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  1. Anthony Pettis vs Jake Matthews BJ Penn vs Kevin Lee Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Bruce Lee Kimbo Slice vs Issac Frost Daniel Cormier vs Chuck Lidell Anderson Silva vs Robbie Lawler Dustin Poirier (C) vs Conor Mcgregor *Winners in Red
  2. TheBeastlyKing

    Be Ready

    Carnage has returned from commercial to James Knight music playing James Knight makes his way to the ring as always under a sea of boos from the BPZ Universe. What a time to be alive! SummerSlam is just one week away! The biggest party of the Summer is just one week away. We're also just one week away from yours truly becoming the new NXT Champion! The crowd boo James Knight Come on we're several weeks into this guys you just gotta accept that I will become NXT Champion at SummerSlam. The crowd chant " No We Don't! " Oh yes you do, because there's no one in this division on my level. There all just lazy and don't have anywhere near the level of drive that I do. So you better accept it because I don't want it to come as a surprise to any of you. I want all of you to be ready to experience the greatest NXT reign of all time. I want all of you to be ready for a bigger and better NXT! I will be the reason people respect the NXT Division. I will be the reason those who will be NXT Champion after me will be revered. Because of me, the NXT title will be the biggest title in this company. So be ready BPZ Universe because in 7 days your new emperor brings the sun out from behind the clouds. In 7 days your new emperor becomes NXT Champion! James Knight drops the mic and leaves the ring with a smile across his face
  3. I am a bit upset that we won't get Moxley v Omega like planned but PAC v Omega should still be good. I'm sure it will probably be in match of the night contention. And hopefully PAC can get the win so it can be a great kick start to his career in AEW
  4. Minecraft would have to be the game for me. One it's arguably one of the better games that has ever been made. And it's a great creative release, with what you can build if you just put your mind to it. It's not a game you have o get deeply invested into. You can simply just hop on and have some fun. So if there was only 1 game I had to play it would have to be Minecraft
  5. I think it would be perfect. If Bray was to beat Taker at Mania it would be the passing of the torch, and it would really solidify Bray as a main event caliber talent. I really hope WWE don't drop the ball on this once because Bray is one of those guys who can connect with the fans really well and a win against Taker at Mania would only make the character even stronger because he would be one of 3 men to beat Taker the other 2 being Brock and Roman.
  6. Carnage returns from commercial to James Knight music playing James Knight makes his way down to the ring under a seas of boo's from the fans, and James Knight is just soaking it in as he makes his way to the ring. Okay peasants please be quiet as your emperor has something to say! The crowd erupt in even more boo's that seem to last an eternity Okay, Okay I get it I'm not the most beloved guy you've ever seen, but I got some words I need to get off my chest as I feel like this will allow you guys to realize something very important. So can you peasants please shut up! The crowd boo's even more If you guys haven't noticed by now, I am the voice of NXT! The crowd yell "What?" No seriously think about it. Who else in this division talks as much as I do. The answer is no one! That's why this division and you people need me as NXT Champion! Without me this division remains as a joke. Without me this division goes no where. I mean who else in this division could properly represent it? Raven? I mean that guy's a lunatic all he's going to do is cause hell and chaos, and not in a good way. And the rest of the division shows up for one week then dips, because they don't have what it takes to hang. So in the end I'm your only positive outcome! I'm the best thing this division has and I will carry it to greatness. At SummerSlam the sun comes out and this division prospers when I take the throne as your new NXT Champion! James Knight drops the mic and poses as the crowd boo's him relentlessly
  7. Carnage returns from commercial break to James Knight's music The Crowd erupt into a deafening amount of boos and James Knight makes his way down to the ring. Now you guys may realize that I am a bit more dressed up tonight. The reason for this well one, is to show that I am better than each and every one of you! But, more importantly its to show all of you what a true champion looks like. I'm also showing the entire division what a true champion looks like. Because you see this division is full of a bunch of lunatics and wannabe bad-ass's who try to convince you guys night in and night out that they can win the NXT Title, that they have what it takes. Well let me just give you a spoiler, they don't. And, if somehow you are wondering why they don't stand a chance. Well its quite simple. It's because I am in this division! And, as long as I am in this division, no one stands a chance at that NXT Champion. Because I am the best thing that has EVER come through this division! And, at SummerSlam I take my crown as NXT Champion! So when my reign starts I will show everyone what a true champion looks like. I'll show everyone how a champ should act. I'll be the best NXT Champion this company has ever seen, and there is not a single soul on this roster who is going to stop me. So watch out NXT because your Emperor is soon to take his throne atop the NXT Division. James Knight drops the mic and soaks in all the boos as he makes his way out of the ring and to the back
  8. Carnage's opening pyro has just finished when James Knights music hits James Knight his way down to the ring under a oppressing amount of boos, and James Knight is just soaking it all in. You know I'm starting to think you people don't like me The crowd cheers And don't worry I hate all of you too, so I guess you can say we are on a even playing field. Anyway, let me get to why I'm out here tonight. You see the other day I got to thinking about myself and the fact that whenever you guys hear me talk, I'm usually talking about an upcoming opponent, or some new face who thinks he stands a shot at the NXT Championship. And whilst I feel obliged to tell them that they stand no chance, I feel like I need to focus on myself more. I waist so much of my time on others that I don't take the time to tell you guys simply how great I am! The crowd boo, then transition into " You Suck! " chants Aw how thoughtful of you guys. Trust me you guys suck as well. And trust me when I say that I am the BEST thing that EVER and I mean EVER stepped foot into this company. And you all think I may be all talk, but no. There is not a single person in the back that can lace up my boots, there is not a single person in that locker room more driven, more hungry than I am! So when I tell you that I will be NXT Champion after SummerSlam. That simply isn't just hope on my end. That's a guarantee that you people need to understand. There is no psycho, or brute, or technician that will even be close to on my level at SummerSlam. So get ready, because your new emperor is about to take his crown. James Knight drops the mic and walks out of the ring under an astonishing amount of boos from the crowd.
