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  1. -M.A.N and the Flight to Egypt- M.A.N: "Room for a third one!?" The shout would echo around the plane and everyone would turn to look towards it. M.A.N is seen heading into the cabin, three banging sounds are heard and Jenna quickly exits the cabin. M.A.N throws Eric Shun out of the cabin, he tries to fight back and manages to bang M.A.N's head on a seat multiple times, M.A.N fights back though and pushes Eric Shun into the side of the plane, the plane shakes a little bit and Eric Shun falls on the ground. Before you know it everyone else in the plane is fighting, each going after their rival there are bags of peanuts flying everywhere and suitcases flying around the plane, M.A.N quickly disappears from the scene with Jenna and the fighting ends once one of the hostesses takes her top off and gathers attention. She tells everyone to stop and before you know it she's fucking Eric Shun in the airplane toilet... somehow. It was her last day at work that day...
  2. -Un-Invited Guest- We come back from a commercial break as a vent appears on screen, we hear grunting in the background and as the camera man turns around we see Marc Aaron Newton crawling through the vents… he still doesn’t have his hat but the rumor is that it has been discovered in a seagull nest outside the office window of Co-GM Smith. As M.A.N crawls through the vents he starts talking in a very quiet voice. M.A.N: "Hello Valor and Evolve fans… it’s Marc Aaron Newton here… you might be wondering where i am and what i’m doing… well the simple explanation is they’ve found my hat. Xenu the god of Scientology has shown me the way to my hat and has provided me with a very extraordinary way to avoid guards and seagulls on the way to it. I’ve also been provided with a can of poison by Doofy and he says it works on all the birds and even humans, apparently i need to spray it on myself which i find a little weird." Suddenly a big creaking sound can be heard all over the place. M.A.N hears a woman moaning loudly under the vent, the vent starts shaking left and right until two screws come loose and the vent collapses under M.A.N and he falls into a room full of pink lights and a heart shaped couch ahead of him with a naked woman and a naked man about to “finish” a scene. M.A.N recognizes the naked man but not the woman who shrieks and runs away into the bathroom.
  3. Congrats to all 3 of y'all, you all deserve it after the incredible year that you've had so far.
  4. Team Dragon... bois? Sliggoo Hakamo-O Drakloak Zweilous Vibrava Fraxure Subs: Applin Noibat
  5. I'm guessing he'll somehow end up in Impact Wrestling, it would surprise me at all. I doubt that there will be another Dudley reunion since D-Von is retired but Bully Ray... i could see him in Impact Wrestling or AEW.
  6. -The M.A.N Is Here- We come back from a commercial break to footage from this week's Evolve where we see M.A.N in the ring with fans chanting Evolve. M.A.N walks around the ring and hypes up the crowd. M.A.N: "Alright... let's take it down a notch... the M.A.N didn't come here to let you speak, the M.A.N came here to speak himself and boy do I have a lot to say" The crowd cheers and M.A.N adjusts his tie. M.A.N: "For the past 2 months a lot of shit has happened, I have been fired, I have come back and I have formed M.A.N Global with Yelich and I have broken into Bart's office and stolen a title belt... however now it's time to focus on what I want back and what I need back and that's my job. BPZ management made a big mistake by firing me and they're gonna come to regret it." The crowd cheers and M.A.N smiles. M.A.N: "Listen to me BPZ Wrestling fans... M.A.N Global is coming and there's nothing you can do to stop us. We may not be fighting for those precious tag team titles but that doesn't mean we're not gonna be fighting at all." "No matter what match you give me when I return... I will take it, I will kick ass and I will win it" The crowd cheer and applaud as M.A.N throws the mic to the ground and leaves the ring as we head to a commercial break.
