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  1. Good job ICON, you seem to be getting better all the time. I'm glad you continue making these sigs and i'm sure people appreciate the work you put into them.
  2. Meko's gonna win, the man may not seem like it but he is a genius.
  3. I'm in. (Also your game show is great)
  4. Well, these are very interesting. I knew there would be something racist here because well it's the WWE. I like all the House of Light and House of Purpose names because it makes it sound like they're standing up to prove their abilities and all that. The other names are all a bit weird so i'm glad they went with The New Day.
  5. It's gonna be very interesting where Brodie Lee ends up. I have a feeling he might appear on the indies for a short while and after that settle on going to either ROH, AEW, Impact Wrestling, NWA or maybe even MLW. I hope someone finally gives him a chance to shine because he really didn't get that in WWE apart from his 2016/2017 storyline with Orton and Wyatt.
  6. BEST OF 2019 Best WWE Match: Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles - MITB 2019 Best NXT Match: Ricochet vs. Johnny Gargano Best Womens Match: Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch - Hell In A Cell Best Tag Team Match: Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan Best WWE Superstar: Bray Wyatt Best NXT Superstar: Adam Cole Best WWE Women: Becky Lynch Best NXT Women: Shayna Bazsler Best Tag Team: Harper and Rowan Best Championship: WWE Best Champion: Becky Lynch Best PPV: Wrestlemania 35 Best Storyline: KofiMania WORST OF 2019 Worst WWE Match (PPV, Based On Expectations, Etc.😞): Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins at HIAC Worst NXT Match (Takeover): Killian Dain vs. Pete Dunne vs. Damien Priest Worst Booked Superstar: Baron Corbin Worst Superstar: Bobby Lashley Worst Championship: Smackdown Tag Team Championship Worst Champion (Reign): Kofi Kingston Worst PPV: Hell In A Cell Worst Storyline: Rusev vs. Lashley and Lana
  7. I actually watched Jumanji last night, i always thought that i would absolutely hate it but, instead of hating it i actually loved it. Every actor performed very well in my opinion and i loved how the Jumanji game worked, there was a lot of cool stuff happening all the time and Dwayne Johnson was as hilarious as he always is.
  8. Big E, i feel like he could make for an interesting movie villain. Even though we're used to see him in a positive mood, i'm sure he could play a badass villain as well.
  9. I watch this chick called klare_coffee occasionally, she makes great looking food and she has a very friendly and positive personality. I also watch Brenden sometimes but i'm not sure if he streams anymore.
  10. Happy birthday GOAT Bailey
  11. Probably gonna buy NBA 2k20 or WWE 2k20 even though i've heard a lot of complaints about both of them, i'm still gonna get one of them. It's most likely gonna be WWE 2k20 even though it's a very broken game i still want it.
  12. I'm liking Bray Wyatt as champion even though his own custom belt isn't really all that great. After he faces The Miz i have a feeling he will get a match against Bryan again and this time it's gonna be with a new and improved and probably bald Bryan. I feel like his first true challenge might come at Elimination Chamber because it might be him against 5 others, he might defend his belt there and then lose it at Mania.
  13. I'm glad that these belts are in a good place now. I like Asuka and Kairi as champions and heels because it actually gives them something to do and it just doesn't leave them lost in the shuffle. I'm glad Asuka is using the green mist now because it's good for Japanese heel wrestlers like her. I hope these two hold the belts at least until Mania but that doesn't seem very likely, i guess we'll have to see what happens.

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