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  1. I personally love that they are honoring the Fabulous Moolah in this kind of way. However, I am hoping that this match won't be just a filler match and will actually reward the winner of this battle royal in some kind of way. I know that with the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal it's become just another filler match as none of the winners really achieved anything of noteworthy. I mean Cesaro was red hot when he won the first battle royal but Vince didn't pull the trigger on him as he didn't believe in him. Big Show won the second and nothing happened. Baron Corbin won the third and won the Money in the Bank briefcase but failed to cash it in successfully. I'm just hoping that they don't screw the women here like they have done so with the male superstars. I do know I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome of this match.
  2. Some exclusive graphic sneak peeks to what I'll be introducing to my new WWE diary (TBA as am still working on some details)
  3. Charlotte Flair defending the SmackDown Women's Championship against The Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka is a great call by WWE as this match will be fantastic. However, I'm not really sure how they plan to build momentum for this match. It looks pretty clear that Asuka is still a RAW superstar after tonight's episode of Monday Night RAW while Charlotte is a SmackDown Live superstar. Will Asuka be invading SmackDown Live or was the only build-up this match Asuka showing up at Fastlane? I personally am looking forward to seeing how this goes in the build towards Wrestlemania but know the match is what I am looking forward to the most.
  4. Didn't realize it until recently but I reached over 1,000 rep and will now be working towards my minor goal of reaching 1,100 rep with my next major goal being 1,500.
  5. To be honest, I've never heard of this dude to my knowledge and I am glad. I am glad that he was charged and pleaded guilty to this crime. Hopefully, this guy gets the help that he needs and is able to change his ways. However, I have to agree with Smith. I am glad he was fired and dropped from his bookings. I also know he should do more than five days in prison. Also in regards to putting this matter behind him and moving on with his life, that will be extremely hard to do as this kind of thing doesn't go away and will follow you around the rest of your life. I don't know what his mindset was or why he chose to have those kinds of pictures but whatever the reason, I don't think it was worth throwing your life away because that is exactly what has and will happen as it's highly unlikely that this dude will be able to wrestle ever again or live a normal life for that matter.
  6. I ended up getting Madden NFL 18 for the PlayStation 4 the same day my brother got the State of Decay year one edition for Xbox One. I know I have already beaten the Longshot Story Mode and been playing Franchise along with some Madden Ultimate Team Solo Challenges. I hate the fact that a lot of the online multiplayer requires PlayStation Plus as it's just an attempt to get more money since I currently don't have PlayStation Plus and don't intend to spend money on it. I do know I created both Devin Wade and Colt Cruise as free agents and have been thinking of doing something with one of them in Franchise. I'm really enjoying the game so far so it's been one game I've been playing a lot of lately.
  7. I haven't seen this movie yet but knew it was going to be a huge box office hit simply due to being a Marvel movie and the fact it's about Black Panther which hadn't been as heavily featured as other superheroes in the Marvel Universe (Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor). I do know I'm looking forward to seeing this movie and cannot wait until I finally get the opportunity to see it. I also won't be surprised if there is a sequel with how well everybody is reacting to the film. I was caught by surprise to learn that it spent twenty-four years in development but from the sounds of it was well worth the wait.
  8. To be honest, I feel WWE has put Owens and Zayn against each other enough for the time being so I am glad about this decision. I do know some people may have been looking forward to it but I was not. I do think that WWE needs to give them something better to do then just appear in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal though as they have been producing ratings for WWE for a while now. I think Shane against Bryan would be a great match if WWE pulled the triggered on allowing Bryan to wrestle again. However, in regards to a potential tag team match, I could see WWE possibly putting Corbin and Ziggler or The Usos against them if they did the Shane against Bryan singles match. I also wouldn't mind seeing a Fatal-4-Way to determine who will get the next shot at the WWE Championship with Zayn and Owens featured in that match.
