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  1. Hi there forum crew, usually I leave my personal life as far away from my online life as possible, I don't see a need to merge the two. In October, I started a WWE 2K19 Universe Mode, Trials & Tribulations: The Beginnings . The overall idea for what I had envisioned genuinely excited me and got me interested in a WWE Game which I've not had in a long time. Heck I was enjoying creating my own CAWs for my Universe Mode and I hate making CAWs. Anyway, I was all good to go, ready to get the first shows done... and then this is where real life gets in the way. My misses and I were expecting our first child.. well children... twins... November 3 2018, my misses had a miscarriage, we lost both babies. This had a major psychological effect on us both, even more so on her. She spiralled into depression and self loathing and while I was battling my own demons about the situation, I was trying to take care of her. Now here we are 2 months later, things have by no means gotten easier, however the road to recovery is in place. I'm hoping to have my Universe Mode's first show up sometime during January, however I do not know how often I'll be posting the shows. I had good feedback from people who saw the thread and liked the idea I was going with and I was including CAWs from people on the forum. I want to bring this concept to you all, I just ask for your continued patience with me. Thanks all.
  2. Sorry been super busy with changes at work (new owners, drs leaving, staff leaving etc) and have had to pick up the slack.  First show for my UM will be up in the next few days

  3. An article is posted on www.breakthroughcw.com Thank you to everyone who has recently made contact with BCW, be it as a prospective wrestler, a fan or even the trolls. Thank you to all for your contributions. BCW will not be able to move forward without each and everyone of you. Now, we have had quite a few new signings since our last update so here are the newest editions, to the BCW Roster. Men Adam North: 25, 6"1, 99kg (220lbs), Bruiser, Worked on the independents for 2 years, high impact offence while still engaging the crowd Adam Shadows: 22, 6"6, 120kgs (265lbs), Giant/Submissionist, Recently started training to be a wrestler, wants to break the mould of a typical giant. Brian Zynel: 28, 5"10, 120kgs (265lbs), Brawler, Worked on the independents for 7 years, has a negative reputation among fans as seems to go to many promotions in short times. Eli Smith: 23, 5"8, 85kg (189lbs), Strong style/Technician, Wrestling for 4 years in the UK, has now come to the USA to further his career. Gabriel Roivas: 20, 6"2, 108kgs (240lbs), High Flyer, Started training to be a wrestler at 16, has been working the independents for 8 months, inspired by Jeff Hardy and Sting. Kage: 24, 5"9, 97kg (215lbs), Luchador, Studied NJPW growing up and has been training since 14, had his first match at 18 and has been working the independents worldwide since. Noah Jaye: 24, 6"0, 97kg (215lbs), Technician/High Flyer, Worked the Independents for 3 years, mixes high flying and submission into his arsenal. Women Akira Ray: 22, 6"0, 93kg (207lbs), Muay Thai specialist, Been working the independents for 1 year. Grew up studying Muay Thai, is now transitioning into wrestling. Catherin Gate: 20, 5"3, 56kg (125lbs), Recently started training to be a wrestler, has not yet settled on the type of wrestler she wants to be. Christina Ali: 25, 5"1, 59kg (132lbs), High Flyer, Been working the independents for 3 years, currently wrestling for the enjoyment, is not committed to it as a full time job. Emma Stahr: 21, 5"6, 69kg (153lbs), Brawler, Recently started training as a wrestler, inspired by Beth Phoenix and Lita. Kari Nicole: 18, 5"3, 56kg (125 pounds), Recently started training to be a wrestler, inspired by Trish Stratus and Alex Bliss Snow Queen: 26, 5"11, 68kg (150lbs), Technician, Been working the independents for 3 years. Currently working on improving her submission skills. Violet: 23, 5"1, 56kg (125lbs), Technician/Brawler, Been working the independents for 2 years. Small in stature but firmly believes she is the best female wrestler in any promotion she enters. I am excited to see how these wonderful wrestlers showcase their abilities here in BCW. With this in mind, tickets for our first show are now on sale! Tickets are $10 each with a total of 200 available and will be taking place in 2 weeks time. You can get your tickets from our website and there will be tickets available on the night. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting Budget: $23,400 Signing Fees: -$3,600 Ending Budget: $19,800 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have not put a date for the show because now that I have enough for a starting roster, I do not want to be restricted by a linear timeline. Each show will be 1-2 weeks apart which I will mention in each show post at the end regarding how long till the next show. Then the following show will just be that far ahead. Otherwise I'm going to have to work my shows and structure it around my own work schedule which changes week to week.
  4. An article is posted on www.breakthroughcw.com It has been 2 days since I, Kable Harrison, took over as Owner of BCW. I want to thank everyone that has shown support in this venture and I hope to give you all a product to be proud of. With that said, I would like to announce the first members of the BCW Roster Men: Adam Mason: 23, 6"0, 106kgs (235lbs), Mixed Martial Artist, Recently started training to be a wrestler looking to build up to be a submission specialist Couch Potato: 27, 6"5, 136kg (300lbs), Brawler, Has worked on the independent circuit for 3 years, likes to finish matches quickly doing as little as possible Draven: 26, 5"7, 90kgs (200lbs), High Flyer/Dare Devil, Has worked on the independent circuit for 2 years, Arrogant and believes he should be given opportunities no matter what. Women: Sally: 19, 5"4, 50kg (110lbs), Technician, Recently transitioned from gymnastics into wrestling, small stature but large attitude Breakthrough Championship Wrestling wishes the best to the signings and looks forward to seeing just what impact they will make in this company. Anyone else that is interested in joining BCW please e-mail bcwmanagement2k19@gmail.com to arrange a meeting, Alternatively, come on down to our venue. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting Budget: $26,000 Signing Fees: -$2,600 Ending Budget: $23,400
  5. Cheers for that, I'm excited to see how this works out because it has potential to be so much more than I expect, though could also be a major flop lol
