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  1. GWW Bloody Sunday The Awakening (c) vs. BEYOND GWW Tag Team Championship Our first match of the evening is between The Awakening and Grimm & Dickinson. Grimm & Dickinson got their shot after defeating the team of Multiverse V1, but they have a big challenge ahead of them in The Awakening who have bulldozing through the tag team division since their debut. The Awakening are confident as usual, their very hard hitting style has gained them the victory over multiple tag teams and we'll see if it pays off here. This match would end up being great as The A
  2. GWW Omega - Week 1 "King of Bloodsport" Tonight's show kicks off with King Mo backstage with Dan Lambert. They're celebrating his huge Bloodsport 2020 victory. Dan Lambert sees the camera and tells the cameraman to come a little closer, he then starts praising King Mo for his huge accomplishment and how he told everyone that King Mo was going to overcome the odds and defeat everyone that stood in his way. He then goes over the long list of opponents that King Mo defeated such as: Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley, Jon Moxley, and even Josh Barnett. Dan Lambert also mentions how s
  3. (Thank you to Hans for the amazing poster) Miro vs. Mike Bailey We kick off tonight's special Bloodsport event with two "play in" matches with the first one being Miro vs. Mike Bailey. This match would end up being a hard struggle between the two until Miro got the advantage and made Mike Bailey submit with a Camel Clutch in 07:18. King Mo vs. Toru Yano In our next "play in" match we have King Mo vs..... TORU YANO!? This match would end up being a quick one as King Mo knocked out Toru Yano with an elbow to the face in 03:39 Jonathan Gresham v
  4. "Watchmen: When Heroes Were Needed" Welcome to my new diary, this diary is about the first group of Watchmen also known as Minutemen. This first post will include some background on them and a little history about the Watchmen. This diary is based around 1940 before WW2, and straight after The Comedian almost sexually assaulted Silk Spectre. Formation The crime-fighter Captain Metropolis contacted Silk Spectre and her manager, Larry Schexnayder about joining forces with all "mystery men". Metropolis provided his headquarters, an incomplete and abandoned malting factory
  5. Okada vs. Ishii Suzuki vs. White Ibushi vs. Yujiro Takagi vs. Taichi Ospreay vs. Cobb Kidd vs. Uemura
  6. GWW Murder Party Sam Adonis (c) vs. Matt Tremont GWW Hardcore Championship Open Challenge We kick off tonight with Sam Adonis' hardcore title open challenge announced by him on Twitter early this week. The challenge is accepted by Matt Tremont who's nearing his retirement and wants one more chance at winning a title. This match would end up being good as Sam Adonis took the win in 08:30 after hitting Matt Tremont with a 450 Splash to get the pinfall win. Prime Time Players (c) vs. The Awakening GWW World Tag Team Championship Our next match is be
  7. Mikey - Totodile - Water Dino Mecko - Chikorita - Chika Rita
  8. I'm sure he can outrun a bear, if he uses the advice i gave him
  9. -M.A.N World Tour - Part 2: Canada- After a short commercial break Valor comes back to a picture of a very cozy ski lodge that the M.A.N has just arrived at to spend the next few days. M.A.N has been all over the world from Argentina to Korea and from Korea to Canada. He has faced many dangers but a cold climate in the wilds of Canada is something he has yet to face. M.A.N is about to unpack his stuff and runs into an uninvited guest when he opens his car trunk. Doofy: "HELLO!" M.A.N: "oh.... shit." The hopes of a calm cozy evening at a ski lodge with Jenna go down very
  10. Someone's gonna die at 6ix Paths and it's not gonna be me 😉
  11. I created a new sex position.

  12. GWW Omega - Week 1 Month 6 "Revenge" Our first show of the month kicks off with the man behind the mask, Ricky Banderas. He says he wants revenge for what happened at Spring Break and he wants his title and mask back, and he's gonna take his first step into recovering those two by facing Moose in a match for his mask tonight. Injustice vs. The Awakening Our first match of the night is between Injustice and the debuting team of The Awakening. The Awakening are looking to debut with a bang by beating two young athletes in Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver. Th
  13. M.A.N World Tour Part 1: Okinawa Valor comes back from a commercial break to a video of a karate dojo in Okinawa. It's very dark inside and the only light source is the light coming from three candles. We see Marc Aaron Newton sitting down with his legs crossed, looking very calm. A man of eastern origin walks in and congratulates Marc Aaron Newton for finishing his training. Karate Teacher: "I have one more lesson for you... never use karate for attacking, only use it for self-defense." M.A.N: "Wait... so after all this training, you finally decide to tell me that i can
  14. I put the 6ix on the path.

    1. Nardie


      That don’t sound right fam.

  15. Golden World Wrestling Month 17 - GWW Spring Break Prime Time Players Open Challenge Our show tonight opens up with the Prime Time Players in the ring. They announce that they're holding an open challenge for their tag team titles and that anyone backstage right now may accept their challenge. Prime Time Players vs. The Singh Brothers - GWW Tag Team Championship Our first match of the evening is between The Prime Time Players and The Singh Brothers who just accepted the open challenge sent out by The Prime Time Players. The surprise de

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