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  1. Liv Morgan vs. Natalya (Kickoff) Cesaro vs. Drew Gulak (Kickoff) Women's Tag Team Championships: Kabuki Warriors (c) vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley Elias vs. King Corbin Raw Tag Team Championships: Street Profits(c) vs. Austin Theory & Angel Garza Jr. SmackDown Tag Team Championships: Miz & Morrison (c) vs. The Usos vs.The New Day (Ladder Match) Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn(c) vs Daniel Bryan Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins SmackDown Women's Championship: Bayley(c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Lacey Evans vs. Naomi vs. Tamina NXT Women's Championship: Rhea Ripley(c) vs. Charlotte Flair Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch(c) vs. Shayna Baszler Edge vs. Randy Orton (Last Man Standing) John Cena vs. The Fiend (Firefly Fun House Match) The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar(c) vs. Drew McIntyre Universal Championship: Goldberg(c) vs. Braun Strowman Bonuses: Will Ronda Rousey show up? Will Gronk interfere in any matches? How many title changes will we get? No, No, 4
  2. The scene opens to a wall of white, identified as a cue ball as the camera zooms out to reveal a group of people playing a game of pool in a bar. The man takes his turn and pockets two balls at once in impressive fashion before the camera pulls away from the table, weaving in and out through groups of people as it works its way to the bar where a familiar face is seated. Buddy Ace is red faced and loudly chatting with the woman sitting next to him, obviously several drinks in. The woman is clearly annoyed but Buddy Ace is oblivious to the physical cues as he rattles on. "...I mean I joked about it for months, but I never expected it to happen. But really who could have? Apparently me, I'm some sorta Nostramus, ya know. This man disappears for something like 8 months just to come in last second, take a pin, and walk off. It's a great send off for a Hall of Famer, not so great for me. What a selfish thing to do if ya ask me. Everything was supposed to come full circle for me after fighting my way to that point. I mean I could have at least been allowed my singles match, I deserved my singles match! I mean after what happened in my earlier match I needed that singles match. I know I would have won that for sure but now I may never get another title shot again. I lost everything at BPZMania! Now we got this brand split thing coming back. Did I tell you last time I was a first round pick?” “Yes that’s the third ti--” “First round draft pick, don’t care about the circumstances, first round pick! Now I feel I’ll be lucky to go in the first ten rounds. Who wants the guy that lost twice at BPZMania? I certainly wouldn’t so I couldn’t blame the General Managers. It...it’s not my fault though, I try my best, I just got these other people in the way. I am the hardest working man in that company, I outta be a big time star! What the hell, 2 years of work and nobody seems to appreciate it. I just get so tired of it all but even when I've lost everything it still is all I have. It's okay though because I'll make them all how good I am and they're...they're gonna all look really stupid.” The woman has had enough as she gets out of her seat and walks off. Buddy waves her off and downs the rest of his drink. Without her the bartender is Buddy’s next victim as he looks ready to start up again. “Sheesh, what is her problem? Typical, will talk ya deaf but won’t listen. I can do better though so she’s missing out. Hey, refill this for me man. Anyways, you feel me right? I mean I was robbed last Sunday when I'm the one that's supposed to be the cowboy, aha...” The bartender pushes Buddy’s refilled glass towards him and the sound of the bell at the door is heard as it opens up. Buddy glances over his shoulder to see a familiar face approaching him.
  3. 1. Rey Mysterio 2. Ricochet 3. Kane 4. Daniel Bryan 5. AJ Styles 6. Sami Zayn 7. The Velveteen Dream 8. Andrade 9. El Ligero 10. Kassius Ohno
  4. We are here in Washington D.C. which will be home to the biggest show of the year, BPZMania V. Today many of the most devoted fans and reporters have gathered to watch the BPZMania Press Conference, where the greatest wrestlers in the world are prepared to give their final thoughts on the upcoming event. Buddy Ace is the next man to step up to the stage, proudly wearing the United States Championship around his waist. Buddy takes a second to look out at all that are in attendance today before raising the microphone to speak. “I am so glad to be here in the capitol of the greatest country, the one that I am the champion of, surrounded by all of you today. 5 is a big milestone and I am incredibly excited to be part of BPZMania once again. We spend all year working towards this and I feel like all of that work has paid off for myself. I carved out my own path to get here as both champion and challenger. After being so dissatisfied with my lot here I have grabbed that brass ring and now I gotta hold on for dear life. I’ve got people that want to crush my dreams for the sake of their own and that’s just how things are in this business. Things are different now for me than they were only 6 months ago and I will not let myself fall back down to that level again. Anyway I won’t stand here and monologue the entire time, we’ve got a lot of people who seem eager to ask some questions so if I’ll answer any now.” Nondescript Reporter Dude: “Mister Ace, you just said that things are different now for you, but how so? What makes the Buddy Ace of now any different than the one from last year’s BPZMania?” “Well last year was a very tough time for me. The Flock was finished and I was left to my own devices. I thought it would be easy to make it on my own, afterall, before The Flock I had been doing very well for myself already. The thing that I hadn’t realized about that though is I was thriving because of a lack of opposition. Really besides us three of The