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  1. 1. Viking Raiders 2. Bayley 3. Tommaso Ciampa 4. Damian Priest 5. Keith Lee/Dominik Dijakovic
  2. 1. All the interaction between Moxley and PAC, but especially Moxley hitting PAC with the Paradigm Shift and leaving the match. 2. Riho retaining her title with a smart counter. 3. Viking Raiders becoming Raw Tag Team Champions.
  3. MAIN EVENT: Eli Smith vs Sameer FACTION WARFARE PART ONE: Flynn (The Mob) vs Slim (The Kingdom) TAG TEAM WARFARE: The Mob (Bob Sparks, ICON) vs The Kingdom (Alex Costa, Mikey Dikey) DEATHMATCH: FDS vs Arius SHOWCASE MATCH: James Ropati vs Bart Hoogveld
  4. I think Moxley's injury was a bit of a blessing in disguise because the build for this match on Dynamite has made for some fantastic television. I do think Moxley is gonna win and it ends up being some sort of last straw for Omega since it seems they have been teasing a snap or turn from him lately. It's cool Omega seems to want to try something new for AEW rather than just being the version of himself he's been the past few years. Plus, Moxley is still their top name right now and I think they're gonna carry the hype around him for at least the rest of the year. The only way I could see Moxley losing right now in a singles match would be if it was unsanctioned, which doesn't even count anyways.
  5. The Royal Rumble match. First time we had the stipulation of the winner gets a world title match at WrestleMania. Yokozuna won in probably the worst of all the rumble finishes that made Savage look stupid but it stands out. Besides that, Yokozuna at least look good himself by being a big monster tearing through everyone.
  6. WHC: BiC (2x), Slim (6x), Smith (3x), Julius (2x) IC: Arius, MARKER, Hans, Gunner Flynn US: Me, Bob, Alex Costa, Meko NXT: Meckolegends, Epic, Sheridan, Steph
  7. It would have been a lot cooler in my opinion to do a tag team tournament but tag teams aren't important enough to ever get one of those in WWE. I imagine this is gonna be...not good, probably just gonna rush through it all. I think they might give New Day the win since they're titleless now and it's a conciliation prize of sorts. Speaking of which, why is Kofi Kingston not trying to win back the WWE Championship, the thing he fought for 11 years to finally get a shot, and the thing that he fought to defend for 6 months. He just completely forgot he was ever WWE Champion and doesn't care about grinding for it again. I hope Kofi doesn't just revert back to his old role and that they keep some consistency here with him at least TRYING to get back to the top rather than being happy to do nothing in midcard slots.
  8. Cesaro seems to be firmly in place as the guy that makes everyone look good. He's the reliable midcard act for as long as he's on the main roster. I like Mansoor a lot but I feel bad for Cesaro to have to job to a guy who has had one televised match since the battle royal that he lost but I guess he's gonna become the SaudiTaker. Hopefully the two can have a good showing at the very least. I do wish Mansoor was used on NXT more but I know he's still one of the developing talents or whatever that they have just run house shows. He's still in his early twenties so I'm sure he's in for the long term. Maybe we get WWE Champion Mansoor by the time this Saudi deal ends.
  9. I would honestly be fine with one last Hulk Hogan match at WrestleMania, but not against goddamn Vince McMahon. That sounds awful given both men's advanced age and we already had a great match between the two at WrestleMania 19, which I am one hundred percent certain they can't match today. I really doubt Hogan would even want to go out on a loss though which would immediately invalidate any match up I could possibly want for him. I'd love for Hogan to be sent off by a guy who should be rising like McIntyre or maybe even right the wrong they committed when they let Hogan beat Orton at Summerslam by doing a rematch where Orton retires Hogan. Though some people would probably be up in arms on Hogan "taking a spot" and other BS complaints anyways.
