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  1. February Results TV PPV Pop, Finance & Medical
  2. Since the end of the decade is coming up in a few months time, the question needs to be asked: what was the Match Of The Decade Personally I think these past few years have been the best years the business has ever seen with the amount of great matches happening all of the time. For me, it would definitely have to be either Omega vs Okada 4 (Dominion 6.9) Or the North American Ladder Match at NXT Takeover New Orleans What does everyone else think?
  3. AEF January Results TV PPV Pop & Finance
  4. I claim Atsushi Onita (first claim was 1st on waiver)
  5. Friday, April 19th - IMPACT Wrestling Live from Manitoba, Canada As usual by now, Jon Stewart kicks off the show, he gets in the ring and says: "Right, I'm just going to keep this short and sweet, at least I'll try to, well basically, I need to stop rambling on and announce who this fantastic new signing is, uhh, I may be running out of time-" An unfamiliar theme tune plays... OH MY GOD! THE FRENCH VIGNETTE! IT'S NONE OTHER THAN: IT'S RENE DUPREE! AND FIFI! Rene Dupree makes his IMPACT debut, but hold on, Jon Stewart has something else to say "Hold on! You're not the man I was talking about, well, forget it, next week it is!" Jon leaves as we prepare for our first match - MATCH 1 vs Rene Dupree Trey Miguel Rene Dupree defeated Trey Miguel in 6:33 by submission with a Bonne Nuit 44 - After the match Dupree grabs a mic, and as he prepares to talk, he is interrupted by another legend! Rob Van Dam is here! He has a mic of his own, and says a few words to Dupree: "So, how does it feel to get interrupted, seeing as you think it's ok to do it to poor Jon, the guy's crying now, let me just tell you something now big guy; just because you're new doesn't mean anyone here likes you, so I suggest you take that big stinking French ego of yours over to Vinny's promotion, I heard they like snobs like you over there. Why did you come here anyway, did poor Dupree need a couple bucks to pay his rent?" "Ok Rob, you wanna be like that? Fine, next week, we'll see who's doing the talking, because we are going to go one on one, and I will show you exactly why I came here, now why don't you excuse me, I have better things to do than to argue with an imbecile like you, so jog on won't you?" Dupree then drops the mic and walks backstage, barging Rob in the shoulder as he walks past. - MATCH 2 VS OvE The Rascalz In a valiant effort, OvE defeated The Rascalz in 10:19 with an Irish Air Raid 28 - After the match both members of OvE started assaulting The Rascalz, but eventually Rich Swann came to the aid, and helped Dez and Wentz fight off the Crist Brothers, further heating the rivalry between Swann and Sami Callihan: the leader of OvE - Backstage Interview with Rob Van Dam "You know, I didn't want to go out there and humiliate Rene like that, but some things just have to be done, the guy was being a dick, not only to my good friend and General Manager Jon Stewart, but to all of the fans out there in attendance. I can't let someone like him steal the spotlight from our talent, anyway, we'll just have to wait until next week to see what happens, maybe I'll be proved wrong and he may beat me... Who am I kidding, I'll humiliate him again, just for the joy of the fans, then we'll really see who the imbecile is." - MATCH 3 Before the match, Johnny Impact came and joined the commentary team for the match featuring his rival, Brian Cage. vs Brian Cage Killer Kross In a match with sub-par wrestling, Brian Cage defeated Killer Kross with a Drill Claw in 13:56 38 - Main Event vs In a decent match, Johnny Impact defeated Eddie Edwards in 16:42 with a Starship Pain 60 - After the match Brian Cage and Johnny Impact stare down ahead of their title match at Rebellion, but neither of them come to any sort of blows.
  6. If you were counting by their first run only then I guess so, but their latest runs have been straight ass. I'd put them maybe in top 10, probably near the bottom, nowhere near top 5.
  7. Think it's a great idea, first night with it was a ton of fun to watch (especially Eric Young absolutely killing Cedric). My only worry is that the hype will die out in a few months and the title will just be there, stale as balls.
  8. June Results TV PPV Pop, Finance & Medical NOTES Used last month's reward to give Buddy Murphy & Joey Ryan 1 pop everywhere
  9. Without a doubt, my favourite NJPW has to be Naito's But some honorable mentions are... Kenny Omega's, Tanahashi's and Jay White's. NJPW are perfect for themes to get you hyped up.
