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  1. I Can't Odd

    NXT Takeover: War Games II Discussion

    Another fantastic Takeover as usual. Velveteen Dream vs Ciampa was definitely my match of the night but the rest of the card was great too. The impromptu match was kind of weird, guessing Ohno is going full heel now. Side note, Hanson was an absolute beast in the Wargames match. He is incredibly athletic for a guy his size and was so fun to watch.
  2. I Can't Odd

    NXT Takeover: War Games II Discussion

    Black Sane Ciampa Undisputed Era
  3. I Can't Odd

    Page 1.

    There's over 1,300 episodes of RAW total, so I wouldn't start from the beginning. There's a PPV this Sunday, so I would suggest you start watching next week so you won't be as lost. It might seem intimidating at first to try to get into but I think that it won't be so hard if you get yourself really immersed. Anyways, welcome to the forums.
  4. It's sad how dead RAW's tag division has become. Even a year ago things were fine, but they buried an entire division. It'll take awhile to get out of that hole. SD gets a freebie here.
  5. Yup, no real reason for this match, And the brand rivalry feels nonexistent. Wish we could be getting Survivor Series matches that weren't based around Raw v SD again so we could use them for fueds.
  6. Nakamura has had a lackluster reign and really needs a good match/win right to kickstart him to relevance. Only way I see Rollins losing is an Ambrose interference.
  7. Could be a good, hard hitting match. I expect AOP to win this and they really do need the win to legitimize themselves.
  8. This is easily my most anticipated match on the card. The build has been great from both women, but especially Becky. Becky has been having an awesome run so far and though I do see Ronda winning, I think it'll be the best singles match Ronda has had yet.
  9. I don't think this am match with will be as good as last year's, I feel like it might be more dominant. I would really like to see AJ get the win this time, maybe cuz of interference from outside. Even just a count out would be nice to me.
  10. I Can't Odd

    Reason Why Braun Strowman Was Destroyed At Crown Jewel Easily

    Heard this and I doubt manners have anything to do with him losing. They were never going to make him champ and he still kicked out of like 4 F5s so.
  11. I Can't Odd

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: November 5th 2018

    Elias said beating Ziggler (clean too) was questionable and it's a shame how badly Ziggler hasn't been damaged the past week but hopefully this means they have big plans for Elias. He's great and he'll do well as a face I think. Kinda hope he gets his hands on the IC title soon. Also Jinder Mahal shouldn't be jobbing, especially to other jobbers lol. Apollo picks up random wins and then loses again and it's annoying. Like why didn't he just beat a former WWE and US champ, he doesn't deserve it. Crews is a good athlete but no real character other than happy dad.
  12. I Can't Odd

    Smarks Daily

    Hello I'm Rogers from Smarks Daily and I'm back with another Top 5. This week I'll be looking at 5 guys that I want to see challenge there recently crowned Global Champion Jason Ryan. Given that his reign has just started there are plenty of potential matches for him in the future. 5. Akki Akki has been a long time staple of BPZ and specifically the Evolve brand. He recently returned and will be representing Evolve at Survivor Series when he takes on Carnage's Julius for the US championship. Regardless of the outcome it would be nice for Akki to stay in active competition and go for the Global championship considering how long he's been a loyal Evolve superstar. 4. Storm Storm and Jason Ryan have an extensive history with one another and their fued will continue at Survivor Series in a triple threat for Jason's Premium championship. Storm is very talented and has seen rapid improvement since he first arrived in BPZ, and Storm being on the chase for the win while The Flock continue to interfere is an interesting story. 3. The Marker Marker also has lots of history with Jason but as allies. From Marking the Empire to The Flock, they've been together for a long while and it would be fun to see the two go at it one on one for the first time, whether still aligned together or not. With Marker's current psychopath persona, these two could put on a brutal match with each other. 2. Slim Slim hasn't been on television at all lately but there have been rumors of a Slim return. After the draft, Slim declared that he would win the Global Championship and restore its prestige, but it didn't happen. Slim and Jason faced off once before in a short bout at Power Trip Cup, but given Jason's improvement and higher position in the company now, the two could do both are better with a much more fleshed out story and different dynamic. 1. Necce Some have called Necce vs Jason Ryan a dream match. Out of the three up and comers in The Flock, Jason most resembles their current mentor. Necce has made his intentions clear and there's no doubt in my mind that if Necce wins his match against Flynn at Survivor Series we will see this match. Necce is arguably the biggest star in BPZ right now and a fued between this pupil/mentor pair would be amazing. That will be all from us here at Smarks Daily for today. Be on the lookout for more of our fantastic content and have a nice day.
  13. I Can't Odd

