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  1. I will agree with BiC, and say that Skyrim is pretty boring, it's fun for a while, but I don't get the hype with exploring the open world as much as I do with a game like Red Dead or Fallout for that matter. Another unpopular game opinion is that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, is not actually all that great. I can see why people liked it back in the day, but personally, I don't think that it holds up all that well, it's aged quite poorly compared to some other games on the N64. But Majora's Mask on the other hand, is a masterpiece.
  2. Can't wait, I will miss the PS4, but I think things will only get bigger and better with the new technology and games. If the PS4's graphics were as good as they were, who knows how good PS5's graphics will be.
  3. Super Mario 64 DS If emulators weren't a thing, I would definitely pick the original, because the controls on the DS remake suck balls to be honest, but since emulators are a thing, it is much easier to play this game comfortably, and it is honestly such a masterpiece. From the level design, to being able to play as multiple different characters, this game is honestly so good. It was one of the first ever 3D platformers, and it set the bar so high, and it can easily be classed as one of the best games of all time.
  4. Then Amazing BPZ Backyard Wrestling Soap Opera SEASON 1 EPISODE 2 A NEW DAY Narrator: Welcome, to the second episode of the greatest episodic television show in history, the premise of this episode is simple: Sheridan, the woman who got clapped by Julius last week, will be making her return after being absolutely beat down by the behemoth. Also in our main event for tonight we will see Hans take on The Bailey in what will surely be a match that will be remembered for years to come. - The show kicks off at the very familiar place known as BBW HQ, we are outside Brenden's office, which is guarded by the aforementioned behemoth known as Julius, he is greeted by Sheridan, who is very keen to enter the office to talk to Brenden. Sheridan: Ok big guy, are you going to let me in, or will I have to barge through you to get through. You got lucky last week, it was merely a fluke; if we met in that ring again I promise you that I would absolutely fuck you up. Now let me in or I will beat you up right here, right now. Julius stays silent, not even making eye contact with her, just constantly standing against the door; he then looks down on her, and spits in her face. Sheridan is absolutely disgusted, and she looks like she is about to have a massive rant: Sheridan: Are you serious?! Who do you actually think you are spitting in the face of a lady like me? Do you know how disrespectful that is? Clearly you weren't taught manners as a child, so maybe I should just teach you them now… You know what, maybe I will, unless you let me into Brenden's office so that I can deal with him first. Julius just keeps looking at her, not saying a word, just guarding the door. Sheridan: Ok you big cunt, you've driven me to this, don't think you're getting away with this one easily- Sheridan swings for a punch but Julius dodges and knocks her out in one blow, he then proceeds to beat the shit out of her, before launching her out with a huge powerbomb, before returning to his original position: guarding the door to Brenden's office, who then comes out to check up on things Brenden: What's the racket about? Keep it down here will you? Brenden looks around for a little bit, checking if there's anyone possibly hiding around, before heading back to his office, while Julius just stands there, with a blank expression as usual, the scene closes off with him picking his nose and eating the huge booger that he pulls out. - MATCH 1 - BRAD VS ARROW The bell rings and- SPEAR BY ARROW! HE'S GOING FOR THE COVER! 