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  1. I Can't Odd

    BPZ Predictions League

    Sin Cara vs Andrade "Cien" Almas Tables Match: The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, & Xavier Woods) vs Sanity (Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, & Killian Dain) Extreme Rules Match for the Raw Women's Championship: Alexa Bliss (c) vs Nia Jax Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley Raw Tag Team Championship: Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt (c) vs The B-Team (Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas) Smackdown Women's Championship, James Ellsworth will be suspended above the ring in a Shark Cage: Carmella (c) vs Asuka Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) (c) vs Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan & Kane) 30-Minute Ironman Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) with Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins United States Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura Finn Balor vs Constable Baron Corbin Steel Cage Match: Braun Strowman vs Kevin Owens WWE Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs Rusev Bonus Round: Will James Ellsworth get out of the Shark Cage during Carmella vs Asuka? Yes What will be the final score of the Ziggler vs Rollins match? 3-2
  2. I Can't Odd


    Buddy Ace is sitting in the driver's seat of a car with a camera man in the passenger's seat, the NXT championship on one shoulder of the champion. Behind Buddy the viewers can see what appears to be a small run down house through the car window. Buddy reaches towards the dashboard console, turning a knob and lowering the music that had been playing. Buddy turns towards the camera and starts speaking. "Hello, Carnage. I'm sure you all have been missing me the past couple weeks as I've been absent and I truly am sorry for putting you through such a distressing situation. Don't worry now though, I haven't run away from BPZ or anything like that, no...I have been gathering my thoughts. There's been a lot to think about the past couple weeks. So much has happened in recent times and I really hadn't let it sink till now. Coming to BPZ and making my way onto the Carnage brand has sorta been my big break. I spent a long time wasting my potential before but now I'm on the grand stage that I belong on, where everyone can be awed by the amazing man known as Buddy Ace. Even though I haven't been here very long, I've been put in some major opportunity spots and already managed to win championship gold. Some may argue that it's a bottom tier belt but a championship is a championship. This belt means that I am the best of the NXT division and the superstars of the NXT division are the future of BPZ...or at least I am. Regarding this NXT championship, I'll be defending it at King of the Ring. You all know who I'm making my first defense against very well. It's the 'god' himself, Jason Ryan. A man I've beaten once and will beat again. Jason Ryan seems to think that his mind games have me all worked up. That he's somehow tricked me into falling for his trap. Well he is completely wrong. I haven't just blindly accepted this match for King of the Ring. No sir, I don't think Jason realizes that I want this match just as much as he does. Defending his place at the top is something every champion is eager to do and I finally get to get Jason one on one. I absolutely do hate Jason but even still I will be entering that cell with a cool head. I'm not some simpleton that goes off the rails that easily. Jason, on the other hand, seems to have taken one loss too many and completely flipped his lid. Seems that I'm the one who's gotten into Jason's head. Jason has cracked under the pressure and gone off the deep end. This new persona isn't going to increase his success rate. If anything, it'll only further hinder his progress up the ladder in BPZ. Rather than leave me alone and move onto something else, Jason has made the mistake of continuing to come after me and my NXT championship. With his mental instability, he'll be easy pickings." Buddy looks through the driver's window and points at the house behind him. "You see that house right there? That's what's left of my family's house. The house I grew up in. Well after I left my family couldn't even afford the tax on this place. They lost the property and nothing was ever even done with the house, it was just left to rot here in the middle of nowhere. All that has happened is because of me and my own selfishness. You see, my family had always struggled for as long as I can remember. So once I was old enough, I had to help provide for the family. As time went on, more problems arose, eventually leaving me to be the main source of income. Now of course I wanted to help my family but there was one problem with this. I was absolutely miserable. I hated my job and I slipped into an emotional rut. Well then my dream of being a professional wrestler was revived and I knew for a fact that was the only thing I wanted to do in life. You all know that I pursued my dream because here I am in the BPZ. But I didn't just up and leave without warning. I went to my parents and I told them what I wanted to do. And you know what? I had their full support. They urged me to to after what I wanted and continuously reassured me that everything would be fine. Perhaps I knew in the back of my mind that things would not infact be fine but ignored that fact because I wanted to be a wrestler so badly. So despite my doubts I left everything behind and leaving my family to fend for themselves. If you would like to be dramatic you could even say that I selfishly abandoned them to an inevitable doom. It shouldn't have been that way though. After all, I should have never been burdenied with the responsibility of taking care of my whole family when other members could have picked up the slack. I most certainly am not a bad person for having done what every person wants to do; attempting to achieve my one goal in life. But regardless, I still owe my family an apology, don't I? Well I am truly sorry. I am sorry for putting myself ahead of everyone else. I am sorry for missing all the birthdays and special occasions just to wrestle for a few dollars. I'm sorry for all the pain that I have caused you in these past few years. I don't know if I can ever make it right, but I will try. Now that I'm here in the BPZ I can make this work and y'all will never have to worry about a thing again. This is the dream that I fought for I'm gonna make sure it pays off. So at King of the Ring not only will I be fighting for this NXT championship, I'll be fighting to rid this company of the vile bastard known as Jason Ryan and I'll get my family back to start making things right. I'm more motivated for this win than I have ever been for anything else before so you can expect me to put everything on the line in that Hell in a Cell match at King of the Ring." The video slowly fades to black with Buddy staring directly into the camera, eyes that are stone cold.
  3. I Can't Odd

