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  1. I agree about the whole death thing. Time and time again we have seen WWE milk a person's passing for storylines and such and it's just really gross. Most recently we've seen Natalya constantly bringing up her father and then when Sasha returned she had that line where she told her to say hi to him in hell. Something like that isn't really getting heat on Sasha, I just kind of cringe at the fact that WWE had her say that. Plus I'm tired of Natalya bringing up her father for sympathy and stuff. Just leave the dead alone.
  2. Azumarill Gardevoir Togekiss Clefable Sylveon Klefki Ninetales-Alola Mimikyu
  3. What do you mean by 'another draft'? There hasn't been a draft in 3 years, and no, superstar shakeups don't count.
  4. The Fiend faced Seth Rollins at the Calgary House show. It wasn't very long but if this is any indicator of how the Hell In A Cell match goes, The Fiend is going to look great. Pretty fun sight from a house show, really lucky crowd. Post match was crazy too, The Fiend no sold several stomps and left Seth laid out. I love it.
  5. I'm not really into this kind of stuff but I do like vaporwave edits of wrestling. There's especially a lot of Japanese wrestling edits like this around and they're pretty cool. This one if probably my favorite yet.
  6. I've always preferred Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle over the triple threat mainly because I generally like singles matches a lot more. It's got good wrestling and some fun shenanigans. The finish was really unique and memorable to me.
  7. Eddie Guerrero vs JBL at Judgement Day 2004. Eddie bled more than pretty much any person I'd ever seen bleed in a wrestling match and now whenever I see chair shots to the head and such I cringe in any context so.
  8. I think John Marston's was the first death that made me actually cry in a video game. The whole story is built around John's redemption only for him to be betrayed and murdered on his own property and then having the credit stolen. His wife and son finding him dead is awful.
  9. 1. The Fiend 2. Brock Lesnar 3. Roderick Strong 4. Luke Harper 5. Chad Gable
  10. Bret Hart vs Owen Hart in the Steel Cage. Definitely a sequel that surpassed the first which would seem impossible if you've seen the Mania 10 match but they did it.
  11. Sonic Rush was the first Sonic game that I ever got into so it's always been special to me. The blend of the 2D Sidescroll, the minigame, and then the sort of 3D boss fights was really cool. It had a great soundtrack like always and a fun storyline that introduced Blaze, who I thought was really cool. There was also a two player mode that I used to play against friends all the time.
  12. I want Sami Zayn to turn back face. Throughout his heel run he has not found any more success than he had when he was face and by now he's now not even wrestling, he's just a manager for another. Hopefully when Sami and Shinsuke's partnership ends Sami is the one who turns face. His heel run has been plagued with terrible moments and I really do miss him as a face.
  13. I am pulling so hard for Tim Storm. When the NWA started this series with Tim Storm I was instantly drawn to him because he had such an interesting story to me (plus he's from here lol). I think Aldis and Storm have had a great rivalry but I want Storm to get one last run with the ten pounds of gold. I would be heartbroken if I knew he was never gonna get another. As his final match though it may be the best way to go out, plus they probably want a strong champion in the beginning. I'm still really nervous about the whole tv thing because I know that we're getting closer to their tapings but I think NWA may have a hard time with the scene how it is now. I will definitely check it out whenever it airs because I really think that the presentation of it being a pure sport in and old school style will be great because as much as AEW or Smackdown may think they are gonna be good in a sports style presentation, I don't think they could do it as well as NWA.
  14. I still think it's a little weird that we're already getting The Fiend in a championship match. I thought they would take a very long time to establish The Fiend as this monster that demolishes everyone before eventually giving him a title reign because generally monster characters don't need titles since they are dominant already and once the title is on you, eventually you have to lose. That said I think this is gonna be a lot of fun to watch and I can't wait to see The Fiend as Universal Champion.
  15. So we opened with the six man tag team match which I thought would be the main event but obviously the story is what happened after the match. When Brock Lesnar won Money In The Bank I was hoping it would be used to take the championship off Kofi for a fresh feud and because there wasn't really and heel that felt big enough to take it off Kofi but even when that happened I still thought Brock was gonna end up on Smackdown to do it. I'm super excited for Brock Lesnar vs Kofi Kingston and the fact that it'll be on the first episode of Friday Night Smackdown has me super hyped. That's a big way to start off Smackdown's move to Fox. That said I think Kofi has had a great championship reign so far so I'm glad he's gonna be losing it to the company's biggest name. I honestly am not a huge fan of Sami Zayn being Shinsuke's manager. I thought Sami Zayn was doing some good work upon his return but then he never got any wins and now he's been reduced to someone's manager. I miss the underdog Sami Zayn now and I don't think Shinsuke is the type to even need a manager. I'm kinda glad we didn't get Ali vs Shinsuke again because I don't want the same matches tossed out. I guess we're gonna get Carmella vs Bayley for the Smackdown Women's Championship soon? I thought it was weird that Carmella came down to the ring to make the save for Charlotte but whatever. So I'm guessing Chad Gable is gonna be used quite a bit in the future which is very exciting. I loved watching Gable destroying Corbin's stuff and even though he lost King of The Ring, he still benefited hugely from the exposure. With the obvious sports focus on Smackdown coming, I think Chad Gable is gonna do well and it's time for Chad Gable to take the next step.
