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  1. Name: Mark Walker Born: 17 May 1997 Set to debut: April, 2018 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: English (or British) Based in: USA Active Wrestler  Style: Brawler Body Type: Muscular Size: Middleweight (don't know the weight classes on the game so well but like that) Minimum Size: Light heavyweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight Moves: "British Forearm" Bullhammer Elbow, "Winds of Change" Face Gimmick: Defiant Fighter Heel Gimmick: British Bruiser Mask: None Hair: Yes Favoured Role: wrestler Pictures: Wade Barrett Bio: After spending his early years fighting on the British independent scene, Walker transitioned to America to find his way forward through the BPZ, carving a way for British wrestling to once again gain popularity and get noticed. Winning multiple world championships in the UK meant the BPZ began to pay attention to Walker and bring him into the company, looking at his hard-hitting style and dirty, heel promos as key reasons for his hiring. Note: Any other British wrestlers I would like to look at making some form of stable with, unicornstrongstyle and I have said we would like to do something there.
  2. Pre-Show Summerslam Hype Video (5 minutes) Owens v Triple H Hype Video (4 minutes) Interview with Hardys (5 minutes) Ahead of their SmackDown Tag Team Championship match, The Hardys say they will delete The Bludgeon Brothers like their former leader Bray Wyatt. When they are eradicated, there will only be one more member of the Family to eliminate, teasing a potential feud with Braun Strowman. Bayley v Banks v Bliss Hype Video (4 minutes) Nia Jax v Mandy Rose w/Absolution – 10 minute match, 2 minute entrance, 12 minutes – Winner: Nia Jax Backstory: Nia Jax loses her RAW Women's Championship match at WrestleMania after interference from Mickie James helped give Alexa Bliss the victory. Jax goes on a rampage on Monday Night RAW over the next few weeks, destroying jobbers and others including Dana Brooke, Alicia Fox and a debuting Kairi Sane. She enters the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match at the PPV alongside Sane, Peyton Royce, Mandy Rose, Natalya, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Ruby Riott. Jax is attacked by all 6 members of Absolution and The Riott Squad combined, taking her out of the match. At Extreme Rules, an inter-promotional tag team match has been set for The Riott Squad to take on Absolution, with the two teams taunting and mocking each other, and sneak attacking on RAW and SmackDown. During their match, Nia Jax makes a return after not being seen since Money in the Bank and lays out all the women. On RAW, she says she did all she could to The Riott Squad because they're on SmackDown, so Absolution are going to have to suffer the consequences all by themselves, leading to attacks on both Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Paige says she's had enough of this and challenges Jax to a match at Summerslam… on behalf of Mandy Rose which Jax accepts with a smile. During the match, Nia Jax practically dominated with huge power manoeuvres, throwing Rose across the ring multiple times. Deville and Paige would cause distractions to both Jax and the referee, allowing Rose to get offence in, working particularly on the legs to try and keep her down. Jax would win after bulldozing Deville off the apron onto Paige, then delivering a Samoan Drop to Rose for the pin. Rated: 36 - poor wrestling, poor pop, heel vs heel Styles v Nakamura v Cena Hype Video (4 minutes) Carmella Hypes her Women’s Championship Match (4 minutes) Carmella states that at the end of the night, when she defeats Asuka again, she will be the only woman in WWE who can say she has defeated ‘The Empress of Yesterday’ twice. United States Championship – Rusev w/Aiden English (c) v Zack Ryder – 9 minute match, 2 minute entrance, 11 minutes – Winner: Rusev Backstory: Rusev becomes United States Champion at Backlash by defeating Randy Orton, with help from Aiden English. He retains the title in a rematch two weeks later. Rusev begins to brag about becoming a 3-time United States Champion, declaring himself the greatest US Champion of all time. However, Aiden English, as Rusev's guider and mentor, isn't so sure of this comparing him to the likes of Steve Austin, Ric Flair and Goldberg. He says despite none of these guys having a day named after them, they are all Hall of Famers and some of the