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  1. Stables are an integral part of wrestling and in the past decade we have seen many different groups and stables emerge in the wrestling world. Which wrestling stable do you think had the biggest impact not only on their company but in wrestling in the 2010's?
  2. Joshua Scott Buddy and Bishop Julius Jones First Class Express Mikey Dokey FDS Bob Sparks Natedog James Ropati and ??? Flynn Sameer Bonus: Prince
  3. Finally started Trailer Park Boys a few days ago and I'm on season 3 now. It's really funny and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good comedy.
  4. Red Dead Redemption 2 blew my mind with how good it was. It was a truly great successor that managed to live up to the expectations set by the first. Definitely one of my favorite games in years.
  5. I was thinking about how this could have been Mania/Starrcade main event potential and found out the dream match happened in Japan.
  6. Amaura Cubchoo Sandshrew-Alola Spheal Smoochum Snover Swinub Vanillite
  7. The women's division has been very bare bones so far. They do have some good talent but compared to WWE/NXT and even Impact, it's quite weak. They aren't doing anything to get you invested in these women and there's no stories to guide the division. It all feels very directionless like they don't know what they want to do which is in complete contrast to the great main event feuds they've been building. A big part of the problem I think is that they seem to be assuming you already know Riho and Emi's history and think the story is already written. A master-student story could have been great if they actually told it on television over time instead of randomly booking the match and having the entirety of the build being a tag match against each other. I've seen bits and pieces of their history online but that isn't on television and nobody knows these people! Very frustrating to see wasted potential like this and is almost alienating to have it feel like some sort of insider's show. And also, why didn't they use Aja, Awesome, even Mercedes, or some other veteran talents that are bigger names than people like Riho. Their could have been an awesome journey to the title with Riho over the years but they hotshot her to being the first champion because she is buddies with Kenny.
  8. Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega (Unsanctioned, lights out match) AEW Championship: Chris Jericho vs Cody. The Young Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz AEW Tag Tag Team Championship: SCU (c) vs. The Lucha Bros. vs. Private Party AEW Women's Championship: Riho (c) vs. Emi Sakura Adam "Hangman" Page vs. PAC Joey Janela vs. Shawn Spears Dr. Britt Baker vs. Bea Priestly (The Buy-In pre-show) Bonus Questions: First Match of the night? (Main Card) Joey Janela vs Shawn Spears Second to last match? Chris Jericho vs Cody Will anyone make their AEW debut tonight and if so who? No Does MJF turn on Cody? No
  9. I'll be honest, the second it was revealed that this was going to be an unsanctioned match, a good portion of my hype diminished. It would be one thing if it was a street fight but this literally won't count to their records so it might as well not even exist. This is literally their biggest match yet but it doesn't count because they were too afraid of hurting anyone's record. This record crap is gonna push them into a corner and I'm afraid they end up spamming the unsanctioned stipulation to protect people. I think the action will still deliver at the very least. They seem to have been hinting towards Kenny changing, and not back to the cleaner necessarily. Omega rebuilding himself for AEW would be very interesting and if he can pull that off it would be impressive.
  10. 1. Adam Cole 2. The Fiend 3. Finn Balor 4. Tommaso Ciampa 5. Shayna Baszler
  11. 1. NXT's entire invasion of Smackdown 2. The Fiend winning the Universal Championship 3. SCU becoming the inaugural AEW Tag Team Champions
  12. Crown Jewel 2019 Results Winner: Hans @Hans - 11 @bailey14 - 10 @I Can't Odd - 8 @Smith - 8 @Julius - 7 @Bart - 7 @Sameer - 7 @Alex Costa - 7 @TastefulChain4 - 6 @Mikey - 5 @Gunner Flynn - 3 Champion: Hans
  13. Good PR for WWE I suppose, though I don't get why this was the match up picked out of all the possibilities. I would expect them to send the company's face Becky Lynch over to make some more history like a Raw Women's Title match with Charlotte or something actually big time. This will be Lacey and Nattie's 9th singles match together this year after it had already been blown off with the Last Woman Standing Match and then they teamed but I suppose not. The Saudi event's actual matches don't really matter as we've learned so I guess it doesn't really matter either way. I do think it's funny WWE keeps going on about how they're trying to evoke change in the country because no, WWE isn't going to revolutionize Saudi with wrestling. At least be honest and just admit it's all about the money, it's a business. It's just annoying to hear these blatant cover lines to justify going over there.
