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  1. I don't get why AEW has been teasing a problems between MJF and Wardlow. They haven't even been together long enough for the split to matter. If they split anytime soon I will genuinely be angry at them for rushing things AGAIN. It's great AEW wants to have big matches and angles but it doesn't work if you just doing everything as fast as you can. Time and time again they keep doing things earlier then they should. I thought MJF and Wardlow were gonna win and I don't get why they didn't but whatever. It was a decent match at least.
  2. Sorry to be a buzzkill but I hate that this match is even happening. MVP should be sticking to the manager role to get other guys over. I was actually kinda pissed they had MVP win his first singles match in a decade by beating the United States Champion in a non title match! Like god damn WWE, why do the champs lose non title matches so often, you didn't even have to set this match up that way. I feel like WWE over the past 4 years has teased doing something with Crews over and over just to abandon it for no reason. Why not try to make a new star, especially during these strange times for wrestling. If they actually invested a little bit into Apollo they could make both him and this reign actually mean something. I won't even say this match is to build Crews because he shouldn't have lost that previous match if you're tryna build him. Hopefully Crews retains and WWE doesn't get scared of using Apollo Crews cause I wanna see him succeed.
  3. This has got to be one of the dumbest stipulations I have ever heard of. You win by taking someone's eye out of their head?? That's just completely disinteresting to me because it's one thing to do blinding angles but it's another thing to have a match based around the idea of permanently maiming someone in a gruesome way like this, as if it's believable that this would be allowed. I'm afraid this match is gonna flop because of them having this weird stipulation and the finish will probably be some hokey crap. Coulda just let them hit each other with kendo sticks and I wouldn't complain.
  4. I think Impact has done a pretty good job in recent times to rebuild the brand and that it deserves one of these as well. I'm not sure how many people still keep up with Impact but with Slammiversary coming up it's the perfect time to get back into it. Men's Superstar of the Year: Women's Superstar of the Year: Men's Match of the Year: Women's Match of the Year: Men's Rising Star: Women's Rising Star: Best Pay-Per-View: Most Memorable Moment: Best Feud: Best Heel/Face Turn: Most Extreme Moment: Best Promo: Biggest Surprise:
  5. Bobby Lashley in the Extreme Elimination Chamber. As much as I like the guy he was not a fit for ECW and McMahon should have allowed Heyman's choice Punk to lead the brand. There wasn't really interest in Big Show and Bobby Lashley fighting over the ECW Championship as compared to a Punk or RVD. They had plenty of the old ECW guys and some new rising stars to lead that all made more sense for the brand.
  6. Men's Superstar of the Year: Chris Jericho Women's Superstar of the Year: Hikaru Shida Men's Match of the Year: Adam Page & Kenny Omega vs The Young Bucks (Revolution) Women's Match of the Year: Hikaru Shida vs Nyla Rose (Double or Nothing) Men's Rising Star: MJF Women's Rising Star: Britt Baker Best Pay-Per-View: Revolution Most Memorable Moment: Cody being whipped Best Feud: Cody vs MJF Best Heel/Face Turn: N/A Most Extreme Moment: Darby Allin almost killing himself at Revolution Best Promo: Jake Roberts promo on Cody Biggest Surprise: Brian Cage debut at Double or Nothing Best Heel: Chris Jericho Best Face: Cody
  7. Men's Superstar of the Year: Drew McIntyre Women's Superstar of the Year: Charlotte Flair Men's Match of the Year: Men's Royal Rumble Women's Match of the Year: Becky Lynch vs Asuka (Royal Rumble) Men's Rising Star: Angel Garza Women's Rising Star: Sonya Deville Best Pay-Per-View: Royal Rumble Most Memorable Moment: Edge returning at the Rumble Best Feud: Randy Orton vs Edge Best Heel/Face Turn: Randy Orton turning on Edge Most Extreme Moment: Kevin Owens dive at Mania Best Promo: Edge 'I Make You Better' promo Biggest Surprise: Edge returning at the Rumble
