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  1. Without a doubt Sephiroth from the original Kingdom Hearts. I haven't played any Souls games (aside from Bloodborne if that counts) so I can't include any game from that series. But Sephiroth is absolutely relentless in the original KH, his moves don't have a strict pattern (which is what made him easier in KH2) which means he can strike fast at any time, making you lose nearly all of you HP, his range is also absolutely insane, meaning he can hit you from almost anywhere. Not to mention he has a stupid amount of health, which is a lot by KH1 standards. This is the only secret boss in the original KH that I have yet to beat and honestly, I don't think I ever will beat him, unless I grind to LVL99 which probably won't ever happen.
  2. I'm gonna agree with Odd and say Chris Benoit, up until around SummerSlam this man had an exceptional year, having classics throughout the entire year, and winning the World Heavyweight Title in one of the best WrestleMania main events of all time, and part of one of the most iconic wrestling scenes of all time when him and Eddie were in the middle of the ring hugging it out. Eddie would definitely be a close second for this year though, he too had a very good year up until around he lost to JBL.
  3. The entirety of NXT has been the best wrestling moment this week, and this is before SD even comes out. Last night's NXT was one of the best wrestling TV shows I have ever seen, there was just so much quality to it, including 3 great matches. 2 Good ones and only one match that is probably not worth watching, and even then that match wasn't even that bad. There's no shock that this week NXT beat AEW because this week's show was absolutely fantastic, one of the best wrestling shows this entire year in terms of pure quality.
  4. The Amazing BPZ Backyard Wrestling Soap Opera SEASON 1 EPISODE 5 THE END? Narrator: Welcome, to the first episode of the greatest episodic television show in history, the premise of this episode is simple: Sheridan made the wrong decision confronting Brenden last week, and now she faces the consequences by going one on one with Julius here tonight in the main event in a career threatening match. - The show kicks off at the hospital, where Brad has been laid for about a week now after his deadly injury from last week which left him immobile for a long time, and he has a few words to say. Brad: I proved my dominance last episode, I was the first man to not only win two matches in one night, but also the first man to pin two men simultaneously while not being able to move my legs! And while I unfortunately cannot be here tonight for the open challenge, what I can say is that in the next episode, I don’t care who wants to answer my challenge, I will be on top once again, because this is the rise of the old man, the in ring veteran. Anyway, see you all later, I’ve still gotta lay here for a few weeks… Now doctor, may you get me an ice cold glass of water right this second? The doctor looks up and down at Brad, before pulling his surgical mask down… It’s Meko! He goes to assault Brad’s leg before other medical staff drag him away for Brad’s safety, but it’s not gonna work! Brad falls off his hospital bed and Meko starts to ground and pound! There’s no stopping this man! Well, until he gets stopped by even more security that is, Meko then gets dragged away and the screen fades to black. - MATCH 1 - TOXIK VS LOCAL TALENT Toxik is already in the ring, but there is no local talent to be seen, but then, in the blink of an eye, a body comes flying out of nowhere, and a shadow is seen slowly walking towards that body… IT’S BASHKA, or Jack. HE’S BEEN RELEASED FROM PRISON AND HE’S LOOKING FOR REVENGE. He runs around the ring chasing Toxik but to no avail, the smaller, faster jobber is too fast for the huge Bashka, Toxik manages to run away with ease while the crowd laughs at him and throws stuff like pretzels and tomatoes at him. But hold on, Bashka is heading towards the crowd… He’s picked up a fan! Good lord, he throws the fan into the ring and starts beating him down mercilessly, but then he goes back to the outside while the helpless audience member is laid in the ring, screaming for help. Bashka’s got a table! He sets the table up in the ring and proceeds to slam the living hell out of that poor fan to the absolute shock of the rest of the audience. Bashka then proceeds to beat the fan down some more before throwing him back into the crowd and remembering why he came out: to get his revenge on Toxik; he storms out of the ring and heads inside BBW HQ, where Toxik ran to earlier. - Toxik is seen running through the hall of BBW HQ, where Nathan & Arrow are sat, having a nice conversation, drinking a few pints before some absolute madman comes in and just interrupts them for no reason. Toxik: Guys, please can you help me, I’m on the run, Bashka wants to kill me, come on guys I know you wouldn’t let me die like that. Please! I need your