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  1. This sounds like a really good match, i really like both these guys and whenever i watch Garza in the ring, he just reminds me of Eddie Guerrero. I hope Garza takes the win because it would elevate him which is always great.
  2. This sounds like a really good match, i think Mansoor is gonna take the win here because the show is in Saudi Arabia. Just like the Viking Raiders vs. OC match there isn't really a storyline going here and it seems like this match was just thrown together for Mansoor to get a win.
  3. Weird that WWE is announcing matches 1 day before the PPV. I feel like this will be a good match as usual, and The Viking Raiders are probably gonna take the win here. Not much else i can say about this match considering these two teams haven't exactly been feuding.
  4. Minecraft Crusader Kings 2 GTA V I picked these games because there's a lot you can do in all of them and i wouldn't get bored if i had these three games to play.
  5. The highest level i've reached is like... 55 in Dark Souls 2. I don't play many games where you grind for levels.
  6. Alex Costa - He seems to know the Japan side of wrestling pretty well and i think he knows a lot about indie wrestling as well. He is also creative and we get along well. Arius - He is a very creative person who i get along with really well, if i was to ever need help or guidance he would be there to provide it. Bailey - Bailey would be a good persob to keep people in line, he doesn't give up easily and he is the iron fist that the company would need.
  7. This year, Eric Shun vs. Arrow has had the best build thus far. I'm sure there are gonna be some great feuds this year but it's gonna be hard to beat the build that this one had.
  8. 1. Hockey (As a Finnish man i was basically born to be a hockey fan, plus we have our own league to follow so...) 2. F1 (My mom and dad have followed F1 for years and whenever they watch it, i tend to watch it with them. That's pretty much what has made me a fan of it.) 3. Football or basketball
  9. I'd like to meet Kimi Räikkönen someday, he's a F1 legend in my opinion and i'd love to meet him because i have been a fan of his since i was just a little kid.
  10. Made myself two new signatures, now i just have to figure out which one to use and make it a proper size.
  11. Today i started watching Smackdown in 2004, i've started from the very beginning and it's very interesting to see who are getting pushes. People like A-Train, Matt Morgan, F.B.I and Hardcore Holly are some of the top stars on Smackdown. The Los Guerreros feud is currently going on and it's actually a very great feud, it makes both of them look like stars. I just wish the aftermath would have been both men getting a push but instead it was just Eddie.
  12. The last game i completed was Batman: Telltale Series. It was a fun experience especially when i went into it blind, the story was really good and the characters were really interesting, the choices i made were mostly right and i was Batman like Batman would be Batman.
  13. I'm now playing WWF Smackdown 2, for a certain diary i have recently started. It's a very fun game because it keeps developing stories between random superstars and unlike current day WWE games the "career mode" is actually fun to play.
  14. Maybe not just yet. I think AEW needs more groups before they try out the six man titles because otherwise the belts are just gonna be forgotten like they have been in many other companies before this.
  15. I recommend watching Forrest Gump. It's a very motivational movie and it has pushed me to try things that i didn't think i was capable of. Also, it's a classic movie and fun to watch, the lead actor is Tom Hanks so overall it's worth watching.
  16. Super ShowDown (2020) WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Ricochet Universal Championship: "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt (c) vs. Goldberg SmackDown Women's Championship: Bayley (c)vs. Naomi SmackDown Tag Team Championship: The New Day (c) vs. The Miz and John Morrison Raw Tag Team Championship: Seth Rollins and Murphy (c) vs. The Street Profits Steel Cage match: Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin Gauntlet match for Tuwaiq Trophy: AJ Styles vs. Andrade vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Erick Rowan vs. R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio
  17. Last night i watched Escape Plan, starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwaznegger. It was a very good movie in my opinion, it was slightly difficult to understand the plot at first but i finally did as the movie went on. It's weird seeing Schwaznegger and Stallone in the same movie as they're both big stars and i don't think they like working together.
  18. "Welcome to BPZ Paid For This, my name is Eilich Fjéll, in this kayfabe show we cover many things from rising stars to returning stars and from Carnage to BPZ Mania." Today we shall be discussing some recent rumors about some "possibly" upcoming events, let's begin shall we? 5. Rory Orton Return According to recent rumors, Rory Orton might be making a return to BPZ Wrestling after being seen in the crowd of a BPZ House Show. Rory has yet to comment on this but it looks like his return is more possible than ever. 4. Dream Match to finally happen at BPZ Mania?! The closer we get the stronger the rumors of dream matches at BPZ Mania get. One of these rumors is that Mirage vs. ArrowZiggler might happen at BPZ Mania V, both men have responded to the rumor and said they would be willing to face each other which makes this match even more likely. There have been no comments from the GM or the booking team of BPZ but if they're smart they're gonna let it happen. 3. New tag teams on the horizon? There could be new tag teams on the horizon as both CJ Sellers and The Tiger have been hinting at forming teams. We don't know anything about their possible tag team partners but it sure sounds like the tag division will soon have a big shake up. 2. Marc O'Clock Mothafuckas?! For years now, Aaron North has gotten himself more and more into the business side of the world and recently he even made headlines with FOX News. He has been investing his money into high value companies and through that has gained a lot of fame and prosperity in the world. He has become a famed financial analysist and has built himself a new portofolio and a new profile to build himself upon. He is also looking to revive his own promotion NSW after it was closed in July. 1. Julius taking a hiatus after BPZ Mania V? This rumor has been circulating the locker room and BPZ Wrestling community ever since Survival Games. Julius has even commented on it himself and it sure sounds like him going on a hiatus is possible. No one knows when he would return if he even returns. Julius himself hasn't commented on his return date but i'm sure the hints will start popping up when he is about to return.
  19. In my opinion the most underrated Attitude Era star was Grand Master Sexay, he was charismatic and a very good wrestler. He did well in the Attitude Era and i'm sure he would have done well in the Ruthless Aggression era if he didn't have drug issues. As the son of Jerry Lawler he seemed to have a bright future ahead of him but instead his life ended after a sadly successful suicide attempt.
  20. This is probably the most absurd idea i have had for a diary. I'm gonna be documenting the journey of 2 hardcore wrestlers in the WWF in the year... 2001. Those two hardcore wrestlers are Nick Gage and Sabu (thanks George). I know many people know who these two are but in case you don't go check em out. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Gage https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabu_(wrestler)
  21. Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens is a match i definitely want to see. If Christian is also returning i would love to see New Day vs. Edge and Christian. Rey Mysterio vs. Angel Garza, that would also be a very good match considering the styles of both these wrestlers.
  22. It's as the title says. I'm most excited for Bloodsport, Spring Break and Wrestlemania. I'm excited for the first two because they are very unique and last year they were very good. Mania is always exciting because of the spectacle, the build and the things that happen on the road to Wrestlemania.
  23. Kofi's reign seemed like a good one time thing and i doubt it'll happen again. He's getting quite old and i doubt WWE see a big star in him. I feel like leaving Kofi with 1 world title win is good because it will leave his name in the history of the title and his one championship will be remembered as a feel good moment.
  24. Strong Friendship with Brad Remove negative relations with Bailey

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