best in WWE history. Rusev is determined to prove this to himself and says on every Rusev Day, he will challenge a former United States Champion to a championship match, making the 'Rusev Day Invitational' a thing on SmackDown. In this, he defeats Bobby Roode, Kofi Kingston, and John Cena (via roll-up after distraction from Nakamura and Styles brawling outside the ring). At Summerslam, he continues this 'Rusev Day Invitational' on the pre-show, asking any former US Champion of RAW or SmackDown to come to the ring. This time, Zack Ryder is answering the challenge. Rusev would control most of the match with big suplexes and drops, before working on wearing Ryder down. Ryder would rally to send Rusev down and deliver a Broski Boot in the corner, and attempting the Rough Ryder, only for Rusev to duck under it and deliver a Superkick. Rusev set Ryder up for The Accolade to make him submit and not let go of the hold. Rated: 52 - poor pop for ryder brought it down majorly, too short to be good Rusev Continues Assault on Ryder (4 minutes) Miz v Bryan Hype Video (4 minutes) Main-Show Summerslam Hype Video and Pyro (4 minutes) Match #1 for Intercontinental Championship – Seth Rollins (c) v Dean Ambrose v Finn Balor v Braun Strowman – 18 minute match, 4 minute entrance, 22 minutes – Winner: Dean Ambrose Backstory: Seth Rollins won the Intercontinental Championship at Backlash from The Miz after a distraction from Daniel Bryan. Rollins then embarks on a mini-feud with Finn Balor all based on the respect they have for each other as athletes, but all going back to their Summerslam 2016 match where Rollins injured Balor's shoulder. In a great match at Money in the Bank, Rollins retains and the two shake hands in the ring. The pair are targeted by The Bar who say their 'respect' and 'friendship' is nothing but a sham, and Rollins is trying to find himself a partner and friend as good as Dean Ambrose was to no success. Rollins calls them out saying their tag team was once a sham friendship and will get them nowhere in the end. At Extreme Rules, it is The Bar v Rollins & Balor for the RAW Tag Team Championships, in which The Bar retain after a low-blow to Balor causes a DQ. They continue to assault the pair, when Dean Ambrose's music hits as he runs down to make the save. The Bar run away, and as Ambrose checks on Rollins and Balor, he hits them both with Dirty Deeds one at a time to a chorus of boos. Ambrose says The Bar were right and that Rollins was just trying to find a replacement for him, and didn't care about anything they had accomplished together. Well Ambrose doesn't care about him now, and should have trusted his instincts to not reform their partnership in the first place. He now wants to take everything away from Seth, including his IC Championship, and punish Finn Balor in the process. Stephanie makes the triple threat match for Summerslam, only for Braun Strowman to decide he should get an Intercontinental Championship opportunity after his impressive path of destruction recently because he's Braun Strowman and Braun always gets what Braun wants, so Stephanie installs him into the match too, and Braun goes on a rampage of all three men in the weeks prior to Summerslam. During this match, the four men all brawled with one another in and out of the ring. After Strowman spent some time overpowering the rest, all three men teamed up to put Strowman through the announce table and keep him out of the match. Ambrose, Rollins and Balor put on a great display of athleticism with diving spots and bumps together, only for Strowman to return and manhandle them. He would take Balor out with a Running Powerslam on the outside, and attempt the same on Rollins and Ambrose, but they would use chairs to take the big man off his feet. Ambrose would hit Dirty Deeds to Strowman on the chair, then Rollins would follow it up with a Curb Stomp on the chair. With Ambrose and Rollins the only men standing, Ambrose would throw Rollins out of the ring and pin a prone Strowman to win and become the NEW Intercontinental Champion. Rated: 83 - good all round match Triple H Seen Preparing for His Match, Talks with Stephanie McMahon (4 minutes) Bayley Hypes Her Triple Threat Championship Match, Ronda Rousey Interrupts (5 minutes) Bayley is hyping her match later tonight, saying she’ll teach Banks and Bliss that there is only one top woman on RAW now and her name is… Ronda Rousey walks into shot, introduces herself to Bayley in case she did not know who she