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  1. We're live in the Carnage Arena at this time. On tonight's edition of Carnage, we are soon to see The Chancellor, CJ Sellers, take on a rising local prospect, with aspirations of taking home an upset victory among his hometown crowd. We were able to catch up with Sellers as he was entering the arena, and we were able to get this from him. (BPZ Interviewer): "So, CJ, as you prepare for your match tonight, where are your thoughts at? You've got what is supposedly your last shot to win NXT at the Royal Rumble, and a match against one of the company's elite just days later. With all that on your plate, will you really be able to keep your mind on this match?" (CJ Sellers): "This is a question I don't even need to answer, but if you didn't take it upon yourself to actually pay attention to my previous words, allow me a quick breakdown. I called out Jeremiah Flynn for his focus on everything but me, his whining and complaining about management, about the contenders for the Undisputed Championship. He didn't seem interested in me at all when he addressed me, because his head isn't where it needs to be. Knowing the nature of my character, would you truly expect for me to engage in such a petty hypocrisy?" He paused for a short moment to take a breath. He looked behind his back quickly, before re-addressing the interviewer. "Right now, the only thought on my mind is how to respond to your pitiful question, and whether kicking your skull in is worth the ramifications. Later tonight, my only thought will be on the man standing inside of that ring, attempting to claim victory over me. Following that, where my mind will be at, not even I know." With those words, he departed for the Carnage Arena. The matchup is now upon us. First we see the local competitor enter the ring, and following his entrance, an unfamiliar theme plays, accompanied by The Chancellor entering the stage. Not even breaking his gaze to blink, Sellers stared at his young opponent in the ring on the entire walk down the ramp. Upon his entrance of the ring, the bells ring, and the local talent rushes straight for the Suicidal Manic. However, a quick kick to the side stops him in motion, and a lightning speed strike combination followed by a Leaping Head Kick drops the youngster to the ground. A couple vicious punts to the skull later, and CJ grabs the hair of his opponent, pulling him to his feet before spinning him around and locking in a Dragon Sleeper. A kick to the knee drops the competitor, and he quickly submits as The Chancellor sits down in a camel clutch position, maintaining the grip of the choke. Following the short match, Sellers motions to be handed a microphone. Upon grasping it, he begins delivering his message to the crowd. "As you all have just witnessed, this young man you herald as a rising star amongst yourselves has fallen. Descent is painful, but this was made all the more painful through the means which I defeated him. What you all have bore witness to on this night is but the first of the major additions I have made to the moveset which I will utilise in the destruction of all whom choose to oppose me. There is no need for the king when The Chancellor maintains power, and as mine is absolute, it is so that the move I have performed is known as the Kingslayer. Perhaps this is the pain one of the men I face on January 26th will be forced to feel?" "A very short match, devoid of excitement or suspense. That is the truth of how this went down, and the destiny of this match since the very moment of it's creation. A man such as the one I have just defeated, so headstrong but with none of the talent to back up their actions, is the epicenter of my disgust towards this industry, and towards this world we live in. The talentless know they lack what it takes to rise on the totem pole, and yet have the naïveté to believe their boisterous, pushy nature will carry them to some successes. This is not true, people, do not let the grandeur of your fantasies mask truth. Acknowledge your place and accept it. Only those who possess the most absolute of skills are the ones that can carve themselves a path of relevancy in this world. In a very short time, I will have paved two of these paths and will be there to travel along them, guiding myself to where I deserve to be in this company: the absolute top." "I face a few competitors at the Royal Rumble, namely, The Tiger, Cody Cage, and The Riddler. If I forgot one of you, don't feel offended by your own irrelevancy, fix it. Mister Tiger, we have an established rivalry, but I care not much for you or your antics. Hiding in the wild will only blind you whence you step into the vision of the beaming sun. The prophetic sun in our story is me, as I come here to establish to all who will listen, and to those who choose to defy reason and ignore my message, that there is only one who is worthy of being called the best. Whether