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  1. WWE announces mixed match challenge

    Personally, I love this idea as it benefits charity. However, I do wish that this was in fact a Intergender Tag Team Match tournament as female athletes outside of WWE have proven that they can hold their own against the guys, like Candice LeRae for example. I think the list of RAW Superstars who were added to it are a good fit but I am interested in seeing who teams up and which teams will advance in the tournament. In regards to the SmackDown Live Superstars, I think Roode could be a huge favorite going into this tournament and wouldn't be surprised if he was teamed up with Charlotte Flair. Also, for some reason I see Lana being teamed up with Rusev. Overall, this should be interesting and I am looking forward to seeing how this goes and which teams will advance as part of it. I do know I would like to see this possibly lead WWE to allow Intergender Matches again considering we saw Becky Lynch take on James Ellsworth about a month ago I believe. However, it most likely won't which is a bit disappointing in my opinion as I do enjoy Intergender Matches but also great because WWE never booked them correctly like Lucha Underground or other companies do.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys. I know that later today I will begin writing the next match but just wanted to let you guys know that I am willing to take suggestions if you guys have any. I am thinking the next match will feature Adam Cole in some fashion but it really depends on if I can find a good opponent for him and figure out a good story for him and his opponent as well. I also have thought of a good story for Drew McIntyre as well, so I may end up doing McIntyre's match first before doing Adam Cole's match, which will allow me more time to figure out my plans for him. Either way the next match should be posted in a couple of days, so make sure to keep your eyes out for it.
  3. What Youtubers have you been watching?

    To be honest, I don't watch a lot of Youtubers nowadays but I do check out some videos by SmackTalks, The101 and Macho T because I like their news and "5 Things You May Not Know" videos for WWE 2K18. However, I mainly watch Youtube for music and match highlights. I also use Youtube to find movie trailers for upcoming movies I may have missed.
  4. WWE 205 Live Official Discussion

    Hideo Itami has always been one of my favorite talents due to his in-ring ability. However, he does seem very injury prone at times which could explain why they sent him to 205 Live. I do know that I wish him the best of luck going into the Cruiserweight Division and would love to see him become a major player for it, even becoming Cruiserweight Champion. I am disappointed that he isn't going to SmackDown Live though where he could become a credible threat to either the United States or WWE Championship in my opinion. I do know that I would have loved to see a match between him and CM Punk as the two have similar fighting styles and could have put on a fantastic match if it had ever took place. I do know that with him going to 205 Live, it could seem like WWE may ask him to carry the division on his back until they are able to create more stars for the division. I think Itami Vs. Neville would be a great match if Neville does decide to return but that seems very unlikely the longer he is away. I do know that out of the possible opponents to Itami, I would look forward to seeing a Itami Vs. Metalik match as I want to see them push Gran Metalik as he hasn't been used to his full potential in my opinion. I don't know how well his mic-work is though, which could be the reason why they haven't pushed him as much since the Cruiserweight Classic.
  5. I think these two have great chemistry in the ring and always put on a decent match. I do expect The Riott Squad to get involved either during or after the match and would like to see them push Riott in the SmackDown Women's title picture as well. I do know that with this being a lumberjack match it's more likely to have The Riott Squad attack Charlotte whenever she's thrown out of the ring, instead of Natalya. However, I wouldn't be surprised if this match ends via No Contest due a brawl breaking out between the heels and faces during the match as it has happened in the past. So I could see Charlotte Flair and Natalya ending their feud at the Rumble if this match gets interrupted.
  6. I am looking forward to this match as The New Day and The Usos have been amazing talents and have carried the Tag Team Division. However, I am interested in seeing how this match goes as there are so many possibilities to this match. I do know I wouldn't mind seeing Benjamin & Gable winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships but I am expecting to see The New Day or The Usos walk out as champions instead. I do think it is a bit early to add The New Day back into the title picture though so I would have liked to see a different tag team take their place as I like seeing different teams pushed instead of the same two all the time. I think Breezango or the Bludgeon Brothers would make great SmackDown Tag Team Champions as well once WWE decides to finally add them into the title picture. Also I wouldn't mind seeing WWE push The Colons or maybe even Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in the tag title team picture as it would shake things up a bit.
  7. I think it's safe to assume that Dolph Ziggler won't be the next United States Champion. However, I would be happily surprised if he did in fact win the title because I have always enjoyed his in-ring work, even though he has been complaining a lot lately as part of his gimmick. I think Corbin will retain here though, even though I will be rooting for Bobby Roode as I have enjoyed his work the most instead of Baron Corbin. I am interested in seeing how this match ends though as there are several possibilities considering it is a Triple Threat Match and I look forward to seeing the aftermath of this match to see if WWE will continue to push Corbin or push Roode or Ziggler as the new United States Champion instead.
  8. I am extremely disappointed to see WWE split up the Hype Bros as you could have turned them heel instead. However, I am glad to see that they turned Mojo heel instead of Zack. I am interested in seeing where this leads for both Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley but I have a feeling Zack won't be used much and will instead be jobbed to the stars most of the time. Mojo will most likely be pushed a midcard star and could possibly go after the United States Championship. Anyway, I see Mojo winning this match and will be surprised if Zack pulls out the win here.
  9. Breezango VS Bludgeon Brothers

