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  1. Finn Balor wins a championship Shane McMahon won't be on the Survivor Series team
  2. They've fallen so far it's pathetic. Only a matter of time till it's dead.
  3. No he shouldn't because this belt shouldn't exist. The amount of championships turns me off from NJPW.
  4. Late 2017 I started his UM after finding the forums through Mathwiz
  5. It was just kinda cringe when Brandi announced the pay thing. But an equal baseline is fine.
  6. They need TV to be relevant at all, no casual will care if it's on a streaming service.
  7. The Universal Championship to be made properly prestigous. The belt has had bad luck with Balor vacating, a coward champ right after, etc. It never really got a chance.
  8. Royal Rumble 2018, love how the final 4 came down to the 2 faces of the WWE and the 2 Japan fan favorites, was sort of a torch passing feeling. One of my favorite rumbles.
  9. Seth Rollins continues to carry the brand, I liked everything he was involved with and most everything else was boring.
  10. I got through all the available episodes of Always Sunny on Hulu not long ago, still one of my favorite comedies.
  11. I 100 percent see a Raw guy winning this year. The most likely guys would be Rollins or McIntyre but I think it should be Rollins after he carried the brand for a year.
  12. Female Competitor of the Year Shayna Baszler Male Competitor of the Year Johnny Gargano Overall Competitor of the Year Johnny Gargano NXT Tag Team of the Year The Undisputed Era NXT TakeOver of the Year Takeover: War Games II NXT Match of the Year Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa (Unsanctioned Match, TakeOver: New Orleans) NXT Rivalry of the Year Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa Breakout Star of the Year Ricochet Future Star of NXT Matt Riddle
  13. What's happened to Strowman is pretty sad considering how hot he was before. Strowman definitely needs something new to do now becauseseeing him job in the main events. No way Brock is dropping here.
  14. This match deserves a stipulation, maybe something that plays into the fact that they're the best workers like submission or 2/3 falls.
  15. Kefka from Final Fantasy 6 at least deserves a mention.
  16. Buddy Ace walks to the ring with a microphone in hand. Buddy will be one of two men who will be challenging BrendenPlayz and Sameer for the Tag Team Titles at Night of Legends in an effort to win back the belts and avenge The Flock's loss at December to Dismember. This will also be Buddy's first pay per view match since Global Series in October where he won the Tag Titles alongside Necce in the first place. "Looks like it'll be The Flock and the Big Ballers at Night of Legends. This time it'll be Marker and I palling together against you guys while our brothers Necce and Jason go to war with each other. Though do you two really care about this match? I'm sure you're oh so very eager to get a chance to restore the prestige of those belts but we're the former champions for a reason, right? You're probably already dreaming of your easy title defenses against rookie teams like the New Bloods. We all know that when you two say things like you want to 'restore the belts' prestige' and 'be fighting champions that take on all challengers' you really mean you want to fight all the desperate losers that can make ya'll look good. And given that it's BrendenPlayz and that lazy asshole Sameer, I'm sure you'll be trying to limit your appearances as well to do minimal work. Well guess you'll have to forget all about those plans because we are taking those belts back home with us after Night of Legends." "It cute that Brenden thinks he can revive Sameer's career with a little tag title reign. See, your run with Ross worked in elevating him because he wasn't already established as being a waste of roster space. Sameer has earned his poor reputation after he became an unmotivated part timer. In the time that I've been here the only thing Sameer has done is get destroyed in the King of the Ring tournament before having one of the worst and most undeserved championship reigns ever with the Intercontinental Championship. He didn't even show up on TV that whole month which was literally the least he could have done. Then in the time he just up and disappeared after his loss at Summerslam was when we rose up and took charge in this company. Of course that was all until Brenden showed to carry Sameer through the Clapspiracy Classic and to the Tag Titles. I don't think Brenden has even realized that he is the sole reason for them being the champs right now, which doesn't exactly help Sameer." "It really is a shame though. Sameer could have been one of BPZ's all time greats. Several championship reigns, most notably your Premium Championship run where you went on your infamous streak. Incredible wars with men like Slim and Bailey that will go down as some of the greatest matches and rivalries in this company's history. No one could deny that Sameer was a pillar of BPZ. But what about today? It would appear that 'The Showoff' no longer wants to show off...or perhaps he simply has nothing left to show off. I guess we'll just have to wait until Night of Legends to find out. I know Brenden is going to bring it...will you, Sameer?"
  17. I used to have it on DVD. Freeman was a perfect fit for the role of God.
  18. Bruce Almighty, wanted to watch a movie with dinner.
  19. Another classic return would be John Cena's at the 2008 Royal Rumble.
  20. Out of current stars, some standouts to me are Finn's, AJ's, The Revival's, Gargano's, Nakamura's, and Miz's.
  21. They've worked themselves into a position where Seth really is the only choice. Rollins has been the top guy on Raw this year and has shown how great of a performer he is. The perfect man to win this year.
  22. E&C Show, and I watched the Fashion Files Cold Case and Botch Club debut episodes.

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