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  1. I think that the 24/7 Championship has worn out it's welcome by now as they've done tons with it already, even possibly being the best part of WWE at a point, but it just isn't as exciting anymore. WWE itself has neglected the title lately, which is kind of expected both because it's a joke title and they neglect all their titles. Still, the concept of the belt is honestly not a bad one and WWE at first was utilizing social media to play up the rules of the belt really well. What Mojo Rawley has been doing, or at least been trying to do, as of late is a good idea. He's taking the fight to everyone else and it is different from what all the other champs have done. That said, it's Mojo Rawley. Surely there was some other jobber that was better suited for this? WWE to me has always seemed to have a bit of an odd love for Mojo despite never truly pushing him past that jobber status. Good for Mojo I suppose. I used to like him a lot as he does have some decent qualities but in a company as saturated as WWE, I don't think he's going to be any higher. At least he's got a nice little spot for good money as well. Anyways, for this idea of a fighting champion to work, the champ needs to be winning. Let Mojo have a good length reign from here on instead of switching it on and off him every week or two.
  2. Moxley's entire story with the Inner Circle has been top notch. I'm surprised it took so long for the blinding angle to be reused and Moxley has been made to look like a real badass through all this. I know I really shouldn't compare but I can't help but think that if this was WWE, Moxley would get whipped every week and look like a total dork so I appreciate that Moxley actually managed to get a measure of revenge against Santana and Ortiz. I think that Daniels might actually still join Dark Order. Maybe I'm looking for something that isn't there but why else do SCU and the Best Friends keep getting targeted and have him involved? Maybe he'll be the leader of Dark Order or something? Britt Baker has been surprisingly entertaining as a heel. She has more substance to her character now and her past couple promos have been good. I'm surprised it took so long for Yuka to reappear and I really don't get the point of letting her win if she's not gonna be around much anyways, but the ensuing beatdown was awesome. Adam Page has been one of my favorite wrestlers for a long while now and I love his current character direction as the fallen hero who's in a downward spiral as well as the brewing tensions with The Elite. While I do think it should have happened much later, MJF and Cody's feud has been another great bit of storytelling. The lashes was an amazing segment, once again showing how perfect Cody and MJF are in their respective roles. Seeing Cody like that was really emotional and MJF looks like a true dirt bag. I can't wait for the Cage match against Wardlow.
  3. I think that Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte Flair is absolutely the best choice for WrestleMania. Nobody wants Becky vs Charlotte for the umpteenth time, we've had plenty of Bayley vs Charlotte before so no need to jump back there, but this is perfect. I just think that Charlotte has to lose this. It legitimizes both NXT and Rhea Ripley in an insane way if Rhea retains at Takeover and then walks into WrestleMania and beats Charlotte Flair of all people to retain the title. I mean the Rumble winner going for NXT really would make it feel equal, at least if the NXT talent proves to be on the same level by not falling to Charlotte, especially to the more casual side of the audience.
  4. That's gotta be on purpose, right? Bit of a roundabout way to avoid going to Saudi Arabia or something, though I don't know if they would be willing to take that kind of hit just to not go. Or I guess it means that much to them they would rather take the hit than go? Or they just wanted to smoke, idk. The timing implies all that to me though. Hopefully this is the last time because I love these guys and don't want them to be getting in trouble over something so stupid.
  5. Just to be contrarian, I'll say Neville. Neville led the NXT brand through it's first big boom from the first Network event to the end of the year at R Evolution. Neville had some incredible matches and storylines in those main events throughout that year, culminating in what is possibly the best ever NXT storyline and match against Sami Zayn. Neville was a big part of why NXT has become as big as it has today through that major reign in 2014 that really paved the way.
