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  1. Great Smackdown, i was happy with The Fiend and Hogan promo and a lot of the in-ring action was great. I'm glad that Morrison and Miz have all this momentun because it could very well take them to the tag titles. Ultimately what brought the show down was the Reigns and Corbin storyline, i'm sure it will end soon as Reigns will probably face Fiend at Mania.
  2. Undisputed Era VS British Ambition The revival VS The Wyatt Family The Authors of Pain VS Adrian Neville/Cory Graves The ascensions VS Mustache Mountain Sanity VS American Alpha Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy VS DIY The Vaudevillians VS The Lucha Dragons War Raiders VS Street Profits
  3. Been trying to catch up on AEW but i'm like 3 or 2 months behind, i couldn't help but watch the most recent Dynamite and i have to say, what an awesome episode of Dynamite. Dustin Rhodes is finally looking like a proper star and the women's div is really starting to heat up, in many ways. Some people still seem like they haven't quite found their place in AEW but i'm sure they'll get there real soon.
  4. I remember you being invested into AEW which is why i would love to see an AEW universe mode from you. I feel like it would be a good way to get something that you and the fans enjoy on the channel. Plus, you've been doing WWE for years now, maybe something different could work.
  5. I've started Vikings recently, it's definitely my kind of show, it gives me a strong Game of Thrones vibe as did The Witcher. Could just be cuz they're all medieval and fantasy shows. I like this show so far, vikings are always a fascinating group in history especially to scandinavians like myself.
  6. Reigns will definitely win this one and then he will somehow face The Fiend at Mania, or The Fiend interferes in this match and attacks Reigns which leads to Corbin's win and also kicks off a feud between Reigns and The Fiend.
  7. Considering WWE is in Saudi Arabia i have a feeling the New Day will win this one. WWE often put their top merch sellers over in Saudi Arabia so i'd not be surprised if it happened here.
  8. Attitude Era was overrated and Ruthless Aggression was a lot better.
  9. Just like Gunner, i have been trying to get into NBA myself but it's not very easy considering it doesn't exactly come on TV and when it does, it's on channels that i can't access. As some might know i'm a Bulls fan because of my boy Lauri Markkanen.
  10. I'm kind of excited to see where Harper goes, i hope he ends up in AEW because i'd love to see him vs Moxley or him vs anyone in an actual wrestling match. He would also remain in America which means he would be close to his family and in a known territory.
  11. Batman Arkham City has to be my favourite one. I put a lot of time into it and almost platted it as well, it's such a fun game and i love the combat system and the puzzles in this game, it really shows Batman for who he truly is.
  12. I don't know a lot of people from the past of BPZ Forums but one man whose failures and short comings i have heard of is Prince. It sounds like his short comings weren't his fault either but instead it was just bad luck and bullshit. Prince seems like a great guy that in the past has tried to succeed in kayfabe but just never did, maybe this year will be his year.
  13. Kylie Rae would have been a great face for the lackcluster women's division of AEW. Having her in AEW would have boosted the women's division a lot in my opinion.
  14. This sounds like a very great match, The Phenom vs. The Phenomenal. I'm definitely excited for it because Styles and Taker are both very good and even though neither one is at their prime, this still has the potential of being a phenomenal match.
  15. Regardless of what's going on with Rory Gulak, if you're into comedy wrestling i suggest checking out CHIKARA on Wrestlemania weekend as they have some of the funniest feuds and some of the weirdest action in wrestling today.

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