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  1. Finna do a mimikyu gimmick and beat aaron and not one of you can stop me

    1. Marc Aaron Newton

      Marc Aaron Newton

      Go ahead. Try me.

  2. Great Balls of Fire, coward.
  3. Name: Harib Alsek Nickname: The Bomb Height: 6'1 Weight: 180lb Build: Toned Appearance: Arab Guy Power: Can release explosions from his wrists, can also charge them up to fire off a blast from long range (referred to as Fireworks) General Backstory: Have yourself some fun Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc) : Criminal Preferred Last Words: These fireworks truly befit the beginning of the end
  4. we have returned unlike my dad

    1. Epic1237_


      that's an L

  5. NWA Episode One Regal Welcomes Us To NWA We begin the very first episode of the Newgrounds Wrestling Association with the commissioner, William Regal, standing in the center of the ring. He welcomes us to the NWA, and announces that there will be a tournament to determine the first-ever NWA Heavyweight Champion, and the eight participants will do battle tonight in the tournament’s opening round. Tomohiro Ishii/Shingo Takagi - NWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament Opening Round Regal leaves the ring, and we kick the action off with a match between the Stone Pitbull, Tomohiro Ishii, and the Dragon, Shingo Takagi. A war of stiff blows between the two fierce competitors rages on for a while, neither man willing to give an inch, but Ishii eventually gains the advantage that wins him the match, hitting Shingo with a headbutt with both men rebounding off the ropes before putting him down with a Brainbuster. Show of Respect Following their match, Ishii helps Shingo to his feet, and the two show respect toward each other. They head to the back separately, and we get ready for our next bout. Bobby Lashley/Matt Riddle - NWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament Opening Round Next up, we see the King of Bros do battle with the Dominator. Both men use their MMA experience to deliver vicious strikes, but Riddle gains an upper hand soon into the bout, with stamina issues that had temporarily plagued Lashley in his MMA bouts beginning to re-emerge. Riddle knocks Lashley down with the Final Flash, followed by locking in the Bromission. WALTER/Minoru Suzuki - NWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament Opening Round Following our second match of the night, we see the next bout in the tournament, between the bruising Austrian WALTER and the 51-year-old Minoru Suzuki. Both men deliver on their reputations for hard striking, with the match being highlighted by chops and elbows. However, one particularly hard knife edge chop from WALTER stuns Suzuki for long enough for the Ring General to lift up Minoru Suzuki and slam him down with a devastating Powerbomb. WALTER stacks up Suzuki, getting the three count. Ringkampf Makes A Statement Following WALTER’s victory, we see Timothy Thatcher, Alexander Wolfe, Marcel Barthel, and Fabian Aichner, the latter two a tag team under the name of Imperium, appear and begin to circle the ring. WALTER says that they are the collective of Ringkampf, and that they are the supreme of the NWA. The 5 then begin to assault Minoru Suzuki, beating him down and hitting him with finishers until the Dangerous Tekkers, Taichi and Zack Sabre Jr., rush the ring, clearing out Imperium and Wolfe as WALTER and Thatcher retreat. The Tekkers check on Suzuki as WALTER heads up the ramp. Daniel Bryan/Cesaro - NWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament Opening Round After the Dangerous Tekkers help Suzuki to the back, we prepare to see our final bout of the night, and one that promises to be unlike the prior three slugfests we witnessed, as two of the best technical wrestlers on the planet in Daniel Bryan and Cesaro square off in our main event. Everything that can be called textbook wrestling was pulled out, as the submission master Bryan and the powerful Cesaro try to gain an upper hand on each other. The American Dragon is able to outlast the Swiss Superman, maneuvering out of a Sharpshooter into a LeBell Lock and forcing Cesaro to submit. The show closes with Daniel Bryan standing tall. NWA Episode Two Daniel Bryan/WALTER - NWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Final Round Kicking off this episode of NWA hot is the face-off of Daniel Bryan and WALTER in the first of two semi-finals bouts in the tournament to decide the inaugural NWA Heavyweight Champion. The latter of the men made a huge statement in the prior week with the reveal of the Ringkampf alliance. They prove to be a useful ally for WALTER and a powerful factor in matches, as a match which sees Bryan searching for a weakness in WALTER’s game while trying to stay from the big man’s reach ends with a distraction from Timothy Thatcher, keeping Bryan occupied for long enough for WALTER to turn him around and hit a vicious Powerbomb, stacking him up, much like he did to Suzuki to secure the pinfall victory. Ringkampf Makes Another Statement Thatcher makes his way into the ring following WALTER’s victory, closely followed by Imperium and Alexander Wolfe. They attack the smaller man while WALTER poses in celebration of his victory, before stopping the rest of Ringkampf’s assault to drop Bryan with another Powerbomb. Matt Riddle/Tomohiro Ishii - NWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Final Round Following the assault on