  8. Too many pay per views end with a post match return/attack/etc.
  9. First Round: Undisputed Era vs Mustache Mountain Broserweights vs Grizzled Young Veterans Imperium vs Brit-Am Brawlers South Wales Subculture vs Breezango Street Profits vs Lucha House Party Viking Raiders vs Heavy Machinery Rollins & Murphy vs New Day Zayn & Shinsuke vs Ziggler & Roode Quarter Finals: Undisputed Era vs Broserweights Imperium vs Breezango Street Profits vs Viking Raiders New Day vs Ziggler & Roode Semi Finals: Undisputed Era vs Imperium Street Profits vs New Day Finals: Undisputed Era vs New Day
  10. King Of The Ring 2014 This King of the Ring tournament returning in 2014 would be interesting given all the talent around as well as recent developments with The Shield splitting or Daniel Bryan being out with injury making it the perfect time for guys to reach for the brass ring. Originally I was going to do a 32 man tournament but I felt that overcomplicated the booking I was going for. The Authority storyline was going strong now so Seth gets a relatively easy outting in the first round while his former stablemates Roman and Dean are forced to face each other right off the bat, with either the US or IC Champion awaiting them in the second round. First Round: Seth Rollins VS R-Truth With The Authority being in charge, Seth Rollins is given a relatively easy opponent to start things off, basically a free win for Rollins against R-Truth. Adam Rose vs Sin Cara Adam Rose had just debuted after Mania and like usual was getting a newcomer push, feuding with and beating guys like Damien Sandow and Jack Swagger. Sin Cara was a total jobber so he does the job to the new guy. Dolph Ziggler vs Bo Dallas Bo Dallas was called up and went on that winning streak which ultimately was ended by R-Truth which is pretty anticlimatic. Bo Dallas could take place in the King of the Ring and I thought about having him go farther but other guys in the tournament including Ziggler were in the midst of bigger pushes. I think it means a little more to lose here than in a random television match. Dolph is on his way to winning the Intercontinental Championship and is a popular babyface so he should go to the Quarter Finals. Rob Van Dam vs Cesaro This year really should have been a big one for Cesaro after winning the inaugural Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Unfortunately we know that despite being incredibly over, they never went in with him, though they did reluctantly give him some chances at times.. Rob Van Dam is in here to put over the lower talent in the first round. Rusev vs Chris Jericho Chris Jericho is another good veteran talent to participate and I think this is a good first round match. Rusev was the undefeated monster and the two could work well together. Chris Jericho was in a feud with Bray Wyatt so maybe a distraction or something can cost Jericho to play into the feud. Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio Two former rivals face off against one another in the first round of the King of the Ring. Unfortunately for Jack Swagger the split from Cesaro meant he would do a lot of jobbing to guys like Adam Rose and such so despite being a former world champion he wasn’t at his most credible at the time. Jack Swagger had turned face in a typical patriot feud versus Rusev so Alberto Del Rio wins here because I don’t want the rivals against each other in the tournament. The Miz vs Sheamus The US Champion Sheamus is pit against the IC Champion The Miz in the first round so that a member of The Shield will be forced to face a champion in the next round. To avoid a face versus face match next round I’d have The Miz get past Sheamus with his cheating ways. Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns The biggest match of the first round is undoubtedly the forced clash between Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. The winner of this match was a tough choice but Roman was instantly getting a strong push after The Shield ended, getting a couple WWE Championship matches and then going into a feud with Randy Orton while Dean Ambrose would be on the losing side of an extensive feud with Seth Rollins over the coming months. This would be a hot final match of the first round. Quarterfinals: Seth Rollins vs Adam Rose Another seemingly easy match for Seth Rollins as his quarter final opponent was set up to always be one of the lower tier guys. Dolph Ziggler vs Cesaro Originally I had thought I would take Cesaro farther than this because of his abilities to have great matches but really his current booking doesn’t justify that, plus Ziggler himself is pretty good. Dolph is getting on a good way before his upcoming championship win. Rusev vs Alberto Del Rio Rusev gets another victory over a face here to continue his undefeated streak, this time getting a nice, clean tap out. The Miz vs Roman Reigns Roman Reigns manages to knock off a particularly tricky opponent in the IC Champion The Miz. Miz and Reigns have had some good matches so I think this would be no different as it’s a classic dynamic with the slimy heel and tough face. Semifinals: Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler This would be Seth’s first real challenge so far in the tournament as he faces a credible competitor. Dolph Ziggler is a great face opponent for Seth and is sort of like foreshadowing for later in the year with Dolph opposing the Authority. Rusev vs Roman Reigns Rusev was still unpinned and unsubmitted to this point and would stay so until WrestleMania 31, meaning this would be a disqualification win for Roman Reigns, which is the only way Rusev ever lost until that loss to Cena. This can be a nice powerhouse fight until that DQ and with Roman Reigns winning here in the semi finals, that sets up a finals fight between two former Shield brothers. Finals: Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns The finals of the 2014 King of the Ring tournament would be between what would be two of this generation’s biggest stars, former stablemates Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. It was always going to be one of The Shield members and I just wasn’t sure which one it would be. Ultimately I decided that Roman Reigns was the perfect choice for the winner of the tournament because the King of the Ring has been used to create stars and Roman Reigns is about to get that face of the company push and it starts by becoming the King of the Ring. This gives him an accolade that makes him credible before he gets back on that world championship chase next year reminiscent of Austin’s big win. The odds would be against Roman as he faces off against HHH’s new golden boy and he of course overcomes them. Seth was holding the MITB contract and wouldn’t need the victory, plus we know he would ultimately get revenge of sorts with that cash in at WrestleMania. After having everything stacked against him by The Authority, Roman Reigns becoming King of the Ring is a prelude to his massive push.
