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  1. Juice WRLD - Legends Never Die To make my return to reviewing music, I thought to review none other than the biggest album debut of this year, with a whopping 500k+ album sales in the first week of release; this is none other than Juice WRLD’s first posthumous album since his tragic passing back in December 2019. This is a really strange one, while it did perform extremely well, hardcore fans of Juice were really disappointed, mainly because of fake promises from the label. Casual listeners however really enjoyed this album, praising it as one of the best rap albums of the year, now it’s my turn to see how good this album really was, and to see if it was even worth releasing to keep Juice’s legacy going. 1: Anxiety - Intro - N/A 2: Conversations - 6.75/10 3: Titanic - 6/10 4: Bad Energy - 8.25/10 5: Righteous - 8.25/10 6: Blood On My Jeans - 8/10 7: Tell Me U Luv Me (with Trippie Redd) - 7.5/10 8: Hate The Other Side (with Marshmello & The Kid Laroi) - 8/10 9: Get Through It - Interlude - N/A 10: Life’s A Mess (feat. Halsey) - 6.75/10 11: Come & Go (with Marshmello) - 8.25/10 12: I Want It - 5/10 13: Fighting Demons - 8/10 14: Wishing Well - 9/10 15: Screw Juice - 7.5/10 16: Up Up And Away - 5.75/10 17: The Man, The Myth, The Legend - Interlude - N/A 18: Stay High - 6.5/10 19: Can’t Die - 6.75/10 20: Man Of The Year - 8.75/10 21: Juice WRLD Speaks From Heaven - Outro - N/A This is a really weird one, I can totally see why people would be disappointed with this album, and this is without listening to any of the songs when they leaked, and don’t get me wrong, all of the songs here are very solid, or even great, but this just isn’t an album, it’s just a bunch of unreleased songs mashed together, which I understand considering that he had no input in this album, but wouldn’t it make more sense releasing the album that he had actually been working on to release, instead of postponing that until after this came out? The songs themselves however are still solid, some of them are notably worse than others, they lack emotion and are somewhat generic, or are just horribly mixed and awful to listen to, and they’re the tracks that I gave a lower rating; then you get to tracks like Wishing Well, Man Of The Year, and Come & Go, these are three very different songs, and they show emotion, fairly good lyrics, and very good beats; and on the other side of the spectrum there’s Titanic, I Want It, and Up Up And Away, these aren’t bad songs, but they don’t really stand out, they’re just quite generic, but they’re still worth listening to. Now, do I recommend this album for you to listen to? Yes, it may not be a good “album”, but it is a very good playlist of unreleased Juice songs, so I’d say give it a listen, however I will knock off some points for it not being that much of an album as it could’ve been, but it was still pretty good overall. OVERALL - 7/10
  2. when I beat my crippling viagra addiction, it was truly a heartfelt moment and I teared up when it finally came to be
  3. October Week 4 Backstage segment between EC3 & GM Shawn Michaels The show kicks off and the camera is backstage, in the RAW locker room, where EC3 and RAW General Manager Shawn Michaels are talking, and Shawn warns EC3, he knows that he was the man behind Braun’s assault last week, and he is giving him a final stern warning before he kicks him off the brand, EC3 denies the accusations, but the GM can see past the lies, he says that no members of Royalty are allowed ringside in tonight's match between Braun and Robert Roode, and if any of them do show up and interfere in the match, then every member of the stable is gone, and the RAW Tag Team Championships are vacated indefinitely. - Velveteen Dream vs Zack Ryder Another appalling showing for Zack Ryder, Velveteen Dream came into this one strong, completely and absolutely dominating Zack Ryder, hitting him with big move after big move: Rainmaker DDT, then a Dream Valley Driver, and then in no time the match was over; Dream would get up to the top rope after no more than two minutes of action, and he would leap from the top, delivering the Purple Rainmaker to pick up the victory against poor Ryder. Winner = Velveteen Dream Match Time: 1:55 - Rhea Ripley vs Sarah Logan Before the match started, Rhea came into the ring and grabbed a microphone, calling Candice a scum of the earth, for doing nothing but disrespecting her opponents, blindsiding them before the match starts and defeating them in the most cowardly ways imaginable; Rhea adds that even as a heel she is a disgrace to the women’s division, and that she will teach that paper champion a lesson at Super ShowDown, in a Last Woman Standing match for the RAW Women’s Championship. Sarah Logan then makes her wary to the ring as Rhea’s opponent for the night, and the match begins, a solid technical match with both women looking as good as each other, with Sarah being the obvious underdog here in this match but still putting up a decent fight to the former RAW Women’s Champion, even being able to connect with a big moonsault, but that wouldn’t be enough to put Rhea away, Sarah would attempt to beat Rhea down, but it didn’t really work; Rhea would be back on top to hit the Riptide and pick up the win ahead of Super ShowDown Winner: Rhea Ripley Match Time: 5:17 - Cedric Alexander vs WALTER WALTER’s first match in a couple of weeks turned out to be a success story for the Ring General, he came into this match looking great against the much smaller competitor in Cedric Alexander, using his taller stature, he was able to manhandle Cedric and take him down easily with his chops, and other array of strikes. But Cedric didn’t give up, he was able to take the UK Champion down on a few occasions, even taking him to the outside and landing on him with a beautiful plancha, but upon getting back into the ring it was pretty much all over, WALTER was able to get the upper hand and and a powerbomb quickly wiped Alexander out, but what a valiant effort this was. Winner: WALTER Match Time: 4:26 - Braun Strowman (w/Jon Moxley) vs Robert Roode As per General Manager Shawn Michaels’ orders, no members of Royalty were allowed ringside for this bout, but he didn’t say anything about anyone in Braun’s corner, so to Roode’s dismay, Moxley was Braun’s manager, backing him up during the match and putting pressure on Roode which was evident throughout the match as he couldn’t really get too much offense in on Braun, especially during the first few minutes of the match, but that did change once Roode lured the big guy to the outside, and started dealing the damage then, nearly getting the win by countout, but Braun would get into the ring, and Roode would continue to deal the damage in the ring for a bit, until a spinebuster attempt went wrong, and Braun was able to demolish Roode quickly with a running powerslam to pick up the win. Winner: Braun Strowman Match Time: 8:48 - Intercontinental Championship Finn Balor(C) vs Drew McIntyre A very action packed match to end off the show, both men were evenly matched right from the beginning, Balor would try and charge at McIntyre, but the Scottish Psychopath was having none of it, and the brawl would ignite, they would battle it out in the ring, constantly one-upping each other and fighting for control of the match, they would eventually take the fight to the outside, where McIntyre would somehow pull out a somersault plancha as the audience gasped in excitement, they would go in and out of the ring constantly, resetting the count and battling on the outside, where Balor would plant McIntyre with a gnarly powerbomb onto the steel, he would then bring Drew into the ring and go for the cover but it just wasn’t enough, they would then continue to go back and forth, eventually heading into a strike fest, which the much bigger Drew would win, taking Balor out and leaving him vulnerable to a big move of sorts, he then hit Finn with a Future Shock DDT, but unfortunately this was not enough to win Drew the Intercontinental Title, and as he went for the Claymore Kick, he could almost see the title in his grasp, but then Balor would counter, and he would be right back to square one as they just continued to fight again, eventually Balor would get the upper hand, hitting an 1916 out of nowhere, and before you know it, Balor hit the Coup de Grace and defended his championship for the first time. Winner = Finn Balor Match Time: 17:55 - John Cena vs Goldberg: The Final Staredown The time had come, it was the final RAW before the two giants clashed for the first time in a dream match for the ages, it was nearly time for Goldberg to step toe to toe with John Cena in a match that would never be seen again, and that had never been seen before. The two icons made their way into the ring, exchanged in a short but devastating war of words, John Cena calling Goldberg an awful wrestler, referring to him as a “one minute wonder” and Goldberg would clap back, kissing Cena on the lips, before the two would have the final staredown before the big money match, at Super ShowDown. - END
  4. Men's Superstar of the Year: Drew McIntyre Women's Superstar of the Year: Asuka Men's Match of the Year: AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan - IC Title Women's Match of the Year: Charlotte vs Io Shirai vs Rhea Ripley - Takeover IYH (MR - Becky vs Asuka on RAW 2 weeks after RR) Men's Rising Star: Otis Women's Rising Star: Sonya Deville Best Pay-Per-View: NXT Takeover Portland (if main roster only then Royal Rumble) Most Memorable Moment: McIntyre beating Brock at WM Best Feud: Edge vs Orton Best Heel/Face Turn: Orton heel turn Most Extreme Moment: Kevin Owens doing a front flip from the RAW stage Best Promo: Randy Orton on Edge (idk which one) Biggest Surprise: Edge returning
  5. NJPW New Japan Cup 2020 - Night 7 Main Show NJ Cup Quarter Finals Hiromu Takahashi vs Tomohiro Ishii This was a very good match, started off hectic and fast, both guys just slapping the shit out of each other with Ishii coming out on top, then dominating Hiromu for a solid few minutes, slowing the pace of the match down and just working on him for a little bit; and after a fast start they did slow it down during the middle portion of the match quite a bit, but not to the point where the match got boring. Hiromu worked to suit Ishii’s style very well and it resulted in a very good match, but I don’t know, I think this is one of those matches that really would’ve benefited from having a crowd here, as they did so much awesome shit here, especially in the striking department with Hiromu constantly just getting batted on by Ishii and coming back for more.. Then the finishing stretch was good old fantastic sequences, and surprisingly enough, Ishii became the second ever person after Will Ospreay to kick out of the Time Bomb, a pretty shocking moment in the match. After this, there was just more striking action, and the result was extremely satisfying with a decisive ending. Overall a great way to kick the show off. Rating - ****1/4 NJ Cup Quarter Finals EVIL vs YOSHI-HASHI So it seems that YOSHI-HASHI’s injury was legit (I think), what a fucking champ, so from that it was quite easy to tell who was gonna win this one, if it wasn’t easy enough. But there’s not much to say about this one, it lasted about two minutes and it consisted of: EVIL smacking YH with a chair, EVIL constantly attacking YH’s injured leg, and then locking in a submission for the rest of the match until the referee stopped it. Don’t bother watching this one unless you like seeing YOSHI-HASHI get killed. Rating - *1/2 Los Ingobernables de Japon (BUSHI, Shingo Takagi, Tetsuya Naito) vs CHAOS (Hirooki Goto & SHO) & Yuya Uemura Probably the best 6 man tag of the few that I’ve seen so far, just a whole lot of action with your typical LIJ heel tactics mixed in. Unfortunately this was basically just filler, nothing to hype up any upcoming matches seeing as no one in this match is in the