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    Lee Tazin, known as Tax Born: October 1995 Debut: jan 2017 Gender: male Race: white Nationality: English Based in: USA and BrItish isles Status: active wrestler Style: regular Body type: Toned Size: Heavyweight Moveset: Devil's drop (powerbomb), Devil's clutch (sleeper) Face gimmick: unknown Heel gimmick: menacing brute Mask: Yes Hair: Yes Role: wrestler Extra: Taz/ Lee Tazin does not speak very often, so uses a manager Bio: Lee Tazin is a English wrestler that started out working in the British isles, after some success he moved to the USA and has began to get a name for himself as a menacing good in ring performer. LEE TAZIN IS FIRST PICTURE James negreanu Born: April 1978 Debut: January 2000 Gender: male Race:white Nationality: Canadian Based in: USA Status: active manager Body type: average Heel gimmick: cult leader Mask: no Hair:Yes Favoured role: manager Extra: is the manger to taz Bio: James negreanu is a Canadian man who is seen as a master on the microphone. He has experience as a manger and a commentator. He has managed some of the biggest names in the wrestling industry. JAMES NEGREANU IS SECOND PICTURE