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  1. This is an interesting question and i think R-Truth, he's great on the mic and i've seen him many times as guest commentator and he's been surprisingly good.
  2. So many injuries are happening lately, the ones i feel most mad about are the ones on Smackdown: Daniel Bryan, Big E and Sheamus. Daniel Bryan and Big E are pretty bad since both men were involved in a major storyline between Bryan and Kofi it's probably gonna change some plans for WWE now that Bryan's injured. Sheamus has gone through many injuries and the more injuries he gets the more closer he is to retirement.
  3. 1. Kevin Owens 2. Finn Balor 3. Kairi Sane 4. Lars Sullivan 5. Ember Moon
  4. Wesley Blake because, i think he's great and he's mostly just working house shows but, i loved his team with Buddy Murphy back in 2014 - 2016. Don't really remember why they broke up but, i remember liking both men and whilst Buddy Murphy has had some great success on 205 Live i think the other part of the team Wesley Blake could be successful in NXT. I know he's currently with the Forgotten Sons with Jaxson Ryker and Steve Cutler and they're probably gonna go for the NXT Tag Team titles but i still think Wesley Blake should be NXT Champion at some point.
  5. I agree with all these. I'd love to see a sequel of L.A Noire since it's a great game and i loved solving crimes. It would have to introduce a new character to the Rockstar Games universe since the previous detective Cole Phelps died and there aren't many crime solving games out there so it stands out because, it's one of the few detective games and it's a great game.
  6. SCUM it's a very interesting game and i think it could be turned into an awesome movie.
  7. Really liked Smackdown can't wait for Buddy to make his debut and seeing Big O replace Big E as a member of the New Day was funny, his hip movement still needs some work though. There was a lot of women on this show and i like that they've started treating them a lot more like the men of the WWE roster.
  8. Seeing myself on the thumbnail of the Evolve intro makes me very happy. I love both intros, i think you've done a great job.
  9. Star Trek: The Future of Our World Episode 2: The Hunters & The Hunted Alpha Quadrant - Space Time 9.00.00 An alarm sound is playing as Captain Arius of the Jem'Hadar War Bird "Kirisute" rushes across a hallway in to the turbolift that takes him to the bridge of his ship. Commander Mor: Captain Arius a Federation Starship is gaining on us, we're gonna have to turn around and fight if we wanna have a chance of getting away from it. Captain Arius: All right then, ready the phasers and photon torpedoes for battle. Turn the ship around and shoot the photon torpedoes. Lt. Commander Tetren: Yes, Captain. The ship is turned around and Lt. Commander Tetren fires the torpedoes. The ship is almost destroyed, it starts spinning around uncontrollably before stopping and hitting the The Kirisute with it's photon torpedoes. The ship takes heavy damage and a fire starts on the bridge of the ship. Captain Arius: Engineer Rhyfelwr to bridge immediately, we have an emergency! Engineer Rhyfelwr goes to the bridge quickly and he starts fixing the computers of the bridge. The starship fires it's phasers and hits the Kirisute. Engineer Rhyfelwr: Sir, we have to leave immediately. It's too late to save the ship. Captain Arius: Captain Arius to shuttlebay prepare the escape pods. We have to leave now. The bridge crew and Engineer Rhyfelwr flee to the shuttlebay where they get in the escape pods. They try to grab everything they can before leaving. The pod including Captain Arius and Commander Mor leaves first, after that the two pods including Doctor Brenden, Counsellor Race, Engineer Rhyfelwr and Lt. Commander Tetren. Every escape pod is quickly approaching a nearby planet called Marva IV. Marva IV - Space Time - 10.30.00 The escape pods have finally landed after 30 minutes. Everyone else is still in their escape pods except for Captain Arius who is standing outside scouting out the area with binoculars. He notices people in the distance and quickly heads back into his escape pod. He wakes up Commander Mor who has been knocked out ever since the escape pod launched. Captain Arius: Wake up Commander. We've landed on Marva IV. Commander Mor: I must've been knocked out after i hit my head, at least i think that's what happened since