Cup anymore, but besides that it was a good match, a whole lot of action and everyone looked good here, even the young lion. Rating - *** NJ Cup Quarter Finals Kazuchika Okada vs Taiji Ishimori Very solid match, started off a bit slow as do most Okada matches but it built itself up and by the end it was actually pretty damn good; typical Bullet Club shenanigans happened right of the bat with Gedo coming out and smacking Okada with a wrench, standard stuff but it wasn’t overused in the match, happened maybe like one other time aside from this, which I liked because it evened the match out quite a bit, letting Taiji look like a legitimate threat in this match, as Okada would dominate before this point. Ishimori really impressed here, being able to pull out some fantastic moves like a great looking La Mistica into a Yes Lock (crossface for you non Bryan fans) and nearly even getting the win with multiple Bloody Cross attempts, which none of them worked, but hey at least he gets some points for effort. Overall though I think this match could’ve been a lot better honestly, it wasn’t bad, but considering that both of these guys are world class wrestlers, I don’t think they lived up to that potential, they could’ve easily made this match better by making Taiji look good without needing Gedo to attack Okada, but that’s really my only complaint about this one, still very good and you should definitely watch it. Rating - ***3/4 NJ Cup Quarter Finals SANADA vs Taichi This was just your standard Taichi match, started off slow, somewhat kept that pace throughout, and the match mostly played to Taichi’s strengths, letting him pace himself in the ring without letting the match get boring, and after what’s already happened in the Cup, this could’ve been anyone’s win. It wasn’t until around half way through the match when they started pulling out all of the big moves, but even then they didn’t perform that many, they just wrestled at the same iconic Taichi pace, and the big moves actually felt like they could end the match at any time due to this, they didn’t spam signature after signature, they waited for the perfect moment to hit it, and the moves felt like they had more impact because of this. There was also some slight interference here from Kanemaru, not as hectic as Gedo’s from the match previous, but it was still there, but he didn’t really do much even when the ref was down and out on the floor, aside from hotshot SANADA’s face onto the ropes, he was more just there as a distraction, unlike the interferences I’ve seen previously which were just all out assaults. I also appreciate how there wasn’t as much Skull End spamming as there was last show, he only did it like three times here, which I suppose is fine. Overall very solid match, I suggest you give this one a watch, just needed some more action to make it better. Rating - ***1/2 Verdict I don’t think this is the best show thus far, aside from EVIL vs YH this was an extremely solid card, one great match and two pretty good ones put this one just below the last one, as I think that one does have a tad bit more quality to it, however I will give this show the same rating as the last one, I think that the main event just wasn’t as good, and EVIL vs YH does bring the rating down just a little bit, but Ishii vs Hiromu is in contention for match of the tournament so far as that was very good, and while the last two matches did disappoint just a little bit, they were by no means bad, and you should definitely give both of them a watch, overall a good show, hopefully the next one will be better, and looking at the line up, I think it will be the best one yet. OVERALL - 6.8/10 NJPW Shows Ranked 1: NJPW New Japan Cup 2020 - Night 6 2: NJPW New Japan Cup 2020 - Night 7 3: NJPW New Japan Cup 2020 - Night 2
  6. NJPW New Japan Cup 2020 - Night 6 I know i’ve just skipped like 10 other shows but bare with me, this is the first time I’ve woken up this early since night 2. Main Show NJ Cup Second Round BUSHI vs YOSHI-HASHI Not really much to say about this one other than it was pretty much your average brawl, there wasn’t really anything of note that made this stand out other than the fact that YOSHI-HASHI nearly killed himself at the start, completely fucking his leg up, but other than that the rest of the match was just standard brawling action, nothing more and nothing less. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if YOSHI-HASHI can’t compete next match, but he looked to be fine other than a bit of limping on his leg, so maybe he’s alright, who knows, hopefully he’s fine. Now what more do I say about the match, nothing really, it was just a fine brawl, watch if you want but you won’t miss anything if you skip it. Now I have nothing really left to say about this one, so I’m just gonna ramble on for a bit to see if people are actually reading this and if they can spot this, and if you have spotted this then good on you as you have gained my respect; now do you guys shit before you shower, or shit after you shower. Because shitting before you shower kinda hit different, lets you clean your ass in the shower, and you don’t contract germs when sitting on the toilet seat after cleansing, but like shitting after you shower, you get to place those sweet clean cheeks on the toilet seat and let it all out right after a lovely chilled shower, let me know what you guys think of this. Rating - **3/4 NJ Cup Second Round SANADA vs SHO A very good match which was expected from these two, it started off pretty strong with a nice pace, and kept that pace all the way until the end of the match, so it was a nice consistent match throughout, not once did it feel like it dragged at all, it was some really solid stuff. Coming into this one, the winner may have seemed obvious considering the two in the match, but you wouldn’t know that from the way they booked SHO to look in this match, he was an absolute beast here, and in my eyes overshadowed SANADA (which he was bound to do anyway because it’s SHO, just take a look at the man) and he came out of this one still looking pretty damn strong; however I do think that towards the end of the match, the finisher reversals were getting quite a bit much, especially after SHO gets out of like five different Skull End attempts, but it was still a very good match, so other than little nitpicky things like that, I can’t really take that much away from this one, maybe a few more minutes would’ve helped, but overall really good stuff from both of these guys. I do however think that this could’ve taken the main event spot, while I did enjoy EVIL vs Goto, I don’t think it should’ve been the main event over this great match, even if the two do have history together. Rating - **** Los Ingobernables de Japon (Hiromu Takahashi, Shingo Takagi, Tetsuya Naito) vs CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii and Toru Yano) & Yota Tsuji Again just another standard 6 man tag, nothing very revolutionary here, started out with typical Yano antics, chasing Hiromu around with what I assume was a bag full of COVID-19, just some basic stuff; then a good portion of the match was just a beatdown on the young lion, pretty boring, all that happened here was just the members of LIJ tagging themselves in and beating Tsuji up, and then occasionally all three members would get in and attack Yano and Ishii. The match would eventually start to pick up towards the end, but it didn't get very far, overall just basic stuff used to set up tomorrow’s Hiromu vs Ishii, nothing you really need to watch but nothing bad either. Rating - **3/4 NJ Cup Second Round Kota Ibushi vs Taichi This match was pretty good, in my opinion not as good as the SHO vs SANADA match earlier on the card, but it was still a very solid bout, started off a bit slow which I didn’t really find all too interesting, wasn’t too much action going on here so I started drifting off a bit, but it did get better towards the end, with both guys pulling out all of their big moves during the finishing stretch of the match. I did like the addition of ZSJ and Tanahashi at ringside, they really added to the match and I think it would’ve lacked a bit more if they weren’t there interfering in the match, it did add some character to the match and made it stand out from all of the others, because while the action that was in the ring was still fairly solid, I think it didn’t reach its potential though, it was more focused around Taichi, and both of these guys played to his strengths, instead of letting Ibushi go all out psycho shit mode; but I suppose I can appreciate that, not all matches have to be 5 star classics and I don’t expect a performer like Taichi to be pulling those out constantly. One thing I can’t complain about though is Taichi winning again! Man came in as the underdog two times now and he won both times, can’t wait to see him hopefully beat SANADA tomorrow, but I honestly doubt that will happen (fuck SANADA). Rating - ***3/4 NJ Cup Second Round EVIL vs Hirooki Goto Very solid stuff here between these two, much better than I had ever anticipated considering I’m not the biggest fan of Goto, but this match certainly delivered in terms of hype and being solid, right from the beginning it was just a very good brawl, they didn’t even wait to get into the ring to start battling, and after that it was mainly the same deal as something like SANADA vs SHO, the pace of the match was pretty consistent throughout, and there weren’t really any dull moments with no action in, which is what worried me the most coming into this match, that there’d be more stalling than action but thankfully I was proved wrong. It was just your typical stiff strike fest, but a pretty damn good one at that; and while I don’t think that this match should’ve got the main event, it was still solid, it was one of those matches where the winner wasn’t very obvious which I liked, either one of these guys could have got the win here and I honestly wouldn’t have minded either of them. Something that this match could’ve done better is adding a few more minutes of action, because this really started to get good towards the end, and even though it was already nearly 20 minutes long, a few more to add to that could’ve solidified this match a must watch great, but overall some good stuff, nothing amazing, but still worth a watch. Rating - ***3/4 Verdict This was a better show than the one I watched previously, there were no objectively bad matches here, the only one that’s somewhat skippable is YOSHI-HASHI vs BUSHI, and of course the tag match if you don’t really care for those, but as a whole this was pretty damn solid, there were two pretty good matches in the last two, and the match of the night which was a great match between SANADA and SHO, overall this show is worth a watch in my opinion, and I’ll try watch all of the others after the one tomorrow, so I can get a full review series on this years’ entire New Japan Cup before I can then do Dominion, and maybe even the G1 if I don’t drop this series by then. OVERALL - 6.8/10 NJPW Shows Ranked 1: NJPW New Japan Cup 2020 - Night 6 2: NJPW New Japan Cup 2020 - Night 2
  7. AEW All Out 2019 Predictions PreShow: Dustin Rhodes + Shawn Spears vs MJF and Kip Sabian vs Jurassic Express(Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus) Preshow: Nyla Rose vs Penelope Ford vs Hikaru Shida vs Kylie Rae Cody vs Christopher Daniels KENTA vs PAC Private Party vs SCU Darby Allin vs Hangman Page AEW Women’s Championship- Mercedes vs Awesome Kong vs Britt Baker Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega- #1 contender ladder match AEW World Championship- Jay Lethal vs Chris Jericho Bonus Points Which match will go on the longest? Moxley vs Omega Private Party are attacked after their match with SCU,who attacks them? Santana & Otrtiz Will Chris Jericho vs Jay Lethal go over an 80 match rating? No
  8. can’t wait for this post to be made about me and epic
