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  1. Marty being the leader of Dark Order would have been a great way to introduce him into AEW since he was abandoned by his best friends and he would have been getting revenge. I wonder if this could still happen given Marty's current deal though I doubt it. The war between Dark Order and The Elite seems to be the first truly major story arc they've had planned so I wonder how Marty not coming to AEW may affect their plans. This might be a test on how well they can actually book if they have to change things. I don't think any other person would fit as perfectly and that things may suffer without Marty so I really want to see it but oh well. Otherwise it has to be a big name jumping over or it'll be a letdown considering how much is riding on this.
  2. All 5 members of the Carnage Scramble gonna get their shit together and become megastars.
  3. We have just witnessed the Carnage Scramble and after 30 long minutes Buddy Ace emerged the victor. As Buddy walks backstage he is greeted by an interviewer. Interviewer: "Buddy Ace, you have become only the third man in history to win a Carnage Scramble. How are you feeling after such a big win?" "I feel freaking amazing! This is the best possible start to my 2020. Walking into this match I was a bit worried if I'm being honest. Every man in that ring has potential to be a top dog in BPZ and I really felt that in the ring. Hopefully each of them keeps it up rather than dropping off because of a few losses. I mean I had a crap losing streak but now I seem to be turning things around so they can too. Especially that CJ Sellers fella. He's been very on and off but I think he's proven himself as of late and if he commits then who knows where he can go. I'd love to face him one on one down the line. Anyways, now I have a guaranteed match lined up at BPZMania for the North American Championship! Last year the only way I could make it on the card was to be fodder in the NXT Championship Battle Royal, quite literally the lowest position I could possibly be in. Now I get a shot at what has been probably the hottest title this company has had this past year so I'm moving on up in the world." Interviewer: "Early tonight we saw a North American Championship match between KENJI and Raven that saw the champion KENJI retain. If he is still the champion at BPZMania then of course that means he will be your opponent, how does that match up sound to you?" "It sounds amazing. Ever since he first arrived here in BPZ he has taken the company by storm. The fans instantly connected to him, the people backstage respected him, and he proved to be a great performer. Long before he even had his first win he was one of the hottest stars and he has undergone an incredible journey to get to the point he is at now. I have a lot of respect for him and I've wanted to face him for a long time so I really don't think I can get much more excited for BPZMania. All that said, I'm going through a career renaissance right now. It's not just a couple wins but rather my entire outlook on things are changing and I am finally feeling like myself. Everything is shaping up to be exactly the way they always should have been. Unfortunately for KENJI that means I'm leaving BPZMania with the North American Championship. Luckily for him he still has a few more months left until we gotta fight so hopefully he enjoys his time as champ. That also means that I've got some other goals in the short term, namely the Royal Rumble match and the United States Championship. But there is an even shorter term goal of mine that I'm gonna fulfill right now: celebrate. Sorry to cut things short but I can't wait any longer, I'm partying like crazy tonight." Buddy Ace gives the interviewer a pat on the shoulder before rushing off to go celebrate his big win.
  4. Tommaso Ciampa Adrian Neville Adam Cole Finn Balor
  5. Why did Sheridan take the pin when you were the only one in that match with zero votes? Smh
  6. 1. Jushin Thunder Liger retirement ceremony 2. Jon Moxley faking out the Inner Circle 3. Jon Moxley attacking Minoru Suzuki at NYD
  7. Carnage returns from commercial to Buddy Ace in the ring. In two days at Night of Legends he will be a participant in the Carnage Scramble for a shot at the North American Championship at BPZMania V. The fans seem to have rallied around Buddy in the past few weeks and they are cheering for him now as he stands with a microphone in hand. He seems to be in good spirits as he waits for the crowd to quiet down before starting to speak. “Here we are, only a couple days out from a potentially career changing match for me. One of the biggest pay per views of the year and I get to compete in its signature match. You guys have no idea how much I have dedicated to this career. Probably a thousand hours of training yet I found myself beaten time and time again. Now I have another chance, a chance that I earned. I had to fight my way into this match up and now I’m gonna fight my way through it. I’ve had a groundswell of support lately and I truly do appreciate it. For a long time I felt like no matter what I did no one cared, that nothing I could do would be good enough for anyone. I poured in all that work but it just wasn’t being recognized. Though it seems I’ve broken through the clouds and everyone can see me for what I am. I suppose I have one man to thank for that. MARKER pal, I dunno where you’re off sulking at but if you’re watching this, god bless you. You gave me the platform I needed to prove my worth when things come down to the wire and everything is on the line. Thank you so much, brother.” “I fully deserve to be in this match. I think most would agree with that statement. I fought tooth and nail over my spot in this match. Despite this I still have objectors and critics. People who don’t believe in me, people who are wondering why Buddy Ace is afforded yet another opportunity when he’s just going to squander it. They say, ‘Give it to someone else, anyone else, we’re tired of seeing this man on our screens. Buddy was a missed opportunity and it’s time to move past him.’ Well I say screw them. It ain’t too late for me if I got anything to say about it and I have plenty to say. So I didn’t become an instant success, so what? What’s stoppin me from running through this roster one by one until I’m the undisputed number one wrestler in this company? See I got plenty of time. I have said it before and I will say it again, I will get there someday. For now I gotta take it one step at a time as I move forward and right now the next step is this match. There’s no need for anyone to be worried about me cuz no matter what I’m still the same guy with the same destiny. They say it’s about the journey rather than the destination and I think when my career is all said and done that I’ll be looking back on one hell of a journey.” “Of course how good or bad of a wrestler I am isn’t the only deciding factor here. Four other men with the same potential, if not more, are all gunning for the same thing. Only one man will be able to walk into BPZMania as the challenger for that North American Championship. I fully intend for that man to be me but each other man has that same aspiration for themselves. Nothing is guaranteed in life as I've learned the hard way but I would still go all in on myself because I know I'm gonna go all out in this match. The Scramble is exactly the kind of environment I thrive in. No count outs or disqualifications and 30 minutes of chaos, I think the Carnage Scramble is appropriately named. Now whether I start as one of the first two men or I'm the last man to enter, by the end of those 30 minutes, I'll be the number one contender." "The first of my opponents that I would like to address is James Knight. James my friend, I understand the position you're in. Time and time again that NXT Championship has just barely slipped through your fingers. I'm sure that after each of these losses you've felt wronged, felt like the next time you would undoubtedly become champion because you deserve it. I know it can be frustrating but after your match against Mecko on New Year's Day, you've got to admit to yourself that what you're doing just ain't working. After all these failed attempts, maybe it's time to take a step back and really look at things for the way they are. Now I've seen you show some incredible fire before but where the hell has it gone? Did Mecko kill it when he beat you again? Simply being happy for your inclusion here isn't going to be anywhere near enough. I can only hope that you've gone silent because you're hitting the gym hard though somehow I have my doubts. The feeling of losing like that can be crushing but you need to get off your ass and redouble your efforts. You had a bunch of momentum and now you're just letting it die out. At this rate there's no Scramble for you, no Rumble, and certainly no NXT Championship." "Then there's his pal, or his former pal, I'm not quite sure. The current United States Champion and advocate for the Devil, Aaron North. Aaron and I, we got some business to attend to. We have crossed paths several times before in multiperson affairs such as when he eliminated me from the battle royal at last year's BPZMania. Now we find ourselves at odds with each other once again and it certainly won't be the last time, not even the last time this month. Aaron no deal with the Devil is gonna let you win this match or help you retain that United States Championship. You're nothing more than a geek with a mask now which is pretty sad because it seemed like you were set to be one of the year's breakout stars. Look what happened when you finally got a North American Championship match against Arius. You couldn't handle the pressure and you botched one of the biggest matches of your career. It seems the pressure is once again taking its toll on you as you delve further into madness. You're gonna fail here and then at the Royal Rumble you're gonna fail again because I'm back on the hunt for that United States Championship. I came so close more than once before and if I had been at Winter Warfare you would have never have gotten a hold of that belt. Try not to embarrass yourself too badly Friday night." "Aaron isn't the only person that can't handle the pressure. Where oh where has the Moneymaker Amai gone off to? I guess The Tiger officially broke him because since Winter Warfare he's been a ghost. I question whether or not Amai will even show up at Night of Legends. Mecko has caused Amai to just completely give up on his career apparently. It's honestly a shame how little interest Amai has shown towards this match because as slimy of a bastard as he is, he's a former champion for a reason. He's got the tools but he's just too fragile for this business. Amai believed that even after having lost it that he was the rightful champion and wouldn't accept things any other way. I guess the spoiled brat isn't used to not getting his way and he just can't handle it. I really think that this experience has just proved that Amai is a long way from being prepared for the big time. Amai is simply a boy in a man's sport and he has plenty of growing up to do before he's ready." "I've saved the best for last in this little breakdown. The Chancellor CJ Sellers is the only one of my opponents that seems to have taken this match seriously. Last year Sellers had a hell of a debut at Night of Legends in a Showcase match that instantly put him on the map. Unfortunately after that incredible debut he went on to inconsistently appear to lose matches and never followed up on it properly. In an odd way CJ and I had a pretty similar 2019, though they were inverses of each other. See while he had his singular victory in his first match of the year, I had mine in the last match of the year. That there is the reason why all these people are 'jumping the gun' as you said. I had to fight my way into the match while you were just set in as a replacement out of nowhere. Not trying to knock you there but it's a fact and because of that I'm fresh in the minds of everyone. Trust me, while I appreciate everyone's vote of confidence, I'm not going to let their words delude me. I've been in the same position before where I had the hype and still failed miserably. I'm looking at this realistically and yeah, you're a bit of an enigma, CJ. I really haven't got much on you and given your showing last year I think that a match type like the Scramble may just be in your wheelhouse. You say I'm a predictable foe and that may be true but even so it doesn't matter one bit. As a matter of fact you could literally know exactly what I'm going to do before I do it and it still wouldn't help you. You'll see my next move coming but you're too slow and too weak for it to do you any good. Your body won't be able to keep up with your mind and you are quite literally punching above your weight class." "Since we are on the go home show how about we make things exciting? If any of my opponents have anything further to say then please come on down and say them right here in front of me." The crowd starts buzzing at the idea of a confrontation occurring between foes here tonight. Will any of the other members of the Carnage Scramble answer the call?