  6. Hello everyone and welcome to the start of my WWE 2k19 Universe Mode, Trials & Tribulations. After taking a few years off from WWE games due to a lack of interest, I'm finally back having new excitement for the franchise once again. I've done Universe Mode threads in the past (Here and other forums) and have enjoyed each one, Brand Wars, WWE Vs NJPW/Impact, WWE TakeOver: A World Without Vince, Indies Vs Indies etc etc. However I decided to try something different this time, something I have never tried before and have not seen others do (Not to say others haven't done this, I just have not seen it). So what exactly will I be doing? Well put simply, Trials & Tribulations is going to be 2 things.. First of all, I'm incorporating a loose adaptation of the MyCareer Story into this Universe Mode, secondly, I'll be including a budget into the series for my promotion. The Budget will include: Starting Investment Venue Hire (Including Food/Drink) Wrestler Fees/Contracts Merchandise Advertising Costs Travel Costs Sponsorship's/Extra Funding Ticket Costs Not Budget Related: Some Wrestlers will also have agreements with other companies so will not always be available for shows (Yay variety) This is just an idea of what I intend to use. Now I am not fully accustomed to actual prices/costs for venues/fees etc so I will be using amounts that I have seen from local companies and also what I think is fair. If you see prices that seem off during this Universe Mode, PLEASE do tell me!! So why have I decided to do my Universe Mode this way? Simply put, it's something different, it's a new challenge to take on and also... It'll force me to be more creative with creating match cards. I won't always be able to have the best people available for a show. Please also note, while I will be putting addresses at times into the story, they are NOT based on real locations (Countries/States excluded). I should mention that this is on the PS4, I mention this because I would like help with creating Arena's and Championships as I can never be happy with what I make with those, also.. I would like involvement from the Forum members with allowing me to use their CAWs in this UM. If interested, this will include having Contract/Wage negotiations as Role Play and will allow for future RP options down the track (Interviews, Promo's etc). Finally, I will eventually incorporate WWE into this series, at first it may just be notes on any championship changes, contract signings or other news. Later on I'll start posting their shows as well. Now, onto the Universe Mode! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Independent Wrestling Star and Former WWE Member Kable Harrison's Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts all upload a video at the same time "It's an odd feeling being back here, after everything that has happened both in the ring and out of it. The friendships, the matches, the fans.. The betrayal... Many would say I'm crazy for even looking at this place again. That I should've forgotten all about it and continued elsewhere, but I can't just do that. No, there is too much of my history here and too many memories. This is where it all started for me, everyone has one, but not everyone remembers that. Not everyone remembers who gave them their first opportunity, I'll never forget.. No matter how much I was betrayed by that same person.... Barron Blade was my mentor and at times, a father figure, but as we all know he stabbed me in the back the moment I had a chance to advance my career. The man who gave me my start tried to hold me back. So why am I here? Why am I back at this high school where BCW once called home? Simple... BCW gave me the chance to be a wrestler and live my dream. BCW is where I honed my craft, it's where I got my first fans, my first feuds and my first opportunities to be successful. As such, I am here to announce that as of right now, I am the new owner of BCW! It's not going to be easy, I know this. But since I've had to retire due to injury, I want to give people the same opportunity I got. I want to showcase the best wrestlers in the world both established and new. Gone are the days that BCW will be taunted as Backstabbing Cowardly Wrestling,... BCW is Bankable, Beneficial, Bewitching, Beautiful, Breathtaking and Bountiful... But most importantly, BCW is Breakthrough Championship Wrestling. We are going to Breakthrough the negative stain that Barron Blade left on this business, we are going to Breakthrough the expectations of the naysayers, you are going to Breakthrough your own doubts! BCW is back, we are better than before and we will go further than it's ever been taken before. If you are a wrestler or looking to get into wrestling shoot me an e-mail at bcwmanagement2k19@gmail.com. Alternatively you can come down to our new home at 247 Nexus Avenue, Brooklyn NY USA between the hours of 8am - 12pm and 4pm - 7pm Monday to Friday or Saturdays 9am - 2:30pm and we can discuss things in person. Thank you for your time." The video fades ends, fading out from the High School gym and then cuts to the new location showing a Warehouse that has a ring inside as well as training equipment before fading to black. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Expenses Starting Budget: $100,000 Purchasing BCW + Renaming: -$10,000 Venue Fee: -$55,000 - 6 Month Lease Wrestling Ring: -$4,000 Gym Equipment: -$5,000 Total Earnings: +$0 Total Expenses: -$74,000 Ending Budget: $26,000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Employee's Owner: Kable Harrison Sponsors/Partnerships: N/A Wrestlers: N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope that this style of Universe Mode interests people and I would love any feedback that people have. If you would be willing to allow me to use your CAWs in this then please do feel free to contact me either via PM, Discord or E-mail (Yes the e-mail I mentioned before is actually real, I made it just for this UM lol). Also, if you are able to create a Ring/Championships for me, please message me or respond on here, I would greatly appreciate that!
  7. That would definitely be something I would look at down the track, first up would be building it up as an upstart indie fed (With some allowance of receiving a decent backing to begin with, such as a 200,000 budget or something. Haven't worked out the full details) but would then be building up for a streaming platform etc, then as gain more money/popularity would be able to sign some bigger names etc. I appreciate you saying you trust me to make it realistic, means a lot Thank you, I always like to try new things rather than just do the same old thing that I usually would do. Adding the forum member CAWs as you said would keep it fresh, but it also allows me to use some of the negotiations I do with the members as part of the speech for the actual shows etc. I'm really just tossing around ideas atm.
  8. Follow up to my earlier idea of taking over as owner of BCW or another inidie promotion, but going a step further and having a budget to work with. So this would include: Starting Budget Wrestler payment (Contracts or Match Fee) Merchandise Sales Location fee Bonuses (High rated matches, Title matches, title defence, length of reign, win streak etc etc etc) Other expenses (Paying for wrestlers to travel to show, pyro etc etc) Sponsorship deals Now all of these figures would be somewhat random but I would make an effort to keep them as realistic as possible. An Example of how this would work Starting Budget: $500,000 Contract Signings: -$15,000, Cole Quinn 1 year $15,000 Match Fees: - $8,000, El Mago 1 Match $500, RJ Tyler 1 Match $500, Susie 1 Match $500 etc etc Merchandise Sales: +$2,300 Location Fee: -$7,000 Ending Budget: $472,300 This is just an example of how it would look and each show would have this shown at the end of it. If I did do this, I would also be open to negotiating with people of the forum for a fee/contract for their CAWs for use in this fed. Feedback appreciated
  9. Since it's been a few years since I last put any effort or time into a WWE game I'll be starting a new Universe mode, I have several ideas in mind. Run it as just Raw Vs. SmackDown Vs. NXT, have 205 Live merged into a main show and given more opportunity. Take over as owner of BCW (Or start up a new Indie company) build them up to be a Global company eventually being a Vs. WWE timeline. WWE/Impact/Custom Company WWE Goes Bankrupt and sells off assets.. 2 or 3 Custom Companies rise up to hire talent (maybe end up with Impact and/or NJPW involved) Women's only universe mode. That's just off top of my head but I've no idea which idea/s I want to run with.
  10. fml so many issues with my laptop atm.. Have barely been able to use it for the past few days.. I need a new one -_-.

