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  1. January Start of Month Franchise Player Week 1 Week 1 "Overseas" House Show Week 2 Week 3 Week 3 Overseas PPV Week 4 PPV Finance Medical Pop Gain End of Month Franchise Players Notable Mentions The Bullet Club has arrived Braun is back to being a solo act Helms, Carlito, Dr. X, Julio Dinero, Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger, Prince Devitt, and Karl Anderson were all brought in Helms & Nikita are my random tag team In my week 1 overseas show I accidentally put my show in the USA, so in February I will not have any overseas shows as a punishment Scott Hall is on vacation for 2 months since I failed the 100 pop owner goal Brian Kendrick is my 80 pop goal
  2. Scott Hall will take the 2 month vacation and -10 pop, for not achieving the 100 pop owner goal
  3. December Start of Month Franchise Players Week 1 Week 1 Overseas Show Week 2 Week 3 Week 3 Overseas Show Week 4 PPV Popularity Finance Medical End of Month Franchise Players Notable Mentions Braun has hit 70s pop Fallen Angel has hit 70s pop All my franchise players are in the 90s I brought in Ichrio Yaguchi just to job him out I missed the National size goal by 1-2 points in 2 regions
  4. I release Rodney Leinhardt
  5. November Start of month Franchise Players Week 1 Week 1 Overseas Show Week 2 Week 3 Week 3 Overseas Show Week 4 PPV Finances Popularity Medical End of Month Franchise Players Notable Mentions Braun Fractured his Jaw, but is high 60s-70s pop Marc Mero was traded for breaking Brauns Jaw Pedro Morales was acquired Al Snow and Matt Striker were both acquired in the Daredevil draft 5/8 regions in the US are above the National size threshold Bruiser Brody won the world title
  6. I claim Ichiro Yaguchi
  7. October Notable Mentions Braun is at mid-to-high 60s The Rock, Gorgeous George, Matt Bloom, and The Heavenly Bodies were all traded Dusty Rhodes, Scott Hall, Steve Keirn, and London & Kendrick were all acquired At 21 pop in Ireland
  8. I claim Iceman Parsons
  9. September Notable Mentions Didn't have a Overseas show because I accidentally added a broadcaster to it so it had to be canceled Rock dropped down from 100-96 pop after a loss to Big Show Big Show went from 91-94 pop after beating The Rock Braun is barely under 60 pop in the US Failed the Not to have my franchise player in my PPV goal
  10. Franchise Players Notable Mention Bruiser Brody will be on this list he just hasn't signed yet
  11. August Notable Mention Braun is gaining pop like a mad man - gained 4-8 pop in US this month
  12. Month 7 Report https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iQw1RQ7M6IQjWtsEfdxcmS7B3Ycyt7iHfz77uFq1KDg/edit
  13. TheBeastlyKing

    BPZ Wrestling Mod Relationships

    James Knight to mentor David Arnold
  14. TheBeastlyKing

    Narratives for BPZ Wrestling Mod

    James Knight James Knight was in a high speed chase late last night after a long night of drinking. Luckily the cops got James to come to a stop before he could injure himself or anyone too seriously. When the cops tried to get James out of his car he was a little aggressive towards them, which resulted in James getting tazed. When they finally got him detained they asked him why he ran, James said "I did it for my company!" After paying his bail himself he was put on probation for 4 months which would keep him out of the ring, but he'd still be able to run his company.