  8. BPZ Night of Legends Preview and Predictions By Roger Dockery January 9th, 2020, 9:10am EST Night of Legends is one of BPZ's premier annual shows. As the first pay per view of the year it sets the pace for everything to follow and this year it has a stacked card as always. Something that happens here can have repercussions for months as we see several title and grudge matches occur. I'm going to break down the card and give my thoughts on who I think will win. North American Championship - Kenji (c) vs Raven Last year at World at War, BPZ introduced a new championship to the company. That title quickly became a favorite as several classics were spawned in contention for it. That championship of course is the North American Champion and it's set to be defended here in a very exciting match up. KENJI enters as the champion, Raven the challenger. Both men have had their careers intertwined from the inaugural North American Championship match to the many NXT battles. It really is destiny that these two would come to clash over this very title on this very show. Many slated this as a potential BPZMania match but instead we see the battle here. Given that this is KENJI's first defense as well as Raven's likelyhood of Raven returning to the US Championship scene I think KENJI will retain the title and hold it till at least BPZMania. Firing Squad vs Tiger and DNA Probably the weakest match on the card sees Firing Squad taking on the rookie/veteran duo of Mecko and Death Notorious Angel. While the build has been decent it just doesn't feel like there's really any stakes to this match. I expect the Firing Squad to win as Mecko and DNA seems to be a mere one off and generally one offs don't beat established teams, especially ones that make it to the finals of the Clapspiracy. Carnage Scramble With Night of Legends of course comes the Carnage Scramble with it. This year the winner gets a North American Championship match at BPZMania V and I think we have a great field of potential stars. You have James Knight who is a strong candidate for an NXT Championship run, his stablemate and current US Champion Aaron North, Amai who just recently had an NXT Championship reign, Buddy Ace who has been touted to be a potential breakout before, and CJ Sellers who was also labeled as a potential star this past year. So far in the build though the two favorites for this match appear to be The Chancellor and The Hangman. Buddy seems to have a bit of momentum after having to win a match to qualify and many seem to think this may be his time but I don't believe so. At last year's Night of Legends when Sellers debuted he did so in an incredible match and I labelled him as a rare all around package that was gonna be a star and I still believe so. Sellers had a few start and stop storylines with an inconsistent amount of screentime but here I think BPZ will finally commit to him and he'll be what I thought he was going to be last year. Tag Team Championship - Creed (c) vs Invictus Creed are the top dogs of BPZ. Since their formation they have proven this by capturing gold and even beating Bulletproof at Survivor Series. Invictus is what some would call a dream team that formed to compete in the Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational and ran through The Cure, Bailey & Slim, and Firing Squad to win the prestigious tournament and earn their right to a tag team title shot at Night of Legends. These are four elite performers and this match may steal the show. I don't think the double double champs dream of Invictus is coming true though. Creed is at the top of their game right now and with Invictus having their own title obligations already I can't see them toppling Creed. Lumberjack Match - Julius vs Ropati This a match that fans around the world have been anticipating ever since Julius turned on Ropati last April and now we finally get to see it. The interesting thing about this is that a rarely seen Lumberjack Match stipulation has been applied to this match. It's likely that the lowercarders who did not make the card will be the lumberjacks though given both men's affiliations with Creed and Bulletproof respectively I would not be surprised to see the stipulation taken advantage of. Julius is World Champion and while normally people would say that's exactly why he should win, I think the opposite is the case here. If Ropati is inline for any sort of push, a win here would do much more for him than a loss would for Julius. The stipulation also allows for the finish to be more open ended so I expect he would still be somewhat protected. I have Ropati for this one. Falls Count Anywhere Weapons Match - Bailey vs Bob Sparks No one could have guessed that things would come to this. At Survival Games we saw the emergence of a brand new stable led by Bailey as they assaulted Slim after his win over Smith in the finals of Block B. But mere minutes into their existence, they were finished. In a genuinely shocking turn of events, Bob immediately layed out his stablemates and revealed himself to be aligned with Slim. This moment was awarded an official BPZ Slammy for segment of the year and that segment has spawned a big time match. Bob faces a certified legend Bailey in a grudge match as Bailey has been out for revenge ever since. Now the two are set to reportedly have one of the most brutal matches you could ever hope for to settle things once and for all. There were some interesting twists on the go home show of Carnage but I don't think they matter to the outcome of this match. While we have seen Bob score a big upset before with his win over Necce, I don't think he's winning here. Yes it would be major but I think the match itself is enough of a rub and personally this new Badass Bailey persona we have seen lately has been one of the best parts of BPZ. I see Bailey picking up the win here. Bashka vs Hans A big match here as the new leader of Bulletproof, Hans, faces the member they cast out, Bashka. Bashka is a hall of famer and this is a big time match for Hans. Unfortunately the build has lacked severely and turned something special into nothing really. I expect Hans to send Bashka packing again and show why he's the leader. Undisputed Championship - Flynn (c) vs Slim The main event is a mega match as two of BPZ's all time greats clash over the Undisputed Championship. Flynn has had the best championship reign of anyone this past year as he has defended time and time again, having the best promo work and having classics. Nobody is better than Flynn at this, or at least hasn't been yet. Slim returned to full time competition finally and he immediately made a splash. The winner of the Survival Games, Slim went through some of the biggest names in the company in order to make it to Night of Legends. Now these two long time rivals face and it's hard to tell who will be leaving champion. On one hand Flynn has held that title with an iron grip and I have a hard time seeing him losing it to anyone at all, but Slim has been on fire after burning his way through Survival Games and now leading into this match. In the end I think the mantra of Flynn fears Slim holds true and we crown a new Undisputed Champion. See this event for yourself tomorrow night 7pm EST on the BPZ Network.
