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  1. Women's Royal Rumble Match 30 WWE Female Superstars: Shayna Baszler WWGP United Kingdom Championship Match WALTER (c) vs Buddy Murphy WWGP United States Championship Match Andrade 'Cien' Almas (c) vs Mustafa Ali WWGP Women's Tag Team Championship Unification Match The Kabuki Warriors (c) vs The IIconics WWGP Cruiserweight Championship Match Aleister Black (c) vs Humberto Carrillo WWGP Intercontinental Championship Match Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs The Miz WWGP Women's Championship Match Becky Lynch (c) vs Natalya WWGP Heavyweight Championship Match Brock Lesnar (c) vs AJ Styles Men's Royal Rumble Match 30 WWE Male Superstars: Drew McIntyre
  2. Oh boy, Nyla vs Riho again. I wonder if they decided to take the title off of Riho after fan complaints but after that Kenny/Cornette spat online a bit ago I don't know if Kenny would back down from pushing her. Moxley is gonna knock off another Inner Circle member. I think it's cool that Moxley got some payback by doing the same thing back with the keys. Dustin vs Sammy having a rematch makes me wonder if Dustin wins clean here since he was cheated last time. Maybe Sammy wins again but I think they are gonna give Dustin a Revolution match, maybe Hager's debut against Dustin since he cost Dustin last time? It would be a good match and I wanna see Hager in a match soon. MJF vs Jungleboy sounds good. MJF has had strong character work but he should wrestle a bit more. Jungleboy is a good long term person for them and someday when he reaches the top it'll be great. Good looking card.
  3. #2 in the world, baby. So weird to even imagine that nowadays given how far TNA has fallen as NJPW has made big expansions worldwide. It's funny though that there is such a gap between WWE and the rest of the world. Also important, I told Hector Guerrero I don't care what he wants and changed him to road agent since he has a good 78 in road agent. Not sure why he was a color commentator in the first place. Week 3, January 2015 My tag division is in shambles, time to be lazy. I wish I had some good real life teams but with Silva leaving, I only have two left and the rest I have to make up. Because of that I decided to use these four teams for the next pay per view, so both real teams and two teams I made a little while back. These two are lowermid/opener and don't have the best stats, though they are basically good younger guys, especially Sanada. Add that to my already large list of bad chemistry pairings. Just a rebound match for Hernandez. I do want to make Decay at some point but I don't even have Rosemary signed and I don't have the Abyss gimmick right now so I don't know when it will happen. At some point I need to get the title off of him since he is an Upper Midcarder while the title is meant for Midcard. Unfortunately he's too good for me to just let any tosser dethrone him. This was Jay Bradley's last match in the company as his contract expired the next day. Good luck out there. Now I have the undefeated "The Freak" feuding with James Storm. I had a couple feuds in mind for James Storm but then I realized I had been building The Freak up so much but mostly Xplosion or preshow, so I might as well get him doing stuff on things people actually watch. Kurt dropping probably the best promo I've had so far by himself. Just a throwaway promo to hype himself for the main event but I appreciate the skill level. More dumpy tag team stuff. I have Wes and Garett together and their chemistry alone has made it a good choice. I had been wanting this team from the start as a sort of generational team but I felt like I didn't really have time to till now. I really only booked this match just because I wanted to do another angle or something with The Wolves and The BroMans. The feud is not gonna be great quality wise but I will suffer it because I prefer it to letting his contract expire. Hopefully I can continue to use Shaw and he will get better because I do like him in real life. Another rebound match. I decided that ODB is the next challenger. She's a great talent and I figure that they have history so it's easier to justify, at least in my mind. I really do need some more names for the women's division though because it isn't great and I don't have the patience to book them much. So my main event was a number one contender battle royal, as suggested by Meko. A big battle royal. I have the rest of them in feuds against each other except Gunner. I figure Kurt has such great stats, he deserves to get the shot. I felt like it was a good show but I just missed the benchmark for what actually qualifies unfortunately.
