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  1. Name: Keith Johnson a.k.a Atlas Gender: Male Superpower: Invisibility and Electrokinesis Backstory: 17 year old Keith Johnson was A normal kid attending Sr. High when during A trip to A museum A chemical weapon was used and everyone got out except for him and he was placed in A coma for A 16 months thus giving him his powers. Once he finally awakens he realizes that his mother (the only family he had) died of A heart attack and he was left to pay for the hospital bill and for his mother to have A proper funeral. Without A high school diploma meaning no job, He quickly found thi
  2. A great feud that I am very much looking forward to. I just hope WWE doesn't screw it up before the PPV.
  3. I can't even remember when was the last time we had A IC championship match. I thought giving the belt to Shinsuke would be A good thing but his run as champ as been even worse than Bayley's. At least she has been doing something with it even though those things were cringy and boring as hell.
  4. Is there not anyone else on Smackdown they can give the belt to? I'm fine with Bayley dropping the title (because so far her reign hasn't been memorable except when she cash in the Women's Money In The Bank) but Charlotte again? She's already A flipping NINE time champion since coming to the main roster.
  5. The OC, The Usos, The Revival, Lucha House Party, The B Team, Heavy Machinery, Viking Raiders, and Ryder & Hawkins. All eight of these teams got passed over for two teams were just mashed together for some dumb reason.
  6. The only question is after this where does WWE go with Seth Rollings? He's beaten Baron Corbin, Brock Lesnar and now facing Braun Strowman. Who else is in the main title picture? Drew McIntyre?
  7. Since I switched from Xbox One to PS4 I have to rebuy and play through all of the guys I had plus some new ones that were only exclusive to PlayStation. Right Now I'm playing through Red Dead 2, GTA V(again), Skyrim(again)m and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2(again). It might get boring playing through games I beat years ago, but those trophies won't fall into my lap.
  8. WWE really needs to fix their tag team division on both brands and they better do fast. A lot of greats tag teams are AWOL for no reason.
  9. Highly doubt that Ronda's going to lose her title this close to WrestleMania against the likes of Ruby Riott. The smart thing WWE should do during the match is to play the numbers by having Sarah and Liv do a bit of interference here and there.
  10. I was scrolling through the bad side of the internet(i.e YouTube's comment section) and some people got in an argument on whether or not Smackdown Live can go three hours and I wanted to see everyone opinion on it.
  11. Jo Nathan has either good (or okay) chemistry with Fire King Atlas Kurt Justice has either good (nor okay) chemistry with Fire King Atlas
  12. List of PPV name suggestions Hardcore Revolution(Extreme Rules, One Night Stand like PPVs) Remorse( Vengeance, Payback, Backlash) Golden Shot/Battle for the Belts(Night of Champions) Independence's Stand Paradise City Lockdown All-Out Justice Final Chapter Survivor Stars
  13. Raw's newest dominating women's champion Ronda Rousey versus the four-time women's champion(who didn't make one successful defense) Sasha Banks. I could see it being a good match however this is WWE we're talking about where good matches go to die. But we'll see.
  14. My first memory of watching TNA Impact was the iconic "TNA Riot took place on August 6, 2009. Daniels and the Motor City Machine Guns battled Eric Young, the Sheik, and Kiyoshi in the ring. Sting & Mick Foley fought Kurt Angle & Kevin Nash somewhere outside the arena. Team 3-D fought Scott Steiner & Booker T. Beer Money fought the British Invasion and backstage in the office Samoa Joe intensely brawling with Bobby Lashley.
  15. I'm honestly just skipping both Raw and Smackdown Live until Royal Rumble because the main roster is completely full of injuries and it comes from most of the faces which makes it doubly worse
  16. The Marker told the biggest issue for me here's another. Actually, use half the roster for matches. I constantly hear WWE signing indie wrestlers but I see their roster is bloated and over half of the main roster is not used for months and months. Just look at poor Rusev, Apollo Crews, and Zack Ryder.
  17. One major issue is with a three-hour show over half the wrestler's can't even get on the show or have nothing going for them. Zack Ryder, Dana Brook, BAYLEY & SASHA BANKS, No Way Jose, the entirety of 205 live and so many others have great talent and reaction to the crowd but WWE doesn't even use them because they don't trust them.
  18. Born: The second of February, 1997 Set to debut: April 2016 Gender: Male Race: Black Nationality: American Based in: USA Active Wrestler Style: Regular Wrestler Size: Light Heavyweight Minimum Size: Middle heavyweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight Moves: Falcon Arrow, Crossface, Moonsault, Fisherman Suplex, Inverted Backbreaker Face Gimmick: Generic Babyface Heel Gimmick: King Booker Hair: Yes Favoured Role: wrestler Picture: Pre New Day Big E Langston

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