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  1. 1. Bayley 2. Lio Rush 3. The Kabuki Warriors 4. The OC 5. Roderick Strong
  2. Submission Masters Bobby Lashley CM Punk
  3. The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels One of the greatest matches of all time that someone managed to top their previous match. The story told both in and out of the ring as amazing and is definitely in the talks for the best feud of all time. A great ending to a hall of fame career (tag matches don't count, guys!) that had tons of emotion.
  4. I was really disappointed with how the Gable/Corbin stuff worked out. I was already annoyed they gave Corbin KOTR over Gable when something like that could have instantly made Gable a star, but then the whole feud after has felt a bit lackluster. I was really holding out for this to get Gable into a much better position when he inevitably came out on top but honestly seeing him win with a roll up was really deflating. And then Greg Hamilton called him Shorty Gable. I cannot believe that we have used Baron Corbin as the vehicle, not to get Gable over, but to ultimately turn him into THE Shorty G. Hopefully it doesn't stick though knowing WWE, Gable ultimately won't be going anywhere far.
  5. Maybe I'm just blind but I would have to say no because even as the Universal Champion, to me it feels like Seth Rollins still isn't the top guy or face of the company like they tried to present Roman as. Roman was the singular man they wanted to take a role similar to John Cena where they wanted one guy carrying them but the fans rejected him as they felt it was too early as well as the fact that they still were not past their want for Daniel Bryan to be that guy yet. Seth Rollins to me, while still clearly being one of the top people, is not getting anywhere near the attention that Becky and Roman have gotten this year, especially Becky. Becky feels like the undisputed top star to me with how they've had her have this incredible run and had all these legends putting her over, she gets all the media, etc. Rollins has just been yet another victim of terrible booking where he spent his first reign as Universal Champion stuck in a heatless feud with Baron Corbin that dragged for 3 PPVs and then during his second reign we had him almost immediately get put up against arguably the hottest act in the company in the form of The Fiend after like a month. Seth has proven he can be great as champion but I think he just got unlucky in recent times.
  6. I think the card looks great but the one thing I'm not looking forward to is the number one contender's match. I already don't particularly like the two competitors (mainly Havoc, Allin is kind of cool) but neither has actually earned a contender's match at all to me. Jimmy Havoc has 1 win and 3 losses while Darby Allin has 1 win, 2 losses, and his draw with Cody. That doesn't exactly sound like challenger material when you got a guy like PAC who is 2-0 with wins over major names in the company as well. I think they might be driving themselves into a corner with this wins-loss system as they are constantly going to have to be justifying making matches. It's still early on so nobody has the best record since they've only been in so many matches but it just seemed silly to me that either of these had what could be considered a good enough record to challenge for the title. Otherwise I think the show will be great and I'm definitely gonna make sure to watch it.
  7. I get that the match was designed to make The Fiend out as an unstoppable monster and to show how desperate Seth Rollins was to put Wyatt away. I felt like maybe it was too over the top. Seth used like 10 stomps and Wyatt continued to no sell those on top of a bunch of other weapons. I can at least look past that because The Fiend character in and of itself is very cartoony and over the top. Great for The Fiend but the ending could have been reversed, where The Fiend continues to go over the top in a beat down on Seth rather than going for the pin and the match gets stopped for attempted murder? I don't know, but I never really felt like The Fiend should have been in the title picture anyways for several reasons and I think they could have played it as The Fiend not caring about the championship or something. There were better ways of protecting them but instead they made Wyatt look stupid for laying there forever and Seth is got the heat for it all. Obviously the best route would have been to never book this match but I still feel it could have been handled better.
  8. I'll agree with 2001. Although it had the dreaded heel turn at Mania, Austin was still on top of the WWF as the champion for most of the year and had classic after classic. He won the Royal Rumble, had the Three Stages of Hell match against Triple H at No Way Out, Mania main event, the Two Man Power Trip which includes the match against Benoit and Jericho. I can go on and on about the amazing matches he was having and the storylines too with him being one of the centerpieces in the Invasion Angle as the champion betraying WWF. Easily his best year in terms of in ring classics.
  9. The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels. The Undertaker was on fire every WrestleMania during this period. An absolute classic that no one will ever forget as two of the best ever clashed on the biggest stage. Easily the best match on this card and it would have been a better main event than the WWE Championship match.