  4. Ricky Starks vs Jocephus NWA Women's Championship: Ashley Vox vs ODB vs Allysin Kay (C) NWA National Championship: Colt Cabana vs Aron Stevens (C) NWA TV Title Tournament Final: Marty Scurll vs Eli Drake NWA Tag-Team Championships: Wildcard (Latimer and Isaacs) vs Rock N Roll Express (C) NWA World Heavyweight Championship: James Storm vs Nick Aldis (C) Bonus Questions How many titles will change hands? 1 By the time the night is through, a new stable will be formed. Who will be involved? Dawson Brothers
  5. 1. Flynn 2. KENJI 3. Eric Shun 4. Bart 5. Aidan
  6. Buddy Ace inhaled sharply, clearly irritated by the man in front of him. "You want my place? You think that you can fill my role? Alright but I won't just let you have it. You really want it then you are gonna have to take it from me. See I work too hard to be disrespected by some little punk like you. You are naive if you think that what I do is easy. Yeah, I've had a lot of failures before and I'm sure from where you have been sitting you think I'm undeserving of even being around any longer. That's cuz you know nothing about what it takes to be successful here in BPZ. One year ago I had the owner of this company himself tell me he forgot I worked here and said I was a nobody. That was confidence destroying and I fell into a pit of despair as I went on a losing streak. Even then I didn't stop pursuing the dream and have gone from a nobody to making the final three of the Royal Rumble." "I'm done letting things slip through my fingers. Now is my time. At Saint Valentine's Day Massacre I take the United States Championship and then at BPZMania I take the North American Championship. I'm willing to educate you on what it takes though. When you have been in the business for long enough you develop a sort of sense. A sense of who has it and who doesn't without even having to see them in the ring. Looking at you right now I get the feeling you won't make it. Jo Nathan ain't gonna help you either. You are a scared boy lost in the world. You aren't here out of passion, you are here because Jo Nathan has dragged you here to try to live out his sick fantasies. This is the only thing I want in life so if you wanna test yourself we can. I don't think you will ever be a star and I'm not sure you could even lace my boots."
  7. BPZ Undisputed Championship: Bailey vs FDS vs Hans vs Sameer BPZ North-American Championship: KENJI (c) vs Bob BPZ Tag Team Championships: Creed (Bart & Smith) (c) vs Firing Squad (Alex & Mikey) BPZ Intercontinental Championship: Arius (c) vs Slim
  8. 1. Hans 2. Gunner Flynn 3. Brad 4. Eric Shun 5. Arius
  9. 1. Velveteen Dream 2. Rhea Ripley 3. Becky Lynch 4. Angel Garza 5. Heath Slater
  10. Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL/SANADA/Shingo Takagi) VS Roppongi 3K (NEVER Openweight Six-Man Tag Team titles) Jay White VS Hirooki Goto (c) (NEVER Openweight championship) Ryu Lee/BUSHI VS Suzuki-Gun (El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru) (c) (IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team titles) Robbie Eagles VS Hiromu Takahashi (c) (IWGP Junior Heavyweight championship) Hiroshi Tanahashi/Kota Ibushi VS FinJuice (c) (IWGP World Tag Team titles) Will Ospreay VS Lance Archer (c) (IWGP United States championship) Tomohiro Ishii VS Zack Sabre Jr. (c) (IWGP Intercontinental championship) KENTA VS Tetsuya Naito (c) (IWGP World Heavyweight championship)
  11. 1. Cody taking ten lashes 2. Velveteen Dream's return 3. Rhea, Bianca, and Charlotte confrontation
  12. I'm taking an Intro to Motion Pictures class right now so I've gotten the chance to see a lot of older stuff I haven't seen before, including this. The opening is all one shot and it's great execution. A bomb is placed in a car before the couple gets in. The camera tracks them and really immerses you in the world while tension builds as you wait for the bomb to inevitably go off. The camera shifts to tracking a couple walking along and it makes the moment the car explodes that much more shocking. These long shots are really fun to watch.
