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    Total Extreme Wrestling Booking Competition (Giveaway)

    MY SUMMERSLAM 2018 Booking I made a quick poster just for fun Main Injuries: Dean Ambrose, Samoa Joe, Bray Wyatt, Kurt Angle PRESHOW: Bobby Roode vs Elias Bobby's first match on RAW brand, wins after 12 Minutes (+2 Entrances) after a glorious DDT Rating: 72 SEGMENT: Summerslam Matchcard 4 Minutes Big Cass vs Baron Corbin Big Cass beats Corbin in his first match on SD Brand (Cass debuts in his new Gimmick "Italian like gangster") 10 Minutes (+2 Entrances) Rating: 64 SEGMENT: AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan arrive at the arena 5 Minutes SEGMENT: Miz's family vignette 7 Minutes The Revival vs Benjamin and Gable Benjamin and Gable win 8 Minutes (+2 Entrances) Rating: 53 SEGMENT: Cruiserweight Division Promo 5 Minutes SEGMENT: Preshow table recaps the Preshow 3 Minutes 60 Minutes Total Summerslam Intro 5 Minutes The main matches on the card are shown in the classic promo that starts the show. Pyros and Presentation 2 Minutes Raw and Smackdown commentary tables give welcome to the fans around the world. 1st match (Smackdown) US Title Match: Randy Orton © vs Tye Dillinger Storyline Recap: Tye Dillinger was in his worst period after Wrestlemania. In a series of interviews he said that he no longer felt like a perfect 10, so he decided to walk away and come back when he will be ready again. He comes back at Extreme Rules, with a different look (with grown beard and a facepaint) interfering in the Fatal 4 Way match for the US Title. At this point Randy Orton says that Tye was disrespectful and can’t wait to beat him up. Than a series of vignettes every week where the two fight in every imaginable place. End of the match: Randy Orton connects with an RKO outta nowhere, but Dillinger kicks out at Two, than he tries to connect with the “Perfect 10”, but Orton counters it, RKO. 1..2..3.. 12 Minutes + 2 Minutes Entrances: 14 Minutes Rating: 78 SEGMENT: Undisputed Era hype their match with The Club 4 Minutes 2nd match (Interbrand) Raw and Smackdown Women’s Title Unification match: Asuka (SD) vs Ronda Rousey (RAW) Storyline Recap: 205 weekly show started to go so good, that some fans started the “205” Movement in order to give the Cruiserweight division a collocation in one of the two main shows. After a couple of months Vince McMahon has to accept and to do this, one of the Women’s Belt needs to be cancelled and all the female division needs to be on one show, so the other can have Cruiserweights. The winner will have a brand new belt and her respective show will feature the women division. Asuka and Ronda still undefeated. End of the match: Asuka and Ronda kick out at one respective finisher, but then Ronda applies the Armdrag Submission move to Asuka who refuses to give up until she loses counsciosness and Ronda Rousey is declared the winner. Rating: 84 17 Minutes + 2 Minutes Entrances: 19 Minutes SEGMENT: RAW Locker Room celebrate while Smackdown’s start to have fear about their future. Charlotte takes the speech and says that Asuka disappointed her. 5 Minutes SEGMENT: Bobby Lashley vs The Miz Promo 4 Minutes 3rd match (RAW) Intercontinental Championship Steel Cage: Bobby Lashley © vs The Miz Storyline Recap: The Miz breaks the record of longevity for the Intercontinental Championship, but the night after Wrestlemania he says that he needs a brake to take care of his family. A new IC Champ will be crowned at Backlash after a tournament and Lashley wins it. But in the same night Miz comes back and stole the IC Belt. Lashley criticizes Miz, saying that he cares more about the belt than his own family, Before Extreme Rules Vince McMahon announces that WWE will have an European Tour that will last more than two months, so Miz understands that his wife and daughter will not see him for a long time in case he wins the title again. At the PPV Miz, with the help of Miztourage is going to win the title, but looks at Maryse in the crowd with the baby, is distracted and Lashley wins (During this period it looks like Miz is turning Face and Lashley is almost heel because of the bad words he says to Miz). Miz and Maryse agree with the fact that the career is very important for the family too, so Mike Mizanin will have another shot at Summerslam. Rating: 80 End of the match: Bobby Lashley spears The Miz through the cage that brakes, they both touch the floor at the same time. 16 Minutes + 2 Minutes Entrances: 18 Minutes SEGMENT: The Rock (GM Of RAW) Says that the title is vacated again 3 Minutes 4th match (Smackdown) Shane McMahon vs Johnny Gargano Storyline Recap: After losing his match against Tommaso Ciampa at NXT Takeover New Orleans, Johnny Gargano has to leave NXT. Every week he shows up both on RAW and Smackdown but the GMs ignore him. After two months of absence, he posts on