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  1. WRESTLEMANIA GOES HOLYWOOD The Rock made his surprise return to the WWE at Summerslam during a special edition of Miz TV. Ever since The Miz has consistently called out The Rock without reply. With The Rock not showing up in the WWE, it was Roman Reigns who defended the honour of his family member. Numerous battles later with the Uso's and Reigns, The Miz was eliminated from the Royal Rumble AND the Elimination Chamber by Roman Reigns. After a vicious attack on Smackdown, it was The Rock who finally made his return to defend the honour of Reigns. Unfortunately, Roman Reigns would suffer a serious injury at the hands of The Miz so the Rock laid down the challenge. At Wrestlemania 36 live from Hollywood, California, the so called A-Lister The Miz meets a bonafide A-Lister and the most electrifying man in Sports Entertainment, The Rock.
  2. WHO NEEDS FRIENDS? One might say Adam Cole should have seen it coming, however Kevin Owens has once again stabbed one of his friends in the back. We've seen it countless times from Owens, in fact at last years Summerslam he sent Sami Zayn packing from Monday Night Raw. This time, its Adam Cole who's feeling the wrath and some might argue jealousy, from the former Universal Champion. This all started when Adam Cole shocked everyone by winning the United States Championship in a triple threat match involving Kevin Owens and Shinsuke Nakamura. Designed to give Owens the advantage, it was Cole who walked out with the gold. Months of frustration and jealousy have brought us to this point. Kevin Owens once again battles a former friend looking to become a Champion once more in the WWE. They say in this business you can either make friends or make money & win championships. It seems Kevin Owens is using so called 'friendship's to do just that. On the grandest stage of them all, Can Adam Cole keep hold of the United States Championship or will the Prizefighter win yet another prize?
  3. TheWho's real world mod. The update from right before this save started, right after Wrestlemania 34. If I'm not mistaken. I'm almost two years in so obviously a lot has changed in this save and in any of his updates since. Thanks, hopefully this Wrestlemania lives up to the hype I'm giving it. I'm genuinely curious to see how we do, Elimination Chamber was my best show so far so with the right heat & build (without bands, celebs, stages etc) I can get a 99 or even that illusive 100 show lol
  4. END OF AN ERA? Since his arrival on Raw, Punishment Martinez has had a meteoric rise to the top. Defeating the likes of Bray Wyatt, Kane, Braun Strowman he has become the new unstoppable force in the WWE. Boasting an impressive win/loss record and putting numerous Superstars on the shelve or out of the company for good, the only time he has tasted defeat was inside Hell in a Cell against Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship. After failing to win the Royal Rumble, Punishment Martinez found himself at war with John Cena, who eliminated him from the Rumble itself. After numerous vicious assaults, Punishment Martinez issued the challenge to John Cena at Wrestlemania. The one stipulation being that if John Cena loses, he must retire. John Cena, never one to back down from a challenge duly accepted in quite possibly the biggest match of his storied career. Having seen the likes of Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels suffer the same fate, can John Cena buck this trend and keep his Hall of Fame career alive or will the John Cena era come to a screeching halt at the grandest stage of them all? We'll find out at Wrestlemania 36
  5. WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES At last years Wrestlemania, Sami Zayn was battling his former best friend Kevin Owens in a Steel Cage match. Now he's defending the richest prize in the history of the sport at the grandest stage of them all. Despite beating Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania, Sami Zayn was forced to leave Raw after losing to Owens at Summerslam. While the winner of that match has had mixed success, Sami Zayn has reached the pinnacle of Sports Entertainment. Meanwhile Daniel Bryan appears to be in the same position as last year, on paper at least. Daniel Bryan became WWE Champion by defeating the Miz last year, this time around things are very different. Having lost the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre, Bryan changed and along with his mentor William Regal turned his back on the fans. Despite a short lived Intercontinental title reign, Bryan rebounded by becoming number one contender inside the Elimination Chamber. Two of the most highly rated wrestlers face off in a block buster of a WWE Championship match in what could prove to be not just a match of the year candidate but an all time classic.
