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  1. Still waiting for those classic rumors of "GM MODE FOR WWE 2K20!?!?" Anyway, i sure hope there's some kind of a Women's Evolution Showcase in WWE 2K20 because it would be fun to go back to where it all started and then end it at like... Wrestlemania 35.
  2. I like that shirt and i've seen Carlito wear it on RAW. I think i'd wear it if i had it
  3. Powertrip Cup Finals: Julius vs BIC Undisputed Championship Match: Bart (C) vs Flynn North American Championship: Arius (C) vs Kenji Mikey vs Toxik NA Number One Contenders Hardcore Match: Hans vs Bob vs Alex Costa vs Aaron North BPZ Tag Team Championship No DQ Match: Big Ballers (C) vs Royal Flush Josh vs Sir Raven Monda vs FDS Nanovirus vs Bashka Buddy Ace vs Blade
  4. July 1st, 2012 The New Rise of TNA? With Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan still in control of the company TNA is looking to start a new rise and Bischoff and Dixie Carter look to bring in some changes and instead of removing or getting rid of things or adding new things they're gonna bring things like the six sided ring back. Fans are apparently happy about some changes as it feels like TNA is returning back to it's old identity. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TNA World Heavyweight TNA X-Division TNA World Tag Team TNA Knockouts TNA Knockouts Tag Team TNA World Television
  5. WWF Monday Night RAW - July 04, 1994 Tonight's show kicks off with the new Monday Night RAW Intro. After the intro we are welcomed to Monday Night RAW by the familiar voices of Randy Savage and Jim Ross who are standing at ringside and talking about some of the action coming up tonight before making their way to the announcers desk. Owen Hart makes things clear to his brother. Tonight's show starts with Owen Hart in the ring he has a microphone in his hand and something is clearly on his mind. He starts talking and tells Bret that he has three options and those are to face him tonight, at In Your House or at Summerslam and then Owen tells Bret that there's no way out of this title match because it's bound to happen due to the contract that these both men signed after King of The Ring. Owen tells Bret that if he wants to see what he's going up against he should watch Owen's match tonight against Lex Luger. The promo ends as Owen drops the mic and walks to the back. The Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy In a decent match to open the show The Underfaker defeated Jeff Hardy by pinfall after a Chokeslam. This Undertaker felt a lot like the real one but some of his mannerisms aren't really the same and he could barely sit up after being taken down. This can't be the real Undertaker and even the fans know it. This match leaves the fans pondering if this really is The Undertaker. Frank Drebin searches for The Undertaker. The cameras suddenly cut to a graveyard where we see Detective Frank Drebin who is searching for The Undertaker. Drebin runs into Paul Bearer and questions Bearer about what he's doing there so late at night. Bearer tells him that Drebin asked Paul to come with him but Drebin doesn't believe Paul and instead takes Paul into police custody. RAW heads to commercial break as the police van with Paul Bearer drives off. Adam Bomb vs. Jean Pierre Lafitte In a decent match to hype the crowd, Adam Bomb defeated Jean Pierre Lafitte after a distraction from Jacques Rougeau. Jacques got some revenge after Pierre's betrayal and Adam Bomb scored a major win over Jean Pierre Lafitte. Ted Dibiase interview. The match is over and the titantron shows Ted Dibiase at the interview podium with Vince McMahon. McMahon asks him about Tatanka and Dibiase says: "Oh McMahon, i've said this multiple times and i thought you would understand it by now, but i'm gonna say it anyway... EVERYBODY'S GOT A PRICE for the million dollar man. I don't care if he's a native american, a hobo or a dumpster man if he works for me i'm fine with it." Dibiase leaves and McMahon thanks him for his time. Lex Luger vs. Owen Hart In a great match Owen Hart defeated Lex Luger in 15 minutes after a low blow and a roll up to Lex Luger when the ref was distracted. Owen Hart gains some momentum by defeating Lex Luger. Bret Hart was at ringside for this match and he doesn't look happy. Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart attack and beat up Bret Hart. The match is over and Owen Hart goes out ringside and confronts Bret. The two start brawling and Neidhart rushes to the aid of Owen as Bret starts to gain the advantage. Bret manages to fight the two of them off but Owen manages to hit Bret with a chair as he tries to leave and Neidhart and Owen starts kicking him and stomping him. They throw Bret inside the ring where Owen locks in the Sharpshooter on Bret and Neidhart keeps stomping Bret's head. Blood starts pouring out of Bret's head and suddenly he is knocked out but Owen doesn't release the hold. WWF wrestlers rush to the ring and manage to fight off Owen and Jim, one of them calls and ambulance and RAW ends as Bret is put in the ambulance on a stretcher.