  9. NJPW New Japan Cup 2020 - Night 2 I haven’t yet watched the first show so I will be an absolute asshole and review the second show first, because why not. Main Show NJ Cup First Round Gabriel Kidd vs Taiji Ishimori This was a fairly solid bout to kick the show off, Gabriel mostly got dominated in the early goings of the match, as a young lion would, but this match was less of an equal standoff for the entire match, and instead Kidd was gaining more and more momentum as the match went on, being able to pull off more big moves towards the end of the match rather than go all out right at the beginning and stand toe to toe with Ishimori, it was some really good stuff. One slight complaint is that there was a visible botch (I assume it was a botch anyway) but both guys improvised and made it look like nothing had happened at all. The finishing stretch let Kidd shine for a bit, letting him pull out all of the big moves before his ultimate demise, as someone who has seen Kidd live personally, I think he has a lot of potential to be very good, and I can’t wait to see him in a few years possibly being in the main event. Rating - *** NJ Cup First Round Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs Yuya Uemura Another pretty decent match featuring a young lion, I preferred this one to the other young lion match on the card, because at times during this match it would actually seem like Uemura could somehow actually pick up the win, I mean, it was obvious that he wouldn’t, but at times it would feel like that with all of the nearfalls he was getting. This was also a pretty even match all the way throughout, there were a few times where Kanemaru was on the dominant times, but he wasn’t the clear dominator all of the way through the match, he actually gave Uemura time to shine and pull off some big moves, and the young lion looked pretty good even in defeat, the kid definitely has promise going for him in the future. Overall a solid match, nothing mind blowing, but pretty good. Rating - ***1/4 Los Ingobernables de Japon (BUSHI, EVIL, SANADA & Shingo Takagi) vs CHAOS (Hirooki Goto, SHO, YOH, YOSHI-HASHI) Just your standard 8 man tag match, nothing really that sets this apart from other 8 man tags other than the fact that the god himself YOSHI-HASHI was a part of it, there wasn’t really anything here to really call great, but I will say that some of the in ring action was pretty decent, especially coming from the Jr’s. LIJ were just the regular heels, coming into the ring and attacking the faces, and then the faces were just, normal? The match was fine though, nothing much to say about it and it didn’t last very long either. Rating - **3/4 NJ Cup First Round Minoru Suzuki vs Yuji Nagata Very good match from these two as expected, which is outstanding considering they’re both over 50 years old and can still go like this, the match started off and right off the bat it was electric, both guys just exchanging strikes as they would, and I don’t even think a single grapple move was used in these first few minutes, both of them were just beating the shit out of each other with their slaps, it was all just great fun and there was no reason for this not to be the main event of the night, considering that this was without a doubt the best match. The finish was definitely shocking, the whole match was somewhat a Suzuki domination, with him constantly trying to wear out Nagata, and I was confident that it would be Minoru that would win and advance to the next round, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quick finish and the unexpected result, with Nagata hitting a snap back suplex to pick up the win and somehow move on to the next round, truly a fantastic match by two guys who are way past their prime but they proved that they can still go, what a contest, definitely recommend you watch this match out of any of the ones on this card. Rating - ****1/4 NJ Cup First Round Gedo vs Kazuchika Okada This was just quite bad, I didn’t expect a 5 star match out of Gedo, but I didn’t expect it to be this bad either, it started off with a really bad injury angle, and I would’ve much rather had Gedo actually bring out someone else rather than actually wrestle the match himself, because he didn’t do a very good job here, most of the match was just him running away from Okada, and then trying to do a dirty trick, only for that dirty trick to not work because the ref saw, and then somehow distracting the ref and then performing that dirty trick, and this happened numerous times in this match, but these weren’t the worst parts of the match; the action itself was just so sluggish and tiring to watch, it just wasn’t entertaining at all, just 15 minutes of straight up slug. I will admit though, I did get the slightest bit of excitement when Gedo hit the Blade Runner, I didn’t think he’d win, but it was quite a shocker and he potentially looked like a threat to Okada, but this was probably the most fun part of the match. Thankfully it wasn’t too long after this point, with Okada quickly choking Gedo out, because Gedo isn’t even worthy enough to be hit by the Rainmaker; yeah don’t watch this match, it’s not worth it. Rating - ** Verdict This was a satisfactory show, the first two matches were very solid, showcasing the abilities of the young lions and making them look pretty good even in defeat, and obviously the real highlight of the night being Nagata vs Suzuki which was just great, definitely the match most worth watching from this show. Sadly the show ends on a bad note with the main event, it wasn’t all too awful but it definitely shouldn’t have been in the main event, and it ultimately hurts the overall rating of the show, the rest of the card was fine and in my eyes is worth watching. OVERALL - 6/10 NJPW Shows Ranked 1: NJPW New Japan Cup 2020 - Night 2
  10. WWE Backlash 2020 Pre-Show United States Championship Apollo Crews(C) vs Andrade (w/Angel Garza & Zelina Vega) This was a fine match I suppose, I expected a bit more from it considering who was actually in this match: one world class wrestler and Andrade, but for a match that was on the Kickoff, I suppose it was fine, there wasn’t really much going on in it that made it stand out, but it definitely wasn’t a bad match by any means. However it did begin to get good towards the end, more big moves were being hit, most notably Apollo’s belly to belly into the corner, and Andrade’s gnarly looking slingshot DDT, both of those moves were really cool from both of them, however as is the case with most Kickoff matches, it got cut short as soon as it was getting good, but a decent match nonetheless. Rating - **3/4 Main Show WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships Bayley & Sasha Banks(C) vs The IIconics vs Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross I guess this was okay? It really didn’t interest me all that much, and there wasn’t anything happening in the ring to really grab my attention, but the match wasn’t awful at all, it just wasn’t anything special, most of the match was either just sloppy wrestling or some pretty decent work from Bayley or Sasha, there were a few cool moments, especially towards the end where they kept countering each other, but aside from that, I’d probably give this one a skip, you won’t miss out on anything if you don’t watch it to be honest. Rating - **1/2 Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus This match was actually pretty good, which I didn’t expect considering the feud has been pretty atrocious over the past few weeks, but they made up for it with a solid wrestling match; most of the match was pretty slow, both guys just working down on each other slowly, and this was pretty boring tbh, nothing but rest holds, slow strikes, and taunting, just average stuff really. As the match went on, it got better, they started pulling out more big moves, the signatures which lead to near falls, it was really good; it told a nice story of Hardy being seen as an underdog, and Sheamus dominating him for a good portion of the match, which you wouldn’t expect from a Jeff Hardy match. Another thing that surprised me is how long this match actually went, as it went for like a solid 15 minutes before the end, which I didn’t expect at all. The finishing stretch was absolutely gold, with a gnarly spot on the outside which everyone should see, really solid stuff here. Rating - ***1/2 RAW Women’s Championship Asuka(C) vs NIa Jax This was just straight up bad, just a plain old sloppy mess, and once again I’d say Nia’s to blame here, when Asuka was in control, the action and striking was actually pretty solid, I thought it would lead to a decent match, but then when Nia got the upper hand, it was just a snooze fest, full of stalling, rest holds, you get the gist, it just wasn’t a good match at all, why they even thought it was a good idea to put Nia in a match like this after what she’s done on RAW is completely beyond me, definitely skip this match, not worth watching. Rating - *1/2 WWE Universal Championship Braun Strowman(C) vs The Miz & John Morrison Another pretty surprising one, because I didn’t expect the match to be any good at all, but it did exceed my expectations, but that doesn’t mean that the match was world class quality, it was far from it, but it definitely wasn’t a bad bout, there was some really good stuff here and John Morrison shined in the ring brighter than anyone else, using his parkour to outsmart Braun, and the two of them using dirty heel tactics to catch Braun off guard and assault him, it was some pretty good stuff. My main complaint about this match is that it just didn’t get enough time to really mean anything, this was the problem with Braun vs Bray too, it just gets cut short whenever it starts to get good, and that was the case here too. Now as far as recommending the match for anyone to watch: yeah I’d say give it a watch, at least once to see what this was all about, because there was actually some decent stuff here, just not enough to satisfy my needs and make this a great match. Rating - ***1/4 WWE Championship Drew McIntyre(C) vs Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) Another very good McIntyre match, really liked this one and it was probably the best match of Lashley’s WWE run, started off slow with a strange beginning of Lashley locking in the masterlock, and it just went up from there, for the first few minutes it was a lot of slow striking, getting the tempo of the match all sorted, and then from there it just started getting better and better, completely exceeded my expectations by a long mile, especially considering the start of the match, I thought it’d be over right there and then, but no, it went on and it was great. This wasn’t a match that relied heavily on spots, it went for raw action between these two, including some solid technical submission action from both of them, which is something that is not very often seen from Drew, but he made it work and it was awesome, a whole sequence dedicated to nothing but submissions, both guys did this shit clean and it paid off. There isn’t really anything I can critique this match on, these guys just went out there and did their thing, it was really good and I definitely recommend watching this match. However, I can’t let that finish slide, because that finish was absolutely horrible, it’s a good thing that the match itself was great, because this finish absolutely sucked major balls, it was just awful, never should’ve happened; other than that it was very good. Rating - **** RAW Tag Team Championships Street Profits(C) vs Viking Raiders Well, what do I even say about this match, other than, eh? It was a really fun angle, too bad the match didn’t happen but the stoner angle was entertaining to watch, definitely check this out, you will not be disappointed, other than the fact that Viking Raiders look like jokes when they’re supposed to be intimidating warriors, but oh well, this doesn’t hurt them. Rating - N/A The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever Edge vs Randy Orton Wow, absolutely