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  1. As Gunner enters the backstage area he spots James Knight. James Knight is preparing for his match later on tonight with The Tiger. As James Knight is preparing he spots Gunner out of the corner of his eye and goes to confront him James : Hey man how are you doing? Gunner : I'm doing good, I guess, with all things considered. James : Well, hey I just wanted to come up and say welcome back into The Cure! I was watching your promo earlier and I would be lying if I said it didn't have me amped up in a way. But, yeah just once again welcome back to the Cure. Now if you don't mind I have a match I gotta get ready for. Gunner : Thanks man, also best of luck to you tonight in your match! James Knight goes back to getting prepared for his match, and Gunner makes his way off screen.
  2. I think overtime Bray Wyatt has had the single greatest character transformation ever. The man took himself from basically a jobber. To a glorified jobber who ended up with the world title. To a legit top guy in the company with the world title. Bray shows that just because you fail once or twice doesn't mean to just give up keep trying and you'll eventually succeed.
  3. In my opinion Halo is very overrated. It may be because it wasn't the game I grew up playing, but even when I went back to play them at one point I never understood all the hype the games were given. I never had a moment when playing them like it was the greatest game I had ever played. SO for me it has to be the Halo franchise
  4. It's a newer game, but I love the soundtrack in Death Stranding. The soundtrack is a mixture between very peaceful and calming. But, also it kind of hypes you up for different moments in the game. For me it's one of the soundtracks that I love to death and I culd listen to at any point in time.
  5. For me it was probably 100% the Batman telltale game in one play-through. The game never worked so when I got it to work one day I sat down and played the entire thing which took me like 7 hours, but I felt so proud of myself that I actually sat through it all and played it all the way through. Because I usually will stop playing a game at a random point and just return to it at a later date.
  6. I feel like it has to be Mario. He basically made a company in the video game industry and most people have at least some sort of experience of playing as Mario trying to save Peach. I personally love playing both of their games, but overall I feel like Mario takes the cake. He's one of the most recognizable faces in gaming history.
  7. The XFL is unique and I am interested in the reboot of it, but from knowing whos the mastermind behind it and how it previously went. I am really holding my breath on becoming a fan of it. I hope it does succeed this time around because I think it would be cool to have certain players choose between the XFL and the NFL. I think it would be a cool dynamic that we have not seen in football in forever.
  8. The only guy who can take the belt at this point in time in my opinion is Jon Moxley. He is the only one I feel like who is on the level of Jericho. MJF would be a good shout but I feel like he still needs a bit more time until they put the title on him. In a way I think putting the title on Jericho was good and bad. It was good because it's Jericho like he's a huge star. The downside to that is that he is a huge star, and AEW does not have many faces at his level.
  9. My dream house is not too flashy. In my dream house I would love to have like 2-3 bedrooms and like 1-2 bathroom. I would love for it to be two story. And as just a personal touch I would love to have an in-ground pool in the backyard. It's not really too flashy of a dream house. But, if I could ever get a house like this I would try to never lose it.
  10. For me it was being able to start college and prove to myself that I can stand alone and be able to do things myself. Starting College was huge for me because I always felt like I had to prove something to my family and making it in and being able to be successful made me feel really good. Also I've met a lot of cool people and I'm expanding just how I live life in general now. So my favorite moment of this year has to be starting college.
  11. I wish I could go back to the days when this was all really getting started. Sadly I wasn't there, but I've heard such good things from those times that I would love to be able to go back and live through those moments.
  12. Personally I would love to see Dolph make the move over. I feel like AEW would treat him like the star I think he still is. They would push him towards titles and let him just be him for once and prove that WWE has misused this man so badly over the past few years. Another one would be the Revival. They are so talented, but for some reason Vince just doesn't see how good they are and are mostly forgotten about on Raw.
  13. It's easily Cody's his is a beat you can listen to outside of it just being a theme song and its just a badass theme to come out to
  14. I am just here to announce that my Tennessee Titans are officially playoff bound. And I understand we are the underdogs, but I feel like we can go out there and give some other teams some problems this year.
  15. I feel like consoles will be a thing for a long time. But, I feel like eventually Xbox and PlayStation will just have a lethal hold on the field and it will just be a two platform debate. Because despite PC being better, financially its just so much more expensive to own. Thats why I believe consoles will be a thing and eventually they will be sitting on a platform next to PC with graphics.
