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  1. Cor Von, Punk, SubMasters, Burke, Lashley Also wanna highlight that wow meko gave mysterio a win
  2. Bob if you don't make me a victim of Icon's kek great diary tho
  3. Hit me up on discord if you are interested in signing up, once we've started I will invite everybody to the discord server.
  4. The original Ultimate X match between Kazarian, Sabin and Michael Shane.
  5. Gods Plan. I just think the song is overall bad, and on top of that the most "catchy" lyrics make no fucking sense and it bothers me beyond the point of comprehension.
  6. Odyssey Sellers The Crippler Puroresu Springboard 450 Splash, BME (Best Moonsault Ever) Journey's End (Powerbomb Lungblower), Soul Search (Black Mass) Oakland, California
  7. Andre was undefeated for 15 years. His track record speaks for itself, and Andre is a much scarier overall guy. Undertaker and Kane never flipped cars with people inside them in the road. Andre also had an iconic rivalry with Hogan and worked perfectly alongside Heenan.
  8. Was there any reason for Roman to win in 2015? No.
  9. I know somebody previously linked one of them, but TNA has about 4 free threeways between Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and Christopher Daniels. I advise you do what I have not and watch them all. Also sidenote Drew Galloway vs Matt Hardy is free. There's so much good content from the Impact channel.
  10. Name: Jay Height: 6'2 Weight: 200 lb. Race: Namekian Name of Special Attacks (2): Shutan Sochi (Melee Barrage), Jaakuna Ito (Versatile Ki Blast) Name of Ultimate Attacks (2): Gemuoba (Pincer Ki Blasts), Aku no Hiza (Knee Strike Melee) Good/Evil/Neutral: Evil
  11. Breaking News: Several, including Japanese Star, Go Extreme? ECW Snubbed? Star Close To Injury? Reports are indicating that ECW has signed multiple talents, and in their first signing spree there were two who declined offers to the company. To start with who pushed away offers, reports are indicating that Genichiro Tenryu and former ECW Heavyweight Champion Masato Tanaka refused the company for seperate reasons. Tanaka felt uncomfortable with being chained to a company longterm, and Tenryu wished to maintain a peaceful retirement, per sources inside the company. They did manage to sign four stars however. Rob Eckos, formerly known as Robbie E, KUSHIDA, Tenille Dashwood, formerly WWE's Emma, and Angel Williams all signed deals with the company. KUSHIDA may help the environment of the locker room, as prior to his signing KENTA was the sole Japanese speaking member of the roster, and was somewhat isolated from others backstage. Reports are saying KUSHIDA is in line for several high profile opportunities, as Dangerously is quite high on the youngster. He also signed a pay per appearance with Pro Wrestling NOAH, however his deal with New Japan is still maintained. Ring of Honor and ECW star Cody has been taking on a far more physically grueling schedule as of recent, and it has been said by those close to him that he is extremely fatigued. He may need to take time off, or take less matches, lest he suffer the cold fate of injury. We'll be back next time with a report on the next edition of ECW Hardcore TV!
  12. Absolution Good Brothers Balor Usos Cena Sane Rollins
  13. I'm a bit confused on the placement of each executive. Bischoff manned the ship that was WCW and was the (credited) mind behind the new World order, so soap opera wrestling is familiar to him. Heyman also would be better in a more wrestling centric show like the new FOX SmackDown is expected to be. Either way, both heading a brand is certainly a step in the right direction, and with Extreme Rules up next, Heyman's starting out in his comfort zone, so now more than ever is the time to flip. the. switch. Redraft everybody, give them who they need to increase ratings.
  14. Cole Black Pain Asuka Itami
  15. Honestly, as much as I love the prospect of this match, it still frustrates the hell out of me. For them to have no creative plans for Drew McIntyre (who is aligned with somebody who hands out title shots) is ridiculous, and the wasted potential threatened here is massive. They should have a really good brawl at WrestleMania, and Drew will come out looking a star, win or loss.
  16. People have been really sleeping on the four way, but I think it is a dark horse pick for match of the night. The card looks solid up and down, and being free gives off more exposure for the upstart company. PAC leaving AEW somewhat sucks, but I would argue it is offset by the signing of Jon Moxley. Hopefully PAC and AEW work something out, but I do find it interesting PAC's image is still on the AEW website. Overall, a show I am much looking forward to.
  17. I think non sleep deprived me put it best. "Whats he supposed to do pull a 5 star match out of Baron Corbin's asshole?" Having Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans (even if they are not competing for said belt) compete in the Universal title match is even more sad than Corbin getting chance after chance after chance. On a show with the Undertaker facing Shane McMahon, this match is the least excited I will likely ever get about a pay per view match.
  18. You have Samoa Joe, a Raw superstar, competing for the WWE title, yes you aren't even willing to give Nakamura a chance? WWE needs to do better in the challenger department, look at how barren the SmackDown main event scene is even if you count KO-Zayn. Nakamura has the ability to carry the main event, to not give him the ball is foolish. I'm glad he is happy with where he is, and maybe he'll eventually be given some sore of opportunity.
  19. Aladdin 101 Lion King Tangled
  20. I don't think he would be. He was built on an era of colourful characters and keeping kayfabe, the age of family friendly, Saturday morning cartoon wrestling. When they needed a babyface to poster the company, he took the role. He couldn't replicate that success in the modern era. His nWo days, maybe, as it was a character more suited to today's world of wrestling, but I would imagine his body would have been declining by that point in time.

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