  7. Starter: Chimchar Nickname: ManWithFace Rival Name: Seagull
  8. -Secrecy- King of The Ring is over and everyone has left the arena to go to their hotels, however the Valor roster doesn’t know that they’ve had a secret passengers with them. Security footage shows a crate with “cables” inside it but suddenly we hear a loud banging from the crate and the lid of if flies open. A man peeks out of the crate and he looks around. He throws his backpack out of the crate and onto the floor. ???: “The coast is clear” He gets out of the crate with a camera in his hand, he grabs his backpack and puts it on, he then goes to open a second crate that says: “wing wopes” and as he opens it a very fancy cowboy hat flies out and The M.A.N peeks out of the crate. He gets up and dusts himself off, he looks around but it’s very dark and he can’t see a thing. He grabs a flashlight out of the crate and flips it on, and the cameraman turns on a night vision mode and a flashlight on the camera and starts filming. The M.A.N grabs his hat off the floor and puts it on, he then notices the misspelling on the crates. M.A.N: “Alright… from now on Yoshi, you don’t get to write anything!” Yoshi The Cameraman: “You’re just mad because you didn’t get any last night” M.A.N: “Alright, alright… let’s just forget about the writing and find what i’m here for…. the Valor secrets” They get moving and M.A.N notices the security camera in the corridor. M.A.N: “This is to everyone on the Valor roster” He flips the bird to the camera and they keep moving. They come to another corridor with one door leading to the GM’s office and a second door leading to the stage, M.A.N goes to the right door where the GM’s office is, there’s no one there and the window has been left open, M.A.N looks around and notices a chest in the corner of the room where the window is he walks over and a seagull flies to the window. M.A.N stops with his heart beating faster than ever. M.A.N: “Don’t… breath” M.A.N stays still until the seagull flies off, he then sits down and catches his breath, he looks like he has seen a ghost. Yoshi The Cameraman looks at him with a slight hint of concern, M.A.N then shakes it off and opens the chest, and a shine comes out of the chest blinding the entire room. M.A.N grabs the shining object, that seems to be shaped like a title belt and puts it in Yoshi’s backpack and replaces it with a small pouch of gold coins. They’re about to get out of the office until they realize the door is locked, the alarm sounds and Yoshi starts panicking. They hear guards shouting in the corridors outside the office, and Yoshi suddenly remembers that the window is open, he looks at M.A.N and looks at the window, he then slowly turns his camera around and tries to smack M.A.N on the head with it, M.A.N dodges and his hat flies off. He jabs Yoshi in the face and Yoshi goes down quickly. M.A.N takes his backpack and grabs his hat and now it’s time to get the fuck out of there. M.A.N looks down through the window and sees a trash bin with many trash bags, he decides to go for it and he jumps through the window. Unfortunately, his head smacks the window frame and it knocks him out however he falls into the trash bin and survives due to a huge mattress. Now he lies in the trash bin knocked unconscious with his accomplice in the GM’s Office. Suddenly a huge man walks over to the trash bin and carries M.A.N out of there…. however his hat is left in the trash bin and it’s grabbed by a seagull, the seagull flies off with M.A.N’s hat as the screen fades to black and we head to a commercial break.
  9. February 2021 PPV Yoshi-Tatsu vs. Aero Star vs. Gabriel Kidd Tonight's PPV kicks off with the X-Division title match between Yoshi-Tatsu, Aero Star and Gabriel Kidd. All these three men are looking to head home with the title but none of them are looking to lose it. All these three men are quick, skilled and unique so this is not going to be easy. The win and the GWW X-Division title ended up going to Aero Star after he hit Yoshi-Tatsu with the Shooting Star Press and pinned him for the win. Chris Dickinson vs. Kahagas for the Million Dollar Championship Our second match of the evening is between Chris Dickinson and Kahagas and it's for the prestigious Million Dollar Championship and a spot in the Million Dollar Corporation. These two men have never faced each other before, they're both very tough and ready to prove themselves, Kahagas has an advantage in ring experience as he has been wrestling for multiple years. The win would end up going to Kahagas after Kahagas was able to surprise Chris Dickinson with a Hosaka Street Cutter. Kahagas earns the Million Dollar Championship and a spot in the Million Dollar Corporation. Prime