    I told my grhmdnotae

    I always love a good cake
  4. I'm so excited for this match. These two had an awesome match on RAW and knowing Rollins and Ziggler, this is gonna be an amazing match. Definitely gonna be worth watching live. Though I have to say, it'd be a bit silly to give Rollins the belt back, because that'd just invalidate Ziggler's reign, though they've done that sort of thing before.
  5. I Can't Odd

    BrendenPlayz Universe Mode Discussion

    Wrestlemania Predictions: Finn Balor Samoa Joe Bobby Roode Braun Strowman The Undertaker AJ Styles The Club Alexa Bliss The Bar
  6. I Can't Odd

    I Can't Odd's Subpar Universe Mode

    I was thinking about rebooting this because I feel that I could make a better first couple months if I did because I've done some things I regret so far but I'm not sure if I should. I'll think about it and decide if I really want to.
  7. I Can't Odd

    ICO's NXT Special Event Reviews

    Recently I've found myself wanting to more familiarize myself with NXT and it's history. Now, I could watch every single episode from the start but I do not care enough to do that so instead I decided that I would watch all of the NXT specials and give my useless opinions as I go. Now the very first live event was NXT: ArRival, so that's where this will start. ▪The opening match, and also the best match of the event, was Sami Zayn vs Cesaro. It was a fantastic match with amazing storytelling and some great spots, though it felt a bit too one sided and slow for my tastes. Especially in the context of their rivalry at the time, I think it would have made more sense to have a more back and forth match to really sell the idea of these two being equals despite Sami losing again. At the end of the match, Cesaro finally shows Sami respect and it's a nice little moment. I'd give the match a ***3/4 (I am fully aware of the critical acclaim this match received but I feel that this match is overrated) ▪Mojo Rawley easily squashes CJ Parker (Juice Robinson) so it gets * ▪The Ascension defended and retained the tag team championships against Too Cool here. Kinda strange seeing them as dominant champions giving what the sadly became on the main roster but oh well. It was kinda boring and there's nothing special about it so I'd give it ** ▪Paige and Emma squared off with the NXT women's championship on the line. It was a great match, especially for a women's match, and shows us a glimpse of how good the NXT women's division was becoming. Paige retained here, and of course she would go on to having her big Divas championship win after this. ***1/2 ▪Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze were scheduled for a match but Rusev came in and destroyed them both. Neat little segment, but skippable. ▪Now finally, we get to the main event. Bo Dallas defends the NXT championship against Neville in NXT's first ever ladder match. Shawn Michaels actually came out before it and talked about NXT and the match, which was really cool. Regarding the match itself though, it was pretty disappointing. It was acceptable, but for being the first ever ladder match in NXT, it was pretty underwhelming. I feel like both men were talented enough to have done more in their match but it was pretty unremarkable. I was expecting some big spots like a Red Arrow from the top of a ladder or something but nothing that big occurred. If I'm being honest, the only thing that makes the match stick out is that it's the first ladder match in NXT and that Neville won the NXT championship. It might sound like a bad match from that description but it was good. A solid *** Overall I'd give the event a ***. The commentary was great throughout the event and the pacing of the card was good. Though half the card was meh, the good is good enough to make up for that. All in all a decent start to NXT's specials. The next special will be the first ever NXT: Takeover event that "sparked the takeover" or something cheesy like that.
  8. I Can't Odd

