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  1. In no particular order: Mikey Alex Costa Aaron North Cody Cage Amai
  2. Alberto Del Rio was another guy that got a rocket push for no reason and certainly was not good enough for his accolades. Within six months he won the Royal Rumble and then another roughly six months won Money in The Bank, which of course led to him being undeservedly insert into the Punk/Cena rivalry. After all that he would win the WHC too and was US champion too. Nothing he did warranted such a push so fast and like Sheamus it seems like he went backwards as he was thrust into the main event early and didn't drop out of it for a couple years. Just don't get why they went so far with him.
  3. Halo series for sure. There has been meh spin off stuff but the main games have not been adapted and I think they would be great as movies.
  4. Titan A.E. I wanted to give a bit of a unique answer so I figured I would give this movie a shout. This was one of the hundreds of dvds we used to have and I watched it many times when I was younger. The movie takes place in the future after a specific alien race destroys the Earth because of a human creation. Basically the main character gets dragged into searching for it because he has a map to it. The plot is okay but the real reason why this movie has stuck with me for so long is the beautiful visuals. It's just really unique looking with a blend of 2d and cgi which was fascinating to me when I was little. Maybe it won't be as impressive to others since this movie came out in 2000 but I still think it holds up but that is just my bias. Would recommend that you give it a watch.
  5. Just a few: Fort Minor - The Rising Tied Foster The People - Sacred Hearts Club Cake - Fashion Nugget Three Days Grace - One X FIDLAR - Too
  6. Marvel vs Capcom was a series I played a lot, mainly 2. Wolverine is the man.
  7. Shane Strickland is probably the guy I am most looking forward to seeing the most because I enjoyed watching him in MLW and I have seen more of him than the other two combined. I haven't seen much Kushida except for the WCPW World Tournament thing and his match with Tanahashi but he gets big praise and I'm sure he will be good in NXT. If Garza is anything like his cousin then I'm looking forward to seeing him in WWE.
  8. Sheamus was pushed way too hard way too fast. He was not good enough to be winning the WWE Championship in his first six months. It is mind boggling how he racked up so many accolades that I don't think he deserved when there were better roster members. If he had a slower rise that let him develop into a worthy performer maybe it would be different. It's kind of like his career went backwards with how he had won the WWE Championship early but has declined over time into a low tier heel tag member. Reverse that and it's a great story. Personally he just doesn't come off as a main event fella to me.
  9. All time has to be Shawn Michael's, it's just such a fun and memorable song.
  10. Can't really see them not putting it on Kenny first since he has been branded as some sort of wrestling revolutionary and they would want his name permanently in the books and parade him around as the face of the company. Jericho is the only alternative as he is one of the greatest and having him be the first champion would be a huge deal as him just being signed to AEW is a big shift so him being champion would be great for him to lead them up in the business.
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