  6. I found a randomly generated 19 year old referee with 70 ref skill but then I saw this so I don't know if I should be messing with him or not. Hogan is in his last name... January 2015 So I got to Genesis now and it was my best show to date! Granted, it's still not a great show but seeing that number going up makes me feel more confident in what I'm doing. I only had one preshow match because I hadn't booked those three in a while and I need to give the women a little more of my attention. Not a good match but I wasn't expecting it to be. I needed one more match and I figured that I would have an impromptu match to open so I could pad out time. The BroMans have been very protected I noticed. They have basically been the number two team but I really am not sure what to do with them. They already feuded for the titles but I don't want them as champions at the moment. Speaking of teams, I considered the idea of making Joe and Magnus a team since they have before but I don't really want to turn either and don't want a face/heel duo with them, so I probably won't do it anytime soon if ever. I did have other potential tag partners in mind for them both since the start of the save but I'm not sure. Also a relatively good match from the six. I am very disappointed about losing Alex Silva as he is my #2 hot prospect and I wanted to do a long build with him but he will be back eventually. I figure I can make a brief story out of it rather than just letting him go. These are two of my better women obviously. I think I know where the Knockout's championship is gonna go from here so hopefully it works out. I really want to make this a team cuz they are guys I want to use but since I don't have any actual individual plans, a team of two MMA fighters might be cool. Not sure what I would call them since I'm not very clever. Maybe I could throw in Angle for a trio of legit guys. That sounds dumb but I'm prone to making random decisions so maybe. So I took that authority figure crap off of MVP and gave him his gimmick back. Otherwise I don't think I would have let Gunner go over but I've been pushing him decently so far so I might as well continue. I do want to make the Beat Down Clan at some point but again, don't really wanna turn anybody. I have a good balance of alignments and I'm not sure a face Beat Down Clan is appealing. I was not happy to discover these two don't click. I have plans for this story to continue for awhile and I'm not gonna back down from them so I guess I gotta just deal with it. Note the ten minute beat down to run the clock. I need 30% angles for PPV which is 54 minutes, so I just made a really uncomfortable scene to eat a chunk of it. I'm starting to doubt myself on this one because I no longer am sure about the direction I want to go with these two. They are two guys I can rely on giving me some good segments and matches at the very least, so hopefully my booking incompetence is made up for with good scores. I only really made this storyline because I was pairing off main eventers like an idiot. Purely for the sake of getting to use them but there just isn't any rhyme or reason to anything I've done with them. I wanted to do something with them together and I figured I would let this take another big chunk of time since they are two of my best entertainment guys anyways. So uh...title didn't change hands. What I think happened is that I had booked this match but I deleted it because I thought of changing it to a shorter ladder match cuz of Hernandez' stamina but decided against it and rebooked the two out of three falls, though I don't know that I set the titles up. I guess I could kayfabe rationale it as it instead being loser gets their title binned but I was annoyed with that. At least the TV title is gone cuz the lineage to that is disgusting. That's right, a Dog Collar match. That might seem a bit random for the blowoff to my first big world title feud after several months but this match was one that played into their strengths. They are good brawlers so I went through brawl based matches. Barbed Wire Cage sounded cool but I didn't really think this feud warranted it so I wasn't going for it, especially with Lockdown in a couple months. A twenty minute First Blood would have been ridiculous and I'm not doing a Scaffold match so Dog Collar it is. Good match, best of the card even, so a fitting end to this feud. Not sure what's next for Storm if I'm being honest. I have a couple ideas but the timelines of other things I want to run make it hard to decide. Roode has some good potential challengers lined up because I do think My top half of the card is money since I still got guys like Joe, Angle, etc. Here is the run down. Yasu is actually set to Enhancement, which is why I got the thing about him. He wants to be Opener which I may grant but I still need an Enhancement so to do that I would need to bump off someone who is already opener. My best buy rate as well at 0.89, so an obvious improvement if only a small one. Despite doing well for myself, I took a big hit. You can see I lost several PPV carriers and the others got me on probation, though it's been like that since I started. I still have several other contracts intact that cover these areas so I am not done for, but I'm worried about completely losing PPV. I'm definitely going to be taking a beating before things actually improve. Predictions Results: @Gunner - 8 @Bart - 6 @Smith - 6 Congrats to Gunner for getting the most points. You win nothing at all. It's also cute the Tag Team Champions tied. Thank you for looking at this TEW save.
  7. This has been a song I have thought would fit something wrestling related really well for a long time but I've never really had the chance to use it in any capacity. I know it's probably softer than most wrestling related music but I could totally imagine a video package for a feud or something like that with this song playing. It's one of my favorite bands so I might be bias and looking for something not really there but I think it could work as a ppv theme if you gave it a chance.
  8. One of the biggest complaints against WWE is a lack of storylines and consistency in those storylines so I can definitely appreciate that WWE has actually made a more subtle feud through what was thought to be a throwaway moment on Raw, to having major implications in the Rumble, to this match. Ricochet is also the perfect type for Brock to work with, a small face worker that can bump and is quick. We've seen Brock put out bangers against these smaller guys so I think that this is gonna be a good match. It will also help Ricochet in the long run because he's quite honestly very far below the calibre of being WWE Champion but Brock will most likely make Ricochet look like a million bucks if previous matches are any indicator. Obviously an easy retain for Brock as we prepare for Brock vs Drew unless WWE decides to recontinue Drew and Ricochet's feud that spawned like 30 matches on Raw lol.
  9. I think a large part of AJ Lee's success was that she was a good wrestler surrounded by people who were only hired for their pretty faces. She was very much the opposite of her peers which was why people loved her so much. If she had only just started today I am not sure that she would have made it anywhere near as big because in ring I think there are lots of people who are much more advanced in skill as well as many fantastic personalities. Just look at the NXT Women's division alone and it is absolutely stacked so it would be hard for her to compete. If she kept wrestling throughout 2015 to now, I think she would still fair well because she built herself to be a big name and the main roster women's division could use any name possible. At the very least her personality would carry her over her in ring skills as well, so she would still be a prominent member of the division hopefully. While she helped pave the way, the women of today are more advanced and most women don't fit the typical diva aesthetic. Being so young as well, she could have had a much longer and successful career I think.
