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  1. Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle
  2. I also agree with Triple H as wrestler of the year. He had those amazing wars with Cactus Jack over the WWF Championship, was the first ever heel to close WrestleMania victorious, regained the title in that epic Iron Man match, and basically ruled the WWF with the Helmsley/McMahon faction. Even after losing the title he remained a contender and had some great matches against guys like Kurt Angle and Steve Austin. This was the year that I think Triple H truly solidified himself as one of the best in the WWF.
  3. June, Week 1 This Sunday will be the Extreme Rules PPV, where Cedric Alexander will be defending the Cruiserweight Championship in a triple threat match against Finn Balor and Johnny Gargano in the main event! The match started with a short exchange of reversals that saw the two men move into one of the corners and go back and forth taking turns kicking each other in the corner until Kyle O’Reilly whipped Lince to the opposite corner. Kyle missed a running attack but quickly recovered with a superkick. Lince was clotheslined into another corner and then hit with a running boot in the corner for a 1 count. Lince threw Kyle against the top rope, followed by a handspring back elbow, a superkick, and then he whipped Kyle into the corner for a running forearm. Amazingly, this combo only got a 1 count. Kyle nailed a running superkick and then put Lince on the top turnbuckle for an extra painful arm wrench down that got a 2 count. Kyle switched tactics and locked in an Armbar/Leglock combo. Lince fought out of it but was nailed with a Brainbuster quickly. Lince tried to take Kyle to the corner but Kyle shook him off and locked in the Guillotine Choke which led to Lince tapping out. This weekend Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly will be facing Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik in a Tornado Tag Match! Dorado and Metalik are 2-0 in tag matches but have yet to get a definitive win according to the Undisputed Era. Kyle O'Reilly continued to beat down Lince Dorado after the match. Tony Nese opened the match with a backbreaker and tried to follow it up with a kick but Ali avoided it and took Nese down with a Russian leg sweep. The two went through counter after counter until Ali managed to drop Nese across the top rope. Nese whipped Ali into the corner and hit a clothesline to the back of the head which gave him the chance to hit a nice combo into a powerbomb. Ali would hit a surprise springboard bulldog but Nese got a rope break. Ali would try to wear Nese down with a hold but Nese fought out and hit a Falcon Arrow before dropping Ali on the top rope for a 1 count. Ali managed to stop a chain of offense with some hurricanranas but was tossed to the outside where the two brawled a bit. Nese hit a running forearm in the corner but when he tried to follow up he was hit with a snap german suplex by Ali. Ali then hit a Spanish Fly off the top rope but only got a two count, so he went back to the top and finished Nese off with the 054. Interviews with Cedric Alexander, Finn Balor, and Johnny Gargano play. The three talk about their upcoming match at Extreme Rules. The two men started off trading vicious strikes and Tozawa came out on top, flooring Rush with a bicycle kick. Tozawa went for a senton only to land on a pair of knees but Tozawa kept shrugging Rush’s offensive attempts off until he could hit another bicycle kick. Rush rolled out the ring and Tozawa celebrated on the turnbuckle which was a mistake as Lio came back in to drop him face first on the turnbuckle. Rush followed it up with a standing spanish fly but amazingly Tozawa kicked out before the ref even counted 1. Rush kicked and stomped away at Tozawa before applying a chin lock that was easily escaped. The two had a struggle as they reversed each other’s moves and then missed dropkicks at the same time. Rush was up first and hit a Michinoku Driver for a 1 count. Tozawa got a nearfall with a roundhouse kick out of nowhere. Tozawa went to the top rope to try for the Senton Bomb but Rush countered with his knees and soon after hit a big ddt to drop Tozawa. Rush seem to have it won when he landed the Final Hour but Tozawa kicked out just in time. Tozawa made a big comeback after stopping a suplex attempt and hit the roundhouse kick for a nearfall. The Senton Bomb soon followed to get Akira Tozawa the win. The Stamina Monster is a former champion for a reason.