1..2.. KICKOUT BY BRAD! Brad somehow manages to kick out of that huge spear by the 4'10 killer machine. The fans are in shock as Arrow pulls out a flaming table from his trousers, and plants Brad through it with a huge powerslam that would make British Bulldog proud. He grabs a 2x4 wrapped around in barbed wire, but just as he is about to hit Brad with it… Huge Stunner by the old guy! 1.. Arrow kicks out, he's not even hurt in this match! Brad lifts Arrow up and throws him to the outside of the ring through a ladder that is very conveniently bridged onto the Spanish announcers' table. He throws the small boy back into the ring, 1..2.. Kick out by the small strong boi. Neither of these useless twats want to give up in this one, they will give it their all until the very end of the contest. Brad goes to the top rope now: Huge 630! Brad's got the win! 1..2.. YET ANOTHER KICKOUT BY ARROW! BY GAWD! Brad lifts Arrow up, setting up for another stunner, BUT ARROW HITS A LOW BLOW! HE ROLLS BRAD UP! 1..2.. KICKOUT BY THE OLD MAN! BOTH MEN BACK UP TO THEIR FEET! STUNNER BY BRAD! 1..2..3! IT IS ALL OVER! BRAD PICKS UP THE WIN! But oh no, what is Brad doing, he's walking up to Arrow with a chair in his hand, smacking him multiple times even though he's already won the match, why is he doing this, what could poor Arrow have possibly done to deserve this sort of torture. HOLD ON! An unfamiliar face is running down the ramp! It can’t be… It’s Steph, the brother of Arrow! He runs into the ring and goes to hit some sort of strike on Brad, but it’s no use, he gets knocked out instantaneously, the fans are in shock. Brad grabs a microphone from the announcer and starts yelling down it. Brad: Today is the dawn of a new era, gone is the old man, and out is a young buck. Brad is better than ever before, and with this announcement, I want to host an open challenge next week, so I don’t care who comes out, but if you want some… Come get some! He drops the mic on the floor and walks up the ramp, but he falls over and tears both his quads, so he will probably be out of action next week, so much for the open challenge announcement. - We arrive at a very fancy Italian restaurant, where Amai & Meko are sat, after forming an unlikely friendship off camera, they are sipping on some wine, and eating a delicious pepperoni and chicken pizza. Amai: I’m really glad we became best friends, I haven’t had this feeling of friendship in a very, very long time, and I couldn’t think of any feeling right now that would be better than this one, so thank you, very, very much. Meko: No Amai, thank you for inviting me for such a lovely meal, it’s honestly been a pleasure coming out and eating this delicious food with you. And I too am extremely happy for our newly born friendship, I hope we can be best friends for ever and ever. At least we can put our differences aside, with this new friendship, we don’t have to worry about some pathetic backyard wrestling promotion; we can focus on ourselves. Both Amai & Meko finish the pizza, and they ask for the bill, the waiter brings the bill over as well as some shots of liquor, Amai takes a look at the bill, and almost spits his drink out, as the bill comes to a total of $304.50 for just a couple of pizzas and a bottle of fine Italian wine. Meko looks at him, confused, as he hasn’t seen the bill yet. Amai: Well, what do you want to do, split it? Actually, let me go to the toilet first, I’ll just be a few minutes mate. Amai is visibly seen running out of the restaurant, Meko is staring right at him, wondering why Amai is running out, he then takes a look at the bill, and he looks absolutely furious. He begins to shout in the middle of the restaurant, and everyone starts to glare at him. Meko: What the fuck Amai! You absolute bastard! Why would you leave me with the bill like that? You're going to get what is coming to you! I'm not going to let you get away with this one! Meko bolts out of the restaurant, in a hope of finding Amai and laying him out for breaking their friendship so early after it started. - MATCH 2 - BASHKA VS TOXIK The two men stare each other down, Bashka has some sort of killer instinct in his eyes as he is visibly holding a knife in his hands for some odd reason, he walks up to Toxik and stabs him. Toxik: What the hell man? I thought this was supposed to be a wrestling match, not a murder! Bashka: You thought wrong fool. Bashka keeps stabbing Toxik, with no sign of stopping, he goes for the pin: 1..2.. Kickout by Toxik, he's not giving up yet even though he is bleeding out as we speak. Bashka lifts him up, stabs him one more time and goes for the pin again. 