  6. The last stop on the Road to Wrestlemania, six men step inside the elimination chamber to find out who will challenge the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania. Also, with CM Punk guaranteed to headline the showcase of the immortals, Seth Rollins defends his Universal Champion against his former friend and foe, Dean Ambrose. The caveat being that CM Punk will be the special guest referee after once again questioning the nature of Rollins & HHH's relationship. Sami Zayn defends the WWE Championship against Sheamus who earned his spot on Smackdown by defeating Zack Sabre Jnr. Meanwhile Velveteen Dream will be at ringside for Cody Rhodes first defence after dethroning Daniel Bryan just a few weeks ago live on Smackdown. In a huge dual branded womens tag team match, the Champions Bayley & Toni Storm will face their respective Wrestlemania opponents in the shape of Charlotte Flair & Sasha Banks respectively. Meanwhile the United States Champion Adam Cole & his best friend put their strained relationship to the test when they compete for the Raw Tag Team Championship. Plus we find out who will face the Briscoe Brothers for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship in a four corner tag team elimination match. WWE Raw Tag Team Championship - Kevin Owens & Adam Cole def. American Alpha via count out - 89 ANGLE : Kevin Owens powerbombs Adam Cole on the ring apron - 91 ANGLE : Velveteen Dream announces he'll be at ringside for Cody Rhodes title defence next - 85 WWE Intercontinental Championship - Cody Rhodes def. EC3 - 90 ANGLE : Sasha & Bayley promo on Baylet & Toni Storm - 74 Charlotte & Sasha def. Bayley & Toni Storm - 80 ANGLE : Zayn vs Sheamus Hype Video - 82 WWE Championship - Sami Zayn def. Sheamus - 87 ANGLE : Paul Heyman hypes up Drew McIntyre before the Elimination Chamber - 100 Elimination Chamber (WWE Championship Number 1 contenders match) Daniel Bryan def. Cesaro, Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor, Roman Reigns & The Miz - 96 ANGLE : Recap of Punishment Martinez & John Cena brawl from last Monday Night - 100 The Usos def. American Wolves, Motor City Machine Guns & ReDragon - 78 ANGLE : Ambrose vs Rollins Hype Video - 92 WWE Universal Championship - Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose w/ CM Punk as Special Guest Referee - 99 ANGLE : CM Punk raises Rollins hand but Dean Ambrose attacks Punk, Rollins watches on - 92 OVERALL SHOW RATING : 98 Well this turned out superbly, totally surprised at some of the ratings never mind the overall show rating. Had some great storyline heat heading into this PPV so that helped tremendously. Tag Team Division definitely needs some love, but I'm getting there with the womens scene and that's reflected in one of the best ratings for a womens match in a long long time. For a throwaway WWE title match to get me to Wrestlemania, Zayn & Sheamus did really well actually. I'm sure those paying attention or reading between the lines can see how the Wrestlemania card is shaping up now. Few matches already announced, a few more or less confirmed and a few very obvious ones. If you've been following the series there may be one or two matches that won't surprise you, but maybe one or two that will. Hopefully get some feedback on this like before when I had to stop for various reasons. Looking forward to this Wrestlemania, some awesome matches planned on paper. Trying to fit them in could be tricky though.
  7. DREAM MATCH? We haven't even made it to the Elimination Chamber yet and our second Wrestlemania match is official. Velveteen Dream made his Smackdown debut having won the Dusty Rhodes Classic in NXT just a few nights previously. After claiming the trophy should be renamed in his honour, the son of the WWE Hall of Famer took exception to this looking for a fight. Velveteen Dream told Cody Rhodes he'll only compete at a stage befitting the Dreams stature. So its set, at Wrestlemania 36 it'll be the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes vs The Velveteen Dream in a 'Dream Match'. What's more is that the Interconinental Championship will be on the line after Cody Rhodes upset Daniel Bryan just weeks before he's scheduled to compete in the Elimination Chamber match itself for a shot at the WWE Championship.
  8. ITS OFFICIAL Its official, In a rematch from last years Summerslam, CM Punk will challenge the Universal Champion Seth Rollins in the Main Event of Wrestlemania 36. CM Punk won the 2020 Royal Rumble to earn his chance to finally achieve a life long ambition of being in the Main Event of the Granddaddy of them all.
  9. The Road to Wrestlemania is here again and for the first time there will be two Royal Rumble matches. Finally the Womens Revolution gets its moment to shine as 30 women will compete to face the Champion of their choosing at Wrestlemania. As always, so will the men in one of the most stacked Rumbles in recent memory. However the Champion Seth Rollins isn't cleared to compete tonight so will have the night off to watch just who he could face at Wrestlemania. The WWE Champion Sami Zayn will face Randy Orton who earned his match in a number one contenders match at Clash of Champions. The Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan, who turned his back on the fans after losing the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre faces Zack Sabre JNR with William Regal in the corner of the Champion. Meanwhile Adam Cole defends his United States Championship against Will Ospreay much to Kevin Owens chagrin. Bayley def. Nikki Bella for the Raw Womens Championship - 63 ANGLE : HHH informs Seth Rollins he's not cleared to compete tonight so should watch the Royal Rumble with interest - 89 American Alpha def. The War Raiders to retain the Raw Tag Team Championship - 79 ANGLE : William Regal & Daniel Bryan