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  1. Name: Gaius Age: 22 Race: Human Class: Fighter Subclass: Battlemaster Background: Outlander Based in: Drakon Physical Description: Tall, Well-Built, Black Hair in a Anime style. Fighting Style (Archer, Dexterous Fighter, Strength Fighter, Spellcaster, Stealthy, etc: Dexterous Fighter Favoured Weapons/Gear (Armour, Personal items etc.): One-Handed Sword, possibly two at a time when needed, Blue Dragon Egg ( thought to be a random egg) Backstory/Bio: Gaius grew up In America loving old tales of Medival times especially ones involving the aspects of his Favorite game DnD. His older brother gave him a book to read, but whilst reading it, he feel asleep and woke up on the island of Drakon from the book. Hearing old tales from the locals about Dragons, He sent to find a dragon but only found an egg but kept it for found. Leaving the Island of Drakon, Gaius sents out to find a way to return back to his home.
  2. Most a recap over what has been going on in the past streams if someone missed it but doesn't want to watch the whole stream
  3. I don't know if Bren will see this but i felt like we could use this as a place the put the updates to the mod with the new workers here for people who can't come to the streams
  4. Austin Mills takes a large movie role that no expected him to receive. Due to his good looks and amazing body, the movie was a box office hit. Austin now believes that he has the looks and popularity to back up his in-ring work.
  5. Born: 26th of June, 1994 Set to debut: June, 2012 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: American Based in: USA Active Wrestler Style: MMA Body Type: Muscular Size: Heavyweight Minimum Size: Light heavyweight Maximum Size: Big Heavyweight Moves: "Code Yellow" Styles Clash, "Lovers Touch" Superkick Face Gimmick: Fans Favorite Heel Gimmick: Something like Dean Ambrose when he is crazy Mask: None Hair: Yes Favoured Role: wrestler Bio/Backstory: Considered to be the next Best Thing, Austin "The Devourer" Mills trained at the best wrestling academy and climbed his way into the number 1 guy. With the skills to become the face of a company and having the look and mic skills, Can he be booked as the # 1 guy in the business? Pictures:

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