  9. The three title match look great but I don't have a care for the two other matches. Coffey gonna try to get revenge for last year but he ain't gonna be the man to dethrone WALTER. I think Imperium are gonna take the tag titles so they have all the titles as well, though I don't know that they would want to do that, at least not yet. Also hoping for Toni Two Time. Walter (c) vs. Joe Coffey - WWE United Kingdom Championship Gallus(c) vs. Imperium vs. Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster - Fatal 4-way tag team ladder match for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship Kay Lee Ray (c) vs. Toni Storm vs. Piper Niven - Triple threat match for the NXT UK Women's Championship Trent Seven vs. Eddie Dennis Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin
  10. (not necessarily what I think will happen but don't think I went too crazy...) WWE Universal Championship: The Fiend vs Roman Reigns Roman Reigns is making a mega comeback from Cancer back to World Champion and for it to have the most impact, he's gonna win the Royal Rumble and be the first man to pin The Fiend in the main event of Wrestlemania, reclaiming the belt he never lost. WWE Championship: Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens I could see their feud becoming for the world title where Seth manages to get a hold of it in a multiman match leading into Wrestlemania after Brock is screwed and then Kevin chases into Wrestlemania where he has to overcome the odds. Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez Cain Velasquez screws Brock Lesnar out of his championship to set up the rubber match between these two big names. The Rock vs Triple H This one is the most out there. One of the rumored matches is Roman Reigns vs The Rock but instead I think we are gonna finally see these two legends go one on one at Wrestlemania. Triple H has his annual match and The Rock returns here in Florida. I know The Rock has said he is retired and maybe he really will never wrestle again, but I can see at least one last match happening. Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch vs Shayna Baszler I don't see Ronda returning for Wrestlemania and I think that the entire Survivor Series build made Shayna out to be the next big women's star on the main roster. Shayna would win the Women's Royal Rumble and challenge Becky Lynch. Smackdown Women's Championship: Bayley vs Sasha Banks For a long time WWE kept teasing these two splitting but they never really officially feuded on the main roster, so I think they turn Banks face and the two finally have an actual full on feud. Intercontinental Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Daniel Bryan Just like Mania 31, while Roman main events, Bryan goes for the midcard title. Nakamura vs Bryan is a dream match that's never happened on tv so I can see this being the program. Maybe Zayn splits from Naka after Mania if he loses the belt. United States Championship Ladder Match: Andrade vs Humberto Carillo vs Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy vs Ricochet vs Cedric Alexander I think the US title match is gonna be a big multiman affair and I can see Heyman wanting to put all of these guys in it as he definitely has seemed to be a fan of each of them. Smackdown Tag Team Championships: The New Day vs The Usos vs The Revival vs Miz and Morrison I think the Smackdown tag titles are gonna be in another multi team affair. I think Miz is turning heel and he and Morrison will be teaming up again for a little while. Raw Tag Team Championships: Viking Raiders vs The Authors of Pain I could potentially see The OC involved as well but definitely see Authors of Pain involved in the tag title match at Wrestlemania.
  11. 1200 posts, never thought I'd make so many lol.
  12. A lot of the most emotional moments in wrestling are retirements of course as beloved stars announce their career is over but one of my favorite moments is a return from retirement. I remember getting that notification from the WWE app that Daniel Bryan was cleared by doctors and I couldn't believe it. Daniel Bryan's return speech on Smackdown that night was really beautiful and it was something I didn't think we were ever going to get to see. You can really tell how much of a love he has for the business and how genuinely happy he was. Then Daniel Bryan went and took some scary bumps because he just couldn't wait later on but I don't blame him after two years of waiting.