Daniel Bryan, we see the match to determine WALTER’s challenger in this week’s main event and the second finalist in the NWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament. The Stone Pitbull is on a bit of a roll after taking down Shingo Takagi in the previous week, but Matt Riddle also has momentum on his side, as he took down Lashley in the prior week. In another stiff match, Riddle’s speed ends up being the deciding factor, as he is able to outmaneuver the smaller Ishii. Wrestling him down with a single leg takedown, Riddle is able to lock in a Bromission and advance to the finals later tonight. Team Filthy Announces Prize Fight Open Challenge Following Riddle and Ishii’s encounter, we see “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Simon Gotch head to the ring, Lawlor with a microphone in hand. They enter the ring, and Lawlor makes the declaration that he and Gotch are the best in the NWA, but Regal refused to give him an opportunity in the Heavyweight Championship tournament. As a result, Lawlor and Gotch are out to prove their skill, and offer an open challenge to any two people who think they could measure up, with an added incentive: anybody who can last 5 minutes in the ring with Team Filthy gets $500 dollars. Two men step onto the stage, ready to form an impromptu alliance to take out Gotch and Lawlor. Team Filthy/The Brian Kendrick and Gentleman Jack Gallagher - Team Filthy Prize Fight While Kendrick and Gallagher seem to have quite some chemistry, especially for two who haven’t worked extensively together before, the experience of Team Filthy as a cohesive unit ends up being the key to dismantling the fast pace of Kendrick and Gallagher. Taking them down well short of the time, Lawlor locks Gentleman Jack Gallagher into a guillotine choke, rag-dolling him until he passes out. WALTER/Matt Riddle - NWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament Final Round We are at the main event of the evening, in which we see the final round to determine the winner of this tournament and the inaugural NWA Heavyweight Champion. WALTER and Matt Riddle, both of whom have had to face extremely difficult opponents to get to this point, put everything on the line to win the tournament. However, the match would not end cleanly, as after WALTER knocks out the referee, we see Zack Sabre Jr. and Taichi hopping from the crowd over the barricade, entering the ring and taking on WALTER 2-on-1. He fends them off until Minoru Suzuki, the man WALTER assaulted the previous week, slides into the ring and hits the Austrian brute in the back with a steel chair. Hitting him twice more with the chair before motioning for Suzuki-gun to exit the ring, leaving Riddle to capitalize on the handiwork of Suzuki. The Original Bro tries to awaken the referee, before locking in a Bromission. WALTER attempts to claw to the ropes, but the intensity of Matt Riddle is too much, as the Ring General taps out. William Regal Massive Announcement Riddle’s celebration is short-lived, however, as instead of being awarded the NWA Heavyweight Championship, he is met by William Regal, the commissioner of the Newgrounds Wrestling Association informs Riddle that his victory over WALTER was tainted, and as commissioner, he has a duty to ensure all bouts are decisive and have a conclusive victor. Because of this, everyone who lost in the tournament would get a shot at redemption, and Matt Riddle would not be crowned NWA Heavyweight Champion unless he is able to defeat the victor of the NWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament’s Second Chance Bracket at the next pay-per-view event, in two weeks. Matt Riddle attempts to grab a mic to protest, and the fans are booing the commissioner, but Regal makes it clear his decision is final, and that there is no more time on this week’s episode of NWA. NWA Episode Three Shingo Takagi/Bobby Lashley - NWA Heavyweight Championship Second Chance Tournament Opening Round We start off our third week of NWA hot with the opening match of the NWA Heavyweight Championship Second Chance Tournament Opening Round. Shingo Takagi, who also opened the prior tournament two weeks before, against Tomohiro Ishii, but instead of the Stone Pitbull, Bobby Lashley stands across the ring from Takagi. The Dominator appears to be in good physical condition, but fell victim to the stamina issues from his own opening round match against Matt Riddle. The Dragon flips the script of his previous match, while Lashley falls to 0-2 in the NWA. Team Filthy Announce Next Prize Fight Last week, we saw “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Simon Gotch issue and win an open challenge in which their opponents would get $500 should they last 5 minutes in the ring with Team Filthy. We see Lawlor and Gotch backstage, and Lawlor says that he’s been in discussions with William Regal. Lawlor claims that Regal said there were a few spots open for the PPV card, so Team Filthy will be free to hold another Team Filthy Prize Fight. Gotch finishes by saying that whatever team is brave enough to answer their call better be ready to get filthy. Minoru Suzuki/Cesaro - NWA Heavyweight Championship Second Chance Tournament Opening Round Our next match features the other two men who were knocked out of the NWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament’s first round in Minoru Suzuki and Cesaro. The Swiss Superman’s power and technical prowess is met in full by the force behind the stiff strikes