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  1. Hit me up on discord if you are interested in signing up, once we've started I will invite everybody to the discord server.
  2. The original Ultimate X match between Kazarian, Sabin and Michael Shane.
  3. Gods Plan. I just think the song is overall bad, and on top of that the most "catchy" lyrics make no fucking sense and it bothers me beyond the point of comprehension.
  4. Odyssey Sellers The Crippler Puroresu Springboard 450 Splash, BME (Best Moonsault Ever) Journey's End (Powerbomb Lungblower), Soul Search (Black Mass) Oakland, California
  5. Andre was undefeated for 15 years. His track record speaks for itself, and Andre is a much scarier overall guy. Undertaker and Kane never flipped cars with people inside them in the road. Andre also had an iconic rivalry with Hogan and worked perfectly alongside Heenan.
  6. Was there any reason for Roman to win in 2015? No.
  7. I know somebody previously linked one of them, but TNA has about 4 free threeways between Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and Christopher Daniels. I advise you do what I have not and watch them all. Also sidenote Drew Galloway vs Matt Hardy is free. There's so much good content from the Impact channel.
  8. "The Crippler" Jay

    DBZ: BPZ

    Name: Jay Height: 6'2 Weight: 200 lb. Race: Namekian Name of Special Attacks (2): Shutan Sochi (Melee Barrage), Jaakuna Ito (Versatile Ki Blast) Name of Ultimate Attacks (2): Gemuoba (Pincer Ki Blasts), Aku no Hiza (Knee Strike Melee) Good/Evil/Neutral: Evil
  9. Breaking News: Several, including Japanese Star, Go Extreme? ECW Snubbed? Star Close To Injury? Reports are indicating that ECW has signed multiple talents, and in their first signing spree there were two who declined offers to the company. To start with who pushed away offers, reports are indicating that Genichiro Tenryu and former ECW Heavyweight Champion Masato Tanaka refused the company for seperate reasons. Tanaka felt uncomfortable with being chained to a company longterm, and Tenryu wished to maintain a peaceful retirement, per sources inside the company. They did manage to sign four stars however. Rob Eckos, formerly known as Robbie E, KUSHIDA, Tenille Dashwood, formerly WWE's Emma, and Angel Williams all signed deals with the company. KUSHIDA may help the environment of the locker room, as prior to his signing KENTA was the sole Japanese speaking member of the roster, and was somewhat isolated from others backstage. Reports are saying KUSHIDA is in line for several high profile opportunities, as Dangerously is quite high on the youngster. He also signed a pay per appearance with Pro Wrestling NOAH, however his deal with New Japan is still maintained. Ring of Honor and ECW star Cody has been taking on a far more physically grueling schedule as of recent, and it has been said by those close to him that he is extremely fatigued. He may need to take time off, or take less matches, lest he suffer the cold fate of injury. We'll be back next time with a report on the next edition of ECW Hardcore TV!
  10. Absolution Good Brothers Balor Usos Cena Sane Rollins
  11. I'm a bit confused on the placement of each executive. Bischoff manned the ship that was WCW and was the (credited) mind behind the new World order, so soap opera wrestling is familiar to him. Heyman also would be better in a more wrestling centric show like the new FOX SmackDown is expected to be. Either way, both heading a brand is certainly a step in the right direction, and with Extreme Rules up next, Heyman's starting out in his comfort zone, so now more than ever is the time to flip. the. switch. Redraft everybody, give them who they need to increase ratings.
  12. Cole Black Pain Asuka Itami
  13. Honestly, as much as I love the prospect of this match, it still frustrates the hell out of me. For them to have no creative plans for Drew McIntyre (who is aligned with somebody who hands out title shots) is ridiculous, and the wasted potential threatened here is massive. They should have a really good brawl at WrestleMania, and Drew will come out looking a star, win or loss.
  14. People have been really sleeping on the four way, but I think it is a dark horse pick for match of the night. The card looks solid up and down, and being free gives off more exposure for the upstart company. PAC leaving AEW somewhat sucks, but I would argue it is offset by the signing of Jon Moxley. Hopefully PAC and AEW work something out, but I do find it interesting PAC's image is still on the AEW website. Overall, a show I am much looking forward to.
  15. I think non sleep deprived me put it best. "Whats he supposed to do pull a 5 star match out of Baron Corbin's asshole?" Having Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans (even if they are not competing for said belt) compete in the Universal title match is even more sad than Corbin getting chance after chance after chance. On a show with the Undertaker facing Shane McMahon, this match is the least excited I will likely ever get about a pay per view match.
  16. You have Samoa Joe, a Raw superstar, competing for the WWE title, yes you aren't even willing to give Nakamura a chance? WWE needs to do better in the challenger department, look at how barren the SmackDown main event scene is even if you count KO-Zayn. Nakamura has the ability to carry the main event, to not give him the ball is foolish. I'm glad he is happy with where he is, and maybe he'll eventually be given some sore of opportunity.