help, he’s gonna come in here any second now! Nathan & Arrow begin to absolutely piss themselves with laughter, before finally calming down and beginning to speak again. Nathan: Are you serious? You’re really gonna run in here crying your eyes out asking for our help because you’re scared that someone might catch you and spank your little bottom? Just grow the fuck up, you’re acting like a little woman here, I thought you were much better than that. You’re supposed to be a man, not a pussy, now go find a room before you try hit me with that gay shit. Toxik: I am being very serious! Please can you just help me find a hiding spot, this is a life or death situation, if you don’t help me then this is without a doubt my last night in BBW. JUST SHOW ME A HIDING SPOT! Nathan: Jesus Chrst, relax man. No one’s going to hurt you, come here now, give papa a hug and I’ll find you a little hiding spot, I solemnly swear, you can trust me. Toxik reaches in for a hug, and Nathan begins to hold him tightly, before a big smile pops up on his face and he begins to laugh. Arrow: Hey Bashka! Look who we’ve got over here! Bashka storms into the room, and Toxik starts screaming, Nathan then lets go and Toxik instantly starts running away. The laughs from Nathan and Arrow don’t last too long though, as Bashka grabs them both simultaneously and pounds into them with ease, throwing Nathan into the wall while spanking Arrow with his other hand; he then threw Arrow against the wall, right where Nathan was, just for good measure. The beast had just about enough of these stupid little games, he was out for revenge. - Sheridan is now just about to be interviewed before her career threatening match tonight with Julius, she looks ready and raring to go and win this main event contest. She then clears her throat and begins to speak into the mic, despite there not being one. Sheridan: Tonight is the night, the night where I finally prove all the haters wrong and defeat my arch-nemesis in the biggest match in BBW history. I will prove Nathan wrong, I will prove Brad wrong, I will prove Bailey wrong, I will prove Hans wrong, I will prove Toxik- Toxik then bursts onto the interview set, absolutely sweating his tits off, he can barely breathe, he grabs Sheridan by her head and looks deep into her eyes as he can barely keep his open. Toxik: Please can you help me? Basically, it’s a long story to explain, but I’m kind of on the run, basically, Bashka wants to kill me right now, and I really don’t know what to do about it, please can you just hide me or something like that? I don’t want to die so young to a man so brutal! Sheridan: Can you just shut up for one second please? You just interrupted my interview time, how bloody dare you, do you know who I am around here? Well, if you didn’t, my name’s Sheridan and I am the top star in BBW, you should be ashamed of interrupting me so rudely, I was literally about to praise you in my interview, but now that you’ve done that, I think I’m gonna have to give you the boot off the set. Toxik: So, does that mean you’re gonna help me? Sheridan says absolutely nothing, just knocks him out in one punch, and over comes Bashka, smiling as he has finally caught his victim, Sheridan then carries on with her speech as Bashka picks Toxik up and carries him to another room. Sheridan: Anyway, as I was saying, I really want to prove everyone wrong and show them how independent a woman can really be nowadays, especially a strong, hard working woman like me can actually be at the top of a wrestling promotion, like I feel like it’s just so crazy that this year, women are starting to you know… Get it- The scene closes off before she can even finish her sentence. - The camera then arrives in the shower block, where Bashka is viciously beating down and torturing the poor old Toxik. In one case, he even poured cold water down his back, yikes! But then after about 5 minutes of pure brutality by Bashka... Brenden walks in! And he does not look very happy! Brenden: Bashka! What on earth are you doing to that poor little thing? You’re going to hurt him if you carry this on! I suggest you give me one extremely good reason as to why I shouldn’t fire you right here on the spot; so do you have anything to tell me? Or do I have to go straight to the punishment, because believe me, there is a punishment. No one can get away with assault that easily. Bashka: You want to know the truth? This little ass weasel has been blackmailing me while I’ve been in prison, threatening to end my career and kill my family, simple stuff like that. So I decided that when I do come out of prison, I’m going to hunt him down and give him a good lesson, because he certainly does if he kisses his mother with that dumb little mouth of his. Brenden: Very well then, I think I have a solution to this problem… Bashka! You are suspended indefinitely for assault, I don’t care what Toxik has done to you, as the bigger man you should’ve reported him to me instead of lashing out on the poor lad like