and submission mastery of Suzuki. Showing no signs of age, the leader of Suzuki-gun is able to lull Cesaro away with a Sleeper before finishing the job with a Gotch-Style Piledriver. William Regal Makes Huge Announcement Following Suzuki’s victory over Cesaro, we cut backstage to William Regal, the commissioner of the NWA. He says that not everyone will have the opportunity afforded to them to go after the NWA Heavyweight Championship, and to amend that, he is implementing a new championship, the NWA Pure Championship. He states that the inaugural champion will be decided at the next NWA pay per view, in 2 weeks time, in a gauntlet. Regal then goes on to say that anybody could show up to this gauntlet, the only person who knows who will is him. Shingo Takagi/Daniel Bryan - NWA Heavyweight Championship Second Chance Tournament Second Round Next up, we see Shingo Takagi, who was victorious earlier in the night in the opening round of the NWA Heavyweight Championship Second Chance Tournament, taking on Daniel Bryan, who fell to the prior tournament’s eventual finalist WALTER in the previous week. The Dragon did not have to face Lashley for too long, but the effects of stamina still come back to haunt him, as the fresher Bryan is able to lock in a LeBell Lock to a Shingo Takagi who was attempting to catch his breath, and the hold forces Shingo to tap. Following the match, the two men shake hands, a show of respect between the Dragon and the American Dragon. Regal’s Second Big Announcement Of The Night We cut back to William Regal, who states there is another announcement involving title implications to be made. He says the NWA isn’t just about fighting solo, teamwork is vital to success in some cases, and that holds true with the NWA Tag Team Championships. He goes on to say he’s selected three teams, the Brit-Am Brawlers, The Revival, and reDRagon, who exemplify the art of tag team wrestling, and next week, the match between Dangerous Tekkers and Imperium would decide the fourth team in the Four Corners Tag Team match at the upcoming pay per view event to determine the inaugural Tag Team Champions. Minoru Suzuki/Tomohiro Ishii - NWA Heavyweight Championship Second Chance Tournament Second Round The main event of the week pits two men who are extremely familiar with one another in competition, as Minoru Suzuki and Tomohiro Ishii go head to head with the Second Chance Tournament looming large. Both men, masters of the Strong Style, pull out many stops, but Suzuki is able to lock in a Sleeper Hold by reversing a Brainbuster, and Ishii passes out from the rear naked choke. The night ends with Kaze ni Nare playing throughout the arena, Suzuki standing tall in the ring, seeking to go all the way in his redemption. NWA Episode Four Daniel Bryan/Minoru Suzuki - NWA Heavyweight Championship Second Chance Tournament Semi-Final Round Kicking off our go home show with a bang, Daniel Bryan and Minoru Suzuki go head to head to determine who will go on to face WALTER in the main event of the evening and determine Matt Riddle’s challenger at the pay per view. The match is incredibly even for its majority, neither man finding a weakness in the other while locked up, but Suzuki is able to gain an advantage by turning to the hard strikes he employs, leaving Bryan without a proper counter and allowing Suzuki to capitalize, eventually being able to hit him with the Gotch-Style Piledriver for the win. Suzuki advances to the final match of the NWA Heavyweight Championship Second Chance Tournament. Show of Respect Not Reciprocated Following the match, before leaving the ring, Daniel Bryan offers a handshake to Suzuki, however the victor denies it, waving Bryan off as he turns around and leaves the ring, heading toward the locker room to prepare for his upcoming match. Dangerous Tekkers (with Miho Abe)/Imperium Bryan leaves the ring, and then the competitors of the next match come out, as Zack Sabre Jr. and Taichi of Suzuki-gun look to take on Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel of Ringkampf, with the winner being inserted into the NWA Tag Team Championship match at the upcoming pay per view. In the end, ZSJ is able to lock in Orienteering with Napalm Death on Aichner, leading to a tapout victory and the chance for the Dangerous Tekkers to win the NWA Tag Team Championships. Regal Makes An Announcement, But Is Interrupted Cutting away to the office of NWA commissioner William Regal, the aforementioned Regal makes an announcement. He says that both Suzuki and WALTER worked to get back into the spots they got to, and that neither man should go unrewarded for their efforts. Likewise, he acknowledges Daniel Bryan has always been so close and yet so far thus far in the NWA, and so he would be getting an opportunity himself. So, Regal continues, the winner of our main event will go on to face Matt Riddle at Breeding Chaos, the first NWA pay per view event. However, the loser of the match will go on to face Daniel Bryan at Breeding Chaos in a number one contender’s match to determine the Heavyweight Champion’s first challenger. Regal wishes all four men luck but is then interrupted by Matt Riddle. The Original Bro claims he deserved his win, and that winning three matches in two weeks shouldn’t be taken away because his opponent made enemies. Regal disagrees, and tells Riddle the Second Chance Tournament has already happened anyways, with the main event being next. However, he assures Riddle that the outcome of his match