Time Players vs. Mil Muertes & Caristico for GWW Tag Team Championship It's time to move on to our tag team title match of the evening. The Prime Time Players are in the ring first waiting for their opponents, and an unknown music hits which is when Mil Muertes and Caristico walk out to the ramp, The Prime Time Players look slightly intimidated but they've faced worse odds before. This match would end up being great as The Prime Time Players were able to get the win over Mil Muertes and Caristico after Titus O'Neil hit Caristico with the Clash of Titus and pinned him for the three to win this match and the GWW Tag Team Titles. Caveman Ugg vs. Alex Colon for GWW Hardcore Championship - Light Tube Deathmatch Our next match is between two men who have fought hard in the Hardcore Tournament to earn their spot here. Now they have to face each other and it's not gonna be easy for either man especially in a brutal environment like this one. This was a hard fought match but in the end the win and the GWW Hardcore Championship go to Alex Colon who made the monstrous Caveman Ugg submit to the Camel Clutch. Rene Dupree vs. Dominic Garrini vs. Starbuck vs. Drago vs. Josh Barnett for GWW World Heavyweight Championship - Five Way Match It is now time for our main event of the evening, a five way match for the GWW World Heavyweight Championship between Rene Dupree, "The Bone Collector" Dominic Garrini, "The Rebel" Starbuck, Drago and "The Warmaster" Josh Barnett. This is going to be a tough match and the first man to get a pinfall is going to be declared the winner and the first ever GWW World Heavyweight Champion. This match would end up being an eventful and hard hitting match with many different styles mixed in, lot of blood was spilled and limbs were broken in the end the winner and the first ever GWW World Heavyweight Champion ended up being Drago after he took out Starbuck and hit him with the Dragon Twist to get the pinfall win.
  10. February 2021 WEEK 1 Hardcore Tournament Announcement Tonight’s Golden World Wrestling kicks off with a big announcement, as in the upcoming weeks leading up to No Guts, No Gold. The quarter final matches for the tournament include; Jimmy Lloyd vs. Nate Webb, Matthew Justice vs. Gangrel, Mil Muertes vs. Alex Colon, Caveman Ugg vs. Shawn Hernandez. Speaking of which, tonight will be kicked off by our first quarter final match which will be a no disqualifications match between Mil Muertes and Alex Colon. Mil Muertes vs. Alex Colon Kicking tonight off is a no disqualifications match between Mil Muertes and Alex Colon. These two are both famed for competing in deathmatches and are famed for their toughness and ways to cause pain. Unfortunately for Mil Muertes, Alex Colon was able to pull out the upset win and make Mil Muertes submit with a Camel Clutch. All Red Everything is coming. After the commercial break, Eva Marie appears on the titantron. She’s surrounded by the light of a fireplace with a small jar of something red in her hand. She says: “Roses are red, bruises are blue, all red everything is coming to Golden World Wrestling.”. She takes a handful of the red goo in the jar and paints three red lines across her face. She grins and walks off camera with and only the sound of her heels can be heard as she walks off and we move on to our second match of the evening. Caleb Konley vs. Rene Dupree Our next match is between two upcoming stars in the wrestling business and they’re both looking to prove themselves tonight. The match would end quickly as Rene Dupree got the advantage early with a brutal attack on Caleb Konley and a Dupree Driver to get the quick pinfall win over Caleb Konley. Ted Dibiase Sr. is looking for new clients. After a short commercial break the music of the Million Dollar Man plays, he makes his way down to the ring with the Million Dollar Championship over his shoulder. He talks about finding a new client and forming a new Million Dollar Corporation, he’s suddenly interrupted by “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson who walks to the ring. Ted Dibiase looks at him with an impressed look on his face. Dickinson gets a mic and stands in the ring with Dibiase, he poses and Dibiase looks impressed. Dickinson talks about how honored he would be to join Ted Dibiase Sr. as his Million Dollar Champion, Dibiase Sr. tells him to slow it down and says he is impressed by Chris Dickinson however in order to get the Million Dollar Championship he’s gonna have to fight for it against Kahagas in three weeks at No Guts, No Gold. Dickinson has a smile on his face and promises to beat Kahagas and become Million Dollar Champion. Dickinson’s music plays as he walks off leaving Dibiase in the ring with a smile