1..2.. Kickout once again. Bashka looks frustrated, he pulls out a gun on Toxik, and he begins to shoot him. Toxik may be dead, but Bashka wins the match by knockout. After the match, the medics come over and put an ice pack on Toxik's bleeding body, they may have just saved this man's life. OH SHIT, TOXIK'S ALIVE, HE RUNS AFTER BASHKA! But Bashka just shoots him again, the end. - Hans is inside the HQ, he is being interviewed by Arrow, who is limping for dear life, he honestly looks like he may collapse at any second now, he probably shouldn’t be doing this, but oh well. Hans: Are you gonna ask me a question, or do I have to ask them myself, stupid imbecile. Anyway, I have a match with Bailey coming up in just a few short moments, and I am pumped, I can’t wait to squash this pickle chin looking ass jabroni in front of the entire audience. This man is not a Hollywood star, he is a Hollywood fraud, and I will prove that when I drown him in daddy’s favourite BBQ sauce, imported straight from Canada. Arrow collapses, and Hans just snatches the microphone from him, and starts to speak. Hans: Because that BBQ sauce, is the best BBQ sauce around, once you taste my BBQ sauce, you will never switch to another BBQ sauce, because my BBQ sauce, is honestly, and I am 100% truthful when i say this, my BBQ sauce is the best BBQ sauce on this entire planet. And if anyone wants to try compete with my BBQ sauce, they can bring their BBQ sauce to the cookout, and we will see who has the best BBQ sauce. Of course it will be me, because my BBQ sauce is the best BBQ sauce. Believe that. Hans throws the mic onto Arrow’s body, before pulling out a bottle of Hans’ Special BBQ Sauce from his trunks, and pouring some BBQ sauce in his mouth. He then kicks Arrow, and leaves to go prepare for his match. - MATCH 3 - BAILEY VS HANS These two waste no time, as the match starts the start brawling like a pack of lions, they take the brawl to the outside of the ring, where they start beating each other up with every weapon imaginable to man: a chair, a kendo stick, a table, a glass bottle of Ciroc Vodka, you name it, any weapon you could think of, they hit each other with. Eventually both men got absolutely tired out from smacking each other with foreign objects, and they take the brawl inside the ring. BAILEY BOTTOM BY BAILEY! 1..2.. KICK OUT BY HANS! That could’ve been it, Bailey could’ve had the match right there and then. Bailey lifts Hans up, but he gets pushed to the outside of the ring by the big jock looking ass. Hans then pulls out the same bottle of BBQ sauce that he was sipping on earlier, and he pours it onto the ring canvas, and on the outside too, so it gets all slippery and greasy. Bailey is about to run back into the ring- Oopsie! Someone slipped on the BBQ sauce, that could’ve caused a huge concussion to Bailey, 1..2.. Kick out by the “Hollywood star”. This match has been an absolute war. Hans goes to the outside, and brings another table in, he pours BBQ sauce on it, and puts Bailey through it with a huge spinebuster, but he’s not done yet, he goes back to the outside, and brings a ladder in! He heads to the top of the ladder… Good lord! What a huge double foot stomp from the very top of the ladder! Bailey’s ribs may be shattered from the impact of Hans’ big boy feet hitting his chest. 1..2.. Kickout! And as Hans is heading back up to the top of the ladder for another big splash- Sheridan is here! She is back from the dead after a huge beating from Julius! Sheridan: Stop the match right this second! You have no right to be wrestling while I am here speaking. You two are coming with me, you’re going to help me beat Julius up, and break into Brenden’s office, understood you big bunch of buffoons? Hans: I don’t think you understand, but this is a wrestling match, you can’t just interrupt it like this, unless you are making me a sandwich filled with Hans’ Special BBQ Sauce, but if you’re not, you can fuck right off back to where you came from! Sheridan enters the ring, and stares down with Hans, as Bailey is still laid on the floor, but starts to get back to his feet slowly. Sheridan: I don’t think you understand! You’re coming with me, whether you like it or not! Now come on and get a move on, we have business to sort out. Hans: Ok fine, but just this once, I’ll get back to this loser once we’re done. HOLY SHIT! HANS HITS SHERIDAN WITH AN RKO! AND BAILEY JOINS IN WITH THE BEATDOWN! This is uncalled for! Sheridan doesn’t deserve to get beaten up by two big brutes! They begin to take turns in beating the shit out of her, until they see Brenden walking down the ramp with Julius, they both have a huge smile on their faces as they see Hans and Bailey beat their enemy up. Brenden: Well done, Sheridan fell into our trap again, we have now won the war, unless she still wants some. Now let’s leave this pile of trash in the ring where she belongs, let’s go have a party, while this idiot lays here and thinks about what she’s done. See you next week Sheridan! Hans pours some BBQ sauce onto Sheridan, making her stink. Both Hans and Bailey then leave the ring, and head to the back with Brenden, everyone laughing as the show comes to a close. - END