  10. SOMEHOW I NEVER NOTICED THIS. Whatever, he's still my best worker in every category despite that. So anyways I have been playing this again since it's one of the few things I can do at home at the moment and I just kinda want to commentate over what I'm doing and keep learning this game. Right now I have an owner's goal stating I cannot hire/resign anyone with below 53 basics, safety, or resilience. This goal is going to hit me harder than I realized as many don't meet that requirement and several people's contracts are coming up. I think it will add a nice challenge though and save me money among other things so it's honestly making me more interested. Names leaving soon include Alex Silva who is my #2 hot prospect at 24 and only missed the mark by a point or two, Jay Bradley, Shark Boy (I'm very torn on this), and The Freak. Lashley and Rampage Jackson may leave within the year if their stats don't pass the mark as well which sucks. Also Earl Hebner is retiring in one month, which would leave me with only one referee. I've decided to actually utilize Hector Guerrero and Jeremy Borash by making them the announcer team for Xplosion, while Xplosion will be there mostly to book people for the sake of getting them on a card that week. Week 2, January 2015 Below is my go home show for Genesis. Before I had been doing things on a show by show basis pretty much but now I think i should start forming long term plans, at least for the rest of the year. Also there are several discrepancies throughout the mod and one of them is that MVP is a babyface authority figure even though the mod starts in November 2014 and he was a heel with no more power by then so idk. Also I plan on getting rid of the Television title since it is literal garbage so I'm doing a title vs title two out of three falls between Aries and Hernandez at Genesis. Gail Kim only has one loss in this save and that was Velvet pinning her. I feel like the women's division is a bit shallow and I need to start building people to title contention level so the champ isn't just steamrolling random people. I was also surprised that End vs Lashley was so bad but oh well. I used to just give away big main eventer vs main eventer matches in all the weekly shows and stuff like that because I was an idiot but I have a better grasp on things now, of only slightly. If anyone wants to predict on the Genesis card I'm going to leave the announced matches below and all that. Genesis Predictions: Tag Team Championship: The Wolves (c) vs Team GutCheck Knockout's Championship: Gail Kim (c) vs Velvet Sky X-Division & TV Championships 2/3 Falls: Austin Aries (c) vs Hernandez (c) World Championship: Bobby Roode (c) vs James Storm Kurt Angle vs EC3 Bully Ray vs Joseph Park MVP's authority position on the line: MVP vs Gunner Bonus Questions: Bobby Roode vs James Storm will get a stipulation, what stipulation will it be? Which match will be the highest rated?
  11. I actually watches this on television since I couldn't do anything else. Why does WWE feel the need to run a match like 30 times in a row? Every ppv they have multiple rematches on the weekly shows which is ridiculous. Especially the two that were on Smackdown this Friday. Nothing warranted a rematch between Sheamus and Shorty G, at least Bloodline vs Corbin's Court (or whatever) had a stipulation. Which why does WWE also feel the need to run a gag into the center of the Earth every single time? Like the first segment was acceptable but did we really need more dog food stuff? This would have been a much better moment for the Rumble show if they had that added on top of the falls count anywhere to but either way the match was overkill. Braun finally won a singles championship which should have been on the pay per view instead of Shorty G vs Shemaus cuz it's a much bigger deal. It was kind of boring and obvious but it's television. Shinsuke had an awful reign and I suspect Braun won't be much better as champ. WWE never seems to be able to handle booking more than one title well at a time. Also why did Elias of all people make Cesaro look like a chump, fucking boo. The Tag Fatal Four Way was a good match and I am sure Miz and Morrison are the next tag champs unless they try to rush a singles feud which would be dumb. Otis got a date with Mandy on V Day so I'm hype for that, but why are the same two women's teams fighting constantly? The division is so shallow it's depressing. I am tired of Bliss and Cross as well, I really couldn't care about them and the novelty had worn off. Not the best show ever.