  6. Mayumi Ozaki Brian Pillman The Ladds Mark Callaway
  7. Ha... this is actually quite funny. I was looking for mods and this came up so might as well post on it. I wish there was a 2011 mod because 2011 was a great year for WWE and TNA so it would be a quite interesting mod to play.
  8. WWF 1987 So... this is my 1987 save. I played it for 8 in game years and i quit after Summerslam 1995. There are many champions, many long reigns and many people i've pushed. People I pushed: - Ludvig Borga and Jerry Lawler: This is a pretty obvious one for those who know me. I'm a big Ludvig Borga fan and it's mostly because he's Finnish but also because he's a decent wrestler, he looks menancing and he can be booked as a dominating powerhouse. In my save he won the WWF Intercontinental Championship and he held it for 4 months. I also paired him up with Jerry "The King" Lawler who teamed and managed Borga. They had great chemistry as a team which is why i gave them the WWF World Tag Team Titles which they held for 3 months. Borga remained in the WWF from October 1992 until January 1995. Borga's tag team partner Jerry Lawler was hired in October 1988 and he remained in the WWF until i decided to end the save. Lawler started out by beating many main eventers and upper midcarders such as Harley Race, Rick Rude, Honky Tonk Man and Owen Hart. After 1989 started Lawler started a feud with Ric Flair for the WWF Intercontinental Championship and after that he would go on to feud with people like Arn Anderson, Jake Roberts and Honky Tonk Man. - Owen Hart: Owen Hart joined the WWF in 1987 at the age of 22. He got a big push straight after joining and his first televised victory was against Jim Neidhart on WWF Superstars and his first feud was against The Hart Foundation and he beat both members and his first big win was at the end of the year against Ultimate Warrior. Owen's first title win was in April 1988 which he won from Jim Duggan. Hart held the title for 2 months and lost it in June at Summerslam to Roddy Piper in a great match. He would have many feuds in 1988 and in 1989 he had 3 matches. 1 was the Royal Rumble, 1 was a battle royal at Wrestlemania 5 and 1 was an amazing match against Mr. Perfect on RAW. Owen would sadly get injured and he was out for almost a year. He would return in 1990 in a match where he beat Randy Savage. He would have many matches and a couple of teams leading up to 1995 which is where i currently am. - Mr. Perfect: Mr. Perfect... he's one of my favorite wrestlers ever and he got a big push in my save. He had a 4 month reign as IC Champion and even though his reign was short he defended his title almost every week and he racked up 26 defenses. In 1991 Mr. Perfect won the WWF King of The Ring Tournament. He defeated three people in the tournament and those were Ricky Steamboat, Jim Duggan and Rick Rude in the finals. Perfect went on to face Randy Savage at Summerslam and sadly he wasn't able to beat Savage. Mr. Perfect's reign as WWF Intercontinental Champion. There are many other people i pushed as well and if i were to list them all... this would take forever and so i won't. Random Notes: - Kwang's reign of terror - I didn't put this on the first list because this is gonna be a more in-depth conversation because i have no idea what the hell happened and what the mind set was behind this push, anyway let's get to the point. Kwang or many of you know him as Savio Vega debuted in July 1993 and he started out as Savio Vega and he had many matches which he surprisingly won. He on RAW every week and he had a match and he was also on every single PPV in 1994 and some point he somehow transitioned into Kwang but i can't remember how or why. He had a successful reign as WWF Intercontinental Championship in 1995. He defended his mask on multiple occasions and he eventually lost both his mask and his title to Hunter Hearst Helmsley in 1995 who is the last WWF Intercontinental Champion of this save. Now the weird thing about this push is that i never really planned on it and it sort of just happened. I have no idea why and i also got the feeling when writing this that i was actually gonna make Kwang the WWF World Heavyweight Champion. - The Women's Revolution - When i started this save i decided to scrap the women's division because there was simply not enough good talent to use at the start of the save, but in August 1994 i decided to bring it back. I hired many womens wrestlers such as Colonel Ninotchka, Mayumi Ozaki, Cutie Suzuki and Madusa. My womens division would keep growing and so would the ratings, my biggest star was Cutie Suzuki who is still WWF Women's Champion won the title in a tournament and she was simply one of the best women in the company and a true leader of the women's division. - Hulk Hogan - This is a quick way to show how one of the biggest stars in the history of pro wrestling did in my company. 100 rated matches and shows: Title History: WWF World Heavyweight WWF Intercontinental WWF World Tag Team WWF King of The Ring WWF Royal Rumble That's it then... i loved showcasing this save and i loved going back to it and seeing all the chaos and all the title histories that i caused . This is one of my favorite saves i've ever done and i'm very happy that i decided to showcase it.
