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  1. I Can't Odd

    Ahhhhh Shucky Ducky. Your Fave 5 for WWE Topic

    1. Kofi Kingston 2. Becky Lynch 3. Seth Rollins 4. Charlotte Flair 5. The Usos
  2. I Can't Odd

    Braun Strowman VS Baron Corbin

    Who the hell wants to watch this. This has been going on too long and their stuff on RAW is just trashy filler. This is just dragging both men further down. Corbin probably gets absolutely thrashed unless they use the match type for a surprise.
  3. Still not happy this is happening in an EC, doesn't make any sense. Would have rathered a tourney to Mania or something where we would at least have TAG matches.
  4. Disappointed that Ali can't be in the match as he really did deserve his spot though I'm sure he's more disappointed than anyone. Kofi is a great replacement choice for the match, definitely happy seeing him get opportunities even if he won't win.
  5. I Can't Odd

    SmackDown LIVE Discussion: February 12th, 2019

    Great episode of Smackdown all around and what a gauntlet match. Kofi looked amazing and it was nice seeing him get the spotlight like that. Only problem was the finish, felt really deflating.
  6. I Can't Odd

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: February 11th 2019

    The Revival is FINALLY Raw Tag Team Champs and it was a great match. Hoping the division can be revived this year. The stuff with Becky was great and the ending of Raw was done pretty well I think, even if I don't want Charlotte in. The stuff they're doing with the call ups has been awful. Like wtf is this EC3/Dean stuff and where is Lacey Evans?
  7. I Can't Odd

    Smackdown LIVE Discussion: February 5th 2019

    I HATE what they're doing with Rusev and Shinsuke, it doesn't even make sense for them to team. It's a shame how misused they were in 2018 and I guess that'll continue. Maybe they get a tag title run, someone turns, blah blah. I especially feel bad for Rusev when he was doing quite well as a face only for this team up to happen. Sidenote, get The Club on TV more.
  8. I Can't Odd

    Ahhhhh Shucky Ducky. Your Fave 5 for WWE Topic

    1. Daniel Bryan 2. Samoa Joe 3. Becky Lynch 4. Ronda Rousey 5. The Velveteen Dream
  9. I Can't Odd

    3 hour Smackdown?

    Weekly shows shouldn't be 3 hours long, that just gives us crappy filler to make time. SD should stay 2 hours.
  10. You're describing Seth lol
  11. I Can't Odd

    What Under-The-Radar Pick Should Be NXT Champion?

    I agree with Dominik as he's already got the size/look and is fairly athletic for his size so given time he can become a star. I'm also hoping that Brennan Williams becomes a star in NXT as he is a pretty entertaining man already.
  12. I Can't Odd

    Ahhhhh Shucky Ducky. Your Fave 5 for WWE Topic

    1. Becky Lynch 2. Ronda Rousey 3. Daniel Bryan 4. Seth Rollins 5. R-Truth
  13. I Can't Odd

    Either One is Fine

    It's the first Carnage after the Royal Rumble and we are witnessing the aftermath of the event here tonight with superstars coming out to address the results and moving forward to BPZ's next big event, Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. One such man is Buddy Ace, who competed in the prestigous Royal Rumble match but failed to exit victorious, now standing in the ring with a microphone. "Last Sunday was the Royal Rumble pay per view. One thing I said would happen came true. The Marker had his ass handed to him by Julius easily. It was actually hilarious to see. Now maybe people will start seeing him for the fraud he is. Though on the flip side, I didn't win the Royal Rumble like I said I would. You see despite Marker already being eliminated he came back out and distracted me which led to my elimination. Marker just couldn't handle the fact that everything I had said about him was true. Marker was crushed by Julius and then did absolutely nothing in the Rumble so he had to once again try to steal my spotlight. Well enough is enough. I'll give Marker one last chance to be in the headlines. A one on one match with Buddy Ace at Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. All the time we spent together in the NXT division yet we have never been in a singles match together. But wait, there's another man I am sure would love to have that match. The man I eliminated from the Royal Rumble, Jason Ryan. We have plenty of history and clearly have issues in the present. We do need a rubber match after all. I defended the NXT Championship against Jason Ryan in a Hell in a Cell match and then I handed him my rightful place in the Global Series finals. Well how about one more match. I would be giving Jason Ryan a chance to beat me for real. Jason Ryan would have a shot at redemption at the cost of Buddy Ace's own. I'll just be waiting right here in the ring for my opponent. You know I'm very deliberate about delivering my words right here in the middle of the ring. The very first time Jason Ryan and I were face to face he assaulted me and he did the very same thing last week. And the week before that The Marker attacked me. Both men have attacked me numerous times before after I've spoken out here and I hadn't ever done that save for my ending The Flock. It's a problem I could easily fix by broadcasting from elsewhere or pretaping things. Heck, I could even hire a security force to keep them away but I won't. I am making a statement each time I come out here into the middle of the ring where everyone can find me. I won't be bullied away or into hiding. I get back up after every beating I'm given and come right back here. Each time they have attacked me was out of fear. Once I arrived they realized I was going to be bigger than the two of them combined so they tried to run me off with scare tactics but when they figured out it wasn't going to work Marker recruited me to keep me from surpassing them. Well the inevitable was simply delayed. I would be happy to face either man just so long as it isn't some dumb Frontier triple threat. No one wants to see that when it's already happened twice before right? Well I'm right here for whichever one of you wants an ass whoopin at Saint Valentine's Day Massacre." Buddy Ace waits to see if anyone will come out from the back. Will Buddy Ace get a match at SVDM like he wants?
  14. I Can't Odd

    WWE 2019 Women's Royal Rumble Match

    I enjoyed this Rumble far more than the men's. The ending was perfectly booked and I was so happy to see Becky win.
  15. I Can't Odd

    Journey of Wrestling Discussion

    I've passed 1900 events played so it's fair to say I like it. It's pretty good for a free game though I feel like you gotta use your imagination a bit. I would much prefer TEW but my computer is crap. I do play it at school a bit as it isn't blocked which is nice since any real games are. I wish you could make edits to scenarios for yourself cuz I don't want to make one but every scenario seems to be off slightly, plus a lot never get updated so they're left outdated.