  12. We are halfway through Night of Legends and it has been a great show this far with some fantastic matches and even a surprise appearance from Sameer just a minute ago. Now an announcer stands in the ring as we prepare to finally get our next match underway. "The following is the Carnage Scramble match! Here are the rules: there is a 30 minute time limit. Two superstars will start in the ring and every five minutes a new superstar enters the match. If a superstar scores a pinball or a submission then that superstar becomes the interim champion. There are no count outs or disqualifications. Whoever is the interim champion at the end of the 30 minutes will receive a guaranteed match for the North American Championship at BPZMania." "Introducing first, from Southside Philly, weighing in at 192 pounds, CJ Sellers!" The Chancellor CJ Sellers steps out to a mixed roar from the crowd that doesn't seem to register with him at all. CJ has impressed everyone in recent weeks and is a frontrunner for winning this match because of it. He calmly walks to the ring with his eyes set firmly on the BPZMania sign above the ring. The stakes are high in this match with a North American Championship match at the biggest show of the year on the line and there isn't anything more in the world that Sellers could want. He reaches the ring and stands in it waiting for his first opponent to be revealed. "And from Finland, Aaron North!" Aaron North gets no love from the crowd as he comes out from the back. We've seen Aaron go down a dark path since becoming United States Championship with his mental health coming into question as he seems to be going insane. This man has made a deal with the Devil and maybe he's gonna find his next piece of success here with the devil's luck. Aaron comes in and stands across the ring from CJ, towering over him. CJ shows no fear though as he sizes up his opponent, willing to fight anyone. Both men look over one another calmly as they wait for the start of this match. The bell rings and CJ launches himself at Aaron, forcing the brute into the corner with a flurry of strikes. CJ trying to get the advantage early against his much bigger foe with these punches as Aaron tries his best to cover up. Aaron shoves CJ away, sending him tumbling across the ring, but CJ rolls onto his feet and dashes back across the ring to continue the corner striking. Aaron grabs CJ and throws him into the corner, swapping places as now Aaron lands a heavy handed chop to CJ's chest. Sellers doubles over clutching his chest but the big man pushes him upright and hits another big chop. The welts on CJ's chest stand out against his pale skin as several more chops follow and he slumps to the mat. Aaron yanks CJ out of the corner and places a boot on his chest for a 1 count. It seems the size and power advantage is working for the Devil's Advocate early on here as his opponent is still recovering from those brutal chops. Aaron North tries to pull CJ to his feet but CJ swats the big man's hands away and nails a Leaping Head Kick that causes Aaron to stagger against the ropes. CJ hits the ropes and sends himself and his opponent over the top rope with an insane clothesline. He isn't done yet though as he dives back into the ring and takes the recovering Aaron North off his feet with an incredible Tope Con Giro! CJ now looks to get Aaron back into the ring, hoping for the first fall, but North rams him back first into the apron out of desperation. Aaron places him onto the apron and pushes him back into the ring, giving the Finn some brief time to catch his breath. We are off to an explosive start here in this match and we still have plenty of time to go. Aaron comes back in and is met with another flurry of strikes similar to earlier that force him against the ropes. The MMA background of Sellers is clear here with these vicious slaps that can be heard in the nosebleeds. CJ Sellers runs to the other side of the ring to hit the ropes for something but we won't know what as Aaron North crosses the ring in an incredible burst of speed and nails CJ with a boot to the jaw. Aaron North may be big but he can also be deceptively quick for his size. The clock begins to countdown to the entry of the next competitor in the Scramble here as both men in the ring are trying to regain their strength after the fast paced battle we just saw. The fans count along, "3...2...1..." The fans erupt in a unified chorus of boos and Amai is loving every bit of it. In the last few months of 2019, Amai became arguably one of the most hated wrestlers by the fans but that hate is merely fuel for the Moneymaker. Amai reaches the ring as Aaron is putting the boots to CJ in the corner and Aaron pauses his continued beat down to prepare himself for another fight. Amai raises his hands and says something to Aaron with a smirk before suddenly and viciously stomping a mudhole into CJ. These two have developed quite a rivalry and now they can let their feelings be known in this match. Amai waves Aaron forward, who approaches cautiously, but it seems the two have formed an alliance as Aaron stomps away a few times as well. The two take turns like this for a few rounds, seemingly trying to stomp the very spirit of CJ out of him. Amai irish whips CJ out of the corner and to Aaron for a big Lariat that sends CJ tumbling head over heels. Aaron takes a second to exchange some words with a fan and Amai rolls CJ over for the cover. The ref doesn't even manage to count to two before Aaron yanks Amai off. Aaron starts yelling at Amai but Amai seems to manage to calm him down for the time being as we now see a double team suplex. Amai tries to pin CJ again but Aaron was paying attention this time and drags him off. Amai and Aaron start to argue but when CJ starts to stir Aaron turns his attention to him. Unfortunately that was a big mistake on the part of Aaron as Amai low blows him from behind! A roll up now and the ref counts it! "1...2...3!" Amai has stolen the first fall of the Carnage Scramble! Aaron doesn't stay down for long though as he staggers to his feet, clutching his lower region. The big smile on Amai's face slowly fades as Aaron turns to face Amai with absolute bloodlust in his eyes. Aaron North takes a couple shaky steps forward and Amai starts pleading with him, seemingly terrified of the monster before him. Amai realises his begging is futile and practically dives through the ropes to escape the ring. Aaron gives chase and the two go around the ring a couple times before Amai slides back into the ring. Aaron tries to come back in but gets a knee to the jaw for his troubles. Amai spits at Aaron over the top rope and takes a few steps back when he suddenly finds himself grabbed from behind. Amai forgot about CJ and pays