  17. Aladdin 101 Lion King Tangled
  18. I don't think he would be. He was built on an era of colourful characters and keeping kayfabe, the age of family friendly, Saturday morning cartoon wrestling. When they needed a babyface to poster the company, he took the role. He couldn't replicate that success in the modern era. His nWo days, maybe, as it was a character more suited to today's world of wrestling, but I would imagine his body would have been declining by that point in time.
  19. Following the commercial break, we are live from Carnage, as the camera cuts to a pre-taped segment. Brought to you by Odyssey Sellers The camera then cuts to Odyssey Sellers, standing while a projection of Night of Legends is behind him. He stares intently at the projection while his debut match against Brett Storm, Bubba, and Mave Deltzer reruns, for what looks like close to the hundreth time. The camera then zooms out slightly, revealing another Odyssey Sellers in the same position, but this time the projection shows Sameer and Brenden facing Sheridan and Jonathan, their no disqualification match at the Powertrip Cup finals. The camera zooms out further, to reveal Odyssey watching the Money In The Bank match at BPZMania IV, a match which FDS and Sameer competed in, the latter winning. The camera continues to zoom out, revealing the Big Ballers defeating The Saviors at World At War, becoming tag team champions. Further zooming reveals FDS losing to Kieron Black at Backlash. Even more, and FDS winning the Premium Championship at Mayhem plays. Matches from all over the two men’s careers are playing as the camera continues to zoom out, until nothing is visible from each individual frame. A quick white out transitions the screen back to Odyssey Sellers’ locker room, where he stands in the position he was in the projection, transfixed on the television in his locker room, currently playing FDS versus Monda at the Powertrip Cup finals. His hand at his side flicks slightly, and the monitor shuts off. He turns around to face the camera. At the end of the day, there are no asterisks. There are no caveats in the history books. No, there is only two letters that matter. W and L. Whether you win or lose, whether your victory is absolute or nonexistent. No matter which side you are on, there is never a “but”, never an important sidenote. The ends really justify the means, in this aspect, as why does not matter to the history books, the only word carrying relevancy is how. Why do I say this? I face a monumental challenge at Judgement Day. As much as I would like to deny it, I am the odds on favourite to lose my match versus two of the company’s top stars. Despite me declaring for a premium title opportunity before Sameer, both he and FDS himself have said I’m simply a worthless addition, a waste of space diminishing what would be a much better match. They and everybody else believe that I’m just some worthless third wheel, that I’m the irrelevant loser not meant to be in this match. If this were a game of One of These Things, I would be the competitor chosen as not like the others. Against all these odds, though, I have tricks up my sleeve and an advantage over my opponents. I have a luxury the others in my match are not afforded, that being the one displayed by what you likely have just seen. Odyssey speaks with conviction, a raging inferno in his eyes. He takes a breath before continuing to speak. I have studied hundreds of hours of match time these men have to their combined names in this company, spending every moment outside the gym and off my bed in this very room, studying and relentlessly following the careers of both men. Every championship win, every championship loss, and every high stakes bout fought by FDS and Sameer. The Wrestler and The Showoff, two names with a storied past rivalry that looks to be rekindled. Their raging blood feud will, or would, have just another match added to the collection at Judgement Day, except it won’t. You see, that match is not just any match. It is one in which a wild card will be dealt to both men, and that wild card happens to be called Odyssey Sellers. I know every trick, every move, and every strategy these two have ever put to use in this company, I’ve seen them execute these and have them be countered so many times you’d think I would have faced them before. What film do they have on me? A match against four lower level competitors where I wasn’t even at my peak? A couple battle royals I barely competed in? Even since my match at Night of Legends, I have evolved as a fighter, and FDS and Sameer know that. The former said it best, he has nothing left to say to me, and that isn’t for a lack of trying. He simply is not familiar with me as a competitor, and the same is true for Sameer. They are too focused on each other, and whether that be a sign of disrespect or unfamiliarity with myself, they choose to primarily look at who they know best, each other. As much as they attempt to claim their nicknames are more than just banter, you can’t show off too much and you can’t be really good of a wrestler when you have no aspect of unpredictability. I’d say the objective for them is to evolve, but the old saying rings true. An old dog cannot be taught new tricks, and when an old dog is no longer useful, it is suffering in pain, you put it out of its misery. You take it around back, you load the gun, and you blow. It. Away. Odyssey takes a gulp of air before continuing. At Judgement Day, I have the cards stacked against me. I have the worst odds to win in my favour, but I also have a blend of youth, battle hardened experience, and unpredictability that makes for a more than dangerous, exceedingly lethal cocktail for my opponents. And being really good will get you nowhere against somebody who is always several steps ahead of you. The Premium Championship will change in ownership at Judgement Day, but on July First, the name etched on the nameplate will not read Sameer. You likely already know, but let me spell this one out for you. The letters imprinted on the title will be spelled in the order of o, d, y, s, s, e, y, s, e, l, l, e, r, and s. Sameer, FDS, and the entire Premium division, prepare, for your journey is drawing to a close, while my Odyssey is arriving. Odyssey’s wrist flicks again, and the remote in his hands turns the television back on, but instead of going back to film, it is simply blank, a white screen that progressively blinds the entire shot until everything in trapped in the pool of white, and Carnage transitions to a commercial break.