  11. For me it would probably have to be Flynn. Flynn was my debut opponent so for him to be my last opponent as well would be a nice way of bringing things full circle. I also just have a lot of respect for Flynn as a forums member and kayfaber so I think he would be the best opponent to go out to.
  12. When I heard this I laughed out loud cuz like, dude, you're the enhancement talent now. Plenty of NXT call ups get good initial pushes, heck Corbin debuted by winning the ATGMBR and was booked very strongly in that first year so that's a bit hypocritical. I agree that maybe he shouldn't be knocking off champions in his first match but I mean you make stars by feuding with stars. Who does Corbin want him to face anyways because who is actually proper enhancement talent these days? Maybe Corbin was just working with this statement but Riddle doesn't need to be facing complete jobbers in my opinion.
  13. NXT TakeOver: Chicago is the first TakeOver that I watched the full show live on the Network and remains my favorite to this day. This card doesn't have a bad match and honestly I could say three of them are some of my favorite matches ever. The opener to kick things off was Roderick Strong vs Eric Young which was a good start but what followed was even better. Pete Dunne faced Tyler Bate for the United Kingdom Championship which managed to surpass the inaugural title match they had in an instant classic that won NXT match of the year. Asuka defended the NXT Women's Championship against Ruby Riott and Nikki Cross in her second to last Takeover appearance. The NXT Championship match between Bobby Roode and Hideo Itami went on second to last and I think that this match is a very underrated one, definitely a person favorite of mine. I was a big fan of Itami and was on the edge of my seat hoping he would win. Then the main event was the first and only time the NXT Tag Team Championships main evented a TakeOver as #DIY got one last shot at The Authors of Pain in a Ladder Match. It was an epic match where #DIY pulled out all the stops but couldn't overcome the monsters and their manager. Then at the end of the show we had the shocking moment where Tommaso Ciampa attacked Johnny Gargano in what would become an iconic NXT moment.
  14. PREDICTIONS ROUND 1: Ron Miller vs Strong Machine Andre The Giant vs Canek Tatsumi Fujinami vs Mike Sharpe King Kong Bundy vs Adrian Adonis The Masked Superstar vs Ken Patera Kengo Kimura vs Riki Choshu Dick Murdoch vs Big John Studd Seiji Sakaguchi vs Masa Saito ___________________________________________ QUARTER FINALS: Strong Machine vs Andre Fujinami vs Bundy Masked Superstar vs Choshu Murdoch vs Sakaguchi __________________________________________________ SEMI FINALS: Andre vs Bundy Choshu vs Sakaguchi ___________________________________________ FINALS: Who Will Win the Third IWGP Series?: Andre The Giant
  15. Name: Razorback Billed from: Texarkana, Arkansas Weight: 280 pounds Theme: Figurehead: Rhyno Finishers: Spear Signatures: Headbutt, Release Powerbomb Alignment: Heel Date of birth: October 23rd, 1983 Gimmick: (Outlaw, Vigilante, Law enforcement, Cowboy, Mexican, Gunslinger, Indians etc): Animalistic Man Wrestling style: Powerhouse Bio (Optional): Razorback is a former College Football player who could have made it to the big leagues but was too violent for his own good, injuring many players during games, however it was the injuries he gave people off the field that led to his expulsion. Razorback looked to take out his violent urges in the wrestling business and for nearly 2 decades has proven himself to be a monster in the ring.

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