Flock the division was dead for about 9 months there, so we were fooled into thinking we were some dominant force when there was no one else to dominate. Then in that December we had a massive flood of talent being signed that revitalized the company with new blood. BPZMania IV I had to contend with this group over the NXT Championship and I was overwhelmed. I got swept up in this flood of talent, practically drowning in it. The name Buddy Ace was all but forgotten as new names surged to the forefront like Arius, Hans, and KENJI. These men quickly reached new heights that I myself had never reached before in record time and I was forced to watch all of these men passing me by. It was kind of funny, because I wound up striving to be like the competitors who hadn’t been around as long as I had. Now though, after struggling for so long to do so, it seems like I have finally broken back through the surface. I am working harder now than I ever have before because I am truly dedicated to not letting myself lag around any longer. It’s my turn to be the hot breakout star, to fulfill my dreams.” Nondescript Reporter Gal: “The North American Champion KENJI has compared your attempt at becoming a double champion to his at Night of Legends, saying that it won’t end well for you. He’s also made several other criticisms of you as a challenger. What are your feelings on his statements?” “I have a good deal of respect for KENJI as he is one of those men that has certainly hot shotted ahead of me since his arrival. At the same time, I have to admit that fact has made me a little bitter towards him. Jealousy is quite ugly but it’s the truth. I have envied KENJI and those other men that I previously mentioned because they had what I desired. They were the new stars of BPZ, something that I was once pegged as until I had an unfortunate fall, not that I fell from very high up. KENJI still has what I desire today. KENJI has said that I’ve grown complacent, that he is disappointed in me, a bunch of other stuff that is quite frankly bullshit. He just doesn’t get what I’ve been through but I am more than willingly to educate him because if that North American Championship was ripped from his grasp then maybe he could feel a tenth of the anger, sadness, disappointment I’ve gone through. Yes I stand atop one mountain the United States Champion but I’ll just go for a quick hike to knock him down from his. I would love to say that his words don’t both me and whatnot but the truth is I’m insulted by them. Incredibly insulted and very pissed off. He can stand there all high and mighty with his textbook taught English and treat me like I’m some bum with no passion or whatever he thinks of me but once we get in the ring, we are all equal. He doesn’t like me as a challenger, tough shit, cuz here I am. Just cuz I don’t appear on each Carnage with a god damned Presidential speech where I say a whole lot of nothing doesn’t mean I’m complacent. The continued doubt of my passion and hard work not just by KENJI but by seemingly every person in that locker room, in that crowd, for the past year now, how much will it take to prove to you that I have dedicated my entire being to this?! Nothing seems to be enough and I have had enough!” “Sure, I’m not the first to have the underdog story, the struggle for redemption, whatever other way you can classify this rise. I’m sure plenty of people look at that and don’t see past the surface of it, just figure it’s another generic story. But that’s because they have not personally experienced every up and down that I have...KENJI has not experienced this. I guess I should forgive that ignorance of his then. Besides, no point getting angry now, I need to save that for the match, aha. Anyways, KENJI says that the whole double champ aspirations are gonna cost me. Logically speaking, I can understand why he might think so, especially given that is probably the only similar experience we will have had to this point. If anything though, I would rather compare my double champion attempt to his partner Arius’ when he walked into World at War the United States Champion and walked out with that North American Championship as well. Hey, we both won the United States Championship and were the poster boys for Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, maybe I can emulate the man? I’m joking of course, it isn’t like he pulled double duty the same as KENJI or I so it’s a lot different. The way I see it, I have more than enough to give for two matches, because I in fact am not complacent in the slightest.” Nondescript Reporter Guy: “Buddy, the best case scenario for you here is of course to win both matches and walk out a double champion, though it is very possible that doesn’t happen. I’m sorry to ask but I gotta know, worst case scenario you lose both matches and walk out with nothing, what happens after that for Buddy Ace?” “Haha, no need to apologize, I get why you’d ask. I never really liked these kinds of questions. What person wants to think about themselves losing? You should always bet on yourself, otherwise what’s the point if you don’t believe in yourself? But like you said, it’s a real possibility when gambling that you do lose, and when you’re all in like I am that means ya bust out. I suppose if I lose...there are still things I want to do this year. I’d like to think I’ve earned my way into a spot in the Powertrip Cup this year after being excluded previously. Hey, maybe I get past the first round of King of the Ring for once this year. I have a lot of goals in my career that I want to check off but I’m afraid that if I lose it all at BPZMania, it’s gonna make it that much harder for me to reach those goals. Who knows when I’ll ever get as big an opportunity as I have now, if I ever do again. That’s why I’m treating this like the last chance because it literally could be. I wanna put my all into this, so that I have no regrets at the end of the night no matter the results.” With that, Buddy Ace leaves the stage, having left an impression on those in attendance.
