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  1. Halo, never really saw the big deal about it, Halo 4 came with my 360, I played it for a bit because my friends wanted to play online and it wasn't really my thing. Recently I tried playing Halo Combat Evolved and 2 but again they're not really my type of game.
  2. PS2 game called Deadly Strike Bought it for like 50p thinking it would be a decent DMC type hack and slash but it was pure shit, the game looks like shit, the sound effects are shit with the character just moaning every time he attacks, and it's so repetitive that I couldn't even play it for more than like 10 minutes.
  3. First game I ever played was Tekken 4 on the PS2, and I've loved the series ever since, I've played all the games apart from that PSP one and my favourite is Tekken 7, just because it has the most fluid fighting and you can dress king up as Kazuchika Okada so clearly a valid reason why it's the best. Another one would be Mortal Kombat, only got into the series a few years ago when I played MK9 and it's still my favourite even after playing the originals and 10.
  4. Timesplitters (Especially Timesplitters 2 which was my favourite one in the series) Made by the same people who made Goldeneye on the N64, a blast to play and so many different characters and gamemodes to choose from in the arcade mode, it was one of the first games to have the CoD Zombies type thing where you're in a room and you have to survive waves of zombies, and the story mode itself is a blast to play through and quite challenging on the higher difficulties.
  5. BREAKING NEWS It has just been announced that Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander is not fit to compete at the Clash of Champions PPV due to a brutal attack by Tommaso Ciampa which led to a serious knee injury, Cedric may be out of action for at least a solid 6 months. Due to this injury, the Cruiserweight Championship has been vacated, and Tommaso Ciampa will be facing Tony Nese for the championship instead!
  6. SmackDown December Week 4 (Go Home Show before Clash of Champions) Tommaso Ciampa opens the show up with an eerie promo talking about how Cedric will come out of their 'war' at Clash of Champions as a new man, he also calls the Cruiserweight Champion out to no success. MATCH 1 Tanga Loa (W/Tama Tonga) defeated Sin Cara (W/Gran Metalik) via Ape Shit To the fans' delight they saw the fan favourite GoD member Tanga Loa defeat the annoying Lucha pest known as Sin Cara. MATCH 2 Cedric Alexander Vs Hideo Itami was a no contest As Cedric was making his entrance, Tommaso Ciampa brutally attacked the champion on the ramp, hitting him with a sliding knee, before finally hitting the Fairy Tale Ending, leaving the champion's Clash of Champions status at risk. MATCH 3 Gauntlet Match Shayna Baszler defeated Charlotte Flair via Kirifuda Driver After a great back and forth bout, Shayna picked up the win against the Queen and countered her Natural Selection into a Kirifuda Driver that put Charlotte away. Becky Lynch defeated Shayna Baszler via Dis-arm-her The fact that Becky was fresh was too much to handle for Shayna, and in fairly quick fashion, Becky hit the Dis-arm-her to finish the champion off, but Shayna definitely put up a hell of a fight. After the match Becky cut a promo saying how she can do it, how she can defeat the champion, and that at Clash of Champions she is taking the gold that is 'rightfully' hers. MATCH 4 Samoa Joe defeated Mustafa Ali via Coquina Clutch Samoa Joe was out to send a message to Finn Balor and he certainly did that by brutally assaulting Mustafa after the match, only for Balor to come in for the save and help Mustafa out, making Joe leave the ring. MATCH 5 Drew McIntyre, EC3 & Daniel Bryan defeated Adam Cole, Rey Mysterio & Chris Jericho via a Running Knee In Bryan's return match from his injury at the hands of Jericho he proved that he still has it by being the man to pin his former rival with a running knee to the fans' applause, after the match all 3 faces celebrated in the ring to the roaring cheers of the fans. END
  7. Storyline wise it's been great, but I'm not too optimistic for how the match will actually go, the no holds barred stipulation will help but at the end of the day it's still 2 50 year olds wrestling, god knows how long they're gonna be in the ring for.
  8. Most likely pre show match which is a shame because this will most likely be very good, best friends turned enemies after Tony became NO1 Contender, and I personally think it's time for Buddy to lose the belt, he's losing his heat, and to be honest 205 is losing it's heat too, it's not at the same place it was this time last year. Anyway I have Tony winning here, a feel good moment for the CW division as they escape the reigns of the tyrant Murphy.
  9. The storyline is great, but a stipulation would really help, I think it would boost the match quality and it would boost how important this match is, but at the same time this feud is very overshadowed by the Women's and the WWE title feuds on SD, which is a real shame because I really am enjoying this, I have The Miz going out on top here, it will be the win that gets him one step closer to the main event gold.
  10. A terrible idea, I really do hope it's a swerve, or even let it be a 2 minute squash match, what is the point in this match? So many dream matches available for Angle, and they pick Corbin out of everyone there is to pick from. Don't get me wrong I like Corbin but he's been shoved down our throats since like last August and he definitely does not deserve to be Angle's last match.
  11. On most occasions, I do prefer TakeOvers, it's pretty much guaranteed that you're going to get a great product, same can't be said for the Big 4 but WWE are changing their ways slowly.
  12. Saw that they uploaded this, and it's even better than I remember it being, fun match obviously remembered for that finishing spot which is awesome to look at. It's a solid 3 3/4 stars from me.
  13. As much as I like her, Becky Lynch is very overrated, I mean she's pretty good in the ring but her gimmick just doesn't do it for me, she's a woman who's gimmick is being a man, I don't get it.
  14. Even though they haven't really happened in a long time in WWE, strap matches are kinda dumb, they all go the same way with the cliche "touches 3 corners but face superstar makes a big comeback and manages to touch all 4 corners", and it's quite silly that the wrestlers lose the ability to walk around the ring and touch some corners.
  15. I always watched Flushed Away for some reason when I was younger, and I really enjoyed it. Other than that I also liked Atlantis and Treasure Planet, two very underrated movies.
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