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    Wrestling Rumours Week One.


    WR1. Impact Wrestling has officially announced the release of El Hijo del Fantasma, Grado and Kongo Kong. Impact Wrestling thanked all these workers for their time with the promotion and hope their future treats them well. Impact has said “We are open to welcoming these workers back to the promotion at a later date but currently we cannot see them as being involved in our future”



    WR2. It’s been reported that Impact Wrestling have signed four sponsorship deals with the companies listed. Fite. Dairy Queen. Sketchers. LinkedIn. It seems that Fite is Impact’s main sponsorship paying a huge amount more than the other companies. It will be interesting to see how this pans out and whether any more “Main stream” companies are interested in sponsoring Impact Wrestling.



    WR3. With Impact’s recent number of talents realises it has been rumoured that Impact Wrestling Scouts have been closely monitoring a few stars from around the world and they have been rumoured to enter contract negotiations with these stars in the next few days and here they are. Nick Aldis, Kimber Lee, Zack Sabre Jr. and Stu Bennett.



    WR4. With the return of what looks like may be the good old days of Impact Wrestling they have once again re-opened their developmental system. This won’t compare to WWE’s by any means, but this is another step in the right direction for the company. Impact’s developmental was once known as Border City Wrestling but has now been renamed the IDC (The Impact Developmental Centre).


  2. Image result for impact wrestling 2018 logo png

    Since Impact Wrestling was founded in 2002 under the name Total Nonstop Action Wrestling the company has had its ups and down’s. Impact Wrestling has had various owners since it was founded but one thing has stayed the same since around 2006. What is that? Michael Morris. A backstage staff member almost since the beginning he has stayed loyal to the company.

    As Impact has evolved so has the role Michael is played in the company. Simply starting of as a backstage hand then slowly proving himself to management throughout the years. During his time in the company Michael after showing immense loyalty to the Impact brand managed to capture a job in the creative team. He showed great creativity since being appointed in this new position.

    However, Impact seems to have entered a resurgence. Some would say a Final resurgence! As the storylines continue to flow and some of the best underrated wrestlers from around the world arrive in the Impact Zone. One of the men behind what could be the final resurgence of Impact Wrestling. The newly appointed head of Impact’s creative team Michael Morris.  





    Andrew Everett.

    Austin Aries (Impact World Champion).

    Bhupinder Singh.

    Brian Cage (X Division Champion).

    Caleb Konley.

    Chandler Park.

    Dave Crist.

    Dezmond Xavier.

    DJ Z.

    Eddie Edwards.

    Eli Drake.

    Fallah Bahh.


    Gama Singh.


    Gurinder Singh.


    Jake Crist.

    Jimmy Jacobs.

    Joe Hendry.

    Johnny Impact.

    Killer Kross.



    Kongo Kong.


    Matt Sydal.


    Ortiz. (World Tag Team Champion).

    Pentagon Jr.

    Petey Williams.

    Rich Swann.

    Rohit Raju.

    Sami Callihan.

    Santana. (World Tag Team Champion).


    Taiji Ishimori.

    Trevor Lee.

    Vikas Kumar.



    Female Roster.

    Alisha Edwards.




    Kiera Hogan.


    Scarlett Bordeaux.

    Su Yung.

    Taya Valkriye.

    Tessa Blanchard. (Knockouts Champion).




    Impact World Heavyweight Champion: Austin Aries.

    X Division Champion: Brian Cage.

    Impact World Tag Team Champions: LAX

    Impact Knockouts Championship: Tessa Blanchard


    Now that all that's out the way. Here comes the final resurgence of Impact...

  3. I’ve got a feeling that Styles is gonna pick up the win and that disappoints me a little. I love Styes so much and I think he is one of the best wrestlers in the world today but his title run is getting a little stale there’s nothing really for him right now so I think he should drop the belt to Joe on the night. And Joe really does just deserve it.

  4. There’s a PPV coming up very soon and I feel like the whole build up to any of the matches from the Raw side have completely fallen flat. As other people have said the use of Rousey in constant squash and tag matches is really taking that “big attraction” feel away from her....I’ll still be watching but hopefully they can get me even a little bit excited for hell in a cell tonight???

  5. I’ve kinda got a feeling that they are gonna ruin what could be a semi-decent match between the two. Maybe a interference from Mickie or other heel like Alicia Fox taking away from the match itself. Despite that I think Alexa will pick up the win with some “wacky” heel tactics??


  6. Hey what’s up guys?

    My name is Michael...or #Heel whatever one you feel like picking. I’m happy to be here and just see what the site has to bring. I look forward to sharing my popular and probably unpopular views such as Jinder Mahal should have held the WWE Championship for 3 years and beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania in 30 seconds....that’s a joke.

    i started watching wrestling was about 8 I think. I remember the first match that really stuck in my head once I watched it was Shawn Michaels Vs Ric Flair in Flairs retirement match. Since that Match Shawn pretty much became my favourite superstar in the world of Wrestling. I guess my “Fav five” past and current in no real order would be Shawn Michaels, Richochet, Matt Sydal, Adam Cole and Hangman Page. 


    Oh oh by the way....If you like Mojo Rawley, Goldust or R-Truth we can’t be friends.....

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