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  1. 1. WrestleMania 2. Royal Rumble 3. Wrestle Kingdom
  2. Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
  3. The Infamous series. If I had to pick just one of them then Infamous 2.
  4. Night 2 Predictions: Jonathan Bart Julius Smith Slim Bashka
  5. Fatu has been an awesome champion so far. I really liked Tom Lawlor and was sad to see him lose until I realized how good Fatu is. He and Contra Unit have been absolutely fantastic on MLW and I'm looking forward to this match. MLW's big events are always fun so I'm looking forward to it. I'm not sure how old Fatu is but I hope someday he can breakout into a bigger company because he's a very talented big man.
  6. 1,000 posts! Great milestone that is.
  7. Bray Wyatt winning the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber 2017 is one of my favorite matches/moments of all time. He is one of my favorites and I was up and out of my seat because I certainly was not expecting him to ever get the push I thought he should. The fact that he pinned both AJ and Cena made it that much sweeter to me.
  8. 2003 Ford Focus. Though as a kid I wanted a Camaro with stripes (because I really liked Bumblebee), though I had wanted like a light green body with pink stripes or something like that. Not really sure why.
  9. Been playing a bunch of Forza Motorsports 6 since it was placed on Games With Gold. Unfortunately right now it's one of the only few games I can play with my busted controller, but it's fine cuz I like racing games, especially the Motorsports series.
  10. Ultimate Warrior vs Rick Rude - Steel Cage
  11. I think Kofi has been a good champion and I'm hoping he comes out on top. Kofi finally overcoming Randy Orton once and for all and solidifying himself as being worthy of holding the WWE Championship is a great story. I could see Randy beating Kofi though I find it doubtful as the storyline feels like everything is pointing towards Kofi Kingston retaining.
  12. Heel Bayley is definitely going to extend her reign, though I (probably foolishly) never thought Bayley was going to lose in the first place. But I really am interested to see exactly how Bayley handles being a heel. I already like the delusional false hero thing and I hope this heel run is enough to convince people of how good she really is because for her whole main roster run so many people have said she's nothing special. This is her chance.
  13. At least Roode is getting TV time and hopefully another tag title reign. I do think it's funny Ziggler is still bumming on WWE TV, he's been getting used a surprising amount since his return. I kinda wish Roode was teaming up with someone else though but I guess even someone like Dolph Ziggler would be more credible than an EC3 sadly. The match itself should be good and I imagine we have team strain between Braun and Seth leading to a loss. I could see WWE having them retain though and they don't end up dropping the titles till some Raw after CoC.
  14. I have fantasy booked The Miz becoming a ten time IC Champ and breaking HTM's record reign length as well but now faced with Miz actually getting the chance to tie that record I just don't want to see it. The IC title since coming to SD (and if we are being honest, even before then) has not been in a good place. It doesn't have that prestige that it should as it isn't featured enough. Heck, Shinsuke Nakamura vs Finn Balor was a PRESHOW match. I just really hope that Shinsuke Nakamura can have a good reign and bring the belt back to relevancy, though we seem to hope that everytime someone wins a midcard belt and it never happens. Shinsuke really needs this run to bring him back up as well.
  15. Sasha Banks is the woman destined to end Becky Lynch's reign. There has just not been enough credible challengers for Becky but Sasha is back now as a heel so she would be the perfect woman to beat Becky. Sasha Banks showed how great of a heel she was in NXT and they really should have turned her a long time ago as she was a far better heel than face.
  16. Ricochet is extremely overrated. Fun to watch at times, but far too overpraised.
  17. The Brain Busters vs The Hart Foundation
  18. This match itself I'm sure will be at the least okay and at best could actually be pretty good. I think Roman is one of those guys who works really well with big guys and Rowan isn't terrible himself. That said I feel like this storyline has been a bit of a let down. At first it seemed obvious who attacked Roman and where it would lead but then they tried to throw us off and made it look like it was going to build towards some sort of big reveal but it ended up being the obvious initial prediction which is a big let down. I'm still holding out for like a Luke Harper return or something but it's more than likely that Daniel is gonna be in on it the whole time and we get him and Roman in a really roundabout way.