  9. First off, I don't like the fact that Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy's Ultimate Deletion match will be cut from the Wrestlemania 34 card. They have done fantastic work together and deserve to be on the card. I do know that if WWE is thinking of making Hardy and Wyatt a tag team then that could be interesting to see. However, with Jeff returning from injury soon (?), I am wondering how this will affect him if that is the direction WWE is going with Matt. I think WWE should send one of the Hardy Brothers over to SmackDown Live following the brand split if they do wish to in fact split up The Hardy Boyz but if they decide to keep both of them on the same show then I would love to see a stable form with The Broken Hardys and Wyatt as that would be cool to see.
  10. Honestly, I like that this match will be happening as it's a good way to introduce Ronda Rousey as a wrestler and also gives us the Kurt Angle Vs. Triple H match that WWE has been building towards for a while now in my opinion. I do feel that The Rock would have been a good partner for her as well considering they clicked well together during their Wrestlemania 31 segment in my opinion. However, I am looking forward to this match and am sure it'll be a decent match and will give us a chance to see what Ronda can do inside the ring. I am just hoping that WWE hasn't decided to throw Ronda into the deep end without first learning how to swim as that could lead to failure which would be bad considering how well known she is and that this, in fact, Wrestlemania we are talking about. I just know I am expecting good things from this match and will be looking forward to seeing the outcome.
  11. I loved seeing the War Games match return to NXT as I felt they did a fantastic job with everything building up to the match itself. I felt the match itself was put together extremely well as I enjoyed every second of the contest. With that said, I do understand where Smith is coming from when he says it could drain the excitement out of the stipulation. However, what I think he is possibly forgetting is that the War Games match took place almost every year, sometimes even a few times a year and it was still talked about til today. I feel as long as NXT knows what they are doing and books the build-up and match correctly since they have until November to do so, the stipulation will be fine. As for competitors that I'd love to see featured in the match, I have to go with The Undisputed Era, British Strong Style and possibly the new stable that I heard about featuring Wesley Blake, Chad Lail (Gunner), Steve Cutler. Either way, I am excited to see what will happen as I am sure that NXT will pull off another great classic. I also like that NXT will be making their own Survivor Series type event in War Games but I do hope they plan to do more TakeOvers as the same four will become boring quickly.
  12. More Battleground Match Cards for @Dr Mike Myers
  13. Matt Morgan could potentially be a good signee if he is booked properly. I know he dropped the ball over the last few years but hopefully, he is able to perform well and can learn from his past mistakes. I know Tenille Dashwood is a great signee as she has proven she can get people's attention and I am highly interested in seeing what she can bring to Impact Wrestling. I expect big things for Tenille Dashwood and hope Impact Wrestling can use her properly. I will say that Jim Cornette is a good behind the scenes person and could potentially help Impact Wrestling get back on track. However, I don't believe he should be focused as an on-screen character unless he becomes part of the management staff or finds a protege that he could mentor to as Cornette has a lot of wisdom he could possibly pass down to an upcoming rising star. Overall, the three signees announced sound like a good move by Impact Wrestling. However, I will be interested to see if Impact Wrestling will be signing anyone else to their roster in the near future.
  14. To be completely honest, it depends on who the winner of the battle royal is and what they do with them after Wrestlemania. I think if WWE gave somebody like Sasha Banks or Bayley, maybe even an NXT call-up the victory, then it could work in their favor. However, with the recent results of the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royals, I am not expecting much. I think it would be better if they offered the winner a title shot or something as it would make the match mean more and could surprise us with the winner. It also would help give people who have usually been overlooked an opportunity to get their career back on track as well. I mean look at the past winners of the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royals, Cesaro, Big Show, Baron Corbin, Mojo Rawley and tell me they would not have benefited if they were granted a title opportunity from their victories.
  15. Honestly, I feel for Rey Mysterio as I know he was more than likely to be excited to be working Wrestlemania this year. However, with this injury, it could easily derail his plans and if that is the case then I'm disappointed. I do hope he recovers quickly and is able to make it back in time for Mania but I don't know how long he will be out for as I'm not a doctor, so when he does get better, I hope to see him back in WWE as he was a great entertainer of mine and one of my favorite performers. I am wondering where this leaves John Cena though as Mysterio was rumored to his opponent for Wrestlemania this year instead of the Undertaker.
