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  1. The Summerslam 4 way, was such a good car crash of a match.
  2. amai

    A Proper Farewell

    *Kyle Pain picks up the title* Ha lol now I'm champ P.s congrats, you deserved it big time
  3. Alright match, bit boring with an anticlimactic ending. Great suicide dive spot from Priest though. Recommend if you like slow paced striking matches.
  4. Easily the PS2, it had such a good variety of games like GTA Vice City, Timesplitters, Kingdom Hearts, Sly Cooper, Simpsons Hit & Run, Tony Hawk, just to name a few. A close second would probably be the Switch, it's got a lot of great games on it, and I personally find it more fun than playing on PS4
  5. PS1 (don't remember much from this one) - Tekken 3 Gameboy Colour - Super Wario Land PC - Rayman 2 PS2 - Tekken 4 DS - Pokemon Platinum PS3 - Little Big Planet Xbox 360 - Battlefield 3 PS4 - No Man's Sky Switch - Smash Ultimate
  6. Definitely Kingdom Hearts 2. I know that there are better games out there than this one, but it was one of the first games I ever got on PS2 and even now with the HD collection I can always go back to it if I'm ever bored. This game just never got boring to me, and I've played through it like 3 times (on my 4th one on Critical Mode)
  7. amai


    Kyle emerges from the smoke, to the ovation of the crowd, he raises his arms and listens to the roaring cheers that are being emitted from the Warsaw crowd, he sorts himself out as he walks down the ramp in his custom made Burberry suit, made by the finest tailors Finally! The Pain, has come back… home! Kyle stalls as he waits for the cheering to stop, looking around at the arena, with a smug grin on his face, sorting out his tie But what I have come here for, is not to please any of you idiots, but to merely claim another paycheck to my already fat bank account, I couldn't care less if you cheer me or not, because you're just working class fools, you don't know money, you've never seen money, unlike a real star, like me, because I am money! I am the embodiment of money, you are not, and you can start booing and hating on me, but at the end of the day, you're all just jealous, you want to despise me because I'm better, because I'm richer, because I'm successful in life, and you're not! He stops talking for a second as he controls his temper, making sure to keep his cool, he looks back up, with a blank emotion Anyway, last time I showed up in this wretched, stinking ring, I lost, I lost my precious baby to some lower class scum, who’s name I shall not say, not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t even know it, because frankly enough, I don’t remember names of homeless people; now back to what I was saying. So yeah, since then, life, has never been the same. Kyle looks around, almost coming to tears as he thinks of the moment Who am I kidding! I have been having the time of my life, going on holidays, meeting some exotic babes, maybe even Alice had a go on the Pain Train; I don’t have the time or patience to give a damn about some low tier belt, I have money moves to make, I can't be wasting my time chasing a prize that isn’t worth anything; that’s like going on a journey without there being a destination, I’m worth more than this pathetic title, and than those pathetic idiots that are fighting for it every single PPV, with no sign of success anywhere, because they perfectly well know, that after this division, they are going absolutely nowhere, and what they don’t know, is that I am, I am going places, unlike those uneducated swines. But why do I say that you may ask, since I have never won a match here in BPZ, let alone become the NXT Champion! Kyle pulls out the smug grin once again, to the boos of the crowd What I have, that they don’t, is money, and everyone knows that money always wins. Because everyone, has a price, I don't care who I face next, whether it be Birdman, or Dikey, or that useless tool Maasa, they're going to fall, because money is always superior, always… Kyle leaves the ring, and blows kisses to the crowd as they boo him out of the building, as he goes up the ramp, he laughs, and then raises his arms at the top of the stage, to a flurry of negative reactions from the crowd.
  8. This is the opportunity for WWE to change for the better, I am quite excited for New Day vs Viking Raiders, and I guess Roman & Taker. I assume that Lashley vs Strowman will be the same shit we've seen for the past month (please end this feud) and same with whatever is happening with Rollins & Corbin (again please end this feud). I do hope to see AJ vs Ricochet at Extreme Rules, but as I mentioned in one of my other posts: what happened to Samoa Joe? He lost the US Title, how does that make him the NO1 Contender for the WWE Championship? Does he not care about Ricochet anymore, it's stuff like this that make WWE annoying to watch, because nothing is explained, there was no hype towards Joe challenging for the title, it just happened in the span of 2 episodes. Makes absolutely no sense. However I do understand why Taker is there, him and Roman have some background storylines and it's quite fun to see them go from enemies to friends, hopefully Taker can prove the critics wrong and have a good match at Extreme Rules. I am feeling quite optimistic for this episode of RAW.
  9. amai

    BPZ Battles

    Aladdin Peter Pan Lion King Tangled
  10. PS4 Apex Borderlands Brawlhalla BO3 BO4 MWR WW2 DBD UFC 2 FIFA 19 Fire Pro Fortnite Friday Gang beasts GTA Minecraft NBA 2k19 Overwatch WWE 2K19 Switch Smash Ultimate Mario Maker 2
  11. Continuity, inconsistency, poor booking, and many other things are frustrating. They try to push too many people, this results in no one being pushed. How are we supposed to see Corbin as a believable challenger for the world title when he's constantly losing every week? It doesn't make sense. Nothing is ever explained, why is Drew with Shane now after being with Corbin for ages, why did Rowan align himself with Bryan, without any explanation, why have about 5 teams been split up for no reason. It's really frustrating when something happens without a purpose. Many people have said it already, but the Wild Card rule, it is absolutely awful. It took away the whole point of the brand split and the shake up that happened not too long before. It has turned SmackDown into a side show, it stops talent from being showcased every week, because they can just get the big guys from the other brands to fill in just spot, it makes no sense and it needs to stop. Finally, WWE are starting to oversaturate the 2/3 falls stipulation, it's fun at times, but seeing how other promotion treat this stipulation, it's absolutely pathetic in comparison, a simple solution would be to just stop playing advertisements during matches (do them before or after, or during entrances).
  12. March Results TV PPV Pop, Finance, Medical

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