  5. WrestleMania 4 VS WrestleMania 2 WrestleMania 27 VS WrestleMania 32 WrestleMania 9 VS WrestleMania 11 WrestleMania 15 VS WrestleMania 25
  6. So now they've decided to go ahead and add on a Boneyard Match stipulation. Not sure what that means but I assume what it will be like is some sort of spooky cinematic match like the House of Horrors match or Ultimate Deletion match. I guess something like that could work to cover up the fact that it will be far from an in ring classic, so leaning into entertainment is the best option. Honestly the build for this has been kind of weird because they have tried doing some sort of shoot stuff, which granted I think some of it has worked well but other bits are just dumb. An obvious win for Taker here which I'm fine with.
  7. Yet another match that makes absolutely no fucking sense. Why isn't Andrade defending the United States Championship?? This division has loads of potential challengers and they really seemed to be setting up a fourway with the Latino talent (Rey, Angel, Humberto) which would have been a dope match, especially if they added a ladder like people have seemed to want. Heck, toss Aleister and Bobby in and make it a six man so we don't have that shite singles on the card. I don't care, just defend the title! Also, why isn't a proper tag team going for the titles?? I really thought that AOP would be the challengers at Mania but instead this pairing gets it? I wouldn't have a problem with Garza and Andrade being a long term team but they aren't and Andrade is also kinda a singles champion right now. They have done nothing to even earn it, I hate this match. The only thing I can say about this is that at least the titles will be on the card yet US won't...Andrade can't pull double duty? I don't know, but this doesn't scream WrestleMania match to me at all.
  8. At this point this isn't even WrestleMania anymore. Like I'm so pissed off about several of the matches that have been made plus this no crowd shit, then they toss this onto the card? They didn't even attempt to do a single second of build for it before announcing it randomly. The thing is, on paper I wouldn't be upset with a feud between the two but this is literally no build monday night Raw match type shit. Matches being made 2 weeks out is not enough for WRESTLEMANIA. It's not like there is any history or anything they can rely on to make a feud in that short time, it's just a match that's been made to get them on the card. Also, as a person who loves singles matches up and down the cards I just don't get why this is a singles match and not Sasha vs Bayley?? Like I guess the idea is they want to get Black on the card since they want to build him so he gets a win on Mania here, but why not put him in a title feud? Or at least a proper feud not just a random match made 2 weeks before Mania. This match should not exist as it is now.
  9. Top 5 Potential BPZ King of The Ring 2020 Winners By Roger Dockery March 23rd, 2020, 5:51 pm EST The King of the Ring tournament is one of the most important events on the BPZ calendar as 16 men battle it out each year for a World Championship opportunity in the Summerslam main event. This tournament has historically been a great place for talent to showcase themselves and give some the boost they need to reach the next level of their careers. At the sixth annual edition I expect the same thing as one star will solidify themselves as the King of the Ring. With such a deep talent pool, perhaps the best in the history of the company, the question is which of them will be the one? Today I will be listing 5 men I believe have the best chances of winning it this year. 5. Amai Not to knock Amai but he may be more of a longshot given his position on the card at the moment but he is rapidly rising the ranks today. Amai is a 2x and current NXT Champion, recently beating Hall of Famer Brad in a singles match, as well as having recently joined Mafia as a protege to Slim. It's clear he has a bright future ahead of him and in my opinion is easily one of the best heels on the roster in a long time. By the time the King of the Ring tournament rolls around he will likely be done with the NXT Championship and moving onto bigger things which may include becoming king. There's a lot of potential with Amai and his character here and I would not be opposed to seeing him have the rocket strapped to him. 4. Buddy Ace Buddy Ace has enjoyed a wealth of success in recent times with his Carnage Scramble win, his run in the Royal Rumble, and becoming US Champion. The fans are really behind him right now so I would suspect that some continued success will be in his future as BPZ would surely capitalize on this momentum in the coming months. While it may be a stretch to include winning the King of the Ring in his potential endeavors, it's definitely an option. 3. Ropati Ropati has long been touted as a potential main eventer and deservedly so. Post BPZMania may be the perfect time to push Ropati as a fresh face at the top. Despite being part of Bulletproof he hasn't been in anything really major since his return feud against Julius as well, which is a shame. Done right, BPZ could elevate Ropati to the next level if they start utilizing him properly in the coming months. Ropati is really the perfect kind of person to win as he is one of those would benefit the most from it. 2. Raven One year ago no one could have guess how wildly successful Raven would become. Raven has held the NXT Championship a record 3 times and US 2x with a potential third reign on the way if he wins at BPZMania, as well as being part of Mafia, which has given him quite the rub working so closely with Slim all the time. As Raven dominates through the division of BPZ it may not be long before he reaches the ultimate prize that is the World Championship and King of the Ring might be his path. Depending on how things play out we could even see the highly anticipated future match that is Arius vs Raven in that Summerslam main event. 1. Hans Clayton The man that I think is most likely to win the King of the Ring tournament is Hans Clayton. A true breakout star, Hans Clayton is certainly bound for the World Championship in my mind. Currently he is the Undisputed Champion which I don't think he will still be holding by the time July rolls around as the company will move him on to the only championship bigger than the one he has now. Last year he was in the finals of the King of the Ring where he lost to Julius in an absolute classic that established him as the elite performer we know him as today. I also think Hans has the most interesting potential match ups if he were to win. We could see a battle between arguably the two biggest new stars of Hans and Arius, we could see everything come full circle between Hans and Julius, perhaps a Summerslam rematch with Isaac Carter, maybe a Bulletproof civil war between FDS and Hans, the possibilities are endless in my mind. Hans Clayton is the man that should win King of the Ring.
