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  1. IMPORTANT: AUSTINARIESLIKESWATER ON TWITCH Company: AKKI Wrestlers: George King and Alexander Williams Tag Team Name: The Dynasty Tag Team Finisher: Royal Decree
  2. picture: Caleb Konley Name : Alexander Williams Born: December 27th 1997 Set to debut: November 2007 Gender: Male Race: Caucasian  Nationality: British Based in: UK Active Wrestler  Style: Highflyer Body Type: Ripped Size: Lightweight Minimum Size: Lightweight Maximum Size: Light heavyweight Finisher: Canadian Piledriver Face Gimmick: Cocky  Heel Gimmick: Dirty Rich Kid Mask: None Hair: Brown straight hair Favoured Role: wrestler Bio : Born in Britain, he originally wanted to be the best of the best, main eventer. But he soon realized he would have to work from the bottom to the top. And so, now his trilogy begins, and his quest for greatness. His main goal to show everyone what he is capable of.
  3. New To The Scene I do have experience within character work
  4. (Hope Im Doing This Right) General Bio Current Figureheads: James Elsworth Name: Scott Nicknames: Big Poppa Scott Height: 5'3 Weight: 179 Antics: Pimp Theme: The Notorious B.I.G. - "Big Poppa" Fighting Style Style: Scott is a highflyer and he is also very strategic. Let's say his opponent is big, he would find a way to knock him down. He's also dirty. Vintage Moves: Gut kick, slap to the chest, Frankenstein, weak stunner, cross body, body flop, bionic elbow, clothesline, dropkick, blockbuster, springboard ddt, sleeper Signature 1: Headbutt Signature 2: Running knee Finisher 1: 24k magic (Piledriver) Finisher 2: Poppa Punch (KO punch) Finisher 3: Flying Headbutt

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