  5. amai comes back into the ring after seeing everyone assaulting arrow, and he slathers arrow in butter so he becomes all greasy, before then heating the butter up so it goes all bubbly and burns arrows back
  6. amai


    It was late at night, Amai was getting ready to deliver his message, he was sat on a sofa, in a dimly lit room, with a fire in front of him, he was wearing a coat made of fur from the tiger that he had previously killed, and there was an array of different paint brushes and colours on the table next to him. That cocky ass The Tiger had no idea what he’d unleashed. He begins to speak in a very sarcastic manner. You know, I was thinking about how difficult it would be to choose my next victim. The one who’d I’d embarrass in the ring, and then make mincemeat of. I thought no one would dare provoke someone as intelligent and successful as myself. But I don’t think that certain people are that proficient at paying attention. Amai revealed his signature Burberry scarf, and wrapped it around his neck. It had been made clear that The Tiger was his intended target. Ask yourself one question, why are you doing this? Why do you willingly make a joke out of yourself on a regular basis? Are you the one that’s scared, are you afraid of showing your true identity, so you hide behind this childish persona. Are you afraid that you will reveal your insecurities to people; that you’re not actually this predator that you make yourself out to be; you act like you’re a wild beast, set to go off on me and break my skull and add it to your little collection. You’re a joke, you’re nothing but a sad little clown trying to steal the spotlight from decent, talented people, you’re not a hunter, you’re the hunted. A menacing smirk appears on his lips as Amai proceeds to apply some black and orange tribal face paint, and then staring deep into the lens of the camera. You see this? This is the face of a coward, this is the face of someone that is afraid to show their true self. How can one claim to be this beast in a jungle filled with vicious predators, but they then hide behind a mask of paint to not show their true emotions. Usually I wouldn’t be here, I would be on a yacht out to the Caribbean, but you have pushed me to the limit, you have pushed me to do this, you have pushed me to expose you for something you certainly are not; and now it’s time for me to retain my crown and prove why the lion is the king… Amai takes his tiger-fur jacket off, and throws it into the fire, smiling as the jacket burns to a crisp; he then takes a wet cloth, and wipes the face paint off his face, revealing his identity unlike a certain Tiger. Amai then takes his glass eye out and points it into the lens of the camera. Come Halloween Havoc, the king will retain, the lion will take the tiger down, and the predator will become the prey. The biggest cat in the kingdom, will become extinct in the blink of an eye. The fact is, I could be focusing on Epico, I could be focusing on Steph; but no, you were the one that decided to provoke me, and now you will face the repercussions of your actions. You will get what is coming to you at Halloween Havoc, and I will make sure that you feel pain, a whole lot of it. He picks up a cigar from the table where the paint was, and starts to smoke it, before finally saying his last few words before picking up the skeleton of the tiger that he had murdered previously, which was hidden behind the sofa, he looks at it and smiles. There’s a very big reason why tigers are dying extremely quickly in this ecosystem of ours, they’re not supposed to be the predators of the food chain, as you will find out the hard way at the grandest stage of October. You will find out why I’m the rightful champion of this division, and I will rightfully take you down. Because the lion always wins, and that’s a fact. Amai finishes smoking the cigar, and throws it into the fire, making an even bigger flame, before throwing the skeleton of the tiger into the fire, standing up, and laughing in a sinister demeanour as the bones of the poor creature burn to a crisp, before raising his NXT Championship into the air as the camera cuts out.