this, he’s not going to be able to compete for weeks now because of you. You’ve single handedly hurt your own image, as well as the companies. Well done Bashka, well bloody done, and while in this suspension period, you’re going to be the one that helps me fix everything that you’ve broken; that includes hospital bills for that audience member that you assaulted earlier. Understood? Bashka says nothing, just growls- Before grabbing Brenden and slamming him down with a huge powerslam! The beast has been unleashed, and despite the suspension, there is nothing stopping him now! - MATCH 2 - SHERIDAN VS JULIUS The match kicks off and both competitors go after each other fiercely, with Julius getting the early upper hand seeing as he is the bigger man in the match. He begins to ragdoll Sheridan around the ring to weaken her, before planting her down with a big slam and going for the cover: 1..2.. Kick out by Sheridan early on in the match. Julius then lifts Sheridan up, throws her into the corner, hits her with a huge clothesline, sets her up for a huge strike, but no she counters- Huge Poisonrana by Sheridan, 1..2.. Kick out by the big man, keeping the match alive, the crowd is hyped up as there is nothing but a fantastic wrestling match going on right now, but I guess I spoke too soon as Sheridan is already getting the tables and ladders into play, she sets a table in the corner and attempts to put Julius through it, but he’s quite clearly too big to be lifted up so he just irish whips her through the table with ease. He laughs as he realises that this match is no contest to him, but just a comedy fight. He lifts Sheridan up once again, pushes her against the ropes- But he feels the impact as he gets hit with a fantastic canadian destroyer from Sheridan, she goes for another pin but another kick out at 2 by Julius, he doesn’t want to get embarrassed in this match by a woman. Sheridan sets the ladder up into the corner, and just about manages to throw Julius into it, sending him flying onto the floor and sending Sheridan soaring up to the top rope… What a 450 splash by Sheridan! She is looking extremely impressive in this match- Hold on just a minute, that’s Bashka on the ramp! There’s no way someone else is about to cost Sheridan another match! He gets into the ring… And strikes Julius! Julius is down and out via a big knockout blow by Bashka! Sheridan goes for the cover! 1..2..3! It’s over, Sheridan has just ended Julius’ career in the blink of an eye! The fans are going wild! Bashka then promptly leaves the ring after celebrating for a while, coming to terms that he has been suspended from BBW. Sheridan stands tall to close off the show as there is nothing stopping her in this glorious moment tonight. - END
  5. amai

    Live in Fear

    It was a cold winter morning, Amai was sat in his signature chair just mere days before his next crowning moment at Winter Warfare, the fire on as usual, Mecko’s eerie bloody chair next to him, and a piece of paper on a table directly in front of him, along with cigars, and all of the necessities. He is ready to silence the doubter who thinks that he will join the list of legends to defend the NXT Title. Winter Warfare was going to be a bloodbath. This is it, the final stop before you fall, but yet you still seem to believe in your own lies, you’re living in a dream, a fragment of your own imagination. This is real life, not fantasy, but you don’t seem to understand that do you? You think it’s all colourful rainbows and unicorns. But it’s far from that, this vacation of yours is not what you are wanting it to be, far from it, you just wanted to run away, take your mind off me and the wrestling world; you don’t want to constantly stay up at night thinking about your blood on that mat while I stand on top of you like a real king would; you’re afraid of admitting that you feel threatened by my presence. You’re scared of even addressing me like a real champion would, you skim past all of the gory details and focus on another one of those buffoons without ever mentioning me again. I know exactly how you’re feeling, I know how you’re feeling better than you know yourself; I can feel your tension, you don’t want to lose your pride and glory to someone that’s below you in the food chain, I can feel the butterflies in your stomach, making you feel sick to your guts every time I enter your realm of thought. But don’t you worry, that pain will soon be over, once I stand tall once again, holding the NXT Championship in my hands, as the crowd chant my name, treating me like the hero to end all fairy tales. But the only thing that will really keep me satisfied is blood. Amai looks around with a smug grin on his face, before looking down at Mecko’s stained chair, then looking back up and laughing. Your blood is what I crave, the pure sight of your forehead dripping down onto the mat while I’m laughing in your face, knowing that I’ve won once again. You’re scared now aren’t you? I can sense the sweat dripping down while