    Step Aside

    The NXT champion Buddy Ace comes out from the back and he appears to be in good spirits here tonight, engaging with the fans as he makes his way to the ring. Buddy gets handed a microphone before entering the ring. "Ahh, yet another big opportunity in the form of a tournament. Though somehow this one seems...more important. The prestigious annual King of the Ring tournament approaches and I get to participate in it. But this year it's even more important than any of the other years. See this time, the winner doesn't merely get a world title shot, but actually wins the world championship itself. It's a bit cliche to say I plan on winning but I certainly am not betting against myself in this. Honestly though, no hard feelings if some lucky punk knocks me off since I already have this baby." Buddy pats the NXT championship that's around his waist and winks at the fans. "Now, who exactly am I facing in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament? A man who just failed at winning championship gold at the very same pay per view I won my first championship, FDS. Yet another lunatic stands in the way of my success. There seems to be a lot of his type here in BPZ. Seriously, who's letting all these guys in?" Buddy laughs a little before continuing. "Now FDS was traded over to Carnage fairly recently, but I'm honestly not quite sure why. What value did Bailey see in you? Clearly he made a big mistake considering two of the three men he traded to Evolve for you went on to win championship gold. Bet he's kicking himself for that one. I should definitely be the Vice General Manager or something so I can help make Carnage awesome even further, but I guess that's besides the point." Buddy seems to be humored by his own remarks, grinning ear to ear as he paces back in forth in the ring. The crowd seems to be enjoying the light criticism being made as some cheering can be heard. "FDS, I'm sure you're feeling angry right now. You think that you were screwed out of winning the BPZ world championship. Now with the championship being the prize for winning King of the Ring, you probably think you're going to right a wrong and win the championship you were so close to getting. Well just stop thinking that. I'm gonna tell you right here and right now that you are not making it past the first round. Your first mistake was leaving the safety of the superior Ruin member Johnny Kills. It's obvious looking back that being carried by Johnny got you feeling a bit too confident in yourself. Now you're stuck facing me, the hottest rookie in BPZ. In my short time here, I've already shown that I have what it takes to be a star in this company. You all out here know how I've done that but in case FDS hasn't been paying attention I'll remind him. Not only did I go toe to toe with Flynn, but I beat two, count em, two men in one night in my very first title shot to become NXT champion. Something that many men have struggled for in the past I came in and took easily. The NXT championship is the only thing I plan on taking either. After I've gotten rid of that bastard Jason Ryan, I'm gonna have a reign with the NXT championship that eclipses even Julius' reigns. Once I'm through with the NXT division I'll go on to capture as many titles as I can get my hands on and each and every reign of my mine will be awesome. I'll defeat all of BPZ's greats until I am officially the biggest star to have ever stepped foot in this company." Buddy pauses to gauge the crowd's reaction, looking around at the different sides of the arena and seems satisfied. "So don't feel bad about losing to me when the time comes, FDS. I'm clearly one of the fastest rising stars here in BPZ, so it isn't your fault. Besides, you should feel honored that someone who's grown stale like you gets to step into the ring with someone as great as me. I'll at least be sure to give you something memorable in our match. FDS, it's time for you to step aside because I'm simply too awesome for you to handle. You've done your job entertaining the fans and now it's my turn to do so." Buddy hands the microphone away before climbing the turnbuckle and gesturing towards the NXT championship wrapped around his waist as "It's Showtime" begins playing. Buddy Ace has made his statement for King of the Ring.
  9. I Can't Odd

    I Can't Odd's Subpar Universe Mode

    The SD MITB qualifiers continued this week: ▪Aiden English defeated Tye Dillinger via Director's Cut. ▪Randy Orton defeated Chad Gable via RKO. ▪John Cena and Dolph Ziggler's match ended in a draw when the two men failed to return to the ring before the three count, instead brawling on the outside. General manager Daniel Bryan will address the situation on the next episode of Smackdown.
  10. I Can't Odd