  10. Friday, 12th April 2019 - IMPACT Wrestling, live from the London Music Hall in Ontario, Canada Jon Stewart kicks the show off again, he comes into the ring very quickly and urgently, and grabs a mic. "I'm just going to keep this one short and simple, just in case some rude individual wants to interrupt me, as Brian Cage did last week. So first of all, we have ourselves a blockbuster main event, but of course that was obvious, because it's IMPACT Wrestling, there is no chance in hell that the main event won't be one to remember for the rest of time, this is going to be a match between Brian Cage himself, and one half of the IMPACT World Tag Team Champions: Pentagon Jr!" *The crowd cheers for Pentagon* "Secondly, I never got to tell you guys who the newest signing for the company is, so how about I do that now, this man is talented, a true genius on the microphone, he is a charisma machine; ladies and gentlemen, I present to you-" The music of Killer Kross hits, and he makes his way to the ring for the opening bout "Hey! You're not the newest signing, what are you doing here?!" Stewart walks up to Kross, only for Kross to throw Stewart onto the ramp, he then gets in the ring, and waits for his opponent. - MATCH 1 - Killer Kross vs Willie Mack The bell rings and Kross, same deal as last time, charges for Mack, sending him into the corner, he hits him with a few big strikes, before throwing him down to the floor. Kross charges at Mack again, sending him into the corner one more time, tries to hit him but a counter from Mack; Kross is sat down in the corner and- Huge inverted cannonball by Mack! Kross must be broken in half after that one, Mack goes for the cover: 1...2.. Kickout by Kross! The match lives on! Mack lifts Kross up, he's about to go for a big move, he bounces off the ropes and hits Kross with a huge clothesline; he bounces off the ropes again and lands a senton on the already weakened Kross, this is certainly not looking good for the maniac, he's tired, he's hurt, Willie has the complete advantage in this match; he lifts Kross up to his feet, bounces off the ropes again, tries to go for another clothesline, but Kross ducks under and oh my god! He's got the choke locked in! Willie has to tap out! And he does, Killer Kross with the shock victory, no one saw this one coming! Killer Kross continuing his path of destruction once again. - MATCH 2 - X-Division Championship - Rich Swann(C) vs Ethan Page The bell rings and the two men lock up. Ethan gets Swann in a headlock, they bounce off the ropes, duck under by Swann, leapfrog, and a nice dropkick from Rich to kick this bout off, these two men are no strangers to each other when it comes to this title. Swann takes Page to the corner, an enziguri is hit, Page is on the floor, and what a manoeuvre by Swann! Truly showing off his athleticism with moves like that in his arsenal; Swann now lifting up Page, throwing him to the outside of the ring, he's gonna go for that big big suicide dive that he's known for; but wait! Swann is caught in the ropes! What a huge backbreaker from Page, that one's gotta hurt! There is absolutely no way Swann doesn't have back problems after that one! Swann is brought back to the ring by Page, and the pace of the match slows down, a few big strikes from Page but that's it, a headlock is taking place, takedown by Page, he is not going to let go of that headlock, he lifts Rich up, takes him to the corner, and hits him with a few chops, just for good measure. Ethan taunts the crowd, truly showing off how much of an egomaniac he is, he turns back around to Swann and gets caught with a huge kick to the head, Page is down, Swann can have this match won right here, right now, but wait! Who's that in the ring! It's Sami Callihan! He just delivered a big boot to Rich Swann! This is uncalled for, Swann is the winner by disqualification, all thanks to that man right there: Sami freaking Callihan, he's grabbing a mic, what is he about to say? *He starts to talk in his demon voice* "At Rebellion, me and Swann, one on one, X-Division Championship" *He drops the mic, and leaves the ring.* What in the blue hell was all that about? Well, we don't have any answers just yet, but now we do have a commercial break, and after that we have our blockbuster main event to look forward to. - AD BREAK - Vignette hyping up a mystery superstar The same vignette from last week is shown, nothing different, just the same French flag, and the same catchphrase, but who is it? Find out, in two weeks time, on IMPACT TV - MAIN EVENT - Brian Cage vs Pentagon Jr. The match kicks off slow and steady, no one rushing in to hit any big moves just yet, so far they're just staring each other down, circling the ring, thinking about what their first move is going to be, Cage goes in for the takedown but Pentagon dodges, sending Cage onto the apron, Pentagon tries to hit an enziguri, but it's countered by Cage, who gets back in the ring and hits a big spinebuster; he goes for the cover: 1..Kickout at the count of 1, this match is still very much alive and no one is going to get pinned yet. Cage lifts Pentagon up, sends him running against the ropes, only for Pentagon to hit a huge running hurricanrana onto the big guy, Cage rolls out of the ring, Pentagon runs against the ropes and OH MY GOD! What a Tope Con Hilo by Pentagon! This is what Lucha Libre is all about, and Pentagon is the embodiment of that! Pentagon climbs the apron, waits for Cage to get back onto his feet, and... HOLY SHIT! PENTAGON JUST HIT A HUGE CANADIAN DESTROYER ON THE MAN WHO IS CHALLENGING JOHNNY IMPACT! This match has been nothing but action, and it's not about to slow down any time soon, Cage is thrown back into the ring by Pentagon, the two start exchanging big strikes on each other, chops, kicks, elbows, hooks, whatever you can imagine, these guys are hitting on each other, these are two of the most versatile men in the business, they can change their style at any time of the match, and they are showing exactly that. Now Brian Cage has the advantage, he sends Pentagon to the floor with a huge elbow, he gets on top, starts laying into Swann with a flurry of big hooks and elbows, the ground and pound action is real here, and it's not stopping, Pentagon might be knocked out sooner rather than later. But Cage stops, lifts Pentagon up, just to be hit with a huge superkick, only to reply with a huge superkick of his own! No, what is happening, don't do it Cage- DRILL CLAW!!! 1...2...3! It's all over, Cage is your winner, in decisive fashion! Hold on he's coming over to our table, he's grabbing a mic, he goes back in the ring. "You see that? That's exactly, what's going to happen to Johnny at Rebellion, the poor guy couldn't make it to the show this week due to my destruction, is that really the champion you want? Or do you want a man of power, a man of skill, a man of charisma, there is no contest, I will come out of rebellion victorious, mark my words, one Drill Claw, and it's all over... Tick tock Johnny, time is only running out for you, be the superhero you truly think you are, and accept the challenge of the supervillain, I am waiting for your response, so do it, actually respond to me, before I make you respond." *Cage drops the mic, and leaves as the show closes*

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