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  1. January Results Franchise Players: Week 1: (No minor show in week 1) Franchise Players in week 2 and end of the month Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Importance, Pop Progress, Medical, Finances: Owner Goal Progress: Japan Popularity i need 2 more for Tohoku or 3 for Kanto The Hearlanders have neutral chemistry which i guess is all right... Trying to drop down Tenzan from my franchise players so that he can have more tag matches
  2. Aaron North

    What's on your mind?

    I'm thinking that i'm gonna watch Elimination Chamber tomorrow with my brother and my sister.
  3. Aaron North

    A challenge is laid out

    The lights go out in the arena as the music of "The Northern Star" Aaron North hits. The lights than come back on as North is standing in the ring and than he removes his shades. North than starts cutting a promo North: Well well well... here i am again, and i have to say it's been an odd year thus far with people getting released and refusing to show up, new wrestlers getting chances and title shots and me still just sitting backstage in the locker room not getting what i deserve, which is a shot at the NXT Championship, so i guess there's only one way to do this. North: Alex Costa i challenge you to a match for the NXT Championship, because i deserve a shot at that title after all the hard work i've done, and because guys like you make me sick because, guys like you who suck up to the higher ups make me sick and that's how guys like you get a title shot, you could have gotten a title shot by proving yourself but you decided to take the easy way out and that makes me sick. I've also seen you in the ring and you're great and if there's one guy in this company whose ass i wanna kick it's you, but the only thing that worries me is, are you brave enough to step in to the ring with "The Northern Star"?
  4. Aaron North

    Who's Your BPZ Mentor?

    I'd have to say Smith since he told me the rules of the forums when i first joined.
  5. Aaron North

    Kayfabe Moveset Thread

    Style: Technical, Brawler Signatures: Superkick, Spinebuster, Swinging Neckbreaker Finishers: The Northern Star The Northern Rule
  6. I forgot to post this but i used my August reward to get DDP out of time decline.
  7. NSW NSW World Heavyweight Title Ron Simmons has defended his title twice NSW US Title Steve Corino just won the US title in December (First champion was actually Stevie Richards not JBL from January Week 4 until April Week 1) NSW World Tag Team Titles The Perfect Event have defended their titles once NSW Womens Title Chyna has defended the title once NSW World Television Title Starbuck has defended the title 9 times NSW Sudden Impact Tournament Northern Star Wrestling Alumni Northern Star Wrestling Tag Team Division Northern Star Wrestling Stables
  8. Franchise players at the start of the month: Week 1: Week 2: Japan PPV: Week 3: Week 4: The US PPV: Finances, Pop progress, Japan pop, medical, importance: End of the year awards: Other stuff and trades: Jeff's pop went up a lot after beating world champion Ron Simmons twice two singles matches. Steve Corino's pop also increased a lot after defeating Jeff Hardy at Merry Fightmas for the vacant NSW United States Championship Starbuck is still making his way up the card and he's almost main event level now after defeating Perry Saturn at Merry Fightmas to retain his TV Title I learned my lesson after November, cheating gets you nowhere i decided to stop and well i did. I didn't cheat at all in December. I am now in "rehab" myself aaand yeah i'm already making some great progress. I feel very bad for all the harm i've caused and i would like to apologize. Anyway.... on a more brighter note. Trades: Traded Shane Douglas for Test Traded Too Cold Scorpio for Bob Sapp
  9. I release Barry Darsow and Brian Adams
  10. NOVEMBER RESULTS: Franchise Players Week 1: Week 1: Week 2: Franchise Players changed after i traded The Brainbusters for Harlem Heat and after Booker T was signed at the start of Week 2. Japan PPV: Week 3: To Explain Simmons' heel turn: Ron Simmons felt like Booker T has been stealing his spotlight in the past 2 weeks and wants the spotlight back on himself like he thinks it was destined to be. Week 4: US PPV: Medical, Finances, Pop Change, Current Importance: Franchise Players after November Other things of interest, worker pop updates: Umaga has been progressing in pop very quickly and is now considered a main eventer in NSW Jeff Hardy gained a lot of pop in November after having a small decrease in September & October Booker T's pop has been increasing well but most of that increase came from his stint in BPZ: Mike Awesome, Doink Reborne and Perry Saturn have all returned from rehab and they have established themselves as a major force calling themselves The Reborne Ones: Awesome is has been great after rehab as he has wrestled local talents and gotten 70's performances and match ratings of 60's or 50's Awesome doesn't have much experience wrestling in NSW before rehab but he has had a pre-show match against local talent Percy Watson and it got a 49. Awesome was also a participant in the Elimination Chamber match at Blizzard Bomb after Sgt. Slaughter couldn't wrestle after being injured. Perry Saturn hasn't wrestled much recently he only had a 69 rated match with Sgt. Slaughter which is impressive considering it's Perry Saturn. Perry Saturn didn't wrestle before rehab because his drug percentages were very high. Matt Borne is finally back after 8 months in rehab now calling himself Doink Reborne, and he is looking and wrestling a little better than before and has somehow been able to crack himself into the upper midcard of NSW. He has had 2 matches thus far against Sgt. Slaughter in a 72 rated match and Chavi Buffalo in a 69 rated match. Before rehab he got 56 against Stevie Richards and 52 against Marc Mero. Doink Reborne is the leader of The Reborne Ones. Trades and Picks from Daredevil's roster: Elijah Burke for Sgt. Slaughter The Brainbusters for Harlem Heat Steve Corino (From DD's Roster) (To Be Updated)