    And here comes the NXT champion himself, Buddy Ace, championship belt around his waist. The fans are cheering in support of Buddy but he doesn't seem to be listening to the cheers right now. Buddy looks to be absolutely furious here tonight as he storms his way to the ring, microphone in hand. Buddy slides under the bottom rope and maneuvers himself between his family and Jason, only a few inches from Jason's face. "So you still want to go at it, huh? Even though I beat both members of Marking the Empire in the same night, you still want to fight me? Well you're on, you crazy son of a bitch! You have crossed the line and I have had enough! You have taken things too far time and time again here in BPZ but I will be the last person you ever do that with. You've made a big mistake bringing my family into this and you're gonna pay." Buddy looks back at the two family members behind him before quickly turning back to Jason. "Jason, inner demon, whatever the hell you are, I'm gonna not going to lose to you. I've already proven you're no god and I'll do it again at King of the Ring. I'm already on track to proving that I'm the best thing here in BPZ and beating you one on one will only help further prove me right. Since you entered BPZ, you have been nothing but a plague on this company. You came in and immediately showed just how low down and dirty you are in your fued with Apex and you only continued to show how disgusting you are over time. Now you seem to have gone even further beyond in your insanity. I don't quite understand what is going on with you but I do know one thing." Buddy takes a deep breath before speaking impassionately once again. "You do not belong in this company. I will be doing everyone in this company a favor by beating you down. This will be the biggest match of our respective careers. I recognize that this match is more than just a title match. It's a clash of two complete and total opposites. One could almost call this a battle between good and evil. I would avoid saying something so cheesy but it's true. You're an evil here in BPZ that needs to be brought to justice. Well I'm gonna be the man to finally do what is necessary. I bet you're thinking that a Hell in a Cell match would favor you and that's why you want it. That's only going to backfire on you though. I am fully prepared to go through absolute hell with you over this championship and the added conditions you've offered will only further motivate me. I'm gonna take back my family and I'm going to kick you out of my division. You will never hold the NXT championship or any other title in the BPZ for that matter. I will always be here to fight you off and make sure you'll never be anything here in BPZ." Buddy takes one step forward so that he and Jason are nose to nose, pure hate in his eyes as he glares directly into Jason's. The audience is silent and the air is stiff from the intensity that these two superstars are giving off.
  11. I Can't Odd