  7. amai

    WWF/WWE - All Stars

    Episode 5 Jim Ross, Corey Graves & Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler welcome the audience to this edition of SmackDown Live; coming from the city of Boston, Massachusetts. They hype up the main event of the night, which will be The Viper, Randy Orton, who will take on Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart, which will surely be a showstopper on this great night of action. - General Manager Reveal Eric Bischoff comes out, to the surprise of the fans, he is the General Manager of the blue brand, he is greeted with a great sign of appraisal from the WWE Universe, he comes into the ring, and picks up the mic, and even before he started talking, the fans were still going wild for him, but eventually they slowed down with the cheers, and let Bischoff speak. Eric: “I’m baaack! Damn it feels good to be here, as the General Manager of the A show, the show that makes the WWE what it is today, and I say that with pride, I am happy to see this brand succeed, and I will take this brand to all new heights now that I’m in charge, and since I'm in charge, let’s get one thing straight. This is supposed to be the land of opportunity, but for the past few years I have not seen that, but now, now, it’s going to be all different; because I will make sure that every single damn person on this roster will get an opportunity, I will make sure that every damn WRESTLER will actually get to wrestle. Yeah I said it, W R E S T L E R, not superstar, these guys are professional wrestlers, and let’s keep it that way. This is a wrestling show, not a soap opera! So, speaking of opportunities, why don’t we give 5 men an opportunity to face Shinsuke Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship, right here, right now!” Eric smiles as the fans start cheering again, he begins to speak again. Eric: “You’re probably wondering who will be in this match though, now, let me reveal. First of all, the champ: The King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura! Now his challengers, we have Andrade, Ali, Dusty Rhodes, Eddie Guerrero and Buddy Murphy! You can thank me later for this one! Eric leaves, and the contestants in the match start to come out one by one. - 6 Man Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship The match kicks off and it’s complete mayhem in the match, all 6 men are going after each other, and Ali is the first man to be eliminated by Murphy, continuing their feud after last week’s phenomenal match. Dusty is out next, eliminated by Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas. There are 4 men left, and they start brawling to the cheers of the fans. Andrade is eliminated by Guerrero, who is then eliminated by Murphy. There are now 2 men left, Murphy, and the champ, Shinsuke Nakamura. The two put on a wrestling clinic, and fight for another 6 minutes, before Nakamura throws Murphy out, to retain his championship. He celebrates before Aleister Black shows up on the screen. Black: “Congratulations champ, you must’ve seen my challenge from last week, hopefully it gave you time to think, now what will your answer be, is it a yes, or a no. Maybe I’ll still give you some time to wonder. Just have a deep think about this situation… Think, think, think." Black disappears from the screen, and Shinsuke leaves the ring as the camera cuts out, getting ready for the next scene. - 24/7 Title Backstage Segment Drew Gulak is seen walking into the catering area, with the 24/7 Championship around his waist, he is about to pick something to eat, until he looks next to him, there he is, Drew Gulak’s worst nightmare: R-Truth is standing next to him, and he looks hungry for that 24/7 Title. Gulak tries to run, but R-Truth rolls him up, the ref comes down, 1..2..3! R-Truth is the 24/7 Champion once again! Truth tries to get away, but Gulak catches him as he is about to escape. Gulak puts Truth in the Gu-Lock, and R-Truth taps! Gulak is 24/7 Champion! He quickly retreats from the catering section, and runs into the locker room to hide, where he is greeted by none other than Dude Love! Gulak tries to get out but it’s no use, Dude Love has already rolled him up! 1..2..3! Dude Love is the new 24/7 Champion! The title has changed 3 times in the past 5 minutes! Dude Love leaves the locker room with a huge grin on his face, but- HOLY SHIT! R-TRUTH HAS BEEN WAITING BEHIND THE DOOR! He rolls Dude Love up for the 1..2..3! R-Truth is champ once again! He begins to run away but Drew catches him again! Roll up! 1..2..3! Drew Gulak is now a 3 time 24/7 Champion! He runs away before Truth & Dude Love even know what’s going on! The two sit there in confusion as the camera cuts out to the next scene. - Backstage interview with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston Kayla Braxton: “Kofi, last week you were brutally attacked by Randy Orton, and it seemed like he was issuing you a challenge after your match was over, what do you have to say about that?” Kofi: “Well Kayla, I think that Orton should feel ashamed of himself for blindsiding me like that and costing me the victory. And guess what, I will accept his challenge, and at Clash of Champions, I will show him what a real champion is like, I will step up to him, face to face, and I will beat the living hell out of him. I will show him that a real man doesn’t have to attack from behind, I will show him that a real champion, is a man who can beat his opponent clean, not have to get a cheap shot to pick up the win. And after I’m done, I will spit in his face, since he disrespected me, I will disrespect him back. I will absolutely-” Randy Orton comes out from behind and hits Kofi with a huge RKO! He starts beating down the champ until security come and break it all up, Orton is heard yelling “Stupid!” as he is being pulled away by WWE officials, who then go to check up on Kofi to see if he is ok; who is then stretchered out to close the scene off. - Batista vs Finn Balor This was a very intense David vs Goliath bout, with Batista dominating the very early minutes of the match, tossing Balor