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  1. Seems like wherever Del Rio goes or what he does trouble follows. Family emergency is a good reason but if he'd given officials notice or handled it correctly I'm sure they'd have a more sympathetic view. Hard to really fire someone when they're only on Pay Per Appearance deals, lots of those deals get cancelled just not with as much drama behind it. Call me a cynic but I doubt Del Rio will be gone from the business, nobody ever just gets out
  2. BPZ Official Free Agents

    OK sign me up for this, taking my time to get used to the forums. But The Silk is a free agent
  3. Glad to be apart of this Forum!

    Welome man, exact scenario as me. Hooked on the TEW stuff on Youtube, always missed the streams but made my way here after finally catching one (Then another) live. Good to have you here
  4. YOUR Universe Returns

    Sign me up The Miz - Heel - Gold, Red & Black attire (Mania 34)
  5. Hey!

    Been watching the streams and videos on Youtube, mainly TEW but first time I've managed to catch a live stream and finally found my way to the forums (And discord). So thought I'd say hello!

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