promo on Zack Sabre Jnr - 82 Daniel Bryan def. Zack Sabre Jnr to retain the Intercontinental Championship - 80 ANGLE : Adam Cole wishes Kevin Owens luck in the Royal Rumble, Kevin Owens doesn't return the favour - 80 ANGLE : Charlotte & Becky Lynch promo about winning the Royal Rumble - 78 Charlotte Flair won the Womens Royal Rumble - 75 ANGLE : Seth Rollins promo about potential winners of the Royal Rumble - 86 Adam Cole def. Will Ospreay to retain the United States Championship - 80 ANGLE : Sami Zayn & Randy Orton Hype Video - 83 Sami Zayn def. Randy Orton to retain the WWE Championship - 89 ANGLE : Paul Heyman introduces Drew McIntyre as the man who drew number one in the Rumble, Cena is number two - 89 CM Punk won the Royal Rumble - 86 (Final Four, CM Punk, John Cena, Punishment Martinez, Drew McIntyre) ANGLE : HHH comes to raise the hand of CM Punk but gets ignored - Seth Rollins appears pointing to the Wrestlemania sign - 88 OVERALL SHOW RATING - 85 B+ 22.92 TV Rating - WWE Network 45, 000 - Mid Atlantic Generic Venue Overall its been a tricky show, Royal Rumble was stacked as my Main Event scene on both brands is full to the brim as is the upper mid card. Sadly only three mid carders made it into the Royal Rumble and so many sat out this PPV. Tag Division is in a rebuilding stage as is the womens division. As previously states the save has been on and off, so a lot of the booking hasn't been great. Got a clear mind of the main Wrestlemania card so things should go a lot smoother from here to then. I think its also time to cut a lot of dead weight who are either in time decline, don't get used or simply are never going to get over. Its a weird roster at the moment with a lot of the NXT guys you're all familiar with on the brink of a call up, a few big name indy signings having been around just to fill up the shows but a lot of shaking up to do. The following Raw got a 95 rating which was incredible, finally bringing WWE to Global Size. Normally that's when you'd increase your roster, but I plan on cutting it down to a manageable size and hopefully give some other companies a chance to sign some good workers with good pop and see if they can challenge. Feedback as always is welcomed, as is advice, ideas etc. Wrestlemania predictions anyone?
  10. 2019 END OF YEAR AWARDS Referee of the Year : Mike Chioda (WWE) Colour Commentator of the Year : Milano Collection A.T (NJPW) Announcer of the Year : Mauro Ranallo (WWE) Manager of the Year : Paul Heyman (WWE) Independent Wrestler of the Year : Batista Most Improved Company of the Year : Dragon Gate Female Wrestler of the Year : Ayako Hamada (ROH, Stardom, Sandai Girls) Veteran Wrestler of the Year : Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW) Young Wrestler of the Year : Konosuke Takeshita (NJPW) Show of the Year : WWE Payback 2019 Match of the Year : Kota Ibushi def. Kushida (NJPW Destruction Tour) Tag Team of the Year : Suzukigan (NJPW) Company of the Year : WWE Wrestler of the Year : Kazuchika Okada (NJPW) POWER 500 - TOP 20 1) Kazuchika Okada (NJPW) 2) Testuya Naito (NJPW) 3) Daniel Bryan (WWE) 4) Seth Rollins (WWE) 5) Sami Zayn (WWE) 6) CM Punk (WWE) 7) Kota Ibushi (NJPW) 8 ) Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE) 9) Tanahashi (NJPW) 10) Daitchi Hashamoto (NJPW) 11) Drew McIntyre (WWE) 12) Shibata (NJPW) 13) Neville (WWE) 14) Goto (NJPW) 15) Togi Mahave (NJPW) 16) Hirumi Takahashi (NJPW) 17) Cesaro (WWE) 18) Randy Orton (WWE) 19) AJ Styles (WWE) 20) Sanada (NJPW)
  11. WWE Universal Champion : Seth Rollins (6 defences) - Still Champion from Summerslam WWE United States Champion : Adam Cole (3 defences) - Defeated Owens & Nakamura at HIAC WWE Smackdown Womens Champion : Toni Storm (1 defence) - Defeated Becky Lynch, Charlotte & Asuka at Survivor Series WWE Smackdown Tag Champions : The Briscoes (4 defences) - Still Champions from Summerslam WWE Raw Womens Champion : Bayley (1 defence) - Defeated Alexa Bliss at Survivor Series WWE Raw Tag Team Champions : American Alpha (1 defecne) - Defeated The Revival at Survivor Series WWE Intercontinental Championship : Daniel Bryan (0 defences) - Defeated Finn Balor at Survivor Series WWE Championship : Sami Zayn (0 defences) - Defeated Drew McIntyre at Survivor Series WWE United Kingdom Champion : Neville (3 defences) - Dormant WWE Cruiserweight Championship : Retired 205 Live - Cancelled (Superstars spread evenly among both brands)
  12. Been a long time since I've posted here (or on the forums) due to work schedules and general life getting in the way. However I have still been playing this mod here and there. Last show I posted was Summerslam 2019 and am currently approaching the end of the year. So hopefully within the next few days I can post the end of year awards and a brief summary of what's happened in terms of title changes, roster changes and anything newsworthy. With that being said once that's out of the way and I can get the next 4 weeks of booking done, It'll be time for the Royal Rumble 2020. On the Road to Wrestlemania COMING SOON
  13. Born:18th December 1984 Set to debut: February 2010 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: Scottish Based in: USA Active Wrestler Style: Technical Tone: Toned Size: Light Heavyweight Minimum Size: Light Heavyweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight Moves: Evenflow DDT, Superkick Face Gimmick: Every-man Heel Gimmick: Faboulas Heel Mask: None Hair: Yes Favoured Role: wrestler Pictures: Drew McIntyre Bio : Born in Scotland, Silky moved to the US as a teenager to follow his dream of becoming a superstar. After proving his worth on the independants he finally got his big break after signing a developmental deal with the biggest company in America. Now having honed his skills and developed his overall character he looks to break onto the scene in a big way.