  14. 20-man Battle Royal to determine #1 Contender for the United States Championship (Worth 2 Points) First Pick: Kevin Owens (Worth 1 Point) Second Pick: Humberto Carrillo Braun Strowman vs. Tyson Fury Mansoor vs. Cesaro Team Hogan vs. Team Flair US Championship Match: AJ Styles (c) vs. Battle Royal Winner WWE World Cup match. Tag Team Turmoil match. The New Day vs. The Viking Raiders vs. Heavy Machinery vs. Lucha House Party vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder vs. The Revival vs. The O.C. vs. Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode vs. The B-Team Universal Championship Match: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Bray Wyatt WWE Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Cain Velasquez Bonus Questions: First Match? 20 Man Battle Royal Second To Last Match? Mansoor vs Cesaro In the Team Hogan vs. Team Flair match who will gain the final pinfall? Roman Reigns Will the 24/7 Championship change hands during the PPV? No
  15. Daniel Bryan vs HHH. The Yes Movement was the best story WWE had in a long time and the match here was a classic that was one half of the amazing night Bryan had where he defied all odds, injured and with everyone against him, to reach the top of the mountain. Everyone in the stadium was behind DB and the only match that truly rivals it on this card I think would be the main event itself.
  16. I've been playing Fallout New Vegas and it's a ton of fun. Way back when, this was the first Fallout game I had ever seen so this one has always been a bit special to me. It's my favorite of the series though I've only played the first person ones and not the original two. Also been trying the Blair Witch game though it's pretty boring and barely a game. I'll finish it since I started already.
  17. Rusev is a sex addict, what an awesome storyline. So Lana just instantly believed Lashley about Rusev cheating without any proof? Sad that their marriage was that fragile though I can't lie, I got a laugh out of divorce court. Drew vs Ricochet for as good as it was going shouldn't have been happening when they literally had a match last week. I'm so sick of WWE's formula of having the same match 15 times. Rollins vs Rowan was random and pointless. Like I guess since he used to be Wyatt's minion they thought it was a reason to have them face. Why did we have a meaningless usage of the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation just before the big one at Crown Jewel? Unoriginal match ending for a stupid match. I am glad Humberto is being treated like a star so far with some good matches against the champions though I don't know why he isn't still in the Cruiserweight Division when he still had stuff he could have been doing on 205. There was some ok stuff on the show but pretty boring and even bad for the most part.
  18. Given what happened on last week's Raw it does seem like we will be getting Kevin vs AJ for the title. I think that Kevin might become one of the key pieces on Raw along with Buddy, Andrade, Black, etc. I feel like AJ might lose his title soon and if Kevin is the person that takes it off of him then I would be fine with that as I've sorely missed Kevin Owens as a champion of any sort.
  19. Prince seems like he could be one of the top forums members if he actually wanted to but he never sticks to trying long enough to reach that level.
  20. 1. Arius 2. Smith 3. BiC 4. Hans 5. Gunner Flynn
  21. Are we really counting AEW and NJPW as indies?
  22. 1. Finn Balor 2. Brock Lesnar 3. Bray Wyatt 4. Team Kick 5. Sami Zayn
  23. 1. Finn Balor beating down Johnny Gargano 2. Cody, Dustin, DDP, and MJF brawl with the Inner Circle 3. Lesnar attacking everyone in the training room

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