around like a ragdoll. But then, then Balor got his fighting spirit back, and he started to bite back, hitting Batista with a few strong grapple moves, before finally taking the big man down with a huge dropkick. The fans were all over it, cheering for Balor, while booing the big man Batista. But after around 11 minutes of solid in ring action, Batista planted Balor with a huge Batista Bomb to pick up the victory. Batista then picks up a mic and starts talking. Batista: “Is that all this brand has? No, you can’t be serious, I want a challenge, right here, right now!” To Batista’s surprise, Daniel Bryan comes out! Accompanied by the first new signing to SmackDown, Erick Rowan. Batista stares the two down, but before they could come to any blows- The Big Dog is here to save Batista! Clearly these two are going to be allies from now on! Both teams stare each other down, but no brawling occurs. - Backstage segment with Shane McMahon & Elias Elias & Shane are seen in the locker room, discussing their game plan about how to defeat Cactus Jack. Shane: “I honestly do not know what to do with this guy, he’s absolutely crazy, last week, he assaulted me for absolutely no reason at all, just because I came out doesn’t mean that I was going to attack him, I wasn’t even going to touch the guy!” Elias: “I couldn’t tell you, maybe we should just stay out of his business, maybe that will help us out a bit here, just leave it for a few weeks so he forgets about us. Then we get our revenge and beat the crap out of him when he’s not looking, it’s a great plan and I’m sure it will work.” Shane: “Maybe you’re right, but I don’t think we’ll be able to get away with it that easily… Wait! Maybe you and him can have another match, a no disqualification match this time around!” Elias: “Shane, I really don’t think that this is a good idea, like did you not see what he did last week, the guy is nuts!” Shane: “It will all be fine, just you wait and see, I have got this entire thing all figured out” The scene closes off to an ad break as Shane & Elias leave the locker room after they’ve finished their conversation. - Randy Orton vs Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart Bret Hart is waiting in the ring, and as Randy Orton is making his entrance- KOFI KINGSTON IS HERE! Kofi hits Orton with a huge Trouble in Paradise, the two begin to brawl, the fans are going crazy for these two, they cause absolute chaos in the crowd section! Hitting each other with lefts and rights, closed hand punches to the head! This is more personal than anyone would’ve ever anticipated; neither man is giving up, they will brawl forever at this rate! Bret Hart is still waiting in the ring for his match- But he is assaulted by Yokozuna! Yokozuna attacks Bret Hart, there is an absolute riot here on SmackDown Live! No one wants to give in! Kofi & Orton take their brawl into the ring, and all 4 men are now inside the squared circle, brawling to their heart’s content! Yokozuna & Orton are thrown out by the babyfaces and Kingston hits them with a huge dive! Hart & Kingston are celebrating in the ring as a rematch from the last show is announced for the next episode of SmackDown. The show then comes to a close as the babyfaces stand tall in the ring. - END
  8. amai

    The Great Hunt

    The setting is a jungle in the middle of the exotic country of India, Amai is hiding in a bush, with a sniper rifle he; he looks down the scope, and is getting ready to pull the trigger, until the camera man pulls up on him. Amai then turns around. Oh jesus! Keep it down! I’m out here hunting, hunting for the biggest tiger of them all, now why don’t you leave me to do what I need to do, after all, this will only help my chances at Halloween Havoc when I have to defend this little baby of mine- Yes! I’ve found one, time to get the shot all lined up, 3..2..1… Amai pulls the trigger, but he misses, and the tiger gets away, leaving Amai disappointed in himself. That was nothing but a faulty bullet! Don’t worry, I’ll get that little sod next time... Speaking of tigers, I heard there’s a little cat challenging me for my precious prize, well a challenge it is indeed, and I can’t wait to meet this foolish individual who wants to step to the Moneymaker. The little weasel trying to pipe himself up to face the big dog of the NXT division; getting too big for his boots, trying to jump to the front of the food chain like a sodding rascal. I don’t care who he is, or who he thinks he is, he can think he’s a tiger all he wants, he can think he’s the biggest cat in the jungle, but the statistics speak for themselves, I’m not the champion for no reason. Amai shoots another bullet into the air, seeing all of the birds flying up into the air, scared for their own well being, before laughing sadistically into the camera. You’re not a tiger, you’re just a little ginger spotted cat, you are not even worthy to challenge me, the king of the jungle, the peak of the food chain, the lion of the pack. Your skulls mean nothing to me, they don’t scare me, they don’t phase me. Your killer instinct is nothing but a fragment of your false consciousness. You’re not the king, you never will be. The lion always wins and that’s a fact. Amai sets his sights onto another tiger, he smirks, looks down the scope, breathes in, lines the shot perfectly, and he is getting ready to pull the trigger… 1..2..3… He did it, he killed the tiger, he walks up to it, laughing hysterically as he has just murdered the poor creature. He lifts the tiger up by the head, and points it to the camera. You see, this is what happens to tigers, when they try to step up to the king. And this is what will happen to you, and all the other posers that want to step up to me. I will slaughter everyone just like I have slaughtered this little piece of trash, and I will stand tall, with the title in my hand, again. Because the lion always wins, and that’s a fact. The camera fades to black as Amai throws the body of the tiger to one side, and lifts up his NXT championship from around his waist, and looks deep into the lens of the camera, and smiles.