you reach for that next alcoholic drink to keep you calm and collected. I can hear the slow trembling of your walk; but yet you still think you’re alright as you tell yourself “I’m fine” while almost collapsing to the floor at the same time. The sense of fear is mesmerising, it’s overpowering you every second of the day, but the confidence doesn’t leave, in your mind, you're still the winner despite not physically being able to cope with the fact that you will most definitely lose and be humiliated in front of thousands of fans, just like you humiliated me… Amai looks back down at the chair, before lighting up a cigar as a car is seen pulling up outside: it’s the vehicle that will lead Amai to his destination of victory. A large smile appears on Amai’s face as he finally knows that the time has come, he’s about to face greatness for the second time in his career. Now, it’s time for me to head off to the arena, and I promise you that once we step into that ring, I will make you face your biggest fear: defeat. Because… The lion always wins… Always. Amai stands up from his own chair, before throwing his cigar into the fire, making it go up into flames; he then picks the bloodstained chair up and leaves his mansion, and heads inside the car, where shockingly, the driver is seen wearing tribal face paint resembling that of a tiger. The mind games are getting to immense ahead of Winter Warfare, All that can be heard is Amai’s signature sadistic laugh as the car starts to move forward and the scene closes off.
  6. amai

    Amai Graphics

    Unofficial Poster for WW (should be official though tbh)
  7. Charlotte without a doubt, in the WWE no one even comes close to Charlotte. When she already has 11 title reigns to her name in 5 years, you know she's doing something very well (despite being a Flair). Aside from her accomplishments, she's also great in the ring, being able to have a good match with nearly anyone. And to top it all off, she's been a part of some of the most memorable moments in women's wrestling period, including the first ever women's HIAC match, first ever Women's PPV Main Event, WM Main Event and MITB match. I don't think she's going away any time soon and honestly, the only way is forward for Charlotte Flair as she is on her way to 16 title reigns.
  8. Used to casually watch him around 2K14 times, specifically remembering WrestleMania because of the sleeper hold finish in the main event, I don't remember much of 2K15, I think I may have skipped past that year for some odd reason, I got into some other UM youtubers at that point. But I really started to watch him seriously around 2K16/2K17 times, even as far as Brenden using my Sami Zayn attire in his 2K17 universe mode after numerous comments of begging.
  9. Obviously my highlight of the year was winning the NXT Championship for the first time, it was a very intense two days with Toxik coming close to beating me at one point, but luckily I got the win and won my first title, and hopefully not my last. Another highlight has been the start of my first feud with Mecko, I have really enjoyed every moment of our promo wars, and I can't wait for our First Blood match, it's definitely going to be a battle and a half.
  10. Would have to agree with Beastly, MITB 2011 is such an iconic show. First of all, the opening contest itself was a fantastic match, a whole lot of action, and everyone looked great despite most of them being either jobbers or gone from the company in the current day, Bryan winning was honestly the right call as this is the win that would eventually lead to him winning the WHC and starting the Yes Movement, which has been one of the greatest things to happen in the WWE this decade too. I'd probably give this match ****1/4. Next two matches can be skipped, but Henry vs Show isn't all that bad if I'm being honest, watch it if you want but there is really no point watching the women's match. Next two matches are also very good, the MITB being the better one in my opinion, although not as good as the SD one, it was still a very great match. Orton vs Christian was also a good match despite the DQ ending, but the in ring action before completely made up for the whole thing, not to mention the storyline as a whole which was one of the best of the year, leading to a fantastic match at SummerSlam. And Obviously there's the main event which is an absolute spectacular bout, without a doubt the best match in the history of the WWE (maybe aside from Andrade vs Gargano but idk). The match as a whole was fantastic, but so was the storyline going into it. With the Summer of Punk being one of the most iconic WWE storylines in the past 20 or so years. As a whole, this is probably one of the most solid shows WWE have ever done, not just in the past decade, but of all time. There is just so much quality to this show that the two not so great matches don't even matter. This is a must watch if you're a new or an old wrestling fan, I assure you that you will not be disappointed.