or not you truly acknowledge who that may be, I cannot say. Your ego is ballooned, and yet I see self doubt reflecting in your eyes. You're like I was, once upon a time many days past. Mister Riddler, I can't comment too much on the character of an enigma such as yourself. Believe me, that is the first time I have ever been forced to say that as an insult. You dish simple riddles the masses of sheep can decipher, but allow me to provide a question for you to solve, once you're lying flat on your ass at the Royal Rumble. Why are you employed? What exactly is your worth to this company, and to this existence?" "To focus my attention next, I shall speak on the newly branded Cody Cage. You seem to think, with this new personality, finally people will notice you. At last, you will attain your due recognition, and begin your ascent you always deserved. Do not lie to yourself any longer, I would beg of you. We all know of you, that's not the reason we don't care. Towards your mere presence, one cannot help but feel strong apathy, and blamelessly would one feel about a talentless blunder such as yourself. Irony plagues your every statement. Those who make the proclamation that they give no fucks oft feel the most pressure to maintain their self image, and the doubts swirling around the opinions people hold of you reach the highest peaks. To make the statements that you've grown balls, that you've committed theft, that you should never follow the directions of others, does this not itself reek of the attention seeking nature you claim to have rid yourself of? I will repeat the words I spoke previously, as they apply very closely to you. Who you truly are, you cannot kill. You only hide that face behind a mask of falsehoods, and whether for better or worse, that mask will eventually be unceremoniously ripped off by somebody who wishes to expose the innermost sensitivities in you. Finally, I hate to play spoiler, but not all dreams are capable to be accomplished. Not everyone is destined to be in a position of power, or to be filled with joy on a day to day basis. Not every man can live out his dreams. Soon enough, this pipe dream you hold close to your chest will be crushed, and contorted into the nightmare of facing The Chancellor at his very peak." "To completely finalise these remarks, I will speak of a man whom every person in this audience knows of. Some of you love him, and many more loathe his very existence, or perhaps only his new tendencies. I speak, of course, of Jeremiah Flynn, the side of which we have seen in the aftermath of his suspension contrasting from the man we saw before the assault on Slim. Perhaps the snap was triggered as a reaction towards the suspension, but more likely would it be that the gears shifted before the attack. The semantics of this, however, are irrelevant. The point to take is that Flynn is now showcasing a likely more vicious side, and definitely a portion of his personality one could describe as insane. I would echo the same words I spoke for Cody, but I feel that would be unnecessary repetition, and I do feel this is the real Jeremiah Flynn. Good. Let this be the man I face, a hungry, deranged man. Let it be, and such be it all the sweeter when the Supreme Ringleader is cut down once again. Damn the King, long live The Chancellor." CJ Sellers looks around the crowd as he finishes speaking. The crowd is beginning to get behind The Chancellor, as evidenced in their increasingly louder chantings of "Damn the King" following the catchphrase from the young star. He taunts in the middle of the ring, when something unexpected occurs… Reply Planned…
  2. Becky Bayley Nakamura Lesnar Owens Fiend
  3. "Hey… hey… mic check, one-two…" A voice can be heard as the power on the video camera comes to life. The voice is familiar, and the camera is tilted upwards at a face that would belong to one CJ Sellers. "Yeah, it's on. Hey there, person who's watching this. Is your name Jeremiah? If so, fuck you, and if not, fuck you too." Sellers takes a look around the dark room he is in. "In case you weren't aware, as some of you don't seem to be intelligent enough for basic comprehension, I'm CJ Sellers. Jeremiah Flynn, you might not have been aware of that previously, but quite soon you will be. Very soon, in fact, will you see me standing with the NXT Championship at a pay per view you'll be sitting on your ass, watching. Just a couple of days after that, you'll be on your ass again, but in a position that will afford you a premium view of the lights above an arena. You wanted to take your moment to address me, but instead found yourself singularly consumed with the thought of your precious title. The attention of a man should be undivided on his goal, the task set directly in front of you. Flynn, you must not have learned this, and unluckily for you, I will afford no such opportunity." The Chancellor allows himself a chuckle, the typically emotionless face