  4. 1. Chad Gable 2. Baron Corbin 3. Stone Cold Steve Austin 4. Bray Wyatt 5. Rowan
  5. The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
  6. 6. Finn Balor (1 Day, 0 Defenses) The inaugural Universal Champion Finn Balor famously suffered an injury during the first ever Universal Championship match that forced him to vacate the very next night. This has to make him the worst champion ever. 5. Goldberg (28 Days, 0 Defenses) Goldberg was just a transitional champion but that was more than Finn Balor could say. Goldberg won the championship at Fastlane from Kevin Owens (people always seem to forget Owens was protected by the fact that Jericho coming out distracted him) and dropped it in his first defense to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 in what was a surprisingly great match. This was a nice final run for Goldberg. 4. Roman Reigns (64 Days, 3 Defenses) Roman Reigns was the man to finally end Brock Lesnar's first Universal Championship reign at Summerslam 2018. His reign kicked off with a fantastic defense against the first ever champion Finn Balor to prove himself as the definitive champ. With the reformation of the Shield it seemed like Reigns was poised to have the lengthy world title reign he never had yet unfortunately had to vacate due to a potentially life threatening illness. This premature ending meant Roman's only defenses would be that awful Hell In A Cell as well as a defense against GM Baron Corbin the next night, so he didn't get to bring the prestige back to the belt like he would have been able to. 3. Seth Rollins (98 Days, 4 Defenses) (32+ Days, 0 Defenses) Seth Rollins is the current and two time Universal Champion. His first reign came when he defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 35 and it seemed like Rollins would have a great reign as a fighting champion. While he had an amazing defense against AJ Styles, the rest of his reign would be tarnished by a feud with Baron Corbin that dragged on for three events and cringe segments with Becky Lynch. He would lose the title via Money In The Bank cash to Brock Lesnar in at Extreme Rules but would regain it in the SummerSlam main event against Brock in definitive fashion. Seth could definitely end up moving up a spot during his second reign or even any potential future reigns as he is one of Raw's top men. 2. Kevin Owens (188 Days, 6 Defenses) Kevin Owens would win the vacant Universal Championship in an elimination fatal fourway on Raw the week after Finn Balor vacated it. This championship reign has been criticized for making Kevin Owens look weak, and while I can admit that is true, I thought his reign was very entertaining in all that he did alongside Chris Jericho. He put on some great matches and was just an all around entertaining act. His reign was probably the best thing on Raw at that time period. 1. Brock Lesnar (504 Days, 6 Defenses) (156 Days, 1 Defense) (28 Days, 0 Defenses) Brock Lesnar is the only three time as well as the longest reigning Universal Champion. His name is synonymous with the Universal Championship. Though Brock was hardly around, many will argue that this made not just him but the Universal Championship a special attraction when it was on the show. Brock has a legitimacy to him that no other competitor has and put his full effort into his matches. He had an air of being an invincible and unstoppable monster of a champion and he has to be the best man to have held that title yet.
  7. Definitely agreed on the Ruthless Aggression Era. It still had some edge to it but had overall better matches and storylines than the Attitude Era in my opinion.
  8. I'm not going to lie, I was disappointed by this episode. I expected Johnny to stay on NXT because quite frankly, he has no place on Raw or Smackdown. They don't need him and I don't think he would get far on the main roster. I like Shane Thorne so hope to see him more regularly. Dunne vs Garza was good though it was short. I felt the same about Grimes vs Mendoza. Which is fine since those are basically rebound wins. The women's division stuff is what pissed me off though. Candice whined her way into the contender's match. By the way, that contender's match SHOULDN'T EXIST. It was originally between 3 women Shayna already retained against and now we get Candice thrown in and she definitely isn't challenger material. Then the main event made no sense. Rhea Ripley had to beat the champion in order to get added to a number one contendership match? Not a title shot, but a chance at a title shot? Again, against women who've already had shots and lost? I just wanted to see Rhea vs Shayna for the title, but then we get this dumb match and it ended in DQ! It was such a lame ending and completely killed me. At least Dakota Kai is returning, I hope she can be the one to dethrone Shayna since they have history. Hopefully she's gonna be added to the women's contendership match and win it because I felt like Candice saying add whoever you want might be a hint, though maybe I'm just being too hopeful.
  9. I enjoyed Dio Maddin being on tv. I like the guy a lot and while I'd rather see him wrestling, I'm cool with this as I think he did a good job this week. KUSHIDA making a surprise appearance was cool and I thought it was a good match. Sidenote, I really hope Jack Gallagher becomes Cruiserweight Champion someday. He was one of my favorite Cruiserweights in the beginning and he's a fun performer. The 6 man tag was good but I didn't like Drew taking the pin. I thought that Daivari would be the obvious fall guy and then Lince pinned him. I don't like having champions pinned, especially when Lince already had a spot in the CoC match, but it's a minor gripe.
