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  1. Everyone else seems to be predicting Dustin Rhodes but i'm gonna go with Shawn Spears. He's a rising star and let's face it... Dustin is never gonna be a big star, especially not at this age so it wouldn't surprise me if Shawn Spears took the win here. It's probably gonna be a great match and i'm quite excited for it.
  2. Contra Unit #001 - HAIL CONTRA! HAIL CONTRA! Tonight's episode of Major League Wrestling kicks off with Josef Samael. He stands in the reception area of MLW headquarters. He walks around and sees multiple Contra Unit flags being set up around the headquarters, he opens a closet where Davey Boy Smith Jr. is tied to a chair with his legs and hands being bound to the chair, he's still unconscious and bloody with no idea about what's going on. Injustice have been thrown out of the building and Jordan Oliver has been injured by The Contra Unit, he lies on the ground as Myron Reed and Kotto Brazil try and take care of him. Team Filthy are nowhere to be seen but the voice of Dan Lambert can be heard somewhere in the distance, Josef Samael hears him and sends over Ikuro Kwon to take care of him. Samael stands still and listens out but a few moments later Dan Lambert can no longer be heard and Ikuro Kwon comes back. There's a knock on the door and when Samael looks over Injustice has disappeared and Simon Gotch is at the door. Samael goes over and opens the door, the two share a hug and both men laugh. They walk off scene and the promo cut by Josef Samael from last week plays as the intro of tonight. Salina demands competition. Tonight's Major League Wrestling "event" kicks off at the same place as last week's, in Mexico and it continues from where we left off last time with Salina in the ring after the match between Psycho Circus and Los Parks. She talks about the Contra Unit takeover and calls them a bunch of savages with no brains between them. If they really think that they can takeover MLW with no one to fight back they're damn wrong, now get us some competition out here because that's what we're fucking looking for. After she finishes the theme of The Von Erichs plays and Marshall and Ross walk out, Los Parks get ready for action as MLW heads to a short commercial break. The Von Erichs vs. Los Parks In our opening contest of tonight it's The Von Erichs vs. Los Parks after Los Pars demanded competition from anyone on the MLW roster. This looks like it'll be an exciting match between these two teams however Los Parks might just have a small size advantage. Von Erichs however get the advantage with quick technical wrestling and fast paced action. Both teams are looking to prove themselves here tonight but there can only be 1 winner. This match would end up being a great one and the win in the end came to Marshall Von Erich who ended up taking the win after a roll up to pin La Park. The Von Erichs would celebrate their win and shake hands with Los Parks afterwards. After that MLW heads to another short commercial break. Brian Pillman Jr. promo asking people to fight together After the commercial break Brian Pillman Jr. walks out in fancy shirt and a vest. He doesn't look happy and he goes to grab a microphone. He talks about the actions of Contra Unit and then he goes on to ask for help from the rest of the MLW roster in taking down Contra Unit, there is no response until an unfamiliar theme plays and... It's Jimmy Havoc! Jimmy Havoc has returned to Major League Wrestling! Havoc climbs up the turnbuckle and poses to the crowd, he gets in the ring and takes Brian's microphone. Brian is stunned by this return but he lets loose a very wide and happy smile. Havoc looks at him and offers a handshake, the two shake hands and then Havoc talks about it being an honor to help the son of "the Loose Cannon" Brian Pillman who he idolized for many years himself. Havoc then gets a barbed wire baseball bat from under the ring and the two are now prepared for a fight, but before they can leave the music of Injustice hits as all three men walk to the ring with Jordan Oliver using crutches. Reed gets on the mic and challenges Havoc to a match, Havoc considers it for a second and takes a look at Brian Pillman Jr. who just shrugs his shoulders. Havoc accepts and the three other men leave the ring so that the match can begin. Myron Reed vs. Jimmy Havoc Our next match is between the MLW World Middleweight champion Myron Reed and the returning Jimmy Havoc. This looks to be an excellent match and one that has never happened before. Both men look ready as the bell rings. Jimmy Havoc gets the advantage quickly with kicks and knee strikes to he stomach area of Myron Reed who gets backed up into a corner. This match would end being excellent and the win went to Jimmy Havoc after he caught Myron Reed as he was jumping and hit him with a Death Valley Driver. After the match Havoc would celebrate whilst Injustice didn't bother attacking him as the numbers game would be against them with Pillman Jr. at ringside. Contra Unit sends a message to Pillman Jr. and Havoc. After Injustice leaves, Josef Samael appears on the titantron and he's looking at what's happening at tonight's MLW show. He then looks up to the camera and laughs, he asks Havoc and Pillman about how they're planning on getting in when there's a guard at every door and every window. He then pulls out a pistol and asks Pillman Jr. about his experience with firearms and then he talks about his father being quite experienced with such things. Samael then points the gun to Davey Boy Smith Jr. who is still tied up but no longer unconscious, he starts panicking but Samael just laughs. He pulls the trigger but the magazine is empty, Davey Boy looks relieved until Samael turns back to the camera and says his gun is empty but the rest of the guns? They're not. He then shoots fire at the camera as the titantron fades to black. HAIL CONTRA!