twisting into a slight grin. He shakes his head and looks down, before staring back at the camera, the default, poker face returned. "Perhaps a little overdue is the explanation of my purpose. Within this message, I sit here today to address the former Undisputed Champion and a man I have been told I will be going head to head with on the Carnage following the Royal Rumble pay per view. Funnily enough, something from the mouth of Jeremiah resonated with me. He was 'lucky' to be afforded an opportunity such as this, to face a rookie such as myself. Perhaps not with the same intentions, I was echoed quite a similar message. I have been informed that I am 'lucky' to be offered such an opportunity, to prove my mettle against such a veteran and legend of this company." A turn of the head to the right is followed by spit flying from the mouth of the painted wrestler. He turns back, to face the camera once again. "Luck has nothing to do with my position. As a matter of fact, I would agree with the assessment that Flynn has been afforded quite the break. He faces me, somebody he's never himself managed to hear of, and who's momentum has been completely shot, like a sick horse on it's final, crumbling leg, in his return match. Yet, all he can do is complain?" "You want to cry and bitch and moan about how this match shouldn't be anywhere close to you. You don't even offer the intelligence to realise this match serves as your tune-up, a freebie against a loser to prepare for a bigger impact against larger names. At the very least, that is how the management of this company envisioned this playing out when they conceived the idea. What they didn't do was calculate just exactly what they have done, so maybe I need to be the calculator." A short pause, and then continuation. "You've told somebody to face me, the Suicidal Manic, in a match. I've lost and I've lost, and as with all streaks, this pattern eventually will cease from having a current status. A hungry, young competitor with a raging fire, with the building frustrations of being on the opposite side of victory for over one year. Add all this up, and what you will receive in answer is a dangerous individual with the full intention and full capability to kick some fucking ass." "You read off your accolades to us, so let me feign a shit to give. Former three-time Intercontinental Champion, former Universal Champion, former five-time World Champion, and former Undisputed Champion. What does all of that have in common? Every single title you have held in this company no longer lay upon your shoulder and everything you have done is in the past. Let us speak in the present tense. This year, in these 18 days of January, I have won zero matches. In this same time limit, how many matches in this company have you had resulting in victory? The answer is none. That Japanese promotion you wrestled in, do you really think that matters? You yourself said it best, that man is not worthy of being called one of the best in wrestling, because the premier athletes in this world belong to BPZ." "Like you, Jeremiah Flynn, have stated, I have never been a part of a match quite similar to this one. I've never had to face somebody recreating the scales of stupidity so immensely so that, in giving themselves a title, such as Supreme Ringleader, they forget the most important part. What exactly are you supreme over? Perhaps, you are the ringleader of Bulletproof? I was supposed to be under the impression Hans Clayton lead this group I speak of, but we all know this to be an untruth. You simply use him, such as you used Isaiah Carter, and you use every other member of that stable, to be your puppet and carry out your decisions. Are you the leader of BPZ? Nobody seems to agree with that assessment, and your lack of a championship to hold would also dispute this point. When I see you, Jeremiah, I simply bear witness to the Ringleader of a Supremely depressing circus." Cold eyes with a burning flame meet the camera, one final time, as The Chancellor finishes his address. "I am The Chancellor because I am the highest of this world, I am among the elite of the elite and I rank above you all. I rank above the flabby alcoholics who have disproved of my being in this company, and Jeremiah Flynn, soon it will be rendered painfully obvious, literally for some and figuratively for many, that I rank above you in the category of pure, raw, unadulterated talent. Damn the King, long live The Chancellor." Sellers stares at the camera as a hand reaches behind it, and the image of the video blinks, cutting to a black screen.
  4. I dunno if WWE will ever realise, but the way to convince dissatisfied talent to resign is not through burying them on a major pay per view. I doubt Booker nor Stevie do much of anything at their age, which means The Revival is going to be used in, surprise, another joke match. The return of Harlem Heat is unnecessary and it's going to go over very poorly.