  9. No doubt 2K14. This was such a good game, from the roster, to the 30 Years of WrestleMania Mode, to the fantastic creation suite, this game has it all. The showcase mode was extremely well done, there were a few big matches missing, but some for very obvious reasons (Benoit/HHH/HBK), and there were some very confusing picks, but overall the showcase was very good and probably my favourite one yet. The creation suite was the best in a WWE game to date. The create a story feature is the prime example of this. There were so many stories made on CC back in the day, and a lot of them were extremely well done, I absolutely loved it. But my favourite part of this game has to be the Defeat the Streak mode, it just felt really special finally beating the Undertaker, because he was hard as nails when I was a kid and I played this. So yeah, overall, I don't think any recent or past WWE game even holds a candle to this one in terms of how customisable it was, or how jam packed with content it was. Too bad the newer games can't be as good as this one despite being on newer hardware though.
  10. Definitely Wario, he is really easy to pick up and play with, and I almost always get good results with him Bowser is another good shout, much slower than Wario and a bit harder to play, but once you get used to him he's actually really good. And again I get good results with him a lot of the time. My third and final main is Joker, he is much faster than both Wario & Bowser (one of the fastest in the game I think) and apart from his B move (pistols) all of his moves are very good and useful. But even though I like playing as Joker, I absolutely hate playing against him, but everyone probably thinks that about me so it's all ok.
  11. Benoit/HHH/HBK, it's one of the best WM main events of all time, it was perfect in almost every way, from the actual wrestling itself, to the storytelling to the ending moments. Definitely one of the best matches in history.
  12. Fairly solid episode of RAW Opening segment was very fun to watch, I'm extremely excited for this match to happen, Wyatt has obviously been fantastic with his promos and Rollins has really stepped up and his title reign is starting to get much better since he won it at SummerSlam. But I really do hope that Wyatt wins the title at HIAC, it would be dumb to have Rollins win. Obviously the highlight of the night for me would have to be the KOTR finals between Gable and Corbin, this was definitely Corbin's best match in WWE to date, and it just proves how much this guy has improved, even since like July. This match was absolutely fantastic and both guys looked like pure stars. In my opinion the right guy won, I don't think Chad is ready for the crown yet, and the KOTR is kind of designed to be won by a dickish heel, so Chad wouldn't really fit that formula. The ending segment was really well done, other than the fact that Kane made a random return for some reason. But at least it made the Fiend look like an absolute monster, wiping out Kane just as he's done with the OC. Really well done even if the return was a tad bit strange. The worst part of the show (apart from Evans Vs Brooke) was definitely the gender reveal party. This made absolutely no sense at all, I don't see why Kanellis is being made to look like an absolute tool, but I must say that I was really happy about the return of Rusev, even if he does look strange with his slimmer physique and moustache. Overall this was a decent show, only thing really worth watching is the KOTR Finals, because that was really great, but apart from the gender reveal party, there wasn't anything really that bad on this show, if WWE keeps up like this then who knows what we can see next?

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