will be decisive, regardless of whoever interferes. Imperium Get Angry Backstage The camera cuts to the locker room, where we see Imperium, frustrated having lost to the Dangerous Tekkers earlier in the night and losing their opportunity at the NWA Tag Team Championships. Laughter can be heard in the background, though, and it gets louder as the camera pans to Colt Cabana, Toru Yano, and Ryusuke Taguchi, the latter of which is dancing, to the humor of the other two men. Aichner gets angry, yelling at Taguchi and telling him to take his dancing somewhere else, but Cabana tells him to ease up a bit. Barthel is angered by this, advancing toward Cabana and challenging the trio to face Ringkampf at Breeding Chaos. Cabana and Yano get up and do a “group huddle” with Taguchi before they break and agree to the match. This appears to frustrate Imperium further, but they back off, and we cut to the ring to witness our main event and last match before Breeding Chaos. Minoru Suzuki/WALTER - NWA Heavyweight Championship Second Chance Tournament Finals - Matt Riddle Guest Commentary This rematch of week one pits the leaders of the factions of the NWA against each other, as Minoru Suzuki and WALTER face off with Matt Riddle being on guest commentary for the match. Just like their prior encounter, Suzuki and WALTER have an extremely physical bout, this one even moreso, fueled by a growing hatred between these two men, as WALTER’s stable, Ringkampf, assaulted Suzuki following their first bout, and Suzuki-gun cost the Austrian his Heavyweight Championship match the next week. The aforementioned stables attempted to get involved and interfere with the match but were both stopped by each other. There seems to be an extra fire lit under Minoru Suzuki, as he pulls out all of the stops in his arsenal on the way to defeating the Ring General, getting his win back and stamping his name into the main event of Breeding Chaos. Staredown Immediately following the match, Suzuki does not celebrate, but instead turns his attention to Matt Riddle, who himself is standing up. The King of Bros takes his headset off and slides into the ring, but is followed immediately by Zack Sabre, Jr. and Taichi. They stand between Suzuki and Riddle, looking primed for action, but Riddle and Suzuki do not break their gazes, engaged in a staredown as the final scene before Breeding Chaos.
  6. Having somebody besides Nate as Teddy Long
  7. Quarter-Final Cody vs Shawn Spears: Cody Sammy Guevara vs Darby Allin: Sammy Guevara Dustin Rhodes vs Kip Sabian: Dustin Rhodes Lance Archer vs Colt Cabana: Lance Archer Semi-Final Sami Guevara vs Cody: Cody Lance Archer vs Dustin Rhodes: Lance Archer Final Lance Archer vs Cody: Lance Archer
  8. Last Resort - Papa Roach Die Trying - Art of Dying Army of Noise - Bullet for My Valentine Driven - Sevendust
  9. The Brokest


    Instead of turning off the camera, it is kept rolling on Gunner Flynn as the footsteps grow nearer, running toward the Premium Champion, unaware of his apparent pursuer. The camera does not pan over to discover the identity of this person until Gunner notices the sounds of his running. The Bastard begins to slowly turn around but is caught mid-spin, face first with some sort of object that splits in half upon impact. The camera follows the half that split off, one half of a skateboard, before panning up to the other half, held firmly in the grasp of Gunner Flynn’s newfound enemy and opponent at World at War, The Chancellor, CJ Sellers. He stares down at his fallen foe, stepping over him and crouching down, squatting over Gunner before addressing him. “I know you can’t exactly hear me so clearly, Gunner Flynn, so I’ll leave this as a little after present, a message sent and clearly delivered in response to your own. Firstly, I want to address the lack of respect it is that I have shown to you since before BPZMania V. Never once have you afforded me any level of respect, you would repeatedly claim in the recent past that I am good, yet not good enough. You have not decided I am worthy of your respect, and as such you shall receive exactly as you have sown. It appears our goals are aligned, though, Gunner. Parallel, but aligned. We both seek victory over each other, and we are both plagued with the thoughts of self-redemption, trapped by the demons that keep our minds grounded and focused solely and singularly on the restitution of our careers. We both fall victim to similar traps, we are very similar men in several regards, and while opposites may attract, two men who walk along the same path must now come face to face, and that is what we want, what I need. I need to face you, one on one, I need to face you in a wrestling match, a contest to determine the superiority of two men, one which can only have one true winner. We will face each other head to head, and while I may hold contempt for the means by which a result comes about, as you yourself stated, how this comes to a head no longer holds relevance. The only matter of relevance at this point in time is the result of the match in which we face off in, who is marked with a win, who is marked with a loss. This match, it was almost fated…” The words stop flowing from CJ as he begins to lose himself deep in thought. The Chancellor’s face of malice for the Bastard slowly eases into an expression of emptiness, void of emotion for a period of almost two minutes. Shifting the position of his legs instinctively alerts Sellers back to reality, and