  11. amai

    WWF/WWE - All Stars

    Episode 7 Michael Cole, Gordon Solie & Renee Young welcome the audience to Monday Night RAW, in the city of Dallas, Texas. Solie announces that the United States Championship contract signing between AJ Styles & Hulk Hogan will take place later on tonight. He also hypes up one of the matches for tonight’s show, which will be the Universal Champion Seth Rollins taking on Baron Corbin in a non-title match. - Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse The intro to the Funhouse plays, and Bray Wyatt is sat on an old rocking chair, reading a book; he then notices the camera, jumps up in shock, and speaks. Bray: “Oh my heebie jeebies! You scared me! I’m just sitting here reading this fantastic book about a cult leader from the woods who created his own family and then proceeded to take over the world by storm! I wonder what sort of maniac would ever think of a stupid idea of that; does he really think he has the whole world in his hands? What a stupid, stupid man. Anyway, I should probably stop reading, and talk to you guys for a few minutes while I still have the time, and I honestly don’t have a lot of it-” Rambling Rabbit then appears out of nowhere, but before he can even start to speak, Wyatt picks him up and throws him away, with the sound of a window crashing being heard right after. Bray: “Come on Rabbit, you know it’s rude to interrupt people while they’re speaking, I thought I taught you better than that. Now back to what I was saying… Oh yes! Talking to you guys; honestly, sometimes I feel a bit lonely, like people don’t really want to listen to me, or don’t want me to exist at all and that really saddens me; I’m a human being too, just like all of you… But him, he’s not a human being… The Fiend doesn’t care about feelings, all he cares about is pain, and agony, and destruction, and that’s not very nice of him… But I’m not like that, I’m just a friendly neighbourhood Bray Wyatt doing his friendly neighbourhood job of entertaining you guys and contributing towards society to make it better! But the Fiend, he doesn’t care about society, he doesn’t want anyone to feel entertained, only threatened by his very presence. Just like Finn Balor was, but who will be next to feel the wrath of the monster that is the Fiend. I guess it’s only him that can choose. Whoever he does choose though, is in serious hell. Bye!” The outro plays and RAW moves on to the next scene. - Jake Roberts vs Sami Zayn - No Holds Barred Match The time has come, the trilogy is at the end, and these two waste no time going at each other, brawling in the middle of the ring, huge strikes back and forth, Roberts on top for a long while, he then brings a chair into the mix, the fans go crazy as these two men fight it out with many different weapons, these two men are putting on an absolute brawling slobberknocker. No one is giving an inch, but a surprise low blow takes Zayn out! Leaving him open for a huge DDT onto a chair! 1..2..3! Roberts has got his revenge after 2 weeks of straight losses! After the match he walks to the outside of the ring, and picks up the infamous bag, he enters the ring once again, and lets Damien loose all over Sami Zayn, this is just adding insult to injury! Zayn doesn’t deserve this kind of torture! But Roberts leaves the snake there, watching on as Zayn tries to struggle out of the grasp of the reptile. But it’s no use, eventually Roberts picks the snake back up after Sami is knocked unconscious, he then walks backstage, laughing as he has finally received his vengeance. - Backstage Confrontation between Rollins & Corbin Corbin is seen walking backstage, before bumping into Seth Rollins; the Universal Champion doesn’t look happy after his loss to Corbin that occurred last week in shocking fashion at the hands of Ted DiBiase. Seth Rollins: “I just wanted to let you know, now that I see you for the first time since last week: your little win last week was just a fluke, if it wasn’t for DiBiase you wouldn’t have been in the title match at Clash of Champions. You know it, I know it, everyone in the audience knows it, and most of all, Ted knows it. He wants to set you up, I hope you’re not dumb enough to fall into his million dollar trap. I’m just looking out for you man.” Baron Corbin: “How about you shut up for just a second, you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors between me and Ted, we’ve formed an alliance that no one can break, and I assure you that with the help of my friend Ted, I will become the new Universal Champion come Clash of Champions. Then we’ll see who’s setting who up. Now get out of my way, I’ve got business