    BPZ Match Rating Thread

    I'm ready for my five stars, sir
  12. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to BPZ Judgement Day! Tonight, we will see six different title matches including FDS' first ever world championship opportunity and Alyx Wilde's first defense. But before all of that we are kicking the show off with the NXT championship match. The NXT division has been absolutely on fire this past month and all three competitors are talented enough that they could be the man to take home the gold. A short video package is played highlighting the various promos between the three men to show just how hot things have been in the NXT division. The first man to come out is the rookie Buddy Ace, who has done all he can to make an impact here in BPZ. Buddy debuted in the first round of the Power Trip Carnage Cup against the now BPZ world champion Flynn in a fantastic effort. Now he has his sights set on becoming NXT champion in his first ever title shot and only second match here in BPZ. Buddy Ace walks down the ramp with an air of confidence about him and a determined look on his face. Buddy Ace claims he's the only one worthy of holding the NXT championship and that he's going to have 'the most Awesome title reign in BPZ history'. In order to prove that he will have to go through both members of Marking the Empire here tonight. The two members of Marking the Empire come out together, Marker of course having the NXT championship slung around his shoulder. Jason whispers something to Marker and the two begin walking down the ramp, all the while staring daggers at Buddy Ace. Both men have problems with the other man in this match and are hoping to shut him up and keep the title with Marking the Empire. For Jason, he wants to simply brutalize Ace for all his big talk. For Marker, he wants to prove that he is truly the King of NXT and a deserving champion. He had been chasing the title for so long and now that he has it he won't let it be taken away easily. Jason and Marker enter the ring and Ace backs away into the corner, cautiously watching as his opponents strut around the ring. While Ace would never admit it, perhaps Jason Ryan has instilled some fear into him after inducting his family into the cult. Each man goes into a corner as the ring announcer begins to speak. "The following match is an elimination triple threat for the NXT championship! Introducing the first challenger; he is 'The Awesome One', Buddy Ace!" Ace throws his arms out and nods, pleased with the crowd reaction. "And now introducing the second challenger; he is 'The Sinner' Jason Ryan!" The crowd erupts in boos, Jason's heinous acts over the months having earned himself a bad reputation. "Introducing the champion; he is 'The King of NXT', The Marker!" The crowd cheers loudly, Marker being the fan favorite here tonight. Marker raises the championship into the air one last time before handing it to the referee. The bell rings and this match is finally under way. Buddy Ace immediately tries to escape the ring but both Jason and Marker grab him and begin raining blows down on him. Buddy falls to the canvas and the two men continue to attack by stomping away. Jason and Marker grab Buddy and lift him up, Irish whipping him together. The two get ready to perform a double team maneuver but Buddy grabs the ropes to stop himself. Jason and Marker run forever to quickly continue their attack but Buddy dashes forward and clotheslines both men. Jason is the first to his feet and Buddy clotheslines him back down. Marker gets up but Buddy floors him with a dropkick. Buddy pulls Marker back up but before Buddy can do anything more, Jason hits Buddy in the back. Jason and Marker hook Buddy's arms and hit him with a double team suplex, leaving Buddy clutching his back in pain. Jason pats Marker on the back before the two continue to punch and kick Buddy before he can stand. After a few seconds, the two step back and wait as Buddy struggles to his feet. Jason irish whips Buddy into the corner and begins chopping away at his chest. Buddy's chest begins to turn red from the powerful chops being delivered by The Sinner, a pained expression on Buddy's face. Jason steps away and waves Marker forward and now the champ begins getting his chops in. Marker stops and Buddy staggers out of the corner but Marker him to prevent him from falling. Marker and Jason turn Buddy around and set him up on the top turnbuckle. Jason and Marker climb up and deliver a brutal top rope back suplex to Buddy! Jason covers Buddy and the referee gets in position. "One...two..." Buddy kicks out just before the ref can slap the mat for the three. So far, Jason and Marker's strategy has been working wonders, as The Awesome One has hardly gotten any offense in during this match up so far. Buddy crawls to the ropes and pulls himself up, panting heavily as he tries to shake off the pain. Jason charges forward to clothesline Buddy outside the ring but Buddy tosses Jason over the ropes! Jason crashes to the outside and Marker stands stunned for a second before quickly charging at Buddy. Buddy cuts Marker off with a running forearm but the champ pops back up to his feet. Buddy rebounds off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Marker ducks it and catches Buddy with a kick to the face. Buddy stumbles around for a second before Marker dropkicks him into the corner. Marker has Buddy lined up in the corner now and runs forward for a clothesline in the corner on the challenger. Buddy regains his senses just in time and dives out of the way just in time, causing Marker to crash into the corner. Marker staggers out of the corner and Buddy rolls him up. "1...2...3!" The NXT champion has been eliminated from this match up! We are guaranteed to crown a new NXT champion here tonight. Both Marker and Jason look to be in absolute shock, the latter of whom was just reentering the ring at the 3 count. Buddy turns to Jason with a grin on his face and motions him forward. The two men lock up in the middle of the ring, struggling to outpower each other. For both