๐—ˆ๐—Œ๐—๐–บ ๐—‹๐–พ๐—Œ๐—Ž๐—…๐—๐—Œ This New York based show began with Featherweight action, pitting Mirsad Bektic against Cub Swanson. Not the most exciting fight to begin this show, going to a decision and gaining an average rating in the process. But the right person won, the younger fighter with more potential to become a future champion. Bektic has a boring fighting style but could become a great asset should be continue to perform. Cub Swanson meanwhile is on a downward curve, getting closer to the end of his career, retirement. This fight was booked to give Bektic a surge of momentum as well as some popularity to sap from Swanson, and we achieved that, with Bektic having a strong showing. Women's Bantamweight action continued the show and things picked up here with a great fight. While it also went to decision it was a strong showing from Macy Chiasson, who is a dominant force at either Bantamweight or Featherweight as she took out Sijara Eubanks in typical fashion. In a similar situation to the first fight, this was a younger competitor getting momentum from an older foe, though I'd argue in terms of name recognition neither of these women are all too well known. Chiasson is on the path to potentially facing for a title within a year. But I wouldn't say this win puts her in the mix at the moment however I think one more win probably would. 'Cowboy' Donald Cerrone fought on this show, as did perhaps the greatest jiu-jitsu practitioner to ever grace the UFC in the form of Demian Maia. I wanted to do this legend fighting legend match-up to really solidify this event. I knew that Cerrone would get the win, being the younger fighter by a half decade and I also knew this was perhaps Demian Maia's last ever fight. Cerrone was able to get the decision win in a good fight. I think that Cerrone might potentially become Welterweight Champion but we'd have to be fortunate for something like that to pan out. He has the skill but there's some really dominant fighters in this division. But 'Cowboy' kicks off his run in this save putting out a legend of the sport giving him some much-needed momentum and a trajectory in the Welterweight division. Demian Maia indeed did retire after this one and he will be missed. The argument could be made he should have been pitted against a less popular and potentially younger fighter but in truth Maia is still a threat despite his age and him stifling out a potential future prospect and then retiring, wouldn't have been ideal for the division. The co-main event of this show was a big one, pitting Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes together once more, the different being the fight was at a weight class higher. Both women performed admirably as reflected in the fantastic fight rating. Amanda Nunes would defend her Women's Featherweight Championship against the veteran knocking her out at the beginning of championship rounds, showing that endurance is so important to be a fighter. The right woman won, for sure. While Amanda Nunes being a double champion makes these divisions suffer in a sense, she's a star and could main event any given show. She appeals to both the feminine and Brazilian demographic and this win, in where she zapped some of Holm's popularity, was really great. Amanda Nunes is also the younger of the two fighters. Holly Holm actually retired following this fight, but I suppose she's lost to Nunes twice in the two divisions she can compete in, so it makes sense. I would of liked her to fight maybe once more, to put over a prospect in the likes of Aspen Ladd or Felicia Spencer but overall I am not too bummed out about her decision to retire. The main event was a big one, featuring two undefeated fighters. Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa, with the Middleweight Championship on the line. This one actually disappointed a little, it wasn't as entertaining as I know it'd be in real life. Israel Adesanya would win in the end, ending Costa's undefeated record while extending his own. He makes the second defence of his belt by doing so. Adesanya really solidifies himself as the top dog in the division with this win. I don't see anyone toppling him soon and with this win he really snuffs out Costa's flame. I think if we rebuild Costa we could do this fight in the next two years, but it's so dependant on how he grows. I could see Adesanya defending the belt two or three more times before moving up a division. Edmen Shahbazyan is the only name that comes to mind as to who could topple Adesanya. But with this win over an undefeated fighter, and how well commercially the show did, Adesanya solidifies himself as one of the biggest stars in the game. Critically the show did alright with the co-main really driving up the ratings, the three decisions really didn't help. Next time on Sheridan's UFC Save, another huge card. Three championships on the line as Daniel Cormier and Francis Ngannou meet in the main event, Henry Cejudo and Valentina Shevchenko will also look to defend their straps of gold. It should be another big hitting and commercial success for the UFC, with Nate Diaz also scheduled to show! Let me know your thoughts on the presentation of the diary as I know long paragraphs aren't for everyone. Thank you for reading! Below I will post the stats and changes of both fighters and rankings. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Israel Adesanya won a Performance Bonus. Israel Adesanya made the 2nd defence of his UFC Middleweight Championship. Paulo Costa dropped from 3rd to 7th in the Middleweight rankings. Amanda Nunes vs. Holly Holm won Fight of the Night. Amanda Nunes won Knockout of the Night. Amanda Nunes made the 1st defence of her UFC Women's Featherweight Championship. Holly Holm retired from MMA following this fight. Donald Cerrone won a Performance Bonus. Donald Cerrone moved from 8th to 5th in the Welterweight rankings. Demian Maia retired from MMA following this fight. Macy Chiasson moved from 6th to 4th in the Women's Bantamweight rankings. Sijara Eubanks stayed at 13th in the Women's Bantamweight rankings. Mirsad Bektic moved from 10th to 7th in the Featherweight rankings. Cub Swanson stayed at 15th in the Featherweight rankings. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  6. ๐‘ท๐’๐’Œ๐’†ฬ๐’Ž๐’๐’ ๐‘บ๐’‰๐’๐’˜๐’…๐’๐’˜๐’: ๐‘น๐’๐’‚๐’… ๐’•๐’ ๐‘น๐’‚๐’๐’Œ ๐‘ถ๐’๐’† Pokรฉmon Showdown has become quite popular on the Forums over the last year. With the creation of the Monotype Tournament which has seen over five seasons and has had over twenty-five individuals partaking in it. I'd like to think that I, Sheridan, and FD, have played some sort of role in the surge of popularity since we've both overseen the tournaments. I'd also argue we're two of the better players, it's time to test that theory out. Pokรฉmon Showdown has a ladder leaderboard instilled in the site. Meaning that official matches are ranked, with players gaining points for a win and losing points for a loss. This means that the more skilled trainers can advance up the ladder while mediocre players tend to stick around in the middle of the ladder. So on and so forth. It also has a W/L ratio where users can look up percentages, as well as their points in the ladder. FD and I will make it our mission to reach the peak of the ladder, or get as close to it as we can. We'll be assigning each other a type of Pokรฉmon to use and making Monotype teams around that team, and then seeing how far we can get up the ladder using that team. After an allotted amount of times we will give each other another type to use. Teams will follow the Gen8 Monotype regulations. The goal is to gain as high of a point total as possible and have a positive win to loss record while doing so. It'll also help FD and I become more specialised in the Monotype category. I cannot give specifics on how often we will battle on the site, or how frequently this diary will be updated. I just think this is fun and light-hearted diary idea. If other people want to join the challenge feel free to! I might make some sort of group chat on the Discord for those interested, so message me if you want to get involved! Good luck to myself and FD! โ™ก
  7. Ahmed Johnson, Bam Bam Bigalow, Billy Gunn, Davey Boy Smith, Faarooq, Goldust, Jeff Jarrett, Kama Mustafa, Lex Luger, Michael Hayes, Rick Steiner, Road Dogg, Sid Vicious, Terry Gordy ๐“๐ก๐ž ๐Œ๐ข๐๐œ๐š๐ซ๐ [Blue indicates face disposition, red indicates heel disposition.] Ahmed Johnson is the first name to reside in the WWF's Midcard. Ahmed has a good look and has the charisma to back it up, but his wrestling skills aren't the best and a negative attitude holds him back. Johnson hasn't won a championship in the WWF yet, though has been involved in the Intercontinental Championship scene for the last six months. Johnson's best match to date in the WWF was teaming alongside Goldust, losing to Diesel and Shawn Michaels on an episode of RAW. Bam Bam Bigalow is the second name in the Midcard scene and has been with the WWF for five years. I believe Bigalow's WrestleMania record is either 1-0 or 2-0, which is impressive considering I don't use him much. I don't foresee Bigalow ever winning a title in the promotion and he won't be around by the time the Attitude Era ends. Billy Gunn is a tag team specialist, working alongside Bart Gunn and now Road Dogg as half of the New Age Outlaws. Billy Gunn has a bright future in the WWF, with plans to make him and Road Dogg one of the key teams within the Attitude Era. Gunn has fallen short when competing for the WWF Tag Team Championships a few times, but it wouldn't be surprising if he held the belts in less than a year from now. A man who has won the WWF Tag Team Championships is Davey Boy Smith, a three-time winner of the belts in fact. He has also won the WWF European Championship, and is a three-time winner of the NWA United States Championship too, putting him at a solid 40% in his pursuit of being in the Hall of Immortals. The chances of him getting there are slim. Davey Boy Smith will probably languish in the midcard throughout the Attitude Era, maybe picking up another European Championship reign. Faarooq is a newer name to the WWF, but is making waves as part of the Nation of Domination alongside Kama Mustafa, Rocky Maivia and Mark Henry. Faarooq has teamed with both Kama and Rocky frequently over the last six months. In the Attitude Era he might pick up a title or two, nothing super significant, but he'll have a solid push while aligned with Rocky Maivia. Goldust is a former WWF Intercontinental Champion, and I'd expect he survives throughout the Attitude Era. I am sure he'll find a second reign as Intercontinental Champion or maybe form a tag team or something. I don't have specific plans but he is too good of a wrestler to have sitting around. Goldust is a frequent of the top thirty when considering the power 500 rankings and has had multiple 99 rated matches in the WWF. Jeff Jarrett has actually been with the WWF for five years, which, when doing research to write this surprised me because he's still amazingly mediocre. Now that I'm writing it, some sort of Goldust and Jeff Jarrett tag team could be a laugh. I don't have specific plans for Jarrett, he'll probably hold a similar role to Bam Bam Bigalow in just being a dude to job around. He's a good hand but hasn't shown anything in a five year tenure which makes he believe he should be in a higher position than he is currently. Kama Mustafa, in similar fashion to Faarooq, will probably get a Tag Team Championships reign, or two. But the moment the Nation of Domination stable begins to crack he'll probably be released. He's a good, solid hand but he's not as good in-ring as some lower ranked names who could push into his spot. Lex Luger is a name who probably could of achieved more than he has. In seven years with the WWF he has a singular Intercontinental Championship reign, and it was two defences. Luger could of benefited from a King of the Ring win perhaps, I feel like I haven't done his skills justice, but he's on the wrong side of forty now, and I don't think he makes much an impact in this era. Michael Hayes is a solid veteran to have around but he won't be around for longer, he and Terry Gordy will spend maybe a year working with new tag teams, like the New Age Outlaws, like The Hardy Boyz before leaving for WCW I'd imagine. Neither of them are in decline. They've just been around a long time, and I have nothing for them other than jobbing to younger talents. Rick Steiner is an interesting case, because he's still around, and is still really over. But, he's not his brother. He's not a monster heel main event future WWF Champion. I'm unsure what to do with Rick because I doubt he ever faces his brother down the road. I might turn him heel to be truthful and have him in the planned Vince McMahon stable. He's good but he just does not have the charisma or the