  10. I am so god damn angry at this match up. We could have had Sasha vs Bayley at WrestleMania like 3 or 4 times now but they keep cucking us with some other dumb shit and this may be the most egregious offense yet. It was all laid out right freaking there and instead they give us this random six pack elimination match. There really is nothing behind this match, just Paige comes out and announces it, great build for a WrestleMania match. Fucking Tamina is in this match?? Like think, this is the biggest event of the year, so they should do the biggest possible program. Bayley vs Sasha on the main roster would be just that but instead we have people who we don't want to see, don't believe would ever win, be shoved in because they didn't pull the trigger fast enough. Dana and Lacey too, like those aren't Mania opponents at fucking all. Naomi maybe but not when we had Sasha right there for a 1v1. Like this Mania has loads of 1v1 matches and this couldn't have been one?? Not looking forward to this shit at all.
  11. Week 4, March 2015 I like opening the shows with promos rather than matches for some reason. I've been trying to have more variety in the match finishes since realistically not every single match every show is a clean match, plus it makes it harder to book if everyone loses in a clean fall or sub. This match isn't really that kind of case but if I have everyone beat each other clean then it makes it harder to book stories and stuff if I can't justify future bookings since they already got jobbed out. I always like booking many feuds into one match whether they are ongoing or just starting from that match so here I have two of the people from the NOC setting up a PPV bout. Kenny King continues his attempts to cozy up with Hernandez but Hernandez ain't having any of it. The stalking continues. I've actually been watching Dexter the last few days and I'm enjoying it so far. Diva's matches work well since a large portion of my women have amazing sex appeal. I hate this but Knux has good stats and plus irl he's cool so I wanna use him. Practically my entire undercard is in tag teams but obviously they gotta have singles matches or I would lose half the potential matches and it would just be all top talent. Kenny makes the save for Hernandez after the match. I accidentally put a segment between the match and the save but whatever. The narrative is that Kurt Angle is a world class athlete, one of the greatest wrestlers ever, while Bully Ray is just a bum reliant on street brawl blah blah blah. This is what a Knockout's match not based on sex appeal looks like. No X-Division match for Spud. After the match you get the lights out, lights on, Scorpion Death Drop show. Decent little interview of Bully Ray with Taz before the main event. The Heritage are officially the number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships. Yes of course the other two teams will have a match, that's how my NOCs work cuz I'm not a good booker. I am at a standstill with the pop. Really all I can think to do now is I want to get some big names but there is only one right now I can get but I don't need that person right at this moment so I'll hold off and they hopefully don't go elsewhere in the meantime.
  12. The fifth edition of the biggest event of the year draws ever closer and the excitement only continues to build with each passing day. Here we see Buddy Ace sitting across from BPZ interviewer Neil Vaughn as they prepare to discuss Buddy Ace’s involvement with BPZMania V. Buddy Ace will of course be pulling double duty that night as he defends the United States Championship that is currently resting in his lap, while also challenging for the North American Championship held by KENJI thanks to earning the opportunity at Night of Legends by winning the Carnage Scramble. Neil Vaughn: “Buddy Ace you are a man who has unexpectedly been on the rise in the past few months here in BPZ. We have always watched the sudden hot streak of great performances that have now led you to having not one but two high profile matches at the grandest stage of them all, BPZMania. Right now I want to talk to you about the match where you will be entering as the challenger against an elite tier athlete, the North American Championship match set against KENJI. This hot streak of yours really kicked off with the match that would make you the number one contender, the Carnage Scramble, and ever since then the fans all around the world have waited for this clash. First I would like you to take us back to that time and how all of this career resurgence business really got started up.” Buddy Ace: “Christmas Day last year was the big turn around for me. I really had no clue how important the match I had that night would end up being for me before and even after it happened. I had been on a 425 day losing streak losing streak coming in, my name long lost having any sort of true relevance to the company. I had those close encounters for the United States Championship but losing over and over is never really all that impressive, no matter how close it may be, and as the losses increased I grew more desperate. Even my aligning with Bailey to form the hWo in October was out of desperation but we all know what happened there.” “After a brief hiatus I figured that the first step to getting my career back on track was to at the very least make as many appearances as I can so when I received a match offer set for Christmas I was ecstatic. It seems silly but I needed any match I could get. What made it even better was that it would be against Marker. We were longtime rivals but in all that time we had never gone one on one. That match would be the culmination of everything we had both done in our careers as we fought to finally put it all to rest. With all of that history between us I felt I needed to beat Marker for some piece of redemption yet Marker didn’t care who his opponent was, he simply wanted to prove he was above everyone else. All of this before they added the oh so important stipulation on top of our match; the winner would be placed into the Carnage Scramble match at Night of Legends. At the time I gave no care to that, I was simply focused on Marker, which ultimately was for the best as I couldn’t have hopes for some match beyond if I wanted to beat a man like that. Only one of us could go through, and by the end of our battle, I was the one to earn his way in