my head hurts a lot. Captain Arius: Oh well let's head outside i saw some people nearby i think you might recognize them better. When Captain Arius and Commander Mor step outside everyone else does as well. Commander Mor is almost knocked on the ground by the bright sunlight. Commander Mor grabs Captain Arius' binoculars and he follows Arius to the place where Arius saw the people before. Commander Mor spots the same people as Captain Arius did before but, he doesn't recognize them. He spots that one of them is carrying a banner with an odd symbol on it. Commander Mor recognizes the symbol as the symbol of the Maquis Rebellion. Commander Mor: Captain, i've noticed that the people you spotted are carrying a banner of the Maquis Rebellion. They shouldn't cause any danger to us in fact i think they could prove quite useful if we need any help. Captain Arius: I have a feeling we'll need to ask them for help since we are sort of stranded on this planet because, our ship was destroyed. Commander Mor: People don't usually like the Jem'Hadar but, i doubt the Maquis Rebellion give a crap about what species join them. Shall we go meet them sir or should we wait till tomorrow? Captain Arius: I think we should first get further away from these pods, and set up camp somewhere before we go and meet them. We need to meet them with more clearer heads and, i have a feeling we're still all a bit shook up about what happened so resting is the best option right now. Let's get moving away from these pods before the Federation Starship finds us. The crew of the War Bird Kirisute grab their things and get moving. In terms of self-defense they have phasers and knives for every crew member. They have enough food and water to last for a week. They have enough medical supplies to heal one person. The crew finds a nice hill to set up camp on, there's a river running down the hill where they can get water from. The crew sets up camp and before they know it it's 1 am. They all go to sleep and in the morning they're woken up by two soldiers, one of them is a Ferengi male called: Vecko and the other one is a Betazoid female called Mina. Mina: Alright, hand over your weapons and tell us what the hell are you doing on Maquis territory? Captain Arius: Dear lady... Mina: Don't call me dear lady, call me Mina. Captain Arius: Okay, Mina. The reason that we are on this planet is because we were attacked by a Federation Starship and than we escaped in our escape pods because our ship was going to be destroyed and we were gonna get killed. Mina: So, basically what you're saying is that you're a bunch of pussies and you ran from a fight against one of your biggest enemies. Captain Arius: That's not at all what happened we... Mina: Save it for the interrogation Jem'Hadar. We accept any kind of people around here but, we don't accept people arriving on our planet without telling us about it first Mina and Vecko take the crew of Kirisute through a tunnel to their compound that's hidden in the middle of some mountains. The first one to be interrogated is Commander Mor. The interrogator is a human male his name comrades seem to call him "Maasa" or "Mass" because he's very strong and intimidating. Sgt. Maasa: Well, well... a Klingon. You're gonna be hard to break aren't you, because of your stupid honor of dying in a fight crap. Tell me Klingon why the hell have you come to our planet without telling us about it? Commander Mor: Well, as our captain already said our ship was destroyed by a Federation Starship and we escaped in escape pods. Sgt. Maasa: You think i'm stupid or something? Well? Do you? Commander Mor: No i don't think you're stupid. Sgt. Maasa: Than why are you lying? Commander Mor: I'm not lying. Sgt. Maasa: We'll see if you've changed your mind after a few tricks. Maasa gets up and kicks down the chair that Commander Mor is sitting on. Maasa takes down a knife and threatens to cut one of Mor's fingers off if Mor doesn't stop lying. Sgt. Maasa: Well... do you still wanna keep lying or will one little piggy run away? Commander Mor: I'm not lying. Sgt. Maasa throws the knife up, grabs it out of the air with his right hand and chops Mor's little finger off. Mor screams in pain. Sgt. Maasa: Magic trick number one is what i like to call: "Little Piggy". Do i need to show you another trick? Commander Mor: No, because i'm telling you the truth. Mina is a Betazoid isn't she? She can read my mind and prove