to sort out.” Seth Rollins: “We definitely will see who’s getting set up. Well, we’ll see each other tonight, and this time you won’t be so lucky.” Corbin doesn’t say anything, just barges past Seth as the Universal Champ watches on with disgust. - Becky Lynch vs Nikki Cross The first women’s match since the draft started off with a bang, both women gave it their all to produce the best debut women’s match possible and they certainly delivered; with Nikki being a tough opponent for the Women’s Champ throughout the bout. But in the end it was Becky who picked up the win after locking in the Dis-Arm-Her after around 14 minutes of action to win the Women’s match since the invention of All-Stars. Becky then picked up a microphone after the match was over. Becky Lynch: “Three weeks in and this is the first time women are in action? It’s time for that to change, and next week, we will blow the roof off the house one more time, when I have an open challenge for this prized title of mine! See you all next week!” The crowd cheer as Becky walks off, celebrating her win. - Backstage interview with Gallows & Anderson Charly Caruso: “So, it seems like you guys are going to be challenging for the RAW Tag Team titles at Clash of Champions, how does it feel to be going up against such a team like the Universal Champ and the Monster Among Men?” Karl Anderson: “You really think we’re phased by those two nerds? We know for a fact that they can’t work functionally as a team, once they step into that squared circle with us, they will fall apart like little snowflakes, that’s just how the cookie crumbles.” Luke Gallows: “Damn right it is Karl, we’re not going to let ourselves be defeated by a group of silly little n- n- NERDS!” Karl Anderson: “No we certainly are not, we are going to defeat Strowman and Rollins and reclaim our gold on the night that champions are made, let’s go now Luke, let’s go exterminate some nerds.” Luke and Karl walk away, laughing with confidence ahead of CoC. - Baron Corbin & Ted DiBiase vs Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman This match kicked off slow, with Baron Corbin keeping control for most of the time against Seth Rollins with rest holds and slow, methodical strikes. DiBiase did the same, they weren’t going to let Rollins pick up the pace any time soon. But one slip-up by Corbin may have cost them the match as Rollins picked the pace up fast, going on an absolute rampage with many high flying, high speed moves. Strowman was no different, absolutely charging through both DiBiase and Corbin to the appraisal of the fans. But then Corbin gets back in control, beating the Universal Champ down with huge strikes, but then he sets up for the End of Days… The Miz! He’s here, looking for his revenge after Corbin’s assault last week, Corbin tries to go after Miz but gets rolled up by Rollins! 1..2.. Kickout by Corbin; the big guy then hits a blind tag as he heads outside and goes after the Miz, who he then chases around for a few minutes. Rollins doesn’t know this, and gets rolled up by DiBiase! 1..2..3! DiBiase has pinned the champ and has been inserted into the title match at Clash of Champions! Rollins, Corbin, Strowman and even Miz are all in complete and utter shock! Corbin and DiBiase then walk off to close of the show as everyone else is stood in the middle of the ring, completely stunned after what had just happened. - END
  12. January Results TV Show PPV Pop, Finance and Medical
  13. amai

    Switching Focus

    Appearing for the first time since Survivor Series, Amai is back in his natural habitat: the mansion, he’s sat in a fairly large room, on a large leather armchair in front of a cozy fireplace; but there is one unnatural thing about this setting. There’s an empty chair next to Amai, an empty steel chair to be specific, which has what appears to be blood stains on the seat. It was Mecko’s blood. This could’ve been us, we could’ve been at the top of the tag division; bitter rivals turned into the best of friends, the two man power trip running BPZ. But you foolishly put all that aside for a shot at the prize; and I must say, congratulations champ. You did it, you outsmarted me in the most humiliating way… Amai picks the chair up and carelessly throws it to one side. But today is not about you, I shall put you to the side as I focus on another man who has indeed joined the race for the NXT Championship after months of anticipation; finally defeating his biggest rival yet in the form of the debuting Darius Shiba, winning the crowd over in the process, the man known only as James Knight; but that is simply child’s play, you don’t have what it takes