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  1. This match intrigues me, i'm interested to find out who else is gonna be on those teams and i hope this match is great.
  2. I thought that it was a great draft. The Street Profits are now officially on RAW which i love. MY BOY Erick Rowan is on RAW and Luke Harper (i think) stays on Smackdown, it's gonna be very interesting to see if they both get singles pushes which i hope they do. It's gonna be very interesting to see how all the picks affect the current on-going storylines and i'm also interested to see whether or not we get new general managers for both brands
  3. I'm very interested to see who wins this one. My money is on Jericho because i have a feeling he won't be dropping the belt after just winning it at All Out.
  4. I enjoyed RAW quite a bit. Honestly ever since AEW announced AEW Dynamite on TNT it has felt like WWE is really trying again and i'm glad that they are. I feel like we're about to enter a new era of wrestling and i got some big 2016 Smackdown vibes when the funhouse was burnt down. Also considering what happened in the draft i have a feeling we're gonna get some sort of Wyatt Family reunion.
  5. This match sounds great and i can't wait to see it. I have a feeling Mansoor is gonna win because it's his home country so i'm completely fine with that.
  6. They're all great rosters but i think i like Smackdown the most especially their lower midcard. ECW looks very similar to what it was in 2006 and RAW is just... RAW.
  7. Honestly i thought this was a better show than last week's. Loved Private Party vs. The Young Bucks and i also loved Chris Jericho's new stable "The Inner Circle". Can't wait to see what happens next week.
  8. Well i'm back

    1. Smith
    2. Julius


      Welcome back mate, glad to see you around!

  9. Ain't no chance for me or our team to win anything anymore.
  10. The First Round of the King of The Ring is now over and Lord Yautja has retreated into his chambers. The camera sees Lord Yautja sitting in his throne in the darkness, with Jenna Jameson who is now known as Hella playing creepy music in the background. "Reborn... resurrected.... awakened.... whatever you may call it. It's what people experience when they wake up and it's something i experienced recently. I finally woke up after hearing the words "The World Is Formed Through Words". None of you know what that means but... there's a secret meaning to it that you will all find out very soon. Lord Yautja walks around and he walks over to his wall where he has a painting with a black hood over it. He lifts the hood up revealing a painting with an epic clash between Lord Yatuja and Arius. According to the painting Arius' future looks very bleak as it shows Lord Yautja summoning Arius' demons to destroy him. "Arius i know what lurks inside you, i know about your demons, because over the past two months those demons have been whispering to me because they need a new and a stronger body with a new and a stronger soul to take care of them and to destroy the old body and the old soul and the old master that previously carried those demons. Those new body and soul are my body and soul, because i'm the only one in BPZ strong enough and good enough to destroy you Arius." Lord Yautja walks over to another painting. "If you think that you and your puny ghouls are gonna stop me you're wrong, because to this battle i will be bringing my own monsters and we're gonna take on anything you throw at us together. I could do it all alone but it never hurts to have some backup, i learnt that from you Arius. Speaking of backup i just remembered your little friend KENJI, who tried to put up one hell of a fight at Judgement Day in that backstage fight we had. KENJI i'm not worried about you whatsoever, you're just a rookie who messed with the wrong people. I don't see you as a threat so please just stay out of my way and you might live until Summerslam." "Arius i'm ready to finish this battle between us but not just yet, not before you accept my challenge that i sent out to you 3 months ago. You never answered that challenge but instead you decided to try and scare me with your pathetic mind games. I'm gonna challenge you once more to a piano playing contest and if you try anything you or your ghouls are gonna suffer because i have a battle axe in my other hand and i'm ready to swing if that's what i'm forced to do." Lord Yautja sits back down on his throne with the battle axe leaning on his throne. "I'll be waiting for your response Arius... i hope you answer because i'm not a patient man and you don't want to piss me off." The camera fades to black as Lord Yautja laughs in the darkness.
  11. I'm gonna change this because the 4-Way Hardcore Match to determine the new #1 contender for the NA title was a lot of fun. Writing and planning all the spots was a lot of fun especially when i had the freedom to do almost any spot i wanted .
  12. I was gonna sign up but never mind then Or i'm in.
  13. I still remember New Years when the year changed from 2018 to 2019. I don't have screenshots of it because a lot of shit went down and most of it was in the Discord VC and it was hilarious. Good times eh?
  14. Carnage comes back from commercial break and we see Aaron North and Starbuck who have just arrived at the Olympiastadion. The Olympiastadion is under construction and so Aaron and Starbuck can't get in. Aaron: "Closed, for authorized personnel only". Shit.. well i guess we'll just have to head back to the arena. They don't spend a lot of time there and decide to leave and head to the Hartwall Arena. After an hour they finally get to the arena, they enter the arena and hangout in Aaron's locker room. Starbuck: So... what should we do now? Aaron: Well i suppose we could head out there and greet the fans. Starbuck: Sure that sounds like a plan. Interviewer Gerald Grey walks by and he notices Aaron talking but he can't see who Aaron is talking to. He walks into Aaron's locker room and notices that Aaron is talking to himself. Gerald: Aaron? Who are you talking to? Aaron: What do you mean who am i talking to? I'm talking to one of the greatest pro wrestlers that ever lived, Starbuck! Now run along boy because you are in the presence of a future king and the future of America. Gerald: Alrighty then. It was good meeting whoever you're talking to. The camera shows Aaron but we can't see anyone else, Aaron is talking to someone but we can't hear this someone talk back. Is it Starbuck or something else? Something more powerful and extremely dangerous perhaps? Suddenly Aaron shakes his head and tells Starbuck to come with him to the ring and he leaves the locker room and heads out to the ring. Aaron's music hits and the fans pop. Aaron greets the fans on his way down the ramp and the crowd chant: "Welcome back". Aaron: Thank you, thank you. It's so good to be home and it's so good to know that my first win in the KOTR tournament is gonna be here at home. Now ladies and gentlemen i would like to introduce you all to Starbuck! The crowd is completely silent as no music plays and no one comes out to the ring. Aaron: Show some respect for god sakes. This man has worked his ass off in the wrestling business to show that Finland shouldn't go unnoticed when talking about great wrestling countries. Now i know he hasn't exactly done as much as i have but he deserves some credit and respect. The crowd chant: "What?". Aaron starts arguing with Starbuck and then he starts punching the air almost like he's fighting someone. He irish whips "Starbuck" outside the ring and laughs, "Starbuck" gets back inside the ring and shakes hands and hugs Aaron. The crowd start chanting: "What the f***!?". Aaron can't hold it anymore and bursts into a laugh. Aaron: If you wanna see the real Starbuck, he's right there in the crowd. Aaron points and waves at Starbuck. Aaron: You really thought i was going insane!? I can't even trust my own people anymore! Aaron keeps laughing but his laugh quickly turns weird. His other eye turns red and his damaged eye starts bleeding as he smiles to the camera. Then in a demonic voice he says. Aaron: Well.. you were right... The lights go out and Aaron disappears and a maniacal laugh echoes throughout the arena, leaving the crowd in shock. Suddenly a demonic looking Aaron appears on the titantron and in a demonic voice he says. "The World Is Formed Through Words.... the world has spoken it's words. They wanted insane, they all got insane. They said Arius is insane and Arius is immortal... well they're all wrong because, i am immortal and i am insane... Welt Ist Gebildet Durch Wörter. I will no longer be known as Aaron North i will now be known as Lord Yautja.

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