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  1. 1. Rey Mysterio 2. Ricochet 3. Kane 4. Daniel Bryan 5. AJ Styles 6. Sami Zayn 7. The Velveteen Dream 8. Andrade 9. El Ligero 10. Kassius Ohno
  2. We are here in Washington D.C. which will be home to the biggest show of the year, BPZMania V. Today many of the most devoted fans and reporters have gathered to watch the BPZMania Press Conference, where the greatest wrestlers in the world are prepared to give their final thoughts on the upcoming event. Buddy Ace is the next man to step up to the stage, proudly wearing the United States Championship around his waist. Buddy takes a second to look out at all that are in attendance today before raising the microphone to speak. “I am so glad to be here in the capitol of
  3. WrestleMania 4 VS WrestleMania 2 WrestleMania 27 VS WrestleMania 32 WrestleMania 9 VS WrestleMania 11 WrestleMania 15 VS WrestleMania 25
  4. So now they've decided to go ahead and add on a Boneyard Match stipulation. Not sure what that means but I assume what it will be like is some sort of spooky cinematic match like the House of Horrors match or Ultimate Deletion match. I guess something like that could work to cover up the fact that it will be far from an in ring classic, so leaning into entertainment is the best option. Honestly the build for this has been kind of weird because they have tried doing some sort of shoot stuff, which granted I think some of it has worked well but other bits are just dumb. An obvious win for Taker
  5. Yet another match that makes absolutely no fucking sense. Why isn't Andrade defending the United States Championship?? This division has loads of potential challengers and they really seemed to be setting up a fourway with the Latino talent (Rey, Angel, Humberto) which would have been a dope match, especially if they added a ladder like people have seemed to want. Heck, toss Aleister and Bobby in and make it a six man so we don't have that shite singles on the card. I don't care, just defend the title! Also, why isn't a proper tag team going for the titles?? I really thought that AOP would be
  6. At this point this isn't even WrestleMania anymore. Like I'm so pissed off about several of the matches that have been made plus this no crowd shit, then they toss this onto the card? They didn't even attempt to do a single second of build for it before announcing it randomly. The thing is, on paper I wouldn't be upset with a feud between the two but this is literally no build monday night Raw match type shit. Matches being made 2 weeks out is not enough for WRESTLEMANIA. It's not like there is any history or anything they can rely on to make a feud in that short time, it's just a match that's
  7. Top 5 Potential BPZ King of The Ring 2020 Winners By Roger Dockery March 23rd, 2020, 5:51 pm EST The King of the Ring tournament is one of the most important events on the BPZ calendar as 16 men battle it out each year for a World Championship opportunity in the Summerslam main event. This tournament has historically been a great place for talent to showcase themselves and give some the boost they need to reach the next level of their careers. At the sixth annual edition I expect the same thing as one star will solidify themselves as the King of the Ring. With such a deep talen
  8. I am so god damn angry at this match up. We could have had Sasha vs Bayley at WrestleMania like 3 or 4 times now but they keep cucking us with some other dumb shit and this may be the most egregious offense yet. It was all laid out right freaking there and instead they give us this random six pack elimination match. There really is nothing behind this match, just Paige comes out and announces it, great build for a WrestleMania match. Fucking Tamina is in this match?? Like think, this is the biggest event of the year, so they should do the biggest possible program. Bayley vs Sasha on the main r
  9. Week 4, March 2015 I like opening the shows with promos rather than matches for some reason. I've been trying to have more variety in the match finishes since realistically not every single match every show is a clean match, plus it makes it harder to book if everyone loses in a clean fall or sub. This match isn't really that kind of case but if I have everyone beat each other clean then it makes it harder to book stories and stuff if I can't justify future bookings since they already got jobbed out. I always like booking many feuds
  10. The fifth edition of the biggest event of the year draws ever closer and the excitement only continues to build with each passing day. Here we see Buddy Ace sitting across from BPZ interviewer Neil Vaughn as they prepare to discuss Buddy Ace’s involvement with BPZMania V. Buddy Ace will of course be pulling double duty that night as he defends the United States Championship that is currently resting in his lap, while also challenging for the North American Championship held by KENJI thanks to earning the opportunity at Night of Legends by winning the Carnage Scramble. Neil Vaughn:
  11. An interesting career choice for a man who is one of only three announcers to have a 90 ranking. Another interesting thing I discovered though is that there is an auto generated Finnish announcer named Filip Olsen who has the highest announcer rating at 96, as well as having a 95 manager, 95 colour, 95 personality, and 100 reputation at only 21. But he also has all of the bad traits just like the Kieran Hogan ref I had found. Week 3, March 2015 I'm going to be holding a Tag Team Championship Number One Contender match as next week's main event. I was going to do
  12. 1. Edge 2. Bray Wyatt 3. Daniel Bryan 4. Drew Gulak 5. AJ Styles
  13. Tonight on Carnage we will finally see Buddy Ace and Jo Nathan clash after Jo Nathan has terrorized Buddy for a month. Just before BPZMania, you have to wonder what the implications of this match might be depending on the result. This will be Jo Nathan's debut match in BPZ and it would be an upset to knock off the Carnage Scramble Winner and newly crowned United States Champion which would be a great way to instantly make a splash here. A loss here could stifle Buddy Ace's momentum just before his two major championship matches at BPZMania so he's definitely going to want the win.
