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  1. Buddy Ace and Jason Ryan come flying out from behind the curtain throwing fists at one another. Just this past weekend these two teamed up to challenge for the BPZ Tag Team Championships but now things seem to have broken down between them as they take their fight down to the ring. Jason and Buddy seemed to have set their issues aside but clearly not as they are brawling right here in front of everyone. Jason Ryan throws Buddy in the ring and follows but before the fight can continue, the rest of the Mafia members drag them away into opposite corners. Unable to break free, the two start shouti
  2. I've just finished listening to the podcast and I think it was pretty good. It was 3 great minds of BPZ who had an actually coherent discussion which I greatly appreciate. Thank you for not wasting my time and delivering a quality podcast. I hope you guys will do more podcasts in the future.
  3. Buddy Ace emerges from the back here after the crowd has been subjected to yet another crazed Jason Ryan rant this week. The two of them will be teaming up in a bid for the Tag Team Championships against Smith and Sameer, and while the two have seemingly made efforts to get along, this close to the match they are still at odds with one another. Buddy gets a microphone of his own and enters the ring to be with his tag partner. "Jason I like the enthusiasm your showing here, definitely a better attitude than when you were crying about how a win would be impossible, though I think you
  4. AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. MJF (Moxley is banned from using his Paradigm Shift finishing move) Mimosa Mayhem: Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy AEW World Tag Team Championship: Kenny Omega and Adam Page (c) vs. FTR AEW Women's World Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Thunder Rosa The Dark Order (Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) vs. Matt Cardona, Scorpio Sky, and The Natural Nightmares Jurassic Express vs. The Young Bucks Broken Rules: Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara (If Hardy loses, he must leave AEW) Tooth and Nail Match: Britt Baker vs. Big
  5. "I guess I could use the exercise, need to walk off the rest of this hangover anyways." Jason gives a grunt in agreement. The two shuffle off aimlessly, clueless as to where the hotel is. Buddy continues to talk while they walk. "You know I hate to admit it but Mr. Slim is right. We deserved that completely. I don't like being talked down to like a child but that's how we've been behaving. For far too long we have been complete and total screw ups with no one to blame for that but ourselves. This opportunity is the chance to wipe away a year and a half of bad decisions with just one win. We ca
  6. Buddy Ace has an incredulous look on his face after listening to Jason Ryan. “You cannot be serious right now. What happened to you, man? This is not the Jason Ryan I used to know. The Jason Ryan I knew, foul person as he may be, was an outlaw who gave no shits about anything besides kicking ass in and out of the ring. What I’m looking at now is just a shell. You’ve driven away all of your friends and all of your family, damn, that sucks. Have you taken a second to think about how maybe being this deep in drugs and alcohol is one of the reasons nobody is ever gonna come back to yo
  7. I'm just not into Asuka challenging for both Women's Championships. All the women on the roster and no other has been built enough that you could give them a Summerslam match? Well if not then use the title feud to establish them further. Then there's the fact that she's not even a member of the Smackdown roster but then again the Raw Women's Champion isn't a member of the brand either. So nobody besides these three women really seem to matter, at least that's the way they have been presenting things as of late. I assume that Asuka wins one and loses the other, probably getting the Raw belt ba
  8. I'm glad we are finally gonna get the big blow off to this feud. I think that this has been a great feud even though I do think maybe they strained a bit after WrestleMania by continuing to have rematches and such until Ziggler left the brand. I think that Sonya has especially been a standout part of Smackdown throughout this feud and hopefully is set to be a future star of the division with how well she has performed. I'm assuming Mandy Rose is gonna be the winner of this, heel getting their comeuppance and all, especially with a stipulation like hair vs hair. It's actually pretty cool that t
  9. Three brand battle royal for the SMACKDOWN Women's Championship is just so dumb. Might as well unify the belts and have one women's championship like there's one Tag if you're gonna do this. Corona basically killed the brandsplit, they just need to make it official. I feel like this battle royal showcased how WWE just doesn't know how to build stars when there was only 2 women who mattered in the slightest in the match. Then Asuka wins and she's gonna challenge both women's champions because there is no one they have plans for which is sad. Retribution looked bigger this week so I guess they r
  10. It’s late night as a car pulls up in front of a seedy looking bar. The driver’s door opens and a pair of boots hit the pavement. The door shuts to reveal Buddy Ace as the driver and despite his well known love for bars he doesn’t look too happy to be here tonight. Buddy barges through the front door of the establishment and the few shady characters inside immediately turn to face him, all except for one. Buddy makes a beeline straight for this one man, stopping right next to his stool but still there is no reaction from him. The man goes to take another sip of his drink but before the bottle c
  11. WWE Championship Match: Drew McIntyre (C) vs Jeff Hardy Universal Championship Match: Aleister Black (C) vs Batista RAW Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch (C) vs Shayna Baszler SD Women’s Championship Match: Charlotte (C) vs Kairi Sane United States Championship Match: Roderick Strong (C) vs Adam Cole vs Ricochet vs Shinsuke Nakamura Intercontinental Championship Match: Bobby Lashley (C) vs Andrade vs Rey Mysterio RAW Tag Team Championship Match: KOZayn (C) vs Wyatts vs Rated RKO vs New Day SD Tag Team Championship Match: DIY (C) vs UE Women’s T
  12. I love Bret Hart though I never really gave much thought to the idea of his career trajectory had he not been injured, at least not past the death of WCW. I definitely don't think he would want to have anything to do with WWE at this point. Bret Hart to me has always seemed to be one of the most passionate guys towards the business though I do wonder if the family deaths and the way WCW mishandled him might have at least pushed him to step away from the ring for a bit, I don't think he would outright retire though. Working in TNA definitely seems to be the most likely option. As far as I know
  13. The concept of Tag Team Appreciation Night was a great one but I think the execution was subpar. One thing I thought was why not have some of those Deadly Draw matches on this episode of Dynamite? I mean as far as the women's division goes, they literally only got like a two minute match on this episode of Dynamite. The neglect of the women is embarrassing and the Deadly Draw matches would have been more meaningful than the matches we did have. Like Jurassic Express isn't exactly a credible tag team in my eyes and I would want a bigger challenging team for the TTAN than that. Oh yeah The Young
  14. So they revealed the finished TNT Championship and honestly I really liked it being all silver. I wish they had used less gold, maybe had some gold highlights but not as much as they used here. It was obvious that the inspiration was Cody's favorite belt, the NWA TV title, which I would rather it look like than the finished product. Sidenote, why is the AEW twitter hiding replies saying it looks bad? Makes them look SOFT.