Instagram a video in which he says “Tonight Smackdown will accept me, one way or the other” He starts to brake everything and until he meets Shane that tries to beat him up, but Gargano gets the upper hand. Shane challenges Johnny to a match for a Smackdown contract. End of the Match: Gargano wins with not much difficoulties, even if he suffered classic Shane’s Spots. Rating: 72 8 Minutes + 2 Minutes Entrances: 10 Minutes SEGMENT: The Rock, The Miz and Bobby Lashley argue about the end of the match 3 Minutes 5th match (RAW): Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong) vs The Club (Finn Balor, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson). Storyline Recap: Undisputed Era debuts on RAW after Backlash but the rivalry with The Club starts when O’Reilly and Strong fight against Gallows and Anderson for the RAW Tag Team Titles. The Club wins the match, and U. Era attacks them. Then Adam Cole and Finn Balor enter the mix. Adam Cole says that this Club is just a fake of the group in Japan. Notes: Gallows and Anderson are RAW Tag Team Champions End of the Match: Undisputed Era wins with the help of their new member: Jason Jordan Rating: 74 13 Minutes + 4 Minutes Entrances: 17 Minutes 6th match (Smackdown) Triple Treath TLC Tag Team Match (SD Tag Titles) Usos vs New Day vs Hardy Boyz © Storyline recap: Pretty simple, The Hardyz (Broken Gimmick) are on Smackdown after the Draft and they challenge both the Usos and New Day to a TLC Triple Treath Match after two months of combined matches between the three teams End of the match: Woken Matt takes the titles after his Brother jumps on every man in the match (who were outside the ring) Rating: 82 18 Minutes + 4 Minutes Entrances: 22 Minutes 7th Match: Rey Mysterio and Mustafa Ali vs The Bar Storyline Recap: Rey Mysterio as the ambassador of the cruiserweights already won against Titus O’Neil one month earlier and keeps defending the division that is always snubbed by “the big guys”, this time to face a tag team, he has the help from the Champion Mustafa Ali End of the Match: Sheamus and Cesaro misunderstanding (the were arguing from a couple of week) Rey wins after a 619 Rating: 74 SEGMENT: Johnny Gargano celebrates his win 4 Minutes 14 Minutes + 4 Minutes Entrances: 18 Minutes SEGMENT: Roman Reigns says tonight he will end the career of Sami Zayn like he did with Kevin Owens 3 Minutes 8th Match (Smackdown): Roman Reigns vs Sami Zayn Storyline recap: Roman is drafted to Smackdown (he has a very different attitude, very ruthless) and Kevin and Sami give him “the welcome”. They say they don’t want other people in their way as they already faced most of the Smackdown Locker Room. Kevin Owens will be the victim of Reign’s fury and will be hurt (Keyfabe) and manages Zayn from the outside. End of the match: Owens hits Roman with the Crutch after the referee is distracted, Zayn connects the Helluva Kick and wins. Rating: 83 11 Minutes + 2 Minutes Entrances: 13 Minutes SEGMENT: Roman attacks the referee 3 Minutes SEGMENT: John Cena talks about his come back after the injury because of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 5 Minutes SEGMENT: Fatal 4 Way Promo 3 Minutes 8th Match (RAW) Fatal 4 Way Universal Title: Shinsuke Nakamura © vs Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins vs Braun Strowman. Storyline Recap: Nakamura cashes the Money in the Bank contract against the Universal Champion Seth Rollins, who was feuding with Strowman. Than Ziggler pins Nakamura on Raw because of a distraction from Rollins and Strowman so The Rock makes it a Fatal 4 Way. End of the match: Nakamura pins Rollins after Strowman hitted Seth with his finisher, but Shinsuke hits both with the Kinshasa. Rating: 83 18 Minutes + 6 Minutes Entrances: 24 Minutes SEGMENT: AJ Styles talks to the doctors to know about Daniel Bryan healthy (Storyline) 5 Minutes SEGMENT: AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan Promo 5 Minutes 9th Match (Smackdown) WWE Title match: AJ Styles © vs Daniel Bryan Storyline Recap: There’s a rumor that says tha Daniel Bryan is not actually cleare to fight, AJ knows it and does anything to avoid the match (to not hurt Daniel). But Daniel does anything to convince AJ that he is ready and he can not only fight but also win the WWE Title End of the match: Daniel Bryan is seriously hurt but decides to go on (more or less like Mankind at KOTR 98), but AJ Manages to win and keep the belt. 22 Minutes + 4 Minutes Entrances: 24 Minutes Rating: 89 SEGMENT: AJ and Daniel handshake 5 Minutes 240 Minutes Total Hope you enjoy my booking and don't get bored of it, worked very intensely PS: Sorry if I made some mistakes in writing the show, I'm from Italy and my English isn't 100% perfect. Rating: 84
  2. Arturo Smaglia

    Total Extreme Wrestling Booking Competition (Giveaway)

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