  13. Wow, AEW missed out big freaking time. Given the state of their women's division they should have been throwing money at here cuz she is a big get. I would assume she goes to NXT because I don't think any female signing jumps past NXT besides Ronda so I wouldn't be surprised to potentially see her as NXT Women's Champ down the line. She is a long time veteran and such though so because of age I can't really see her staying in NXT very long if she doesn't just pop up in the Rumble or something. Either way I'm glad she's finally made it here because she is probably the best North American women's wrestler to not have been signed by the company. Rewatch her Mae Young classic matches because she is top notch.
  14. King Of The Ring 2007 Participant Profiles: This is the biggest King of the Ring tournament in history with 48 competitors total, 16 from each brand. Due to the abnormal number of participants in the tournament it was decided that one brand would get first round byes, with the other two brands being pitted against each other in the first round. All 48 men would compete in the biggest battle royal in WWE history to determine which brand would get the bye. Ultimately it would be CM Punk who secure the win for his brand, meaning ECW would have the first round byes, leaving Smackdown and Raw to do battle. First Round: Brian Kendrick def. Jamie Noble Brian Kendrick and Jamie Noble would be the first match of the tournament and I think the two could put on a fun match together to kick things off. Kendrick would go over as honestly Jamie Noble was simply a jobber in the Cruiserweight division while Kendrick was finding success teaming and was still viewed as a potential star. Cody Rhodes def. Chris Masters By this point Chris Masters was no longer the man who went unpinned for 7 months and tapped guys like Ric Flair out. On Smackdown he did a few Masterlock challenges, but it wasn't the same since it had lost it's mystique after being broken. Masters actually went on to fail the wellness policy twice as well as suffering an injury between the failures, ultimately being released in November. Cody Rhodes is a hot new prospect that's just arrived and he's the son of a legend. Now is the time to try to make him look good and toss him this win over an established lower card guy. Jeff Hardy def. Kenny Dykstra An obvious choice as beloved star Jeff Hardy beats some jobber who somehow stayed on the roster. MVP def. Shelton Benjamin Shelton Benjamin was on a bit of a down period here and while he would have a bit of a resurgence as the Gold Standard on ECW later in the year, right now it has to be the United States Champion's time. MVP and Shelton could put on a really good match together though which makes the match worth it. Ric Flair def. King Booker Two of the best going at it would produce a good match but the highlight of it would be Jerry Lawler costing King Booker the match. Booker was feuding with Lawler and Triple H as well upon his return over the title of king, so protect Booker while building the feud. Now he can call the winner a false king since he didn't fairly defend his throne. Finlay def. Trevor Murdoch Finlay and Trevor could probably put on a decent brawl but really I'm not going to have one half of a mediocre tag team, be they tag team champions or not, move past the great Finlay. Finlay would look nice and tough though as he overcomes the big, younger guy. Mark Henry def. Santino Marella Mark Henry was getting treated as a legitimate threat during this time as he built up a winning streak before The Undertaker would return to continue feuding with him. Even though Santino was a former Intercontinental Champion he was still new to the company and had yet to fully develop his cult following. Henry would crush Marella in convincing fashion here. Paul London def. Jimmy Wang Yang The same case as the first match, Jimmy was mostly a Cruiserweight jobber unfortunately while London was a man touted by many to have a great future ahead of him in the business and was doing well for himself already with Kendrick. Matt Hardy def. The Sandman Matt Hardy was featured pretty heavily at the time during his feud and eventual partnership with MVP. Sandman was of course a hardcore legend but his winning would do nothing for him while it would hurt Matt's momentum. Kane def. Charlie Haas Charlie Haas was never very good on his own and was really only suited as being a good tag team hand. The legend Kane is not losing to him and is more than likely gonna squash him. Carlito def. Chuck Palumbo Carlito would defeat the weird biker jobber Palumbo quickly here. Chavo Guerrero def. Lance Cade The current Cruiserweight Champion Chavo is simply much more talented than Lance. I doubt this would be a very good one so keep it short, Mr. Kennedy def. Funaki I find it interesting how so many relatively useless people manage to remain on the WWE roster for so long. I suppose they just have so much money they don't really care. Being funny probably helps. Mr. Kennedy easily beats Funaki. Hardcore Holly def. Daivari Hardcore Holly would light Daivari up with his stiff style and advance easily. Daivari can bump for Bobby. Umaga def. Eugene The easiest way to get heat is to beat up a mentally handicapped person. Umaga would easily thrash him about and have the match won but continue to beat him up longer than needed. William Regal def. Shannon Moore This one has the potential to be decent, especially with Regal leading it. Moore is pretty wack if you ask me though so I wouldn't do any sort of favors in terms of making him look good at all. Regal should probably make him tap fast. Second Round: CM Punk def. Brian Kendrick We are here at the second round which means that the ECW competitors will now actually compete. CM Punk was one of his brand's top stars so he advances but they could definitely have a good match. Cody Rhodes def. Sylvain Grenier Cody honestly just got lucky with the way the bracket is as he gets matched up with a jobber, meaning an easy win and a spot in the round of 16. Jeff Hardy def. Balls Mahoney If we are being honest, most of ECW's guys were not very good wrestlers and I think Balls falls into that grouping. Keep it short and it should be fine. MVP def. Kevin Thorn Keeping the United States Champion strong and not killing his momentum by having him lose to a really bad vampire gimmick. The Miz def. Ric Flair Ric Flair is no longer what he once was so it's understandable that he loses to an up and comer. The Miz gets to beat the greatest, albeit far from his prime, and that gives him plenty of heat and material to work with in promos. Finlay def. James Curtis James shouldn't even be here but ECW was barren so they had to call in the jobbers to fill