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  1. Kurt Justice Born: 25th October 1995 Debut: January 2016 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: New Zealander Based in: USA Active Wrestler Style: Regular Body Type: Toned Size: Middleweight Minimum: Lightweight Maximum: Heavyweight Moves: Justice Served (Sunsetflip Piledriver) Face Gimmick: Man on a Mission Heel Gimmick: Cocky Youth No Mask Hair: Yes Roles: Wrestler Pictures: Bio: Kurt Justice is a New Zealand born wrestler who started his career on the small wrestling circuit in NZ. He has since made a name for himself by competing in England, Mexico & Japan. He is looking to make a break in USA and prove to the world that he is one of the hottest young prospects in the business
  2. I've got this feeling that Daniel Bryan is going to win the Greatest Royal Rumble match. Hes probably the guy that everybody wants to see win and it would redeem his 2015 Rumble tragedy. I reckon the winner of the match should get something, like a world title match at Summerslam. It would make the match more meaningful
  3. well if I get addicted, I never want to be cured 馃憤
  4. so glad there is a fellow kiwi on here. hard to find other new zealand wrestling fans these days
  5. Thanks for the welcome. happy to be part of the forums
  6. Summerslam 2018 Booking Pre-Show: 路 Pre-Show Table Welcomes everyone to the Show (5 Minutes) 路 Titus Worldwide vs Gable & Benjamin Win: Gable & Benjamin Time: 8 Minutes (+2 Minutes for Entrances) Rating: 51 路 Interview with Seth Rollins (3 Minutes) 路 Roman Reigns is shown arriving to the arena (1 Minute) 路 United States Championship Dolph Ziggler 漏 vs Rusev Win: Dolph Ziggler retains the U.S. Title Time: 13 Minutes (+2 Minutes for Entrances) Rating: 72 路 Hype Video for Upcoming Cruiserweight Title Match (3 Minutes) 路 Cruiserweight Championship Cedric Alexander 漏 vs Hideo Itami Win: Hideo Itami wins Cruiserweight Title Time: 17 Minutes (+3 Minutes for Entrances) Rating: 64 路 Pre-Show Table thank the Viewers, then the show starts (3 Minutes) Total Pre-Show Time: 60 Minutes Main Show: 路 SEG: Opening Show Intro/Pyro (4 Minutes) 路 SEG: Hype Video for Finn Balor vs AJ Styles (3 Minutes) 路 Match 1: Intercontinental Championship (Smackdown Live) Finn Balor 漏 vs AJ Styles Win: Finn Balor retains I.C. Title, then AJ Styles joins the Balor Club Time: 20 Minutes (+3 Minutes for Entrances) Pre-match Storyline: After winning the Intercontinental Championship from Seth Rollins a few months earlier, Finn Balor and his Balor Club buddies, Gallows and Anderson, have dominated the scene on Smackdown Live. Until an old friend shows up and issues a challenge to Balor for a I.C. Title Match at Summerslam. Its AJ Styles, he claims to be the face of Smackdown Live and says that he is the only man that can put an end to the Balor Club. Rating: 83 路 SEG: Interview with Daniel Bryan about his upcoming Match (2 Minutes) 路 SEG: Hype Video for Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley (3 Minutes) 路 Match 2: Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar (Raw) Win: Bobby Lashley (Final Match for Lesnar before leaving for UFC) Time: 10 Minutes (+4 Minutes for Entrances) Pre-match Storyline: Bobby Lashley has been undefeated since returning to WWE the night after Wrestlemania 34. Defeating the likes of Dean Ambrose, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman and more. Brock Lesnar lost the Universal Championship to Roman Reigns at the Greatest Royal Rumble Event and hasn鈥檛 had a match since. After months of running through all competition, Bobby Lashley decides that he needs a real challenge and challenges Brock Lesnar to a match at Summerslam, Paul Heyman accepts on behalf of Lesnar and the match is set. Rating: 85 路 SEG: International Announces introduced (2 Minutes) 路 SEG: Ronda Rousey is shown backstage warming up (1 Minute) 路 SEG: Hype Video for Sasha Banks vs Ronda Rousey (3 Minutes) 路 Match 3: Raw Women鈥檚 Championship Sasha Banks 漏 vs Ronda Rousey Win: Ronda Rousey wins the Raw Women鈥檚 Championship Time: 16 Minutes (+2 Minutes for Entrances) Pre-match Storyline: Ronda Rousey has remained undefeated since her debut match in the WWE at Wrestlemania 34 against Stephanie McMahon & Triple H. Sasha Banks won the Raw Women鈥檚 Championship from Nia Jax and has successfully defended a number of times up to this point. One episode on Raw, Sasha Banks stated that there was nobody that could take the title away from her until she was interrupted but Rousey who laid down the challenge for Summerslam. Thus, setting up this match. Rating: 79 路 SEG: Shane & Stephanie McMahon arguing about whose brand is better (3 Minutes) 路 SEG: Hall of Famers shown sitting in the front row (1 Minutes) 路 SEG: Hype Video for Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy (3 Minutes) 路 Match 4: Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy (Raw) Win: Matt Hardy wins and Brother Nero is reborn Time: 16 Minutes (+2 Minutes for Entrances) Pre-match Storyline: Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt try to manipulate Jeff Hardy into bringing back Brother Nero, but Jeff doesn鈥檛 want Brother Nero to ever be unleashed again. Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt propose a match where if Jeff Hardy can鈥檛 defeat Matt Hardy, then Brother Nero must make his long-awaited return. Rating:78 路 SEG: Interview with Roman Reigns about his upcoming Match (3 Minutes) 路 SEG: Hype Video for Asuka vs Charlotte Flair (3 Minutes) 路 Match 5: Smackdown Women鈥檚 Championship Asuka 漏 vs Charlotte Flair Win: Asuka retains the Smackdown Women鈥檚 Title Time: 20 Minutes (+4 Minutes for Entrances) Pre-match Storyline: At Wrestlemania 34, Charlotte ended Asukas undefeated streak and retained the Smackdown Women鈥檚 Title. 2 Nights later, on Smackdown Live, Carmella cashed in her Money in the Bank Contract and became the new Smackdown Women鈥檚 Champion. At Money in the Bank, Asuka defeated Carmella to become the Smackdown Women鈥檚 Champion. Wasting no time, Asuka immediately challenged Charlotte Flair to a match at Summerslam, wanting to get revenge after Charlotte ended her streak. Rating: 81 路 SEG: Hype Video for Undisputed Era vs The Usos (3 Minutes) 路 SEG: On the way to the ring, The Usos taunt the Undisputed Era (2 Minutes) 路 Match 6: Smackdown Tag Team Championship The Usos 漏 vs Undisputed Era (Fish 7 O鈥橰eilly) Win: The Usos win via DQ due to interference from Adam Cole & Roderick Strong Time: 18 Minutes (+3 Minutes for Entrances) Pre-match Storyline: The Usos won back the Smackdown Tag Team Titles from the Bludgeon Brother after losing them at Wrestlemania 34. During the Superstar Shake-Up, The Undisputed Era (Cole, Strong, Fish & O鈥橰eilly) were drafted to Smackdown Live, after losing the NXT Tag Team Titles, UE immediately went after the Smackdown Tag Team Titles and set their sights on The Usos, with Fish & O鈥橰eilly stepping up to challenge at Summerslam. Rating: 77 路 SEG: Post-Match Beatdown 4-on-2 Undisputed Era on The Usos (3 Minutes) 路 SEG: Hype Video for Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins (3 Minutes) 路 SEG: Special Pre-match Entrance for Seth Rollins (3 Minutes) 路 Match 7: Universal Championship Roman Reigns 漏 vs Seth Rollins Win: Roman Reigns retains Universal Title Time: 23 Minutes (+2 Minutes for Entrance) Pre-match Storyline: Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar inside a Steel Cage to win the Universal Championship at the Greatest Royal Rumble Event and has been on a tear since doing so. Seth Rollins lost the Intercontinental Championship to Finn Balor a few months prior to Summerslam and stated that the Universal Championship is the only title that has eluded him in his career. Roman Reigns granted his Shield Brother a match against him for the Title at Summerslam and the match was set in stone. Rating: 89 路 SEG: Post-match 鈥 Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins embrace after the match but then Roman spears Seth thus turning heel (5 minutes) SEG: The Revival attempt to attack AOP during their entrance before their match (5 minutes) 路 Match 8: Raw Tag Team Championships The Revival 漏 vs Authors of Pain Win: Authors of Pain win the Raw Tag Team Titles Time: 14 Minutes (+3 Minutes for Entrances) Pre-match Storyline: The Revival won the Raw Tag Team Championships from The Bar at the Greatest Royal Rumble Event and have defeated all the challenges up to this point. The Revivals former rivals, Authors of Pain, have dominated the Raw Tag Division since debuting on the Main Roster and stepped up to challenge for the titles and renew the NXT rivalry. Rating: 64 路 SEG: Hype Video for Shinsuke Nakamura vs Daniel Bryan (3 Minutes) 路 SEG: Special Pre-match Entrance for Shinsuke Nakamura (3 Minutes) 路 Main Event: WWE Championship Shinsuke Nakamura 漏 vs Daniel Bryan Win: Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Championship Time: 24 Minutes (+2 Minutes for Entrance) Pre-match Storyline: After stepping down from the General Manager position of Smackdown Live, Daniel Bryan became a full-time in-ring competitor once again. Shinsuke Nakamura won the WWE Championship from AJ Styles at Backlash and then defeated him again in their rematch. Daniel Bryan put on record that he will one day be WWE Champion again and got his opportunity when he was put into a #1 Contenders Match against AJ Styles on an episode of Smackdown Live. After winning the match, Shinsuke Nakamura attacked Daniel Bryan, sending a message to his new challenger. Rating: 88 路 SEG: Post-match Celebration by Daniel Bryan (3 Minutes) Total Main Show Time: 250 Minutes Rating: 86
  7. i have been watching BrendenPlayz for quite a while now and I got absolutely hooked on the TNA and WWE Total Extreme Wrestling series. I often miss the streams but always look forward to watching them when they get uploaded
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