that i'm telling you the truth. Sgt. Maasa: Alright i guess we'll just see what she says. Mina enters the interrogation room. Mina reads Mor's mind, she knows that Mor isn't lying but, she still doesn't tell Maasa that. Mina: He's lying. He's scared and frightened that you would find out that's why he didn't tell you. Sgt. Maasa: Mina i may be stupid but, i'm not falling for that one. I know he's not lying. Commander Mor: Then why the hell did you cut my finger off? Sgt. Maasa: Shut up, prisoners aren't supposed to or allowed to talk. Commander Mor: What? Prisoner? Sgt. Maasa: Yes, prisoner. You're gonna be imprisoned until we tell you that you're free to leave. We have to interrogate everyone else before freeing you, don't worry you'll be fed and you'll be given a proper bed to sleep in as well and, you will also be given health care for your cut finger. Commander Mor: Thank you... i guess. Mina & Vecko drag away Commander Mor and put him in his cell. A few minutes go by and Mina comes back with a platter of meat, vegetables, bread and cheese. Sgt. Maasa: Alright next on the interrogation list is... Tetren. He's a Breen, well this should be interesting. Lt. Commander Tetren: The Breen don't crack under torture, we've been trained to resist it and to resist the urge of telling something when you're really not supposed to. Sgt. Maasa: I don't think i'm gonna get anything out of this guy. Not even my methods can break him. Next one is Engineer Rhyfelwr. Oh he's a Bolian... i can't interrogate him since i don't know anything about Bolians. Can't interrogate the doctor since he's taking care of Commander Mor. The Counsellor is gonna be no use so i guess that just leaves me with the captain. Sgt. Maasa drags Captain Arius into the interrogation room. Sgt. Maasa: Captain Arius, before we start chit chatting. Let me make one thing perfectly clear, i only have 2 simple questions for you and if you answer fast and correct we can get this done as quick as we both like. Let me start with a simple question, why did you come to this planet? Captain Arius: We escaped from our deaths in escape pods after being attacked by a Federation Starship. Sgt. Maasa: Ok, next question. What did your dear commander say when i asked him the same question? Captain Arius: He said the same thing because, it's true. Sgt. Maasa: Good job, Captain Arius. You answered both questions right. Now just a bonus question if you answer correctly i won't have to beat you to a bloody pulp. Captain Arius: Lay it on me. Sgt. Maasa: Okay, what is your escape plan? Captain Arius: Escape plan? Well to be honest with you we haven't really been planning to escape. Sgt. Maasa: No, Captain Arius you can't say that. Unfortunately you got 2/3 answers correct so now i guess i'm gonna have to beat you up. Maasa gets up from his chair and takes down Captain Arius. He starts beating up Captain Arius and no-one waiting outside the room can hear anything. A few minutes later Sgt. Maasa comes out of the room with the body of Captain Arius. Maasa puts Arius on the ground and Doctor Brenden checks on him. Captain Arius is still alive but his nose is bleeding and his left eye is barely hanging on. Suddenly the leader of the Maquis Rebellion, Calvin Hudson enters the prison. Leader Hudson: Well done Sgt. Maasa, Commander Mina and Lt. Commander Vecko, i'll take it from here. I am the leader of the Maquis Rebellion, Calvin Hudson. Here you obey my rules and my commands, and right now i command you all to go to your cells and remain there until the morning. The crew of Kirisute is taken to their individual cells. Instead of letting them join the rebellion they're made slaves of the Maquis Rebellion and they're all put to work in a nearby mine. Will they be able to recover or will they remain as slaves for the rest of their lives? Find out next time...
  10. L.A.X vs. The Rock n' Roll Express - Joey Janela's Spring Break 3 The Rock and Roll Express vs. Briscoe Brothers - Pro Wrestling Syndicate
  11. Damn... Rhino? Released? That's not too surprising since he's a pretty old but, he could still go pretty well and in my opinion WWE lost a very good tag team in Heath Slater & Rhyno. Harper asking for his release. It's not looking good i really hope he doesn't leave since he's great and he deserves more in the WWE. If Harper goes WWE will lose another great tag team in Harper & Rowan.
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