  16. Honestly, I am looking forward to this to see which direction you will go with Impact Wrestling. I know they have been in a lot of trouble as of late and could really use a great booker to help them get back on track. I do know I will continue to check this out if I enjoy the storylines and matches you put together as honestly, Impact Wrestling hasn't been able to keep my attention as of late in real life. So, I wish you the best of luck with this diary and look forward to seeing if you revive the sinking ship that is known as Impact Wrestling.
  17. I know my brother recently just purchased State of Decay for Xbox One so I may end up trying to play that once it gets delivered and picked up from Walmart. I know another game that I am waiting for even though it's already out is the next episode of the Batman Enemy Within telltale series as I love how the story of this game has been progressing and I cannot wait to play the final chapter of this game. I do know I am hoping that they will continue to come out with more games for Batman like they did with the Walking Dead as I have always enjoyed Telltales games as they do a fantastic job with the story and graphics in my opinion.
  18. I have currently been playing Madden NFL mobile while I wait for the opportunity to get Madden NFL 18. I know I have been enjoying the game every day and only started playing in December. However, I have quickly built my team to be rated over 90+ by getting some great players such as Carson Wentz, Rob Gronkowski, LeSean McCoy, Patrick Peterson, Jadeveon Clowney and London Collins who all are rated over 99+. I know I am working on getting some more players so I can try to increase my overall team rating from 92 to 100 as quickly as possible.
  19. As much as I hate to say this I highly doubt that WWE will let Daniel Bryan compete in the ring again. However, with the current storyline taking place between Shane McMahon and him, I feel Wrestlemania is the perfect place and opportunity to have him return to in-ring action if WWE does, in fact, have plans to let him wrestle again. I know there have been rumors that if he is not allowed to wrestle before his contract expires that he may very well go back to the indy circuit and if that does happen, I won't be surprised if he does as well as Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre or others who have left the company. I also know that his fanbase will be highly disappointed with WWE letting him leave as opposed to giving Bryan what he wants and loves which is an opportunity to get back inside the squared circle. Overall, I think the answer to this question is no. However, I would be happily surprised to find out I am wrong and that Bryan, is in fact, allowed to wrestle again as he has always been a phenomenal talent, despite his injuries. Oh, and I have enjoyed seeing him on television each week as the General Manager of SmackDown Live as he was the perfect choice for the job.
  20. Seeing Alexia Nicole defeat Nicole Matthews to advance to the next round of the tournament was nice to witness. I know I have been looking forward to seeing her first win with the company for a few weeks now and I am glad that it wasn't due to the time limit being reached. Angel Williams defeating Silvie was a bit predictable but was the right call, to be honest. I am excited to see how she will fair in the rest of the tournament. Candice LeRae advancing to the next round was the right call. I mean Candice LeRae has been on fire as of late and she continues to show everybody why she is a threat to anyone who wants to be called the inaugural GLOW Champion. Courtney Rush advancing to the next round was a good call to make as well and I am glad that the match between her and Cat Power was evenly contested match. However, I loved the ending of the match, to be honest. Having Nicole Matthews cost Alexia Nicole her semi-final match against Angel Williams was an excellent call. However, you have to wonder if Alexia Nicole could have beaten Angel Williams if Matthews didn't get involved. Candice LeRae defeating Courtney Rush in what was a great match of technical wrestling. Honestly, I am glad LeRae won and I am looking forward to seeing Angel Williams and her clash for the right to call themselves the inaugural GLOW Champion. I also love the segment and announcement that Alexia Nicole will have her opportunity to payback Matthews for the brutal assault that she orchestrated before her match. In what could possibly be the match of the night, we saw a great bout that was evenly contested for the right to determine who would be the inaugural Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling Champion and I am proud and excited to say that Candice LeRae outlasted Angel Williams. I feel this tournament was a huge success and am I am looking forward to seeing what direction the company goes heading into the future. I would also love to see more ladies, alongside Chelsea Green and the mystery signee, debut and join the ranks of GLOW. Keep up the fantastic work!