on his face as we head to a commercial break. Jimmy Lloyd vs. “Spyder” Nate Webb - Tables Match In tonight’s main event we have two of the most hardcore guys facing off in a tables match, but not just any tables match because instead of tables we have doors! These two have faced off on the indie scene many times before and now it’s time to see who is truly the most toughest. Nate Webb is an experienced veteran wrestler but has never reached the heights that his fans hoped he would. Jimmy Lloyd is also experienced but not as experienced as Nate Webb, he has wrestled more deathmatches than normal matches so he’s definitely gonna bring the fight to Nate Webb. Nate Webb however took the surprise win after interference from Starbuck who saved Nate Webb by low blowing Jimmy Lloyd and putting him through a table with Nate Webb. Nate Webb advances in the Hardcore Tournament. February 2021 WEEK 2 Matthew Justice vs. Still Life with Apricots and Pears Tonight kicks off with a match between Matthew Justice and Still Life, it looks to be an exciting match between these two youngsters. Unfortunately this match wouldn’t last long as Still Life was distracted setting his bouquet of flowers on the outside and Matthew Justice was able to hit him with a low blow when the ref wasn’t watching and then a Justice Driver for the quick pin. Unfortunately for Still Life his chase for the Hardcore title ends here… for now. Gangrel is coming After a short commercial break Gangrel appears on the titantron he is surrounded by light coming from a fireplace, and he looks straight into the camera. He starts talking about how he hasn’t spilled blood in a long time and about his desire to finally feel the adrenaline that he hasn’t felt in many years. He takes a sip of some red liquid and spits it into the camera, he then walks off screen as we head into our second commercial break. Drago vs. Fred Yehi Our next match is between two experienced and great wrestlers both looking to prove themselves and overcome each other in their own style. This match went over well and got the crowd excited for more, The win would end up going to Drago who was able to overcome Fred Yehi with speed and agility, and a Dragon Twist to get the win via pinfall. World Title match announced After the Drago vs. Fred Yehi match ends it’s followed by an announcement about a World Heavyweight title match at No Guts, No Gold which is now a six way match. The competitors for now include; Drago and Rene Dupree you have to be careful with your matches as winning could earn you a spot in this match. Caveman Ugg vs. Shawn Hernandez Tonight’s main event is a match between two of the biggest wrestlers in Golden World Wrestling. It looks to be a hard hitting contest as neither man looks intimidated by the other. This match included a lot of brawling and big strikes but in the end the win would go to Caveman Ugg after a Splash Mountain’s Edge to Shawn Hernandez and a pinfall to take the win and advance in the hardcore tournament. February 2021 WEEK 3 Nate Webb vs. Alex Colon - No DQ match Tonight kicks off big with a semi-finals match of the hardcore tournament between Nate Webb and Alex Colon, two of the more popular and tougher hardcore wrestlers on the roster will face other here tonight to see which one will enter the finals to fight for the GWW Hardcore Championship. The win this time would end up going to Alex Colon who ended up getting the win after interference from Jimmy Lloyd and a Camel Clutch for Alex Colon to get the submission win over Nate Webb. Starbuck and Nate Webb brawl with Alex Colon and Jimmy Lloyd After the bell rings, Starbuck rushes to the ring and clatters a steel chair over the head, Jimmy Lloyd’s head bursts open with blood coming out of it but he barely flinches at the impact of the chair. He screams and grabs Starbuck and he’s about to hit him with the Air Raid Crash before Nate Webb pulls Starbuck down and they make their escape. Josh Barnett vs. Yoshi-Tatsu Our next match is between two experienced competitors and two of our more highly skilled martial artists, this one isn’t gonna be easy for either man which means it should be an exciting one. However, after a long and excruciating contest Josh Barnett was able to get the victory after making Tatsu submit with a cross heel hold. Josh Barnett has definitely earned his spot in the GWW World title match coming up at No Guts, No Gold alongside Drago and Rene Dupree but Yoshi-Tatsu has definitely earned a shot as well, for he is going to be one of our three competitors in the match to crown the first ever GWW X-Division champion. The Pieces are all coming together After a short commercial break we see Jigsaw building a puzzle with the light of a