while Marker headed on out.” “Finally I had ended my losing streak and put a dark part of my past behind me, but I was jumping right into the middle of what would be a war. Only the third Carnage Scramble, this year the prize would be a match for the North American Championship set at BPZMania, and I would have to get through four other men that would do anything for it. Most of those men were placed in that match without needing a qualifier because they had already proven themselves in recent times far more so than I had from just one match. Luckily for me I was finding my stride as the fans began rallying behind me against Marker and continued to grow week after week heading into Night of Legends. I wasn’t the only one getting attention though because CJ Sellers quickly became a favorite to win alongside myself. We were the focal points during the build up and it did us both some good as we made the anticipation for that match together. It was a fantastic 30 minutes of action where everyone fought their hardest but CJ, he fought the hardest. Maybe he even fought a little too hard as he got caught up in all the action and took a needless risk that cost him the match. Regardless, CJ was in there from the start and fought until the bitter end, earning my respect and everyone else’s. Somehow though I feel as if maybe I lost respect from him because of the way that match played out, haha. Despite any and all factors that went into it, the result remains that I was the victor of the Carnage Scramble and I was the first person to get their golden ticket to BPZMania.” “That you did indeed do. Now we can be certain that KENJI will be listening intently to this interview, so with that in mind, is there anything that you want right now to him? A direct message from the challenger Buddy Ace to the champion KENJI?” "You know I have found myself relating to KENJI many times before. I think that we are actually quite similar to one another on several levels...however, I think that despite those similarities that we are very different people and very different competitors from each other. You look at that North American Championship and from the very start we have been involved in that championship’s history. The paths we have individually taken to get to this match highlight the key differences we have. That inaugural ladder match at World at War was the birth of what would be a prestigious lineage, with Arius overcoming 7 other men to become the first ever North American Champion. In those final seconds though, KENJI famously nearly had the match won and was the first in line to challenge Arius for the championship. I myself was also in that match, but you would hardly remember because I was simply there. Nowhere close to winning, just there, lost in the shuffle.” “KENJI can describe his pursuits for the North American Championship as a ‘chase’. From the very start he was always fingertips away from becoming North American Champion and he pushed hard until he finally held it in his grasp 7 months later. I can’t say I was involved in any sort of chase at all. See I was never close enough to do so. Instead this wasn’t a chase but rather a long and arduous journey before I could get here. It was a tough trek that KENJI wouldn’t understand because he was always in reaching distance. The next chance I had in relation to that championship was the To The Top ladder match at Emergence 4 months later where once again I was just added in to be tossed around by the people who actually had a chance of winning. Nobody cared about me, not the crowd, not management. I spent the majority of this journey alone, having to endure all of my failures alone. Even though I experienced failure after failure I never stopped moving forward, I took it step by step until I reached the Carnage Scramble and I climbed that mountain and I have finally arrived at the destination I have been heading for. Everything is coming full circle for me in this match after one year of working towards earning this match. I finally get just this one chance after so long. This is my opportunity and it may be the only one I’ll ever get so I am going to do anything to win that championship. I need to win that championship for all the people that I have ever let down while I made this journey.” “KENJI may not realize this but he has been quite the privileged person here in BPZ. He might have had his struggles every once and awhile but mine have been far worse than he could imagine. Upon his arrival this time last year KENJI was instantly the hottest wrestler in the company, captivating everyone with his style of promo and wrestling. KENJI was so great he retained all of this hype despite not even being particularly successful in those early days and even now has proven to have been as great as predicted. KENJI has never had that fall into obscurity where everyone stops believing in you, has never had those closest to you look you square in the eye and tell you your career is over, to give up your dreams and move on to something practical. People I loved treated me as if my career was irreparably damaged, people I respected, so many gave up on me. The despair I felt then, I have promised myself that I would never again let it come to that. All the trials I have gone through have shaped the man that will stand before him and I plan on making it so that he can’t spit those fancy words of his anymore.” “Some may say that I had a lucky break that got me here and I thought that at first too but the longer time goes on the more I believe I deserved that win. KENJI, you say you crush dreams, but my dream is too big to crush. It's about more than just becoming a double champion or winning at BPZMania. It's about affirmation, proving that the past two years of my life here haven't been foolishly wasted in pursuit of something I can never have. One year ago I was so desperate to be on the card of BPZMania I allowed myself to be a throwaway member of the NXT battle royal and yet this year I walk into two major title matches, one as champion. There is a very real chance I can walk out of BPZMania empty handed. It’s double or nothing and I have everything to lose but everything to gain. At BPZMania I will not die a nameless cowboy but will instead ride off triumphantly into the sunset.” The last thing seen is Buddy Ace’s look of determination before the segment fades to black as this interview concludes.
