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  1. The establishment is back in business, and to quote some dumb announcer from SmackDown vs Raw, business is about to pick up.
  2. Carnage returns from commercial break to see a familiar piece of paper gracing the titantron, lit aflame. The crowd goes wild for The Chancellor, CJ Sellers. He appears on the stage as the crackling of the fire fades into his theme song. He walks down the ramp newly christened as a hero to the crowd after his tearing down of the returning Jack Bishop. After entering the ring and retrieving a microphone, he begins to address the crowd. “So, here we are. You all know of my intentions to win the NXT Championship on December First, at the Survivor Series, but the question must and will be asked. What is next for The Chancellor? What will he do after he wins the gold? Here, we enter a crossroads. I’ve already made the decision that I will vacate my NXT Championship following my inevitable victory.” The crowd boos intensely at this news. “Now, now, do not fret, for I am only losing my title to be a contender for the United States Championship. Speaking of said championship, this leads into what is next for myself.” “I was signed to BPZ in November of last year, but only started competing in January, letting my indie contracts run out. When I arrived, I just narrowly missed the Clapspiracy Tag Team Tournament, one of the biggest tournaments of the year. This year, however, I will not be missing out on these festivities. I will participate in this tournament, and people took notice. Either somebody doesn’t respect me up at the top, or somebody is really scared up at the top, but I and my tag team partner are the 7th seeded team. Who do we face? Jeremiah Flynn, the General Manager of Carnage and Undisputed Champion, and Mikey, the United States Champion. Don’t think this goes unnoticed on me, Flynn. It’s no coincidence that, before Creed took your tag titles, every person in your stable had gold.” The crowd begins to cheer Sellers, after the dark secret Flynn held exposed by Gunner Flynn turned the entire crowd against Jeremiah. “The fact doesn’t get ignored by me, that the only people getting opportunity after opportunity, are the little goons you have in your stable. You found a way to get the two biggest championships in this company into one stable, I must applaud your skill at string pulling yet it still disgusts me your effectiveness at it.” CJ Sellers takes a breather while the crowd cheers him. “Mikey, you aren’t getting ignored either. You have talent, I cannot deny it. You’re one of the most talented young men in this company, and I have respect for your ability. But I cannot respect you, not with how you use that talent.” “I understand wanting to get more opportunities for yourself, and you certainly made good on that opportunity, but to join Bulletproof isn’t something to be proud of. You could hold that US title by yourself, you can definitely hold down the division. To join a stable, to use them as backup for when you can’t do something yourself, that’s sad. It doesn’t matter if that title stays around your waist at Survivor Series or not, because Winter Warfare will make sure it isn’t in Bulletproof. Even if you say this match is against the odds, it doesn’t matter, because I have the fight in me to not get put down. That, along with this man, will be the key to the success of my tag team in this tournament. This man is the key, TO THE PAINMAKERS!" The crowd roars as CJ Sellers turns toward the titantron, and a familiar theme begins playing...
  3. The Painmakers are back in business as Kieron Black and "The Chancellor" CJ Sellers declare for the Tag Team Tournament.
  4. Name: Conor Jakobs Sellers Nickname: CJ Age: 27 Height: 6'2 Weight: 220 lbs. Hometown: Philadelphiaa Backstory: CJ grew up in a rough South Philly neighbourhood. After a gang attempted to kill him, he ended up stabbing them to fend them off, getting arrested in the process. Crime Committed: Attempted murder, assault and battery six counts
  5. This has WWE MOTY written all over it. Three of the best workers in the company, and it will end up stealing the show for sure. Fun fact, all three of these guys were in TNA, but this was already known. I see Roddy taking this win, as NXT will likely be winning the night, and I see this match being one of the reasons why. AJ just as likely could win, however, and so could Nakamura. This match will certainly make for an interesting dynamic, and I'm extremely hyped to watch it. Please let these guys do their thing, Vince, please.
  6. Again, as Alex said, clusterfuck. The names Raw is putting out here is enough to keep a main event scene afloat, and I doubt SmackDown and NXT will fare any differently. Unless The Fiend is slotted in for SmackDown Live, Raw most likely takes this match looking at how star studded their team is. I'm excited for this match, but it likely won't be winning many awards.
  7. As Alex said, this match can and will be a clusterfuck. I expect one of the main roster brands to win here, but only by the virtue that NXT has their women in a WarGames match the night before. Hoping for the best, but this match probably won't be the way my head will turn for a showstopper.
  8. Honestly, this is nothing new from WWE. They've done this with Roman, they did it with Hogan. This is just standard, and while I can't say I agree with the way WWE does their business, they will stick to their guns until the channels start changing. Most people will say they want their product and stars to grow organically, but there is also a side to it where we can defend WWE on this. We could play Devil's Advocate all day on this one.
  9. As the article made reference to, this is simply insult to injury for Cody. This injury could be used to further progress MJF as a true heel in this story, as he could say he threw in the towel for the benefit of Cody (whether mockingly or legitimately) since he was fighting injured. Cody being inable to compete through December is disappointing, and I question if the spot was necessary, but this can be used to advance the MJF/Cody rivalry that is coming, which is some light to come from this setback. Bad break for Cody, but luckily it was nothing too severe.
  10. Crippler