was, says she is the one who destroyed Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania. Ronda knows she’s been away since then but warns Bayley that if she can retain her title tonight, then Ronda is waiting just around the corner. Match #2 Charlotte Flair v Peyton Royce w/Billie Kay – 9 minute match, 2 minute entrance, 11 minutes – Winner: Peyton Royce Backstory: Charlotte loses the SmackDown Women's Championship at WrestleMania, then loses her rematch under Submission rules at Backlash against Asuka. After the match, the Iconic Duo attack the pair of them, announcing their debut on WWE's main roster with the blue brand, allowing Carmella to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase. A couple of weeks later, Charlotte wins a Fatal-4-Way match against Becky Lynch, Billie Kay and Natalya to become the No.1 contender to Carmella's title, only to lose at Money in the Bank due to interference from the Iconic Duo, where it's discovered they are working alongside Carmella in what is now called the 'Iconic Trio'. This happens again at Extreme Rules in a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the championship. Charlotte helps Asuka to deal with Peyton Royce and Billie Kay to make her match with Carmella a straight one-on-one contest and mocks them for not being able to help their precious leader at Summerslam. She says they can still of course come to Summerslam if they want, all they must do is accept having a match against her, which Peyton Royce says she is happy to do. In the match, Peyton Royce gets early momentum and control, leading to The Iconic Duo mocking Charlotte. She works on her back, wearing it down with big kicks. Royce taunts the WWE Universe, telling them their hero is falling to icons. As Flair rallies, Royce always answers with a kick to the spine. Kay and Royce laugh together on the ropes/apron, where Charlotte pushes Royce into Kay and is able to take control of the match, delivering a Moonsault to the pair of them outside. When she tosses Royce back in the ring, she calls for the Figure-8 but Royce is able to block it from being locked in. Kay uses this to drag Royce to the ropes and she and Charlotte argue while Royce distracts the referee. Kay slaps Charlotte, allowing Royce to get the roll-up for the win. Rated: 60 - charlotte carried due to her high pop, too short to be good, peyton's poor pop brough the match down, decent wrestling Segment Involving Authors of Pain and The New Day (4 minutes) The Authors of Pain are being interviewed backstage, with Paul Ellering saying they will destroy The Bar tonight and dominate RAW just like they dominated NXT. They say Summerslam will be their night of destruction, but The New Day interrupt and say The Bar are not to be underestimated. However, if they do win and stop their title run before it gets anywhere near The New Day’s record reign, they will reward them with free boxes of Booty O’s. Authors of Pain grab the boxes and crush them in The New Day’s faces to their despair. Match #3 for RAW Tag Team Championships - The Bar v Authors of Pain w/Paul Ellering – 15 minute match, 2 minute entrance, 17 minutes – Winners: Authors of Pain Backstory: The Bar have continued to dominate the RAW tag team division after a surprise victory at WrestleMania against Braun Strowman and Elias, so much so that they have followed it up with wins over The Revival and The Club to retain the titles. The night after WrestleMania, the Authors of Pain are called up to make their main roster debut, dominating local jobbers for victory. They continue to do this over the coming weeks, stating their intent at being the biggest, baddest and greatest team WWE has ever seen. After The Bar successfully retain the RAW Tag Team Championships at Extreme Rules, they celebrate on RAW that they have held the titles for 6 months, and can't wait to make it to a year in January 2019, and when they break The New Day's record as longest reigning Tag Team Champions in June 2019! However, Paul Ellering interrupts them and says that is simply not going to happen with these guys on RAW, leading to AoP entering and beginning a mass brawl between the teams. AoP issue a challenge for Summerslam which is initially rejected, but guest General Manager Chris Jericho (standing in for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon) makes the match official. The initial stages of the match are all Authors of Pain dominating and throwing Cesaro and Sheamus about, until Cesaro is