star quality necessary to thrive in the WWF. Road Dogg, as stated in the Billy Gunn section, will be a tag team guy. I think both he and Billy Gunn would have singles potential outside of the team, but I just don't have a genuine interest to utilise them like that. So they'll be the main team for D-Generation X throughout the era and will pick up a handful of Tag Team Championships reigns. Sid Vicious has had a similar career to Lex Luger. He's a really good worker, a consistent in the Upper Midcard until recently but despite his tenure and efforts he hasn't had a single championship reign. I never had plans to put the WWF Championship on the guy, but by now I'd of figured he'd have an Intercontinental or Tag Team Championship reign. I think maybe pairing him with Kane following the whole The Undertaker feud might be a good idea. Let Kane's stats season alongside someone like Sid before having Kane return to the singles side of the WWF. I could also pair him with Mankind, or maybe even The Undertaker himself. I think Sid getting a Tag Team Championships reign would be well deserved. The final name in the Midcard, Terry Gordy, I've commented on already. He's a big younger than Michael Hayes, but I just don't have an interest in booking either of them as singles talent, an their tag team run is becoming stale. Gordy could actually be a decent asset to WCW, or wherever he goes. In the next post I'll look at the rest of the roster including the Women's Division, and those who I have recently signed. Also for some reason Shane McMahon is really good in-ring. He's not like a next big thing but he's performing quite well considering a lack of popularity, it's just something interesting to comment on. Thanks for reading!
  8. [Thanks to @Hans for the awesome graphic!] I just wanted to give a little update on the save. I'm really happy with how things are going, and I've managed to book a year ahead of what's being posted here. I'm thrilled with the continued support be that from comments to reputation points to the odd message I get asking me how it's going. When I started this I didn't think it'd get the views or comments that it has so I just wanted to thank y'all for being an awesome community. I am hoping that people like seeing their favourites win or lose, and those who aren't interested in UFC much might be getting into it or googling names because of me and this diary. But regardless, I might have to cut back on the posting here. I just think with the new TEW 2020 series that I am going to be doing with Arius and Hans, I'll have a lot on my plate. I want to continue Sheridan's WrestleMania tales, also, well as keep up the continued promos and really get BrendenPlayz Got Talent off the ground. I don't feel burnt out, quite the opposite, but I think juggling four diaries, and putting all the work required into running two TEW saves and a WMMA save is going to eventually become draining. Like I said, it's not going anywhere, but the posts and consistency of the diary might be scaled back a touch. Thank y'all for the continued support as always and for those Australian and New Zealand peeps on the forums, I hope you're excited for Adesanya vs. Costa at UFC 254 as well as the other fights!
  9. Apologies that I didn't follow the cute layout that Hans and Bob provided above. It's nice to see both of them list Cut-Throat Crew in their top five moments. I also don't have as many accolades or wins as either of them, with that being said my list might suck in comparison. 5. My first match in BrendenPlayz Wrestling was a good one, fighting with Necce and Brad with the Kayfabe title on the line. While I entered the match through controversial methods and have apologised to FD dozens of times since then, it was a cool way to debut. In the end I gave a good showing for myself. I think that I surprised a lot of people with my Kayfabe abilities and while I didn't measure up to Necce's excellent work, I think that match put me on the map and gave me a healthy start to BPZ life. 4. Feuding with Flynn really helped me progress my career, and my skill at Kayfabing. Not to publicly praise the dude but he's so good with storylines and helping people lower down the card and raising them to his level. I think feuding with Flynn in mid-2019 was around the time I started to properly format promos. I think our match at Judgment day while not close at all I showed I could hang and not embarrass myself. I think Flynn, as well as feuding with the Big Ballers alongside Jonathan, really transformed me from someone viewed as a total jobber to someone who can work feuds and write some good content. 3. Being Carnage's GM was awesome for me. It allowed me to write good content without having to stress about votings and the like. I had just beaten Nathan Sawyer so it was cool to then transition to a role with so much spotlight. I helped form the Firing Squad, I helped advance some feuds as well as announce some matches too. Doing contract signings were especially fun but two of the promos that stick out to me are Barriers which I wrote with @Smith and El Capitan which I wrote with @Flynn. I'm not shamelessly plugging old promos, it was just super cool to work with two of the best Kayfabers on the forums and show that I can adjust to that kind of high level. 2. Forming Cut-Throat Crew. I've been friends with Hans for a while, writing Clash of the Titans with him. I think the idea always was that after his feud with BiC culminated we would try and find some way to work together. Bob also fits into that. I think when the three of us got drafted to the same brand it was THAT lightbulb moment. I think Hans' contribution and his Undisputed reign deserved some sort of stable, where he'd be the figurehead and main guy. Bob and I are happy to provide that. I think the three of us work super well both inside and outside of Kayfabe and it was cool to see all that culminate together, and to see the success we've had since. 1. Winning United States Championship is something I wanted from the moment I moved out of NXT. It has really great contributors and was a step up from NXT. I thought that I did really well and deserved to win, although Mikey put up a hell of a fight. So it was awesome to get that crowning moment in a decisive voting. I think since then I've kept up the grind and have done a good job as champion. But since it's my own title win thus far, it obviously goes at the number one stop on this list.