  13. An interesting career choice for a man who is one of only three announcers to have a 90 ranking. Another interesting thing I discovered though is that there is an auto generated Finnish announcer named Filip Olsen who has the highest announcer rating at 96, as well as having a 95 manager, 95 colour, 95 personality, and 100 reputation at only 21. But he also has all of the bad traits just like the Kieran Hogan ref I had found. Week 3, March 2015 I'm going to be holding a Tag Team Championship Number One Contender match as next week's main event. I was going to do it on this show but I wanted to do a World Title Number One Contender match first and not on the same show. Yeah, I'm an idiot. I straight up checked their stats and thought they would put a banger on, completely forgetting that I had changed their pushes in recent times. I have had to change pushes around so much lately that I keep forgetting who is what. A hype promo from one of the four men in the main event tonight. A surprisingly bad tag team match up. Making the description reflect what I actually envisioning happening since this is heavily based on imagination my presentation really takes away the normal diary experience. Austin Aries does not like these comedy characters which will be the driving idea around the X-Division title. MVP interrupts Magnus in the middle of a match just like MVP was interrupted in his promotion at Lockdown, making them even and giving Spud the win as well. I might as well do some Dexter-esque thing if Shaw's gimmick is based on him. A decent midcard match. I have a very dumb idea for Gunner that I'll be carrying out soon enough. Another member of the main event cutting a nice promo. My next match for these two. I figure that having these two really good entertainment guys should produce a good feud. I ran this match because I had run it on Xplosion for a 55 and while this isn't a 55 it's still a good match for me. Continuing on with this feud after The Heritage won the six man tag match at Lockdown. I thought as a kayfabe thing, the champ leaving because there aren't any challengers is a decent enough excuse to take a break with the championship. In fairness, the belt has been defended more times than any of the others so I don't feel bad about it. Bully Ray will be facing Kurt Angle at Unbreakable after winning the main event. The interference of Knux might seem random and it pretty much is but I had been wanting to do the match and figured kicking off more than one feud in a match is fun to do. Just barely scraped by with a 50. I am definitely not going to be able to raise my pop back up for many in game years. This is the only save I've ever played so I don't know when I'll stop it.
  14. 1. Edge 2. Bray Wyatt 3. Daniel Bryan 4. Drew Gulak 5. AJ Styles
  15. Tonight on Carnage we will finally see Buddy Ace and Jo Nathan clash after Jo Nathan has terrorized Buddy for a month. Just before BPZMania, you have to wonder what the implications of this match might be depending on the result. This will be Jo Nathan's debut match in BPZ and it would be an upset to knock off the Carnage Scramble Winner and newly crowned United States Champion which would be a great way to instantly make a splash here. A loss here could stifle Buddy Ace's momentum just before his two major championship matches at BPZMania so he's definitely going to want the win. Buddy Ace steps out wearing that United States Championship that he won this past Sunday at Saint Valentine's Day Massacre but there's no time to celebrate tonight as he is faced with one final roadblock before BPZMania. The fans are going wild but Buddy Ace remains stonefaced on his walk to the ring. He unstraps the championship from his waist and then takes his vest off once in the ring, eager to get this match started. The lights go low as the haunting music of The Twisted Hell Hound fills the arena. Jo Nathan slinks out from behind the curtains and not even boos are heard as he creeps down the ramp. Instead the crowd has fallen into a silence, perturbed by the man in front of them now. Jo Nathan has displayed some terrifying tendencies and that instability of his may lead to the downfall of his opponent in this match. Jo Nathan climbs into the ring and stares directly at Buddy, who is clearly uncomfortable with having to face this man. The bell rings, signifying the official start of this match up. Buddy Ace looks uneasy as he stands across from Jo Nathan now, not sure what to make of his opponent. Jo stands unguarded, seemingly challenging Buddy to come at him. It takes a few seconds for Buddy to calm his nerves before charging in with a big right hand to the face of Jo Nathan but he doesn't appear fazed as he fires back with a quick jab. The surprised look on Buddy's face warps to one of pain as he gets nailed with a couple more jabs. Buddy reels back against the ropes which Jo Nathan shoots him off of and gets dropped by a vicious Big Boot. The fans boo but this doesn't bother Jo Nathan as he has taken the upper hand early in this match up. Buddy is clutching his jaw as he tries to get back to his feet but Jo Nathan doubles him over with a kick to the gut. Jo tries to beat Buddy back down to the ground with some clubbing forearms to the back but they aren't enough as Buddy catches Jo on the jaw with a wild swing. This only serves to anger Jo as he gets a grip on Buddy to drill a knee right into the liver. Buddy slumps against Jo Nathan as he sputters out a few weak coughs. Jo Nathan laughs while he holds Buddy