the price as CJ lifts him into an Arm Trapped Suplex! The bridge is held as the referee gets into position. "1...2..." "3!" CJ Sellers is now the interim champion. Amai rolls out of the ring as now Aaron North comes back in. The two men brawl in the center of the ring as we countdown to the next entrant. The fans cheer as James Knight comes running from out the back. He's had some close calls in his attempts to win the NXT Championship that have earned him the crowd's respect but now it's all about the Scramble. James slides under the bottom rope and gets to work immediately with a clothesline to CJ and a dropkick to Aaron. Aaron staggers into the ropes and attempts to counter with a rebound clothesline but James ducks it and comes back around with a Flying V Trigger that drops the larger athlete! James is all fired up and shouts to the crowd but that turns into a cry of pain as Amai swings a steel chair against his back. Amai swings down on Knight several more times before placing the chair on the ground and hitting the Painkiller on the chair! The three count is made and Amai is the interim winner again! Amai has no time to gloat as he finds himself face to face with CJ. Amai runs forward for a clothesline but CJ has no trouble ducking under it and hits the Shatter Machine! CJ hooks the leg but Amai powers out at 2. CJ stays on Amai with quick, sharp elbow strikes from a mounted position but gets shoved off. CJ charges forward but Amai uses that momentum against CJ and throws him over the top rope. Amai breathes a sigh of relief before turning and seeing that CJ managed to stay on the apron. Amai rushes over to knock him off but gets stunned by a kick to the head which CJ follows up with a springboard crossbody. “1...2...” Amai kicks out once again. CJ doesn’t hesitate for a second as he charges at Amai again but a kick to the knee stops him in his tracks. Amai continues to kick at the knee until CJ falls to the mat. We know CJ has had issues with his knee in the past and it looks like Amai wants to exploit that as he tries to apply a figure four leg lock but luckily CJ manages to kick him away during the set up. On the outside, Aaron North and James Knight are back up now as well and brawling around the ring. Aaron has the upper hand though with his sheer strength though as he irish whips James into the steel steps. In the ring Amai gets CJ up on the shoulders for the Painkiller but CJ slips off behind and quickly drags him into the corner, steps up to the middle turnbuckle, and hits the Chancellor’s Order! “1..2..3!” CJ manages to regain the status of interim champ out of nowhere! It’s almost time to introduce the final competitor in this matchup and we all know exactly who that is. CJ Sellers stands in the center of the ring, staring at the entrance way as the fans count down along with the clock from ten. "...3...2...1..." An explosion of cheers comes from the audience as the fan favorite of the match comes out at last. Buddy Ace is not only a fan favorite but a betting favorite, as himself and CJ have made waves recently on Carnage. With the support of the fans behind him as well as the odds, Buddy Ace is looking confident as he stomps his way to the ring, eyes locked with CJ. Buddy dives into the ring and stands just inches from CJ as the fans buzz in excitement, knowing they will finally get to witness these two battle it out after all the talk. Buddy decides he wants to get a bit more talking in as he seems to be trash talking CJ, but CJ doesn’t say a thing, staring up at Buddy unflinchingly. Before either man can make a move though, Aaron North and Amai attack them, causing the fans to boo in disappointment. Buddy and CJ are now finding themselves on the wrong end of a vicious coordinated assault as they are being battered from corner to corner. Things are looking bad for a bit as now Aaron and Amai try to irish whip them into each other but instead are reversed and Aaron and Amai collide together. Buddy hits a Backstabber to Aaron while Amai is dropped by a Bicycle Kick from CJ. The fans start to rile up again as Buddy and CJ come face to face again, this time with no chance of the moment being spoiled. Buddy doesn’t do any jaw jacking this time as he blasts CJ with a right hand which kicks off a back and forth of forearms and punches. CJ’s superior striking ability wins out as he rocks the Hangman with a series of forearms. CJ tries to take advantage of the moment with a Leaping Head Kick but Buddy ducks it. There is no time to recover because Buddy pulls CJ in and lifts him into the air in a Powerbomb attempt but CJ counters it with a hurricanrana! Before it can be followed up on though, James Knight reenters the ring and rolls CJ up from behind for the three count! James Knight has just scored the fall but before anyone can process what just happened Amai rolls James up to steal another fall! Amai doesn’t get a moment to rest as now he’s rolled up by Buddy Ace for another quick pinfall! The fans are barely given a chance to pop as Aaron North gets the pinfall on Buddy with a roll up of his own! Yet another flash pinfall occurs as CJ rolls up Aaron North to regain interim champ status! The incredible train of falls ends there as all 5 men break out into a brawl. Buddy and Amai take the fight ringside while James and CJ deal with Aaron North in the ring. Amai tries to run away from Buddy but Buddy catches up and throws Amai into the barricade. Buddy Ace goes to look for something to use and brings out a kendo stick that he uses to whack away at Amai, leaving red welts and cuts all around his body. Buddy keeps firing away until the kendo stick snaps and goes back to plain old fists. In the ring, CJ and James set Aaron up for a double suplex but don’t manage to get him up as Aaron instead manages to reverse it and suplex the two of them! Buddy tries to catch Aaron by surprise with a Buckshot Lariat but slings himself directly into a big boot that leaves him flat on his back. Aaron isn’t gonna waste any time now while no one else is up in the ring as he quickly drags Ace upwards and hits the Devil’s Backbone! We all know what follows this as Aaron climbs to the top and nails Devil’s Flight on Buddy Ace! The leg is hooked by Aaron and the referee counts, “1...2...3!” Aaron North has pinned Ace twice now to become interim champion. Buddy is one of Aaron’s challengers for the United States Championship and Aaron is showing why he is the champion over Ace. Aaron has no time to rest as now he has to once again fend off CJ Sellers. A big right hand from Aaron spins CJ around and Aaron lifts him for a suplex but he slips out onto his feet. CJ quickly counters as he lifts the bigger man up with an Arm Trapped Suplex! CJ is one of BPZ’s smaller competitors but