of these men, this match means more than just winning the NXT championship. Buddy and Jason have grown to despise each other since Buddy arrived here in BPZ. Jason manages to get Buddy into a headlock but Buddy quickly pulls back to the ropes and shoves Jason away. Buddy chases after Jason who rebounds off the ropes and nails Buddy with a big boot. Jason drags Buddy to his feet and heaves Buddy onto his shoulders but Buddy manages to wriggle free before Jason can do anything. Buddy hooks the arms and there's the Skullcrushing Finale! "1...2..." No, Jason kicks out just after two! Buddy is on his knees in shock, believing he had secured the win with that move. It doesn't take long for Buddy to snap out of it and continue to attack before Jason can recover. Buddy grabs Jason by the legs and kicks Jason's knees a few time before stepping through and applying The Figure Four Leg Lock! Jason would let out a pained cry, holding his head in his hands. The pain from a submission like this is excruciating and Jason may not be able to hold out very long. Jason rocks back and forth in pain for a few seconds before managing to roll over, reversing the Figure Four. Buddy scrambles to get out of it and tries to get to his feet but before he can Jason grabs his foot and yanks Buddy backwards. With Buddy's foot in hand Jason now has an opportunity and he's gonna use it, putting Buddy into the Ankle Lock! After a few seconds Buddy drags himself to the ropes to force a rope break, and Jason keeps the hold on for the count of 4 to maximize the damage. While Jason takes a second to recover, Buddy drags himself under the bottom rope and out of the ring. Jason follows Buddy to the outside, being someone that is extremely comfortable with brawls on the outside. Buddy is on his hands and knees when Jason grabs him by the hair and pulls him up, looking to take advantage of the outside of the ring. Jason walks Buddy into the corner of the barricades and slams his head into the barricade a few times, leaving him stunned and leaning against the barricade. Jason takes a few steps back and charges forward for the spear but Buddy throws himself out of the way just in time, leaving Jason to crash through the barricade alone! Buddy once again gets lucky in dodging an opponent here in this match up, Jason Ryan laying in a heap on the ground after the failed attack. Buddy is aware of the chance he has and goes in and out of the ring to break the referees count and dragging the dazed Jason back into the ring. Buddy has the upper hand in this match up now and he knows it, yelling obscenities at Jason while he's down. Jason tries to push himself but Buddy kicks him in the side of the head. Buddy kicks Jason a few more times until he's sure Jason won't get back up. Buddy shouts at the crowd and climbs up to the top turnbuckle and the crowd gets excited. Buddy points at Jason before nailing him with a diving senton! Buddy goes for the cover, hoping to put Jason away here. "1...2..." Jason Ryan kicks out yet again and Buddy starts to yell at the referee. Buddy turns around and tries to lift Jason back up but Jason nails him with a right hand, catching Buddy off guard. Jason drives Buddy into the corner with more punches before lifting him up and dropping him face first onto the turnbuckle. Buddy staggers right into Jason who lifts him up and lands a fallaway slam. Jason waits as Buddy slowly gets back to his feet and turns him inside out with a brutal clothesline. Now it's Jason's turn to go for the cover and he hooks the leg. "1...2..." Buddy kicks out and Jason is quick to stomp away at Buddy, not wanting to let him rest. Jason goes to pick Buddy back up but Buddy rolls him into the small package! Could Buddy steal yet another pin and the NXT championship? "1...2..." Jason just barely manages to escape the small package before the 3 count and now the two men are standing face to face again. Buddy and Jason lock up again and Jason manages to slip behind Buddy and attempts a German Suplex but Buddy catches Jason with an elbow. Jason doesn't let go and tries to lift Buddy for a German Suplex again but Buddy hits Jason with an elbow again and this time doesn't stop until Jason releases his grip. Buddy forearms Jason in the back of the head and turns him around for a vertical suplex, but Jason shakes Buddy off with a series of punches to the gut. Jason grabs the head of the doubled over Buddy and drives his knee directly into the nose of Buddy. Jason keeps hold of Buddy's head and does it a second time then a third time, then a fourth time. Blood seems to have started leaking from Buddy's nose and Jason smiles upon seeing this. Buddy sinks to his knees and seems to be barely aware of where he is right now. Jason slips his arm's under Buddy's into a double underhook and drags him up to his feet, Buddy barely staying on his feet. It seems Jason wants to end this match now and tries to lift Buddy up for the Last Rites, but Buddy struggles to keep Jason from lifting him up enough. Jason tries to lift Buddy again but Buddy manages to avoid being lifted once again. Jason is visibly frustrated by Buddy's struggling and tries to lift him up for the Last Rites one more time. This time Buddy goes up into the air but no Last Rites is delivered as Buddy escaped with an arm drag, tossing Jason to the opposite side of the ring. Jason sprints over to Buddy but runs right into an elbow, stunning The Sinner. Buddy grabs Jason and hooks the leg and there's the Diamond Buster! "1...2..." "3!" Buddy Ace is the new NXT champion! Buddy rolls off of Jason and wipes the blood from his face as the victory sinks in. Buddy scrambles to his feet and eagerly takes the NXT championship into his hands. The referee raises Buddy's hand while he raises the belt in the other. Buddy Ace has won his first ever championship in BPZ here at Judgement Day by defeating both members of Marking the Empire. Buddy Ace has proven himself worthy of the championship and perhaps this really will be the start of the most awesome title reign in BPZ history.
  13. I Can't Odd