  9. The Clash of The Titans WWF vs. WCW July 1994 It's July 1994 and WWF is slowly approaching the biggest event of the summer Summerslam 1994 where Bret Hart is set to face his brother and "The King of Harts" Owen Hart who got his title shot by becoming King of The Ring by beating Razor Ramon at the King of The Ring PPV. While all this is going on The Undertaker is still missing after beating King Kong Bundy at Wrestlemania 10 and in place of him there is an impostor who looks and wrestles the exact same way as the real Undertaker. WWF officials have sent detective Frank Drebin on the case to find the real Undertaker who can make the fake Undertaker bend his knee and leave the WWF and himself alone. The WWF keeps losing viewers and their ratings are slowly dropping due to repetitive shows, boring shows and lacking stars. WCW recently declared open war on WWF and looks like they're looking to overtake the WWF's number one position in the world of professional wrestling. WWF needs to make some changes and quickly for them to stand out and stay on the top and one of the few things that sets them apart from WCW is their women's division which also needs a little work but is good for attracting female fans. WWF's women's division isn't good but it's something. Many workers have considered leaving and going to other promotions for better pay and better booking such as Lex Luger who has recently been complaining about the pay and is heavily considering leaving the WWF to join WCW and his good friend Sting. Luger is still under contract with the WWF, and his contract is expiring but he hasn't received an offer from WCW yet but he sure as hell is waiting for one. It will be interesting if WCW make a move on Luger and decide to sign him. WWF is currently being ruled by 5 different champions and those champions are: Bret Hart's reign started at Wrestlemania 10 after defeating Yokozuna for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Diesel's reign started two weeks after Wrestlemania 10 after he defeated Razor Ramon on RAW for the Intercontinental Championship. The Headshrinkers' reign started 1 month after Wrestlemania 10 after they defeated The Quebecers on RAW for the WWF World Tag Team Championship. Alundra Blayze's reign started December 26th after she won an un-aired tournament for the WWF Women's Championship by beating Heidi Lee Morgan in the finale. The roster of the WWF right now is very big and a few important names are missing such as Jim Cornette, Oscar, Dink, Harvey Wippleman, Afa and The Underfaker but trust me they're all on the roster: Tag Teams: Thank you for reading and tune in soon to see how WCW's side is doing.