  14. ANGLE : AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose Hype Video - 78 AJ Styles defeated Dean Ambrose - 84 Bayley defeated Sasha Banks - 69 ANGLE : Neville vs Roman Reigns Hype Video - 79 Roman Reigns defeated Neville - 83 The Briscoes defeated The American Wolves to retain the Smackdown Tag Team Championship - 84 Charlotte, Carmella & Shayna Baszler defeated Becky Lynch, Kairi Sane & Nia Jax - 75 ANGLE : Punishment Martinez vs Shinsuke Nakamura Hype Video - 83 Punishment Martinez defeated Shinsuke Nakamura - 95 The Young Bucks defeated The Good Brothers to retain the Raw Tag Team Championship - 75 ANGLE : EC3 vs Finn Balor Hype Video - 84 Finn Balor defeated EC3 to retain the Intercontinental Championship - 83 Alexa Bliss defeated Lacey Evans for the Raw Womens Championship - 76 ANGLE : Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn Hype Video - 79 Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn for the United States Championship (Zayn must leave Raw) - 88 Zack Sabre Jnr defeated Marty Scurll to retain the Cruiserweight Championship - 82 Asuka defeated Mandy Rose to retain the Smackdown Womens Championship - 76 ANGLE : Daniel Bryan vs Drew McIntyre Hype Video - 86 Drew McIntyre defeated Daniel Bryan via Paul Heyman interference for the WWE Championship - 99 ANGLE : Miz TV - The Rock interrupts - both men trade words back and forth before Miz gets a Rock Bottom & Peoples Elbow - 100 ANGLE : CM Punk vs Seth Rollins Hype Video - 89 Seth Rollins defeated CM Punk for the Universal Championship - 97 ANGLE : Seth Rollins celebrates - 91 Overall Rating - 96 Well a pretty stacked card, again so close to a 100 rated match and not from the two guys I expected. Not a bad match on the card as even Bayley vs Sasha scraped a high 60. Punishment Martinez has been a revelation since coming over from ROH. Proof that some guys just grow in pop without having to be in the WWE and you can sign them at the right time. With 100 basics he's gone from 70 pop to 87 with only a few big segments and a few big matches. Drew McIntyre has earned his WWE title win and as a fellow Scot I'm happy to oblige with that. Punk and Rollins was great too but hoped I'd hit a 100. Nonetheless the timing was perfect to put the belt on Rollins as the story fit perfectly. Considering I've not used John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle or Triple H other than a few matches here or there early on I'm very happy with how this save has gone. The three month build to Survivor Series is always a tricky time, as I find traditional Survivor Series matches tough to build to and they don't always deliver. The Royal Rumble winner needs to be earmarked and build up and start plotting Mania card well in advance.