  10. This promo on Mikey. I like the ending to it and had actually been saving that for a little while.
  11. The Rock vs John Cena Since I having a feeling no one will stick up for this one I feel obligated to make a case for it. This was icon vs icon where two legends from two time periods clashed in what was called the biggest Wrestlemania of all time. Billed as once in a lifetime, these two put on a hot match that had some big moments of its own. Both men, ever so charistmatic, had the crowd into everything and there was a lot of showmanship involved. I always loved the finish where Cena seemed to get too cocky and went for the People's Elbow only to be Rock Bottomed. I don't think anyone could have expected The Rock to win since Cena was the face of that era so it was a big shock, though it was supposed to be the beginning of more than once match, no one necessarily knew that. I think this match defines exactly what Wrestlemania is all about and was a great way to end the show.
  12. Well Aidan asked for him and he got him as Buddy Ace slowly steps out from the back with a microphone in his hands. Buddy has a bit of a smirk on his face but how could he not when he gets to be in the presence of the ever so perfect Aidan! Wait, you aren't supposed to be putting the other guy over during someone's entrance. The US title match competitors have all been very active but it does seem Buddy has distanced himself from the action in recent weeks, maybe there's a reason for it. Buddy stands on the stage and surveys the arena before locking eyes with Aidan, who's down in the ring. "Aidan, I’m impressed with the amount of incorrect information you were able to fit into such a short time. Alex didn’t fail to gain the US title at Bad Blood because he wasn’t even in the match. I’m also not sure who this Toxic is because as far as I know there isn’t anyone on our roster named that. Then you say I’ve been absent for three weeks yet there I was at Survival Games, though I guess it is best if we all forget about that, haha. But I get what you meant, and it hasn’t been three weeks, it’s been two. I guess I’m still stuck in the same position I have been for months and months where I’m still completely ignored by people. I scream as loud as I can and none of you hear it, how fun. Man, you’ve really annoyed me if you can’t tell already, got me all nitpicky." Buddy Ace starts a slow walk down the ramp as he keeps talking. "Now I said it before but I guess I gotta say it again, the only man I really care about in the match is Mikey. He’s the champion and as far as I see it, this is between me and him. This is a continuation of MY quest for the United States title. The rest of you, you’re background noise. Perhaps it was rude of me not to come down to the ring and namedrop all my opponents and say how much I respect them just like Mirage did a couple weeks ago, right? I mean I was gonna just wait till the last second before addressing any of you but since you’ve decided to specifically call me out I’ll go ahead and focus on just you for now. I know there was an open invitation last week but I wish you had let me know beforehand because it caught me off guard. I was in the back enjoying a real nice meal fit for a cowboy and y’all were outta the ring by the time I was done eating. This is better though, I think." Buddy reaches the ring and cautiously climbs into the ring. After the chaos in recent weeks Buddy doesn't want to walk right into an ambush. Everything is safe though so Buddy takes a few steps closer to his future opponent, wanting to make sure he hear every word. "Aidan, I have zero respect for you whatsoever. I was actually pretty pissed off to see that you had returned to BPZ and immediately jumped into MY title match. You took no time to learn about the current scene and decided that being an ignorant ass would be just fine. That is usually the case though, some old roster member comes in, gets their ass kicked in a title match, and leaves again. Ah, that’s not fair of me, I can’t judge you based off other people’s behavior. So anyways, Mr. Perfect, huh? I don’t think you’re any more perfect than Aaron was, judging your performance so far. You keep playing your little Mr. Perfect videos to the crowds, showing off your oh so impressive basketball and football skills to everyone, but I fail to see how any of those skills are relevant to anything in the ring. You can be the greatest of all time at those other activities but it won’t mean squat when I slam you in the middle of the ring. I didn’t spend the past nearly two years travelling the globe to master a bunch of meaningless tasks like throwing a ball in a hoop. Instead, I was honing my craft here in this ring, grinding day in and day out to become the best wrestler I can possibly be. Somehow I think that’s a hell of a lot more effective preparation than what you’ve been doing." Buddy seems to have gotten angry now as he vents on Aidan here. "Aidan, you are a joke. Possibly the biggest joke in this company, and that’s hard to accomplish, so congrats on that. Since coming back to the company all you have done is force us to watch these godawful videos of you dicking around with games and then decided to pick on Arrow which led to a COMPETITIVE match between you two. Before all that though, you left BPZ with an amazing legacy that is still talked about even today. You were a fish. The best thing you’ve ever done was be a fish! Of course you abandoned it and then abandoned BPZ in the middle of a Best of Seven series against Akki...yikes. Maybe you should take those perfect talents to a comedy club because I think you would absolutely kill it as a comedian. In the ring though, you’re going to get killed. You have no business being in the ring with me." Buddy stops and takes a deep breath, seemingly haven worked himself up here. After a few seconds, Buddy gestures to Aidan and mouths what looks like "Your turn, pal."