able to land a cheap shot on one member of AoP to get back into the match. The Bar work as a good team to keep that one member grounded and unable to make a tag. When a hot tag is made, it leads to a spot fest, including both members of AoP delivering superplexes at the same time on opposite sides of the ring. It takes a Super Collider and The Last Chapter for AoP to get the victory and become NEW RAW Tag Team Champions. Rated: 61 - heel vs heel, poor pop for AOP, good pop for the bar, good match, good length (68 without penalty) Roman Reigns Hypes His Match Against Samoa Joe (4 minutes) Reigns hypes his match for later tonight, saying that he has beaten Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman in the past, beasts of WWE, so Samoa Joe one-on-one is not a test. He says Joe got lucky when he cashed in Money in the Bank, but come the end of the night, the Roman Empire will reign again, you can believe that Match #4 for RAW Women’s Championship - Bayley (c) v Sasha Banks v Alexa Bliss – 17 minute match, 3 minute entrance, 20 minutes – Winner: Bayley Backstory: Alexa Bliss retains the RAW Women's Championship at WrestleMania with the help of Mickie James. Bayley wins the Women's Battle Royal at WrestleMania, lastly eliminating Sasha Banks who was in the middle of eliminating someone herself. The next night on RAW, Bayley is celebrating with the trophy that was presented to her in the ring, where Sasha Banks comes out with the intent on congratulating the better woman on her incredible win. She goes for a handshake while Bayley is holding her trophy, but Bayley decides to club her over the head with the trophy and then assault her, exclaiming that she bought this on herself. Over the coming weeks, Bayley changes her attitude, no more hugging children, no more smiles or waving tube men in her entrance. She says she is now only focused on being one thing: the RAW Women's Champion, and she'll do whatever it takes to get it. She attacks Sasha during the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, costing her the match, and as winner of the Battle Royal, she feels she is entitled to a title match which is awarded at Extreme Rules. Bayley says she will not be the woman she once was, being fearful of using weapons and wanting to win fairly. At Extreme Rules, she beats Alexa Bliss in a Chairs Match in which the chair is used multiple times by Bayley. After battering Bliss' spine with the chair, she pins her and is NEW Women's Champion on RAW. As she brags on RAW over the next few weeks, Banks and Bliss both want to teach the new Bayley a lesson and try to attack her, only for Bayley to run away. This leads to Stephanie McMahon making a triple threat for the title at Summerslam. This was a cracking match between the three best women on RAW today. Bayley tried to leave Bliss and Banks in the ring to fight it out as much as she could, but they both wanted a piece of Bayley, and would take their anger out on her outside, throwing her into the barricade and timekeeper’s area. This would leave Banks and Bliss in the ring to do battle, in which Bliss would continue to use some of her underhanded tactics to keep the advantage in the match. When Bayley returned, we got some nice three-way spots, like Sasha delivering double knees from the top rope to Bliss who is on Bayley’s shoulders. Several near falls for all three with them delivering finishers, but with Bliss locked in the Bank Statement by Sasha, Bayley unleashes a Kendo Stick on both women before hitting the Bayley-to-Belly on Banks for the win. Rated: 70 - good match, good story, decent pop for both, good match length got the most out of the match Owens v Triple H Hype Video (4 minutes) Match #5 - Triple H w/Stephanie McMahon v Kevin Owens – 20 minute match, 2 minute entrance, 22 minutes – Winner: Kevin Owens Backstory: After KO and Sami Zayn were defeated at WrestleMania by Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan they found themselves with no spot on SmackDown. After the Superstar Shakeup, their future is still up in the air as RAW have shown no intent to sign them. During Reigns and Lesnar's brutal rematch for the Universal Championship at Backlash, Zayn and Owens attack the pair of them for a double DQ and removing Lesnar permanently. Now officially signed to RAW by Triple H and Stephanie, the pair brag about how they destroyed the two top stars of Monday nights and that they deserve to be called the best and the Universal Championship to come