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  1. Really looking forward to this one, especially since their last match at SummerSlam was an absolute banger, and the fact that McIntyre has yet to have a defence that isn't at least a 4 star match in my opinion. However I am slightly skeptical about the added stipulation of an Ambulance Match, I don't really see the point of this, and if it is just to make Drew look strong while still letting Orton win, I'm all for that, I think that Drew has had a fantastic reign, and while I would still like to see it go on for just a bit longer, I think that they might let Orton win as he does have super hot
  2. The women's tag division has been dead for so long now, and while I am happy that Shayna and Nia have the titles, I don't think they're going to help in reviving this division at all, especially with stupid defences like these, because this is obviously going to be a squash match. WWE aren't really helping themselves by literally splitting up all of the credible teams on the women's roster, with the worst split of the bunch being the IIconics, there was literally no point in splitting that team up, and it will just lead into Billie disappearing into obscurity, and then most likely being releas
  3. Actually really looking forward to this one, Roman has been booked like a beast since his return, and despite winning the Universal Championship in a shitty way, he has actually been really entertaining, and as for Jey Uso, well let's just say that I'm really surprised to see him in this position, but pleasantly surprised, but that doesn't mean that he has even the slightest chance of winning here. Roman is going to absolutely demolish Jey here, and I won't be surprised if it's a squash match. The story going into this one has also been very entertaining, with the two having some sort of stran
  4. Probably the match I am the most excited for, but at the same time one of them most random matches on the card, as with the WWE Title match, I just don't understand the point of there being a ladder match stipulation here, nor do I understand why AJ is a part of it; yes I get that he's been in the Intercontinental Title scene for quite a bit now, but shouldn't this match just be to unify the belt? It makes much more sense for this to just be Jeff vs Sami, but I shouldn't be complaining too much, because I still think that this will be a great match, probably match of the night if I'm being hon
  5. October Week 4 Authors of Pain vs Viking Raiders A rematch between these two big teams, and what a match it was, while it may not have been very long, both teams did well in producing an absolute banger of a match, started off fairly slow, with both big guys, those being Rezar and Erik, slowly working around the ring, each coming back and hitting harder than before. Then when the other men of each team came in, this is where the match really started to pick up, Ivar, being the high flyer that he is, was able to run around the ring and take Akam down with a variety of big sp
  6. NJPW G1 Climax 2020 - Night 2 Main Show Gabriel Kidd vs Yota Tsuji Another pretty decent match, but not as good as the young lion match from last night, while I think Gabriel Kidd is good, I don’t think he’s nearly as refined as Uemura, but I do think that he’s a better performer than Tsuji, but that doesn’t mean that this match was bad at all, because for who these two are, they actually did great. Kidd greatly impressed with his mat wrestling and his transitions, something that I hope to see a lot more of as he moves up the rankings when he finally goes o
  7. NXT TakeOver: New Beginning is upon us, we are heading closer and closer to the final battle in the NXT division between two bitter rivals, superstars who have been waiting for this moment for almost a year, and they are getting it soon. The Tiger, the current NXT Champion who scored many wins in multi man affairs over his challenger, but has never defeated him one on one. Amai, who was only weeks away from gaining his prize of becoming the longest reigning NXT Champion, before losing it to Austin Omega; he is looking for vengeance, after Mecko stole the win right out of Amai’s arms at SummerS
  8. NJPW G1 Climax 30 - Night 1 Main Show Yota Tsuji vs Yuya Uemura Some fairly good wrestling here from the young lions, I would even put it up to par with the first match of this years’ G1, and while it didn’t really have any time to it, both guys looked pretty good here as they went back and forth for a solid five minutes; I do feel like they could’ve done better with some extra time, but I’m not really expecting too much out of them considering they’re young lions. Both of these guys have an extremely bright future in NJPW, especially Uemura, because judging off t
  9. Trippie Redd - ! 1: ! - 5/10 I used to really like this song, but after returning to it now, it’s not really that good, it has one verse, which is just repeated twice, and then the chorus, and that’s literally it, I do like the bouncy beat and the overall production of Diplo here, and that second Trippie verse is good, despite it just being the same thing, just better. Overall a fairly average track to kick the album off. 2: Snake Skin - 6.5/10 This was probably the song I was the most hyped for back when this was about to release (being the big Trippie fan
  10. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 Didn’t think I’d be reviewing this game before finishing the rest of the series first, but here I am, this was a complete surprise to me, never in the last 5 years did I think that there would be a full remaster of these games, especially after the abysmal HD and THPS5, but here we are. According to metacritic, this game is fantastic, with a 9.1 user score on the website, which is great to see, especially after being a longtime fan of the series. Now it’s time to see if this game really lives up to the hype, or if it’s just an overrated mess.
  11. Amai’s music hits, interrupting Tony Tastic in the middle of the speech, and the Moneymaker arrives in the arena, fresh off a win against CJ Sellers in an absolute war. Amai walks down the ramp, the crowd cheering him on, he interacts with the crowd as he continues to walk down slowly, almost as if he is wasting the time of both Tony Tastic and Akki. Eventually Amai would make his way into the ring with a microphone in his hand, he would walk up to Tastic, looking like he is about to stare him down, but he swerves at the last second and begins to move towards Akki, and stares The Indian War Vi
  12. 6ix9ine - TattleTales 1: LOCKED UP PT. 2 - 4.75/10 Starting off the album somewhat decently, Akon has a good part I suppose, and 6ix9ine’s first verse is pretty alright, but the second verse is just boring, there’s not much to it aside from autotune, and it’s not good autotune either, it sounds like shit. This was probably the only song I was really excited for too, and the snippet was a lot better than the finished product, this is just a bit disappointing. Akon’s part doesn’t save it either, but he does carry the song. 2: TUTU - 1/10 One point for the son
  13. Amai would make his entrance first, with the crowd cheering him for once, you could see the determination in his eyes, he is ready to take on CJ Sellers, the man who assaulted him last week on his very own stage, he walks down the ring, all fired up, taunting in the ring as the cheers of the crowd just get louder and louder. Next up is CJ Sellers, the Chancellor, he has a smug look on his face, knowing that he fully humiliated Amai, he walks down the ring with a confident cockiness to his strut, getting in the ring and looking Amai right into his eyes
  14. jose2009


    The camera would begin to flicker, before we would arrive in a pitch black room, with nothing but a chair in the middle, and a singular bulb that would begin beaming light down onto that chair. A well dressed figure would be seen walking into the room, walking slowly towards the chair, eventually taking a seat and the face of the figure would be revealed: it was Amai, he looked down on the floor, defeated after his past failure at SummerSlam, failing to defeat his rival and capture the NXT Championship for a third time. The Moneymaker would then look up, and the camera would rotate, revealing
  15. idk about yall but Brie is probably the best cheese, or cheddar I kinda like that too

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