to challenge for the prestigious belt: you don’t have the charisma, the in ring talent or the money and wealth to secure you a spot in the industry, the only thing you have is these idiotic fans behind you, constantly cheering you on as you climb to the top and try and claim the prize That is until you lose at Winter Warfare and fall right back down to the bottom, the exact moment when everyone sees right through you, they will realise that you are not the warrior you proclaim to be, you’re a failure, they will all turn their back on you just like they did to me. Amai picks up a cigar from a table in front of him, and lights it up using the fireplace, before pulling out a framed picture of James Knight celebrating his victory against Darius Shiba and throwing it in the fire, smiling as he watches it burn to a crisp, then taking a few drags of his cigar. I’m just merely trying to save you from the destruction you will encounter at the hands of myself, and the repercussions you will receive from your friends, family and stablemates; once you lose this match, which I assure that you will, no one will care about you, everyone you ever loved will take all their memories of you and just throw them into the fire like they’re a pile of trash. You will fade away, and become classified as obsolete. So I’ll just give you some time to reflect on your actions, and decide if this NXT Title match is really that important to you, after all I only want the best for you and your future as a loyal supporter. So follow my lead, I’ll light the path for you, I will save you from damaging all you ever wanted, I will save you like a true leader would, like a lion. Because the lion always wins, and that’s a fact. Amai finishes smoking the cigar and throws that into the fireplace, before picking up a baseball bat that is next to it. He walks up to the camera, and smashes it completely with the bat, the scene cuts off as nothing but Amai’s signature laugh can be heard in the background.
  14. It’s time for the NXT Title match, first of all, it’s Steph making his entrance, who has already had a tough enough time watching as his brother takes a loss to Josh on the pre-show; so he’s out for vengeance. Next up it’s Jack Bishop, coming out to a flurry of cheers from the crowd, he’s ready to win it all as he walks out with nothing but pure confidence as he knows that he is the favourite to win the big prize here tonight. Then it’s Epic’s turn, who enters to a standing ovation, although he is the underdog of the match, he could be the one to steal the win here tonight and become the champion. Mecko comes out next, despite not being the favourite, he also walks out with confidence, even to the point where he’s wearing Amai’s signature scarf around his neck, before taking the scarf off and stamping all over it, as a sign of disrespect. Finally, it’s Amai, the former NXT Champion ready to take his baby back home. He walks down the ramp, as cocky as one can be, and there is nothing and no one that can stop him from winning the title for a second time. The bell rings and everyone starts going after each other, it’s nothing but a brawl in the squared circle, everyone is getting shots in, left right and centre, Amai & Mecko back away into separate corners, staring each other down while the other 3 fight away, Jack Bishop absolutely dominates as he sends Epic & Steph flying into the other corners. He then turns to Amai, who he starts hitting with big strikes left right and centre, before then turning his attention to The Tiger, to who he does the same as he did to Amai; Bishop has so much momentum and the crowd goes wild for him. Uppercut train time! Bishop runs around every corner, uppercut after uppercut, the crowd is going crazy! He then grabs Steph out of his corner, and hits him with a huge Black Ice Powerbomb! He goes for the cover, 1..2.. But Steph manages to kick out at the count of 2, but not too long before Jack can lift him back up, set him up for the big strike… Sleeping Pill! 1..2..3! Steph's gone! Just 3 minutes in and the first elimination of the match has occurred! STEPH CARWIN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED The brawl resumes as the other men get out of their corners, and battle it out in the middle of the ring. Mecko is the first one to be knocked to the floor, he rolls out of the ring, thinking he is safe from the fight; but Epic goes straight after him. Bishop and Amai are left in the ring to go all out on each other, hitting each other with mainly big strikes, and the occasional slam and rest hold, but after a while, Amai throws Bishop out of the ring to where Mecko and Epic are fighting… Suicide dive! Amai takes out the competition! He throws Epic back into the ring and goes for the cover! 