  3. MLW Fusion #108 - Super Series Week 5 - Mexico Psycho Circus has come to town Tonight's MLW Fusion kicks off with Psycho Circus who are doing tricks backstage. They're doing tricks such as backflips, magic tricks and some very creepy tricks. Psycho Clown turns to the camera and shouts that the circus has come to town and tells the Los Parks to be ready for a psychotic show. After the camera fades to black, the intro of MLW Fusion plays and we move on to our first match of the evening. Logan Creed vs. Dark Cuervo Our first match of the evening is between two big men, Logan Creed and Dark Cuervo. We're inching closer and closer to the finale of the Super Series that will be contested here tonight but before that we have two matches with the first one being between Logan Creed and Dark Cuervo. These two men are known for their high impact moves and powerhouse moves they're both very eager to prove themselves to their respective companies. This match would end up being a good one as both men did what they do best and that's power moves, the win would go to Logan Creed who put away Dark Cuervo after a huge chokeslam that was felt throughout the arena. The Dynasty continue exploring Mexico Next we cut to an empty field with Richard Holliday and Gino Medina, they're both disgusted by the branches and dried out bushes all around them and it looks like they don't wanna be there at all. Holliday talks about how his coffee is starting to taste bitter and bad until Alexander Hammerstone rushes out of the bushes and calls for the rest of Dynasty who are scared to go into the bushes because their clothes will get dirty but decide to follow Hammerstone anyway. Mance Warner promises to end the disrespect The cameras cut to the home of ole Mancer once again. He talks about the disrespect The Dynasty has shown towards Savio Vega and makes a proposition to The Dynasty to have a match with Savio Vega, Mance Warner and someone else, then he asks them to bring all the gold. The Caribbean championship, the Openweight title, and Gino to bring his watch that he always wears. Then Mancer says it's not gonna be just a normal match and that it's gonna be a Triple Cage Tower of Doom match where ole Mancer and Savio Vega and whoever they're teaming with will bruise the Dynasty so badly that they won't even recognize each other. Psycho Circus vs. Los Parks It is now time for the main event of the evening between Psycho Circus and Los Parks, Psycho Circus makes their entrance to big cheers from the crowd, they stand and wait in the ring for their opponents. Suddenly the music of Promociones Dorado hits and out walk Los Parks alongside manager Salina who hasn't been seen in forever. The crowd are in cheers and celebrate the return of Salina. This is looking to be an exciting match as both teams are ready for what the other team is going to bring. And an exciting match it would be, both teams showed a lot of hardcore ability and exchanged strikes like there was no tomorrow, the win however would end up going to Los Parks, they would celebrate in the ring but just as MLW Fusion and the Super Series is about to end the broadcast gets interrupted. Contra Unit Takeover The broadcast gets interrupted and the first thing we see is Davey Boy Smith Jr. lying in a staircase with a Contra Unit flag on his lap and his face bloody and bruised. There's blood on the stairs and on the wall and even on the flag, Davey Boy Jr. looks to be unconscious and suddenly the text C:\Windows\beIN\mlw\end_game.exe with a distorted background then it flashes away and the text \RUiN appears at the end, it flashes away again and Josef Samael appears. He says that Contra Unit warned about a war that was coming and tonight that war will be waged, he goes on to ramble about people calling him a meglomaniac but he considers himself a teacher that has come to MLW to fulfill a prophecy of a reckoning and now it has come to fruitition. From Mexico to New York, Contra Unit will be taking over with Josef Samael as the new boss, then he warns every wrestler in MLW because right now in every corner of MLW Contra Unit wages war and this war will spread throughout the world and then he warns that the days of MLW Fusion are over and the rise of Major League Wrestling is over because Contra has seized everything in MLW, they warn the wrestlers about rising up because they will be brought back down. Samael promises that MLW will be rebuilt to survive in this darkness under the Contra Unit's new rule. He says that darkness shall take over and warns that it shall be painful he then says that everyone will bow before their crusaders and a new season of violence begins tonight! HAIL CONTRA!