has a deceptive strength hidden behind his size. CJ holds the bridge but only gets a two count. Aaron is on his hands and knees as he tries to get back up only to be on the receiving end of a Curb Stomp from James Knight! James dives into the cover but CJ throws James out of the ring and covers Aaron himself! The referee counts the three and CJ has stolen the fall from James Knight! A fight has started between Buddy and James on the outside as Amai returns to the ring with a chop block to CJ’s leg, continuing his attack from earlier. Amai goes to lock in the Figure Four Leglock and is successful this time around. CJ grits his teeth and flops around in pain, with nowhere for him to go. Amai screams at CJ to tap out but CJ isn’t complying, choosing instead to try to fight his way out of the submission. Unfortunately CJ doesn’t seem to be making any progress as he’s been in the hold for half a minute now, he may just have no choice but to tap out to give himself a chance in the rest of the match. Before CJ can tap out, Buddy breaks up the submission with a stiff kick to Amai’s head. CJ rolls out of the ring to nurse himself as Buddy now puts the boots to Amai in the ring. Buddy irish whips Amai and floors him with a Rolling Elbow followed by a Standing Shooting Star Press! “1...2...” NO! Amai kicks out and Buddy looks shocked that someone could survive that combo. Buddy takes a second to regain his composure and decide his next step while Aaron North is manhandling James Knight on the outside, looking to get revenge for the Curb Stomp earlier. Aaron clears off the announce table and chokeslams Knight through the table! Buddy Ace is now on the apron and lines Amai up for the Buckshot Lariat! There’s the three count, making Buddy Ace the interim champion. Aaron isn’t going to stand fior that as he rushes into the ring in an attempt to take yet another fall off of Buddy. Buddy catches Aaron with a Rolling Elbow as he comes in but Aaron catches Buddy off guard with a Rebound Clothesline! Buddy is groggy as he gets to his feet though he may have wanted to stay down as Aaron snatches him up into the air with plans for the Devil’s Backbone but Buddy counters with a hurricanrana that sends Aaron face first into the top turnbuckle! Aaron stumbles out of the corner and gets Back Body Dropped into the center of the ring. Buddy walks over to the apron as he wants to hit another Buckshot Lariat but in the short time that his back is turned Aaron rolls out of the ring to what he thinks is safety, only to be met with a surprise television monitor shot by CJ Sellers! The Chancellor is wasting no time as he knows Aaron won't be staying down forever and begins a search under the ring for a weapon. We know how adept Sellers is at utilizing anything and everything which makes this the perfect match for him. Sellers has a chair now and smashes it over Aaron's back. A couple more times and the chair is left mangled from the impacts as CJ makes sure to lay it in extra hard. Buddy was relishing the opportunity to rest as those two battle it out but Amai seems to be fully recovered now as he goes after Buddy. In the meantime, CJ doesn’t seem satisfied with what he’s done to Aaron so far and goes back on the hunt for a good weapon. It doesn’t take CJ too long to find what he was looking for as he pulls of all things a metal bat out from under the ring! Surely CJ wouldn’t be so cruel as to use something like that in this match? Aaron is starting to stir again as CJ looms over him with that metal bat, waiting for his moment. Aaron has no idea what is coming as CJ makes sure to line it up just right. CJ takes a swing and there’s a gross thud as the metal bat is cracked against Aaron’s skull! Anything to win this match as we are coming into the final minutes of the Carnage Scramble! CJ takes a moment to look at Aaron before deciding against trying drag that dead weight back into the ring, instead electing to throw James Knight back in, who is still hurting big time from being put through a table. Buddy and Amai are both down on the mat unaware as CJ covers Knight for a quick fall but somehow Knight has the wherewithal to kick out before three, attracting the attention of the two fallen foes. CJ doesn’t have much time now as he leaps to the top rope, and with no regard for his own body, throws himself off for the Suicide Pact! Neither Buddy nor Amai have the time to break the cover as the referee counts three! The match is almost over and CJ has been in it from the beginning. Despite all the pain and exhaustion he must be feeling he knows he needs that final fall to walk out the winner. Amai tries to go after CJ but Buddy hits a Backstabber from behind. A cover is made but CJ is there to break it up quickly. He will not lose his spot as interim champion unless he is dead though he is clearly far from dead as he takes the fight to Buddy, hitting forearm after forearm on the cowboy now. Buddy shoves CJ away and goes for a Rolling Elbow but CJ ducks it and responds with a Leaping Head Kick. Amai now comes after the interim champion who seems to have further hurt his knee there which allows Amai to scoop him up into the fireman’s carry! CJ fights his way out of trouble with a big DDT to Amai. Amai rolls onto the apron and CJ has a scary look in his eye now as the wheels are turning in his head. CJ climbs up onto the top rope, intent on causing further harm to a man he very much hates, but why take the risk when you’re already in position to win? CJ Sellers is confident as always though and leaps for a Suicide Pact to Amai but instead his spine crashes into the apron! Amai managed to squirm out of the way just in time and sees his rival now laying in a heap on the floor which he seems to enjoy as he laughs, much to the chagrin of the crowd as they boo loudly. Amai goes to recover the body as he wants to steal this at the very end and the crowd is not pleased at all with this turn of events here in the last minute of the match. Suddenly the boos turn to a wave of cheering which confuses Amai until he finds himself spun around to be face to face with Buddy Ace. Amai doesn’t even get a chance to throw a punch as Buddy lifts him up and nails the Dead Eye! "1...2...3!" Buddy Ace hits the Dead Eye to get the fall in the final seconds of this match! The clock has hit zero and that means the Carnage Scramble is officially over. The referee raises Buddy’s hand as the referee announces the official result. “Your winner of the Carnage Scramble match, Hangman Buddy Ace!” With this win, Buddy Ace has secured himself a match for the North American Championship at BPZMania in what may be his biggest victory to date. That was an incredible half hour of action but there is still much more action to come later tonight.