once more, he begins to speak. “Fate. The concept itself reeks of absurdity, something unknown, perhaps a sentient God or perhaps the will of existence itself, with every event planned out and guaranteed to occur, planned down to the last minute detail. Then, those like me, the men who would claim to oppose fate itself, the absolute imposed upon the world, and yet I wish to attempt to change this fate, to break the chain and to insert myself where I believe myself to belong in this world. Honestly, if it were a man other than myself saying these things, I would likely be prone to laugh. I would scoff and insult the man standing in front of me who says that he can oppose the will of fate, yet when I say it, it sounds perfectly natural to my ears. When I say that I must, that I will oppose and change fate, I believe myself a man primed to perform such a task, but ironically, that change of fates likely is but a figment of destiny, the falsification of an underdog story in full effect. In any event, even if it is fated to be that only one man of us two can hold our heads high and claim victory, both you and I, the Bastard and The Chancellor, we are both men who are the personification of those who would change fate, those with the ability to alter the ultimate outcome of our careers. Only one man has this opportunity, though, only one man can defeat the other. Two cogs in a broken machine, which cog would be the first to pop itself out, to save itself at the expense of the crumbling the contraption? That man is one of us, Gunner Flynn, and while neither of us hold a crystal ball, I’m going to make my own prediction, just as you have made yours. I believe that I will be the one standing tall once the conclusion has been reached, once the curtain draws on our match, but I will be standing tall only figuratively. Gunner Flynn, you have vowed to try your damndest to expel your own feelings of doubt and to defeat me once and for all, but you display your very best every night, night in and night out. I know what you look like at your best. These past 15 months, you do not have the leisure of witnessing The Chancellor at his peak, but it is shaping up that I will be forced to pull out every stop, I must be at my absolute best at World at War. You wish to be the man undisputedly standing over me, but I’d anticipate our match will not end until two men are incapacitated, and win or lose, I vow myself to guarantee neither of us will be walking under our own power at the finish of our meeting. Damn the King, long live The Chancellor.” CJ Sellers stands back up, staring down at the Bastard after delivering the line now synonymous with The Chancellor. Stepping over Gunner, Sellers begins to walk off, and the camera finally cuts away from the two men, the end of their final meeting prior to World at War finished.
  10. Bea Priestley vs Nixon Newell (WCPW Womens Championship) Joe Coffey vs Primate Hendry & Conners vs Prospect Big Damo (c) vs El Ligero (WCPW Heavyweight Championship) Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble: Will Ospreay
  11. The Brokest

    BPZ: Evolve

    Ena Akamatsu Heel Signatures - Millennium Suplex, (Ospreay's) Robinson Special Finisher - Go 2 Sleep, Busaiku he no Hizageri, Ura Go 2 Sleep (Rare) Sermon - Drowning Pool God Complex, "God's Gift To/From Japan" (KENTA Figurehead)
  12. Seen on the BPZ YouTube channel is a video untitled. Clicking on it, and at first, you are met with nothing. Then, the sounds of static, a blurred visual enveloping the screen. Slowly tuning back into reality, the screen’s focus sharpening as the static fades. A fire crackling in the background, behind a man of short stature. This man, a blonde man, stares deep into the camera with a face half-painted, a symbolism linked directly to The Chancellor, CJ Sellers. As the static fully fades, and the imagery of Sellers is fully focused, free from blur, we can see the reflection of light coming from the fire, and the dimly lit state of the room becomes noticeable. The Chancellor takes a seat in a chair close behind him, a rocking chair, sitting back and crosses one leg over the other before he begins to speak. “Arming themselves with an arsenal of wordly weapons, two men go to war to declare themselves the better of two competitors. They stake claim to superiority, but when the time for words is through, when the gift of the gab can no longer serve nor save you any longer, and it is time for boots to be laced and for fists to be dealt, and when it is time for two wrestlers to fight until one is incapacitated, enough so that we can declare the other the winner, and therefore the better wrestler, the more talented performer, the best man, because the best man theoretically should always win. This is the standard we follow, this is professional wrestling and it is meant to be a formula followed, allowing us who call this a profession to shine, allowing us the platform to duke it out and prove to every single person watching who is better. This is our system in professional wrestling, the order that is followed. Then, I would pose a question, a very simple one, and yet will be thrown, tossed, screamed into an abyss endlessly, and even beyond eternity, there shall never be an answer. Why in the Hell have I not received these opportunities?” CJ’s eyes begin to appear more angered, frustration beginning to seep into his expression, being visible on his facial features and in the inflection of his voice. Beginning