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  1. I beat Kai I was Thunder Kai was 76ers
  2. I was the Lakers Nathan was the Rockets
  3. Name - James Knight Weight - 215 Fighting Style - Technical/ Brawl Heel/Face - Heel Frequent Moves - Elbows, forearms, kicks, grapple take-downs, power-bombs Signature - V-Trigger, Canadian Destroyer Finisher - Backstabber, Coquina Clutch Tag Team - None Bio - James Knight is a name that has started to gain some traction around the indie's. He is known for his ruthless style of offense. Though ruthless he is very methodical and decisive with his strikes which leaves his opponents in a vulnerable position. He is said to be a great guy in the back as long as you stay on his good side...
  4. July Start of Month FP Minor Show "A" Show PPV Finance Medical Pop Gain End of Month FP Notable Mentions World title at 100 Prestige Kendrick back to 70s pop Power & Glory regained the tag titles R.I.P X-Pac out for the next year
  5. June Start of Month Franchise Players Minor Shows "A" Show PPV Pop Gain Medical Finance End of Month Franchise Players 80 Pop Owner Goal Tag Team Exp. Owner Goal Notable Mentions Braun has fully entered 80s pop Brain Kendrick came 3 pop short of the owner goal Big Show and Braun are new tag team champions CM Punk and Brian Kendrick had a 100 Rated Match Spent 1 Million on a band for my PPV Carlito and Fallen Angel have poor chemistry
  6. I mean a season 1 win and a season 2 runner up I think I'm pretty good at this Hunger Games thing
  7. May Start of Month Franchise Players "A" Show Minor Shows PPV Pop Gain Finance Medical End of Month Franchise Players 80 Pop Goal Franchise Player not Champ Notable Mentions Overseas PPV owner goal completed Braun and Big Show will start teaming Brian Kendrick will be going solo for a time being Carlito has hit mid 70s- mid 80s pop
  8. I love how sadistic I have become in this second season
  9. April Start of Month Franchise Players A Show Minor Show PPV Pop Finance Medical End of Month Franchise Players Backstage 80 Pop Worker World Champ( Not FP ) 25 Team Exp. Notable Mentions New Additions: CM Punk, D.I.Y, Jimmy Snuka Ron Killings has left the company Fallen Angel is high 80s pop and has turned face Braun is now 80s pop and the new US Champ Scott Hall has gotten back up to 90s pop Nikita is 90s pop
  10. March Start of Month Franchise Players Minor Shows Overseas House Shows A Show Overseas PPV Main PPV Finance Pop Medical Backstage End of Month Franchise Players 80 Pop Worker Progression 25 Team Exp. Progression Notable Mentions Braun is basically 80 pop Fallen Angel has jumped up to mid 80s pop after beating Bruiser Brody Carlito is nearly 70 pop Dusty regained the World Title Power & Glory won the Tag Titles Fallen Angel retained his US title I failed the overseas goal by 1.4%
  11. I was not expecting to be the winner but I'm glad that I am
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