  10. Last round of voting to determine which match stipulation is the best! Elimination Chamber vs Iron Man vs Street Fight
  11. N64: Star Wars Shadows of The Empire Sega Genesis: Sonic The Hedgehog Gamecube: Mario Kart Double Dash Gameboy Advance: Advance Wars DS: Pokemon Soul Silver Wii: Super Smash Bros Brawl Xbox: Halo 2 Xbox 360: Halo Reach Xbox One: Grand Theft Auto V
  12. Match Card: Seth Rollins (c) vs Braun Strowman: WWE Universal Championship Kofi Kingston (c) vs Randy Orton: WWE Championship Bayley (c) vs Charlotte Flair: WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Becky Lynch (c) vs Sasha Banks: WWE Raw Women's Championship Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman (c) vs Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode: WWE Raw Tag Team Championships New Day (Big E and Xaiver Woods) (c) vs The Revival: WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs The Miz: WWE Intercontinental Championship AJ Styles (c) vs Cedric Alexander: WWE United States Championship Drew Gulak (c) vs Humberto Carrillo vs Lince Dorado: WWE Cruiserweight Championship Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (c) vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville: WWE Women's Tag Team Championships Roman Reigns vs Eric Rowan: No Disqualifications Match Bonus Questions: Which Match is the Preshow match: Cruiserweight Championship Match Which match starts the show: Raw Tag Team Championship Match which match ends the show: Universal Championship Match will the fiend make a appearance at the end of the Universal Championship match: No Will The Revival Cost Kofi Kingston the match: No
  13. John Cena's fourth reign as United States Champion was huge for both him and the title. John Cena was putting on great matches after great match and it helped boost the United States Championship to a level of prestige that it had not been at in a very long time. The weekly open challenge was a great idea that elevated the title and those challengers. Easily better than the rest of those US title reigns listed.
  14. I Can't Odd


    Buddy Ace comes out to the ring for the second week in a row wearing the same denim outfit. At Bad Blood he will be a part of the United States Championship match, challenging alongside Mikey against the current champion Hans. “At Bad Blood it seems Hans Clayton will be defending his United States Championship against not only myself but the shortest reigning NXT Champion in history himself, Mikey! I’ve realized Mikey does not share the same amount of respect for me that I have for him and that’s fine with me. And I can’t deny that he’s been successful, certainly more than I have been as of late. I mean he is the man that demolished the almighty Bulldozer! I’m gonna stop myself before I get carried away but Mikey isn’t as good as he thinks. He acts like he ditched NXT for bigger and better prizes but I have a hard time believing that he really thinks that. Either Mikey is completely delusional or he’s a coward that knew deep down that he wouldn’t be able to hold onto that championship for very long anyways. I told Mikey that sooner or later he’d get his jaw broken and I think Bad Blood is the right time.” “At the same I guess it isn’t really fair of me to try to discredit Mikey that way. That’s sort of cherry picking, ain’t it? After all, Mikey is in a number one contender’s match for the North American Championship! It seems both my opponents are big time stars with big time matches. But the thing about having that much success is that it becomes hard to juggle it all which has been the point I’ve been making the whole time. Now I would talk about the success I’ve had in my time here but none of that matters because it’s all in the past. As a matter of fact it is so far in the past that it has been nearly an entire YEAR since my last win. This year long struggle has made me hungry, hungrier than either of my opponents has ever been. Neither of them has experienced that kind of pain, to take loss after loss and keep striving for just one darn win. One tiny piece of success. They can call me all the names that they want but they better start taking me seriously. This match is all I have to look forward to. My only goal is to become the United States Champion. I'll keep saying that because nobody seems to understand it. Those two merely want to win. I need to win.” “Hopefully Hans can wake up and remember he has a United States Championship match coming up. He needs to forget the dark horse quest and listen to me. If he really cares about that championship then he won’t blow me off, he won’t dismiss me. He’ll realize I’m the biggest threat to that title he’s faced yet. No one else who has challenged for the title has had the same intensity, the same drive, the desire that I have to be the United States Champion. Hans thinks that he’s Bulletproof...we’re gonna find out if he really is when I nail him with the Dead Eye.”
  15. This is great for Cedric. He's been pushed pretty well on Raw lately and I'm glad they're giving him a title shot. He's come a long way from chasing after the 24/7 title. I assume that AJ is gonna retain again but I hope they keep pairing him with these kind of young, athletic guys so they can put on great matches and showcase themselves.
  16. John Cena's third reign is filled with some of my favorite matches of all time. It started with the infamous TLC match vs Edge, the Umaga Last Man Standing, against Shawn Michaels in the WrestleMania main event, and so on. John Cena held that title for over a year and never even lost it, he had to vacate due to injury. He had a great reign with awesome matches.
  17. The original Smackdown set. Great way to set it apart from Raw.
  18. 1. WrestleMania 2. Royal Rumble 3. Wrestle Kingdom

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