to hunch over, he keeps his gaze rested upon the camera recording him. “Out of twelve matches in this company, and eleven of them resulting in my losing, I have had two singles matches. Ten times I have been thrust into the endless body-piling of multi-man matches, whether it be for the NXT title, the United States, the Premium Championship I just contested for, or even in matches without title ramifications, such as the Carnage Showcase. However, only twice have I been afforded a match one on one with another wrestler, with a 50/50 chance of winning. I’m not a genetic freak, I may be extremely talented in a wrestling ring, and I may be athletic beyond measure, but I am not capable of going out there, night in, night out, and running the gauntlet, having to slay four other competitors every single time I have a match. And, even if I have been afforded those two aforementioned singles matches, the two men I have faced in this company were Jeremiah Flynn, who enlisted in external help to achieve his victory over me, and one Arius, who is… er, rather, was, the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. Hell, Flynn held that exact title five times, and I was expected to compete with them… Well, I suppose that cannot be said. I was not expected to be anywhere near the level of those two men, not by anybody except for myself. And even so, I did come so painfully, excruciatingly close to victory. Gunner Flynn, you were close, I will admit. You almost had Jeremiah Flynn. It went a little like this.” CJ Sellers places one hand in the air, palm toward the ceiling. He takes his other hand and slaps it down, mimicking the count of a referee. Stopping at about what would be seen as 2 and a half, The Chancellor then speaks a few sentences. “That represents your match with your brother, Gunner Flynn. You had him quite close to defeat, but he persevered. He did not give in and ended up defeating you. However,” Sellers stops talking and lays his hand back in its prior position, counting one, two, and stopping with his fingertips barely connected to his palm before stopping and addressing Gunner. “I had him. I was closer than humanly conceivable to victory over Jeremiah Flynn, a five-time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, the longest-reigning BPZ Undisputed Champion of all time, I HAD HIM. And yet, the interference of the Firing Squad ripped it all away from me, and I fell to Flynn. I was so fucking close, but it is important to note that I was closer than you, and there’s a reason. I am purely more talented than you as a professional wrestler. I don’t need your opinion, nor that of anybody who would wish to gauge my talent, to know I am purely that good. You would say you are more confident in yourself than ever before, but your peppering of lies in conscious attempts to deceive your crumbling unconscious do not go unnoticed, and I will not go without stating what they really are. You have admitted the mental damage your critics have done to you, Gunner Flynn you know that you live to seek petty validation, and yet you deny it still even while affirming this truth with your own words?” “I can’t change what you have done, Gunner Flynn. I can change nothing but the perspective I hold and the effort I put in, attempting to change the winds of fate and blow them in my favour. You’re right about one thing, though. There have been fifteen continuous months in which I have been unsuccessful in my attempts. However, you yourself are still wrong about that same topic. You think I haven’t gotten back up, I have not stood and dusted myself off, and I have not worked even harder than before every single time I’ve lost? You naive fool, Gunner Flynn. Retribution is but one form of words which you could use to express that which I seek. I seek the pain of battle, the scars you will carve into me and what I will inflict upon myself in tries to put you away. I seek the agony we will both feel, the aches and pulls and tears and breaks that will be our aftermath, the torment that will be inflicted upon our bodies. Most of all, though, I seek the sick gratification one can only achieve in our line of work. I yearn for the twisted satisfaction one attains following a match, one in which you know you inflicted severe anguish to another human being, and you revel in it. Hold no misconceptions, Gunner Flynn, I may be no genetic freak, but I am not normal. That smile which you would share cannot be shared barring it is mutual, but it would be exactly that. When there is pain to be dealt, when pain is being dealt, there will be a grin plastered across my face, a demented expression which will eventually have to be refueled with the suffering of another. The Chancellor moves on, and soon after I defeat you, Gunner Flynn, you will have to make your own choice. Will you seek your own retribution on yours truly, will you let this hang over your very soul, or will you be capable, mentally, of moving on, of shifting gears to more important, nearer battles? Damn the King, long live The Chancellor.” The hardened expression of CJ Sellers slowly becomes less visible, the screen once again returning to its prior state of blurriness, and the static piercing the ears of all who would watch returns, slowly, until it wholly consumes all other sound, the fire’s crackle and all, until everything blacks out, and the video address of The Chancellor comes to a close. How will Gunner choose to react to these words from The Chancellor?