  10. Top 3 moments of last week: 1. Jake Hager running wild after the AEW Dynamite main event 2. Finn Balor and Tommaso Ciampa returning in the same night 3. Brock beating up Rey and Dominik to open Raw
  11. Cesaro I think that it would be great for WWE to send down bigger names. I know people talk about how so and so should go back, but sending someone like Apollo Crews back to NXT full time isn't gonna get eyes on the show as much as a lot of other names. Cesaro is a great wrestler but I think he may have reached his ceiling in WWE as he continues to job out week after week to midcard guys mostly. Cesaro can still put on absolute bangers so I think it might be strategic to have him back on NXT as a big, recognizable name. He can make these guys look like stars just like in his match with Ilja in NXT UK. Imagine how great Cesaro vs Matt Riddle or Cesaro vs Johnny Gargano could be. Maybe even a Kings of Wrestling reunion or something. I just want him doing something with a bit more meaning and helping NXT out in the Wednesday Night Wars is better than what he's doing now.
  12. I love the new set for Smackdown. The arches seems like a modern take on the original set's oval arches which is a great callback. The presentation of it all was really well done and felt like a big show. That said, I really didn't enjoy this. I might even go so far as to say that this might be by weakest show of the week. I HATED the opening segment. Like that was probably the lowest point of the show for me It's cool that Becky seems to be the new face of the company and has gotten the rub from various legends by being endorsed in segments with them like Rock and Cena but it just felt so forced and pointless. Becky added nothing to the segment, she just sat there quietly, only said a couple lines. It was also dumb that the champion from the other brand opened the show. The stuff The Rock was saying was awful and not entertaining at all. Saying Corbin looks like a 35 year old virgin and starting an STD chant is his best? I genuinely just wanted Corbin to lay them both out for that crap but then we get my man slapped around. Just hated the opening. The Fiend stuffing is getting old because they keep dragging The Fiend out on weekly shows to do the same exact thing every time. They're taking away from The Fiend's aura and making Seth look like an idiot when he decides to just stomp at the top of the ramp instead of running out the arena or something. It was one thing when there was variety in targets with the legends getting jumped but attacking Seth every week isn't fun. The Funhouse segment was great though and I don't think I'm gonna be getting tired of those. I thought Fiend would attack Sami since Shinsuke and Seth seemed like they were prepped but nah, Seth gets jumped again. Hopefully these guys can deliver at Hell In A Cell. I have hated the entirety of the Shane/Kevin feud and I am so glad it is over. That feud was detrimental to Kevin and is absolutely NOT how you build a babyface. Kevin looked lame as hell when he begged for a fine to be removed and even reffed for Shane, then he gets fired and sues. That's just a bit of it but good lord. This feud should have never even happened because Miz should have won his feud with Shane but they crapped all over Miz, and for what? Honestly if they were gonna do this then Summerslam should have been the end so that we could actually have Owens be over instead of dragging this through the mud for so long. Hopefully the best in the world is done and we don't have to see him getting anymore matches against stars and derailing them. The match itself was good at least. The Lumberjack Match was honestly boring to me and I didn't really see the point in this since we already had Rowan and Roman on PPV. I would have preferred Roman vs Harper and it would have made sense too since Harper cost Roman the match but I guess Roman doesn't care at all. Roman got his win back though so I guess it doesn't even matter. I do hope that Bryan isn't really turning face again when he's only been heel for about a year and it's been a great run. If DB is revealed as the mastermind I would be fine with it, maybe he just tried to throw suspicion off himself since Rowan got caught and then he got closer to Roman for the end goal of getting rid of him. If not then I would really like a proper explanation for why the hell he was even trying to MURDER Roman in the first place and why there were never any repercussions. After hearing Meltzer report that the Rey Mysterio storyline was going to be used to bring in Cain Valasquez I didn't think it would happen like that. I didn't think it would happen this way either but my loose fantasy booking version of things would have had Rey cost Brock the title and they have a ppv match and then Cain comes in to save Rey from a post match beatdown. It was kind of cool to see Cain come in but I have no desire to see Cain challenging for the WWE Championship. This was a feud they could have done without the title I feel but I guess this is the direction we are going unless Brock is a transitional champ for someone else but I 100% doubt that. At least WWE is smart enough to try to capitalize off of something like this because they certainly didn't when they had Shamrock and Severn in the company together. Of course the main event match was over in like 6 seconds which was frustrating to see a 180 day reign flushed down the toilet just like that, especially when Brock was already beaten by an injured Seth and I thought Kofi was presented as a much more dominant champ than him. I was hoping it would be a fast paced short match that left Kofi do some cool stuff and look good, especially since it would show how far he's come since Beast In The East. At the same time it sort of highlighted Cain in a way because Brock just won the WWE Championship like it was nothing but then he's scared of this guy, though I don't think that was intentional. I wonder where Kofi goes from here because he was booked amazingly this year and I hope he doesn't just get dropped back to the midcard or tag division after all this. I would love to see him with the strap again down the line though I doubt it. I just really can't wait for the draft to finally give us a hard reset.
