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  1. The results for King of the Ring 2003 are in ! Now before showing the results i had a little problem with tournament, indeed i forgot that the finale was in the PPV like the donkey that i am, therefore i decided to screw this and to put the winner of this year KotR (Shawn Michaels) against Triple H. So now let's begin ! Opening Chris Benoit defeated Lance Storm (c) for the European title: 94. Great opening, i mean these guys never fails to deliver so i am not surprised that much, however i am beginning to be concerned about the fact that guys like Benoit, Owen, Lan
  2. Hello there! So the results are finally in for Judgement Day with 12 matches including the pre-show, the blue brand has been busy! Pre-Show: Tazz defeated Perry Saturn: 74 Pretty average match, lacking in selling and psychology and the low pop of Saturn did not helped. I am trying to get Saturn a little boost by adding him in a feud against Tazz whose fairly over plus it gives something for Tazz to do for the time being. Dustin Rhodes defeated Christoper Daniels to retain the ECW TV title: 75 Amatch that suffered from the low pop of the two guys who are not over
  3. A little announcement for the plans in the coming months, i am preparing the King of The Ring tournament, the Raw tournament, SD tournament being the Money in the Bank. here are the brackets: Round 1: -Shawn Michaels vs Batista -Dean Malenko vs Ric Flair -William Regal vs Cena rematch -Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar -Goldberg vs Kane rematch -Matt Hardy vs Chris Benoit -Randy Orton vs the returning Bret "Hitman" Hart -Owen Hart vs Lance Storm Through this first serie of matches i will begin to plant the seeds for new feuds like Lance Storm vs
  4. wow ok that is rather unexpected! Steiner vs Austin should be a great main event imo, however i think you should cover this up by making them have matches on house shows to see if they have any chemistry, an awful chemistry discovery at wrestlemania is really frustrating. Since you talked briefly about WCW, it would be wonderful to have an update on what is going on in the wrestling world, like how WCW is doing, who is their champions, is ECW rising, that kind of stuff.
  5. Backlash 2003 We kick things off in the pre-show with a Four Way for the ECW Television title, Dustin Rhodes vs Christopher Daniels vs Chris Hero vs Homicide. Dustin wins it in 67 rated Hardcore match, as i didn't wanted to lose his first PPV match, therefore he is the new ECW TV champion. I am a bit disappointed at the rating but i made a mistake to make it a Hardcore match. Next up we have Batista losing to Matt Hardy in a 75 rated match. Good match between the two, i want to push Matt more since his brother is in rehab, so he can be brought at the pop level of Jeff. Batista is s
  6. In this save it seems that Vader did a lot better.... Btw is there some rivalries, scandals or else in your locker room?
  7. Bret vs austin seems necessary story wise Steiner vs Yokozuna could be a good crowning moment for Scott Taker vs HBK would be a good match for both men Flair vs Owen for a showdown of skills
  8. Well, there is a good way to push him like that: if he has popularity of a midacrd/upper midcard, you make him squash guys left and right for 5 months, you present him as an unstoppable force of nature and a straight shooter that fans can believe, he has the stats to do a good promo and with 100 star quality and 80+ charisma, squashes will get him over quick. Down the line a feud with one of the top heels of the roster is a go-to, like owen hart, or razor ramon. A good way to introduce as a top star is to insert him in a Survivor Series tag match and have him be the last man left. then you ca
  9. Here we go for Wrestlemania XIX night 2, the final show of the season! Opening: Chris Benoit(w) vs Owen Hart in a 2 out of 3 falls match: 98 The match is obviously aimed to be technical, this was one of the longest matches of the night, with Benoit and Owen going for nearly 40 minutes, just to give up a feeling of closing the rivalry and the bad blood once and for all. Undercard: Randy Orton(w) vs Ken Shamrock: 84 Shamrock didnt like to job so he was off his game despite the motivationnal speech i gave early in the night. But i think that my goal of making
  10. The moment you have been waiting WRESTLEMANIA XIX! It is a stacked card through and through, spanned on the course of two shows because we had too much stars to be featured in just one Wrestlemania (21 matches!). Now lets begin with night one: Opening match: Rob Van Dam (w) vs X-Pac: 85 Very good match, it did the job to getting the crowd hotter for the rest of the show, Van Dam is now a fully fledged main eventer and X-Pac will surely feud with top talents in the cruiserweight division. Undercard: Tazz (w) vs Kanyon for the AJWA title: 88 Lack of selling an
  11. I think you could do as following: Having Flair vs Hart at Wrestlemania and having Hart to retain. But around the King of the Ring, the Four Horsemen attacks Hart so badly he has a storyline injury and is forced to vacate the title. You can have Flair vs Kerry for the WWF championship with Kerry winning, but losing to Perfect at Summerslam, and after the match you get Bret Hart returning facing off with Perfect. You can also introduce Kerry to the Hart foundation (even though it looks far fetched, but you can make it work as some sort of alliance). I love your serie its very entertaining and i
  12. Also here are the results and debriefing for the New Year's Revolution PPV: As per usual Benoit and Owen delivered because they are beasts, i was so glad to hit 100 on the ME because i didnt thought Goldberg could go that long and Regal is not a main event guy so there is that also but they all delivered and i was very happy. Even the underneath matches are great, it will set-up some rematches at Wrestlemania. for the first Elimination on the card i was also pretty satisfied, Jericho is not on the card because he had interfered in the match and beated up Rey Mysterio preventi
  13. Big announcement before Wrestlemania XIX, which will probably a two nights show, because the card is huge that to make each match justice i had no other choice. Vince Mcmahon has been fired after being involved in illegal dog fights rofl. It pissed out a lot of people but i was forced to do it as its 3 weeks before Wrestlemania i cannot risk any ratings drop. Also, in order to form a face stable, i signed Jushin Liger to a PPA deal for 9 months so he could have a nice run in the cruiserweight division, he is aligned with Hayabusa, the main cruiserweight babyface atm and dragon
  14. in my 1996 save that was shawn who was busted for prostitutes lmao, this is going good! Idea for a Wrestlemania feud: Undertaker vs Steamboat if you didnt made it already, as it would serve the purpose of Taker going in the main event scene and steamboat starting to step down from it...

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