    The Return

    While Jack Bishop talks, a strange phenomenon occurs. The lights go out, and fans yell in surprise, trying to adjust their eyes and fumble to find their phones for light. An audible “What the hell” can be heard by Bishop, and a burning sound seems to be emitted by the titantron. Said titantron proceeds to show the image of ashes, which slowly reverses into a paper, one that has been lit on fire. When the paper fully reforms, with only the top alight, the message is one Carnage has met before. “See you in Hell. Signed, The Chancellor.” The crowd begins to cheer for CJ Sellers, and his entrance theme hits. The man himself, CJ Sellers, whom many have predicted to be the frontrunner to the NXT Championship in recent memory, steps onto the entrance ramp. He has a microphone in hand and leather jacket concealing his torso, and the look on his face is one of frustration mixed with reminiscence. “Jack, Jack, Jack. How are you? Guess the blood we’ve spilled in the past isn’t new, not anymore. Not after both of us took massive amounts of time off, for differing reasons, of course. We seem to cross paths an awful lot, but we never come to blows in an actual match. If you decide to go through with this decision, however, to chase after the gold, that will change. You might not be aware, because your head seems so stuck up your ass that you don’t seem to be knowing much of anything, but the NXT Championship is not yours to win.” The crowd cheers Sellers as he advances to the ring, Jack Bishop clearly upset at having been interrupted, especially by a man who has a history with him, looks to speak back but is silenced by CJ. “Don’t think coming back suddenly and talking for about 4 minutes gives you the right to talk on the name of the one who speaks at this moment. You haven’t been chasing this title ever, let alone forever, as a chase would make the implication you ever came close. You haven’t aired much out in that skull of yours, even with this much recovery time after the beating you took from me, and you never seemed to learn your place.” The Crippler climbs up onto the apron and steps into the ring before continuing. “You are the, your words, by the way, best on the mic, best in the ring, tallest, fastest, strongest, and smartest in this company? You amuse me because it’s clear to all these people here that you are still salty about Clayton not sucking, unlike one of the men in this ring.” The crowd pops at this mention, as Bishop looks insulted, as though he is about to attack The Chancellor. “Don’t be mad at me, Bishop. Be upset with yourself. You never worked for what you wanted, you let actual talent and a human botch reel do your heavy lifting.” CJ moves in closer and gets into the face of Jack Bishop. “You act like this show is about you, but it isn’t. It is about the men and women who spend their money to see this show live, and it is about the men who bust their asses day in and day out to be the best. Speaking of the best, it is most certainly for the best you don’t care about the fans and their opinions because dear lord they hate you. I know how it feels to be out of this ring, my knee was almost destroyed at the hands of somebody who has won a match in this company, and I still competed on it until Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. I sat on the sidelines, antsy and impatient, and I got back into the ring. Your off time has been quite a bit less well spent, crying in the dumpster with the burning ashes of your career and future. I hope you’ll be able to talk after Survivor Series, because it will be me raising my title in the sky, and I will utter the words you just stated. When you leave on a stretcher, don’t say I didn’t tell you such would happen. All I need to accept is one simple fact, Bishop. Knight takes rook, and look out because this is Checkmate.” The crowd erupts for CJ Sellers as he takes a step back to gloat and bask in the cheers. Bishop is visibly pissed, and he raises the microphone to his lips. In response, The Crippler ends with, “Go ahead, Jack. Your move.”
  11. Yelich singlehandedly outdid all of NXT. Baszler holds the title still, and the only real challenger to take the title off her is Mia Yim, or some other way to legitimise LeRae (because they can't go a day in WWE without referencing couples, they can't just let people have their own gimmicks). Baszler won't have a challenger for a bit, what with Survivor Series, but being potentialy the main event of one of the biggest WWE shows a year will certainly get some more eyes on NXT, and with the "Wednesday Night Wars" (if you want to use stale, overused, unclever names) beginning to rise, the women of NXT will certainly need to step up their game to keep pace with AEW.
  12. Did somebody say dribble? Get ready for some more.

  13. The women's division of AEW has been it's weakest part in the eyes of some, but it is still not weak. The Sakura/Riho match at Full Gear surprised many with the quality, and it was arguably MOTN until certain other factors came along. I wonder if they'll build Brandi/Kong up over the next couple months or if Britt Baker's win over Bea Pristley was indicative of her future push, but whatever the case, the future for this title is bright.

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