    BPZ Match Rating Thread

    You should rate the debut of future Hall of Famer Buddy Ace where he gets put over massively by Flynn 😎
  14. I Can't Odd

    A Coward's Game

    Buddy Ace heads to the ring with a microphone in hand and an annoyed look on his face. Heading into Judgement Day, the NXT division has been heating up and Ace is looking to add more fuel to the fire here tonight. "Jason, Jason, Jason...do you really think that you're a threat to me? Or anyone on the roster for that matter? That's real funny, pal. The only way you're a real threat to anyone is when you use cowardly tactics to catch people off guard. Look at the match itself. An elimination triple threat? Are you kidding me? That's complete bull shit. It's like management is actively trying to screw me over for some reason. First making me debut against Flynn and now this? But of course, that's the only way in hell either Marker or Jason would be able to walk out as champ. I mean, it's obvious what you're gonna try to do. First you both double team me to get me eliminated, then Jason lays down for Marker. Do you really think I'll let that happen? Marker can try to hide behind you all he wants, but I'm gonna tear you down and then take his championship. By singlehandedly eliminating both members of Marking the Empire and winning the NXT championship, I will solidify myself as the greatest superstar in the NXT division!" Buddy Ace grins as he takes a moment to listen to the fans reaction's before looking a bit serious again. "Jason, just like your pal Marker, you too have failed time and time again, but you're so delusional that you still think you actually matter. You have had your chances to become the leader of this division, but you will have no more with me here. You were the heavy favorite to take Julius' place as champion once he left but yet the seemingly inferior Marker made you look like a fool at Mayhem. Let's not forget your laughable performance recently at the Power Trip Cup pay per view. Seriously, Slim absolutely destroyed you yet you still have the audacity to call yourself a God? Your mouth is spewing so much shit I can't distinguish it from your ass. From here on out, you shouldn't come out and talk ever again. You make all these massive claims and you're really just setting yourself up to look like an idiot. I am sick of the disrespect that you have shown me. I am the single most promising prospect here in BPZ yet you continue to talk down to me. You, someone who is struggling at even the lowest level of BPZ, is in no position to do so. Your words are empty and meaningless threats that no one seems to believe except yourself. It's just 'blah blah I'm gonna hurt you blah blah blah' over and over. If you're gonna threaten me, at least get a little more creative than giving the same lines over and over just with a different synonym for ruin being inserted. Though I.k guess I shouldn't expect much from some dumb hick, should I? You might as well start packing your bags now because I'm gonna send you back to your ranch crying. You're gonna learn to never put your grubby hands on a superstar of my calibre ever again." The fans cheer at the idea of Jason Ryan getting beaten down in the ring. "Marker, you really haven't done a great job of actually establishing yourself as being a champion. In my eyes, you're just keeping that belt warm for me. I'll admit, at least you aren't making yourself look like as big idiot of an idiot as your boyfriend. But that doesn't mean you aren't stupid in your own right. The so called king of NXT is just a bad joke. I told you that I was already looking past you and that is still true. I'm ready to make NXT awesome. And though you're incorrect about a lot of things, you're damn right I'm an attention seeker, because I want everyone to be watching as I whip your ass. People deserve to know just how great I am. Nothing I have said up to this point has been a lie. I am an honest man who could do no wrong, and the fact that you are causing people to question my word irritates me. What gives you the right to say anything about me? I'll make sure to shut you up good. But not only does Marking The Empire talk shit about me, but they constanstly blow each other in their promos! I'm sick of you two talking about one another all the time. You aren't co-champions like you want to think. There is one championship belt and one champion and your foolishness is making the belt lose its prestige. Wanna be co champs, go back to your failing quest of winning the tag team titles. This match should be all about the belt and the belt only, but you both want to be petty bitches and are devaluing the belt. That's a damn shame considering all that Julius did for it. But worry not, because I promised to win the NXT championship at that is what I'm gonna do. Now I don't really care all that much about how you or anyone else on the roster feels about me, but I am fully aware of those feelings and I know that after Judgment Day, those feelings will change. All of you in the back will become fans of Buddy Ace just like all these people here tonight. I will make you realize just how awesome I truly am. But I won't forget the unjust treatment I've received so far in my stay here at BPZ. You'll regret not having recognized my greatness sooner. At Judgement Day, the most awesome NXT championship reign behind!"
  15. I Can't Odd

    My Summerslam 2018 PPV Card

    WWE Championship: AJ Styles Vs Samoa Joe (if it wasn't Bryan) WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar Vs Seth Rollins (or Strowman if he decided to pull an RVD) WWE RAW Womens Championship: Alexa Bliss vs Ronda Rousey WWE SDLive Womens Championship: Carmella vs Becky Lynch WWE RAW Tag Team Championship: The Authors Of Pain Vs Matt and Bray WWE SDLive Tag Team Championship: The Bludgeon Brothers Vs Sanity WWE Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler vs Finn Balor WWE United States Championship: Jeff Hardy vs The Miz (I really dont know for this one because there are so many people that could challenge for US rn, but i like miz so) this isn't like a definitive thing, because there are definitely other people that could fill the role of challenger that id be 100% down for, just some suggestions type things.

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