  21. Following the great tag team match between Team Carnage and Team Evolve, the announce team takes a moment to speak about the upcoming match between "The Notorious" Andrew Richards and Ark Universe. All of the commentators agree that this match is going to be a fantastic show of talent and skill for both men. However, before they could say anything else they would be interrupted by the sound of Ark's theme song. Ark would waste no time coming out to the reaction of many. Once inside the ring, he could be seen awaiting his opponent's arrival as the crowd shows their support for Ark. As Ark is seen waiting for the arrival of his opponent, the sea of fans inside the Staples Center would become unglued as the theme song of one Andrew Richards would play throughout the building. The notorious name of Ark's opponent would then flash across the screen before Richards could be seen stepping out from behind the curtain. Richards could be seen rocking his official "Bad to the Bone" shirt as he would begin to make his way down the entrance ramp. Once at ringside, Richards would begin to ascend the ring steps before entering the ring. As Richards enters the ring, he quickly comes face to face with Ark in the center of the ring as this heated rivalry is about to hit its boiling point. The referee would then ask both men to shake one another's hand but neither man would bother to respect the code of honor as this is an intense feud between two men who hate one another. Both men would then continue to stare a hole through one another as the referee signals for the start of the match. As soon as the opening bell sounds, both men lock up in a test of strength before Richards would gain the upper hand and manage to trap his opponent in the corner of the ring. However, the referee would waste no time telling Richards to break the hold as he would let go of Ark in a sign of good sportsmanship. As Richards begins to back up, Ark would quickly reach out and slap the face of Richards in a sign of disrespect. Richards' emotions were clear as day as amusement and then anger appeared across his face as he would begin to beat down Ark in the corner of the ring until the referee would begin the five count. The referee would finally manage to separate the two at the count of three as Ark would roll out of the ring trying to retreat up the ramp. Richards seeing this would immediately leave the ring and chase Ark down. The two would begin trading blows on the entrance ramp until Ark gained the advantage and connected with a wicked roundhouse kick to the head of his opponent. Ark would then make his way back to the ring as he would be seen escorting Richards to the ring by the neck. As Ark tosses Richards into the ring, Ark would quickly climb up onto the ring apron before connecting with a springboard dropkick as his opponent makes it to his feet in the ring. Ark would quickly go for the cover in hopes that Richards may be caught off guard. One...No! Richards would quickly be able to kick out of the pin attempt as Ark hasn't done enough damage to keep Richards down for even a two count. As both men make it back to their feet, they lock up once again. However, Ark would manage to get the upper hand this time as he would begin to twist Richards' arm into a pretzel. Richards, however, would quickly do a forward roll as he would he would use Ark's momentum against him. As Richards makes it back to his feet, he grabs Ark in a side headlock as he begins to apply pressure to the head and neck of his opponent. Ark would then use his strength to shove Richards away and into the ropes. As Richards rebounds off of the ropes, Ark leaps over his opponent before dropping to the ring mat. As Richards jumps over his opponent, Ark quickly makes it back to his feet and catches Richards with a quick arm drag on his third rebound off of the ropes. As Richards is taken down with the arm drag, Ark would quickly try to apply as much pressure as he could to try to force Richards to tap out. However, Richards is able to make it back to his feet before fighting out of the hold with a wicked elbow to the jaw of Ark. As Ark is stunned for a moment, Richards would quickly transition behind his opponent before going for a German suplex. Ark realizing this, however, is able to fight out of it before connecting with a leg sweep to his opponent. As Richards is down on the mat, Ark would try once again to steal the victory from him with a cradle pin. The referee would begin the count as Richards' shoulders are on the mat. One...No! Richards once again manages to get out of the pin attempt before both men make it back to their feet. Richards clearly annoyed with how Ark is trying to steal the victory from him decides to connect with a wicked Enzuigiri as Ark rushes him. Richards would quickly then pick Ark up before tossing him out of the ring as he would follow him to the outside. Richards would quickly get Ark into a Wheelbarrow Suplex position before connecting with it onto the ring apron. Richards would drag his opponent back to his feet