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  1. I've been watching a lot of Westworld lately, it's awesome and the soundtrack is awesome and the concept is awesome. I have to say, there are some great shows out there and this is definitely my favorite. The characters are great and the twists and turns in the story have really made me excited to see more, i've finished two seasons of it and now it's time for season 3 can't wait to see it.
  2. Listening to Ghost's "He Is". I was actually shocked when i realized it's Ghost's song because i've been hearing it on the radio multiple times and i always thought it was a great song.
  3. From what i've seen i would have to go with Edge vs. Orton, it has been a very enjoyable feud to watch because they have a history and they're both great at building a story with emotion, brutality, heel antics and a lot of other great stuff that a proper story needs. I think their match will be great and maybe even match of the night.
  4. This idea is quite brilliant, watching all of Wrestlemania 36 in one sitting would be a bore so having it on 2 nights is quite smart. Also, skipping things that you don't wanna watch will be a lot easier because most of the good stuff will probably be on night 2.
  5. I like the idea of AEW doing a WarGames type of match. I think it's gonna be great especially with their product being so wrestling focused, after seeing what NXT can do with WarGames i can hardly wait to see what AEW can do with their own version of it.
  6. -The MAN Consortium- Carnage comes back from commercial break and the new theme of Marc Aaron Newton starts playing. He walks out to the stage wearing a fancy suit and a cowboy hat with his Premium Championship in his hand, he taunts to the crowd. He walks down the ramp and gets showered by a chorus of boos but he just smiles the entire way through. He gets into the ring and gets himself a microphone, he is about to say something until the crowd voice their displeasure and start chanting: "You sold out". MAN: "The only thing i've sold this past week is stock and tickets to BPZ Mania V and i made a hell of a profit doing so, so you can stop those idiotic chants straight away." The crowd quiets down as MAN clears his throat. MAN: "I have been BPZ Premium Champion for over a week now and all i have been hearing is just disrespect from all you lower class, hillbilly, morons. I'm tired of everyone disrespecting me and thinking that just because i'm a Wrestling God and the greatest financial analyst in the world that i'm not to be respected." "You think that the problems in this world are caused by people like me when none of you see the real issue. The real issue is degenerates like CJ Sellers, Ark Universe and Yelich who think they can do and say whatever they want and whenever they want. Well boys you need to know your place and like the great Bernie Sanders once said: "I don't consider myself a pariah", but if you get in my way you're gonna get chewed up and buried in the dirt like the degenerates that you are." The crowd let out a chorus of boos until an unfamiliar theme starts playing and two big masked men walk out to the stage. They stand on the stage until they split apart and reveal Jenna Jameson standing behind them. The crowd start booing once again as MAN starts smiling in the ring. The two men walk down the ramp led by Jenna Jameson. Jenna smiles when she sees MAN waiting in the ring and applauding them. The two men help Jenna into the ring and she stares at MAN for a while until they hug and MAN kisses Jenna on the cheek. MAN: "Ladies and gentlemen may i introduce to you, my colleague and great friend… JENNA JAMESON!" The crowd boo and Jenna looks slightly surprised. MAN gives her the microphone and she waits for the crowd to quiet down. Jenna: "It sounds like someone hurt your feelings but, you don't need to take it all out on me. It's not my problem that MAN is ten times more handsome and ten times more richer than any of the men i have ever slept with." The crowd boo and MAN smiles at these comments. Jenna: "What's wrong with you all? You always complain about BPZ and how it doesn't have enough women, and now that i'm here you're still complaining? If high class and one of the sexiest women in the adult film industry isn't enough for you then maybe you should look in the mirror and realize that what you see on this program right now is something that you can never have!" The crowd boos get even louder and Jenna is starting to get angrier. MAN sneakily rubs her buttocks and tries to comfort her, he grabs the mic and lets out a devious smirk. MAN: "Now let's move onto my other colleagues, you might know one of them but the other one will be less familiar. May introduce to you Eilich Fjéll and Micah Fjéll." The two men remove their masks and reveal beards and eyes that are hungry for destruction, the crowd boos but the two men don't even flinch. MAN: "Look at these two men, they're 99% muscle and 1% body fat and they've been training hard after the money i paid them. I figured i'll hire myself some insurance policy and so, me and Jenna decided to contact some old friends. They will not be competing in any matches since they're not under a contract with BPZ but they are under a contract with me." "After the comments made by multiple BPZ wrestlers and some smarks online, i felt like no place is safe and i would need some backup in case some coward like Brad decided to attack me backstage. So, the next time someone attacks me, remember that you're not only attacking me, you're attacking the MAN Consortium." The music of The MAN Consortium plays and they all celebrate in the ring. Aaron leaves and the Fjéll Brothers help Jenna out of the ring, they walk backstage as Carnage heads to a commercial break.
  7. I have to agree with FD here, i was thinking about the same thing. Not many people have beaten Cena and when you do it's a very big deal. The Fiend doesn't need the title and just having him beat Cena will showcase his power and dominance.
  8. I don't really care whether or not Fury appears at Mania. I feel like he probably won't appear because he doesn't need to, he doesn't add anything to the event and he's not gonna sign with WWE so him having a match doesn't really matter.
  9. After a long week of grinding i finally reached 1500 posts.
  10. FPS games like COD, CS:GO and Battlefield are heavily overrated. I don't see the fun in them, it's just.... shoot stuff and that's pretty much it. Sure you can get some cool skins for your weapons and stuff but what do you really accomplish with that?
  11. This sounds like an interesting match, Braun will probably win which would be a very WWE move. As long as Sami or Shinsuke is the one taking the pin i'm fine with it, i'm not sure what to really think of this but guess we'll have to see.
  12. This was a good match as i had expected from these two teams. Morrison and Miz can still shine as a team and i'm glad they got the win because i'm quite tired of The New Day as tag team champions, i hope their reign will be long and prosperous even though it will probably end at Mania.
  13. This was an okay match, didn't really pay a lot of attention to it which makes me feel like i might've missed something big. Both of these men are great wrestlers and with their skills and charisma they could both go far in this business.
  14. I completely understand what Foley means and i agree with him on the part that AEW should save some great feuds like Omega/Moxley for later. I also agree that not every match needs to be a show stealer because you can easily save those matches for bigger events and then they can steal the show.
  15. Welcome bluecollarsolid! If you are looking to join kayfabe i would suggest you read through the "Kayfabe Section: Explained" post because it has some very important information for new comers like yourself.

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