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  1. This is where i will be posting some graphics. It may not be as consistent as the other graphics topics but it will still have content. This i made for myself to be used in promos and stuff.
  2. Ho....ly... shit. This is awesome, Donna Del Mondo looks like a great faction and i was actually hoping Giulia would form a faction since she seems like a woman of great leadership and she seems like a wrestler with great potential. I don't know a lot about the other members but..... one of them being Taka Michinoku's protege and one of them being a former UFC fighter this faction seems to have a lot of potential. I feel like all these three women could go far in STARDOM and i'm glad to see what they have in store for them in the future.
  3. Aaron North


    -Addiction- Carnage comes back from a commercial break as Aaron North is sitting down in a dark room with, only a lantern on the floor, as a light source. Aaron gets up and starts walking around the empty and dark room and the only thing you can hear are his footsteps. Suddenly the lantern goes out and the footsteps stop. Aaron: "The pills, the needles, the powder.... everything you need to make your night feel like a party isn't it? I'm not going to judge since i'm not exactly "the cleanest" person myself. Doing drugs is something i've never talked to you about.... Why you may ask? It's because i don't like to force you into something that could potentially ruin your life and kill you.... alcohol and cigarettes are a whole other story, but drugs? That's not something i will preach to you about, that's a decision you will have to make yourself. I'm gonna show you an example of what drugs can do to your brain and hopefully it will ease your paths to making this decision. Suddenly a white spotlight turns on and it points to a TV monitor. Aaron North walks out of the dark and into the light, he is wearing a grayish sweater with a black coat on top. Aaron stands next to the TV monitor. Aaron: "What you are about to witness might traumatize you for life, so please parents don't let your kids watch." Aaron turns on the TV and "Living In America" by James Brown starts playing. The video starts with a house party in someone's mansion, there are many people drinking, running, playing games, fucking and.... doing drugs. The cameraman inside the mansion spots a booth with a red light coming out of it and inside the booth we see Aidan who is wearing a very fancy shirt, suit pants and his "AIDANMANIA 2020" headband. He is accompanied by two very beautiful and young women and he looks like he is having the time of his life until... Girl 1: "Hey.... have you ever tried cocaine... brother?" Girl 2: "You really should it's gonna bring so much life into this party and your life....." Aidan looks at both of the girls hesitantly before he gets up and tries to leave. Instead of leaving he trips on his shoe laces and falls face first on the floor, both of the girls laugh and tell him "See you later!". One of the girls drops a business card on the floor next to Aidan. Aidan's nose is bleeding as his face just hit the kitchen floor, he looks a little stunned and the video ends as Aidan passes out and the camera zooms into the business card.
  4. If Edge came back i would love to see him feud with Kevin Owens. Idk why but it's just been on my list of dream feuds for years now maybe it's because they're both Canadian.... Also Edge vs. Daniel Bryan and Edge vs. Shinsuke Nakamura are two feuds i would very much love to see because i think they could have great promo exchanges and great matches.
  5. Well i mean, of course. They might love the sport and all but entertaining the fans and such is an exhausting thing to do, and going to press conferences, interviews, meet ups and all that shit on top... it's not easy. Of course they should get paid for doing all that stuff cuz it's their job and it's what they think they're good at and what they've chosen to do.
  6. https://buddymeter.com/quiz.html?q=edGGtqY Check my quiz out.... also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vocational_school#Finland
  7. I'm gonna say 2001 because it was full of talented superstars and it also has a classic moment with Drew Carey running from Kane. The winner was great and the match was great at showcasing some of the underused talent of the roster.
  8. Becky Lynch(C) Vs Asuka- Raw Women’s Championship Bayley(C) vs Lacey Evans- SD Womens Championship Braun Strowman vs Shinsuke Nakumuara (C)- IC Championship Drew Mcintyre vs Brock Lesnar(C)- WWE Championship Mens Royal Rumble Match - Kevin Owens The Fiend(C) vs Daniel Bryan- WWE Championship Bonus: One Match got a rating of 82, what match was it? Fiend vs Daniel Who had the best segment? Fiend vs Daniel Who performed the best? Becky Lynch
  9. I'm sure if NXT can find the right gimmicks for both of these men, they could become big time players in the NXT Tag division. Even though they might seem like a randomly thrown together team, i'm sure they could be made into something big.
