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  1. All of my two promos with Kieron were great to me. Still wonder if we would've dethroned the Big Ballers had I not died.
  2. Be good enough that I can get within like 5 votes of Gwyn in an NA title match
  3. Punk, Styles, Okada, Nakamura, HBK, KENTA, Tana, Black
  4. Crippler


    The crowd’s lack of unity further showed itself as Indestructible begins to play, signalling the arrival of The Chancellor. However, the lack of a unanimous favourite is not a sign of indecisiveness among the crowd, as the same men who booed The Bastard would be the ones to cheer for the entrance of CJ Sellers, and vice versa. Riding along his signature skateboard, The Chancellor enters the stage, looking around the paying audience and taking in the atmosphere. He rides down to the ring following these glances, stopping before coming into contact with the ring apron and stepping off the skateboard, grabbing it in one hand and using the other to grasp the bottom rope as he pulls himself up the apron. Staring down Gunner before stepping into the ring, The Chancellor crouches down to place his skateboard near the apron, not breaking his stare on The Bastard, Gunner. Sellers proceeds to grab the mic from The Bastard. Taking several steps back and raising the microphone to his lips, he begins to speak. “After touching something tainted by someone such as yourself, who symbolizes the human definition of slimy, I may need to grab some hand sanitizer in a few minutes. Nonetheless, this microphone will be the stick of truth, if you would, the conveyor of the truth to the masses who dare break the cycle and lend an ear to those who would wish to pursue a different truth. Gunner Flynn, look at yourself, you state that the match in which you faced The Chancellor wasn’t a light battle, and simultaneously would stand here smugly and act as though you were never in doubt of your victory, that this was bound to the outcome of our battle by fate. Yet, I must ask you a small question, Gunner Flynn. When I hit the Coffin Drop on Dr. X, when I landed dead center on his body and I hooked his outside leg, when the referee dropped to the mat and started counting, where was your head? When the first slap of the mat rang through the air, and you scrambled to slide back into this ring, why was it so that you panicked? When the count of two was declared, and you started to lunge for me, what was the thought process behind your actions? When you grabbed my leg and pulled me from the pin, when you grabbed me and hit me with a Falcon Arrow, when you made the decision to throw me from the ring and then pin Dr. X, what was it that you, The Bastard, was thinking? When you attained a three count off of my finishing move, and you won your title off my efforts, when a judgement call was tasked to you, when you had to follow your gut, and the verdict your mind reached was to not finish what you started, but instead break the bank with another man’s savings, what in the Hell was it that you were feeling?” The Chancellor appears uncharacteristically enraged, getting very intense with the delivery of his words as he cuts down Gunner. He stops for a moment, and looks nowhere but directly into the steely, blue eyes of The Bastard, and while glaring at the Premium Champion, Sellers takes a step forward, Gunner beginning to take a noticeably defensive stance to match his bitter expression. Once again, CJ Sellers speaks into the microphone. “Doubt. Every single man, woman, and child to roam this planet has fallen victim to the clutches of doubt, whether it be the unreliability of the world around them, or the instability of the world inside of them. You, Gunner Flynn, are of both categories. You are plagued by the demonic rumblings of your own psyche, and embedded deep into your soul is the message sown by your brother, Jeremiah Flynn, and the harsh, unaccepting society that we live in, you aren’t good enough, you can’t measure up, you don’t, won’t, you can not cut it. I hate to repeat myself, but once again I will refer to your own words, the gospel of your soul. Why is it that you need to prove anything to yourself? You yourself cannot believe in your talent, in your ability, so why should we? If you don’t trust the skills you have as a competitor, do you even have those skills, and even if you would answer yes, is it possible for you to extract the fullest and deepest capabilities locked in you? I am arrogant in your eyes, but it only proves that I know of and that I have a profound trust in my own talent as a professional wrestler. I have nothing to prove to myself, I know I can win, it’s simply a matter of execution. You seem to fancy yourself of a separate ilk, and this cloth you wish to cut yourself from, this clay you wish to mold into the ideal image, it fails you on an idealistic level.” The