    Flock Appreciation Night

    Buddy raises his microphone up and begins to speak. "Man oh man, look at us. We are doing everything we have said we were gonna do. Evolve has become our show and The Flock Takeover this past weekend was just a taste of what's in store for y'all in the future. Marker absolutely decimated that piece of trash Storm, meaning Storm has now had his ass whooped by three Flock members. Hopefully he's learned his lesson and will piss off out of the Premium championship match now though given how badly Marker beat him down it might not be by choice." Buddy laughs and the crowd raises their voices again, everyone booing the despicable actions of Marker at the Global Series Finale. "And well speaking of, my man Jason Ryan is just on fire, ain't he? First he had an absolutely brutal battle against Echo in a Circus freakin Death Match to win his first ever title, then he walked into Takeover just a week later to become the face of Evolve by winning the Global Championship. We said a member of The Flock would win it and it happened and now it'll stay with The Flock till the end of time cuz no one is knocking us down." "Now technically Jason is a triple champ because we are of course Freebirding the tag titles like he said. Let me remind you all just how we got those belts though. Necce and I teamed up and took down the Universal Champion as well as the World and US Champion in the form of that Clown and the Retarded Dinosaur. That's twice now we've kicked Kingdom's ass and we'll come out the victors every time we meet in the ring because The Flock is the most dominant stable in BPZ. If you idiots want to try and challenge us again, feel free to come at us with any combination you want. No matter who represents Kingdom and who represents The Flock, we'll always win and we'll keep the tag titles forever." "The same goes for any non Kingdom idiots who want to challenge for the Tag Team championships. Maybe Ginge and Bailey keep palling around after Flynn retires and try challenging us. Well Evolution is just a group of talentless hacks that were on the top of an old, inferior era of BPZ, and we'd happily look to prove that if Kingdom doesn't at Survivor Series. And I'm sure we'll see the losers we've already beaten try to team up against us at some point, but we've beaten your fan favorites and we'll do it again. You people don't realize how much you drag those pandering losers down." "You know, there really isn't much else to say and we really shouldn't have to say anything. All of you out here and in the back need to get it through your thick skulls that we are the best damn thing to have ever happened to this company and we cannot and will not be stopped. It's time for you all to just sit back and accept us as the saviors of BPZ." Buddy stops talking and looks at Marker.
  14. Both the match and outcome were terrible. Braun gets "protected" by being cheapshotted and kicking of some F5s. The match wasn't literally just F5s. We're stuck with Brock as champ again instead of a full timer. Brock being champ first raise the title's prestige, it kills it because the belt is never there. Not sure where we go from here's but all we can do is sit back and wait.
  15. I Can't Odd

    Eight Men World-Cup Tournament

    I was kinda red to see two guys I really like reaching the finals and at first I thought The Mysterio/Miz fued was gonna continue with Rey replacing Miz and winning. Instead Shane inserts himself and then...wins? They didn't really even play up the fact that Ziggler had been worn down by husband previous matches, just a non wrestling old man squashing Ziggler. Ziggler winning this would have been great and since Shane was in the match, no firing. What a shitshow.

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