to them after destroying Reigns. Stephanie warns them however that even they, the men that Triple H pulled to bring to NXT and make them into top stars, have to earn the right to the title. So, after wins against top guys such as Balor and Rollins on RAW, the pair of them are given opportunities against Reigns at Money in the Bank, and Extreme Rules to no avail. At Extreme Rules, Zayn is beaten so bad in a triple threat Extreme Rules match it requires him to be carried out. The next night on RAW, Owens complains that when he and Zayn (who isn't there) signed to RAW they were expected to be made the top guys and not to be treated like they have been, and demands Triple H and Stephanie apologise. Triple H refuses saying that he brought Kevin here because he thought he could be a top star all by himself, but he seems to be nothing but a coward and a man who blames anyone but himself for his failures. Kevin sees red, pushes Hunter, who accidentally knocks Stephanie, turns back in blind rage only to be hit with a kick and a Pop-up Powerbomb. The next week, Triple H praises Owens for what he accomplished in WWE, but at Summerslam it's all going to come to an end, as the man who brought him into this universe will take him out of it. The match begins with the two of them brawling, throwing rights and lefts all over the bodies, bundling straight out of the ring and continuing the fight outside. Triple H delivers a backbody drop to Owens onto the announce table, putting him in control. HHH controls most of the match with Stephanie mocking Owens from the outside. As Owens gets back into the match and rallies, Triple H tries to deliver a knee to Owens’ face however he ducks and HHH hits the referee instead. Pop-up Powerbomb is hit as we wait for a new ref, who makes the cover for 1, 2… HHH kicks out. Stephanie distracts Owens who gets hit with a Pedigree, but kicks out of the cover. HHH takes out the new ref and is handed a sledgehammer by Stephanie, but as he is about to use it, Sami Zayn runs down to make the save, grabbing the hammer on the apron. McMahon gets up and kicks Zayn downstairs to Triple H’s amusement. Owens pushes HHH into McMahon who falls and tweaks her ankle. Owens hits a Pop-up Powerbomb and the first ref gets back in for the pin and win. Rated: 92 - excellent story with good wrestling and high pop levels, great all round match Dunne and Bate Altercation (4 minutes) Pete Dunne is seen preparing in the dressing room for his Cruiserweight Championship match with Cedric Alexander, where Tyler Bate walks in to say despite the two of them never seeing eye to eye, he wants to see Dunne win for the pride of the United Kingdom. Dunne says he’s not doing it for the UK people, he’s doing it for one man and that is Pete Dunne. Bate says that’s always been Dunne’s problem, he’s all about himself. Dunne gets angry and delivers a right-hand before throwing Bate into the wall and leaving him laid out. Match #6 for SmackDown Tag Team Championships – The Bludgeon Brothers (c) v The Woken Hardys – 10 minute match, 2 minute entrance, 12 minutes – Winner: The Bludgeon Brothers Backstory: The Bludgeon Brothers won the SmackDown Tag titles against The Usos and The New Day at WrestleMania and would prevail against both teams in separate tag team matches at Backlash and Money in the Bank. Matt Hardy has joined SmackDown as part of the Superstar Shakeup, welcoming the 'woken warriors' of the blue brand to his delightful realm of wonderment as he enters his next step in this delightful multiverse. Matt gets on a steady role of picking up singles victories on SmackDown against the likes of Mojo Rawley, Viktor and Konnor of The Ascension and others. However, Matt cannot help but feel he is missing a warrior… Brother Nero. At Extreme Rules, a video package from the Hardy Compound appears on the titantron of Matt Hardy bringing the vessel of Jeff Hardy back to the mental and physical state he requires for his next adventure. Jeff and Matt make a proclamation that they will become SmackDown Tag Team Champions, and in order to do so, they will DELETE the Bludgeon Brothers. During the match, there is a lot of The Bludgeon Brothers overpowering the Hardys with huge double team manoeuvres, but both the Hardys make sure they get their moments, with Matt doing a whole host of his ‘DELETE’ calls while driving Rowan’s head into the turnbuckles, and Jeff getting in some high-flying moves like Whisper in the Wind on the Brothers. The Bludgeon Brothers