fireplace surrounding him. He puts the last piece on and the puzzle forms a blood red text that says: “All Red Everything”. Jigsaw leans back on his chair and he talks about All Red Everything and what the color red means to him, he takes grabs the table the puzzle is built on and flips it over. There’s a jar of red liquid that breaks and the liquid pours all around the floor and out from under the door of the room. Jigsaw walks off camera and we head to a short commercial break. Dominic Garrini vs. Aero Star It’s time for our main event of the evening between Dominic Garrini and Aero Star. This should be an interesting contest between two different styles. One of them will advance to the world title match and one of them will be getting an X-Division title shot at GWW No Guts, No Gold. The win would go to Dominic Garrini who won by making Aero Star pass out from a triangle choke. February 2021 WEEK 4 Matthew Justice vs. Caveman Ugg Tonight’s show kicks off with the last semi-finale match of the hardcore tournament Matthew Justice vs. Caveman Ugg. These two men have no fear and they’re both looking to make it to the finale of the hardcore tournament tonight. The win ended up going to Caveman Ugg who got the win after hitting Justice with the Splash Mountain’s Edge and pinning Matthew Justice for the win. All Red Everything is here After a short commercial break an unfamiliar music plays, the lights go out and a red spotlight appears in the middle of the ring. The lights go out again and All Red Everything appears in the ring with three spotlights on them, the crowd cheer and Eva Marie lifts the mic up to speak. She talks about the meaning of color red and how it’s the most beautiful and most evil color in the world. Gabriel Kidd vs. Ho Ho Lun Our next match is between two young athletes both still quite inexperienced but ready and willing to fight. One of these men will get a shot at the X-Division title and one of them will get nothing. Unfortunately for Ho Ho Lun, Gabriel Kidd would get the win and the X-Division title shot after Gabriel Kidd caught him by surprise with the Sick Kick and pinned him for the win. Prime Time Players open challenge After a short commercial break The Prime Time Players make their way to the ring, they say that they were chosen for the upcoming tag team title match at No Guts, No Gold and they wanna face the best of the best which is why they're sending out an open challenge to anyone backstage to face them for those tag team titles. Starbuck vs. HAYATA Tonight’s main event is a match between two very skilled competitors. They’re as tough as they come and as quick as they come and they’re both fighting for that final spot in the world title match. This match took a toll on both men and in the end Starbuck was able to get the win over HAYATA, after a Tiger Driver and a pin to get the pinfall win. GWW No Guts, No Gold - Match Card Yoshi-Tatsu vs. Aero Star vs. Gabriel Kidd for the X-Division Championship Chris Dickinson vs. Kahagas for the Million Dollar Championship Prime Time Players vs. ??? for the GWW Tag Team Championship Caveman Ugg vs. Alex Colon for the GWW Hardcore Championship Rene Dupree vs. Dominic Garrini vs. Starbuck vs. Drago vs. Josh Barnett for the GWW World Championship
  11. This is a topic i made for Extended Diary Write Ups in case you want to make an extended write up for a match you had on your diary but don't want to make your diary post too long or if there's a great match that you've booked and want to make a longer write up for. This is free for anyone to post their write ups on but i'm not forcing anyone to use this topic if they don't want to.
  12. I'd be up for it, i'd be playing on Xbox One since that's what i have Minecraft on, it seems like this could be fun.
  13. I can respect Dave Finlay. He has trained many wrestlers who have become top stars including: Becky Lynch and he's one of the best irish wrestlers that i've ever seen. Even though he has never won a major championship or had a huge run in the world of pro wrestling i still respect him for what he has done and what he has accomplished. I also respect one of my favorite wrestlers ever Starbuck, who has been the pioneer of finnish pro wrestling for multiple years and has pushed hard to make pro wrestling popular in Finland and all around Scandinavia. Who i don't respect anymore is Joey Ryan. I always thought something was off about him and after some things came about him i've lost all respect for him, i don't care if he apologized because what he has done is wrong on so many levels. I don't care how many allegations he has denied and i don't care how he's done it... just fuck him.

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