before rolling him into the ring. However, Richards would then get distracted by a fan with a "We Support Ark" sign as he would come face to face with the fan as the two argue for a moment. As Richards gets back into the ring though Ark would quickly rush him before getting caught in a Fireman's Carry. As Ark is on the shoulders of Richards, he is able to quickly slide down the back of his opponent before rolling him up. Richards, however, would manage to escape this before the referee could even begin the count. As Ark gets back to his knees, Richards connects with a wicked Superkick to the jaw of his opponent. Ark almost using instinct would be able to roll out of the ring before Richards could cover him. As both men take a moment to recover from this tolling match, the referee begins the count on Ark who is seen not moving on the outside of the ring. As the referee reaches the count of nine, Ark manages to slide back into the ring as Richards who had made it back to his feet already waits for him to get up. As Ark manages to get back to his feet, Richards connects with an elbow smash to the jaw of his opponent. Ark can be seen stumbling but manages to stay on his feet until Richards delivers two more wicked elbow smashes to the jaw of his opponent again. However, before Ark can fall to the ring mat, Richards is able to catch him in a DDT position before driving him head first into the ring mat. Ark would then roll out onto the ring apron as Richards takes a moment to recover once again. As Richards makes it back to his feet, he turns his attention back to Ark who is seen getting up to his feet on the ring apron. Ark would then avoid being the target of Richards as he would try to knock him off of the ring apron with a baseball slide. However, as Richards slides beneath Ark, Ark would quickly rush over to the farthest part of the ring apron before charging full speed at Richards before connecting with a running knee strike from the apron. Ark would quickly get back into the ring before bouncing off of the ropes as he would connect with a Tope Con Hilo as Richards gets back to his feet. Ark would then toss his opponent back inside the ring before climbing onto the ring apron. As Richards gets back to his feet, Ark tries going for a Slingshot Knee Strike but Richards is able to duck it before connecting with a jawbreaker to his opponent that would make Ark begin to stumble once again. Richards would then quickly get behind Ark before locking in a devastating sleeper hold that would cut off blood flow to his opponent's head. As Ark begins to fade as he's trapped in the sleeper hold, he desperately drops to his knees connecting with his own version of a jawbreaker. Ark would then rush his opponent before leaping into the air as he would connect with a double foot stomp that would take Richards down onto the mat. Ark would then wait for his opponent to get up before setting up for the Fall of Angels. However, Richards would manage to avoid the finishing maneuver before connecting with a turnbuckle biel throw into the steel ring post. As Ark begins to come out of the corner, Richards quickly connects with a backstabber before transitioning it into a crossface. Ark would manage to escape the hold however as he would reach the bottom rope. The referee would then begin another five count demanding that Richards lets go of the hold, which he does at the count of four. With Ark down, Richards takes a moment to catch his breath as he waits for Ark to get up. As Ark makes it back to his feet, he connects with a running bicycle kick before connecting with a jumping enzuigiri. However, Ark still would not go down so Richards would connect with a Superkick that would flip Ark inside out. Richards would then go for the cover as Ark's shoulders are flat on the mat. The referee would then begin the count. One...Two...No! Somehow, someway Ark manages to get the shoulder up at the last second. Richards is stunned beyond belief. However, Ark would then begin to get to his knees before saying something to Richards. Richards would clearly not like what Ark had to say as he would connect with a brutal shining Wizard that would keep Ark down for the three count. One...Two...Three! Your winner of this match by pinfall, "The Notorious" Andrew Richards! Following the match, Andrew Richards would be seen celebrating his victory as he throws his arm into the air before mouthing the word "Notorious" as the crowd in attendance would chant alongside him. Richards would then turn his attention to Ark who is seen getting medical attention after that brutal Shining Wizard to the jaw. However, the only thing Richards would do is flash a crooked smile as he is proud of what he has done here tonight. Richards would then take one more moment soaking in his victory before pointing to the Mania sign hanging above the ring. It's clear Andrew Richards is signal that his road to Mania has only just begun! Richards would then leave the ring as the pay-per-view goes to commercial break as the medical team can be seen checking on Ark.
