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  1. Personally right now it has to be NBA 2k, for the longest time it would have been Madden, but for the last few years I have been playing NBA 2K way more than any Madden.
  2. This game I am definitely getting on release. Me and my friends have massive intrigue for this game and will probably just play it along with one another. The graphics for this game look insane. And the story to the game also seems really intriguing. So this is definitely going to be a game I get upon its release.
  3. To be honest I have mixed feelings about the game. Like I am a huge superhero fan, and at first when I heard the game was coming out I was super intrigued, but with some of the trailers I have seen; I have lost some of my intrigue. I still may eventually pick up the game if I hear enough good reviews, but at this very moment I may just pass up on this game.
  4. I watched Owen Harts Dark Side of the Ring recently and it was very intriguing. I found it interesting withy how talented Owen was, he wasn't overly engulfed in the wrestling world. I find that interesting because those who are usually as good as he is, struggle to break away. Then towards the end, it kind of felt like Owen knew something was going to go wrong. It was an amazing episode, and I have really been enjoying this series.
  5. I liked how this show went along through really all points. From Cody saying he is going to defend his title basically every week in an open challenge. To Taz's hype promo of Cage to Moxley. To FTR making their debut in the company. I like that they don't seem like they are going to waste any time for the money match between FTR and Young Bucks. So this show definitely peaked my interest for their next PPV.
  6. The hardest moment to watch was easily Rock v Mankind. The just ungodly amount of unprotected chair shots is just hard to sit through. And, personally I am a fan of chair shots to the head, but that was just way too much. Like it was obvious Rock went overboard with it and to later know Foleys family was in the crowd made it even harder to stomach watching.
  7. I like this dynamic between the two, but I feel like this has come way too soon. I love how Drew has been as champion, and I do really like what MVP and Lashley are doing, but I think WWE could have given Bobby a little bit more build up time before going against Drew. If they would've given Bobby some more time to build up even more, then I would be a bit more interested in the matchup. But with how quickly Bobby has gotten this shot I feel like its a clear cut win for Drew.
  8. This may be the only match on the card I truly care about. I love the whole new direction the feud has taken. I truly want to see if Edge still truly has it in the ring because I do fully get the whole Edge hasn't been in a normal match yet. Also I feel like Edge is going to bring the best out of Edge. I feel like Edge is one of those people that will bring the excitement out of Randy. I do think in the end they'll have Randy win so they can do a blowoff match come SummerSlam (Maybe like a 2/3 falls or something then.)
  9. This is another match on the card that I just don't understand. Like I don't really get why Nia is the one receiving the title shot. And there has been so much one sided history between the two, like whats the point. Also Nia at this point is getting heat for all the wrong reasons. I just feel like WWE could have gone in a much smarter direction with the start of Asuka's reign.
  10. I'm just not a fan of this. I have never been a fan of putting a title on the line in handicap situations like it just makes no sense. I feel like if they want to implement Morrison and Mix into a world title match, then do what WWE did years ago with DX and John Cena, and just make the damn thing a triple threat. It adds more complexity and intrigue to the match and in the end it actually makes sense.
  11. A Video scratches onto the screen of Valor. Appearing on the screen is none other than James Knight James Knight just stand there for the first 10 seconds, and all you can hear is the white noise in the background. Did you hear that? No seriously, did you hear that? If you were wondering what that sound was, it was the sound of your NXT champion. I think I got the little man scared. James Knight made his triumphant return to BPZ, gets drafted to Valor, and calls out the current NXT Champ. And since that day, your NXT Champ has not o
  12. I liked the match and I like Shida winning, but in the end I kind of hate how to me this title is kind of being passed around. Like I feel rather I didn't not believe in the champion enough, or the champ didn't get a long enough reign to impose herself. The women division is still AEW's weakest point and I feel like with Shida they need to build a champ people can truly believe in. Like she's good, but give her a good reign to help build some credibility in the division.
  13. I feel like on this match they should have continued the monstrous run Lance was on. I feel like giving him the title during this massive run would've given him like the "who in the world can beat this guy" feel. Which later can help create a mega baby face when someone finally topples him. Im alright with Cody winning, but I think Lance was the better option.
  14. I really enjoyed this match. Like this match felt like it was made for the fans, it was meant to completely take our minds off of what is happening in the world. I loved all the spots that was involved with this match. I especially loved everything Sammy was doing. And I feel like they truly succeeded in having an entertaining match when Tony and JR broke on commentary. Personally I feel like this is top 3 best quarantine matches this year so far.
  15. For me the most overrated show has to be The Office (US Edition). I just never understood all the hype around the show and the few times I watched it, I just never felt like it came anywhere close to the hype it had received. I know imma catch some flack for this one...
  16. I really liked the storyline between Cody and MJF. I felt like they told such a captivating story, that was so entertaining. My favorite match is easily Dustin v Cody. I walked into that match with low to mid expectations, because I knew Cody was good, but I didn't really know how Dustin would hang. Then the storytelling in the match was just picture perfect and it is easily one of my favorite matches, and I feel like it is one of AEW's best so far.
  17. I'm a fan for them, but I feel like if it gets used it should be so rare. Like if your going to use it, use it to benefit the feud not just to do it for some pop.
  18. Personally I don't see Rusev being an amazing fit in AEW. Like he's a great wrestler, but I don't know if by himself he can be an amazing character. I know he had a bunch of things that got over in WWE, but he always had somebody by his side like Lana or Aiden English. Personally I would like to possibly see what we could get out of him in like a MLW or NWA or maybe even a NJPW.
  19. I feel like AEW will do some cinematic matches, but not really get fully into it like WWE seems to have done. I feel like AEW is doing a really good job with how to implement different elements outside of the ring. So I am sure they will. have the occasional cinematic match, but I don't feel like they will do them regularly.
  20. My favorite feud of all time is Triple H v HBK. How the feud began and just each little step in the road made the story just better and better in my opinion. It's one of those feuds that lasted a really long time, but every time they would meet up in that ring you just knew it was going to be amazing. And, the final match to the feud at Bad Blood in their like 40min cage match to me was amazing. I know some feel like the match dragged on too long. But to me it was the perfect way to end the feud.
  21. I have a strange one, but my favorite cereal is frosted mini wheats. I don't know how I got into them, but to me they are one of the hands down best cereals I have ever had.
  22. My dream job at the moment is to be a graphic designer that creates merchandise for the Tennessee Titans. They are my favorite football team, and I grew up watching them. So if I ever got the chance to work with them, that would be an amazing job to have.
  23. The best GM of all time in my opinion is Teddy Long. When you think of GM in the history of WWE, he is one of the first names that come to mind. He had catchy sayings, and honestly just seemed like he was having a blast with the role. With all his skis and stuff I genuinely feel like he is the best to ever hold the position.
  24. In my honest opinion I feel like Cm Punks run with the Straight Edge Society is one of the best Heels I have ever seen. A close second would be HHH after he turned on a returning HBK. Those two periods of time I honestly felt like those guys were portraying amazing heels

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