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    Carnage comes back from commercial break and James Knight's music hits James Knight walks down to the ring visibly upset and has a mic in his hands Cut the music! I am not here to mince words today, so let me get right to the point. No one in this company respects the name James Knight. You wanna know how I know this? The other day I was lingering around and I overheard someone ask the question "who do you think will win at KOTR for the NXT championship?" And not one single time did I hear the name James Knight come out of anybody's mouth! Not one. I heard everyone else's name mentioned, just not mine.And, maybe just maybe its because I haven't put in the same level of work as other people, but to me that doesn't really make any sense. Because we all have to start somewhere and unlike most people, when I came back to BPZ, I did not just sit on the sidelines and wait to be given a shot, no. I took the opportunity to challenge for a title. I wanted the whole company to know why I came back and that I was not to be a pawn that you just waist. And, trust me when I say this is not a desperate cry for attention, this is me just letting the world know to put respect on my name. I want the world to know that when I beat Raven, and Maasa and all of them for the NXT title, that it was no fluke. I want them to know that James Knight is a legit contender in BPZ. I want the world to put respect on the name James Knight! James Knight throws the mic down and storms out of the ring.
  2. James Knight appears on the titantron walking around backstage when an interviewer calls out to James for an interview. Interviewer : Hello Mr. James Knight, let's just get right into the questions. At KOTR we all know you are going to face Raven for his NXT title, but what are your thoughts on the other competitors in Maasa, Mikey, and Mave? James Knight : What do I think about the other competitors huh, well let's start with Mave. Mave is simply a defeated man who is trying to capture any bit of relativity he can at this point. He lost his chance at the title at Judgment Day, but is back again because he believes he can win it. But, in all honesty I don’t view Mave as much of a threat. Next, let’s move towards Mikey. Mikey is desperate to say the least. The man just lost out on his opportunity at greatness in BPZ. He lost to Julius in the first round of the KOTR tournament and is now trying to make up for that defeat in trying to claim the NXT title. So just like Mave I don’t see Mikey as much of a threat. Now, let’s talk about Maasa. Maasa simply just doesn’t stand a chance at KOTR plain and simple. He’s only going for the NXT title because he doesn’t think he can hang with the likes of Sameer and Bailey. So his absolute lack of confidence is what will keep him from standing a chance at the PPV. Interviewer : What about Raven? Does he stand a chance? James Knight : Listen I would be a fool not to think the champ stands a chance at the PPV. He is the champion for a reason. So I have to give him his dues, but even with that said I do believe Raven is focused on other things. In which that leaves me a bigger window of opportunity at the PPV to capture my first title in BPZ. Interviewer : Well I have just one final question for you James. Are you nervous about your first match in BPZ being for the NXT title? James Knight : To be honest with you no. See I came back to BPZ with one goal in mind and that was to capture the NXT title. And I plan to execute that goal to perfection come KOTR. So nervous would not be the word I would use in the situation. For me it’s more exciting knowing that I have the opportunity to walk into KOTR and in my first match, walk out as a champion! That just excites me. Interviewer : Well thanks for taking the time to do this interview and best of luck at KOTR! James Knight : Thanks for having me. Oh, and one final thing. Raven that NXT title is mine!