  10. I kind of approve of this ending, to be honest. It prolongs the feud and I'm always down to see Asuka mix it up with either Bayley or Sasha more. I think that with Charlotte and Becky out of the picture this is the cream of the crop for the women's, and this no contest finish provides a chance to get a better and more well built match down the road. It was a little anticlimactic but the in ring action was awesome. Sasha Banks looked great, Asuka was her usual self, good match.
  11. I think that the stipulation really lowered the opinion of this one, but you have to remember it's Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins. Rollins especially has been great during this era and even with the odd premise of the match, it delivered. I think that WWE really delivered with the 'horror show' gimmick for this event. While the finish was a little bizarre and unfulfilling I did enjoy the in ring action leading up to it. As Sameer said, I'd love to see a more 'serious' match between these two, or Rollins move onto something else.
  12. Dolph did the job here, in more ways than one. This match was pretty much what I expected it to be. It's established that they have good chemistry from their little feud some time ago when Drew came to the main roster. It was solid in-ring action and was a good, filler defence for big Drew. I'm excited for Drew to maul Ziggler in their upcoming rematch and as others have suspected I'd then expect him to go on to face Orton at SummerSlam, and maybe lose?
  13. Really really solid work from these two, but it was to be expected. It advances the feud Owens partially has with Rollins without making Rollins suffer. Murphy is so good in the role he has for the moment too. Good match considering its placement.
  14. Sheridan

    Date Night

    Scene opens in alternate, youth-filled restaurant. Lighting hangs from wooden ceiling while psychedelic artworks and mosaics are plastered upon the far wall. With the King of the Ring weekend around the corner, it's not all too surprising that London is the location. The event features a high-octane finale, with Carnage's Kiwi Kick maestro James Ropati taking on former Undisputed Champion, Hans Clayton. Conversation is flowing with most seated at tables dining while some lounge at the bar, with the two bartenders at work looking to fulfil their requests. Within the corner of the establishment, resides Sheridan. Donning a luxurious black sparkling dress with a plunge lining. She matches her attire with two inch stilettos. Accessories are light with a sole golden chain bracelet. Upon the table, aside from cutlery and plate, sits the prestigeous United States Championship, shimmering, straps clasped together. Waitress walks into the shot and takes Sheridan's order, which is a expensive red wine. She also asks the waitress to bring over another wine glass. 'The Lioness' then turns her attention to the camera. "London is a lovely, darling city, it must be said. There's so much culture and diversity, so many landmarks and buildings just full of character. I mean look around me, colours splashed across the wall and people of different races gathered to enjoy some food, to eat. I'll have someone joining me shortly, but I just wanted to go over some things, talk about the upcoming King of the Ring event and some of the matches happening. Mostly to speak of my Cut-Throat Crew allies as well as speak on my opponents, those I'll be defending this United States Championship against. But let's just take in the view for a moment, let's appreciate this fine country of England and appreciate the thrilling journey across Europe that BrendenPlayz Wrestling has taken over the past few weeks. It feels so good to travel like this, I got to see sights I've never seen and perform for the first time before my home country, my loyalest fans. Sure, I didn't win but I performed well against someone like Hans Clayton, someone on a higher level, a better calibre than me. I'll be the first to admit that he's a better wrestler than I am, but for a fleeting moment, I really thought I had it and such exhilaration is something that comes so rarely for me." "Speaking of Hans, I'd be interested in seeing how he does against James Ropati. They're both finalists for a reason, they're two of the best, but I have faith in Hans. I think that Ropati is an incredible fighter but I have to root for my stablemate, my friend. I'd love to see him realise his potential, win the King of the Ring tournament, and go on to face Slim, or whoever walks out of this weekend with the World Championship. It's an accolade for Cut-Throat Crew, to add to this United States Championship, to the Undisputed Championship that Hans held. Dynasties are built on the back of success, and Hans Clayton winning would be a pleasure to watch. On the topic of success, gold and allure, though. I have to speak about Bob Sparks, too. He put up a huge effort in the Valor finale, losing barely, by an inch. Since then he's established what he's doing when this event comes, or at least he's told me. I'll let him be the one to reveal that but what I'd argue is that, the King of the Ring event, could be a huge success for Cut-Throat Crew. I'm taking two championships and a tournament win. What a ride it's been thus far." Face drags from the focus for a moment, watching as waitress walks over with wine glass and bottle of wine. It's a French make, with insignia written in gold across crimson and maroon labelling. Sheridan reclines in her seat, with smile finding her features, holding glass out for the employee to pour into. She