  13. I really didn't like the fact that Matt Riddle vs Adam Cole didn't open. It's your main title, it should be the main event. I suppose it had to do with wanting both Balor and Ciampa to return to NXT and they figured those were the best two moments for them I guess. I'm really glad Ciampa is back as he has been one of the best parts of NXT over the past couple years and I really hope he can stay healthy for the rest of his career because he deserves it. I'm also shocked that Finn is back on NXT though I'm sure he is more than happy with that and it will definitely help get eyes on NXT. The other two title matches were great as well. I'm really wondering who ultimately ends Shayna's reign. As cool as it would be to see Dakota Kai overcome a sort of rival in Shayna, I heavily doubt that happens. They had Rhea and I think that match would be a wonderful match though I don't know if that's the direction they want to go in. Pete Dunne vs Danny Burch was good. I remember seeing these two go at it for the title on NXT UK last year and that was a lot better but obviously those were different cicrumstances. Burch is heavily underrated I feel as he can really go. Damian Priest vs Pete Dunne sounds like a great match up. Funnily enough the only thing I didn't enjoy at all was Velveteen Dream's promo which is not something I ever thought I would say. I don't know why but it just was boring and kinda generic to me.
  14. 1. Undisputed Era 2. Finn Balor 3. Tommaso Ciampa 4. Brock Lesnar 5. Bray Wyatt
  15. Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan RAW Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Sasha Banks Smackdown Women's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair Universal Championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Bray Wyatt Bonus Questions: First Match? (Non-Pre Show) Bayley vs Charlotte Flair Second to Last Match? Bryan and Reigns vs Harper and Rowan How many 24/7 Championship changes will take place? Zero Will another championship be defended and if so which one and who will be the opponent? (1 point for each correct answer) No
  16. The big "season premiere" of Raw brought in some changes with the set, logo, pyro, it felt like a big show which was important for this week. The Brock/Rey/Dominik segment was amazing and the perfect way to open the show. Dominik was bumping like a champ, can't wait to see him wrestle someday. The Sasha vs Alexa match was okay, I thought that the ending was kinda dumb. I'm glad Becky has the steam back, it just looks really cool and is one of the little details that can make a star seem that much bigger. Becky at the announcer's table and the post match stuff was good as well. The Raw tag title match was really good. I'm glad Roode and Ziggler are getting this push, especially Roode since before this Roode was never around. They've actually looked really competent in their brief tag run so far as well. On the other hand I really wish that The OC wasn't the Viking Raiders' first feud. Maybe I'm the only one but I've been disappointed in the way that Karl and Luke have been handled even after forming The OC. They should be kicking ass in the tag division and whatnot but instead they just come off as AJ's minions. Speaking of AJ, his match against Cedric was fantastic. AJ has continued to kill it and this was no exception. That Lumbar Check counter into the Styles Clash was an awesome finish, I love that move so much. Now for the stuff that was bad, which thankfully was limited. While The Miz TV segment with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair was great with the captains named and the brawl, but then Seth seemed really insensitive to the way Rey and his son were beat down by BROCK LESNAR. Then Rusev goes from being Seth's first pick for the team to seemingly behaving like a heel and challenging Seth for the Universal title. Ricochet vs Cesaro was a disappointment and I'm tired of seeing this match over and over on Raw anyways so even if it was good, I wouldn't care. Same thing with Lacey Evans vs Natalya applies. Then with the main event of Rusev vs Seth Rollins of all match ups, Bobby Lashley made his return finally (yay!) and then made out with Lana (boo!). First Mike, now Rusev, how much longer until Seth gets cucked? What a bizarre storyline choice for Rusev. It did get us the great reaction shots from Corbin and Orton though so maybe it was worth it. Probably not but then The Fiend came and saved the ending of Raw with his attack. The next few Raw episodes should be good with the Hell In A Cell fall out and the draft coming up. Overall it was a good show and I think they can easily keep the momentum up.