picked up victory by laying out Jeff Hardy while targeting his previously injured shoulder, before delivering their Double Crucifix Powerbomb finisher on Matt for the win. Rated: 67 - short match, good pop for the hardys, good performances by both teams Miz v Bryan Hype Video (4 minutes) Match #7 – The Miz v Daniel Bryan – 16 minute match, 4 minute entrance (Bryan Special Entrance), 20 minutes – Winner: Daniel Bryan Backstory: Daniel Bryan wins his return match at WrestleMania. On the SmackDown after 'Mania, he announces that he is stepping down from his role as SmackDown GM to focus on his in-ring career. The Miz retains the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania against Seth Rollins and Finn Balor. In the Superstar Shakeup, The Miz is going to SmackDown a year after leaving them. Miz states that there is only one reason he is back on SmackDown: to fight Daniel Bryan. Now that Bryan is cleared to return to the ring he intends to do what he wanted to do but contractually wasn't allowed to do a year ago, and that is put his hands on Daniel Bryan and beat him down, so much so his own daughter won't recognise him. He says that after he retains the IC title against Seth Rollins at Backlash, he will happily put the title on the line against Bryan, as it was Bryan's last title in WWE and he thinks it would be a nice gesture because he's The Miz and he only wants to do nice things for the people… until he beats Bryan and then they'll all hate him again! At Backlash, Bryan interferes in the IC title match, costing Miz the title. Bryan says he doesn't need the title to be on the line to accept a match with Miz because he has made it personal. At Money in the Bank, Miz is originally scheduled to have one final shot at the title and Bryan is scheduled to be in the Money in the Bank ladder match, but two weeks after Backlash, the two of them are separated in a brawl and are suspended for two months by commissioner Shane McMahon, meaning they will miss their respective matches. The two continue to call each other out on social media, until a challenge is made by Bryan for a match at Summerslam, which The Miz accepts. The pair return at Extreme Rules for a contract signing, with a 'no-contact' clause before Summerslam. Before The Miz signs the contract, he attacks Bryan and delivers Skull Crushing Finale on a chair, then signing the contract for the match. Bryan’s entrance is performed live on stage, with a massive band performing his ‘Flight of the Valkyries’ theme song. Bryan gets an early rally on The Miz with his fast pace and sharp kicks taking his opponent down. Miz regroups and wears down Bryan in the ring, mocking him and the crowd with his YES kicks and chants throughout the match. Bryan attempts a diving headbutt which Miz moves away from and delivers Skull Crushing Finale which Bryan kicks out of. Miz attempts to deliver Bryan’s running knee for the win only for Daniel to move and Miz to crash into the turnbuckles, hurting his knee. Bryan takes Miz down and locks in the Yes Lock which Miz eventually taps out from, giving Bryan the win. Rated: 87 - a little short to achieve full marks, good story, good match Hype Video for Summerslam Travel/Ticket Package Next Year (2 minutes) Match #8 for Cruiserweight Championship – Cedric Alexander (c) v Pete Dunne – 14 minute match, 2 minute entrance, 16 minutes – Winner: Pete Dunne Backstory: Cedric Alexander defeats Mustafa Ali to win the vacant Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania in an incredible match that helps to reignite the division. 205 Live GM Drake Maverick praises the two of them for what they have done for the show, and tells them they better be ready for the whole influx of talent coming their way that will make 205 Live more than just an hour of extra television. Until those stars come however, Maverick sets up a rematch between the two for Backlash, where Alexander is able to retain the title. Maverick begins to announce some of the new stars joining 205 Live permanently over the next few weeks, including Tyler Bate, Roderick Strong and Primo Colon (who purposely has dropped a few pounds to make the limit). While these men are making an impact within the roster, Cedric is still waiting for someone to step up to challenge him for his title, as he is a fighting champion. On the Extreme Rules pre-show, he says he is not moving until someone steps in the ring to challenge him, and he is then assaulted by 'The Bruiserweight' Pete Dunne, who