fucking amazing, after their somewhat average match at WrestleMania, I expected this to be a complete and utter snoozefest, but thank god I was proved wrong. From the start of the match I was feeling doubtful, it just felt off, the camera angles, the strange in ring action, and the fake crowd reactions. But after a while, this match just kept getting better and better and better, it did what NXT main events try to do each time and fail, this match really felt like an epic bout, there weren’t many spots here, but the ones that were here really elevated the match and made it feel like a fight, made it feel like both of these guys really did hate each other, with all of the taunting, Orton whispering into Edge’s ear, mocking the shit out of him, it all just added to the experience. But it was the last 10-15 minutes that really made this match stand out, the near falls, the finisher spamming, it was all just fantastic, paying homage to so many different wrestlers and stuff like that, it was really good; and my god, that finish was incredible, really gave us a decisive end to this feud, which is a shocker coming from WWE. Overall, fantastic match, my only complaint would be the tagline itself, they marketed this tagline so much that it just got annoying so the point that all hype towards this match was killed during the build, but thank god it paid off, without a doubt recommend this match. To reach the 5 star mark, it just needed a bit more action at the beginning, but other than that, really great stuff. Rating - ****1/2 Verdict This was a decent show, only weighed down by some of the matches at the start, but it definitely redeemed itself towards the end, my only real complaint would be the women’s matches, both of them were pretty bad, with the Women’s Tag being somewhat watchable I suppose so that’s fine, but the rest of the card was very solid, with Jeff vs Sheamus being a fun surprise, the Universal Championship being pretty good I guess and the last two matches which were just fantastic, definitely give them a watch, I’d probably say that this is one of the best shows of the year so far. OVERALL - 7.6/10 RANKED 1: NXT Takeover NOLA 2: WWE Backlash 2009 3: WWE Backlash 2020 4: WrestleMania 36 - Night 1 5: WWE Money in the Bank 2020 6: WWE No Mercy 2016 7: Elimination Chamber 2020 8: WrestleMania 36 - Night 2 9:Royal Rumble 2010 10: WrestleMania 1
  11. October Week 3 Bobby Lashley vs Zack Ryder A pretty short match to kick off this edition of Main Event, Zack Ryder came into this one with the fans backing him, but that was just not enough, as it seemed that he just got too overpowered by Lashley, but that’s not to say that Ryder didn’t try, he didn’t completely look like a fool here, he did manage to get a few good hits to daze Lashley here, but in the end, it just wasn’t enough as Lashley was able to keep his composure and finish Ryder off early with a huge spear. Winner = Bobby Lashley Match Time 3:25 - Kushida vs Lio Rush A fantastic cruiserweight affair for the SmackDown side of Main Event, Kushida would make his debut here, and boy was it a good showing for him, both of these guys gave it their all here and they proved themselves as solid competitors that will stay in the WWE for good, neither of them gave a sweat at any point in the match, they were just going at each other like tigers, going back and forth until they couldn’t no more, using the ropes to deal damage, switching up their styles mid brawl to try and outsmart one another, it was some really good stuff and the fans really ate it up, and even though Kushida was the man making his grand debut, Lio didn’t look like a pushover at all, he actually looked like a threat here, he was on his way to beat Kushida in the international star’s first ever match in the WWE, he would hit big move after big move, but Kushida would still manage to somehow kick out, making the match feel more intense; the same would happen on the other side of the spectrum, Kushida would hit big move after big move, but Lio would still find a way to somehow kick out, and it was awesome. But all good things must once come to an end, and after 15 minutes of solid wrestling action, Kushida finally managed to make Lio tap with the Kimura Lock, becoming dominant in his first ever WWE bout, and god knows how much there is to come from this man. Winner = Kushida Match Time: 15:43 - END
  12. October Week 3 AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin A solid match between these two kicked the show off here in AJ’s return match, he would prove that he hasn’t lost his touch since being taken out of action by Tommaso Ciampa at Extreme Rules. Baron would be a tough opponent for Styles here though, riding the wave of momentum he’s had in the past few months, putting his larger stature to overpower AJ and get the upper hand during the match, managing to hit a few decent big moves to really wear down AJ. However the Phenomenal one was able to use his speed and agility to reverse the End of Days, and this screamed the beginning of the end for Corbin, as AJ would be in control for nearly the rest of the match, working down on the legs of Corbin, trying to get the big man down to his knees, and he eventually succeeded, Corbin was down, and AJ could capitalise by hitting the Phenomenal Forearm to pick up his first win after returning from injury, you can tell that he was ready to face Kenny Omega, and that this would be a great battle for the ages. Winner = AJ Styles Match Time 10:17 - Cole Quinn (w/Jaxson Ryker) vs Kevin Owens This was just complete and utter embarrassment for the local talent, Kevin would manhandle the newly named Cole Quinn in the early goings of the match, humiliating him for siding with a punk like Jaxson Ryker, throwing him all over the ring as if he were some sort of ragdoll; and the fans loved every single second of it, that is until Kevin used Cole as a battering ram to knock the referee over, that’s where it started going downhill for Owens, as Jaxson would enter the ring and hit No Remorse on Owens before leaving the ring, letting Cole Quinn pick up the win once the ref got to his feet, and letting the local talent earn himself a United States Title opportunity sometime in the near future, the fans were shocked, and so was Kevin, he just lost possibly the easiest match of his entire career, he was absolutely livid. Winner = Cole Quinn Match Time: 2:10 - Chad Gable vs Kyle O’Reilly A solid technical cruiserweight bout here, Chad would make his first appearance after a losing effort against Apollo “Big Money” Crews, and he showed himself off with a new character here in this match, gone was the cocky Chad Gable of the past who had no care for anyone or anything in the world, and in was a more focused Chad Gable, really bringing his technical wrestling ability to the test here against O’Reilly, he did manage to put up a good fight here, but in the end it would by Kyle who picked up the win; the former Cruiserweight Champion just outmatched Gable when it came to pure mat wrestling, and he managed to make Gable tap when he locked in the Guillotine Choke, but Gable did try hard, but unfortunately came up short in this affair. Winner: Kyle O’Reilly Match Time: 6:42 After the match, Buddy Murphy would come out, staring down with the former champion, and his next challenger, the two wouldn’t come to blows, just a war of eyes, you could tell that this was going to be a hard-fought battle come Super ShowDown, and the audience couldn’t wait, and neither could these two superstars. - Io Shirai vs Sasha Banks A solid women’s match following up their affair from just a few weeks ago where Io Shirai managed to come out victorious after reversing the Bank Statement into a roll up, and shocking the world by becoming the bad guy for the first time in her career last week; and this was a much more personal match than the one seen last week, Sasha really wanted to rip Io’s guts out in this one, as she charged for her hard, trying to stop her dead in her tracks as much as she could, and she was successful, but Io eventually still found a way to bring the pain to Sasha, beating her down with offense that we haven’t really seen before from her, she used her brawling antics a lot more, instead of using the ropes and high-flying to deal the damage. However in the end this change of style was not enough, as this week the tables would turn, and Sasha would make Io tap out with a Bank Statement. Winner: Sasha Banks Match Time: 9:35 Io was not happy about this, and she wouldn’t let Sasha get away with this, so Io had to retaliate, she cemented her heel turn by assaulting Sasha after the match, finishing the entire thing off with a dazzling moonsault from the top rope, to really add insult to injury and come out on top once again despite losing the match. - Adam Cole & Bobby Fish vs Tommaso Ciampa & ??? Undisputed Era would be in the ring already, Ciampa’s music would hit and he would stand on the stage, the fans waiting in anticipation for the next theme to hit, and for Ciampa’s mystery partner to be revealed, and then it was: and Jay White would make his return to a WWE ring, the former US Champion would return to SmackDown Live after leaving last year to go and return to Japan to master his craft, something that Omega, Okada and Naito have done before him, and White was back in full swing, as he was no ordinary threat in this match; but he wouldn’t get his first piece of action for quite a bit though, as Ciampa and Fish would kick things off, battling it out, with Fish managing to tag Cole in, and then the two opponents would take the battle to the outside but they would make it back in before the count of ten. And from this point on the match as all Undisputed Era, they would beat Ciampa down, until at some point, Fish would mess up, and Ciampa would be able to deliver the Fairy Tale Ending out of nowhere, before tagging in Jay White to finish things off, and so he did, beating down both Adam Cole and Bobby Fish, before hitting the Blade Runner on the latter to pick up the win for his team. Winners: Tommaso Ciampa & Jay White Match Time: 12:14 - END
  13. can only do myself justice by facing the GOAT. So it will be Amai vs Amai
  14. amai

    Network Era (2017)

    The Prelude Mark Henry vs. James Ellsworth Main Show The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus) vs. Sami Zayn & Apollo Crews Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Usos(c) vs. American Alpha vs. Grizzled Young Vets SmackDown Women's Championship: Sasha Banks(c) vs. Naomi Intercontinental Championship: Neville(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler WWE Championship Match: Bray Wyatt(c) vs. Luke Harper (Wyatt Family Compound) Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Roman Reigns Bonus Questions Two newly signed SmackDown wrestlers will make their debut tonight. Who are they? Jeff Cobb & WALTER A double turn will happen in one of the matches tonight. Which is it? The Bar vs Sami Zayn & Apollo Crews Which team will lose the fall in the triple threat tag team match? American Alpha