against himself, wanting to keep him close so he can keep up the onslaught at any moment he chooses. Buddy Ace tries to push his way out of Jo Nathan's hold only for that hold to tighten, Ace's struggle being a signal for Jo to not let him rest anymore. Jo Nathan reaches down to snag a leg for a Fisherman Suplex! Jo Nathan doesn't bridge into the pin, instead electing to go into a simple lateral press for a 1 count. Jo Nathan isn't bothered by this as he takes some time to walk along the ropes, looking out at all the fans booing him. He turns around to a running dropkick from Buddy that sends him crashing into the corner. Jo Nathan stumbles forward into a series of right hands that Buddy Ace tries to follow up on by hitting the ropes but Jo springs forward with a clothesline that throws Buddy over the top rope. Buddy Ace tries to rest against the barricade, hoping for any bit of time he can get. Jo Nathan heads out and rams his back against the barricade, wanting to stay on him and avoid giving him any more chances. Jo Nathan whips Buddy into the steel steps and then shoves him back into the ring for a pin. "1...2...a kick out at two and a half." The match isn't over yet though Buddy has definitely been softened up by now so it may only be a matter of time before he falls to The Twisted Hell Hound. Buddy Ace tries to stand up unaware that he's being sized up right now, only focused on staying off the mat, turning right into a kick to the gut. Jo Nathan looks excited now as he pulls Buddy into a Pumphandle and lifts him up for a slam but Buddy slips off his shoulder and hits a Backstabber! The fans come alive with hopes that the tides of the match will be turned around. An opening has been made here though Jo isn't going to stay down long. Knowing this Buddy heads to the apron with Jo Nathan lined up in his sights and nails a Buckshot Lariat that drops Jo just as soon as he was on his feet! The leg is hooked as Ace makes the cover. It's only a two count as Jo Nathan survives that combo! Buddy can't be discouraged by that though as this is still his best opportunity so far. With no time to waste now, Buddy hurriedly irish whips Jo Nathan into a corner of the ring and follows by flinging himself forward with a charging clothesline in the corner. Buddy is feeling it now as the fans want an encore and he obliges, running from one side of the ring to the other for a second clothesline. He's pushing it now as he goes back across the ring with plans for one more. Buddy Ace goes full steam ahead with a third running clothesline in the corner, transitioning from that to putting a headlock on Jo Nathan for a Running Bulldog out of the corner! This high octane series of offense isn't over yet as Buddy signals to the fans to hype them up before hitting a Running Shooting Star Press! Going for the cover now, "1...2..." Jo Nathan powers out just before 3! Jo Nathan is too tough to go out to anything besides the heaviest artillery. Buddy is learning this here tonight, brainstorming his next step. Buddy finds himself back on the apron, wanting that Buckshot Lariat again. Jo is up though seems out of it right now which is looking like a very bad thing right now. Buddy slings himself forward with confidence -- Big Boot! Jo Nathan shocks everyone with a Big Boot counter! Buddy Ace is loopy now as Jo Nathan drags him up and throws him shoulder first into one of the posts. Buddy peels himself off the post slowly and into the grasp of Jo Nathan and planted into the mat! "1...2..." Buddy Ace just kicks out in time! Jo Nathan was mere tenths of a second from making a name for himself with that one. Jo's face scrunches up as he yanks Buddy to his feet and slams his face into one of the corners. One time isn't enough though as now Buddy is slammed face first a second, third, fourth time, Jo only stopping because the referee threatens to disqualify him. Jo Nathan turns him around and is now biting at the face! The referee once again has to step in, making sure it's stopped before he reaches a count of five. Buddy wraps his arms around the top ropes to hold himself up while Jo Nathan vacates the ring. It's unclear what Jo is doing until he lifts up the apron skirt and pulls out a chair. This is definitely not a no disqualification match yet he still enters the ring with that chair. The referee of course is trying to stop him, grabbing the chair but Jo isn't relinquishing it, instead shoving the referee away. Jo Nathan looks ready to use the chair on a vulnerable Buddy Ace but falters mid swing, shaking his head. Jo Nathan raises it again only to lower it, seemingly talking to himself. His voice rises and he can be heard saying, "No, please stop this, you can't do it." His pleas turn to shouts as he throws the chair away with a look of horror on his face, staring at it and then down at his hands. What just happened is beyond anyone's guess but there's no time to think about it because this match isn't over yet. Buddy Ace spins Jo Nathan around, hoists him up, and hits the Dead Eye just like that! Buddy Ace wills himself into the cover and the referee counts, "1...2...3!" Buddy Ace is the victor of the match up over the debuting Jo Nathan. It was many people's hope that we would learn a bit more about the mysterious Jo tonight but the closing moments of this match have only raised more questions about him. The referee raises Buddy's hand and Buddy leaves the ring, but not before giving a confused glance towards Jo Nathan. Even in loss, the BPZ rookie has made an impact in his arrival.