then sets the opposing wine glass, and bottle itself on the table before asking Sheridan if she needs anything else. Gesturing with her hand, the waitress nods and walks off, leaving Sheridan to sip the alcoholic beverage, returning to her speech. "But enough about them, enough about Hans Clayton and Bob Sparks. I wish them all the best in their matches but I have my own thoughts, my own war to prepare for. Two months ago I dethroned Mikey to win the United States Championship. I then became the first person to defend this belt in half a year, as well as the first woman to ever defend a championship. These accomplishments to me, are no small feat, but I don't intend for the plaudits and accolades to stop anytime soon. I want to rule for a long time, I have youth, potential, heart, and I really do believe that neither of my opposing challengers have those qualities. I do not think that either of them are better than I, in the ring. I fought alongside legends for two years, preparing to break out into my own little run, learning from some of the best, from Ryan Reeves and Jonathan. The training and work I put in, I'm not withdrawing yet, I am going to stomp on Yelich and Austin Mirage and retain this championship while doing so. I will validate their fantasy championships as irrelevant, a spectacle, worthless, while raising the prestige and history of my own superior piece of gold, the only one that matters to me. In a few short days, I take to that ring again and I do not intend to lose, and will fight with everything I have to walk out still on my throne." "I will walk into Valor's exclusive show, and then SummerSlam, still on top, reigning. I will stand alongside my Cut-Throat Crew brothers, not as a weak link, but as an equal. I really have a vision for where the three of us can be down the road, where this potential, and slow rising feeling and excitement lingering around us, will lead us. But, despite all the talk of them, neither of those fighters are who I am meeting tonight, that wine glass, sitting alone, untouched, is not for a Bob Sparks or a Hans Clayton. I have other friends, friends outside the Cut-Throat Crew. Individuals who care about me, my success, the galore and career of Sheridan. Someone who wants to see this rise continue, flame into a movement. I'd argue that they know some things about what being successful is like, what being in a dominant stable, is like. They have coached me as much as the other mentors within my career, he has been a close friend, too. I'll let them introduce themselves of course but, you probably have a rough idea, a rough lining. Someone who is invested in me representing BrendenPlayz Wrestling, the business in general. It's been a little while but I figured, why not shoot him a call and see where the night takes us." Fingers curl around the awaiting wine glass, with the red-haired wrestler taking a generous swig of her drink. She taps fingertips on the stalk of the glass, taking in the calm atmosphere within the restaurant, looking the lining of chair opposing her, before eyes fall onto the large mosaic with bright, shifting colours behind her. She then turns attention to the entrance to the restaurant with a glimmer within her gaze, illustrated lips curling into a bright grin as she pushes herself to stand, outstretching to greet the mystery figure joining her this evening.
  15. ๐–ด๐–ฅ๐–ข ๐—ˆ๐—‡ ๐–ค๐–ฒ๐–ฏ๐–ญ+ ๐–ฅ๐—‚๐—€๐—๐— ๐–ญ๐—‚๐—€๐—๐—: ๐–ซ๐–บ๐—๐—…๐–พ๐—‹ ๐—๐—Œ. ๐–ถ๐–พ๐—‚๐–ฝ๐—†๐–บ๐—‡ ๐—‹๐–พ๐—Œ๐—Ž๐—…๐—๐—Œ Popular Brazilian Bantamweight prospect Thomas Almeida smoked Martin Day within ninety seconds to open the show. This was a good showing from someone who could be a top ten ranked Bantamweight down the road. I want to give Almeida an easy path as he's marketable and one of our more popular Brazilian fighters. I suspected that he'd mop the floor with his opponent and was happy to see that he delivered. I don't think there's much more to comment about on this opening fight, it did good enough for the time it went on and the heavy favourite lived up to what was expected of him. From Bantamweight to Welterweight action now, as Australian fighter Jake Matthews gains a convincing win here. In similar fashion to the fight before it as Almeida is popular for the South American demographic, Jake Matthews is good for the Australian demographic. He wasn't as big a favourite as the earlier preceding fight but I expected him to win, comfortably, and he did. Matthews has a somewhat boring fighting style and I'm unsure potential wise where he sets into things, but this win will give him some momentum and between fights he can gain some skills, I hope. The next fight on the show pitted two Light Heavyweight prospects against one another. Both of them had a surge of momentum coming into this fight. I think that Ryan Spann was the very close favourite, at a -150 to -130, but he didn't win this one. Cutelaba would take him down with a flurry of strikes light into the first round to gain the win here, a good performance by him. Either of these two could wind up in the top ten rankings, but I am unsure. I gave Ion Cutelaba a performance bonus as he upset the odds just slightly, but the rankings weren't majorly affected from this fight. The co-main event pitted seasoned Women's Strawweight fighter, and former champion, Carla Esparza against Chinese prospect Xiaonan Yan. I'm a little shocked that Esparza was able to get the win here, in convincing fashion, but I guess sometimes experience triumphs youth in the MMA world. Yan I expected to win this one but obviously I misjudged that one and