  15. October Week 3 Goldberg Promo Goldberg kicked the show off, saying that enough has already been said, and that this will be the last thing he says before the two come face to face at Super Showdown in just under two weeks; he likes Cena’s fire, he wants to make this a match for the ages, and he says that he will make sure that both him and the Leader of the Cenation will do that, and entertain the crowd at any cost. But for some, this match won’t end in the way that they want it to, Goldberg promises that while Cena may try to give 110% in this match, that will be very unlikely, as Goldberg intends to finish fast, he intends to put Cena away quick, the dream match will end in a flash as Goldberg will lift Cena up for the Jackhammer, and cement his return as one of the greatest to ever do it. - Intercontinental Championship Number One Contenders Match 8 Man Battle Royal Ali vs Drew McIntyre vs Eric Young vs Keith Lee vs Pete Dunne vs R-Truth vs Ricochet vs Roderick Strong = Drew McIntyre Match Time: 9:41 Decent bunch of chaos to kick off this show, the first man to be eliminated was Roderick, who was caught out with ease by Ricochet, who quickly clotheslined him over the top rope as soon as the bell rang, and from that point on it was all brawling, no slams or anything of that nature, just seven guys fighting it out, trying to eliminate each other, and Eric Young would be the next man to go, after R-Truth and Keith Lee would team up on him, throwing him out and forming an alliance of sorts, also going after Ali and getting him out of the match, before moving onto Pete Dunne and getting rid of him. There were now just four men left in the ring, which would be Ricochet, McIntyre and the alliance of R-Truth and Keith Lee, and the former duo would also team up, going after the already established team in this match-up, and it would be Ricochet to be eliminated first here, as Keith Lee would be able to throw him out with a few moments of beatdown, while Drew then threw R-Truth over the top rope. Now it was down to two men: Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre, the two big guys in the match were going at it like monsters, hitting each other with big strike after big strike, however a Claymore Kick and a powerbomb out of the ring would secure Drew the victory, and an Intercontinental Championship spot in the near future. - Jordan Devlin vs Shane Thorne = Shane Thorne Match Time: 12:14 After last week’s shocking victory against Pete Dunne, Shane was ready to keep his hot streak going, and that’s exactly what he achieved here, getting another shocking win against a very big threat in the UK division, but it wouldn’t be a walk in the park for Thorne here, he would go through hell and back with Jordan, who was in control for quite a big portion of the match, playing around with his opponent who he clearly underestimated. As the match went on longer and longer, the more Shane was building up, the fire was growing inside of him and he was getting more and more offense in, and the two would have a pretty good match from here, with Jordan shocking the crowd by hitting a stunning Canadian Destroyer right in the middle of the ring, but this wouldn’t be able to put Thorne away. Devlin would attempt to hit the Ireland’s Call, but this would be countered, and the two would hit each other with big strikes, with Thorne eventually getting the edge, and setting Devlin up for the Sitout Last Ride to pick up yet another shocking victory. After the match he would pick up a microphone, calling WALTER out, and telling him that he will challenge the big man for the United Kingdom Championship at Super ShowDown in his home nation of Australia, he says that he isn’t as weak as everyone once thought he was, and he will prove himself in his home, he will defeat WALTER and become the new United Kingdom Champion, making his country proud of him. - No Way Jose vs Karrion Kross = Karrion Kross Match Time: 1:54 Nothing but complete and utter domination came out of this match, Kross made his debut in fantastic fashion, running straight after Jose, showing how brutal he could truly be, breaking his opponent down limb by limb, and pounding him on the floor before quickly finishing it off with a Doomsday Saito. The end was truly near, what will Karrion’s next move here on Monday Night RAW be, after this eerie debut. - Candice LeRae vs Mia Yim = Candice LeRae Match Time: 0:20 An absolute embarrassment here, Candice LeRae would continue her dirty winning streak by quickly rolling up Mia as soon as the match started, just a quick ref distraction is all that Candice needed to put Mia away and she easily picked up a win, this was clearly a message to Rhea Ripley, who she did the same thing to at the Hell in a Cell PPV, this was just humiliating, Candice should be ashamed of herself for doing such a deed like this. - Firefly Fun House Bray Wyatt makes his first appearance since winning the Universal Championship, and he is in the Fun House again, he says that he has really been enjoying not being involved in everything, and just watching back as everything on the brand unfolds: Jon Moxley and Royalty battling it out in a king’s duel, Goldberg and John Cena yapping away, two men past their primes battling it out for the first time in history on such a grand stage; Bray is reading RAW like a book that never ends, and while he is bummed out that he isn’t going to be on such a grand stage like Super ShowDown, he still issues a challenge for the PPV after that, which is Survivor Series. Bray, on behalf of the Fiend, challenges the winner of the Super ShowDown main event: John Cena or Goldberg, one of those men will be facing The Fiend at Survivor Series, and Bray is anticipating which one of those two men it will be. - Braun Strowman vs Tony Nese = No Contest After what happened last week on RAW, this match was scheduled by General Manager Shawn Michaels, with the added stipulation that King EC3 was not allowed at ringside here. There was one thing off about this match, Tony Nese had already made his entrance, and Braun was nowhere to be seen, everyone had been questioning the whereabouts of him at this point, and it turns out he had been assaulted backstage. Tony would be in the ring taunting and laughing... Jon Moxley vs Tony Nese = Jon Moxley Match Time: 5:17 However what Tony didn’t realise was that there was already a plan for this, Shawn had anticipated this all along, and he set Tony up for the trap, Jon Moxley was right behind him, waiting for the perfect opportunity to sneak up on Tony and outsmart him, and so he did, he was Braun’s replacement in the match and he played with his opponent for the entire time, with Nese in complete and utter shock that this had just happened to him, he would fight back though, but not nearly enough to even phaze Moxley here, who just kept coming with the big shots, beating the hell out of Nese and embarrassing him in front of the loud crowd. Eventually playtime was over, and Moxley quickly finished the match off with a Paradigm Shift to put Nese away for the three count, this was leading to a tag team bout: Braun Strowman and Jon Moxley vs Royalty, it was bound to happen at some point. - END
  16. October Week 2 Apollo Crews vs Chad Gable = Apollo Crews Match Time: 12:16 A solid bout between these two, Gable definitely lacked in size compared to the much bigger Crews, but he definitely didn’t lack in technical prowess, as he would use his amateur wrestling to take Crews to the ground, humiliating the Big Money Man in front of the entire crowd. Crews would use his freak-like agility to put Gable down, and Gable would even show a more high-flying side, hitting Crews with a cannonball senton to the outside, showing us a side of him that we haven’t seen before. When they entered the ring again, the match was pretty even all the way until the end, when Gable would take Crews to the ground, Crews got right back up and hit Gable with a big kick or he slammed him down to the floor. The beginning of the end was evident once Apollo would hit the enziguri on Gable, pinning him for a two count, from this point on it was all Big Money Crews, as Apollo would hit the shooting star press, before lifting Gable up and planting him down with a Moneymaker to pick up the win on the SmackDown side of Main Event. - Cedric Alexander vs Harper = Harper Match Time: 13:45 A good showing by both men, really giving the fans a clinic to enjoy here, Harper would play the typical big man role, pushing his agility to the side as he overpowered the much smaller cruiserweight star. This plan didn’t completely work though, as Cedric was able to slip and slide out of a very dangerous suplex position, and get in control, using the ropes to his advantage as he soared through the air, hitting Harper at high velocities while the big man was trying to do anything to stop him, and when he did, he made Cedric feel the wrath, slamming him down with a huge powerbomb which would only get a two count, but severely damaging the back of Cedric, giving him a disadvantage when trying to dive onto Harper, so he had to stay grounded for the rest of the match, something Cedric isn’t usually used to in his affairs. Harper would eventually give in, and attempt a suicide dive on Cedric, but this wouldn’t work as Cedric would counter, and punch Harper in the face just as he was going for the dive. The rest of the match would be slow, methodical brawling, Cedric would try to duck under Harper’s strikes, but his own punches and kicks just weren’t enough to bring the big man down, and Harper used this to finish Cedric off, hitting the big boot, before lifting him back up to deliver the discus clothesline, and picking up a win in the main event here tonight. - END
  17. October Week 2 Cruiserweight Title Number One Contenders Match Humberto Carrillo vs Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott vs Kyle O’Reilly vs Lince Dorado = Kyle O’Reilly Match Time: 12:16 A very fast paced match to kick the show off, all four men gave it their all here, soaring through the air to try and show themselves off the most: Lince went for an all out high-flying style, doing as much as he could to soar through the air, mainly targeting O’Reilly, for some odd reason, probably because they’re familiar rivals. Humberto did pretty much the same thing, tried to stay in the air for as long as he could, using his agility to good use, hitting anyone and everyone with aerial offense. Isaiah just did his thing, mixing his fast offense with some technical stuff, rest holds and the bunch, trying to mix two styles together to be able to cater to all of them and try to work around them; then Kyle was at the opposite end of the spectrum, he went all out grappler here, trying to catch the faster opponents out and grab them, work their limbs and then beat them down with his striking ability, and this clearly worked out in his favour, as he would ultimately pick up the win after a long fight. Kyle looked for the opportunity to finally get someone, and that someone was Humberto, they would be fighting in the ring while the other two were down on the outside, and Kyle locked in the Guillotine Choke and tapped Humberto out, he was getting his revenge on Murphy. - Seth Rollins vs Shelton Benjamin = Seth Rollins Match Time: 6:58 This match didn’t last too long but both guys got quite a bit of offense in regardless, so it was pretty good for it’s duration. Rollins was obviously the main man here, with him being on top for most of the match, but that doesn’t mean that this was a squash match; the veteran Benjamin did get some good offense in, especially on the outside of the ring, almost winning the match by countout, but Rollins would get in the ring at the count of 9, and the match was nearly all Rollins from this point forward, the Architect would assault Benjamin in the ring, and a superkick, followed up by a Curb Stomp would be the end of the match, with Rollins picking up a win, making him look strong heading into whatever he does next. - Jaxson Ryker vs Local Competitor = No Contest Jaxson Ryker was already in the ring, but oddly enough there was no sign of his competition, maybe this was a special occasion, and the local talent would get his own entrance, but this was not the case; Kevin Owens would come out, he stood on the ramp, dragging Ryker’s opponent with him, throwing him down and hitting him with a Stunner. At this point Jaxson was furious, and Owens would dash into the ring, and the two would brawl again, just like they have these past few weeks on SmackDown, and this time it ended with Owens on top again, as he would hit a Stunner on Ryker, and he stood tall here, his music playing as he walked backstage again. - Charlotte Flair & Sasha Banks vs Io Shirai & Kairi Sane = Io Shirai & Kairi Sane Match Time = 11:40 This was a match where Sasha was seeking vengeance for what happened