  20. A copout for sure, but Shawn Michaels would have done incredibly well in today's era. As well as he did in the attitude era, Michaels had an exciting yet technically gifted offense that would work well in the modern era. Feuds with guys like Adam Cole would be incredible, but that also begs the question of how many modern-day wrestlers we'd lose, as the sheer number of wrestlers like the aforementioned Cole who found their passion for wrestling through and idolized Michaels is insanely massive, and without Shawn leading the mid 90s and the 2000s, we would not have nearly as many "show stoppers" as we do today. As @Alex Costa mentioned, John Cena in the Golden Era would have been likely a huge success. The good guy character Cena has almost always portrayed would have been a huge success back in the world of maintained kayfabe, where babyfaces were treated as idols, even more than Cena is today. It would also be interesting to see if Cena could compete for the spot of company figurehead against guys like Hogan, or if his role as the face of WWE largely affected how much success he could realistically achieve.
  21. Breaking News from inside Extreme Championship Wrestling! Firstly, Joey Janela, whom suffered a complete MCL tear, underwent surgery at the request of ECW. The surgery was a complete success, and the lasting damages have been hugely nullified, so Janela, who some thought might never wrestle again, may return from injury as soon as this year. Reports from a reliable source inside the company have indicated that ECW legend Sabu has been sent to rehabilitation for soft drugs. After Sabu reported to Hardcore TV so high he couldn't work, Dangerously considered and deliberated before sending the icon to rehabilitation, and he will likely be in rehab for most, if not all, of 2019, missing the debut of ECW completely. Sabu was also reportedly livid that Dangerously sent him to rehab, which likely won't help anybody if he begins to become political. We here wish Sabu and Janela speedy recovery, as well as a speedy return. Now, it's time to cover the returning episode of Hardcore TV, live on TNT from the Hammerstein Ballroom! If you're unfamiliar with this magazine, the writers will rate each segment ran on the card on a scale of one to one hundred, as well as report on anything major that occurred. To start the night, Paul E. Dangerously came out and reintroduced the crowd to the Extreme, and said that tonight's Hardcore Supercard would see every title on the line. He namedropped Brock Lesnar, Jon Moxley, Scarlett Bordeaux, Brandi, Taya Valkyrie, and Maria Kanellis. Overall, we scored the segment a 69 out of one hundred, a respectable C+. To open up the action, we saw Kevin Kross defeat Mike Kanellis. The action was somewhat poor, and only receives a 34 out of one hundred in our book. Next, a display of two rivals from Progress, Jimmy Havoc and Will Ospreay, ended in Jimmy Havoc defeating Will Ospreay and becoming the new World Television Champion. During the match, Ospreay seemed much more comfortable than usual, as the chemistry he and Havoc share allowed him to flow more naturally and find a new, go-to move. Overall, the match was good but could have been better, and as such receives a 56 out of one hundred. A clash of vixxen occurred next, with Athena toppling Maria Kanellis, Allie, Scarlett Bordeaux, Taya Valkyrie, and Brandi to become the inagural Vixxens Champion. The in ring work from Brandi certainly could have picked up the pace just a bit, but for specific reasons, we grade this match a 54 out of one hundred. John Hennigan and Eddie Edwards went to war, with Hennigan overcoming Edwards. The match was very good, overall scoring a 62 out of one hundred. Three teams battled it out to be called World Tag Team Champions, with ohio Versus everything overcoming SoCal Uncensored (Kazarian and Scorpio) and The Revival. The match was pretty poor, and only scores a 46 out of one hundred. There was the feeling that Scorpio Sky was the weakest competitor, not being able to keep up with everybody else. Finally, the ECW World Heavyweight Champion was crowned in a barn burning brawl between Brock Lesnar and Jon Moxley. In the end, Moxley defeated Lesnar, who looked very strong, and became the World Champion in an exceptional match that we grade a 72 out of one hundred. To end the show, Moxley celebrated his title win, when Lashley and Lio Rush came, no pun intended, rushing down the ramp and into the ring, where Lashley speared a still groggy Lesnar. Dangerously looked very shocked and genuinely worried, playing to the crowd perfectly. The segment was excellent, and we scored the finale to this supercard a 74 out of one hundred. Overall, the show was rated a 69 out of one hundred by our staff, great for a return card but still the potential to be better. 3,149 people attended the show, and 188,170 people watched from home, giving a TV rating of 0.25. We thank you for reading our report on ECW Hardcore TV.

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