  10. I'm glad Grace is finally champion as she has been working hard towards it and after at least a year of feuding with Taya she is finally champion. I can't wait to ser where this goes next, i hope she starts feuding with someone else for a change.
  11. I've watched every episode of Dark Side of The Ring so far and i have to say, i really love how deeply they delve into every wrestler that's related to these stories. For example the Von Erich episode... it was sad seeing how Kevin Von Erich reacted when they discussed the fates of his brothers and father. All these episodes really take everyone on an emotional rollercoaster and if you like wrestling i'd suggest that you watch them.
  12. Can ya please make me a new titantron with Lordi's new song "I dug a hole in the yard for you"?
  13. This was a good Smackdown once again but this week, RAW felt a little better. Morrison's in ring return was great, Kane coming back to support his old friend was great because back in the day i was a big Team Hell No fan. These heel "stables" that Smackdown currently has are both pretty okay. I'm sure you could find a better use for everyone in these stables but right now this seems pretty okay to me. I'm growing tired of this Corbin vs Reigns feud since it's the same shit almost every week, i decided to skip most of it this week and i found myself enjoying Smackdown a lot more.
  14. This seems like an interesting idea. I'm sure with his MMA backround and "business sense" McGregor will turn WWE into a more athletic, brutal and competetive company.
  15. I have a feeling Matt could be retiring soon as injuries might be taking a toll on him plus i'm sure he wants to spend more time with his family. If he does retire he'll probably have a retirement tour and maybe he'll appear on Impact's TNA show 😏.
  16. WWE creative been watching a little too much BPZ Universe Mode. If Harlem Heat beat The Revival, they're gone and WWE will lose one of their top tag teams. I'm not a big fan of The Revival myself but i can see why people like them, and i can see why they're pissed at the poor booking but honestly i don't even care too much.
  17. David makes a very good point. I'm sure Chris would have never done it if it wasn't due to brain damage. He never seemed like the kind of guy who would want to harm his close ones. He seemed like a very nice person but what he did was wrong no matter how messed up his brain was. That's all i have to say about that...
  18. Kane coming back is obviously to set up a match with The Fiend. I'm sure this is Kane's last match in the WWE as he is getting old and will soon probably be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Morrison having a match with Big E is a great way for him to return in the ring. I hope he is able to prove himself to the fans as many may not have seen him in the WWE ring before. I hope this is a great show because picking up even more momentum before the Royal Rumble would be great.
  19. I'm sure that Kalisto still has a lot to accomplish in the WWE, but is he gonna accomplish them? Probably not. I'm sure if Kalisto went somewhere else he would quickly accomplish a lot more than he already has. He's a great talent and deserves a better push as he is one of the few masked luchadores in WWE.
  20. It was very predictable that Tessa would win as she has been pushed for months against main event wrestlers like oVe, Michael Elgin, Brian Cage etc. Her winning the belt might have come to some as a surprise as she has recently been under some heavy fire due to her racial remarks. I hope that she doesn't hold the belt for long as someone who said such things shouldn't be a world champion no matter how good they are. (Besides Sami is a better option in a lit of ways)
  21. I'm very happy that AEW is doing well. I hope people continue watching it as it is a very good product with a lot of great wrestlers. AEW getting a new deal is awesome for them as the exposure they've been getting has been good and if they continue getting it, they might become an even bigger thing then anyone could have imagined.
  22. I recently got the achievement Crusader on Crusader Kings 2. It was exhausting to get as i had to travel accross the world with an army and it took at least 30 minutes... but i finally got there and kicked some Byzantine Empire ass.
  23. I recently started Blood Bowl 2's campaign, it's a very interesting game but there are many different bugs and glitches that are a bit annoying. I really hope i can get the campaign done soon so that i can start playing the game properly.

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