last week between herself and Io, so those two started the match off, and Sasha schooled the rookie Io, running circles around her and the newcomer just couldn’t keep up. However when Charlotte and Kairi came into the match, it was an old rivalry lit on fire again, the two brawled, went back and forth, exchanging slams and strikes with each other, it was a solid portion of wrestling here, two women who have respect for each other, but hate each other at the same time, it was pretty awesome watching these two go at it once again after a few months, and they’d be in the ring for the rest of the match, one upping each other constantly. During the finishing minutes of the match, Io Shirai would do the unthinkable, she got off the apron, assaulted Sasha, slammed her on the announce table, and Kairi would then take advantage of a distracted Charlotte, hitting her with a German suplex, before heading to the top rope and hitting the Insane Elbow, and getting the cover. Kairi was just as shocked as everyone else, she didn’t know what was going on, but she celebrated anyway, even though she was confused, as was everyone. Why did Io assault Sasha like that? - Kenny Omega Promo Kenny Omega would come into the ring, he spoke about what happened last week, he said that he is disappointed in his performance lately, losing two very big matches to both AJ Styles and Tommaso Ciampa recently, and he said that he will avenge these losses by winning a big match next week, but he hasn’t found an opponent yet, he proceeds to call anyone in the SmackDown locker room out to come and step up to the challenge, and surprisingly enough, AJ Styles is the one to answer this challenge, making his return after last being seen at Extreme Rules in June, in a losing effort to Tommaso Ciampa in one of the greatest extreme rules matches this promotion has ever seen. AJ says that he would love to make his grand return in such a great fashion, facing one of the best wrestlers in the world, in a pure wrestling match, but he says that he doesn’t want this match next week, but at Super ShowDown, a grand stage where the entire world will be watching; AJ claims that this will be as big as Cena vs Goldberg, that this is a dream match come to life. Omega accepts AJ’s challenge of having the match at Super ShowDown, and the two have an epic staredown to close off the segment. - Bobby Fish vs Tommaso Ciampa = Tommaso Ciampa by DQ Match Time: 14:20 A very solid technical bout, something that is unusual when you look at Ciampa’s track record here on SmackDown; the two superstars exchanged holds for the first part of the match: Bobby would put Ciampa in a Boston Crab, and Ciampa would get out, and lock in a triangle choke, and so on and so forth, was a really good technical showing for this part of the match. The longer it went on, the more brutal it got, they started hitting each other with stiffer strikes, with both men using their elbow and knee strikes, Bobby Fish being able to use his MMA background to take Ciampa to the floor and work him on the ground, beating him down and targeting the nose, trying to break it at any cost to then make his victory easier. This wouldn’t help Bobby get the win though, but he did achieve his intended goal of damaging the nose of Ciampa; Tommaso would get up, and the two would go back to exchanging strikes and reversing each other’s slams, before Fish caught Ciampa with the surprise Fish Hook Deluxe, Ciampa would manage to get out, and lock the Bridging Fujiwara Armbar. Fish was about to tap out of this, but out of nowhere, Adam Cole interfered in this match and assaulted Ciampa, and he would let Fish beat Ciampa up, before Cole hit the final blow with the Last Shot to his challenger; costing Bobby the match, but ultimately coming out on top to end the show. - END
  18. October Week 2 Shawn Michaels backstage segment RAW GM Shawn Michaels kicked the show off to hype up some of the events that would unfold later in the show. With highlights being a Number One Contender’s match between Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm to determine who would face Candice LeRae at Super ShowDown. He also mentioned that John Cena would be appearing on tonight’s episode, regarding Goldberg’s challenge and responding to it. Last but not least, he announced the main event, which will be Mr. Money in the Bank, Braun Strowman taking on King EC3 in a big money match for the ages. - Number One Contender Match Rhea Ripley vs Toni Storm = Rhea Ripley Match Time: 11:35 A very similar match to their one at SummerSlam earlier this year, Rhea dominated the early goings of the match, using her strength to overpower Toni, throwing her around the ring and showing what she’s really about; Rhea was extremely determined to beat Toni here and go onto facing Candice for the RAW Women’s Championship match. Toni would fight back, countering Rhea’s powerful offense with grappling, more technical stuff to take Rhea down to the floor and work her limbs, before then moving onto the top rope, hitting her with some high-flying offense. However this wouldn’t be enough, Rhea would get the upper hand again after a few minutes of back and forth striking, before hitting the surprise Riptide to pick up the win and take herself to Super Showdown. - John Cena Promo John Cena came out after a very good women’s match, and he announced what he was doing in terms of the Goldberg situation, he told the fans that he would never back down from a challenge like this, he said that he knows that the fans want this dream match to happen, and while it may not be at WrestleMania; Super Showdown is just as big of an event in his eyes, Cena tells Goldberg that he will give 110% in this match, and he will make sure that he slays the beast down for good; a fight is definitely on our hands here, how will Goldberg respond to this message? - Pete Dunne vs Shane Thorne = Shane Thorne Match Time: 8:13 A very unexpected result to such a match, but a good technical affair nonetheless, Shane was the high flyer here, he used the ropes to damage the body of Dunne, diving onto him on the outside. Dunne fought back though, getting the upper hand for most of the match, targeting the arms of Thorne, humiliating him for a good portion of the match, before the finishing stretch came about: Dunne would hit an X-Plex on Thorne, go for the pin but it didn’t work, he would then head onto the top rope, but Shane got up just in time to stop him, Shane would plant Dunne to the floor with a superplex, and the two would begin to brawl for a bit, going back and forth at each other, before Pete would get the advantage and try and go for another X-Plex which was countered, and Shane then hit an Enzu-lariat out of nowhere and picked up the shock win. - Grizzled Young Veterans vs Street Profits = GYV Match Time: 3:20 Very easy win for the RAW newcomers here, they would assault the Profits right from the get go, targeting Montez first as he was the legal man, both guys tagging themselves in and out, working the body of Montez as he cried for help. Ford did manage to get the hot tag in and Angelo came in, beat the duo down for a bit, before tagging Montez in again to perform the comeback sequence, however this wouldn’t work out in their favour, as GYV would get back in control, beat down Dawkins, taking him off the apron before taking their attention back to Montez, hitting the Ticket to Mayhem and picking up their second win on the red brand. - Backstage segment with Tony Nese & EC3 Tony Nese & EC3 are seen talking backstage, they are discussing the events that occured last week: John Cena essentially squashing Tony Nese in the main event, a match that EC3 was confident that his protege would win. The King tells Tony not to sweat, that was simply a fluke, just like all of their other losses, he says that he will avenge that loss by defeating Braun Strowman here tonight. The camera then cuts off as they begin to talk about their game plan going into this match that will occur later tonight. - Eric Young vs Roderick Strong = Eric Young Match Time: 10:30 A solid match between these two, solidifying themselves as solid Intercontinental Championship challengers ahead of the battle royal that will occur next week, which both of these men are competing in. It would be a standard affair of two brawlers fighting it out in a fight, with Strong focusing more on using his knees to deliver the damage, while Eric went all out, hitting Roddy with anything he could, however he could: beating him down with his fists on the outside, kicking him in the corner, choking him out using a dragon sleeper on the middle rope, whatever you could possibly think of, this maniac would do to Roddy in this match. Strong wouldn’t give up though, getting a few near falls in, showing how resilient he truly is, and then proceeding to damage the back of Strong with a backbreaker or two, some really good offense here from both men. But in the end, it would be Eric Young to get the upper hand, he would beat Strong down, before hitting the Death Valley Driver, and then everyone knew it was the beginning of the end: Young would beat Strong’s face in until it bled, and then hit the Youngblood Neckbreaker to pick up the win, it was clear that Young was aiming straight for the top, just like in the good old days. - Braun Strowman vs King EC3 (w/Tony Nese) = King EC3 Match Time: 14:19 A solid main event to finish off the show, Braun Strowman would cater to the fans, using a lot of taunts to get them pumped up, and beating down Tony Nese to get a good laugh out of them. Simply a classic heel vs face matchup; EC3 would try and use dirty tactics to outsmart Braun and get a cheap win, but Braun was too smart for this, as was the referee, who stopped EC3 dead in his tracks as soon as he tried to do anything suspicious. Braun would spend most of the match dominating EC3 with his power, proving to everyone why he is Mr. Money in the Bank, throwing him into the corner, throwing him to the outside, throwing him across the ring, the big guy manhandled the King for quite a long time in this match, and when EC3 did manage to get control, he would hit a few strikes before Braun would counter and go back to his freakish dominating ways, it was almost like Royalty’s plan they were talking about wasn’t really working here. But then it all stopped, the pace of the match changed, Tony would get onto the apron, distract the ref, this would also distract Braun; EC3 would prepare himself, and then he did it, he hit the low blow on Braun Strowman, and it was all over, EC3 was in control for the rest of the match, he would taunt Braun, slap him about like a fish, before then lifting him up, hitting the One Percenter, and getting the win. The plan worked, EC3 and Tony came out victorious, and Mr. Money in the Bank came out looking like a fool; the last shot of the show was EC3 and Tony celebrating in the ring, while Braun laid there, defeated. - END
  19. amai

    NWA 2020

    NWA Crockett Cup Second Round match: The Rock 'n Roll Express VS Aron Stevens/The Question Mark NWA Crockett Cup Second Round match: Strictly Business VS Outlaw Inc. NWA Crockett Cup Second Round match: The Good Brothers VS The Major Brothers NWA Crockett Cup Second Round match: The Revolt VS Los Colons Open challenge: Tim Storm VS ??? NWA Crockett Cup Third Round match: Aron Stevens/The Question Mark VS Strictly Business NWA Crockett Cup Third Round Match: The Good Brothers VS The Revolt NWA World Tag Team championships: James Storm/Eli Drake (c) VS Nick Aldis/Zicky Dice NWA Crockett Cup Finals: Aron Stevens/The Question Mark (Winner of NWA Side) VS The Good Brothers (Winner of New Signees side) Bonus question: Who will answer Tim Storm's challenge? Trevor Murdoch