Carla Esparza was able to win pretty decisively. I'm not too annoyed by this result, Esparza is one of the more popular fighters in the division and with this win she can be matched against a top five ranked talent potentially. In a similar case to the fight before it, the rankings weren't too misplaced with the result of this fight. But Esparza gets some momentum while Xiaonan Yan can probably be rebuilt lower down the division. The main event featured two veterans, and former champions of the UFC, matching up. Robbie Lawler moves up from Welterweight to fight Chris Weidman. Both of these fighters are on big slumps, both losing their last two fights heading into this one. Robbie Lawler was able to win in dominant fashion knocking Weidman out within the first round. Really good stuff, to be honest. Chris Weidman is the younger fighter but really doesn't have the best stats. I think that Robbie Lawler could have a bit of a career resurgence within the Middleweight division, and beating an established and popular name like Chris Weidman is such a good start. I'd love to put him against Anderson Silva or Yoel Romero before either of them retire. Lawler instantly propels himself into the top ten rankings with this knockout win, while Chris Weidman slumps to fifteenth. Overall this show was fine, albeit passive. It was mainly to give Almeida and Matthews wins on a main card of a show, as well as establish Lawler in the Middleweight division. It scored somewhat below average in terms of critical rating, but the blockbuster main event was able to boost the commercial rating, and make up most of it. Next time on Sheridan's UFC Save we will witness two championship fights, undefeated fighters Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa clash in the main event, while Amanda Nunes makes her first appearance in the save as she defends her Women's Featherweight Championship against Holly Holm. 'Cowboy' Donald Cerrone is also in action, pitted against Jiu-Jitsu maestro Demian Maia. Let me know your thoughts on the presentation of the diary as I know long paragraphs aren't for everyone. Thank you for reading! Below I will post the stats and changes of both fighters and rankings. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Robbie Lawler vs. Chris Weidman won Fight of the Night. Robbie Lawler won a Performance Bonus. Robbie Lawler moved from unranked to 7th in the Middleweight rankings. Chris Weidman dropped from 10th to 15th in the Middleweight rankings. Carla Esparza moved from 8th to 7th in the Women's Strawweight rankings. Xiaonan Yan dropped from 16th to 18th in the Women's Strawweight rankings. Ion Cutelaba won a Performance Bonus. Ion Cutelaba moved from 18th to 15th in the Light Heavyweight rankings. Ryan Spann dropped from 19th to 21st in the Light Heavyweight rankings. Jake Matthews stayed unranked in the Welterweight rankings. Sheldon Westcott stayed unranked in the Welterweight rankings. Thomas Almeida won Knockout of the Night. Thomas Almeida moved from unranked to 24th in the Bantamweight rankings. Martin Day stayed unranked in the Bantamweight rankings. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  16. I really really love Bray Wyatt in cinematic matches. His character suits it so well and, in a strange way, I'm glad that we got something good out of the COVID age of wrestling. It was cool flashing back to Braun Strowman's career highlights including the fantastic angle with Alexa Bliss within the match. I thought this was was really good from a cinematic standpoint and while some of the stuff on the show was silly, this was great. I can't think of many things Strowman has looked so good in aside from when he's throwing over trucks and smashing up cars and shit. The ending was expected, a no contest of sorts with the emergence of 'The Fiend' character. Can't wait for SummerSlam.
  17. I think that this match could of benefited from more of a storyline, but with how good the New Day, Cesaro and Nakamura are at portraying their characters it meshed well into a simple good guys vs. bad guys bout. I could see this turning into a series to be honest, because SmackDown's tag division is dead, unless the heels are going to feud with other heels in Miz and Morrison I can't see them doing much other than facing New Day once again. But yeah, Cesaro and Nakamura are solid in-ring and have built some credibility as a team other the last few months so I'm happy that they're getting a Tag Team Championships reign out of it.
  18. This one was alright, I guess. It benefited from being longer than expected. Nikki Cross put up more of an effort than expected against Bayley. Bayley getting more frustrated throughout the match and ultimately needing Sasha Banks to help win the match for her, was good. I'm highkey hoping for Bayley vs. Sasha Banks, I think we all are, but at this point I'm unsure how they would do it because I don't feel they've teased the turn that much, and I don't want the feud to be that quick. There were some good spots in this one but obviously we all expected Bayley to win and that's what happened, to the disappointment of Cross.
  19. Yeah I'm unsure about this one. I don't think Apollo has been on RAW for a while so I'm not sure where this one goes. Unlike Alex Costa tbh it's fun to see MVP in this role. I think he's pretty good at building heat and while he's old and not great in-ring, I'd rather a charismatic champion like him, than Crews who offers good wrestling but no entertainment value. Hopefully Crews is alright and doesn't have COVID, though, wishing him nothing but the best.