  5. Current Figureheads: Darby Allin Current Alignment: Heel-Oriented Tweener Nicknames: The Chancellor, The Suicidal Manic, Kingslayer Height: 5'9 Weight: 192 lbs Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Billed From: Southside Philly Theme: Alliances: None (at the moment) Enemies: Buddy Ace, The Tiger, Amai, Cody Cage, Aaron North ________________ What is your gimmick/significant background in kayfabe? CJ Sellers had a rough life before coming of age, jumping around from school to school and enduring constant harassment as a result in a hostile Philadelphia. Wrestling was one of his coping mechanisms, and around the age of 15 he began to train himself kickboxing, among other martial arts, to help defend himself and to begin his training to become a professional wrestler. The mental tolls he suffered still were not lost, as he fell into a depression and held a hatred for most humanity that still renders true to this day. During his stint in BPZ, he also began to be trained in boxing, to become more deadly with his fists and to compensate for his injured knee. How does CJ Sellers interact with the fans? CJ doesn't care much at all for what the fans think of him. Having endured so much contempt from others, blocking out everybody has been Sellers' course of action when dealing with fans, whether they love or hate him. He'll sign autographs for the fans, but wouldn't care about that same fan when having a match or cutting a promo. This tends to mean his filter is effectively off at almost all times. What Mannerisms Does CJ Sellers Have? CJ tends to act very aggressively, whether fighting or talking. The emotions tend to be drained from him in an attempt to play mind games with opponents, as well as to maintain a key advantage over opponents. Subconsciously, he'll act in ways that assert a sort of dominance, such as standing with a straight posture, partially in response to being shorter than most other wrestlers. He'll almost never let his eyes stray from his target, and will stare with cold eyes. Despite not caring much for the opinions of others, he still finds it necessary to hold himself to a code of honour, not often needing to break his integrity to gain an edge. The times he'll stray to bend his own personal laws are when it is deemed absolutely necessary, and only when his opponent strikes first, with those same means. _________ Wrestling Style: CJ has a very well balanced style of competition. He blends his time spent in Japan, as well as a quick paced, high flying style, and also integrates his lifelong MMA background. A very dangerous striker and a speedy grappler, finding a severe weakness in Sellers' game would be quite difficult, especially since he will make any and all efforts to patch that weakness once detected. He uses all limbs in strikes, and his uncanny flexibility allows for some rather creative submissions and transitions. Sellers is also deceptively strong, and can lift foes around 250 lbs. Special Spots: Springboard flips, striking combos followed by a signature, Topé con Giro, Arm-Trapped German Suplex Favorite Move #1: Leaping Head Kick Signature Move #1: Chancellor's Order (Diamond Dust) Signature Move #2: Shatter Machine (Springboard Reverse DDT) _ Finisher Move #1: Suicide Pact (Coffin Drop) Finisher Move #2: Kingslayer (Modified Dragon Sleeper) Rare Finisher #1: It's Always Sunny (Super Canadian Destroyer) Rare Finisher #2: Soul Search Combo (Black Mass)
  6. Crippler


    The Chancellor is the first to take on his ghoulish opposition. With multiple surrounding him on the stage, he elbows two in the face, knocking them down. Another advances from his rear, only to be swiftly turned on and hit with a leaping buzzsaw kick. One of the elbowed Ghouls rises, only to be thrown down by an arm drag. More begin to advance, three grabbing Sellers before a free leg is able to catch the midsection of two, and a Pele Kick puts down the third. The Ghouls continue to come, more and more masked invaders being pounded with hard strikes and leaping assaults. Eventually, CJ Sellers begins to become sluggish, but the experience in martial arts and in wrestling allows for the dispatching of all the Ghouls assaulting him. Meanwhile, in the rest of the Carnage arena...
  7. Crippler


    Cody smiles smugly at the ring as he flips off the crowd from the stage, but another face shows themselves, this one being The Chancellor, CJ Sellers. He has a microphone in hand, and clears his throat. Cody spins around, clearly confused as to when he got there. "Cody, you're such a poor soul. Thinking you have a chance. But this kind of arrogance is completely unwarranted from you. You think NXT is yours to lose? Please, I'd laugh if this were a joke made in good taste. You, somebody who hasn't competed in God knows how long and suddenly thinks he's such a bad boy. You're looking at a ring of greats, and all you can say is that you're looking to "make your mark?" Come on, you want to talk about letting your nuts hang, but you won't have the confidence to tell these people to their faces that you're better than them." "It's such a sad sight to see, a small child lost on stage. You entered this company when I did, you fought in those battle royals I did. Let me spell this out for you, in a language that is clear and easy for you to understand. You never have been shit, and you never will be shit. This stage is supposed to be graced by winners, but all I see is a delusional human being with more elitism arrogance than I have. The only mark you'll make is the blood spattered across the ring as you get waffle-stomped in the Royal Rumble, and in our NXT Championship match." "Make no mistake, I do not give the slightest fuck about this Rumble. I don't care to participate in a match where the luckiest man is given the world. All I wanted to do was come out here and deliver this message to the English lad. Nobody cares to see you in this ring, Cody, and there is no changing that. Another thing you can't change is who you are. The person you once were, back in those days of futility, being fodder for the battle royals, is not dead, and you are no changed man. You cannot replace yourself, the very being of your personality, and you'll find out at the Royal Rumble pay per view why stepping into this ring is not the intelligent tactic to employ, especially when you don't have the talent to back any of it up. Damn the King, long live The Chancellor." CJ stares down Cody as the crowd offers up their opinions on everybody in the spotlight at the moment. Bart, Bailey, Dr. X, and Aaron North stare on at The Chancellor, but once his lips close a voice is heard...