has lost his United Kingdom Championship to Trent Seven on NXT. Pete Dunne challenges him to a match at Summerslam to see who the top man in the Cruiserweight division is. This match is a mixture of high-flying action from Alexander and brutal, hard-hitting style from Dunne. Alexander completes some great dives to the outside and springboard manoeuvres that have Dunne reeling, but Dunne is ultimately able to catch Alexander for the Bitter End to pick up the win, and Dunne is the NEW Cruiserweight Champion. Rated: 52 - terrible pop for pete dunne, decent pop for cedric, good wrestling, a little long for who was involved, crowd not into it compared to other matches, Dunne Celebrates His Victory (4 minutes) Match #9 for SmackDown Women’s Championship – Carmella (c) v Asuka – 12 minute match, 2 minute entrance, 14 minutes – Winner: Asuka Backstory: Asuka wins the SmackDown Women's Championship from Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania, maintaining her undefeated streak in WWE. A rematch is made for Backlash between the two in a Submission Match. Meanwhile, Miss Money in the Bank, Carmella, is building an impressive run of wins against the likes of Naomi, Becky Lynch and Natalya, but is cautious that she does not have long left until her Money in the Bank briefcase 'expires'. After the hellacious Submission Match at Backlash, in which Asuka retains, the Iconic Duo debut to attack both women and lay them out. Carmella rushes to the ring to cash in the briefcase and pin Asuka. The world is shocked as Asuka's undefeated streak is over and Carmella is the NEW SmackDown Women's Champion. On the next episode of SmackDown, during an interview with Renee Young, Asuka walks out without saying a word, leading to her future being put in doubt. Carmella boasts that she was the woman to end Asuka's streak and 'retire' the woman she now calls 'The Empress of Yesterday'. Carmella uses the Iconic Duo to retain the title twice against Charlotte at Money in the Bank and Extreme Rules. She says there is nobody new for her to defeat and the 'Iconic Trio' now run SmackDown. Asuka returns and lays them all out, demanding a rematch at Summerslam which Shane McMahon makes. Asuka defeats both Billie Kay and Peyton Royce in singles matches on SmackDown to make sure neither are at ringside for the title match. Carmella continues to play mind games with Asuka, saying that she once was over 200-0, but now is only 2-0 heading into this match. Carmella constantly tries to avoid getting into the ring with Asuka and ducks away from kicks to roll out of the ring. Eventually she brawls Asuka down to the mat delivering brutal axehandles and punches on the back of Asuka. Asuka flurries with her sweeping kicks and forearms, but Carmella locks in the Code of Silence submission finisher to try and make Asuka submit. Asuka fights her way out of it and turns it into an Asuka Lock which Carmella must tap out of, making Asuka the NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion. Rated: 63 - good performance from asuka, carmella got carried, needed more pop to be better, Nakamura & Joe Backstage Segment (4 minutes) Joe is being interviewed backstage and is proclaiming that he is the top champion here in WWE, and deserves everything he is given as the baddest dude on the planet. Nakamura enters to a chorus of cheers, where Joe states that while he respects Nakamura and the fact that the only two 2-time NXT Champions are now the top two champions on the main roster, he knows who has the best and only chance of walking out as champion tonight: Samoa Joe. Nakamura says all he needs is a knee to a face to keep his title and walks out. Match #10 for Universal Championship – Samoa Joe (c) v Roman Reigns – 19 minute match, 2 minute entrance, 21 minutes – Winner: Samoa Joe Backstory: Roman Reigns won the Universal Championship at WrestleMania from Brock Lesnar. He has kept the title after a double DQ against Lesnar at Backlash, and triple threat victories over Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens at Money in the Bank and Extreme Rules. Samoa Joe returned from injury the night after WrestleMania, vowing to pick up where he left off and annihilate everyone in his path. This starts with a brief feud against Finn Balor, where he beats him at Backlash. Joe then enters the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, alongside Randy Orton, Braun Strowman, AJ Styles, Rusev, Elias, Apollo and Dolph Ziggler. Samoa Joe wins