  9. 1 Tommaso Ciampa 2 Finn Balor 3 Kevin Owens 4 Neville 5 Adam Cole 6 Andrade "Cien" Almas 7 Samoa Joe 8 Shinsuke Nakamura 9 Aleister Black 10 Bobby Roode 11 Bo Dallas 12 Seth Rollins 13 Drew McIntyre 14 Big E 15 Johnny Gargano 16 Sami Zayn
  10. Carnage returns from commercial break to James Knight music hitting. The crowd erupt in boos as James Knight makes his way to the ring. James Knight seems quite happy as he grabs a mic and begins to speak Is this division heating up or what? The crowd erupt in cheers I mean we have so many great names going after the NXT title at SummerSlam, dare I say we might even steal the show! With the likes of myself, Sheridan, Raven, Cody Cage, and so many more the match is sure to not disappoint! The match will be so amazing and it will be even better when I walk out of the match as the NEW NXT Champion! The crowd erupt in boos Yes, yes, I know I may not be a fan favorite around here, I am just trying to prepare you guys for what is going to happen. There is no way around it. Once SummerSlam has come to an end I will be the face of this division and you people will just have to live with it. I do want to talk about a few faces I will be defeating at SummerSlam though that have peaked my interest. First, lets talk about Sheridan. Now I don't know much about Sheridan, and to be honest I really don't care. But, I was listening to her promo backstage and there was a few points that peaked my interest. One being that she has been in this company for about a year and a half. And, in that year and a half Sheridan, have you accomplished anything? I mean you even said it yourself every time you competed for the NXT title you never even came close to winning. So what makes this time any different? Let me just answer that one for you, NOTHING. Just like every other time you stepped in that ring hoping to become NXT Champion, your gonna get your ass kicked and walk out with NOTHING. So don't get your expectations too high Sheridan, because if you do your bound to be disappointed. One more person I want to talk about, is a man I have said so much about in the past, a man who I watched with my own eyes lose everything in one night, a man you all know as RAVEN. Now Raven as of recent seems to of... well to be blunt, he's completely lost it. I don't know if it was the loss to BiC that set him off, or if was the night where everything went wrong for him. I really don't know. I just know that this is not the Raven I am used to. And, to be honest I am excited to face this new Raven. Maybe, just maybe this Raven has a bit more fight in him. Maybe this Raven can actually put up a challenge. Maybe... eh, who am I kidding behind all the face paint and the wicked laugh he's still Raven and he will still lose like he has been. With all this said though, I do believe this division has a bright future and as time goes on it will only get brighter and brighter. All it needs is a leader who is willing and able to guide them to greatness, and that leader is none other than myself. At SummerSlam I become the savior this division has needed for sooo long, and at SummerSlam I become NXT Champion! James Knight drops the mic, and gets up on the ropes posing to the crowd yelling " I am the Future and Savior of this division!"
  11. It has to be Jinder Mahal, its not only the fact that he was champ it was how long he was champ that just made it such a bad title reign
  12. Straight Edge Society was one of my personal favorites as I felt like they drew a kind of feeling out of people that not many factions ever had.
  13. Name: James Knight Age: 27 Nickname: The Dark Knight Signatures: Back Stabber Finishers: Knight Fall ( V-Trigger ) Attire: Tama Tonga
  14. Carnage returns from commercial break to James Knight music James Knight goes to start talking but the crowd boo him so loudly he can't even start. But, James doesn't seem upset by this he more is just soaking it in and enjoying the moment. Are you guys done yet? The crowd erupt into more boos and continues for about a minute. I know you guys love me, but let me get what I need to say then we can move on. Sound fair? Now you guys may be wondering why I didn't immediately go after Siege after our altercation, and to be fair with you guys it took me by surprise a little bit. I honestly thought Siege was all talk, but he showed me he is willing to get his hands dirty if he needs to, and I respect that. But, just because I respect your actions Siege does not mean that I will take it easy on you, or anyone else a matter of fact. You see I didn't respond quickly because I wanted a few days to think over what happened and recollect myself, but during those few days some new faces decided they had a death wish and want to go after the title that will soon be mine. For those new faces, let me introduce myself. My name is James Knight, and I'm going to give you a dose of reality. I don't care if you're as strong as an ox. I don't care if you are as fast as a cheetah. I don't care if you're as cunning as a fox. Just know when you step into the ring with me all you are going to meet is failure. And thats not my ego overrunning me, no. That's a warning to any hopeful who thinks they will beat me for that NXT Championship! I've said it from day 1 and I'll say it time and time again. I am the most hungry superstar in this locker room, and I plan on carrying the NXT division to bigger and better things. That plan begins at SummerSlam, and no one on this planet is going to stop me from achieving my goal. So for all those hopefuls who think they stand a chance at SummerSlam. I suggest getting out while you can, because if I see you in front of me at SummerSlam, I'm not just going to beat you, I am going to destroy you so bad you might as well retire right there. Because, there is no chance of a recovery for you! James Knight throws the mic down and poses to the camera

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