  8. WWE needs to do something about Nakamura's lack of relevance and they need to do it right now. One of the most talented men in the company holds (formerly) one of if not the most prestigious belts in the entire company. They even introduced a cool new design for the title, and yet this has been more or less completely irrelevant in the last year and likely in the year to come. A defense against Braun Strowman, to me, almost guarantees Shinsuke a victory at the Royal Rumble. Strowman's momentum is dead in the water and he doesn't need a title reign with a now irrelevant title to fix that. Perhaps breaking up Cesaro and Nakamura and having them feud for the title, maybe giving Sheamus a shot to get back into the big picture. Do something and stop this title from floundering as it has been.
  9. Andrade has been stuck in a loop, where he gets a win or two over somebody and then gets pushed back down the card. Seeing as he is feuding with Mysterio (again), and considering the talent Andrade has, I would hope that to not be a continuing pattern. There are a couple of potential challengers for this title while Andrade holds it, among them in my mind being Aleister Black, Buddy Murphy, potentially Ricochet, Erick Rowan, and Humberto Carrillo. Andrade has all the tools to make this a memorable reign, and with Lesnar being AWOL with the WWE title until Mania, WWE can't afford to hot potato this title.
  10. The question here with this title is, do they want to give Becky the year long run? She hasn't lost the Raw Women's title since winning both titles at WrestleMania 35, but when they want to change that is still somewhat a mystery. With Asuka on the other side of the match card, you have an excellent way to turn Lynch heel (even if she is an incredibly over face). Seeing as Asuka would become only the second Women's Grand Slam Champion with the Raw Women's title, as well as Lynch's awful track record to the Empress on big stages, there could be enough there to justify Asuka winning. While many are in doubt of her chances, I want to know if you think she should win at the Royal Rumble, and if so what to do with Lynch afterwards? Personally I'd have her turn heel and attack Charlotte, as many times as we've seen that match it continues to be, objectively, not a bad match.
  11. Well, one reign ago this title was seen as highly prestigious, especially compared to the Universal Championship. Now, Brock's got his this belt as his semi-permanent shoulder band. Owens and McIntyre are the likely candidates to dethrone Lesnar at WrestleMania, but Owens (and Samoa Joe) is busy with Rollins and Vince just doesn't want to pull the trigger on Drew McIntyre, for whatever reason he could possibly have. Once the title is away from Brock and into the hands of a main event face, RAW will be in a lot better shape. The heel heavy nature of the show means that there will be way more challengers for whoever holds the belt next. Maybe we can get matches like McIntyre vs Styles, or maybe Murphy vs Owens (not that Murphy is worthy of the WWE title shot, but moreso that he is a good wrestler and is aligned with Rollins.)
  12. AEW has been wildly successful in its short lifespan, and this more than enough proof. A new show for AEW allows midcard talents like Darby Allin their time to shine, and it gives more Dynamite time to the main event names, such as PAC. The question should soon be raised when they choose to hold this new show. Tuesday is what I would think, if it is to be believed that AEW Dark (which as has been mentioned, could do with a name change) will be the new televised show. It has already been confirmed it will not be held in the Monday timeslot due to Raw. I'm excited to see what they'll do with more TV time.