  3. James Knight appears a bit amused by the promo, and picks up his mic and starts to respond You consider me a weak threat? Raven you must be mistaking me with someone else. I am James Knight! I am the hungriest competitor you have ever stepped foot in the ring with. I'm the man you know nothing about. And, I am the man who will take that NXT title from you! See you mention all these other guys you wanted to face because you know you can beat them, but when it comes to me I feel like you're trying to convince yourself that I am not a threat. Your trying to convince yourself that I stand no chance at KOTR. Well Raven we both know deep down inside, you are scared to see what I can accomplish. You know deep down that your title reign will end sooner than you would like to admit! And you know deep down that the man who is going to end that title reign is standing right in front of you. So please Raven continue to think nothing of me. Because when I take that title from you at KOTR I want to see the pure look of shock on your face as I hold the NXT Championship high over my head whilst I am standing over your defeated carcass. James Knight drops the mic and just stares Raven down
  4. Carnage returns from commercial to James Knight standing in the center of the ring looking at the camera looking a bit disgruntled. Raven, Raven , Raven... what a promo huh. You talk about these opportunities and this great match your going to have at KOTR. Oh and how we all should be so happy for you. Raven I couldn't care less about any of that. You talk about how you're representing the NXT title in such high honor because your in a tag match against some notable names. Listen Raven we both know that that's a lie.You lie right through your teeth every time you say you are representing that title in a great way. Lets just take this into consideration. If your representing that title so well, then how come you never acknowledge any of your competitors? Because, If you really want to be known as a great champion then how about make that title mean something. Because as of right now the only thing I see is a paper champ who couldn't care less if he lost the title. And that truly annoys me. As you are destroying the very title that I am trying to gain. And, this is not just any title to me, no. This will be my first title in BPZ! And each and every single time you open your mouth I pay close attention just hoping you give the title some recognition, but sadly you just never do. All you do with the title is raise it a few times and clinch it tight. Well you better clinch it as tight as you can because at KOTR, no matter how hard you fight. That title will be MINE! Now usually at this point Raven, I would drop this mic and head to the back and wait for your response. But, you have proven to me that whenever I wait for you, you seem to just never answer my call. So if you are such a great champion and you make that title so prestigious how about you finally confront me. Tell me what you think about me to my face and stop acting like a coward! James drops the mic and poses awaiting to see if Raven actually comes out.
  5. Mave it will be a pleasure to take you out of the title NXT title picture.And, I would apologize for doing this to you, but I would be lying if I said I'm not going to enjoy each and every single second of it.
  6. Before Mave Deltzer can exit the ring James Knights music hits and he appears to be a bit displeased with what he had just heard from Mave. Wait just a minute Mave. You think you deserve to be facing Raven at KOTR for his title? If there is going to be anyone facing Raven for that title at King of the Ring it's going to be me. See unlike you I'm not a loser. When opportunities present themselves to me I tend to make them count. Unlike you in which you have already had your shot at the NXT championship, and guess what the outcome was... You lost! So don't expect just to be handed something because you feel like you have some sort of claim to it. You lost your shot and that's that, and I'll tell you this just like I told Raven... That NXT Championship is MINE!
  7. Your Kayfabe Character Gimmick What is your gimmick in kayfabe? : A bad ass who couldn't care less what people think of him Does your character have a significant background? : James Knight grew up Sacramento, California. James grew up with this just lack of trust in people and usually came off as a bad guy towards most people. Despite what people thought of him he just continued being who he was, and just went after his one goal in life. Even today James doesn't care what people think, he feels like he knows himself best, and when he steps between those ropes he'll show everyone to never doubt him. How does your character interact with the fans? : He's a bit smug towards them, and attempts to disgruntle them at every point. Also a signature from James Knight is about as rare of a thing to happen as they come. What mannerisms does your character have? : When James Knight is up in a match he makes it seem like it's an absolute cakewalk In-Ring What are your signatures and finishers? Signature : Back Stabber Finisher : Knight Fall( V-Trigger ) How does your character carry himself? : James Knight carries himself like he's the biggest bad guy in the room. He is usually seen in a leather jacket, with some aviators, and jeans. He's definitely not trying to impress people with how he looks. he just shows up and does his job. What kind of wrestling style does your character have? : Technical/Brawler What general kind of moves does your character perform? James Knight tends to throw a lot of punches to the face, he likes to throw some clothesline and elbows which are more on the stiff side. He also like to grapple his opponents to the ground and manipulate different body parts to induce the most amount of pain possible. Other Are there any further details about your character? James Knight prefers to be alone. He isn't fond of many people, but he does demand respect from everyone he comes across. People should know that when James gets into the ring he's going to give it 100% and never hold anything back.
