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    TEW Wishlist

    I think alliances and company relations should be something that should be overhauled in TEW 2019. Company relations should be more in-depth and have a sliding scale instead of just being at war or hostile because you send them a email. Your actions should naturally make a company like/dislike you. For example if I am loaned a wrestler then I proceed to bury that worker then that company in real life would be pretty annoyed about that, same should happen here. Same thing if I am constantly poaching another companies talent they should over time get more and more upset with me until hostility/war begins. Alliances also need some work, having a Alliance broadcaster would add realism to the game because WWN already has one IRL. Finally Alliances should have a hierarchy, it is real annoying playing as NJPW and I can not even add my Child Company to a alliance because CMLL says no. Alliances should have the option to either have a company that is the lead promotion that runs the alliance and there rule is law or have a vote on whether a company can or cannot enter the alliance, hell even have a vote on alliance title changes. Similarly is a alliance member feels they are getting screwed over it should over time damage the relationship until they end up leaving. One other thing about alliances, please add a written alliance contract! It would work the same as a written deal to the company that signs them, but it gives the worker the options to still work on PPA's deals with other promotions within the alliance. gets real annoying when you can not sign someone to a written deal because another company in your alliance also has them under a PPA.