  13. We are live from the first Carnage following the Night of Legends event. Later tonight, we will see action between The Riddler and Brrow. But first, let us look back on Night of Legends, in which we witnessed Buddy Ace victorious in the Carnage Scramble, making him the Number One Contender for KENJI's North American Championship at BPZMania V. One of the men who lost that match, "The Chancellor" CJ Sellers is backstage with a microphone, ready to share his thoughts on the previous event's proceedings. "I'm incredibly disappointed in many things. I'm disappointed in how I lost, why I lost, and the general fact that I lost a match I had right in the grasp of my fingertips. All of the things I just listed, not to mention the buckets full of issues I still have, all tie back to one common denominator. Myself. I wasn't good enough, or I didn't try hard enough, or I didn't work hard enough. I wasn't the best, and that is the overarching problem. Men like myself don't tolerate being second to any person in anything. When complacency sets in, something cosmic strikes, and not having the drive to be the absolute best is the killer of dreams, and the creator of nightmares. I lay in bed for the past four nights, losing hours upon hours of sleep contemplating why I didn't measure up. What do I lack that Sameer has, that Arius has, that Buddy Ace has? This is the question I've asked myself over and over, plaguing my personal and social life for the past half week, and the blight always slipping into my mind at the first sight of my own failures." "There is a reason you don't want the aforementioned complacency to set in. The constant self bombardment of self-doubt, self-hatred, and 'What could possibly have gone wrong?' is what destroys a man, tears at his psyche and claws at his very being until he is ripped apart, piece by piece, shredded into the dust of disappointments. The bitterest of failure is the one closest within the grasp of success. On January 12th, I was fingertips, milliseconds away from having completed my goal and having marked my name down to fight against an excellent champion on the largest stage in this company. Instead, a man I mocked and belittled bested me, and all that does is render me a man of hypocrisy." "A moment away was I from punching my ticket to the ring of BPZMania V. Now, I may have been forced into punching my ticket for the front row. It was the opportunity I didn't earn, that I didn't deserve, that I nearly stole. In the end, however, I was not the best, and that moment, those milliseconds, all those fingerprints from glory are irrelevant. All that the stat sheet will say is LOSS. Let me circle back to the original question. What quality of these successful men do I not possess? The talent is, by many accounts, there. Talent is useless, however, without a killer instinct. If that next gear can't be shifted, and if the switch is jammed off of kill, the importance of the talent that you have no longer exists. What else has ceased to exist is my opportunity at greatness. My chance to shine, and to kick off 2020 with a bang." "Maybe the very beginning of this year may have an unfortunate turnout for The Chancellor, but this month is yet to be over. My opportunity to make this year my year still does not lack in its existence. I have one more shot, at the Royal Rumble pay per view, to start off properly. This is my last chance, though, not only for a proper introduction into the new decade but for the NXT Championship I have yet to win. The Tiger has kept his paws around the belt for a decent chunk of time, and he's getting a little too full of himself since that point in time he was first victorious. He claims to be such an excellent champion, defending the title for such an extended period of time, but the guy has never faced a quality opponent. He best not think me to be akin to his recently faced challengers, lest I skin him alive and make a damned fur rug." "Mister Tiger, there two types of insane in this world, and you've made it beyond clear you comprehend the difference. An opponent you and I are more than acquainted with, Amai. At Winter Warfare, you defeated and mentally destroyed the man. He is now a shell of his former self, internally burning with a raging wildfire that does not keep him alive but kills his spirit. This is the result of a lost man's ruined soul, eternally damning himself with the questions of why and how this came to be. The other insanity is one you clearly fear." "You and the Death Notorious Angel teamed to take on the Firing Squad and lost handily to the well-oiled machine that they have become. Why would you team with D.N.A, of all people? The Hall of Fame status? The accolades he chases to this very day? Or perhaps, because he is a man who has given in to insanity. An insane individual highlighted by their apathy towards everything but the very thought of success at any cost, a man who destroys everything in his path for the sake of self-gain, or even more barbaric, a self-serving addiction to pure carnage? That is an individual you are wise to fear, but unfortunately for you, I do not care to align with failures that parade around meaningless victories. You win against competition a broom could destroy, but I have only lost against men of a high caliber, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a level of skill anywhere resembling theirs in yourself. I've lost any semblance of sanity left remaining four nights prior to this, but you will lose your title in many dawns to come. Damn the king, long live The Chancellor." CJ Sellers stares into the camera as it slowly pans out. The mouthed words "Come on out, kitty," can be seen from The Chancellor as his statement is finished. With an emphatic crash, the camera filming Sellers is kicked down and static covers the screen. The last words spoken by The Chancellor are painted on the screen in blue, as Carnage fades to a commercial break. DAMN THE KING LONG LIVE THE CHANCELLOR
  14. With WWE clearly trying to push the narrative that The Fiend can be hurt, I think this is where that may come to light. The Fiend has kicked out of ridiculous amounts of shit in the past, but somewhere in this match there will be a two count. Bryan is a world class wrestler, and even if Bray is an average at best wrestler, as previously stated he works well with Bryan. It's almost a guarantee here that Bray wins, but it won't be a complete domination, like the past matches of The Fiend.

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