  4. MLW Fusion #108 - Super Series Week 4 - Mexico Injustice Promo Tonight's MLW Fusion kicks off with Injustice who are hanging out backstage. They talk about them being the best group in MLW history then they demand respect from the Mexican team of Vikingo, Octagon Jr. and Myzteziz Jr. who they're looking to face in tonight's main event. After that the intro of MLW Fusion: Super Series plays and we move on to our first match of the evening. Chessman, Averno & Drago vs. Aerostar, Argenis & Dinastia Tonight's MLW Fusion: Super Series kicks off with a match between two groups from AAA. Chessman, Averno and Drago vs. Aerostar, Argenis and Dinastia. This match would end up being a very good match between the two group with fast paced action, high flying and high impact moves and it would end after Aerostar hit Drago with a Senton Bomb and pinned him to get the win. This match was a good way to kick off and it got the crowd ready for more action. After the match ends we see an announcement on the titantron that Davey Boy Smith Jr. will be talking about his MLW World Heavyweight title shot tonight. Richard Holliday buys Savio Vega's childhood home. After the announcement two members of Dynasty, Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone appear on the titantron. They're in the Caribbean and standing in front of Savio Vega's mother's house and Holliday starts talking about Savio's mother's financial hardships before announcing that he had helped her by buying the house, they share a laugh and start talking about some plans for the house and how they'll stay there whenever it's empty and then they talk about how Savio Vega would always play in the front yard and dream of one day becoming a huge wrestling star. They're obviously kidding as after they're done talking they both start laughing, they smell something very bad and decide to leave before the smell sticks to them. The commentators are appalled by the actions of Dynasty and decide to quickly move on. Brian Pillman Jr. issues a challenge to Jordan Oliver Backstage we see Brian Pillman Jr., he's looking furious and riled up after the attack from Injustice. He looks to the camera and breathes heavily but quickly, he calls Injustice cowards and talks about his hair being cut off, after that he challenges Jordan Oliver into a hair vs. hair match before he rushes off. Dominic Garrini vs. Australian Suicide Our next match is between two tough athletes, "The Bone Collector" Dominic Garrini and Australian Suicide. This is a very special match as Dominic Garrini is known for breaking limbs and taking names and being as tough as they come, where as Australian Suicide is known for his never give up attitude, insane aerial moves and quickness. This match would however end quickly as Australian Suicide made the mistake of letting Garrini take advantage and Garrini would end up choking out Australian Suicide with a triangle choke. Garrini would not let go until the ref separated the two men, Australian Suicide. After the match the commentators announce that Davey Boy Smith Jr. is next. Davey Boy Smith Jr. promo on Jacob Fatu The titantron shows Davey Boy Smith Jr. at an empty wrestling "arena" somewhere in Mexico. Davey Boy Smith Jr. talks about how the ring behind him is the ring where Rey Misterio Jr. trained and where multiple legenday mexican wrestlers have trained, he then says that it's the ring he has been training in as well, and he promises Contra Unit and Jacob Fatu that he will get revenge for Teddy Hart and he will powerslam Jacob Fatu's fat ass in the ring to win the MLW World Heavyweight title. Davey Boy Jr. leaves and the commentators hype tonight's main event between Injustice and Jinetes Del Aire for the AAA World Trios Tag Team titles. The Southern Psycho has been let loose. We quickly cut to the home of Mance Warner. Mancer is sitting down on a couch and he talks about Dynasty's despicable actions of making Savio's mother homeless by buying her house and after that he promises that him, Savio and Logan Creed will be kicking ass together when they get into the ring with Dynasty and Mancer promises that it will be the worst feeling that Dynasty has ever felt. We then cut back to the arena where the commentators talk about "The Southern Psycho" becoming loose due to the actions of Dynasty. Injustice vs. Jinetes Del Aire Up next is our main event of the evening it's Injustice vs. Jinetes Del Aire in a trios match for the AAA Trios Tag Team titles. Injustice make their way to the ring first and they're throwing tacos and tortillas into the crowd, they get booed by the crowd who don't like the disrespect being shown by these three young men. The music of Jinetes Del Aire hits the speakers and the crowd pop, the three men quickly make their way to the ring and Injustice quickly gets out of the ring. They quickly get back in and the match begins, it's definitely gonna be an exciting one with 6 high flying technical wrestlers in the match. And that it would be, all 6 men showed excellent athletic ability but in the end Jinetes Del Aire were able to defeat Injustice and keep the AAA Trios Tag Team titles. After the match as MLW Fusion was ending the Contra Unit flag would appear on the screen and it would start flashing before the screen faded black.