  13. My loins are ready for surprise round two, let's do this.
  14. Newgrounds Wrestling Association Roster Singles Alexander Wolfe Austin Aries Bobby Fish Bobby Lashley Cain Velazquez Cesaro Chavo Guerrero Colt Cabana Daniel Bryan Danny Burch Dash Wilder Drew Gulak El Phantasmo Fabian Aichner Jack Gallagher James Drake Jonathan Gresham Kassius Ohno Ken Shamrock Kurt Angle Kyle O'Reilly Marcel Barthel Matt Riddle Minoru Suzuki Oney Lorcan Ryusuke Taguchi Scott Dawson Shingo Takagi Simon Gotch Taichi w/Miho Abe Taiji Ishimori The Brian Kendrick Timothy Thatcher TJP Tom Lawlor Tomohiro Ishii Toru Yano WALTER Zack Gibson Zack Sabre Jr. Tag Teams Brit-Am Brawlers Dangerous Tekkers Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel Grizzled Young Veterans reDRagon Taiji Ishimori & El Phantasmo The Revival General Manager William Regal
  15. All of my two promos with Kieron were great to me. Still wonder if we would've dethroned the Big Ballers had I not died.
  16. Be good enough that I can get within like 5 votes of Gwyn in an NA title match
  17. Punk, Styles, Okada, Nakamura, HBK, KENTA, Tana, Black
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    The crowd’s lack of unity further showed itself as Indestructible begins to play, signalling the arrival of The Chancellor. However, the lack of a unanimous favourite is not a sign of indecisiveness among the crowd, as the same men who booed The Bastard would be the ones to cheer for the entrance of CJ Sellers, and vice versa. Riding along his signature skateboard, The Chancellor enters the stage, looking around the paying audience and taking in the atmosphere. He rides down to the ring following these glances, stopping before coming into contact with the ring apron and stepping off the skateboard, grabbing it in one hand and using the other to grasp the bottom rope as he pulls himself up the apron. Staring down Gunner before stepping into the ring, The Chancellor crouches down to place his skateboard near the apron, not breaking his stare on The Bastard, Gunner. Sellers proceeds to grab the mic from The Bastard. Taking several steps back and raising the microphone to his lips, he begins to speak. “After touching something tainted by someone such as yourself, who symbolizes the human definition of slimy, I may need to grab some hand sanitizer in a few minutes. Nonetheless, this microphone will be the stick of truth, if you would, the conveyor of the truth to the masses who dare break the cycle and lend an ear to those who would wish to pursue a different truth. Gunner Flynn, look at yourself, you state that the match in which you faced The Chancellor wasn’t a light battle, and simultaneously would stand here smugly and act as though you were never in doubt of your victory, that this was bound to the outcome of our battle by fate. Yet, I must ask you a small question, Gunner Flynn. When I hit the Coffin Drop on Dr. X, when I landed dead center on his body and I hooked his outside leg, when the referee dropped to the mat and started counting, where was your head? When the first slap of the mat rang through the air, and you scrambled to slide back into this ring, why was it so that you panicked? When the count of two was declared, and you started to lunge for me, what was the thought process behind your actions? When you grabbed my leg and pulled me from the pin, when you grabbed me and hit me with a Falcon Arrow, when you made the decision to throw me from the ring and then pin Dr. X, what was it that you, The Bastard, was thinking? When you attained a three count off of my finishing move, and you won your title off my efforts, when a judgement call was tasked to you, when you had to follow your gut, and the verdict your mind reached was to not finish what you started, but instead break the bank with another man’s savings, what in the Hell was it that you were feeling?” The Chancellor appears uncharacteristically enraged, getting very intense with the delivery of his words as he cuts down Gunner. He stops for a moment, and looks nowhere but directly into the steely, blue eyes of The Bastard, and while glaring at the Premium Champion, Sellers takes a step forward, Gunner beginning to take a noticeably defensive stance to match his bitter expression. Once again, CJ Sellers speaks into the microphone. “Doubt. Every single man, woman, and child to roam this planet has fallen victim to the clutches of doubt, whether it be the unreliability of the world around them, or the instability of the world inside of them. You, Gunner Flynn, are of both categories. You are plagued by the demonic rumblings of your own psyche, and embedded deep into your soul is the message sown by your brother, Jeremiah Flynn, and the harsh, unaccepting society that we live in, you aren’t good enough, you can’t measure up, you don’t, won’t, you can not cut it. I hate to repeat myself, but once again I will refer to your own words, the gospel of your soul. Why is it that you need to prove anything to yourself? You yourself cannot believe in your talent, in