  15. SUMMERSLAM 2019 The biggest party of the Summer is just days away and right now we'll preview some of the biggest match ups on the show. The WWE Universal Championship is on the line in our Main Event as Seth Rollins challenges CM Punk. After over a year out with injury, Seth Rollins made his surprise return at Money in the Bank and would replace Bray Wyatt in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Against all the odds, Seth Rollins would once again become Mr Money in the Bank. Yet unlike his previous cash in, it wouldn't be a surprise. In fact Rollins would openly challenge CM Punk at Summerslam as he wanted to beat CM Punk at his best to prove just who really is the Best in the World. CM Punk would spend the month goading Seth Rollins to cash in his title opportunity much earlier, hoping to catch the challenger out. Seth Rollins stuck to his guns and after weeks of goading, verbal sparring and bragging from both men. We might not prove who really is the best in the world but we will find out who will walk out of Summerslam the Universal Champion! Storyline Heat : 96 Could Daniel Bryans storybook return to the top of the WWE Universe be at its last chapter? If Paul Heyman and Drew McIntyre get their way it will be. Ever since overcoming all the odds and finally winning the WWE Championship from The Miz at Wrestlemania, Daniel Bryan has beaten everyone in his path. No longer the underdog, he's the man on Smackdown Live. Drew McIntyre however has been on a warpath since his arrival on Smackdown, winning the Intercontinental Championship in the process. Yet last month at Vengeance, that hot streak came to an end when Finn Balor overcame the Scot. If it wasn't for Paul Heymans guidance, Drew may have gone down a slippery slope. Yet at Vengeance, after a gruelling battle with Sheamus Drew McIntyre brutally attacked the WWE Champion signalling his intentions of capturing the biggest prize in sports entertainment. Wanting revenge and never backing down from a fight, Daniel Bryan will put his title on the line at Summerslam. The question is has Daniel Bryan just kissed the WWE Championship goodbye? Storyline Heat : 92 After winning the Intercontinental Championship from Drew McIntyre at Vengeance, Finn Balor knew he had a target on his back and the man with his sights locked on that target? EC3. Coming of a huge win over Roman Reigns, EC3 proclaimed to be the best thing going today on Smackdown Live and said he's been overlooked for far too long. The Intercontinental Championship is affectionately known as the 'workhorse' title and EC3 says nobody works harder than him, in fact Finn Balor didn't have to work for it at all. A claim Finn Balor rejects obviously. EC3 believes he's in the top 1% while Finn Balor is nowhere near his level. Bold words, and Finn Balor might just make him eat those words at Summerslam. Storyline Heat : 88 The United States Championship may be on the line, but the rivalry here goes way beyond Championship glory. Having found a new best friend in Adam Cole, Kevin Owens has made sure to rub that fact in Sami Zayns face. Zayn, quite rightly tried to warn Adam Cole that he'll end up just like all the others as Kevin Owens is only out to look after one person, himself. Still, Adam Cole and Kevin Owens friendship has remained intact and if anything Adam Cole has benefitted from this relationship with a huge win over Sami Zayn at Vengeance. While it may have been a count out win and the United States Championship stayed around Sami Zayn's waist, Sami Zayn just can't seem to get Kevin Owens out of his life. So at Summerslam, while the United States Championship is on the line...the loser of this match will have to leave Monday Night Raw, for good! Storyline Heat : 83 After his loss to EC3 at Vengenace, nobody could blame Roman Reigns for having his ego dented. Of course the arrogant Neville decided to add insult to injury by mocking the man who claims to be the 'Big Dog' as nothing more than a 'little bitch'. The United Kingdom Champion Neville has always had a chip on his soldier since returning to the WWE and some might say he has a napoleon complex. Always out to prove that size doesn't matter. One insult is all it takes and with Roman Reigns looking to remind the world just how good he really is, its time to shut Neville up. Storyline Heat : 90 An old rivalry renewed at Summerslam as the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose takes on the Phenomenal AJ Styles. Both men competed in the Money in the Bank Ladder match, unsuccessfully. Now while AJ Styles took the loss like a professional, aiming to earn his way to the top. Dean Ambrose, bitter and jealous went after Seth Rollins at Vengeance. One again, Dean came out on the losing end and that just made the Lunatic Fringe so much more deranged. These two men competed in a tag team match on Monday Night Raw, partnering with the men competing for the Universal Championship. AJ Styles caught Dean Ambrose with a Phenomenal Forearm, a third loss for Dean Ambrose in a row. What happened next, led us to hear. Ambrose lost it, eventually wearing out a steel chair on AJ Styles. The question is wether AJ Styles is 100% heading into this match, we know Dean Ambrose isn't 100%, at least in the mind Storyline Heat : 96 No-one has made a bigger impact on his WWE debut than Punishment Martinez. Arriving under a cloud of violence and mystery, not only did he cost Bray Wyatt the chance to compete in Money in the Bank but he beat him at Vengeance. Following that an amazing show of dominance beating the Monster among Men, Braun Strowman he's made quite the impression. Not one word has been uttered by this enigmatic man, but he caught the attention of Shinsuke Nakamura. The King of Strong Style threw out the challenge, ever since then Punishment Martinez has plagued Nakamura with mind games trying to throw the usually unflappable Nakamura off his game. Will it work at Summerslam? Maybe, but Punishment Martinez may not need them afterall. Storyline Heat : 96
  16. Thanks @JoshsNow Womens divisions are tough, without keeping Bliss, Becky, Charlotte & Asuka on top every month its going to take time to bring up the women to a top level. Same with the rebuilding of the tag divisions. US title is in a weird spot, nobody quite on the level in the mid card to hold it so the Owens/Zayn feud at least helps Adam Cole's pop. I've earmarked a few good angles for Cole if he can reach that 70+ threshold and sacrificing Zayn to do it was key. As was EC3 over Reigns, though the swing there is crazy. Reigns went from mid 80's to low 70's and EC3 from high 60's to high 70's. Reigns should easily bounce back though and its really helped EC3. Looking forward to Summerslam, just gotta make sure the storyline heat stays strong with the big matches. Since I had so many for this show and so little time, a few didn't quite make it as high as I'd hoped.