  13. It was a decent preshow match but I am kind of tired of seeing these two feud already. I do like Humberto a lot but now that he is on Raw, I don't know if he can simply rely on his athleticism anymore. The basis of this feud really just feels like because they are both Mexican they have to face. I have a feeling this feud could possibly stretch to Mania and beyond but there isn't anything to really make you care about what's happening. Humberto would have done well to get a more similar treatment to Aleister Black because they kind of just threw him straight into the chase for the US title on Raw and that's all he has been doing, losing lots and getting shots. At least beating jobbers slowly introduces someone and can help build more credibility over time. Side note on that, I wish WWE used it's lower card guys for jobbing more often than just no name locals. I want Slater on my tv weekly please. Andrade seems to be a key piece of Raw now and I'm glad he's finally getting pushed properly because he had a long period where it was hard to tell if WWE cared for him or not because he would put on great matches and win a few, then would lose a few, but he's on the right track now.
  14. We are on the Carnage after the Royal Rumble and one man who had a prominent performance that night in coming out here tonight. First he competed in the United States Championship gauntlet and then in the Royal Rumble match, where he managed to make it into the Elite Six. It seems like 2020 is shaping up to be a good year for Buddy Ace as he keeps up the momentum in recent times. "You know the Royal Rumble was one hell of an event. You had championships change hands, epic grudge matches, and of course the namesake match where Arius outlasted 29 other men to become the fifth Royal Rumble winner. Lots of special, magical moments and yet...that night I left the arena feeling empty. None of those moments were a moment of my own. As a matter of fact a couple of them even came at my expense. I spent a lot of time in the ring that night, thinking I was so close to fulfilling my dreams, but it wasn't to be. And ya know something, when you get that close and fail, it hurts that much more. You start thinking about all the little things you could have done that would have given you a better chance, any of the mistakes you made, all these minute details that you simply couldn't have noticed in the moment." "I got to open the Royal Rumble in the United States Championship gauntlet match. Haha, I say that like that's some sort of privilege but it almost felt like a punishment. I've been chasing after that United States Championship since April of last year and there's been times where I felt like I was so close to winning it that I could feel that cool metal plate on my fingertips. This time though, I really felt like I could do it, like the whole world was behind me and nothing could stop my momentum. I had one last task: run the gauntlet. I would need to go through 4 other elite competitors one by one to get that title I so desperately wanted. I can say now that I was a bit foolish in thinking that was possible but once the first two fell it seemed like everything was turning out perfectly. But then in comes Raven, a man who seems to have the power to completely destroy the integrity of entire divisions. We all saw what he did in his vain quest to hold the record for NXT Championship reigns and now he's on track to do the same with the United States Championship. No care for substance or quality, he just wants his name there in the history books for a simple number. The insane thing is that he even possesses the ability to do that in the first place. If he wanted, he could aim higher, do better, but no. I felt his wrath first hand in that gauntlet match when he beat the tar out of me and went on to become a two time United States Champion whilst I have been left with nothing. I will let it be known right here and now that I will keep coming back for that United States Championship until I win it or can't anymore." "I obviously felt pretty dejected after such a performance in the opening match but I had another chance at something even greater that night, a ticket straight to the main event of BPZMania, the Royal Rumble match. Now I did win the Carnage Scramble so I do have my guaranteed match but there isn't anything bigger than a World Championship match. All 30 of us in that ring put our hearts and souls into that match because it is that important, arguably the most important of the entire year. Somehow I found myself down to the final six men, with some of the greatest competitors in this entire industry surrounding me. Given what happened earlier in the night you would think I would have known better than to get my hopes up but in the moment you just know you wanna be the last man standing. Looking back on it now though, I feel like an impostor. What gave me the right to stand alongside those men as a potential Royal Rumble winner? Absolutely nothing at all. I stuck out like a sore thumb and it was obvious I just didn't belong. By some fluke or miracle I had made it into a position most could only dream about. I felt the same way when I just barely managed to qualify for the Scramble and then just barely won that somehow. Others may try to tell me that I have done a good job and that I earned my position there with those men, and while I appreciate the sentiment, the fact is that I shouldn't have been there. I can accept that but either way, I was there. Now that it's passed though, I am going to do whatever it takes to prove that I belonged there with those five men. Y'all will not regret supporting me so far cuz I am gonna put out performance after performance that will beyond justify what I've been given as of late." (reply planned)
  15. This is a big get to me. Seeing what former WWE talent have managed to achieve here like Moxley, PAC, etc, I really look forward to seeing what they do with him. He always seemed to have another level he could reach but was never allowed to. It also helps that he is a big man because AEW could stand to gain a few more. I hope Lee proves us right.