  11. I greatly needed to take the past week off to mentally deal with some stuff.  Week 1 SmackDown and NXT for my UM will be posted later today.  Thanks for the patience

  12. Sorry guys, was in a down mood tonight and couldn't mentally be bothered with my UM. Will have SmackDown and NXT up as soon as possible.

    Update soon coming on how i plan to move forward with it in terms of when i update it (weekly for each show or just when i'm up to it)

  13. Platform: Ps4 Creator: hayworthgang Content: Caws - DLC Content, TM-61, Eric Young, Bobby Roode Creator: KoulGe7 Content: Tommaso Ciampa, JohhnyGargano, Cedric Alexander Creator: gavinmahon4 Content: Authors Of Pain
  14. Unexpected Medical Emergency has left me unable to provide RAW for my 2k17 UM Thread.  Raw and SmackDown will be up on Thursday.

    I apologize for any inconvenience.

  15. Brock Lesnar is the most boring worker in the company right now. He's boring in the ring with his 3 moves Body Strikes (Punches, Elbows and Knees included in this), Suplex's and F-5. As you always know exactly what's going to happen. It's that predictability that make his matches boring and whoever he faces has to carry him. Also, if Brock Lesnar didn't have Paul Heyman to support him his entire career, Lesnar would never have been as big a name in the Wrestling industry as he is today. (Part of the reason he has needed Heyman to do all his talking is because he's always sounded like a teenage girl going through puberty). Enzo Amore should become a full time manager rather than a wrestler. He'd be better off being a modern day Jimmy Hart style worker. The Miz deserves a Main Title run currently.

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