  13. Oh thank God, a trivia game not run by a nitwit. I'm in.
  14. I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if Seth wins this after having further "snapped" yet they keep him as a face when this could possibly be a good moment to turn him heel since he's getting booed anyway. I almost wish they had done this route with Brock where it takes Seth to a different place to win since they had him lowblow Brock at Mania and then completely ignored that. If Bray stays on Smackdown it would be cool if The Fiend wins and then since The Fiend had no interest in the belt and maybe just wanted to mess with Seth's head, he could get rid of it and they introduce and new belt for Raw. I really can't see Bray staying on Smackdown though since I heard Fox didn't want the Funhouse which is why Seth burned it down, which would be dumb since the Funhouse has really been the best part of Raw since its debut. I don't think it was smart to have these two in a match together again after the HIAC debacle though. Also, are they really gonna have Seth work two matches in one night? Seems weird to me, even if in a big tag match he probably wouldn't have to work much, but still.
  15. Triple H vs The Undertaker This was an awesome Wrestlemania rematch ten years in the making and the two absolutely killed it. A diamond of a match in a show full of shit.
  16. Got a new controller so now I can play more games again and I finally get to play Metro Exodus. It's a game that I was looking forward to since it was announced and I loved the other two games. So far it's been a lot of fun with the train ride thing completely changing the game where now you explore small open levels and stuff.
  17. Braun is becoming the new Big Show without the actual success. Big Show is a 7 time World Champion, 11 time Tag Team Champion, US Champion, IC Champion, Main Evented Wrestlemania. I get what you mean but at least Big Show got to be extremely accomplished before getting placed in the role he was in. Braun should have been one of the companies top men in these past 2 years but instead they gave him this role of being a joke of a monster that loses to anyone the company actually values. Braun is seriously the kind of guy I would think would be presented as a proper face of the company considering how unique he is and we have seen him get over with the fans, so why not treat him more like a real monster. Now he's gonna job out to Tyson Fury cuz Tyson isn't about to lose a fake fight when he's undefeated but Braun is gonna look like crap losing in a one off fight. Braun does all the stupid stuff to put everyone else over like Big Show did yet gets none of that same championship glory.
  18. BPZ World Championship: Slim (c) vs Sameer BPZ Intercontinental Championship: Smith (c) vs Hans BPZ North American Championship: Yelich (c) vs Raven BPZ NXT Championship: Amai (c) vs Epic Heel's Open Challenge: Heel vs ??? BPZ Tag Team Championships: First Class Express (c) vs The United Nations BPZ United States Championship: Mikey (c) vs Buddy Ace BPZ Undisputed Championship: Flynn (c) vs Necce
  19. 1. Bayley winning the Smackdown Women's Championship with her new look 2. Nick Aldis vs Tim Storm 3 3. Jericho's Inner Circle Promo
  20. 1. Bayley 2. Lio Rush 3. The Kabuki Warriors 4. The OC 5. Roderick Strong
  21. Submission Masters Bobby Lashley CM Punk
  22. The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels One of the greatest matches of all time that someone managed to top their previous match. The story told both in and out of the ring as amazing and is definitely in the talks for the best feud of all time. A great ending to a hall of fame career (tag matches don't count, guys!) that had tons of emotion.
  23. I was really disappointed with how the Gable/Corbin stuff worked out. I was already annoyed they gave Corbin KOTR over Gable when something like that could have instantly made Gable a star, but then the whole feud after has felt a bit lackluster. I was really holding out for this to get Gable into a much better position when he inevitably came out on top but honestly seeing him win with a roll up was really deflating. And then Greg Hamilton called him Shorty Gable. I cannot believe that we have used Baron Corbin as the vehicle, not to get Gable over, but to ultimately turn him into THE Shorty G. Hopefully it doesn't stick though knowing WWE, Gable ultimately won't be going anywhere far.

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