  19. May, Week 4 Match 1: Metalik & Dorado def. Fish & O’Reilly w/ UE in 5:45 via countout The match was another good one between these two teams that had both teams hitting big tag team maneuvers and signatures. Towards the end it seemed the UE was in control and might pick up the win. Bobby Fish would clothesline Lince out of the ring and then absolutely maul him on the outside with a flurry of strikes and tossing him into the ring steps multiple times. Lince would manage to finally counter with an Enzuguri and run back into the ring at 9 to just barely take another win over UE. It seems like Metalik and Dorado have their numbers. Noam Dar is on his phone backstage when Mike Kanellis walks up to him and the two get into a heated argument that quickly becomes a backstage brawl! Mike Kanellis is left standing tall over Noam Dar after a Superkick. Match 2: Chad Gable def. Jack Gallagher in 5:13 via Rolling German Suplex The match started with several lock ups and it was clear that Chad Gable had the strength advantage when he continuously backed Jack Gallagher into the ropes and corners. Gallagher managed to dodge a corner move and hit a running forearm before working over Chad’s right arm. Gable got back on the offense by ramming Jack’s head into a turnbuckle over and over but Gallagher quickly took him down to continue to stomp and twist the right arm of Gable. Gallagher went to grab the legs but Gable flipped up and hit an Enzuguri and locked in an Armbar on his downed opponent. Gallagher got out of it but Gable used some elbow strikes to keep control until Gallagher nailed a big German Suplex out of nowhere. The two had a back and forth exchange in the corner that Gallagher won. From there he continued to wear Gable down and eventually hit a big Headbutt for a nearfall. Gallagher tried for his patented Running Corner Dropkick only for Gable to dodge it, throw Gallagher back into the corner, and hit the Rolling German Suplex for the win. Cedric Alexander is backstage with Renee Young before his match where she asks him about his past two losses to Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor respectively and whether or not he’s worried about his reign being in jeopardy. Cedric said that those two losses won’t slow him down and that he will continue to fight week in and week out because 205 Live is his brand and that though Finn and Johnny have pinned him in non title matches, neither man will be able to take the title from him, though they are free to try. Main Event: Cedric Alexander def. Pete Dunne in 6:17 via Small Package The first minute was back and forth strikes and only strikes until Dunne went for a suplex. Alexander landed on his feet but was caught again and tossed into the ropes. Dunne would attemp a Tombstone Piledriver but Alexander would reverse it into his own Tombstone. While the majority of offense was strikes Cedric threw in some highflying moves and Pete used brutal suplexes and slams. Cedric would eventually hit the Springboard Clothesline and Lumbar Check for a two count. Dunne went for a Bitter End but was caught and hit with a suplex. Cedric would hit another Springboard Clothesline but got countered when trying to follow it up. Dunne attempted the X Plex but Cedric reversed it into a Small Package for the win. It seems like with the elevated level of competition on 205 Live that Cedric Alexander may struggle to hold onto his championship. Extreme Rules will be sink or swim for Cedric as he will face both Finn Balor and Johnny Gargano in a triple threat match for the Cruiserweight Championship!
  20. I'm pulling for Fire and Desire here. Bliss and Cross is such an odd pair and I thought it would just lead to a rapid split and hopefully get Nikki over but now they have a tag title run and stuff. I just think that they need to split the two soon cuz I think the whole storyline has been detrimental to the character of Nikki Cross and I'm tired of the pairing. Mandy and Sonya are both really good and I think would be better Women's Tag Champs than most of the roster.
  21. Week 1, January 2015 Pre Show: Main Show: Magnus opens the show by coming out to the ring and saying that he could beat Eric Young faster than Samoa Joe did last week because Joe is a sloppy, second rate wrestler. After the match, Magnus brags about how he was successful in backing up his claim. Gunner cuts a promo on MVP, saying that MVP has made a huge mistake by making an enemy of him. Bobby Roode is out in the ring and reiterates that James Storm will not be getting any more World Championship matches. After saying this, Dixie Carter comes and books a 6 man elimination number one contender's match for tonight's main event between Willow, Mr. Anderson, Bobby Lashley, Kurt Angle, EC3, and James Storm! Kenny King claims that 2015 will be his year in a promo. Velvet Sky is in the ring but before she ends up being jumped by Gail Kim, whom poses over Velvet with the Knockout's Championship. Bully Ray is being interviewed by Mike Tenay and all is going well until Joseph Park shows up and attacks Bully Ray, getting one back on Bully Ray. Hernandez announces an open challenge for the TNA Television Title and X Division Champion Austin Aries answers it! (I'm not gonna lie, I accidentally booked this match backward cuz I thought the loser thing was for the final elimination but it works.) That was actually my best show yet!
  22. May, Week 3 Match 1: Gran Metalik def. Bobby Fish w/ Cole and Strong in 5:06 via Springboard Elbowdrop Gran Metalik offered a handshake at the start but Bobby attempted to Clothesline him, only to accidentally take out the ref. Bobby worked the leg throughout the match to try to negate Metalik’s high impact moveset. Fish managed to get the Heel Hook in but Metalik reached the ropes. Metalik would end the match with a Springboard Elbowdrop, pinning another UE member and this time in decisive fashion. Perhaps Undisputed Era will have a harder time on 205 Live than they previously thought. Noam Dar stood in the ring and called Mike Kanellis out from the back. Noam Dar and Mike Kanellis have a back and forth, with Noam Dar decrying Mike's tactics. All of this built up to Mike clotheslining Noam Dar and the two had a brawl around the ring that left Noam Dar battered and out. Match 2: [Submission Match] Drew Gulak def. TJP in 5:47 via Gulock Gulak completely outwrestled TJP, working every part and locking in various submissions while TJP hit big slams abd such in between being worked over. Gulak was clearly in control during this match and had minimal trouble. Gulak ultimately forced TJP to tap to the Gulock this time, embarrassing the Fil-Am Flash. A video package of Chad Gable plays where he says that he plans to scratch and claw his way to the Cruiserweight Championship. Next week he will be facing Jack Gallagher in singles competition. Main Event: Johnny Gargano def. Cedric Alexander in 6:27 via Superkick After being pinned by Finn Balor last week the Cruiserweight Champion would look to regain momentum in an attempt to beat Johnny Gargano which led to Cedric in yet another great main event match. The match began with a couple lock ups and the pace suddenly quickened with reversal after reversal. Gargano would continue to work the arm until he went up to the top rope for a big maneuver only to be caught into a powerslam. Gargano was quick to cover his mistake by hitting a Listo Kick. Soon after Gargano hit a lawn dart for a 1 count. Gargano was quick to move on and nailed Alexander with an Apron DDT that busted Alexander open for a second week in a row. Once they got back into the ring after brawling a bit, Cedric finally began regaining his momentum and managed to cut off a comeback attempt by Garagno. Gargano would do the same back to the champ not long after with a nearfall hurricanrana and then hitting his signature Full Nelson Reverse STO for another nearfall. Gargano then hit the Superkick for the win over the champion. After two pinfall losses in a row, the Cruiserweight Champion seems to be in a downward spiral.

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