  20. Sheridan


    "Sound of Madness" by Shinedown hits the speaker system, as Cut-Throat Crew's theme song rips through the arena to a mixed reaction. Audience are left in anticipation as instrumental ends and the first verse kicks in, before Sheridan walks out with confident smile aligning her features as the coveted United States Championship rests atop her shoulder, straps falling at either side. She poses alone on the entrance ramp tonight, Hans Clayton and Bob Sparks not flanking her, as she makes her way down the entrance ramp, stopping on occasion to high-five a young fan in the audience, or take a selfie. Making her way around the ring, Sheridan climbs up the steel steps before bending to enter the ring between middle ropes. She's cautious and holding her championship while doing so, attired in casual wear tonight rather than wrestling gear. She dons faux leather jacket, with insignia meshed into the material while she dons the latest Sameer merchandise t-shirt. Sheridan also wears tight jeans and designer branded trainers. Walking over to opposing side of the ring, she gestures to the ringside attendant for a microphone, lacing fingers around it and bringing the device to her curved lips. "What a strange, strange week. Sitting backstage, watching my fellow Cut-Throat Crew members battle one another for a spot in the coveted King of the Ring final. It's a good feeling that we're going to be represented in such strong force at the event, Hans going up against Ropati for an opportunity to fight for the World Heavyweight Championship, while Bob Sparks I'm sure have plans to win his own strap of gold while I go against Yelich and Austin Mirage. Not to sound cocky, or delusional, because I don't think it's those things to state the following, I expect three wins from the most dominant stable on Valor, scratch that, in BrendenPlayz Wrestling today. Don't get me wrong, individually, we're not there yet. Neither Bob or I are the greatest wrestlers ever, and Hans doesn't have the accolades to contend. Names like Flynn and Slim exist but I don't think we're far off the mark, and I hope that we prove that when I walk out of King of the Ring with the United States Championship, ringside announcer declaring so, alongside Bob Sparks winning his own championship and Hans Clayton becoming King of the Ring, fulfilling his destiny." "I'm just so proud of us, what we've achieved in three short months. Before aligning alongside them I was really a nobody, someone who didn't wrestle full-time, a woman stuck on television to manage. I didn't even compete at BPZMania, and now I stand here before you all, continuing this amazing journey as a representative of this promotion, a championship holder, and a full-time performer. Beating the likes of Mikey and coming so close, so close, to toppling Hans Clayton. I don't want it to end, it won't end. Because the fact of the matter is I am the better competitor in this bout, I am better than Austin Mirage and I've proved that twice now. While admittedly Yelich is a step up, a more experienced competitor I am confident in my own abilities, abilities to beat him be it through pinning shoulders to the mat or tapping him out in the middle of the ring, I am confident, talented, and I intend to walk into and walk out of London with the United States Championship strapped around my waist. Long may I reign." "Coming out here, I'd like to think that I am an honest person, so I'll cut the shit, I'm a little annoyed and this pestering and irritation has grown within me, but it capitalised, it truly boiled over when I witnessed Austin Mirage coming out here with his horrid looking championship belt. Calling it the Saviours Championship or whatever, it pissed me off, it really pissed me off. Because truthfully, he's never going to be good enough to win a title in BrendenPlayz, and he knows that, he knows he's always on the cusp of being released from this promotion, so he does this little stunts and spouts controversial statements to grab the headlines for a few minutes, to have his moment in the sun. There's no such thing as bad press apparently but when Austin came out here with that toy title, and claimed he's as important as proper champions who have beaten other fighters to a pulp for their gold, it's embarrassing, it makes a mockery out of not just me, but the likes of Sameer, the likes of double champions like Slim. The truth is Austin Mirage will never win this United States Championship, he has to survive with his excuse of a belt because he cannot thrive when placed into a ring with me, he knows it, I know it and everyone in this arena knows it, he's a joke, and I am going to beat him unconscious when he and I meet again." Sheridan pauses, facial expression getting more and more frustrated, her words sinking in as she brushes a hand over her tied-back flame strands. The audience respond with a loud cheer following Sheridan's assertion on the Saviours Championship. She nods in agreement though it's obvious it affects her more than those in the crowd. She paced around the ring, biting down on her bottom lip and attempting not to blow up at the thought. Eventually she suffices, and relaxes, slowing her walk and returning to the middle of the ring, drawing microphone before her visage once more. "Look, and I hate to do this because I value Yelich on a much grander scale than Austin Mirage. Yelich is accomplished, a good wrestler, arguably a good person. I believe that Yelich is wholesome and genuine believing the things he says, but really, he isn't much better than Austin Mirage, when it comes to the whole Evolve ordeal, when it comes to really comparing the two they're both delusional. I am sure that Yelich believes his own lies, while Austin stands and spouts whatever crap comes to mind but from the perspective of someone who holds a real championship, one well worked for, they're two peas of the same pod and it isn't acceptable. It just fucks me off, I can't think of a more eloquent way to phrase such a thing, it just annoys me to the point that I'm cursing, I'm aggressive. I don't understand the whole Evolve shtick with the Global Championship, I just cannot comprehend it. I just want to live in a world and compete against people who are sane, people gunning for this United States Championship based off their in-ring accruement, their prowess. Names like Mikey, Bob Sparks. I am sick of coming out here and giving these idiots far more attention than they're deserving of. How on earth am I supposed to build a legacy and a career for myself when I'm beating names who offer me nothing." "Austin Mirage, Yelich, I don't care enough to continue this. I don't want to come out here and continue to vent about how delusional the pair of you are, with your bullshit championships and false promises which are such paperweight lies. things that'll break seconds after our match begins, bell ringing and wrestling initiating. Offer me something else to take about, something relevant, because you're both running around and creating these entire arcs for your own stories, when the key part of this story is the championship sitting upon my shoulder. I do not give a flying fuck about the Evolve brand or the Saviours Championship and regardless of how much you bring it up, whatever you tell yourself to justify making a mockery and joke out of me and this promotion, I'm not buying into it anymore, I can't. Because none of those things apply to our match, to the true goal of this match. None of that trash has any impact on the woman saying these words, and the end goal sitting on her shoulder, the one thing that actually does matter in a weeks time at the King of the Ring event. But I suppose it doesn't matter, these fake claims and words that continue to sprout, because I am going to retain. I am going to retain because I am a harder worker and a better wrestler than the pair of you thrown together. So continue to come at me with that bullshit and I'll happily stomp your fake title belts into the ground and beat you both stupid with a large grin spreading across my face, retaining the United States Championship in the process." Drawing out the microphone, she lets hand fall to her side, breathing inward before emitting a sigh of content while "Sound of Madness" by Shinedown hits the speakers once more. Sheridan rolls head along her neck, passing off microphone to ringside attendant. Rolling out of the ring she saunters out to a mixed reaction, taking some time to sign autographs and take pictures with those in the front row before posing for a final time on the entrance ramp, holding United States Championship high before placing it upon her shoulder, turning and exiting as the show cuts to commercial break.