the ranks. Finlay smacks him up and sends him back to developmental. He ain't ready for the big time. Mark Henry def. Stevie Richards Another quick win for Mark Henry as he continues his path of destruction. Big Daddy V def. Paul London We know he isn't very good but his push was definitely stronger than London's, so Big Daddy V throws him around a bit and pins him. Elijah Burke def. Matt Hardy Matt Hardy could afford to lose to the future star that had a bye anyways. This match would turn out well and I think it would help Burke a lot in beating an established guy from another brand here. Kane def. Rene Dupree Another squash for Kane. Rene had gone down to FCW at the end of June and he requested his release a month later so it's clear what his standings were here. Carlito def. Marcus Von Cor While Marcus could have been a big star I don't think WWE ever saw that whereas they were definitely high on Carlito. The Boogeyman def. Chavo Guerrero I think Chavo has good comedic ability and would be able to play off of The Boogeyman's antics well enough for things to be entertaining. The Boogeyman was pretty protected and no one can blame you for losing to him when you see the things he does. Mr. Kennedy def. Tommy Dreamer Mr. Kennedy picks up a win over a much more legitimate opponent than his previous one. Beating a hardcore legend like Dreamer, especially one that can go better than most of the rest, would be really good for Kennedy I think. Hardcore Holly def. Mike Knox Knox dropped off of ECW TV for about half a year to work in Deep South Wrestling so he's just a fill the numbers guy here that gets fed to Hardcore Holly. Umaga def. Nunzio Nunzio has great reactions and such as well as being a good bumper so he could make this a fun squash to watch. William Regal def. Matt Striker This time it would be Striker being the one taught as Regal would show off his superior wrestling knowledge to make Matt tap. Round of 16: CM Punk def. Cody Rhodes The rookie did well to make it this far but was unlucky to find himself facing CM Punk here. Hopefully CM Punk can make Cody shine during the match but either way making it past two guys, albeit low tier, is a good look for Cody. Jeff Hardy def. MVP Jeff Hardy manages to knock off a champion from another brand here which is great for him and I think the quality of opponent means nothing is taken away from MVP. Maybe it could even play into MVP's feud with Matt somehow. The Miz def. Finlay The Miz would get another win over an older, liked member of the roster which I think plays into his character well and again can be used for promo material and easy heat. Mark Henry def. Big Daddy V I think this match would undoubtedly suck but it has to happen. Henry continues his streak as he manages to overcome a fellow monster which is even more impressive than his other wins. Elijah Burke def. Kane Elijah Burke looks even better than before now by beating Kane here. This is another case where I don't think Kane has as much to lose as Burke does to gain from this and Burke is starting to look like a star as he gets deeper in the tournament. The Boogeyman def. Carlito Carlito is another guy that has good comedic sense and may do well opposite Boogeyman. Either way The Boogeyman stays strong over Carlito. Mr. Kennedy def. Hardcore Holly Mr. Kennedy looks good in beating another longtime veteran that also has a reputation for being a tough guy. Umaga def. William Regal Umaga is a monster and even Regal's wits would not be enough here. Regal would transition from interim GM to proper GM soon after as well as the fact that he would win the King of the Ring in 2008 gives me the reason not to have him go any farther here. Quarterfinals: CM Punk def. Jeff Hardy CM Punk was one of the top guys on his brand whereas Jeff was simply a well loved midcarder. While of course King of the Ring has been the push needed to get people into the main event, Jeff can reach it without having the accolade. I also think Punk is simply a better talent in ring and could produce better matches as well. Mark Henry def. The Miz Once confronted with an opponent that isn't 50 years old Miz realizes he is in over his head too late. Mark Henry inadvertently gives the fans something to cheer about as things come back around on him but all that matters is Henry's continued path of destruction. Elijah Burke def. The Boogeyman Elijah Burke faces yet another otherworldly entity and comes out on top. Burke's entire journey through the King of the Ring helps establish him as a potential top guy, which I definitely think he was, but unfortunately never got that chance to be what he could have been. Flashes were seen in ECW but never acted upon. Mr. Kennedy def. Umaga Mr. Kennedy beats the toughest opponent of his tournament journey here in what you can say is an upset as Umaga was one of the most protected guys during his run. It's also worth noting that since Umaga is the Intercontinental Champion, this win would probably earn him a shot. In reality at Summerslam Umaga defended against Carlito and Mr. Kennedy so it would be pretty likely. Semifinals: CM Punk def. Mark Henry Mark Henry has a streak to keep in tact here so Punk would have to win by DQ or countout, but a win is a win. Henry was definitely rolled around as a potential King of the Ring winner but his streak was mostly comprised of jobbers so I didn't feel as compelled to. Henry is kept strong for his streak to be broken by Taker upon his return so it all works out. CM Punk is technically the only face in the semifinals so there is also that factor. Mr. Kennedy def. Elijah Burke Elijah Burke's run through this tournament was well deserved to me as he is a super charismatic man who could really get crowds going and both WWE and TNA really missed the boat on him big time. Mr. Kennedy would put a stop to this run though as he goes on to face CM Punk for the title of King. Finals: Mr. Kennedy def. CM Punk This was probably a pretty telegraphed win but there's a reason why it's so obvious and it's because he was the top choice. Mr. Kennedy was set for a big push with the Money In The Bank win and we could have seen him take the World Heavyweight Championship off of The Undertaker had he not been injured. Originally it was believed he would be out for maybe eight months until they realized the injuries was not as severe as they first thought but by than Edge had taken his role. If a King of the Ring was held they would surely use it to relaunch Mr. Kennedy to where they originally planned on having him be. Either way his wound up killing the push by being involved in a steroid scandal not long after, but if things had been different, Kennedy would have been a world champion in the WWE and the son of Mr. McMahon.
