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  1. Which is stupid, brandsplit pay per views are for stuff like MiTB and Elimination Chamber are dumb. But I think it would make the most sense if Nia won based on the way they built the story(even though I dont like her). Plus, Alexa Bliss has practically held the title for a year (except for that like week long reign Sasha had lol), so she maybe it's time for her to step aside.
  2. Honky Tonk Man managed to retain his Intercontinental Championship against former champion Ricky Steamboat, and Team America defeated Team Canada in the main event of the 4th of July Supershow. Dino isn't due to return until September.
  3. Hulk Hogan's historic world title reign continues and Honky Tonk Man has won the Intercontinental Championship. Harley Race is also out with a torn tricep.
  4. Beefcake was kicked out of the dream team at Wrestlemania, leading to Dino vs Beefcake. Dino unfortunately suffered a wrist injury during and will be out of action for 2-4 months. "Superstar" Billy Graham had a WWF championship match against Hulk Hogan in what may have been his last match with the company.
  5. Decided not to really change anything about WM3 other than having Dino in the tag match instead of Beefcake(Dino was managing that match).
  6. Dino Bravo was a professional wrestler in the WWF from the late 70's to the early 90's. He was murdered by being shot 17 times at the age of 44, with his alleged ties to the mafia being pointed to as the cause of his death. This will showcase Dino Bravo's rise to stardom in a world where he is never murdered. (I also have the same birthday as him, neato)
  7. It was kinda pointless, but fun at the same time.
  8. Literally the only thing I find cool about Bullet Club is their logo, hope the new one isn't lame.
  9. I would really like to see Rusev capture the title and get a nice push after mania, but I heavily doubt that's happening. Orton is bland, Bobby has been a boring face, and Jinder is kinda eh to me, so Rusev winning would be my ideal choice.
  10. The Superman Punch is the worst wrestling move being used in the WWE today(besides the Rebound Clothesline spot from Dean). Bullet Club isn't cool. Ruthless Aggression>>>Attitude Era. I prefer safer style wrestling over killing each other. Velveteen Dream is the best person down in NXT, with Aleister Black in second for me. The NXT product as a whole is overrated. Nakamura is kinda boring. Ziggler should never leave WWE to wrestle in another company.
  11. He's had a lot of awesome moments, that's for sure!
  12. I had watched wrestling when I was little but that was mostly it until James Ellsworth was on Smackdown, which is what caught my attention and made me start watching WWE regularly(yes, Ellsworth). I really don't watch much outside of WWE(mainly due to lack of accessibility) but I do enjoy watching certain people. I only recently found Brenden's series and am currently at WWE '13 Vengeance, so yeah.

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