  14. Ever since I started using the Hangman gimmick I've really fallen in love with it. I want to use it for a very long time which hopefully turns out to be the defining gimmick of Buddy Ace. Part of this is also that I want Buddy Ace to be one of the best baby face characters on the forums.
  15. Honestly it might be 2018 in terms of shear match quality. Some of the best Takeover cards ever were in 2018 and there were banger matches all throughout. 2015 might be a close year as well because that was when it really started blowing up and saw some great things with the Women's Championship, Owens/Balor reigns, inaugural Dusty Classic, etc.
  16. This was an incredible opening match that was far better than could have been expected. While there wasn't a big storyline behind it, the story told over the course of the match and the psychology was great. Especially the neck bumping which really got you afraid because of Bryan's history. Bryan put over Gulak big time and it's amazing how he went out of his way to make this even happen. Really hope WWE keeps the momentum up with Gulak because he's a great character and wrestler. This is a rare kind of match in WWE, hard hitting and technical.
  17. I think this worked well for what they were trying to do, though the division isn't exactly filled with the most credible people anyways so I'm not sure how much that really boosted Shayna. I think that Asuka could have been given more offense against Shayna but otherwise, I accept it for what it is. Really not main event appropriate though if you ask me. Hopefully WWE doesn't back off of Shayna because I loved her reigns in NXT and she is good enough so just go through with it. Rumors of how she's being perceived as well as a large portion of the audience seeming to reject her is worrying me
  18. Honestly I'm of the opinion that this match should have been the main event. I don't care if it's the Elimination Chamber PPV, neither chamber was worthy to close the show. The only match that was on the same level as this one was Gulak vs Bryan which even still couldn't be the main event. Sure it was predictable, but predictable doesn't mean bad and I think this match had it all. It had great action that furthered a story, putting over a future while still keeping both men strong, and a legend's appearance. I am interested to see where Black goes from here because obviously we have Styles vs
  19. March 2015 Here is the preshow with a solid 49 rating thanks to Bad Influence so I think it was good to have planned this match. Very thrown together feud so I had one more segment between the two of them as the main show's opening. I had Bully Ray vs James Storm as the first match of the PPV since I knew it would be a solid showing though I expected like maybe a 50 or slightly above from it if I'm being honest. Samoa Joe hyping his match up one more time. Good title match for my women's standards
  20. 1. Jake Roberts 2. Darby Allin 3. Jon Moxley 4. Chris Jericho 5. Sammy Guevara
  21. 1. Randy Orton explaining his attack on Edge before RKOing Beth Phoenix 2. Drew McIntyre laying out Brock Lesnar with Claymores 3. The Street Profits becoming Raw Tag Team Champions
  22. Roman Reigns. As a character he hasn't evolved at all since the split of The Shield which is a big part of why so many fans never got behind him in my opinion. He still wears similar vests and hasn't got a unique theme of his own which is holding him back a bit among other things. Also I get why they changed Buddy Murphy's music since he needed his own singles star theme but it was a downgrade, which isn't a problem atm with Rollins, but afterwards I would hope he had something better suited for him.

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