    To be honest, I have really been enjoying Breezango's work as a Tag Team and have enjoyed the Fashion File segments they've been doing. I would be happy to see Breezango pull out the victory here. However, I think it's safe to assume that The Bludgeon Brothers will pull out the victory here. I think either one of these teams would make great SmackDown Tag Team Champions but it's too early to let The Bludgeon Brothers lose their first match. I am also glad to see that we have finally found out who were tormenting Breezango all of this time as it almost seemed like we weren't going to get a answer in regards to it.
  10. WWE Supercard Discussion

    I am not sure if anybody else still plays this game but I am currently in the Beast tier. I know Season 4 has had it's issues but I am at least glad they are currently celebrating the holidays as for Halloween they gave us some awesome looking Zombie Cards to unlock and for Christmas they are giving us some more Holiday themed cards to unlock as well. My team is also currently in Monster tier so we have been getting some great cards from Team Battleground and Team Ring Domination as we don't really focus on Team Road to Glory.
  11. NXT Discussion December 13th 2017

    I'm looking forward to seeing this week's episode of NXT on the USA Network. I am most looking forward to the Aleister Black Vs. Adam Cole match but I think this episode of NXT will be great as usual. I am looking forward to seeing Peyton Royce in action as well but I am also interested in seeing if NXT becomes a weekly thing for the USA Network if it gets a good amount of support or if this is just a one-time special. I'm really hoping that NXT becomes a weekly part of the USA Network as long as they allow Triple H to remain control of the program as I can't really watch it on the WWE Network due to slow internet.
  12. Come and Get It...

    A live event being held in the Allstate Arena earlier today saw thousands of fans in attendance become ecstatic when they heard the theme song of Andrew Richards hit the sound system. As Richards set foot through the curtain, we could see him wearing a custom-made grey blazer with a white long-sleeve dress shirt underneath it and a pair of long grey dress pants. However, that wasn't all as we also saw him with a smug look on his face as the World Heavyweight Championship rested firmly over his shoulder. The thousands of fans in attendance began to cheer at the very sight they've desired to see ever since he came to BPZ. He would then make his way down the entrance way before climbing the ring steps as he stopped on the apron. He then lifted the World Heavyweight Championship from his shoulder and into the air with one hand as the crowd inside the Allstate Arena began chanting his name before he would step between the ropes. He then took a microphone from the ring announcer as if he was about to speak but waited until almost a deafening silence filled the building. Andrew Richards: "Flynn, you don't seem to get it. A real champion doesn't let another man take his title, nor does he allow himself to be laid out in the middle of this ring. Now, I may be a lot of things but I ain't no hypocrite. You see, I was granted a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity because I earned it! I paid my dues in the independent circuit and Bailey understands that. However, trust me when I say I couldn't care less what you, Smith or anybody in the back thinks about me. I only care about these fans because they support me, they pay to see me, not you. So, I am going to make them happy no matter the cost and give them what they want to see, me taking this title from you at all costs!" Richards would then lift the World Heavyweight Championship back into the air with one hand as the sea of fans in attendance began chanting for a new World Heavyweight Champion to be crowned at December to Dismember. Andrew Richards: "Now it may not be at December to Dismember, but trust me, nobody is going to end your title reign besides me, not even Smith. I have been the one who's been hauling ass to make an impact here mere days before we all clash. I am the one who's been dominating you on this microphone and I am the one who you tried to cheapshot in the middle of this ring earlier this week. So, I know full well that you consider me a major threat to you and your reign as World Heavyweight Champion. But, unlike you, I don't need to hide behind my father or leech off of his name. Instead, I am doing this all by myself baby and trust me when I say I am going to plant you in the middle of this ring with a piledriver. Not for myself, but for these fans who cannot stand you!" The thousands of fans in attendance would then begin to chant "Thank You Richards!" as Richards nods his head in approvement towards them. However, Richards would then begin to shake as his emotions became clear as day as intensity filled his eyes. Flynn lit a fire within his challenger that he would soon regret. Andrew Richards: "Flynn, if you want this title back so desperately, then come and get it. But you're right, we came up in this business very differently, I earned the respect of these fans while the only thing you ever earned was your father's respect for being his bitch! However, I promise you that I am going to pry this title away from your cold dead hands once I beat you in the middle of this ring and make you my bitch! And if Smith decides to get in my way, I'll do the same damn thing to him! Mark my words Flynn, this is only just the beginning of the end. I will be waiting, Champ..." Richards threw the microphone to the ground and lifted the World Heavyweight Championship in the air before mouthing the word "Notorious" as the thousands of fans in attendance joined him. He would then place the World Heavyweight Championship on the mat before removing his custom-made blazer as he rolled up the sleeves of his white dress shirt underneath it. He would then stand behind the title as he turned his attention to the entrance way, awaiting the arrival of the World Heavyweight Champion, Flynn as chants of "Come and Get it" echoed throughout the building.
  13. What TV Series do you watch?