  21. I've really enjoyed Moose over the last few months, carrying a fake title around and acting like a delusional former professional athlete. He could build off beating Tommy Dreamer so I liked that match in particular. I didn't like the gauntlet match, thought it was shoddy in-ring work but as Alex Costa said, Kylie Rae winning was a good decision. The Tag Team Championships match was alright and Ken Shamrock still looks in awesome shape at his old age. I think The North and Motor City Machine Guns fighting for the title on the following IMPACT episode was a good thing to announce and I'd suspect people will tune into see that. A lot of people on the Forums didn't like the match between Jordynne Grace and Deonna Purrazzo but I disagree. I think both women looked great and it was one of the best matches of the night. Purrazzo looked really good in her role and the wrestling was awesome and I think that the title change here was the right call in the end. The main event was okay, Edwards winning is a good call as he's synonymous with IMPACT Wrestling. I'm excited to see what the Good Brothers and what EC3 can bring to the promotion. I'm honestly excited for it, and I think with an upward swing of momentum (#Slammversary was trending N1 on Twitter for a while) IMPACT could creep closer and closer back to being a genuine threat in the wrestling scene.
  22. The BPZ Neccework announced that the four speculated judges of BrendenPlayz Got Talent, are confirmed. This means that power couple Brenden and Keeley will take up half of the judges spots on the show, will Hall of Fame talent and former Carnage General Manager Sheridan, will complete the line up. The reaction to this line-up has been positive with people excited to have the opportunity to see Brenden and Keeley interact on screen, noting Necce's experience and Sheridan's knowledge will bring a host of characteristics to the Judges Panel and make for entertaining television. Alongside these announces, the host of BrendenPlayz Got Talent has been revealed. Someone who will interview talents backstage as well as the judges following the show, that role goes to none other than Hans O'Clayton, who will be in charge of transitioning from act-to-act and be charismatic. Bob Sparks meanwhile has been announced as the head of security and production of the show. BrendenPlayz Got Talent officials are hoping that the show takes off in a similar vein to BPZ Pizza Place. It'll be interesting to see if Bob is featured at all on television, and if he manages to get along with the acts, judges and Hans O'Clayton as the show progresses. (Hans O'Clayton will serve as official host to BrendenPlayz Got Talent, while Bob Sparks will head up the security and production of the show.)
  23. PreShow: Killer Kross vs Luchasaurus Pre Show: Sammy Guevara vs Shawn Spears Inner Circle(Hager+ Dibiase) vs Jurassic Express(Stunt + Jungle Boy) vs Private Party - Winners will face the Young Bucks to crown the inaugural AEW Tag Team Champions at a later date. Awesome Kong vs ??? Dantรฉ Garza Jr vs MJF /w Wardlow Cody vs EC3 Jon Moxley vs Pentagon Jr AEW Womenโ€™s Championship Last Woman Standing Match - Merci Vernado(c) vs Mercedes Martinez AEW World Championship- Chris Jericho(c) vs Kenny Omega vs KENTA Bonus Points Who will answer Awesome Kongโ€™s Open Challenge? Tessa Blanchard Will Rey Fenix interfere in Moxley vs Pentagon? No Will PAC show up and will he have a match that hasn't been announced?-1 point is available for each part of the question Yes he'll show, No he won't have a match What rating will the Womenโ€™s Championship match get? 59
  24. I have Cesaro and Nakamura winning here. New Day are fine and all but it's as Alex said above me, their reign has gone on just a little too long and I personally don't remember any memorable feuds or matches within that reign. Cesaro is an accomplished tag team wrestler, and Nakamura is so underappreciated both in-ring and from a general entertainment standpoint so I am looking forward to this one. I could see New Day retaining and then dropping at SummerSlam, but I'm for Cesaro and Nakamura on this one.
  25. Along with the majority here, I don't see why not. His feud against Edge and his recent promos have been awesome. While Orton isn't the best in-ring technician he is an accomplished wrestler who can still go and is still extremely relevant. He is a key part of RAW at the moment, a full-time guy so I don't see why he shouldn't be. I'd say recently his in-ring work and promos have been some of the best he has ever done and it's almost like a resurgence of Orton. He's probably the most "over" guy on RAW right now and I could see him beating Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam and working with some of the talents on RAW in singles matches. Really good topic, Brad.

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