  20. WWE Money in the Bank 2020 Pre Show Cesaro vs Jeff Hardy A pretty solid match which I found unexpected seeing as it’s on the pre-show, but there was actually some solid action and the match got enough time to be able to build itself up. Both men hit some pretty good offense, they took the match slow at first, taking the match to the outside, a bit of stalling to then build up for the bigger moves that would be hit later on in the match, and they were, both men had their spots in the match, with Hardy hitting a Whisper in the Wind, and Cesaro planting Hardy to the ground with an avalanche gutwrench suplex, there weren’t many of these kind of big spots, but they worked. However I do think they could’ve done a bit more to make the match more exciting to watch, but it is the pre-show so I suppose I can excuse it, it didn’t really need to be good so I can respect that. Rating - *** Main Show SmackDown Tag Team Championships New Day(C) vs Forgotten Sons vs Lucha House Party vs Miz & Morrison Pretty good match to kick off the main show, just like the other one, this one started off slow, with the main form of offense just being slow beatdowns and rest holds to wear everyone down. A bit later and it started to get faster and faster, dives were all over the place, Lucha House Party were doing their thing, flying all over the place and taking everyone out, Miz & Morrison were being cowardly heels, getting involved in the nick of time and breaking things up, before the disappearing for the next five minutes; The Forgotten Sons were the big powerhouses of the match, taking everyone out with their pure brawling skills, I’d argue that they were the highlights of the match (either them or LHP), and then the New Day were mixing up high flying manoeuvres with raw power from Big E, and overall it was a very well balanced match, there was a bit of everything here and it made for a good match. However there was something missing here, I can’t really put my finger on what it was, but there was certainly something missing, maybe it’s just the lack of a crowd reacting to things, because I’m sure they would be absolutely buzzing for this match, and so was I, good match but missing something, definitely worth a watch. Rating - ***3/4 MVP vs R-Truth (Bobby Lashley vs R-Truth) Fairly shocking match, didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did, but I’d say it was pretty fun. Truth obviously looked like a fool here which was expected, but it was nothing bad, just some fairly filler comedic stuff which didn’t last very long. However I will say that this had no right to be on the PPV, there was just no point in it, this is something that happens on your average RAW, not on a PPV like Money in the Bank, the fact that this took away a match spot from Hardy vs Cesaro is downright insulting, they should’ve got this spot on the match, not this. However I’m not rating this for the spot on the card, I’m rating it for the match, and the match was just meh, nothing really to say about it. Rating - *1/2 SmackDown Women’s Championship Bayley(C) (w/Sasha Banks) vs Tamina Pretty bad match to be honest, there was just too much sloppiness here for the match to be any good, again started off slow, with mainly just stalling which was extremely boring, and then most of the match was just weak looking moves, a whole bunch of botches, just the norm for a match including Tamina. I mean it didn’t really expect much from this but this is once again a match to add to the list of bad matches that Bayley has had during her reign as champion. Definitely stay far away from this match, without a doubt the worst one so far, not worth watching, but I will say that Tamina did look decent at times, but that doesn’t save the match from being shit. Rating - ** WWE Universal Championship Braun Strowman(C) vs Bray Wyatt I’ll be honest, this match was actually pretty fun, it wasn’t the Fiend which was slightly disappointing but that means that the result would’ve been far more obvious, so I understand that, they’re keeping the Fiend for special occasions only, and I’m fine with that. Anyway, the match itself wasn’t anything all too special in terms of action and stuff like that, but there was a pretty nice bit of storytelling here with Bray using his kind games to try and distract Braun, using his past against him to try and outsmart the big guy and pick up the win. The last few minutes were the highlight of the match, a lot of flashbacks and emotions in this part, Bray thinking he finally has Braun back on his side, everyone else cheering Bray on as he’s finally accomplished what he had wanted to for months. I think a few more minutes would’ve been able to make this match a bit better, as I do feel like it was a bit on the short side, but that’s fine, it wasn’t the Fiend, so I wasn’t expecting a long match at all. For what it was, this was pretty good, I’d recommend watching it. Rating - ***1/4 WWE Championship Drew McIntyre(C) vs Seth Rollins I really enjoyed this match, but this is one of those that really would’ve benefited from a crowd reacting to it, there was a lot of good back and forth action here from both men, Rollins used his speed to dive into the outside, hitting the champion with force, while Drew used his power to beat Rollins down, and the two went back and forth for quite a while too, it was a really even match, and I enjoyed that, the two styles clashed and it made for a very good match in my eyes, there were a few moments with little action in them, but this didn’t feel like stalling, this felt like two warriors getting back up to their feet to start beating themselves up again. The finishing sequence was also fantastic here, really well done with the two exchanging strikes for a few minutes like something you’d see out of a strong style NJPW match, before the sudden ending putting this great match to an end. Without a doubt the best wrestling match of the night, was it the most entertaining, maybe not, but it was the best pure wrestling match on the entire card, I would without a doubt recommend that everyone should go watch this match, there’s nothing else to really say about it aside from the fact that it was really good, best match so far, really good stuff. Rating - **** Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Asuka vs Carmella vs Dana Brooke vs Lacey Evans vs Nia Jax vs Shayna Baszler I don’t really know how to rate both of these matches considering they happened at the same time, so I will just review them based on the time that they both finished. Anyway, this was definitely my least favourite MITB match, it felt like there was far less actual action than there was in the men’s counterpart, it felt more focused on comedic parts than the men’s one did, even though they were both filled with comedic moments, but I feel like this one was just straight up silly at times, with Dana being the one looking like a jackass most of the time. Despite that this was still very enjoyable though, with many memorable moments, even some which saw the women clashing with the men which was nice to see, but harder to review as the two matches interconnected; anyway there were some pretty funny moments, but I still have to dock some points off because of the lack of action of sorts, and you also have to wonder, what the hell happened to all of the women by the end of the match, six went into it and only three ended up getting onto the roof, like where did the other three go, they just randomly disappeared in the middle of the match, nowhere to be seen. Thankfully the finish was actually pretty food, I enjoyed this, but I’d probably say that this match wasn’t as good as Rollins vs McIntyre, if it had more action then maybe, but as it is, I’d probably say it’s slightly worse. Rating - ***3/4 Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match AJ Styles vs Aleister Black vs Daniel Bryan vs King Corbin vs Otis vs Rey Mysterio This was definitely the better of the two ladder matches, even though they’re pretty much the same match, but different matches at the same time, but anyway, this one had way more action in it which I enjoyed, some very cool and unique spots which made it fun and interesting to watch; there were still some comedic segments here, including some funky cameos from Brother Love and Vince McMahon, but this match still focused a lot more on the actual fighting than the comedy aspect, something that the Women’s match didn’t do. However I do have to critique this match on the way that AJ was portrayed here, he was kind of like the Dana Brooke of this match, just treated like a joke most of the time, being trapped by a weight, locked in a door, just stuff like that. When they got to the roof, that’s when the real maniac shit started happening, all of the guys were on top of there, as opposed to the puny three seen in the women’s match, they were all battling it out to win the prize, and there were some crazy mad spots here, it was awesome. Now would I say that this match was better than McIntyre vs Rollins? Probably not in terms of actually wrestling wise, but overall, I enjoyed this far more, there was just so much chaos happening here, that I have no choice but to call this the match of the night, this is it, this is as good as it gets tonight, do not miss out on this match. Rating - ****¼ OVERALL MITB MATCH RATING - **** Verdict This show was pretty good, it will forever be remembered to have the first ever Corporate Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and probably the last one ever. The only match really worth skipping here is Bayley vs Tamina, and I guess MVP vs R-Truth if you’re not really into that, neither of these matches really give anything of any quality, so you may as well just skip them, there’s no point watching them, but I’d definitely say that the rest of the show is worth a watch, every other match aside from those two mentioned has something good to offer, however there is something missing here, I don’t really know what it is, but there is something about this show that feels off, however don’t let that put you off, this is still a pretty decent show, worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already. OVERALL - 7/10 RANKED 1: NXT Takeover NOLA 2: WWE Backlash 2009 3: WrestleMania 36 - Night 1 4: WWE Money in the Bank 2020 5: WWE No Mercy 2016 6: Elimination Chamber 2020 7: WrestleMania 36 - Night 2 8:Royal Rumble 2010 9: WrestleMania 1
  21. Definitely getting it, without a doubt. I grew up on the Tony Hawk games and have so far reviewed the first four on the forums. I didn’t really grow up on the first two, but I have played them several times so I’m still very excited. Only concern of mine is that the game may feel to similar to THPS HD, which is a very bad thing, but overall I’m really looking forward to it.
  22. amai

    NWA 2020

    NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship: Nick Aldis (c) VS Marty Scurll (If Scurll loses, he must pay Nick Aldis 100,000 dollars) NWA World Women's Championship: Thunder Rosa (c) VS Melina VS Allysin Kay NWA World Television Championship: Zicky Dice (c) VS Ricky Starks NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Aron Stevens (c) VS Trevor Murdoch NWA World Tag Team Championship Open Challenge: Eli Drake and James Storm (c) VS ??? Grudge match: Colt Cabana VS Mr. Anderson Kamille VS Tasha Steelz Wild Card battle royal (Final two participants earn spot together in Crockett Cup as a team) : Brody King, Brian Milonas, Beer City Bruiser, CW Anderson, Caleb Konley, Tim Storm, Matt Cross, Matthew Mims, Danny White, Jordan Kingsley. Bonus question: Who is answering James Storm and Eli Drake's open challenge? The Revolt/Revival
  23. The Miz vs Apollo Crews(c) lC championship match The Club vs The New Day(c) Raw Tag Team Championship Match Jinder Mahal vs Roman Reigns vs John Cena if Jinder wins he gets a raw contract Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss(c) Raw Women’s Championship Match Dolph Ziggler vs Aleister Black Seth Rollins/W Triple H vs Drew McIntyre Universal Championship Extreme Rules Match There’s one bonus question. Will Triple H get involved in the main event if so how? Yes, he will try and attack Drew McIntyre but Drew will beat the shit out of him.