  17. I watched the WWE PC videos of him and they were great so I look forward to having a full special for him. I think this works as I really feel even if he is still technically a heel that his big return from an injury as major as he had will surely be something that has gained him big sympathy and I think he would clearly be the face in a feud against Cole regardless so it's good to just go with it.
  18. I truly hope that Steve Austin never wrestles again. I've always considered his final match against The Rock as the most perfect way any superstar has ended their in ring career and it would be a shame to come back for another match that would be impossible to have this same importance and emotion as Wrestlemania 19.
  19. Buddy Ace is shown alone in a dark, empty room. Buddy Ace announced his intentions to continue to pursue the United States Championship but with many others joining the fight, perhaps he is going to reevaluate his plans here. “The United States Championship match at Halloween Havoc is shaping up to be quite the spectacle. Five men that want to be the United States Champion yet there can only be one. Now of all these men there is only one person I want to talk about today; the champion Mikey. I’ll get to them some other time but quite frankly the one man in this match I care about is Mikey. Mikey is the man to beat. I failed at Bad Blood. Mikey pinned me to become the champion and that hurts me to think about. It’s my fault he’s the champion now because I wasn’t good enough that day. I know Yelich made a little bit of drama over Mikey low blowing me but I don’t blame the low blow for the outcome at all. The way I see it anything goes in a triple threat so it was fair game. It was a smart move and I suppose I have to respect that. Anything to win...that mentality is what makes a man successful, right? Clearly it is if Mikey is the example we use. Former NXT Champ, current US Champ, possibly future North American Champ...and now part of the stable that controls the show, Bulletproof.” “I know this match is at Halloween Havoc but I can promise you that The Hangman is not some sort of costumed character. At Halloween Havoc I’m gonna do some real cowboy shit. Against all odds I’ll tear all the other challengers apart and then I’ll tear Mikey apart. If Bulletproof is really running the show I’m willing to tear all of them up too. Everything is on the line for me in this match. I’m putting all of my heart and soul into this. My blood, sweat, and tears will not go to waste. Mikey is being pegged as the next big star of BPZ and he very well may be. People look at me and all they see is a loser who hasn’t had a single victory in a year. Because of that they draw the conclusion that I’m an unmotivated bum because no matter what I say, no words can convince them of how much I want it. Action is the only way I can make the people believe. I have to finally follow through before anyone starts trusting my statements of wanting this. That’s all fine because I don’t need the people to believe in me. I believe in myself and that’s all that matters. At Halloween Havoc you’re gonna see I really am The Hangman because you’re gonna have to kill me if you want me to stay down.” “Mikey might be Bulletproof but I’ve got something other than bullets for him.” Buddy Ace raises his signature noose up with a cold stare into the camera as the video fades to black.
  20. After giving it some thought I was thinking maybe there would be a non finish or something with The Undertaker interfering against The Fiend. We know supposedly that WWE wants a match between the two and maybe they go ahead and do it at Survivor Series. I've seen some people say they would rather Fiend vs Taker happen there since Taker debuted there and whatnot. It still sounds kind of dumb as a set up to me but I find it hard to believe they want to put the Universal Championship on him so soon.
  21. It's a little disappointing to hear since I really do think Daniel Bryan is one of the greatest of all time and certainly is of this generation. Though of course raising your child is obviously priority over wrestling so that sounds great for him. A couple more years of DB sound great and that's surely enough time to knock out some great stuff. I have nothing but appreciation for him and this return run has been amazing. He deserves to be able to go and be with his family by that point if he wants.

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