  17. Heading into the next Pay Per View Vengeance, a returning Seth Rollins with his Money in the Bank briefcase found himself at war with former friend and foe, Dean Ambrose. Bitter and jealous, Ambrose viciously attacked Seth Rollins at every opportunity believing he has been gone all year and doesn't deserve a Championship match. With CM Punk stirring the pot, he could sit and watch as Ambrose & Rollins put each other through hell knowing if either man come after his Universal Championship, neither man would be the same again. Meanwhile on Smackdown, Randy Ortons injuries meant a new number one contender would be crowned. Samoa Joe lost his shot at the WWE Championship only for Sheamus to stake his claim as the rightful contender, ever the fighting Champion Daniel Bryan granted him his opportunity and said he'd defend the Championship against anyone at anytime. After being taken out of the Money in the Bank match due to a mysterious attack, Bray Wyatt said he would return and whomever is behind his attack better pray for their own soul. Finally the attacker would reveal himself and in doing so took out Braun Strowman! That man would be an ominous character by the name "Punishment Martinez". A 6"7 imposing figure and one who might actually match Bray Wyatt in the intellectual warfare. Lacey Evans defeated Ruby Riot to retain the Raw Womens Championship - 63 ANGLE : The New Day & The Uso's hype up their match later tonight - 70 The Good Brothers defeated American Alpha to become number one contenders to the Raw Tag Team Championship - 79 ANGLE : Neville promo on not being on the PPV, makes open challenge - 79 Neville defeated Johnny Gargano - 80 ANGLE : Paul Heyman hypes up Drew McIntyres title defence - 85 Finn Balor defeated Drew McIntyre to win the Intercontinental Championship - 91 ANGLE : Cody Rhodes vs The Miz Hype Video - 74 The Miz defeated Cody Rhodes - 90 ANGLE : Bray Wyatt vs Punishment Martinez Hype Video - 74 Punishmet Martinez defeated Bray Wyatt - 80 Asuka defeated Billie Kay to retain the Smackdown Womens Championship - 72 ANGLE : Billie Kay attacks Asuka from behind, Peyton Royce attempts to cash in MITB but Asuka chokes her out - 78 ANGLE : Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura Hype Video - 76 Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Jinder Mahal in a two out of three falls match - 85 ANGLE : EC3 vs Roman Reigns Hype Video - 79 EC3 defeated Roman Reigns via handful of tights - 82 ANGLE : Adam Cole vs Sami Zayn Hype Video - 68 Adam Cole defeated Sami Zayn via countout after Kevin Owens distraction, Zayn retains United States Championship - 85 ANGLE : Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins Hype Video - 82 Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose - 94 ANGLE : CM Punk appears goading Seth Rollins to cash in his MITB briefcase - 100 Motor City Machine Guns & The Briscoes defeated The New Day & The Uso's - 80 ANGLE : Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus Hype Video - 81 Daniel Bryan defeated Sheamus to retain the WWE Championship - 92 ANGLE : Drew McIntyre attacks Daniel Bryan post match standing over him with the WWE Championship - 89 Overall Show Rating - 93 Pleasantly surprised at how this PPV came out, expected a low to mid 80 rated show with the matches on the card, with a few last minute scrambled together with low storyline heat. To get a 93 on a B level PPV one month before Summerslam is pretty good considering. Especially as this show had some newer faces on PPV and a few matches designed to further feuds, build popularity with some guys and ultimately plant the seeds for Summerslam itself. So overall I'd say while on paper it didn't seem to be much to it, actually exceeded expectations.
  18. Oh agreed, Drew is killing it right now. With Orton out, Sheamus out of shape, Joe declining and The Miz/Bryan being kept apart. There's a very good case for Drew being the number one contender very soon. Between him and Neville, both guys are on a major rise. Only other option is a Reigns heel turn but I figure that's an easy out. Next PPV should be a transitional one, not expecting fireworks as I build to Summerslam
  19. Money in the Bank is a game changer in the WWE, in one night someones career could be made if they climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase earning them a Championship match at any time, any place for up to one year. This year six men qualified for the Money in the Bank. AJ Styles, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Finn Balor, Roman Reigns and The Miz. All have been World Champion at some point in their careers. Who will earn that golden ticket here tonight? For the women, in light of Lacey Evans arriving on the scene and becoming Womens Champion it was decided that anyone who had held either brands Womens Championship would be ineligible. Instead two huge fatal four way matches were made, while someone could win Money in the Bank and become a breakout star. CM Punk's next challenger was to be determined as Shinsuke Nakamura would get one more chance. Jinder Mahal however said it was his time to Main Event. In two classic matches (97 rated) Mahal and Nakamura would trade wins only for both to be added into the Universal Title match. Daniel Bryan would be scheduled to face Randy Orton but with The Viper suffering a broken arm just a few days before, Daniel Bryan would