  15. Orange Cassidy vs The Boogeyman happened last year apparently.
  16. Injuries absolutely wrecked this man's WWE career. KENTA was treated as a megastar when he first signed and all signs pointed towards a huge push alongside Balor. Then he suffered an injury that took him out of action for a year, during which he missed the first real booming period of NXT as guys like Owens, Balor, Joe, and the Four Horsewomen became big names and elevated the brand. Then he had a second injury not long after his return that forced him to miss that year's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. He came back, lost to Bobby Roode in one of my favorite matches ever, then really did nothing of note. Some stuff on 205, but he never got his push back. Maybe he was viewed as injury prone, or they felt like newer signings were better, but KENTA was one of NXT's earliest major signings and it's sad he wasted some of his prime years on the shelf.
  17. We are here at the January 1st edition of Carnage as we bring in the new year and a new decade with a big NXT Title match later tonight. As we draw closer to Night of Legends we are seeing people hyping up their matches, not that it’s a hard job as it’s an amazing card. Buddy Ace runs out of the back with a smile on his face as he waves to the fans. Last week he ended his year long losing streak in a Miracle on 34th Street Fight against MARKER and in doing so as qualified for the Carnage Scramble at Night of Legends. Buddy Ace clearly happy about it as he goes around the ring high fiving as many fans as possible before getting a microphone to address the fans on these recent developments. “2019 was not my year in the slightest. I had many opportunities throughout the year to do great things but instead I simply took loss after loss after loss. I blew my chance to become the inaugural North American Champion, I missed my second chance with To The Top, I let the United States Championship slip between my fingers several times, and that’s not even all of it! Everything I did just wasn’t good enough. Then at the very end of the year I was offered one more match against MARKER and I my immediate answer was yes. I saw it as a last hurrah of sorts, where I could finally redeem myself, end my losing streak, and end a certain chapter of my career. It was a never before seen match with nearly two years of build. Throw a street fight stipulation on top and it was the best match I could have asked for. The match had all the stakes in the world to me before the Scramble came into play. I went out there and put my all into it for the sole sake of redemption and it paid off. I finally beat MARKER and proved everything I said about him right. I finally got that burden off my shoulders and now I can move on into 2020 with a clean slate.” “But now with the clean slate comes a new opportunity. One I need to win or I fear I fall right back into the same position I was in before. In whooping MARKER’s ass I earned myself the right to compete in the third ever Carnage Scramble. This year the winner gets a North American Championship match at BPZMania, a title which I feel is only a matter of time before I win it, but to make win it at the biggest event of them all would make it that much better. At last year’s BPZMania I was just cannon fodder in the NXT Battle Royal and this year I don’t plan on being an afterthought again. First I have to make it out of this Scramble the winner and that isn’t a guarantee as I have several talented men standing in my way. Then I would have to face the champion themselves, either KENJI or Raven, or perhaps another competitor becomes champion in between now and then. No matter who it is though it’s all the same. 2020 is gonna be the year of Buddy Ace and when it is all said and done I plan on riding into the sunset with the North American Championship around my waist.” The fans cheer as Buddy Ace makes his plans known to the world. Very bold statements by Ace as he will have to back those words up on January 10th at Night of Legends!
  18. I've got to say Batista. Though both John Cena and Batista were officially crowned the top stars of their era in the same year, Batista's breakout was bigger to me. He won the Royal Rumble and became the World Heavyweight Champion in the main event of Wrestlemania. That was only the first of three matches where he would overcome the unbeatable Triple H during the best feud of the year. I think overall Batista had better and more important stories than Cena on Smackdown against JBL and Eddie Guerrero. Batista just seemed to be the bigger star between the two during the year of 2005.
