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  1. gollummyprecious

    Longest TEW save you ever had

    I played the TNA save of brenden for 2 years now. CM Punk is a face now. He is holding the TNA WHC but will maybe drop it to Abyss (who has had a little feud with AJ in the past but not as champion), Kurt Angle is in the company and he retired Sting to become the new leader of the MEM. Sting was then a manager and i think i will let his contract expire in 2-3 months. Shinsuke Nakamura is the X-Division champion, he is a heel and is feuding with petey Williams for the title (they have unluckily, bad chemistry). I bringed in the TNA US title which is Jeff Jarrett at the moment, but i think he will drop it to Hassan down the line. Speaking of Hassan, i made him turn face and create a stable with Samoa Joe, CM Punk and Chris Jericho, The New Blood, the initial plans was to make it with AJ too but i made AJ into a different stable "The Originals" with Fallen Angel and Kazarian. For the MEM, Steiner is starting to pull the guys over, that being said he had a good run with the US and tag championship with A-Train at the same time (he had a lot of momentum), but lost the belts respectively to Homicide and to Brian Kendrick and Paul London. But now the MEM is going to warpath with Kurt Angle the leader that will win the BFG series to have a title shot, Ric Flair the manager, Steiner (soon to be replaced by Booker T) and A-Train in the tag teams, Matt Morgan (feuding currently with Face Lashley, not my best idea) and Jeff Jarrett maybe looking for the US belt and Christian Cage who returned from injury and will probably challenge Petey Williams for the X-Division title after Petey's victory at No Surrender. I'm Tempted to do that OR to make a big stable vs stable PPV with the MEM against the New Bloods and the Originals. What do you think of this??? i released Mistico i tried to push him but i had no face manager at the time and he was struggling a lot so i decided to let him go. And i publicly fired Melina who was a pain in my ass since a long time. However the last signing i've made is The UNDERTAKER, i just throwed him the maximum money i could've do and will basically be the ultimate joker of the MEM (he is a heel), and maybe will put down Lashley that had 6 months undefeated.
  2. gollummyprecious

    What have people booked in Brenden's TNA save since BFG 2007?

    I made a huge MEM angle. Jarrett holds the title while Steiner is competing for the NWA Heavyweight championship (i made it). I plan to book No Surrender with a card like this more or less: -Frankie Kazarian beats CM Punk and Homicide for the X-Division title -Brian Kendrick and Paul London Beats Austin Aries and Roderick Strong, The dudleyz For the tag titles with maybe a stipulation -Samoa Joe beats Scott Steiner for the NWA Heavyweight Championship -AJ Styles will retire Sting (wasnt keen to resign him, too old, he cannot compete in a high level anymore, maybe i will bring him back as a personnality but not now) -Ric Flair will beat Chris Jericho in a submission match -Shinsuke Nakamura will defend the TNA global championship against Petey Williams and Booker T (i signed him and made him part of the MEM) -Jarrett will defend the TNA WHC against Face Christian Cage in a No Holds Barred and will win thanks to the distraction of Muhammad Hassan (i gave him some time-off after his big feud with Styles, now he is making his return) I had further plans, making Hassan join the MEM, but i want to close it soon, so maybe i will go in a big 4 v 4 instead, winner takes all, with team Samoa Joe (him, Styles, Cage and Jericho) vs MEM (Flair, Booker T, Steiner and Jarrett). Punk has like 77-79 pop so he is nearly ready for main event push but i will wait a bit because a want him to be a long reigning champion and therefore i want to turn him face so he does not runs out of main event caliber opponents. I think he will be beaten by a returning Lashley (i booked that bastard so strong that he thought it was a good idea to accept a mma fight...), but then i will go on a "redemption story".
  3. gollummyprecious

    BrendenPlayz vs Twitch TEW2016 Mod Sign Up

    Name: "Armor King" Armando Trujillo Born: 16th August 1995 Set to debut: October 2015 Gender: Male Race: Hispanic Nationality: Mexican Based in: USA Active Wrestler Body type: Muscular Body Size: Light Heavyweight Minimum size: Light Heavyweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight Moves: Argentina Backbreaker (samoan carry to backbreaker), Muscle Buster, V-Driver (double underhook piledriver) Face Gimmick: Legitimate. I'm a mma crossover guy, like Ken Shamrock. Heel Gimmick: Brute. A bit like the Big Evil gimmick of Undertaker, i beat up people that doesnt give me enough respect. Mask: Yes Hair: Yes. Short Black Hair Favoured Role: Wrestler Bio: Trujillo was destined to make a carreer in MMA fights but as he went on a contest with a japanese wrestler, he was hooked by his style and his performance. He then quickly trained in wrestling after these events and as he learned the skills his passion for the business grew as well, at the end of the day, he choosed to make a carreer in the wrestling busisness. He went to the US to make the wrestling world the most competitive and respected sport in the world. Style: A good combination of mat wrestling base game with High Impact moves and powerful strikes acquired from his past mma training.