instead defend his Championship on the following Smackdown against the Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe. Marty Scurll defeated Enzo Amore - 78 ANGLE : Kevin Owens vs John Morrison Hype Video - 62 Kevin Owens defeated John Morrison - 75 Drew McIntyre defeated Cody Rhodes & Cesaro in a Triple Threat Match to retain the Intercontinental Championship - 92 ANGLE : Asuka vs Becky Lynch vs Carmella vs Charlotte Hype Video - 63 Asuka defeated Carmella, Becky Lynch & Charlotte in a Fatal Four Way Match to retain the Smackdown Womens Championship - 81 KUSHIDA defeated Will Ospreay to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship - 78 Peyton Royce defeated Mandy Rose, Ruby Riot, Toni Storm, Candice LeRae & Dakota Kai in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match - 61 ANGLE : Kenny Omega vs Sami Zayn Hype Video - 83 Sami Zayn defeated Kenny Omega to retain the United States Championship - 87 ANGLE : Alexa Bliss vs Bayley vs Lacey Evans vs Sasha Banks Hype Video - 51 Lacey Evans defeated Alexa Bliss, Bayley & Sasha Banks to retain the Raw Womens Championship - 75 ANGLE : Bray Wyatt victim of sneak attack, removed from MITB match - 91 ANGLE : The Briscoes vs The Motor City Machine Guns vs The New Day vs The Uso's Hype Video - 66 The Briscoes defeated The Motor City Machine Guns, The New Day & The Usos to win the Smackdown Tag Team Championship - 76 Seth Rollins defeated AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Finn Balor, Roman Reigns & The Miz to win the Money in the Bank - 90 ANGLE : CM Punk vs Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura Hype Video - 86 CM Punk defeated Jinder Mahal & Shinsuke Nakamura to retain the Universal Championship - 85 ANGLE : CM Punk & Seth Rollins staredown -91 Overall Show Rating : 87 I'm at a crossroads with this save. Injuries are becoming a factor, time declines are becoming a factor and some superstars just aren't moving up the card as quickly as I'd hoped and the title scenes are becoming a little jaded and stale. Summerslam is fast approaching but I may have to sacrifice some popularity, momentum, size and prestige to start building for the future after Summerslam. Some seeds are planted for some fresh faces, pushes and opportunities for others to shine already so hopefully it won't kill me too much. Not to mention a LOT of people have morale issues from being left of so many PPV's. So its either turn that option off, turn booking times off, turn strict storylines off or cut back the roster once more. Or go back to seperate branded PPV to let the mid card get some shine. Feedback and suggestions welcome
  20. Heading into Payback, CM Punk found himself with a new challenger. Following their match at Backlash ending in a no contest, Dean Ambrose & Shinsuke Nakamura battled each other in a falls count anywhere match on Raw with Nakamura coming out victorious. Following the victory he challenged CM Punk for the Universal Championship. Meanwhile on Smackdown, Finn Balor by virtue of his win over Neville was made number one contender. This enraged Randy Orton who thought he was deserving of a rematch. Orton attacked Finn Balor, leading to Balor forfeiting his match at Payback to get his hands on Randy Orton. Daniel Bryan would then face Neville at Payback, who somehow found himself the number one contender but sometimes its better to be lucky than good. Sami Zayn would demand a rematch against Rusev and defeated Aiden English in singles action to get it. Shayna Bayzler emerged on Smackdown to challenge the Womens Champion Asuka, while Sasha Banks defeated her former best friend Bayley to get her opportunity at the Raw Womens title. Plus the tag team championships, Cruiserweight Championship and the Intercontinental Championship would be on the line. Plus Jay Lethal gets Kevin Owens one on one again, while AJ Styles takes on Kenny Omega. Pre Show : The Briscoes defeated The Uso's - 80 Pre Show : Drew McIntyre defeated Kofi Kingston to retain the Intercontinental Championship - 79 Sami Zayn defeated Rusev to win the United States Championship - 82 Lacey Evans defeated Sasha Banks to retain the Raw Womens Championship - 74 Jay Lethal defeated Kevin Owens - 82 ANGLE : Roman Reigns vs Big Cass Hype Video - 78 Roman Reigns defeated Big Cass - 76 Asuka defeated Shayna Bayzler to retain the Smackdown Womens Championship - 74 ANGLE : Finn Balor vs Randy Orton Hype Video - 89 Finn Balor defeated Randy Orton - 94 The Young Bucks defeated The Revival for the Raw Tag Team Championship - 77 AJ Styles defeated Kenny Omega - 87 The Motor City Machine Guns defeated The Hardy Boyz to retain the Smackdown Tag Team Championship - 82 ANGLE : Daniel Bryan vs Neville Hype Video - 94 Daniel Bryan defeated Neville to retain the WWE Championship - 90 KUSHIDA defeated Davey Richards to retain the Cruiserweight Championship - 84 ANGLE : CM Punk vs Shinsuke Nakamura Hype Video - 91 CM Punk defeated Shinsuke Nakamura to retain the Universal Championship - 99 Overall Show Rating - 96 Wasn't expecting much from this PPV, but having a killer Main Event really turned it into my highest rated show yet and the highest rated match. Knew Nakamura vs Punk would be strong but so close to a hundred rated match. In contrast to Backlash the main matches delivered while the undercard did its job. Money in the Bank next, need to plan where to go from here to Summerslam though.