  15. I'm sorry but I hate Raw Underground. It's just boring to me and I would rather watch proper wrestling matches than the very poor looking work shoot thingies. I also don't like Retribution in the slightest. I thought the Smackdown stuff was bad but their Raw appearance was even worse. I'm not gonna go on about all that though because I don't want to just focus on negatives, at least not those ones. The contract signing between Dominik and Seth was a good segment. The kendo stick beat down made it even better because they really beat the hell outta Dominik like they were initiating
  16. This is probably the match I am looking forward to the most at Summerslam and it has been built pretty well so far. Drew McIntyre has been a fantastic WWE Champion and been arguably the company MVP this year with the challenger Randy Orton being the other guy I would consider. Randy Orton is an incredible heel and the way that they have basically reestablished him as the number one villain of his brand makes me think that they are going to have him win the WWE Championship. I've heard the rumors and such about wanting McIntyre to have another crowning moment with the fans, Edge vs Orton at Man
  17. I'm not really sure what they are doing with the Women's Championships at this point because things have been weird lately. From the start the Women's Tag Titles have been a failure in my opinion and they continue to be neglected now. For a TRIPLE BRAND championship it sure is rarely featured and maybe that has to do with both Sasha and Bayley being singles champions too. Now it seemed logical for things to maybe build to Bayley vs Sasha over on the blue brand for a long time now, maybe Naomi in a program, whatever. RAW lost their big star but they Asuka was a good champion to take that place
  18. Can't believe they managed to stretch things this far but props to WWE for this incredible trilogy. I remember thinking a Bray/Braun feud would be dope but I dunno once we got it I just wasn't into it. I suppose I'm just one of those toxic fans they should ignore then. I just thought there was too much going on with that swamp fight and then this Alexa stuff lately really felt like it shoulda just been the attack and that's it. Whatever, glad to see the in ring return of The Fiend, who I assume is winning this match. Kinda sad for Braun to have gotten that Universal Championship reign a couple
  19. The Street Profits have been Raw Tag Team Champions for about 5 and a half months, the longest since the New Day's record length reign that began before the split, so good for them I suppose. I feel like this reign will be most remembered by the Viking Raiders 'feud' which is kind of sad. The Street Profits definitely should have been more consistently featured because you can see that when they are around they are entertaining in and out of the ring. I figure it is about time that the reign ends and the team of Andrade and Angel is the perfect team to do so. Definitely gonna be a good match h
  20. I think Apollo has been a good enough champion thus far and while I like The Hurt Business a lot, I don't think MVP should be the guy to end Apollo's reign. MVP shouldn't even be getting this match against Apollo as this will be their 4th match and MVP already had that championship match last Monday anyways. Plus isn't the whole point of the stable for MVP to be the manager that gets the other guys over? Hopefully MVP loses and either a new recruit or maybe Lashley (sorry Shelly you had your matches) gets a crack at Apollo next if the plan isn't for Apollo to ultimately join up.
  21. Jason Ryan stops as the theme of his tag team partner plays. Buddy Ace emerges from the back with a microphone and glares at Jason as he starts to speak. “Calm down there and let’s just rewind real quick, Jason. You don’t like me and I don’t like you, that much is clear. Now I wasn’t exactly looking forward to teaming up with you but I was willingly to set aside my personal feelings for the sake of the group overall. Bailey figures we can do well as a team and hell I know we can because we’ve been Tag Team Champions together before. All that crap you wanna talk about me, I can let
  22. The scene opens to a bar counter and the camera pans across several empty seats until Buddy Ace is shown sitting on a stool drinking before turning around to face the camera. “It seems that I am in luck as I will be facing Raven in a Bar Room Brawl, which as a matter of fact will be taking place right here where I am today. It’s true that this could be considered a home field advantage for me because with all the time I spend in bars it’s basically a home away from home. Going out for a drink at a bar fits literally any occasion, whether you want to celebrate a major
  23. It's kind of cool that Dominik gets to debut at Summerslam, same as his father (and also 15 years after they had a match over custody of him). Honestly though I'm not really looking forward to this in large part because I feel like Aleister Black has been shafted by this feud. The man hadn't been pinned or submitted in proper singles matches and when he finally does it wasn't treated as a big deal like it should have. Aleister was turned into an afterthought when really I think he should have been in this spot against Seth Rollins instead as their rubber match. Dominik better be a prodigy if h

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