  5. I've been watching Le Casa De Papel (Money Heist), i'm in the last part of it and it's been an incredible show. I would recommend it to everyone because it's very exciting and at times very intense. It gives me a big Jack Bauer 24 vibe and i absolutely love it.
  6. World: Smith, Arius, Hans, Flynn IC: Gunner, FDS, Meko, George US: Sheridan, Amai, Toxik, Bob Premium: Echo, Natedog, Maestro, Meko NXT: Addy, Ogre, Tony Tastic, James Knight Undisputed: Necce, Arius, Bob, Slim Universal: KENJI, Nebakos, FDS
  7. I have been studying, watching Netflix, been doing forums stuff but mostly i've been listening to music or playing video games. My school won't open until... August so i won't be seeing my friends for a long time.
  8. This definitely sounds like it could be a great match, considering how many good brawls AEW can do i can't wait for this match. I hope The Elite goes over in this match since a few of the members have had rough luck in AEW and i think would be cool for The Elite to beat The Inner Circle together.
  9. NWA Crockett Cup First Round match: The Rock 'n Roll Express VS The Wild Cards (Caleb Konley/CW Anderson) NWA Crockett Cup First Round match: Strictly Business VS Tim Storm/Trevor Murdoch NWA Crockett Cup First Round match: Outlaw Inc. VS Mr. Anderson/Jax Dane NWA Crockett Cup First Round match: Aron Stevens/The Question Mark VS Ricky Starks/Matt Cross NWA Crockett Cup First Round match: The Good Brothers VS The Outcasts (Heath Miller/Joe Hennig) NWA Crockett Cup First Round match: The Revolt VS Ethan Carter III/Rockstar Spud NWA Crockett Cup First Round match: Los Colons VS Alexander Rusev/Matt Marquee NWA Crockett Cup First Round match: The Wasteland VS The Major Brothers Bonus question: James Storm and Eli Drake will make an announcement on the first night of the Crockett Cup. What will that announcement be? They're gonna announce the return of Robert Roode. Bonus question: One of the eight first round matches will end with a man attacking his partner. Which team will suffer this fate? Alexander Rusve/Matt Marquee
  10. Gotta say, i was gonna go with rap at first but then i decided to go with a classic rock song that i'm sure most people that play the SVR games are familiar with.
  11. Good episode of Dynamite once again. I'm loving the Cody and Archer stuff, their feud has been way hotter than i had expected. AEW Women's division was lacking as always, Shida is cool and all but i don't see her becoming a huge star in the women's division, Nyla attacking with a kendo stick was a bit weird because she's supposed to be a monster so using weapons isn't exactly... you know. The Elite vs. Inner Circle stuff is awesome and i hope the match they're gonna have will be great. The biggest shocker for me was seeing Mike Tyson... WTF has happened to you Tyson?! Where the hell did that beard come from!? I have so many questions...
  12. I've never played the original Tony Hawk games but i'm definitely gonna try the remastered versions. I'm a big fan of skateboarding games and a big fan of wacky stuff, which is why i loved Skate 3 so much.
  13. I've never seen Scarface fully but from what my brother has told me it's an excellent movie. I have to agree with Twitter here, some movies just shouldn't be remade you would think that's something a lot of people learned after Aladdin was remade into a live action version. Guess some people just never learn do they?
  14. Good for you Jonathan, i'm definitely gonna try to follow your streams because you seem like a cool guy and it sounds like what you'll be doing on stream will be very interesting.

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