    4 years later and I am still watching Gotham. It's fucking fantastic, I love the current storylines and enjoyed seeing more characters from the DC Universe being added to it such as Professor Pyg, among others. I do know that I am a huge Batman fan so I love being able to see brand new or lesser known characters featured on the show as there are some characters in the DC Universe that I haven't heard of until recently thanks to Gotham. I cannot wait until it returns in the spring as I'm super excited to see what they have planned for the show next. I would love to see this show go on for years to come and would be happy to sit down each week and watch it. If you haven't seen it yet, I would check it out as it mostly follows Jim Gordon's career as a GCPD officer, while also giving us the history of how Bruce Wayne came to be known as Batman.
  14. Mia Khalifa on Ronday Rousey coming to WWE

    To be completely honest, I have never heard of Mia Khalifa but considering her former profession, I wouldn't be talking. If she actually thinks that professional wrestling is not a real sport then she should step into the ring and see what a lot of the athletes think of her. Have her go through the ropes and do exactly what a lot of these athletes go through. They train, they travel, they put their own bodies at risk and in my book that is considered a real sport. I mean let's just compare other sports to professional wrestling because any athlete has to train their entire lives in order to do a sport and they risk not only their career but their body as well. Just because something is scripted doesn't mean it's completely fake as the risk is still there. Professional Wrestling is a mix of athleticism and story-telling. So are you going to tell me that if I film an action movie and somebody dies due a stunt going wrong that it was completely fake and there was no risk involved? That is what transpired in 1982 when Vic Morrow and two children died during filming the Twilight Zone: The Movie in Ventura County, California. They were doing a stunt where their characters attempted to escape from a pursuing U.S. Army helicopter out of a Vietnamese village. However, The helicopter was hovering at about 25 feet above them when pyrotechnic explosions damaged it and caused it to crash on top of them, killing all three instantly. People need to shut their mouths and think before speaking because, in the end, it just makes them look stupid. There is a risk involved in anything you do, professional wrestling included and to deny that by saying it's fake, makes you look stupid. In regards to Ronda Rousey coming to WWE, she is more than welcome to do what she wants. She will be welcomed with open arms if she does, in fact, decide to come because fans of professional wrestling respect athletes because they understand the risk they go through every day.
  15. 2018 Survivor Series Location Set.

    To be honest, Survivor Series being held in Los Angeles is a good move by the WWE as they usually are a good crowd. However, as many others, I would love to see WWE branch out and do pay-per-views outside of the United States because the crowds are usually better and get involved in the show more, while also respecting the performers. I am also excited to hear that Los Angeles will also be home to an NXT TakeOver event as they are usually far better than most WWE pay-per-views. I do wonder if they plan on bringing back WarGames next year as I would love to see WarGames become NXT's version of Survivor Series. I do wonder if we will see Adam Cole as the NXT Champion walking into the event though, along with possibly Fish and O'Reilly as the NXT Tag Team Champions.

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