  19. - WWF Heavyweight Championship Hulk Hogan vs. Roddy Piper André The Giant vs. Big John Studd - WWF Tag Team Championships Bruno Sammartino and David Sammartino vs. Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik Mr. T vs. Paul Orndorff - WWF Women's Championship The Fabulous Moolah vs. Wendi Richter The U.S. Express [ Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo ] vs. ??? and ??? - WWF Intercontinental Championship Greg Valentine vs. Junkyard Dog vs. Ricky Steamboat 𝐵𝑜𝑛𝑢𝑠 𝑄𝑢𝑒𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛𝑠 What score will Hulk Hogan vs. Roddy Piper get out of 100? 92 Which two New Japan Pro-Wrestling icons will appear at WrestleMania? Antonio Inoki and Seiji Sakaguchi
  20. This was an incredibly emotional moment following Cody and Dustin's match of the year candidate at Double or Nothing. Cody cut a great promo and it sealed the moment as the two brothers put everything aside to hug it out and reunite as a team. It felt really genuine and brought tears to my eyes. Kota Ibushi finally committed to NJPW and was rewarded immensely. That final match where he had to overcome probably the most hated man in the company Jay White, along with Bullet Club as a lingering threat, in a fantastic bout to conquer the G1 Climax. It's always a beautiful sight to see it rain confetti as the winner receives the trophy and flag.
  21. I'd prefer if the tag team champions of the brands weren't in the Classic and it was all just potential title contenders. Maybe slide in Rush/Lee and Moustache Mountain instead of the champs. Also a little weird the champs were seeded against each other to me, you'd think they're the number one seeds of each other's brands technically but we all know Gallus isn't when Imperium exists. The current state of NXT's tag division is unfortunate though as Profits and Raiders left last year and now Fandango is out with an injury. Looking back at the history of the tournament it's pretty annoying how often makeshift teams go far/win the tournament so here's to hoping that's not the case this year. Predictions: Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) vs. The Forgotten Sons (Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler) Matt Riddle & Pete Dunne vs. Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Kushida & ??? NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) vs. NXT Tag Team Champions The Undisputed ERA (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) vs. Matt Riddle & Pete Dunne Grizzled Young Veterans vs. NXT Tag Team Champions The Undisputed ERA (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) vs. NXT Tag Team Champions The Undisputed ERA (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish)
  22. Best: Seth Rollins Seth is one of the most decorated superstars of the decade and has almost always been an important piece of the show for as long as he's been on the main roster from The Shield to being the breakout singles star with The Authority, his redemption arc, and now his return to the dark side. Easily one of the best WWE has seen this decade and will continue to be into this next decade. Worst: Bo Dallas Out of all the NXT Champions that have been called up to the main roster I think Bo Dallas has done the poorest which makes him the worst call up to me because you would think that the CHAMPION of the brand would be treated well once they move on but apparently not. He was the youngest NXT Champion ever and had something like 9 months as champion but ultimately became a comedy jobber once his streak ended. Somehow he's managed to stay in the company doing nothing for 5 years and recently has had a Raw Tag Team and 24/7 Championship reign each so good for him I suppose. Even Sami Zayn who hasn't held a main roster title has been featured much more prominently on the main roster than Bo Dallas ever was. Other could be argued as having worse fates than Bo but most of them didn't have the same success in NXT so I want to say Bo Dallas.
  23. Predictions: Riott Squad Rusev The Hardyz Kairi Sane AJ Styles Ruby Riott The Wyatt Family Pete Dunne Bonus: The Miz won't compete and his replacement will be Shinsuke Nakamura
  24. Pre Show Jamie Hayter and Zoe Lucas vs Stella Grey and Gabby Ortiz The Boys vs Tyler Bateman and Vincent Jeff Cobb vs Ryan Nova vs PJ Black Main Show Television Title Contract Battle Royal (Kenny King, Bandido, Mark Haskins, Jay Lethal, Matt Taven) ROH Television Title Match: Dalton Castle vs Cass (c) w/ Summer ROH Tag Team Title Match: The Briscoe Brothers (c) vs Rocky Romero & Jonathan Gresham Will Ospreay vs Zack Sabre Jr ROH Six Man Tag Team Title Match: Lucha Style (c) vs Villain Enterprises (King, PCO, Gordon) WOH Title Match: Angelina Love vs Mayu Iwatani ROH World Title Match: Marty Scrull (c) vs Matt Sydal (10 Matches in Total) Bonus Questions Marty Scrull will introduce a new member of Villain Enterprises, who will it be? Zack Sabre Jr. What will be the highest rated match on the card? Marty Scurll vs Matt Sydal Who will be the final elimination in the battle royal? Matt Taven
  25. For me, Bart's Marty Scurll gimmick is one of my favorites. He had tons of success under it and for good reason. Somehow he used it for a year and a half at a constant standard of quality. I'll always associate Bart with that figurehead.

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