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  1. GWW Wrestling - Week 1 - Month 23 Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky vs. Dani Mo In our first match of the evening we have Angelina Love facing off with Dani Mo in the 2nd match of the 1st round of the Women's Championship Tournament. This match would end up being good as Angelina Love took the win in 10:48 after hitting Dani Mo with the Lights Out to get the win via pinfall. "Fuck That" Tonight's show continues with Nick Gage backstage, he's pounding on the door of the GM's office with his fist. Matt Morgan decides to finally open the door, Gage steps in and he's fu
  2. GWW Vendetta The Awakening vs. Junior Stars GWW Tag Team Championship GWW Vendetta kicks off with a tag team championship match between The Awakening and Junior Stars. The Awakening are looking to continue their reign of terror as the top tag team in GWW but they have a veteran team ahead of them trying to take their tag titles away from them. This match would end up being good as The Awakening took the win in 13:41 after they hit Koji Kanemoto with The Fall of Man to get the win via pinfall. King Mo vs. Petey Williams GWW X-Division Championship
  3. -Symbol of Anarchy- Tonight's episode of Friday Night Valor continues with Valentine who's in the Shadow Gallery practicing sword fighting with a mannequin. Valentine fights like the mannequin is a real person and puts the mannequin's arm around his neck. Valentine: "Beware, Mr. Cotter for this is not my end!" Valentine kicks the mannequin and frees himself, he stumbles backwards and onto his couch. He kicks himself up and attacks the mannequin. Valentine: "I call this one... "The Dance of The Devil"! Valentin
  4. (Just for the record, the video and the sound from the video is from another Youtuber, i cba blending together a ton of gifs and clips) but i cut it and added everything else in myself.
  5. Predictions: BPZ Undisputed - Tamer BPZ Universal - Bailey BPZ Tag - FD-Gun Carnage NA - Alex Costa Valor Atlas - Sheridan Joh vs. Flynn - Joh FDS vs. Prince - FDS Epic vs. Owen - Owen BMF Championship Ultra Super Mega Infinity NOC Gauntlet Match - Robert Sparkles
  6. MAH BOY MIL MUERTES! How fitting that he should join MLW... very interesting that Salina is hosting MLW definitely gonna watch this episode even though the results seem a little predictable, it definitely sounds like it could be an interesting show.
  7. Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit in a ladder match on Royal Rumble 2001 is probably my favorite non royal rumble 'royal rumble' match. It was fast, it was technical, it was intense and they utilized the no DQ part of the match very well. Also from a couple of years back i remember Cena vs. AJ at Royal Rumble being very good, my favorite spot from that match was Cena hitting AJ with the Super AA, those two always have a great match and i'm sure they love wrestling each other.
  8. Doubt there's gonna be a big change... personally i don't care which brand i go to because both brands have very talented people who i'd love to feud with.
  9. Sting's AEW theme is a banger, i listen to it a lot.
  10. GWW Wrestling - Week 1 King of The Guillotine Choke Tonight's show kicks off with King Mo backstage, he cuts a promo thanking GWW management for the two week break for him to kick Klidson Abreu's ass in the octagon. He says it's time to put that fight in his past and look to the future, he wants a challenge at GWW Vendetta and is going to keep his eye on the entire roster. Ariya Daivari vs. Chris Dickinson Our first match of tonight is between Ariya Daivari and Chris Dickinson. Dickinson is looking forward to a match with Sam Adonis at GWW Vendetta but fir
  11. Valentine

    -One Down-

    -One Down- Valor continues after a short commercial break as we see Valentine in The Shadow Gallery. He takes off his mask and another camera shows him cleaning blood off it. Valentine: "I did not come off Winter Warfare as a winner... but what i achieved was a different type of victory. I accomplished my goal of retiring Mr. Caito and it is all i wanted to do. Sure i could have beaten the living hell out of him.... but what would that really accomplish? I don't wanna go down an unnecessarily violent path, i want to bring justice and order to BPZ Wrestling through actions that t

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