sounds of syllables ringing from the lips of The Chancellor to the rafters of the Carnage Arena gradually grow sharper, the hatred and malice felt for Gunner echoing louder and clearer with each passing second, gradually amplifying itself as CJ Sellers addresses The Bastard. Two more steps forward are taken, inching The Chancellor ever closer to Gunner, and the height difference between the two men begins to become ever apparent as the distance between them shortens. The Chancellor begins to speak one more time following his motions toward Gunner. “Idealism, it truly is the reason which we bicker and fight over, the polar opposites we both embody as men. If I am the embodiment of all that you wish to discuss, the unforgiving, realistic viewpoint, allow me then the time to divulge upon this matter. I am a self-identified realist, I stay within the confines of actuality, content and to a degree happy to allow myself only the thoughts of what could and likely would occur. You, however, seem to be an idealist. You have to take this strong moral high ground, you have a way you believe in firmly, and would wish for everyone to conform to these ideals, these ideals that you can be anything you want to be, you can achieve any goal with the right preparation and the proper mindset. You strive for the biggest prize and desire more and more and more. You care more strongly for the ideal world you chase than to craft the real world, the true existence that denies your fantasies of being capable of any task, the fantasies that pander to the weak who desire strength, the dictated whom long for the power to govern those they struggle alongside. Your head is in the clouds, Gunner Flynn, and this ideal world of which I speak, everything I claim you to ultimately desire, is a world in which you have done enough to be accepted. You yearn to be told you are good enough, you can measure up, you do, will, you can cut it. Of course, when we get into the ring, and when it comes to blows, and when the fantasies have temporarily subsided, all that they exist to disguise the ugly existence of rears its ugly head, and you begin to doubt yourself further, it eats away and chews through your mental state. It destroys you, you want out, you desire, you need this escape, and you have this illusion you will finally be validated with the Premium Championship currently draped over your shoulder.” CJ Sellers ceases speaking once more, taking a breath and taking one step, this one fully bridging the gap between The Chancellor and The Bastard. Staring up into the disdainful eyes of the man seven inches taller than The Chancellor, CJ Sellers does not hesitate, but instead the delivery of his final message becomes even more aggressive, and is spoken in a tone implicative of the blood feud beginning to brew between these two men among only very few interactions. The final message is finally delivered by The Chancellor, as the microphone in his hand raises back one last time for the night. “Gunner Flynn, we battled in a match of five men, and that match was to determine the holder of the Premium Championship. I don’t desire that title, the distinction that comes with it, the only thing that I want, the one thing that I need is you, in a ring with me. Only me, and just me. You lay claim to my defeat when three other men posed as distractions, but when there is but one man ahead of you, that man being me, will you truly find the validation you seek? There is only one way to find out, a way you know, and one I do as well. I propose the date April the Tenth. The Bastard… and The Chancellor. We shall go to War, just as the World. When this collision occurs, make no mistakes, there can only be one man with a victory marked in his column, and I personally assure you, that man is the one speaking directly to you. Damn the King, long live The Chancellor.” Having laid down a clear challenge for Gunner, The Chancellor lays the microphone into the hand of Gunner, seemingly awaiting a response, but upon a lack of answer in the span of roughly two minutes, CJ Sellers says something clearly visible to the camera, “You get back to me now.” He walks backward, toward the ring apron, rolling out and grabbing his skateboard before walking up the ramp, turning around to stare down Gunner one more time before Carnage heads to commercial break.
  5. A match between two competitors nobody can be fucked to care about on the biggest show of the year. It's pretty fucking frustrating they have to resort to this level of filler for WrestleMania, having useless time fillers and pissbreaks like these are the reason we're stuck with 15, 16, 17 match WrestleMania cards. Elias, while being an absolutely dogshit face comparative to his heel work, will probably win here, but considering Corbin in all his Kingliness, anything can happen when Vince has the reigns.