  22. Night of Champions Match Cards for @Storm's FCW Diary...Warning: Contains Spoilers:
  23. To be honest, I'm completely disappointed that Undertaker won't be working this year's Wrestlemania according to this. However, a match between both Mysterio and Cena could be interesting to watch as both men have a history with one another. I know that I'd personally be rooting for Mysterio if this match does, in fact, happen as I have always been a huge fan of his. I'd also be excited to see what Mysterio would be doing during his run with the company and hopefully, they use him correctly on SmackDown Live. @Brad Honestly, I'm wondering where Samoa Joe has been as I don't watch RAW very often nowadays but haven't seen him much as of late (on the WWE website results). Also with Cena jumping over to SmackDown Live as per his free agent status, I'd more or less say that the chances of his opponent being Samoa Joe are slim to none at this point. However, anything could happen on the road to Wrestlemania.
  24. Poster for @Brad's Diary...
  25. With Bragging Rights only days away, the crowd in attendance inside the Staples Center would roar with excitement as the theme song of "The Notorious" Andrew Richards would play throughout the building. However, as Andrew Richards would step out from behind the curtain, he could be seen in a somewhat displeased mood. It's been made clear all day that Andrew heard what his opponent for this Friday had to say about him on the Turnbuckle podcast. Richards would waste no time marching straight to the ring before ascending the steel steps at ringside. Once inside the ring, he would connect with a superkick to the jaw of the ring announcer before picking up the microphone as he would begin to speak his mind. Andrew Richards: "Ark, I failed to meet your expectations?! Well, clearly the audience disagrees with your tasteless opinion. Did you possibly forget that it was you who wanted to pull out of this match since it was first announced? Or was it because I proved I could come back from something so frowned upon and play everyone backstage like a fiddle like only I could? I manipulated the system to my advantage and gave you all that you thought you wanted. You wanted me to be authentic, you just didn't know what hid beneath the mask. It's true, I'm an asshole and I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to finally be free to do or say whatever the fuck I want! You see, you are right, I am not taking this match very seriously. However, it's not because Bragging Rights is a joke but you are! I told you I was insulted to have to face a nobody like you when I clearly proved that I am among the elite this company has to offer during my performance at December to Dismember. You also want to criticize my skills on this microphone but the fact of the matter jack is that I have owned you time and time again. Don't believe me? Go back and watch the tapes. This crowd clearly supports me more than it does you! I know how to play to an audience and get everybody talking. Do you?" Andrew Richards: "You see, I don't want your respect because it's nothing, just like you. You proved that when you decided to tuck your tail and run instead of taking your ass-whoopin' like a man. You even had the nerve to call me a dollar-store version of Ross, do you know how fuckin' insulting that is? Not because you're calling me cheap, but you're actually comparing myself to Ross. Somebody who couldn't lace my boots on his best day! Then, you want to call me the weakest link on Carnage? Well, Evolve is truly pathetic then because this so-called weakest link took your boy Smith to his absolute breaking point at December to Dismember. Or did you forget about that fuckin' too? You see, I don't care what you think about me because the fact of the matter is that after this Friday, you will finally shut the fuck up! And it will all be because of one...Andrew Fuckin' Richards!" Richards would toss the microphone aside as he would listen to the crowd roar in approval in regards to what he had to say about his opponent. He would then raise his arm into the air before mouthing the word "Notorious" as the hundreds of fans in attendance would chant alongside him. However, before exiting the ring, Andrew would look at the huge Mania sign hanging above the ring as he would flash a crooked smile knowing that his road to Mania has officially begun before making his exit through the sea of fans.

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