  16. Ever since I started using the Hangman gimmick I've really fallen in love with it. I want to use it for a very long time which hopefully turns out to be the defining gimmick of Buddy Ace. Part of this is also that I want Buddy Ace to be one of the best baby face characters on the forums.
  17. Honestly it might be 2018 in terms of shear match quality. Some of the best Takeover cards ever were in 2018 and there were banger matches all throughout. 2015 might be a close year as well because that was when it really started blowing up and saw some great things with the Women's Championship, Owens/Balor reigns, inaugural Dusty Classic, etc.
  18. This was an incredible opening match that was far better than could have been expected. While there wasn't a big storyline behind it, the story told over the course of the match and the psychology was great. Especially the neck bumping which really got you afraid because of Bryan's history. Bryan put over Gulak big time and it's amazing how he went out of his way to make this even happen. Really hope WWE keeps the momentum up with Gulak because he's a great character and wrestler. This is a rare kind of match in WWE, hard hitting and technical.
  19. I think this worked well for what they were trying to do, though the division isn't exactly filled with the most credible people anyways so I'm not sure how much that really boosted Shayna. I think that Asuka could have been given more offense against Shayna but otherwise, I accept it for what it is. Really not main event appropriate though if you ask me. Hopefully WWE doesn't back off of Shayna because I loved her reigns in NXT and she is good enough so just go through with it. Rumors of how she's being perceived as well as a large portion of the audience seeming to reject her is worrying me and we may just see Becky walk out as champ, which I think is the worst possible outcome. Or maybe Shayna just doesn't get the match if Ronda came back for Mania and we get the 1v1 that we never had, or a triple threat again if they don't believe in Shayna vs Becky. Shayna is now the only person to have ever eliminated 5 people in a standard 6 person chamber which is a cool accolade.
  20. Honestly I'm of the opinion that this match should have been the main event. I don't care if it's the Elimination Chamber PPV, neither chamber was worthy to close the show. The only match that was on the same level as this one was Gulak vs Bryan which even still couldn't be the main event. Sure it was predictable, but predictable doesn't mean bad and I think this match had it all. It had great action that furthered a story, putting over a future while still keeping both men strong, and a legend's appearance. I am interested to see where Black goes from here because obviously we have Styles vs Taker but I guess Black just goes for US? I could see him getting a Mania moment win as he gets his first main roster title. The slow burn has worked well for Black and we're finely seeing it paying off. Definitely a stand out match from this show.
  21. March 2015 Here is the preshow with a solid 49 rating thanks to Bad Influence so I think it was good to have planned this match. Very thrown together feud so I had one more segment between the two of them as the main show's opening. I had Bully Ray vs James Storm as the first match of the PPV since I knew it would be a solid showing though I expected like maybe a 50 or slightly above from it if I'm being honest. Samoa Joe hyping his match up one more time. Good title match for my women's standards though I really have been relying on the the sex appeal of the division. I had what was basically a short break in the show as we get to see Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle backstage before their big main event. Kurt's pop really coming in handy with the random segment. Yes, I threw Rebel and Shaw together the same way I did with The Freak because I thought it was funny. I don't really feel like firing her and maybe the two can improve together cuz they have fairly bad entertainment skills. I know the whole point is to have someone better cover for their client but I don't care. Not so PPV worthy of a match if I'm being honest. Sting and his new friends hanging out before their six man tag. Good match here from Gunner and Willow. Willow really needs something substantial soon but I'm not sure what that would be. Magnus interrupting MVP when he tries to go promote a project to the crowd. Very good match for me. It's funny considering just back in January I had that PPV main event of 60 but I'm doing a bit better now. Joe tries to show some respect but gets sucker punched in return. I wanted better from this match but dang, 4 people off their game out of 6 is not great. The Heritage gets the win but they all keep fighting after the bell. Austin Aries beats Eric Young again but fairly this time around. What a freaking main event, even better than their previous match. That makes it my best match yet as Kurt Angle retains over Roode. I would honestly expand this feud to a trilogy if I hadn't already had a bit of a plan for the World Championship over the next few months that won't be pushed back. Not only did I manage to top my best match again, but I have a new best show. Despite being my best show, Lockdown was my second least bought PPV though I didn't get any threatening emails about cancelling deals so I guess at least my last 3 providers are cool. Predictions Results: @Gunner - 11 @The Riddler - 9 @Eric Shun - 8 @Alex Costa - 8 @Meko750 (Raven) - 7 @Julius - 6 @Bart - 6 @Yuvraj. - 6 Gunner bounces back with perfect predictions while Julius ties for last. Thank you for checking out Lockdown.
  22. 1. Jake Roberts 2. Darby Allin 3. Jon Moxley 4. Chris Jericho 5. Sammy Guevara

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