your ability, so why should we? If you don’t trust the skills you have as a competitor, do you even have those skills, and even if you would answer yes, is it possible for you to extract the fullest and deepest capabilities locked in you? I am arrogant in your eyes, but it only proves that I know of and that I have a profound trust in my own talent as a professional wrestler. I have nothing to prove to myself, I know I can win, it’s simply a matter of execution. You seem to fancy yourself of a separate ilk, and this cloth you wish to cut yourself from, this clay you wish to mold into the ideal image, it fails you on an idealistic level.” The sounds of syllables ringing from the lips of The Chancellor to the rafters of the Carnage Arena gradually grow sharper, the hatred and malice felt for Gunner echoing louder and clearer with each passing second, gradually amplifying itself as CJ Sellers addresses The Bastard. Two more steps forward are taken, inching The Chancellor ever closer to Gunner, and the height difference between the two men begins to become ever apparent as the distance between them shortens. The Chancellor begins to speak one more time following his motions toward Gunner. “Idealism, it truly is the reason which we bicker and fight over, the polar opposites we both embody as men. If I am the embodiment of all that you wish to discuss, the unforgiving, realistic viewpoint, allow me then the time to divulge upon this matter. I am a self-identified realist, I stay within the confines of actuality, content and to a degree happy to allow myself only the thoughts of what could and likely would occur. You, however, seem to be an idealist. You have to take this strong moral high ground, you have a way you believe in firmly, and would wish for everyone to conform to these ideals, these ideals that you can be anything you want to be, you can achieve any goal with the right preparation and the proper mindset. You strive for the biggest prize and desire more and more and more. You care more strongly for the ideal world you chase than to craft the real world, the true existence that denies your fantasies of being capable of any task, the fantasies that pander to the weak who desire strength, the dictated whom long for the power to govern those they struggle alongside. Your head is in the clouds, Gunner Flynn, and this ideal world of which I speak, everything I claim you to ultimately desire, is a world in which you have done enough to be accepted. You yearn to be told you are good enough, you can measure up, you do, will, you can cut it. Of course, when we get into the ring, and when it comes to blows, and when the fantasies have temporarily subsided, all that they exist to disguise the ugly existence of rears its ugly head, and you begin to doubt yourself further, it eats away and chews through your mental state. It destroys you, you want out, you desire, you need this escape, and you have this illusion you will finally be validated with the Premium Championship currently draped over your shoulder.” CJ Sellers ceases speaking once more, taking a breath and taking one step, this one fully bridging the gap between The Chancellor and The Bastard. Staring up into the disdainful eyes of the man seven inches taller than The Chancellor, CJ Sellers does not hesitate, but instead the delivery of his final message becomes even more aggressive, and is spoken in a tone implicative of the blood feud beginning to brew between these two men among only very few interactions. The final message is finally delivered by The Chancellor, as the microphone in his hand raises back one last time for the night. “Gunner Flynn, we battled in a match of five men, and that match was to determine the holder of the Premium Championship. I don’t desire that title, the distinction that comes with it, the only thing that I want, the one thing that I need is you, in a ring with me. Only me, and just me. You lay claim to my defeat when three other men posed as distractions, but when there is but one man ahead of you, that man being me, will you truly find the validation you seek? There is only one way to find out, a way you know, and one I do as well. I propose the date April the Tenth. The Bastard… and The Chancellor. We shall go to War, just as the World. When this collision occurs, make no mistakes, there can only be one man with a victory marked in his column, and I personally assure you, that man is the one speaking directly to you. Damn the King, long live The Chancellor.” Having laid down a clear challenge for Gunner, The Chancellor lays the microphone into the hand of Gunner, seemingly awaiting a response, but upon a lack of answer in the span of roughly two minutes, CJ Sellers says something clearly visible to the camera, “You get back to me now.” He walks backward, toward the ring apron, rolling out and grabbing his skateboard before walking up the ramp, turning around to stare down Gunner one more time before Carnage heads to commercial break.

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