  10. Aaron North

    Wounded Man

    The previous match has just ended and the titantron is showing a press conference with many journalists, magazine and news letter writers. They're all waiting for Aaron North to arrive and so he does, Aaron sits down he has a scar on his lip and he is wearing sunglasses. He is being very quiet and he doesn't even acknowledge anyone sitting or standing in front of him. Jenna sits down on his right side and they turn their microphones on. One of the interviewers is about to ask a question but Jenna interrupts him. Jenna: Let's make one thing perfectly clear. I'm going to be answering all your questions today since Aaron is still in a bit of shock after what happened to him last week on Carnage. I promise i will answer everything you ask. Eli from Wrestling Viewer: Okay that sounds fine, now let me get back to my question. Mr. North do you know who attacked you and why? Jenna: Aaron has no idea who attacked him and neither do i. We suspect that it was one of the people in the ring with him but we aren't exactly sure which one of them and why. Annie from Ring Psychology: Mr. North how do you feel about heading into the match at Powertrip Cup without knowing if this attacker will strike again? Jenna: Aaron told me that he is as confident as before and the attack won't change a damn thing about this match. He has an arsenal of weaponry and "The Queen of The Adult Film Industry" by his side. Jack from Wrestle, Wrestle, Promo: Mr. North we've seen a bit of different side of you lately and we've learned a lot more about you lately. Now one question i have is how are you able to control this inner dark side that you have? Jenna: He doesn't want to answer that question, and so he will not. Jack from Wrestle, Wrestle, Promo: Why not? Jenna: Thank you for your interest but, next please. Jack from Wrestle, Wrestle, Promo: But you promised to give us an answer to every question. Suddenly Aaron stands up and walks over to the man who keeps asking the question. Aaron: An answer!? You want an answer!? I'll give you a f****** answer. Aaron grabs the man and spinebusters him through the table that the man's computer was on. Aaron then grabs the computer and breaks it in half. Aaron: There's your answer you god damn geeks and Arius i know it was you that attacked me. No one else would do a lights out trick like that except for you. You know i'm going to win that match and you know i'm a threat to that belt, so you decided to try and get the early advantage, but you know what... it's not gonna work and neither will any of your other mind games because you're stepping in the ring with perfection and perfection is not so easily thrown off. Aaron leaves with Jenna, the video stutters as Aaron leaves and the screen suddenly fades to black and shows and unfamiliar mask before cutting to a commercial break.
  11. Your Kayfabe Character Gimmick A Punk Perfectionst What is your gimmick/significant background in kayfabe? A guy who dresses like a punk, acts like a punk and has tattoos all over the place, he thinks he is perfect at everything and can do everything better than anyone else. Also has a dark and a vicious side that can be very dangerous. Aaron used to live on the streets before his house was burnt down and he almost died. In early 2019 Aaron suffered and eye injury in a match and he started wearing an eye patch to not suffer further damage.  How does your character interact with the fans? He treats the fans like garbage by telling them to shut up and by calling them low lives.  What mannerisms does your character have? Aaron most of the time tries to expose his opponent's weaknesses and usually tries to find their strengths and he trains in specific ways to counter act those strengths. In promos he tries to make his opponents feel worthless and powerless to defeat him. Most of the time Aaron isn't the one who is challenged but instead he is the one that challenges. In-Ring Signatures: "The Perfect Rule" Lucky 13 (Submission), Frog Splash Finishers: The Perfect Plex How does your character carry himself? He gives credit to the people that he thinks deserve it but not a lot. He tries to be humorous but usually comes off as a bit of a jerk. He fights dirty and is usually rude to people even those that are close to him. He insults people for what the things they love to do. What kind of wrestling style does your character have? A technical style: Uses many submission moves, kicks and punches quickly, uses dirty moves such as eye pokes and low blows when it is required also grabs the ropes sometimes when locking in a submission. What general kind of moves does your character perform? Spinebuster, Elbow Drop, German Suplex, Single Leg Boston Crab, Dropkick, Flying Crossbody, Clothesline, Front Chop Block, Necbreaker, Enziuguri, High Knee, Kick and Leg Sweep combo. Other Are there any further details about your character? Aaron has a valet and her name is Jenna Jameson and Aaron also has a mentor in Nanovirus.
  12. January Monthly Review First month is over and didn't go too well for me. I forgot to get a PPV broadcaster deal so that's why my PPV buys is 0. I lost money for some reason... pretty sad. Winners and Losers Arius and Crippler Meko and Aaron Rewards and Punishments Increase a chosen worker's popularity by 5. Decrease every stat on your chosen worker by 5. Owner Goals NEW - Get to 25 popularity in one region outside your home region. (American companies can't do this in Canada) - You have until April next year to do this. Changes - The roster cap will be increased by 5 and it's now 40

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