  21. With Wrestlemania over and done with, the Superstar Shake up was in full force as the entire landscape of the WWE changed. Superstars left for greener pastures, new superstars made their debuts on Raw and Smackdown and of course some Superstars found themselves on different shows. The momentum of Wrestlemania was huge but nobody could stop and smell the roses. Especially the new WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Randy Orton knew he'd face either Bryan or the Miz, and our Backlash Main Event was set in stone. AJ Styles arrived on Raw and defeated Shinsuke Nakamura and Dean Ambrose to become number one contender to CM Punk's Universal Championship. A result that saw Dean Ambrose snap and assault Shinsuke Nakamura, sparking a rivalry between the pair that saw them brawl on Raw most weeks. Lacey Evans would defend her newly won Raw womens Championship as Alexa Bliss was granted her rematch. As would Charlotte against Asuka, but Becky Lynch was thrown into the mix to make this a triple threat. Cesaro was granted an Intercontinental Championship match against Drew McIntyre on his arrival to Smackdown, while Rusev would defend his United States Championship against Sami Zayn. All that and much more at Backlash 2019! Pre Show : Kenny Omega defeated John Morrison - 81 Pre Show : EC3 defeated Cody Rhodes - 88 Pre Show : The Motor City Machine Guns defeated The Uso's to win the Smackdown Tag Team Championship - 79 Finn Balor defeated Neville - 90 Lacey Evans defeated Alexa Bliss to retain the Raw Womens Championship - 76 ANGLE : Kevin Owens vs Jay Lethal Hype Video - 73 Kevin Owens defeated Jay Lethal due to Adam Cole interference - 85 ANGLE : Cesaro vs Drew McIntyre Hype Video - 87 Drew McIntyre defeated Cesaro to retain the Intercontinental Championship - 91 ANGLE : Asuka vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Hype Video - 63 Asuka defeated Becky Lynch & Charlotte to retain the Smackdown Womens Championship - 82 Roman Reigns defeated The Miz - 82 ANGLE : Rusev vs Sami Zayn Hype Video - 84 Rusev defeated Sami Zayn to retain the United States Championship - 82 The Young Bucks defeated The Revival by DQ, Revival retain the Raw Tag Team Championship - 80 ANGLE : CM Punk vs AJ Styles Hype Video - 92 CM Punk defeated AJ Styles to retain the Universal Championship - 82 ANGLE : Kevin Owens & Adam Cole celebrate getting one over on Jay Lethal - 87 Dean Ambrose and Shinsuke Nakamura went to a no contest - 82 ANGLE : Elias Concert interrupted by Enzo Amore who raps about Elias - 83 ANGLE : Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton Hype Video - 90 Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton to retain the WWE Championship - 91 Overall Show Rating : 90 Chase Field - 42,800 PPV (2.28) Bit of an odd show, undercard performed brilliantly while most of the main event matches underperformed. Roman/Miz suffered due to lack of psychology, AJ/Punk suffered from the crowd already being on an emotional high (Needed a cool down), Orton & Bryan suffered from lack of psychology also. Genuinely thought I might hit a 100 with Styles and Punk or Orton and Bryan. Still a solid PPV. Was a really tough one to put together and fit everything on the show. Running 6/7 angles a show and fitting them on a three hour PPV is tough. Sadly the Cruiserweight Championship match didn't make the cut.
  22. Some really good stuff, very different visually. Few different styles on show but again my only critique would be to make the text stand out more. Something simple as just using light colours on dark backgrounds or vice versa. Or a drop shadow/stroke on the text would really make it pop. Love that PWR though, very clean but I'd personally remove the text above as just typing that underneath would work as well. That being said love the artistic vibes you're trying out. Keep it up @Storm
  23. tumblr_onnkwvFqL81rmv1vdo1_500.gif             


  24. WWE has come to terms on the release of the following superstars. Bobby Lashley, Epico, Primo, Carlito, Erik Rowan, Rhyno & Tamina WWE is pleased to welcome the newest additions to the WWE Roster. Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin , The Motor City Machine Guns (Smackdown). Jay & Mark Briscoe (Smackdown), Jay Lethal (Raw), Jay White (Raw) , CJ Parker (Raw), Eli Drake (Smackdown) and the Young Bucks (Raw). All of whom will start on the Main Roster. The following superstars have been called up from NXT. Adam Cole (Raw), Aleister Black (Smackdown), Dakota Kai (Raw), Kairi Sane (Smackdown), Kassius Ohno (Smackdown), Toni Storm (Smackdown) and Vanessa Borne (Smackdown)

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