  24. The cameras are rolling, and we are live, just before the game-changing Revelation event, this is a historic moment in the lifespan of BPZ, a new brand, and an event to show this brand off, and the talent that comes with it, a show that will feature the likes of Hans Clayton and Necce battling it out in a match for the ages, Gunner finally ending his rivalry with Mikey in an absolute brawl, and most important of all: The Inner Circle dominating Creed to become the BPZ Tag Team Champions, with Amai, the underdog from the underground, finally proving his doubters wrong, proving that he isn’t just another rookie; Slim, the current BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, the cream of the crop in the promotion, the irresistible forces will take on the champions, and kill them off once and for all. The table is set up, and Amai is sat there, on his own, wearing a red velvet suit, and glasses with diamond lettering engraved into the side which reads ‘INNER CIRCLE’, with the signature Burberry scarf wrapped around his neck, bottle of fine Australian Shiraz wine on the table with a glass accompanying it, fire in his eyes, he is ready to answer each and every question that is thrown at him. A reporter is ready, and she throws it straight at him. Reporter: “Obviously, it’s a bit strange that you’re out here alone, so tell us, where is Slim tonight on this special night? It’s very unexpected for him to miss an event like this.” Amai: “Of course you’d like to know wouldn’t you. He’s just doing his own thing, focusing on matters of his own right now, dealing with some unfinished business, and he’s given me permission to speak on his behalf; you’ll next see him at Revelation, the show where we anger the world, and defeat those imbeciles for the Tag Team Championships. But for now, it’s just me, now have you got any more questions, or can I go now?” Reporter: “We do actually. So this past Valor, Creed responded to your promo, said that you and Slim were not on the same page, with both of you having different views on the weak link of Creed, and that the two of you have embarrassed yourself with your recent set of promos, now what do you have to say in response to this?” Amai: “Excuse me? This is definitely some news, because as far as I’m concerned, I definitely said that Bart was the weak link of the group, as did Slim, so it’s actually Smith that embarrassed himself; if he wants to strike back at me, then he should at least get his facts straight, instead of being made to look like an idiot afterwards. My exact words were that Smith was being dragged down by Bart, not the other way around. This is just clear evidence that Creed still underestimate me, they don’t care about what I have to say, they don’t want to care, they’re nervous, they’re trembling in their shoes as we speak, knowing that doomsday is about to strike and the empire will take the belts back home; they’re too ignorant to see me as an actual threat, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: they only see me as Slim’s puppet, they don’t want to believe that I may just possibly be dangerous, they want to believe that everything will be all sunshine and rainbows, when that’s far from the truth. Now I’ll leave it all there for the sake of timing, is there anything else you’d like me to answer? I’m really running out of time here.” Reporter: “So you mentioned the NXT Championship a few days ago, what are your next moves towards that, are you going to go for the title again, or will you call it a day and set your sights on something bigger and better?” Amai: “This is something that’s been going through my head quite a lot recently, while I didn’t get the longest reign that I had been craving my entire career, I’m certain that i cemented myself as the greatest NXT Champion to grace this promotion, I have been carrying this division on my back for many months now, and that chump Austin gets a fluke win and all of a sudden he thinks it’s fine to copy me, everything from my mannerisms, to the wine, to the clinical dissing of my opponents. That little dumbass needs to know his role, he beats me once and he thinks he’s Al Pacino all of a sudden; spoiler alert: you’re not, quit thinking you’ll ever be as good as me, you’ll always be in my shadow, and justice will come to you soon, I don’t know whether that will be in the form of me, James Knight, GRV, or Ogre, you will lose that NXT Championship, no doubt about it. Now I don’t want to keep yapping on about that jobber, as Smith said, I’ve got a BPZ Tag Team Championship match coming up, I need to focus on that instead of picking on the small fry, I’ll address my NXT future on the next Valor show." Reporter: “Final question: Smith claimed that he has evidence to find Slim guilty of attempted murder on a fellow peer of yours, will this affect you, or Slim, going into Revelation this Sunday, or are you still just as confident that you will walk out of that event victorious?” Amai: “What sort of stupid question is that? Of course we’re just as confident, this doesn’t affect us at all, if anything it affects Creed’s chances of defending those titles, or even coming out alive of that match. Fuck it, we’re murderers, and we’re coming for you Creed, we will kill you, we will dismember your bodies in that ring, your blood will be pouring down onto the ring mat while we stand above you, laughing and spitting in your lifeless faces as we hold those titles up, finally bringing some prestige back to this division, the fans in the crowd finally giving us the respect that we rightfully deserve. We will be victorious, whether you accept that or not, victory is inevitable, it’s fate, don’t try and fight fate.” Amai stands up, looks into the camera, takes a sip of the wine, and stares at the camera for another few seconds before walking off, laughing into the distance, it is very evident that he believes in himself, and Slim, that they will come out of Revelation, as the BPZ Tag Team Champions.
  25. Valor returns from a commercial break, and Amai’s music hits, he appears alone for the first time since losing his NXT Championship at Backlash in one of the most controversial results of the year so far, he comes out to a flourish of boos from the fans, but he shakes it all off, he doesn’t care what they think, they turned their backs on him at Backlash, he does the same back, he walks to the ring, mic already in hand, beginning to speak and interrupting the chants of the fans in the process. So, you’re probably expecting me to go have some sort of fit because I didn’t retain my NXT Championship at Backlash or some crazy shit like that, but tonight is not the night for that, tonight we leave out that little begging scumbag Austin out of the equation, while he plays around with whoever that big doofus Ogre is. Today we address the big fish, the BPZ Tag Team Championships, and the two power-hungry idiots that hold them: Bart and Smith, two of the most lifeless, egotistical assholes this company has ever seen, thinking that they have all of the power in the world because of their place in the authority, and the fact that they’ve held a championship in a division that has been dead for as long as I can remember. The sad truth is that you two underestimate what I’m capable of, you have nothing to say about me other than “oh, look at this guy, he’s inexperienced, this is another easy win for us, he lost to a jobber and now he thinks he can beat us?”, however I don’t see this as an insult, I just think it’s mesmerising how closed-minded you are, you don’t know what to say anymore, your only comeback is that I’m too new for the titles, or that Slim is going to betray me. I mean let’s be real here, Bart’s more likely to find an actual character for himself before the Inner Circle dissolves; he’s like a blank canvas hiding behind his authority role and his tag partner to make himself seem somewhat interesting as a human being. Now Smith, I respect you, you’re the one who originally brought me into BPZ, and I thank you very much for that, but enough of the Gogglebox bullshit, I would’ve thought that a superstar of your calibre would able to do more than just react, and then attempt to try and insult us, make fun of us because you have no other response, you are speechless, you’re afraid that there is actually a threat for your championship, the words that were said in mine and Slim’s promos were too much for you to handle, your sorry ass can’t comprehend an actual response, so you just turn into a reaction channel. I mean it’s bad enough that you can’t form a comeback to this so-called “inexperienced rookie”, but to be outperformed by your partner Bart of all people, that’s a completely new level of embarrassing- actually, you know what? Why don’t I snoop to the lowest of lows, I can’t actually think of a response, let’s watch what Smith had to say about me. Amai leaves the ring and grabs a chair from the crowd, he gets back in, sets the chair up and sits down on it, before then pulling out a bottle of wine and a phone out from his jacket pocket, he plays Smith’s ‘Icarus’ promo, and the display reflects onto the titantron, Amai concentrates on the video long and hard, before throwing the phone to the floor, and standing up and putting the bottle of wine back in his pocket. As seen from the video clip, Smith compared me to Icarus, a mythological man who tried to overreach his potential, tried to go higher than he could and ended up failing. However I respect Smith for this, he at least acknowledged the fact that I have wings, and that I can soon reach for the stars, with the all time greats, unlike himself who gets carried by Bart’s backstage politics wherever he goes, despite outclassing his partner in every single other department. Maybe you need to take a closer look at yourself Smith, while I may be reaching places where I can’t, you’re a sinking ship, you’re too close to the water, you’re about to drown! You have absolutely nothing left, Bart and his authoritarian antics are the only thing keeping you together now, you could’ve been remembered as one of the greats, but at this rate you’ll only be known for being the man who sold his soul to Bart, you’ll be the man who lost many years of success due to his relationship with the higher power of BPZ. You really let yourself get to this level, where you’re considered equal to a lifeless soul like Bart? Do you not wake up every day, looking at yourself in the mirror and not realising what sort of disappointment you really are for aligning with this man? I mean who really does the work here, you’re a shining star with a number of years still left, letting yourself be brought down by someone who was sane enough to team up with Prince and letting him take away everything about your character, you’re becoming nothing but a replica, a soulless mind who cares about nothing but politicking their way to the top without actually having any skill. But you’re still going to sit there, laughing it all off, thinking to yourself that everything will be fine, but then you lose it all, you’ll see your flaws, the team will dissolve, and the Inner Circle will be successful once again. And with that, I am finished, but we are far from done here, ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, Don Dada, the leader of the Inner Circle, the man who will celebrate with me on the 15th of May, as we stand tall with the BPZ Tag Team Championships! Please welcome, Slim! Amai starts to clap as he faces the titantron, awaiting the arrival of his tag team partner. [Reply planned]

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