  16. The opening promo segment with Seth and Bray Wyatt was great, I'm really looking forward to Fiend vs Seth but I'm incredibly surprised it's happening this soon. I figured if Bray is gonna win Universal it won't be for a very long time and surely he won't lose which I definitely wouldn't expect to happen either so not sure what future plans are but I'm looking forward to it. I didn't like Braun attacking and coming out victorious over the four tag team champions. Why does Braun always get used to bury the tag division? I get he lost the tag titles but it just seemed dumb that he comes out on top of four champions who are supposed to be the champions of team work but oh well. So first Cedric gets squashed in 4 minutes on the preshow and then he eats the pin in the 3 on 3 tag match before getting beaten down by The OC. Maybe the rumors of Vince wanted Cedric buried are true which would honestly surprise me a lot. WWE has seemed to love Cedric in his time there and he seems to have a star quality and it seemed like recently he was getting pushed decently so I'm not sure what's going on. I think he'll be fine because Paul Heyman is running the show and he seems to want to make him a main eventer someday which is the smart thing to do but it seems random that Cedric would suddenly be disliked. I think they are gonna have a rematch over US and they are just trying to add heat to it in an ineffective way though. The finals for the King of The Ring was a great match. I have to admit that Baron Corbin really stepped up his game lately and Chad Gable has had a hell of a run here. I do kind of wish that Chad Gable had won because the whole point of King Of The Ring is to make new stars and I think Baron Corbin already has had some of the most heat of anyone on the roster for a long time now and is already a star to me so he doesn't gain much out of the win, especially compared to Chad Gable. That said I think Gable has gotten over a nice bit through King Of The Ring and I hope he doesn't just disappear off of television after a month. If they want to push him properly now is the time and maybe he could have a singles title run and stuff, whatever, he has a lot of potential and time to make him a star. The gender reveal party stuff and then Mike being destroyed by Ricochet and Rusev was just so bizarre. I feel really bad for him and I still have no clue where this storyline is supposed to be going. I mean the payoff would surely be Mike "manning up" or something but like when will that happen and how exactly? It's actually incredibly depressing to see these segments but I'm sure they just like getting television time. Never thought I would hear someone be called a beta cuck on WWE before but here we are. Not happy with Cesaro jobbing out AGAIN. I guess his role has been solidified as midcard guy used to give other guys "momentum" and whatnot. I have lost pretty much all hope of Cesaro ever getting a real push in this company and I just don't get it. I guess the fact is that not everyone gets to be a main eventer and in order to make the guys they actually want to get pushed look good they need a job guy who can actually work rather than use a person like Mojo Rawley and such. I liked the Authors Of Pain promo. It was actually pretty good since they were just firing off in their own language with subs rather than having to speak English. I still miss Ellering managing them but oh well I suppose. I can't wait to have them back and hopefully they get the run they deserved. Roode vs Rollins was actually going pretty good and it was nice to see the WWE being consistent and giving Roode a shot after pinning Seth. I thought the finish was a tad dumb, why not have Seth actually finish pinning Roode and then get jumped to regain the heat instead of having him basically having won the match then winning by DQ. Seemed a bit extra but that's WWE for you. It was awesome seeing Kane come down to the ring and lay everyone out before being attacked by The Fiend. I know it may not be the best match in the world and we have technically seen Kane vs Bray Wyatt before but I do want to see Fiend vs Demon Kane at least once as a passing of the torch or something I suppose. It looks like they are going all in on The Fiend so it would be cool to see.
  17. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock was the most perfect final match a wrestler has ever had.
  18. Night 3 Predictions: Jonathan vs. Bart FDS vs. Kenji Julius vs. Prince Smith vs. Bashka Slim vs. Hans Sameer vs. Blade
  19. Gears 5 just dropped and it's a really fun game. The campaign story has some pretty crazy stuff in it which keeps it interesting and of course the multiplayer is still good. I think that Gears may be passing Halo as the top Microsoft Exclusive because all of the games have a certain quality standard and are consistent whereas under 343 Halo hasn't been great.
  20. Gotta agree with Kurt Angle for this year. He proved that he was up there with the best of the times during this year with the Invasion Angle. Not only good he put on fantastic wrestling matches but he had huge charisma and got to show that. People don't talk about the range of Kurt Angle enough. He could go from badass wrestling machine to goofy dope and back in an instant and you'd believe it.
  21. No TLC? The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

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