the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and vows to become your next Universal Champion as soon as the time is right. The RAW after Extreme Rules, Roman Reigns comes to the ring heavily taped up after his title defence, challenging anyone in the back who has the balls to step in the ring with him to come down now. Samoa Joe comes from behind to lock in the Coquina Clutch on Reigns, choking the life out of him until he is blue in the face and passed out. With no authority on RAW to stop him after Owens had laid Triple H out earlier in the night, Joe calls a referee down to cash in Money in the Bank, hooks Reigns' leg for 1, 2… Reigns kicks out! Coquina Clutch back in on Reigns who tries to fight out of it, but eventually passes out and Joe is the NEW Universal Champion. Reigns, livid about this, calls out Joe the next week for his rematch, only for Stephanie to come down and instead make the match for Summerslam. These two participate in a hard-hitting bout in which Roman Reigns is still suffering from the Extreme Rules bout and beatdowns he has suffered at the hands of Joe over the past few weeks. He is still quite heavily taped up around the ribs, which Joe is able to use to his advantage by dropping all his body weight on the area with elbow drops and running sentons. Reigns tries to show his resiliency throughout by hitting Superman Punches and delivering a Spear at one stage for the near fall. Joe locks Reigns in a Coquina Clutch which he is able to break out of by turning it into a Samoan Drop. However, when Reigns attempts one more big Superman Punch after one doesn’t knock Joe down to the mat, Joe catches Reigns and locks him in the Coquina Clutch again, which Reigns passes out from, so the ref calls for the bell and Joe is able to retain. Rated: 91 - great all round match Nakamura v Styles v Cena Hype Video (4 minutes) Match #11 for WWE Championship – Shinsuke Nakamura (c) v AJ Styles v John Cena – 23 minute match, 5 minute entrance (Cena Special Entrance), 28 minutes – Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura Backstory: Shinsuke Nakamura became WWE Champion at WrestleMania after an incredible 'Match of the Year' contender with AJ Styles. These two men have shown the respect they have for one another by raising each other's hands at the show, and then shaking hands with one another on the SmackDown after 'Mania. AJ reminds Nakamura that he does have a rematch clause that he intends to invoke next week on SmackDown, only for Jinder Mahal to intervene, saying that he has beaten Shinsuke twice in world title matches, so he feels he deserves to have a WWE Championship match once again, eating a Styles Clash and Kinshasa for his troubles. The next week on SmackDown is AJ v Nakamura II, where AJ wins via DQ after Mahal attacks him when he has Nakamura in the Calf Crusher. AJ's rematch is gone, but he declares he will earn the right to be called champion again. Nakamura defeats Mahal in championship matches at Backlash and Money in the Bank, only for Cena to return in his free-agent role after defeating The Undertaker at WrestleMania, to state his intentions of becoming a record 17-time world champion. At Extreme Rules, the pair have a Last Man Standing Match, in which neither man can stand after a 10 count during a hellacious bout. Earlier in the night, Styles defeated Mahal in a Ladder Match to determine the No.1 contender to the WWE title at Summerslam, but due to the draw between Nakamura and Cena, commissioner Shane McMahon makes a triple threat for the PPV. Cena’s special entrance is a highlight package of his previous 16 world title wins, starting his victory over JBL at WrestleMania 21 in 2005, all the way to 2017 and his win over AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble, setting up for a possible 17th here. This match was a wrestling classic between all three, largely revolved around near fall after near fall. All three delivered many of their biggest moves and move we rarely ever see them hit, before a run of finishing moves being delivered all hits. Nakamura picks up the win with a huge Kinshasa on Cena for the pinfall, but all three are left laid out on the floor before Nakamura’s hand is raised with the title. Rated: 92 - excellent all round match RATED: 88 Total Time: 250 mins + 57 mins pre-show = 307 mins Angles: 81 mins (26.4%) Matches: 226 mins (73.6%) Apologies for how long this will be to read, I got too into it.

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