  13. Tonight BPZ once again presents Carnage Wildcard, where we will witness four major championship bouts. Right now though we see the Hangman Buddy Ace coming to the ring. Buddy Ace is returning to Carnage from a brief absence after being attacked by the strange new arrival Jo Nathan. He does not look happy at all as he takes a mic to address what happened. "Two weeks ago I stood here in the ring talking to all y'all, just minding my business, when I was jumped from behind and beaten with a kendo stick. Then I was doused in gasoline and nearly lit on fire by this creep. I had to stay home last week while I recovered and of course I watched Carnage so I saw every word my attacker had to say. Jo Nathan...you made a big mistake coming after me. You talk about sitting on the sidelines for a year while I was getting opportunities, that wasn't my fault. I didn't personally go and take up chances you coulda had on purpose, so ain't no need to take it personally with me. Now you go and you wanna use me as a stepping stone for your success? The only chance you've earned yourself is a chance for an ass whooping. I've had a lot on my plate lately and I really don't need any more but if you think I'm gonna let this go you got another thing coming. You want an opportunity so bad then I won't deny you it. Anytime you want and I'll be glad to stomp a mudhole in you. I'm right here in this ring again cuz I ain't scared of you. You wanna be crazy, I'll get crazy too. How bout instead of being a coward and blindsiding me, you and I stand here face to face, man to man?" The fans chatter excitedly, hoping to see a face off here tonight, but will the mysterious Jo Nathan actually answer the call out?
  14. World: Arius, Bart, FDS, Sameer(2x) IC: Slim(3x), Hans, Aaron North, Ropati US: Toxik, Meko(3x), Bob, Crippler NXT: Mecko(2x), Beastly, Owen, Steph
  15. Slim: When I first arrived on Evolve, Slim called me out in a challenge for the vacant Global Championship. Instead the Global Series was created and since neither of us reached the finals, we never touched. Since then we haven't really interacted in kayfabe but obviously he's one of the greats and I wanna have the match happen someday. Julius: We've never gotten to face outside of that one tag match (technically I'm 1-0 against him 😏) and it's been a match I've wanted literally since I first started. He keeps ducking me but I'm coming for that ass sooner or later. Flynn: My debut opponent. That in and of itself provides a basic foundation for another match someday. I also sort of consider him an unofficial mentor as well as him being what I think is the benchmark for great kayfabe. I have come a long way since then and I owe him one. Bart: As far as I can remember, Bart and I have had zero interaction besides in the Rumble write up which is a dope way to plant the seed for later. Bart has always been one of my favorite parts of BPZ and I think we might mesh well together. Crippler: I think after the Carnage Scramble, we've made a future singles match a must see affair. It'll happen and it'll be amazing. There's loads more like Bailey, Jason, etc. but I will leave it at this.
  16. Bailey vs Julius Somehow we got cucked out of it like 3 times now and it's a dream match worthy of any main event.
  17. I kept hearing it in a Nissan Rogue commercial and I love it.
  18. The Dirt Sheet is back and was just one of those generic in ring deals, you know how it goes. I'm pretty pissed that the Roman/Corbin feud is continuing because they've practically been feuding for an entire year since Roman returned. This feud could have blown off so many times but now we move on to a Cage Match. Honestly at this point I wouldn't be surprised to see Roman vs Corbin at Mania cuz it feels never ending. Bloodline and the unnamed little buddies Ziggler/Roode being involved doesn't exactly make it any fresher. Also, Elias making Cesaro look like a chump again ain't great. If Elias was gonna get a real push after all this time I would be fine but he ain't and I am appalled at Cesaro's treatment lately. He better be making that good bank. Goldberg vs Fiend is awesome. The Fiend beating a legend is great and I appreciate that WWE has been so behind him. Won't be great in ring but it's a cool spectacle nonetheless. Also love the hurt/heal continuity with Daniel Bryan. I could see him facing Braun at Mania for IC. Loved to see Heath Slater get some tv time. I've said they need to utilize the lower card guys for these squashes more and I've always said I wanted to see Slater in particular used more. Don't know why Carmella won the number one contender match. Naomi just returned so she was the obvious challenger but maybe they save it for EC or Mania if for some reason they didn't do Banks/Bayley and she gets a home state welcome. But Carmella as a challenger just seems random. Good episode overall I think.
  19. Ah, a chance foe Goldberg to redeem himself. I know there were rumors of Sting having a comeback match or something, maybe we get a big WCW match up. Kidding, I'm sure this time it'll be someone younger and they can have a decent match. Like Slim says, Roman vs Goldberg is a dream match and knocking off a legend would be great on the road to Mania and The Fiend. Still though, if Goldberg was in the ring and then you hear "Bro" I would flip out. I know it'll never happen but I would love to see Riddle vs Goldberg. But Riddle is busy with the Broserweights and obviously that's the only reason it can't happen...

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