  16. Wrestlers of the Next Decade *In My Opinion* ( WWE ) Shayna Baszler Kevin Owens Adam Cole Keith Lee Seth Rollins
  17. Samoa Joe will become World Champion WWE will invent Titles for 3 person teams Undertaker will officially retire from in-ring action Cm Punk will return in a part time capactiy
  18. John Cena Cena may have ended the decade with his least preforming year in a long, long time, but he still had one of the best decades anyone could ask for. During this decade Cena had garnered 4 Match of the Year nods, 1 Feud of the Year, 1 Most Popular Wrestler, and in 2013 he was ranked as the best wrestler in the industry all this was by P.W.I. During this decade Cena was a merch selling machine and was quite the belt collector. Multiple time Heavyweight Champion, US Champion. He won Money in the Bank, and a Royal Rumble. So all in all Cena had one of the greatest decades a wrestler could have and that is why I say he was the best wwe wreslter of this decade.
  19. If I had to narrow it down to just one person then that man obviously has to be Seth Rollins Seth right now is one of the biggest stars the company has and he is so polarizing. The audience is always involved some way with him. Away from just being polarizing he is one of the best wrestlers bell to bell in the entire wrestling business. So for whose the best to come out of NXT this decade, then that conversation starts and ends with Seth Rollins. For the worst NXT call up this decade it has to be Ascension The Ascension were decent in NXT and just had the crowd behind up so in my opinion they were brought up way to soon. So when they hit the main roster the world really got to see that aside from a few moves they really weren't ready to be there. So they fell flat on their face hard, and were never really able to recover in fact they just recently got released. So all in all the Ascension has to be one of the worst, but for me they are THE worst call up of his decade.
  20. Genuinely I've loved every console I've owned but if I had to pick a least favorite out of them all it probably has to be the GameCube. Now I'm not saying the console is bad, but compared to The PS2, PS4, and X-box 360 it probably was my least favorite. But I do still love that console because it was the first console I started playing on and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it all the time, but compared to the others it has to be my least favorite
  21. Pokemon is vastly overrated. I feel like people grew up with it so they just have that nostalgic attachment to it, but for me the games were never really fun and the show was sub-par for me. So yeah Pokemon being overrated is my unpopular opinion
  22. Smackdown vs Raw 2007. This one just every time I play it just brings me pure joy. I love going into GM Mode and building my own roster and watching as my chaos booking unfolds. It just for me one of the best games in the entire WWE game history and it a absolute favorite of mine to go back and play.
  23. My Game of the decade probably has to be GTA V. The game was something that brought a lot of my friend group together and we really just had a blast playing it. It also was so fun for so long that it has to be one of if not the best game of this entire decade. For its longevity and how fun all around the game was
  24. Carnage returns from commercial to James Knights music playing and he makes his way down to the ring with a microphone already in hand So let me get right to the point tonight, well get to the first of many points. First, I would like to officially say that I am entering the royal rumble this year! The Crowd erupt in cheers This will be my first Royal Ruble and I want it to be something special. I want to prove that people should not take me lightly despite my recent loss I feel like I have a wave of momentum rolling for me and I want to capitalize on this and enter the Royal Rumble and give everyone in the match a run for their money and hopefully come out as the victor. Second, I would like to address the Number One Contenders match for the North American title at Night of Legends. I am thankful for the opportunity to showcase my talents within a different division in the company. And, this match would mean a hell of a lot to me if I could end up winning it. As, not only is this a Number One Contenders match for the NA title. This is a Number One Contenders match for a shot at the NA title at BPZ Mania! So winning that match would be huge because you automatically get a spot on the BPZ Mania card, and you know that if there is anyone in this company that wants to be on that card the most it has to be me! And last, but certainly not least. My match at New Years Carnage for the NXT Championship against The Tiger... James Knight takes a moment and has some flashbacks to the brutal assault after the Five-Way at Winter Warfare You see Tiger... I just don't think you know who you are facing just quite yet. You chose to cheap shot me?!?! How dumb must you be? I am one of the most relentless guys this company has ever seen. And, just because I have turned a new leaf since coming back does not mean that I'm not willing to go to those levels to get what I want. Tiger, I know you're scared because you know I came so, so close to winning that title so you did what you had to do to try and take me out of the picture. Well bad news for you Tiger. You have just fueled my fire even more and come New Years Carnage it's me and you, one-on-one for that title. So, you better bring your A-Game because you damn sure know I'm going to be bringing mine! James Knight drops the mic and exits the arena under a sea of fans cheering for James Knight

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