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    i love watching wrestling and playing video games and watching cartoons

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  1. my fav youtubers are good mythical morning smosh and mcjuggernuggets
  2. my fav entrace was seth rollins entrence back at wrestlemania 33 when he face triple h
  3. i loved this NXT takeover PPV all the matches where amazing when undisputed help adam cole i though adam cole would have been the new nxt champion but it was johny takeover who won so he is the new NXT CHAMPION i also love the pette dunne vs walter match i think this means pette dunne might go to raw or SD that would be amazing. i enjoed the tag match with alester and richache im excited they are going to be at wrestlemania also facing for the SD tag team champion against the usos the bar and shinskea and rusev this by far was he best NXT ppv
  4. i like the revival but yea this is the perfect time to put the losing streak to the end so zack ryder and curt hawkins can become NEW raw tag team champion
  5. this is my fav attire that seth rollins had when he was with the athority
  6. 1. dean ambrose 2. seth rollins 3. kofi kingston 4. Randy Orton 5. daniel bry
  7. 10. cm punk 9. chris jericho 8. john cena 7. finn balor 6. kofi kingston 5. rey mystrio 4. roman reigns 3. seth rollins 2. randy orton 1.dean ambrose mostley the wrestlers i started watching from 2010 until now
  8. im excited for avengers endgame toy story 4 and lion king live action im not quite sure about the aladdin live action
  9. for this one think the usos are going to retain the team champions becuase Ricochet and Black are shouldnt be a tag team i like them as solo compention.rusev and nakamura i feel like they wont get along and the bar i feel like they are not going to win the titles for this one
  10. mine is pokemon havent watched it in a long time but yea mine is pokemon
  11. my fav part was when charlote kick ronda in face when her head was out of the car i also enjoed the annocement what stephine mchman said winner takes all and when seth and brock lesner segement was cool this monday night raw was pretty awesome
  12. will this is the first time the demon will come to wrestlemania so it will be the demon vs bobby lashley finaly the demon is going to wrestlemania becuase the only time we ever see the demon is always at summerslam i think 1 time it was at TLC when he faced aj styles.but i want the demon aka finn to win the ic title so bobby can turned heel on lio rush so he can go back to 205
  13. now since its for both titles are on the line i think its either going to lynch or charlotte flair that going to win and the night after mania they are going to bring a new built just like what they did to the wwe champion and world heavyweight champion
  14. i hope this is the pre show match and i hope tony nesse wins and i think this in his hometown since buddy murphy won it in his hometown

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