  16. How do you take an Olympic level athlete and turn him into a joke? Looking at his run in King of the Ring you could see he was really getting the fans behind him and seeing some of his great in ring work. Then WWE botched it and saddled him with a dumb gimmick. WWE has had loads of competitors Gable's size but how many of them decided to put short in their name? The terrible gear he wears is even more offensive. I have a feeling WWE is gonna end up deciding Gable couldn't get over and blame him rather than this huge misstep they've made with his character. It was a decent match between the two and I look forward to seeing more of Sheamus. The idea of going after people he thinks are dragging the brand down is a simple way to set up feuds for him. I don't think it was necessary for this match to have taken place here on PPV since there really was nothing substantial behind it. Kinda underwhelming as a return to me but I think things will pick up since we're in the biggest season in WWE.
  17. It's just a little wellness policy violation, Andrade will be fine. Plenty of big stars have failed them and been fine, and yeah Andrade isn't at that same level of necessity, but I think that Andrade is liked enough by everyone all around that he will recover from this. Especially since they didn't simply take the title off of him when they could have, so I think they have some big plans in the near future for him and he's safe for now.
  18. -Men's Royal Rumble- Men's Rumble - Roman Reigns (2 Points If Correct) Men's Rumble - Brock Lesnar (1 Point if Correct) -Women's Royal Rumble- Women's Rumble - Shayna Baszler (2 Points If Correct) Women's Rumble - Sasha Banks (1 Point if Correct) The Fiend (c) vs. Daniel Bryan (Universal Championship strap match) Bayley (c) vs. Lacey Evans (SmackDown Women's Championship) Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin Becky Lynch (c) vs. Asuka (Raw Women's Championship) Sheamus vs. Shorty G Andrade (c) vs. Humberto Carrillo (United States Championship) Bonus Questions: Second to last match on the card? The Fiend vs Daniel Bryan First match on the card? (No pre-show) Andrade vs Humberto Carrillo Men's Rumble - Entrant #7 Matt Riddle Men's Rumble - Entrant #27 Keith Lee Women's Rumble - Entrant #7 Dana Brooke Women's Rumble - Entrant #27 Carmella
  19. Imperium (Walter, Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel and Alexander Wolfe) vs. The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong) Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Toni Storm - NXT Women's Championship Finn Bálor vs. Ilja Dragunov Angel Garza (c) vs. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs. Jordan Devlin vs. Travis Banks - NXT Cruiserweight Championship #DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa) vs. Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) Mia Yim vs. Kay Lee Ray Bonus Question: What match will go the longest? Imperium vs Undisputed Era Will there be any debuts (Main Roster moving to NXT included)? No
  20. One of my favorite Royal Rumble matches was the 2010 edition. It's very straightforward with some great moments but the biggest story was that Shawn Michaels was desperate for a rematch at Wrestlemania with The Undertaker and since Undertaker turned down his challenge, the only way to get that rematch was to win the Rumble and challenge for Taker's World Heavyweight Championship. Shawn would do anything to achieve that dream and even went so far as to eliminate his best friend HHH right after being saved by him. Shawn makes it to the final four along with mega names Batista, Cena, and Edge, seemingly haven a chance. Everyone was behind him but then he gets eliminated after coming so close and snaps, attacking referees and just having a breakdown over being denied his chance to have that rematch. It was an important piece to one of the greatest stories told in WWE but it's also a great story simply contained in that one match.
  21. NWA Powerrr has remained the most consistent wrestling show since it started. It's genuinely the most entertaining weekly show and things have really picked up with Nick Aldis cementing himself as a heel with Strictly Business. All the members are entertaining pieces alone but this stable is amazing and Aldis' rivalry with Tim Storm continuing this way is a perfect story. Speaking of Tim, he's probably the best baby face in wrestling today. Everything about Powerrr has been fantastic and I can't wait for Morton vs Aldis on the go home show for Hard Times. Zicky Dice and Ricky Starks have become two of my favorites in the lead up to it.

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