  8. Carnage returns from commercial and an unknown theme song hits Out comes James Knight making his first on screen appearance in front of the crowd. The crowd is filled with some boos, but mostly silence as the crowd still don't really know quite who James Knight is. James seems upset about something and as soon as he enters the ring he grabs a microphone. A few days I made my return to this company and made my goal very clear. My goal was to take the NXT championship off of Raven, and I was expecting him to make a response to my obvious call out. But, I guess somehow he didn't get my message, because the next time you people saw him he came out and was talking so much about his friend and how much he loved his friend. James appears to have a face of disgust But Raven that's not all you said that night no, you also mentioned something that really peaked my interest. You mentioned how you and your friend have an opportunity at being #1 contenders to the tag titles at KOTR. See that proved to me that you mind is not focused on the right thing. You have chosen to focus more on something that you want instead on focusing of what you have. You are the NXT champion and you are thinking more about a title you stand no chance of getting. And, to be honest that is quite foolish for you when you have someone like me coming for what you seem to hold dear to you. James leans on the ropes and looks toward the back So Raven just know when you go to defend that title against me, I will take it from you. Plain and simple, and there is nothing you are going to do about it. So I suggest you cherish each and every moment you have with that title. Because when I say; That NXT Championship is mine. That's not me being hopeful, that's me telling you what will happen. So the ball is now in your court Raven. I'll be awaiting your response in the near future. James drops the mic and exits to the back
  9. Carnage returns from commercial and immediately the arena goes dark. Then a video starts with a camera count down. https://i.gyazo.com/bfc75dfcdae6928d9fa1424bc8886758.mp4 James Knights taps on the screen Is this thing on? *tap* *tap* *tap* James Knight sits down in a chair in a dark room Hello my name is James Knight just in case you have forgotten about me. After I made my debut several months back, I seemingly disappeared afterwards. See at that time I didn’t think this company was quite ready for me. So I sat back and waited until I knew exactly when to return, and right now seemed like a pretty good time to come back. See I chose to return now because I see a weakness in a certain champion. I see a champion who is fresh off a big victory, overcoming insurmountable odds, and as of right now, life couldn't be any better. But this champion wasn't expecting to have a new challenger oh so quick after his match. No he was expecting a great time frame where he can go home and celebrate with his family. Sadly for him not all things in life come as expected. If you haven't guessed by now the champion I am referring to is none other than Raven... James Knight sits up in his chair See Raven you right now are on the high of your life. You came into Judgment day and you won a match in which no one thought you stood a chance, and I applaud you for your victory. But I can tell, you’re just too caught up in the moment right now, and you’re not ready to go to war again with someone who’s even hungrier than you are! You're not ready to go to war with someone of my caliber. You're not ready to face someone who you know nothing about. See I am here on a mission to prove to everybody that you should not take James Knight lightly. And I plan to take down everyone in my path. Sadly for you, you're the first step in a long journey to the top, and I want that title you have. So trust me when I tell you this... That NXT Championship is mine! The screen fades to black
  10. PSN Name: TheBestBeast84 Would you prefer individuals or teams: Teams When would you like the contest to start: Asap
  11. April Shows PPV Finances Popularity Notable Mentions Masahiro Chono is high 50s Shawn v Rey got a 100 at Mania BoW hit National size right before Mania Just a really good month overall
  12. Name: James Knight Year (Sophomore - Senior) : Sophomore Height: 6'2 Weight: 195 Archetype (or Player Model) :  Position: PG
  13. March TV Shows PPV Popularity Finance Notable Mentions 1. Chono has hit 40s pop 2. Big Show got Swivel Hips at the PPV ( 2 Week Injury ) 3. My Mania is going legendary 4. Edge & Christian v Bad Influence got a 99

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