1..2.. Epic is still in it! He’s not giving up just yet, Amai lifts him up and he begins to lay into his opponent, throwing him across the ring, showing his dominance. That is until Mecko gets back into the ring, raining down on Amai with strikes, just to top it off with a huge powerbomb for good measure, 1..2.. Amai kicks out, and he has enraged The Tiger, the much bigger Mecko heads into the corner, setting up for what looks like a huge spear, only to get interrupted with a huge Superkick from the returning Jack Bishop, who hits Amai with a huge spear of his own! But instead of going for the cover, he lifts Amai up and hits him with a piledriver. Jack attempts the cover but is instead rolled up by Epic, but the powerhouse kicks out with ease at the count of 2, both men get right back up to their feet and- Candian destroyer by Epic! He goes for the cover on Jack Bishop, 1..2.. Kickout! Epic has his hands on his head as he is in complete shock about what just happened! He goes to the top rope, and hits a death-defying Shooting Star Press, he tries to go for the cover, but he’s caught by The Tiger, but it’s no use, as Epic hits the much larger opponent with a low blow as the ref is checking up on Bishop, he goes for the pin but Mecko kicks out at 2; Epic heads back up to the top rope, he soars through the sky, but he’s caught by Amai out of nowhere! Painkiller! 1..2..3! 8 Minutes and the next competitor is gone from the match! EPIC HAS BEEN ELIMINATED Amai laughs at Epic, before throwing him out of the ring just to add insult to injury. But the cockiness backfires as he gets rolled up by Mecko, 1..2..3! Amai’s gone from the match, he’s gone in the blink of an eye! He looks up at his rival, but no blows are given, Amai calmly walks out of the ring, but he stands there, he doesn’t walk up the ramp, but just eerily waits, the crowd are in confusion, but the match carries on. AMAI HAS BEEN ELIMINATED The final two men stare each other down, two behemoths standing in the same ring, but there was only room for one of them, they head to the middle of the ring and strike it out, before Bishop pushes his opponent to the ropes and hits a huge clothesline, but it doesn’t work, Mecko is still standing on his feet, so Jack goes for another one, still nothing, then Mecko goes for a clothesline of his own, to no avail; neither of these two men are giving an inch in this match, they then both run against the ropes- They take each other out with a groundbreaking double clothesline, the crowd begins to chant “This is awesome” as these competitors are putting on an absolute clinic of a match. They both begin to stagger to their feet, and The Tiger hits Bishop with a huge big boot, but he lifts him up instead of going for the pin, hits a fisherman’s neckbreaker, and then goes for the pin, but a kick out at 2 from Bishop, keeping the match alive. Both men begin to get up to their feet after an absolute war, they start to trade blows, strike after strike, elbow after elbow, kick after kick, the crowd getting more hyped after each one; and out of nowhere, Bishop hits a huge backhand, turning his opponent around and setting him up for a Lion-Plex! 1..2.. Kickout! The match isn’t ending just yet, and Bishop is on fire! He throws Mecko into the corner, and it’s time for another uppercut train! Uppercut after uppercut after uppercut, the crowd goes crazy! Bishop then moves the weakened Mecko into the middle of the ring, setting him up for the ultimate finish, the Sleeping Pi- counter! Mecko moves out of the way, he goes for the Discus clothesline, but another counter from Bishop, an elbow dazes his rival, and Jack goes for another sleeping pill, but another counter- DISCUS CLOTHESLINE OUTTA NOWHERE! IT’S GOTTA BE OVER! 1..2..3! JACK BISHOP HAS BEEN ELIMINATED Mecko has done it, he’s won the NXT Championship, the crowd starts cheering for the champion, he lifts Bishop up, and shakes his hand, before Bishop leaves, but Amai is still there, with a chair in his hand; but Mecko pays no attention to him as he goes up the turnbuckle to celebrate his well deserved victory, but as he heads back down and turns around… Oh my days! Chair shot from Amai, Mecko is busted wide open, completely ruining the celebratory moment, Amai goes out to ringside to pick up a mic, before heading back into the ring, and slamming the chair onto Mecko’s head a few more times, the celebration is over, Amai stands tall over over his nemesis, the fans are pissed. Amai has ruined it all.

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