  6. Neither of these men are anywhere near their primes, and the match will be heavily reliant on crowd reaction that we do not have available. The last man standing stipulation relates this match to Batista/Triple H from WrestleMania 35, with the differences of Orton and Edge actually being capable of wrestling a match now and people actually being invested in Edge's return. Imagine if we had gotten this match in 2007, it would have been insane, but we are in 2020, and without a crowd to feed on, I fear this match that so many highly anticipate may find a way to fall flat. Of course, with the fact that Edge and Orton have lost more talent in the time it took me to write this than anybody on the forums has ever had, there is always the hope that this will turn out to be a good, and very optimistic thinking, perhaps even great match. Much better nostalgia match than AJ/Undertaker, and thankfully, Edge is working with somebody who is capable of keeping him safe.
  7. @FDS You need to change the name of the thread, buddy man, but that is beside the point. I won't waste breath on this shithousery as everybody else is demanding Sasha/Bayley one on one, I'm just going to say that you don't need to compensate for the lack of battle royals with huge multiman matches, especially when the battle royals were cancelled for safety reasons. Something I think a lot of people seem to be missing when they complain about the overabundance of multiman matches.
  8. Odd continues to be an incredibly intelligent man. This is very random, and I understand that this only happened because the original plan was Andrade vs Rey 82, but this could have been executed much better. Andrade and Garza probably can't afford to be taking a loss here, especially in a division which they have absolutely no history in, so this does not benefit them in any way. Even a triple threat between Garza, Carrillo, and Andrade would have been a somewhat decent option, but with Rey being quarantined and the AOP (Profits' originally planned challengers) once more disappearing due to injury, the most improv of all improv has found it's way on to a Mania card. They could have this be the catalyst for a larger Andrade vs Garza feud, which would make the match actually worth something instead of just blatant filler. In any event, at least the match itself is likely to be good, or as close as you can get with the shittiest of circumstances that we have.
  9. I think Odd hit the nail right on the head here. This is supposed to be a huge show, the biggest show, and yet random matches with no build are made like this. My guess is that they planned on Black winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and planned to toss Lashley in there as extra #42, but that didn't progress well, so here we are to give Aleister his free WrestleMania win. Whoever wins this match (Aleister Black) should most likely get a shot at some title, that would be the only possible redeeming factor for this match's existence.
  10. To take away the Undertaker character is to kill the aura and drawing power that Undertaker has. The established character may have become stale and run it's course, but there isn't a need for Undertaker to adapt instead of keeping the gimmick he's had (on and off) for decades or just retire outright. He is well beyond in ring competition age, yet he refuses to give in to retirement, and that is the ultimate reason for this change.
  11. The layout of NXT TakeOver matches happening over the next few weeks could work well, but I have some lingering doubts NXT may be able to effectively pull off having large scale main events week to week to week. It would certainly help to boost ratings, moreso than the prior suggested idea of TakeOver happening on April 1 in place of NXT. All in all, the Hall of Fame ceremony can wait, and TakeOver didn't have very much made official anyways.
  12. This could potentially lead to some issues, but I think this will end up fine. If work related matters warrant going outside, WWE can most likely get talent to the Performance Center on account of wrestling being a form of employment. However, if this does hinder talent's ability to make it to the tapings, I wonder if Vince would postpone the tapings or change his plans, but given them keeping WrestleMania in the spring and having it in front of no crowd, I doubt he'll care to have to change his show plans. He already has recently based on the quarantining of Mysterio and Dana Brooke.
  13. This is supposed to be an unpopular opinion, and if somebody wanted to disagree, they would just be incorrect. Roman has been billed and pushed as a top star, and people hate him for it, and Cena was at the top of the mountain for 11 years. It would have been an epic changing of the guard moment for Reigns to go over Cena, but these events did not occur.
  14. I don't know if they were going to do a four way, I had seen reports it was to be Rey/Andrade one on one (AGAIN) so that may be the reason for the US title match not happening. This is for the safety of the workers, so while it sucks we won't get to see Rey Mysterio for what some have predicted to be his last WrestleMania, and while missing out on Dana Brooke... I won't say anything about that, but at least the talent is staying safe in times of crisis.

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