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  1. I can see Cass going to AEW since according to what he said on an interview with Chris Van Vilet, he's open to join pretty much any company. Cass is in the greatest shape of his career mentally and physicall and it would be awesome to see him in AEW.
  2. What is this you ask? Well it's an insignificant to titanic TEW 2020 diary as a wrestling company called: "Xtreme Wrestling Action". I'm essentially bringing back the attitude era product of WWE and using it to try and become a worldwide... phenomenon... i guess... hopefully. I'm playing as Sean Waltman because... well it's Sean Waltman. I will post the roster as soon as i have signed some people. (Hopefully this won't just be another diary that i start and leave here and never end up continuing ever. Also, insignificant to titanic doesn't really sound as good as local to global but
  3. To whom it may concern, if you plug in my DMs, you ain't getting a rep.

    1. BigSck
    2. The Aaron

      The Aaron

      @BigSck Sorry if i made it seem like this was strictly aimed at you because it really wasn't. I just wanna make it clear that if there's something i see that i might want to read i'll read it and if i liked it, i'll rep it. Besides, i already said i'm taking a break from kayfabe so idk why i'm being sent promo plugs in my DMs.

    3. BigSck


      Nah it’s cool bro, just joking lol

  4. GWW No Apologies Hajime Ohara vs. Charli Evans In our first match of the evening we have Hajime Ohara facing off with Charli Evans in the 1st match of the 2nd round of the Adrian Adonis Memorial Tournament. In a very good match Charli Evans would take the win in 13:43 after hitting Hajime Ohara with the Yakuza Kick to get the win via pinfall. The Awakening (c) vs. The Heartless GWW World Tag Team Championship After a short commercial b
  5. Golden World Wrestling - Week 1 "Overthrown." Tonight's show kicks off with the new GWW World Heavyweight Champion Alexander Wolfe who walks to the ring surrounded by the rest of The Crown. He gets a mic and stands in the ring as he is showered by boos, he stands silent for a while until the crowd finally quiets down. He then says that he is sure there are two men backstage who are not happy with what went down at Crush, Kill, Destroy and that he would be more than happy to meet the former champion King Mo face to face. The theme of K
  6. End of an era.

  7. To clarify about my previous status update, i have a lot of life related things happening and i'm getting to the point where i have to decide what i wanna do with my life soon.

    1. Sameer


      Understandable pal, come back whenever you feel like it's the right time, we'll always be here for you. Wishing the best for you! 

  8. I'm taking a break from kayfabe for a while, hoping to return sometime before Summerslam.

  9. Golden World Wrestling - PPV - Crush Kill Destroy Chris Dickinson (c) vs. Puma King GWW X-Division Championship In our first match of the evening we have Chris Dickinson facing off with Puma King for the GWW X-Division Championship. A week ago Chris Dickinson sent out an open challenge to anyone in the locker room to face him for the GWW X-Division Championship, Puma King who feels unappreciated by the rest of the X-Division has accepted the challenge and here we are. In a very good match Chris Dickinson took the win in 09:27 after hitting Puma King with the Bra
  10. GWW Wrestling - Month 26 - Week 1 Ruby Riott vs. AZM Tonight's GWW Wrestling kicks off with a match between Ruby Riott and AZM for #1 Contendership of the GWW Women's Championship. AZM has been on a roll lately after defeating Miyu Yamashita last week in singles action, she's been looking forward to getting a shot at the belt but she first has to go through Ruby Riott to get there. In a very good match Ruby Riott would get the win in 12:24 after blatantly cheating and using the ropes as leverage to get the win via pinfall. "Oedo-Tai" After the match Ri
  11. GWW No Guts, No Gold #2 The Awakening (c) vs. Reno SCUM GWW World Tag Team Championship In our first match of the evening we have The Awakening facing off with Reno SCUM. Reno SCUM came from PWE to challenge The Awakening for their tag team titles to prove which team is tougher. This match would end up being good as The Awakening took the win in 13:43 after hitting Luster The Legend with the Fall of Man for Konnor to get the win via pinfall. Toni Storm (c) vs. Miyu Yamashita GWW Women's Championship In our next match we have Toni Storm facing off with
  12. Until a few days ago, i thought Tamer was American.
  13. Last movie i watched was DOOM starring Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban. I gotta say, it was awful... the story was a mess and the action scenes were pretty lame. There were no scary monsters and no scary special effects like i was expecting and it was just a disappointing movie, i would not recommend it.
  14. Shocking eliminations is a wrestling trope that i love. Whenever someone that the crowd loves eliminates a big star it always gets a big pop because it's shocking and a very big deal for that superstar we love for example Royal Rumble eliminations like Drew eliminating Lesnar or Heath eliminating Sheamus moments like those make everyone go wild and are just awesome to witness because you don't expect them.

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